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[18:00:01] yep [18:00:03] yush after this NEW clip [18:00:09] thats awsome you can say that... what other internet show can you say that about [18:00:10] Cooper (Cooper160@furry-8E3E87BF.hlrn.qwest.net) joined #pawpet. [18:00:19] mermi (Mibbit@furry-1E8DF7C1.twcny.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [18:00:23] Degens (quassel@furry-C488FE58.dhcp.stls.mo.charter.com) joined #pawpet. [18:00:37] next week should be a new show [18:00:42] 231 [18:00:43] mermi (Mibbit@furry-1E8DF7C1.twcny.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [18:00:45] Joka (05470b69@furry-3BB96FE4.skybroadband.com) joined #pawpet. [18:00:48] Degens (quassel@furry-C488FE58.dhcp.stls.mo.charter.com) left irc: Client exited [18:00:53] Enthkali (Enthkali@furry-B137AEB5.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:01:00] Roofus (noneofyour@AC9783E4.847C18AE.1926D9A2.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:01:02] BC-BlackHound (Mibbit@furry-3A0D56CD.cm.sunflower.com) joined #pawpet. [18:01:04] FPS Flashback Is Live! https://furstre.am/stream/RabbitHole [18:01:06] Tonight's FPS Flashback is 10 years ago...12-05-2004 [18:01:16] Action: Steelwoulfe snugs roofus [18:01:19] Action: Woulfe boogies to classic FPS theme [18:01:23] hi Steelwoulfe [18:01:29] Hi Roofus :) [18:01:33] hi everyone [18:01:36] Here's you're stairwell picture: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=313904338801687&set=p.313904338801687&type=1&theater [18:01:39] Hi Kent_Womble [18:01:54] hehe [18:02:00] forgot to put the sign out [18:02:03] shit Taget. thats alot [18:02:04] Drakryttare (d571f8b5@furry-18761EE.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) joined #pawpet. [18:02:07] LOL [18:02:08] Warlock (Warlock@furry-B9A3B2AA.eastlink.ca) joined #pawpet. [18:02:09] erroneum (erroneum@furry-B63A1948.lightspeed.livnmi.sbcglobal.net) joined #pawpet. [18:02:11] yeah bandit is on the show [18:02:13] Kutan (Kutan@furry-6CC600AE.socal.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [18:02:17] Bandit! [18:02:17] hello everyone [18:02:21] wow, bamdit really is old [18:02:23] HUrray Bandit! [18:02:24] Hi erroneus [18:02:25] Bandit* [18:02:33] Really great Collie Puppet [18:02:40] so lifelike [18:02:42] hehe [18:02:47] Boomers [18:02:47] 􀀜 [18:02:47] olume is low [18:02:54] Volume too [18:02:54] I was going to say, DagoWolf...he was fully grown 10 years ago, he must be getting on in years now. [18:03:00] he doesnt want to leave the stage [18:03:05] yea [18:03:13] tresson (Mibbit@furry-13EC7ACA.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:03:21] :) [18:03:25] Yes, Mouser. [18:03:26] FPSFan78910 (chatzilla@furry-45C8271.dsl.bell.ca) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.91 [Firefox 34.0/20141125180439] [18:03:28] has anyone heard from Mutt or anyone so see if their ok? [18:03:36] 10000 pounds murrr [18:03:38] Captroo (Captroo@furry-7142E6C1.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:03:43] haha [18:03:43] KuRue (84aad415@furry-CE73A3FF.seg212.ucf.edu) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [18:03:47] WarDogCompany (chatzilla@furry-45C8271.dsl.bell.ca) joined #pawpet. [18:03:49] he's back.... [18:03:50] something happen? :O [18:03:55] good stream link ? [18:03:57] :P ^^ [18:03:58] Todd [18:04:00] FPS Flashback Is Live! https://furstre.am/stream/RabbitHole [18:04:00] Tonight's FPS Flashback is 10 years ago...12-05-2004 [18:04:02] Bandit really wants to do those push-ups [18:04:05] LOL [18:04:08] lol [18:04:13] whoa [18:04:14] Bandit Bandit Bandit [18:04:19] Heh, craziness :) [18:04:20] so no show this week? [18:04:21] he's gonna leap over the stage front [18:04:22] LOL [18:04:23] GarrisonSkunk (garrisonsk@furry-1886D19F.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) left irc: Ping timeout [18:04:30] good evening everyone, so I take it there's no FPS tonight? [18:04:36] awwwww Bandit i want to hug him [18:04:39] Yup. Rerun [18:04:41] rerun from 10 years ago [18:04:51] to the Furstream site it is then. [18:04:54] tresson: flashback tonight due to mff and christmas party planning...new show next week [18:04:55] Local protester carrying sign, saying, "I CAN'T BREATHE"... [18:05:00] Jhitts (Jhitts@53E9739.E2EFCD2D.CDEB7A3C.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:05:00] good i can watch this other liv show ^_^ [18:05:07] and thank you for putting on this show tonight RomeoRabbit *salutes back* [18:05:11] tor-por (bwalk@furry-4FECECBA.carolina.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [18:05:16] welcome hope you guys enjoy [18:05:21] :) [18:05:22] Action: Steelwoulfe snugs wardogcompany [18:05:39] Action: WarDogCompany gently hugs Steelwoulfe back, good to see you here [18:05:51] Joka (05470b69@furry-3BB96FE4.skybroadband.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [18:06:05] Bandit's like super happy [18:06:09] GarrisonSkunk (garrisonsk@furry-1886D19F.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:06:11] it's the funday bandit show ;) [18:06:11] BC-BlackHound (Mibbit@furry-3A0D56CD.cm.sunflower.com) left irc: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [18:06:46] tor-por (bwalk@furry-4FECECBA.carolina.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving [18:06:54] this was back when Bandit was still a pup [18:07:10] is he watching tonight? [18:07:36] I actually thought the room was bigger [18:07:54] would be cool to see it live [18:08:01] might not get chance though [18:08:07] I sit on the edge of the toilet seat. Minimal contact! [18:08:17] tresson (Mibbit@furry-13EC7ACA.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [18:08:30] roofus: havent learned to levitate yet? i just dont worry about it [18:08:36] Orlando draw Mutt running over people! Oh, wait... [18:08:47] roofus: unless it's questionable [18:08:53] :P [18:08:58] TMI flag Roofus [18:09:02] hehe [18:09:05] So do I, Roofus. But I think I should move toward the back to keep things clean. [18:09:19] ;-) [18:09:30] must be tmi sunday with roofus ;) [18:09:34] just kidding [18:09:35] nalo (lappy@furry-E98511B4.swo.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [18:09:36] Bonjour Roofus [18:09:46] well, it was on topic ;-) [18:09:46] is there a stream up? [18:09:52] FPS Flashback Is Live! https://furstre.am/stream/RabbitHole [18:09:54] salut WarDogCompany [18:09:54] Tonight's FPS Flashback is 10 years ago...12-05-2004 [18:09:55] BlackFootDaWolf (IceChat7@furry-318AF0D8.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:10:01] sirwags (sirwags@furry-6B413040.dyn.centurytel.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [18:10:09] Action: Steelwoulfe snugs blackfootdawolf [18:10:21] KFC isn't real food [18:10:26] wouldnt that be the cardboard tastes like chicken? [18:10:27] wow, 2004, wouldn't be another 6 years before I discovered the Funday Pawpet Show. Watching a piece of history here. [18:10:27] thankyou romeo! [18:10:32] welcome [18:10:34] +Steelwoulfe [18:10:34] Action: BlackFootDaWolf snuggles with the Steelwolfe [18:10:45] KFC is less fake than McD [18:10:46] i heard there was a show this week, guess not! [18:10:49] BlackFootDaWolf (IceChat7@furry-318AF0D8.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Now if you will excuse me, I have a giant ball of oil to throw out my window [18:10:59] nalo: next week [18:11:05] Action: Roofus hates fast food in general [18:11:11] bah! [18:11:14] SirWags (SirWags@furry-6B413040.dyn.centurytel.net) joined #pawpet. [18:11:19] Action: nalo eats fast food by necesity [18:11:24] Fast Food is good. As a sometimes food [18:11:27] Jedd (jedd.marte@furry-C9B55C63.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #pawpet. [18:11:33] Hi Jedders! [18:11:37] Action: Kent_Womble waves [18:11:41] Overblood (a@furry-76D5C0CC.maine.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [18:12:00] Overblood (a@furry-76D5C0CC.maine.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby [18:12:02] Tonight's FPS Flashback is 10 years ago...12-05-2004 [18:12:03] Never had Mountain Dew. Only thing they have in the UK is that Energy version [18:12:03] I prefer eating other kinds of fast foods. Usually from other non-franchise restaurants. [18:12:05] FPS Flashback Is Live! https://furstre.am/stream/RabbitHole [18:12:05] Simba <3 [18:12:06] hehe what's your name ;) [18:12:06] Pizahut poisen my roomate and me for three days [18:12:07] hehe [18:12:25] I was ten when this premiered [18:12:40] Church's chicken did the same thing to me [18:12:44] Hi Roofus! :3 [18:12:46] I was out for a entire week [18:12:48] Shane_Graytail (1@FD863E17.F94E4F44.AE07E695.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:12:54] Hi Shane [18:12:56] Bad food poisening [18:12:57] i was 32 when this aired [18:12:58] Action: Roofus pounces Jedd [18:12:59] Heya [18:13:17] Action: Jedd steps out of the way, just in time ;) [18:13:19] listening to you all talk about fast food is making me hungry [18:13:25] Action: Roofus hits a wall [18:13:30] Action: Steelwoulfe offers wardogcompany taco [18:13:36] Action: Kent_Womble offers hugs to Roofus [18:13:44] Crappy! <3 [18:13:48] Action: WarDogCompany looks at Roofus lying on the ground, and quickly runs over with a medkit to check and offer first aid [18:13:58] yeah we always accidentally grab coffee for some reason [18:14:03] mmm, taco, thanks Steelwoulfe *noms* [18:14:07] bandit is back [18:14:08] Action: Roofus falls asleep on the floor [18:14:11] Michael (MichaelSko@furry-69F2686E.hlrn.qwest.net) joined #pawpet. [18:14:22] Crappy [18:14:22] Hey ya'll! [18:14:24] D'aww, let sleeping Roofuses sleep. c: [18:14:26] hiya [18:14:28] Hi Michael [18:14:32] What flashback episode is this? :) [18:14:33] Action: Steelwoulfe snugs michael [18:14:36] Tonight's FPS Flashback is 10 years ago...12-05-2004 [18:14:42] sweet [18:14:45] Michael: Dec 5th 2004 [18:14:52] before i even found furry [18:14:54] nothing serious, Roofus, you'll be fine. Try not to run into any more walls though, ok? [18:14:59] nalo: Same here! [18:15:00] back when I was still working in TV animation [18:15:12] Enthkali (Enthkali@furry-B137AEB5.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [18:15:14] Roofus: I saw your short film about a pig that won an award :D [18:15:21] Action: nalo fist bumps michael [18:15:26] nalo: same [18:15:29] Drakryttare (d571f8b5@furry-18761EE.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [18:15:32] stage hand [18:15:34] I also saw Roofus 's Oink. Was good :) [18:15:36] Michael: nice :-) [18:15:42] thanks [18:15:46] Np :) [18:15:54] KentuckyCoyote (chatzilla@furry-E42AF751.lightspeed.lsvlky.sbcglobal.net) joined #pawpet. [18:16:01] AcerM (Saint@furry-6C6B95D4.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:16:05] secretly bandit is down there working crappy and simba is just doing the voice ;) [18:16:07] i shredded my paws today, shit sucked, was mailed a free mini survival kit thing [18:16:08] magic broken [18:16:20] nalo: owwww [18:16:24] nalo: Was this before or after you shredded your paws? D: [18:16:30] so by Tomorrow we'll know more about stuff that went down this weekend, yush ? [18:16:48] took it apart to check it out amd tryng to spark the firesteel with the "knife" they included with it, yeah no [18:16:51] Apaches time [18:16:57] Apache is born [18:16:59] Woulfe: I'm waiting to hear about it on FPS next week :-) [18:17:10] Wet and Slimy, its I can't Believe Its Not Eel! [18:17:11] stereo fail [18:17:14] lol [18:17:18] My right ear is enjoying this [18:17:18] Slimy yet satisfying [18:17:19] i can hear mutt out of the right speaker [18:17:35] AcerM (Saint@furry-6C6B95D4.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Want to be different? Try HydraIRC -> http://www.hydrairc.com <- [18:17:37] same here no sound in the left channel [18:17:37] On an unrelated note, who got Kringdom Hurrtz Too Point Faive remix? :D [18:17:42] no center channel, no left channel, all you need it right! [18:17:48] ;) [18:17:51] IceGuest_77 (IceChat77@furry-943D4B78.dynamic.ip.windstream.net) joined #pawpet. [18:17:55] FPSfanforever (Mibbit@furry-DD572000.hsd1.or.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:17:56] is* [18:17:57] Pawpet AM [18:17:58] I thought they didn't go Stereo 'till later [18:18:07] IceGuest_77 (IceChat77@furry-943D4B78.dynamic.ip.windstream.net) left irc: Quit: Download IceChat at www.icechat.net [18:18:12] had both speakers until this segment [18:18:18] Resisting the urge for a Tv soundbar. Then I can get Too Point Faive, when I have nice sound to enjoy it with [18:18:20] see if it comes back afterwards [18:18:24] Wait, they went without a speaker for a while? [18:18:27] which show is this? [18:18:34] 2004-12-05 [18:18:44] Rodun (Rodun@furry-9D849EEF.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:18:47] Kent_Womble: Excellent idea :) [18:19:06] I want to beat Xemnas in 2.1 goodness [18:19:06] Action: FPSfanforever thanks roofus [18:19:21] APACHE was born w/ this show I think ? [18:19:24] i feel kindve bad for romeo, has tons of people asking which show, maybe set p an overlay on the vid that comes up every few minutes? [18:19:28] Kent_Womble: have thought about a soundbar too [18:19:30] Kent_Womble: Ahh, now I'm nostalgic for smashing Japanese pretty boys in the face with a giant key [18:19:37] i just heard the new about what happened at the hotel for MFF [18:19:43] Action: nalo throws his keyboard [18:19:44] I can't imagine what it would be like to be making mad truck love to another person while watching this video, not to mention the feeling of what it would be like to the show as well... [18:19:54] What happened at MFF? [18:19:55] Woulfe: "will it Apache" yes [18:19:56] lol Taget truck love [18:20:08] chlorine powder ninth floor stairwell [18:20:10] the 1970's was a hella drug [18:20:13] let me know when the sound comes back in the left channel [18:20:17] Action: Steelwoulfe snugs up to woulfe making lots of fur for other to snuggle in [18:20:21] ty nalo [18:20:22] TV sound is good. But, looking for more. And my room just won't support a 7.1 sound system. So, soundbar [18:20:26] Kleitos (43bd05ec@furry-5A87DD22.hsd1.or.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:20:41] police suspects it was intentional [18:20:51] np Rodun is on the local news sites there [18:20:51] Well, I'm off to deener. Have a good night everybody [18:20:53] Tosh.0 WIll it APache? [18:20:56] Me? No... That would be like a train delrailing inside of you're intentions and out you're maw [18:20:57] Good night Michael [18:21:01] Michael: bon appetit! [18:21:05] Tonight's FPS Flashback is 10 years ago...12-05-2004 [18:21:10] Michael (MichaelSko@furry-69F2686E.hlrn.qwest.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [18:21:27] well yeah, how else would frigging powdered chlorine get into a furcon? i blame dive-fox [18:21:31] back! [18:21:33] Ah, stereo is back [18:21:34] stero back [18:21:37] Action: FPSfanforever pounces on woulfe and steelwoulfe [18:21:39] lol [18:21:40] wooo stereo! [18:21:51] Hahah Space Channel 5 [18:21:58] https://social.newsinc.com/media/json/69017/28232880/singleVideoOG.html?type=VideoPlayer%2FDefault&widgetId=2&trackingGroup=69017&videoId=28232880 if you wanted to see the video regarding the matter [18:22:29] Action: Woulfe snuggles lotsa folks that don't mind it [18:22:49] YEY!! Woulfe snugs. [18:22:56] Yeah, I'm pretty sure this was the 1st time FPS showed this video [18:22:56] Action: Phaedra_von_Wulfe snuggs back. [18:23:18] Michael , Kent_Womble , points for Kingdoms Hearts mention [18:23:22] Action: Steelwoulfe snugs all [18:23:32] Thanks :) [18:23:39] I was so stoked when I scored the 12 inch single of Apache just a few years ago [18:23:45] Action: Phaedra_von_Wulfe snuggs the Steele Wole [18:24:18] I spoted an eaglebeagle in that video [18:24:24] yay! anthrowear finally emailed me about what was going freakishly wrong with the custom request system [18:24:34] Arthur! [18:24:41] d'aww thanks, Woulfe *settles in and enjoys the warm fur snugs* [18:24:46] I wonder how many internet trrends were started by FPS? [18:25:08] probably more than some of us realize, BungeeSkunk [18:25:08] looked into it a little more, seems the powder is like what is used to disinfect water or pools/home spa's [18:25:11] about 50% [18:25:21] Action: FPSfanforever i'm sad because i just found out a dear friend and a furry of my has past away [18:25:32] bummer [18:25:38] Action: Steelwoulfe snugs fpsfanforever [18:25:39] who was it? [18:25:43] awwww man :( [18:25:45] Action: nalo offers hugs [18:25:48] Jedd (jedd.marte@furry-C9B55C63.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) left irc: Input/output error [18:25:51] In the past, it was 50%, now a good 30% is just 4chan and Twitter [18:25:51] Sorry to hear that, FFF [18:25:57] FPSfanforever: sorry to hear... *hugs* [18:25:58] condolences to you FPSfanforever [18:26:06] Action: rockmonster hugs FFF [18:26:11] ..... [18:26:14] im sorry to hear that FFF [18:26:15] Sorry to hear that, FPSFan (hugs you). [18:26:20] I wish I met him [18:26:20] Action: FPSfanforever i forgot his furry name but his real name is tom [18:26:38] 1976 [18:27:40] magical trevor? [18:27:58] Action: Woulfe snuggles friends lots into his softness [18:27:59] Weebl flash video, Steelwoulfe [18:28:11] so far ive lost a few fur-friends too, foxen aka Frank, lemonade [18:28:14] Events in Chicago must not be a big deal, since it wasn't mentioned in the local news. Not like when the water was contaminated in Charleston, WV. [18:28:33] Network news coming next, though.\ [18:28:41] Action: Zorro Gags [18:28:41] I played badger, badger, badger to my sisters kids when they where young... You talk about cartooning them to death [18:28:50] i have lots of friends there [18:28:55] yay Yatta [18:29:07] it actually works for the video [18:29:11] I told them they couldn't do there homework until the SWF was done playing [18:29:45] "Yatta" has been around for over 10 years. Damn, this episode is making me feel old. [18:29:49] give a whole to meaning to "Does it Appache?" [18:29:53] Oh my word this tune is annoying still is in my head. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWYj1BOfV6I [18:29:55] Unfortuantly it looped for them while it gave me a chance to do house cleaning... To say the least, they where happy to do homework [18:30:03] friend's sister's two little girls liked what does the fox say for a bit ;) [18:30:32] Was it the sweedish version where they where just punching themselfs in the face? [18:30:34] Q R E E F LIVES [18:30:37] Lunden (textual@furry-7E61C547.try.wideopenwest.com) joined #pawpet. [18:30:40] it so easy [18:30:42] heh, starting them off young, a new generation for the fandom, Steelwoulfe [18:30:46] It's so cheezy... [18:30:49] happy go oh lucky [18:31:10] heya [18:31:12] Action: Steelwoulfe snugs lunden [18:31:15] Tonight's FPS Flashback is 10 years ago...12-05-2004 [18:31:18] What is the background music? [18:31:20] FPS Flashback Is Live! https://furstre.am/stream/RabbitHole [18:31:21] who was the subservitent in this show? [18:31:24] YATTA [18:31:25] hugs Steelwoulfe [18:31:31] IceGuest_77 (IceChat77@furry-943D4B78.dynamic.ip.windstream.net) joined #pawpet. [18:31:49] hmm, I think I'll get one of my pies out of the freezer, cut a slice, and let the slice start thawing out for later. [18:31:54] This is not from 10 years ago... It's more like 30 :P [18:31:54] Shurun (Shurun@furry-1A243CD1.range86-174.btcentralplus.com) joined #pawpet. [18:32:03] IceGuest_77 (IceChat77@furry-943D4B78.dynamic.ip.windstream.net) left irc: Quit: It's a dud! It's a dud! It's a du... [18:32:30] hi everyone [18:32:45] Yatta Shurun ;) [18:32:53] FPSFan: Episode guide mentions a guest, but does not give the person's name. [18:32:58] we are the wad of dough [18:33:08] sue itchy guys ah hun [18:33:55] Hi Shurun [18:34:00] Action: Steelwoulfe no subservient for this show [18:34:03] Action: Steelwoulfe http://www.pawpet.tv/episodes:episode_231 [18:34:05] spoiler....they chose bricks ;) [18:34:11] :P [18:34:13] Fritz_FD (Fritz_FD@furry-141F59C.lightspeed.hstntx.sbcglobal.net) left #pawpet. [18:34:32] Action: Steelwoulfe snugs fritz_fd [18:34:36] the brick wall reminds me of Seasame Street [18:35:10] pretty sure I spelled that wrong [18:35:19] he called him Herbie :-) [18:35:23] yep [18:35:25] he did [18:35:45] what furs look at weird things [18:35:52] naw [18:35:54] all in all you're just another prick with no balls [18:35:55] I wonder if that site is still around.. [18:35:58] Seems, not [18:36:26] Action: FPSfanforever romeorabit. i have a question [18:36:30] what was that website he just said again? And does it still exist? [18:36:36] www.styleproject.com [18:36:42] :P [18:37:01] whoa [18:37:03] romeorabiit. please pm me [18:37:11] dont spell that with an I in style, porn site. [18:37:32] Zalno (unknown@furry-D8CEFAF9.hsd1.va.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:37:40] ohai [18:37:45] Action: RomeoRabbit waves [18:37:47] Nick change: Atkelar|AFK -> Atkelar [18:37:56] Action: Steelwoulfe snugs atkelar [18:38:09] Action: Atkelar flops in [18:38:14] Italian side? Hmmmm... [18:38:19] Garrison (garrisonsk@furry-1886D19F.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:38:36] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smc1tzEYXwM [18:38:38] oh, okay, this is a flashback episode [18:39:18] Action: Steelwoulfe tosses atkelar macro size ball of yarn [18:39:34] zalno: yes [18:39:44] which episode? [18:39:57] 12/5/2014 [18:40:04] 12/5/2004* [18:40:06] sorry [18:40:09] gotcha [18:40:14] http://www.pawpet.tv/episodes:episode_231 [18:40:15] so before I started watching [18:40:16] again [18:40:17] :P [18:40:33] Action: Mangler feels like dropping into the FCS; they've always had a playoff there! [18:40:56] DD be smart. always pickup drunkies witht a bag in your car ;) [18:40:58] Simba losing arthur's accent as he talks :) [18:41:06] Shadferret (shadferret@7A80BA75.59B0BE6D.FED143E1.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:41:22] 231 was a looooong time ago [18:41:27] Mutt (Mutt@9F64122D.ED6395D5.3ECE988B.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:41:36] Action: Steelwoulfe hugs mutt [18:42:01] Hi Mutt! [18:42:01] hi [18:42:07] hey Mutt :) [18:42:11] December 4th is "Vomit in Orlando Day." [18:42:12] FPS Flashback Is Live! https://furstre.am/stream/RabbitHole [18:42:12] Heyas Mutt [18:42:16] Tonight's FPS Flashback is 10 years ago...12-05-2004 [18:42:33] THANKS ROMEO!!!! [18:42:59] welcome! [18:43:01] Action: Roofus falls on his back from Mutt's shouting! XD [18:43:04] Hey Mutt, any good disney flicks comming? [18:43:24] Black-midian (Mibbit@51F980DA.A9A14943.48DDDAA5.IP) left #pawpet. [18:43:24] They didn't pursue this in later episodes. Apparently it didn't work out. [18:43:40] hello Mutt [18:43:48] no idea [18:43:54] Action: FPSfanforever i'm surprise that mutt is on even tho there isnt a live fps show [18:44:02] someone just PM'd me and it closed out [18:44:30] Action: FPSfanforever sorry mutt. that was me [18:44:38] hi [18:44:43] Hi Mutt! [18:44:44] cool name :) [18:44:44] Heyas Mutt [18:44:51] hi mutt! [18:44:52] what was the message? [18:45:36] lol [18:45:53] Probably wants to know about the most gayest motorcycle of all time [18:46:22] Hey Mutt, any good Disney flicks comming? [18:47:03] Girls gone wild: Elderly Edition (Child Safe Edition) [18:47:16] no idea [18:47:23] Action: Schloppy vomits on taget's car [18:47:50] Action: Steelwoulfe picks up schloppy and snugs.... [18:47:55] furry background [18:48:17] EW, steelwoulfe better clean up schloppy [18:48:20] heyas Mutt [18:48:22] "That's right boys... lets watch grandma take off that braw" *Huge ass censor bar* [18:48:30] Ew [18:48:46] Action: Steelwoulfe puts schloppy in washer on quick clean cycle [18:48:46] haldo, Mutt [18:49:03] O.o [18:49:13] Mutt is very fuzzy. :D [18:49:15] Action: FPSfanforever is simba here? [18:49:18] Action: Steelwoulfe takes schloppy out and air dries him [18:49:25] the background should be a gif of a stampede heading toward them [18:49:29] Action: Steelwoulfe there now he's all fluffy [18:49:45] I see his name in Chat [18:49:58] SirWags (SirWags@furry-6B413040.dyn.centurytel.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [18:50:10] SirWags (SirWags@furry-6B413040.dyn.centurytel.net) joined #pawpet. [18:50:33] hey mutt. who's the oldest cast member on the fps show? [18:50:39] fox [18:50:43] Yappy [18:50:47] Mutt, he's 50 [18:51:11] wait, seriously? [18:51:12] im 75 [18:51:23] 75 ? No wai [18:51:29] 75 and you'll need a granny walker :P [18:51:30] LOL he's not 75 [18:51:33] and I thought his fur was just white. XD [18:51:38] 69? [18:51:42] :P [18:51:50] getyeraztamarz [18:51:56] That's the old man cane [18:51:59] Fred_Bedderhead (Fred_Bedde@furry-77B0EC0E.cpe.i-zoom.net) left irc: Connection reset by peer [18:52:00] Zen_Aku_Wolf (Zen_Aku_Wo@furry-3E319EFD.as13285.net) left irc: Quit: [18:52:04] two weeks....two weeeeeeks [18:52:14] and that's also the age where you can get away with shit :P [18:52:21] Heh, now I'm imagining Mutt waving a cane in the air and shouting "get off my lawn you crazy kids!" [18:52:46] Open your mind [18:52:55] age is just a number [18:52:56] wardogcompany: and uncle kage next door saying "what are you kids doing?!" [18:53:06] Open minded... Lube [18:53:06] heheh [18:53:10] I'm 46, and no different than when I was in my 30s [18:53:25] hehe [18:53:33] roofus: i cared when turned 30 and stopped caring about the age after that [18:53:37] except now I need to get up in the middle of the night to pee :-P [18:53:41] 46, Roofus? No way, when you appeared on FPS, you looked like a younger man to me. I'd guess you were in your 30's. :D [18:54:03] doggy years would put him in the hundreds [18:54:07] WarDogCompany: thanks :-) I think it's because I don't smoke, don't drink etc [18:54:26] You eat right, and you keep your weight down. That's good, Roofus. Keep it up. [18:54:30] I turned the big 5-0 back in June [18:54:39] schloppy: i'm about 294 in dog years then [18:54:40] Woulfe: cool [18:54:41] Roofus: have you considered using a bottle urinal so you don't have to get up? [18:54:52] Mangler: ewww no [18:54:53] now we're gonna start counting DOWN [18:54:57] ;-) [18:55:01] Heh, just turned 4-0 this year myself. Getting to be an old wardog now. [18:55:26] weird al's dad didnt shave down there? [18:55:27] hehe [18:55:30] Congrats! 40 [18:55:55] hi Mutt [18:55:58] Aww, not as old as 50, WarDog. [18:56:09] wardogcompany: this is your birthday song...it isn't very long [18:56:18] ya "aww" is the word :P [18:56:22] IAAPA.... International Attactions & Amusment Park Asoiation [18:56:38] The Stones I think [18:56:38] Action: FPSfanforever i just had a idea [18:56:47] wardogcompany: it isn't very long but perhaps late [18:56:53] Rolling Stones? [18:57:14] Elvis might be the one [18:57:15] Acton (IceChat77@furry-D033CC7E.hsd1.or.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:57:19] Fred_Bedderhead (Fred_Bedde@furry-77B0EC0E.cpe.i-zoom.net) joined #pawpet. [18:57:20] thank you Steelwoulfe. :D [18:57:21] #PawPet: mode change '+o Fred_Bedderhead' by ChanServ!services@pawpet.tv [18:57:28] it's not unusual to be loved by someone.... [18:57:31] Acton (IceChat77@furry-D033CC7E.hsd1.or.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Relax, its only ONES and ZEROS! [18:57:31] Poink is like this is the 1970's ? [18:57:38] lOUD [18:57:46] lol this song Hey-Ya! [18:57:49] OW [18:58:13] oh great... I yanked my headphones off, and now I've lost my left channel [18:58:26] oops [18:58:31] if you count singles released, it would have to be the Andrews Sisters [18:58:59] Action: FPSfanforever is it true that someone of fps is married [18:59:04] Poink's rigth [18:59:06] right [18:59:16] XD [18:59:19] lenard nimoy [18:59:19] Nimoy! [18:59:23] does one count 45's ? [18:59:27] Bilbo! [18:59:31] only song i've heard him sing [18:59:32] This again? [18:59:33] Woulfe: nope, they only mean albums [18:59:37] Kent_Womble (kent_wombl@furry-EF3436CD.cable.virginm.net) left irc: Quit: Kent_Womble [18:59:51] okay I was trying to recall [18:59:51] Hey Mutt? [18:59:52] No mention of events in Chicago on the netwrodk news; guess I missed the "all clear" signal. [18:59:58] much like the star wars christmas special i had seen this video before the pawpet show [18:59:59] hehe [19:00:05] dont know when or how [19:00:07] though [19:00:20] Mutt: planning on being on the show next week? [19:00:47] hope so [19:01:03] Steelwoulfe, try this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0jkQ67lD_s [19:01:08] I'm gonna have to visit the show at some point. [19:01:19] S P O CK ! [19:01:36] preferably when I'm financially able to do so [19:01:44] Billbo Baggens [19:01:50] Cooper (Cooper160@furry-8E3E87BF.hlrn.qwest.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [19:01:56] wrong decade [19:02:01] NO show next week. Scheduled show off. Its the BEST OFF show [19:02:11] Mangler: o.o [19:02:25] the worst of ? [19:02:27] so no FPS 2 weeks in a row? [19:02:28] Heh [19:02:28] tonight is off due to Yappy feeing Ill [19:02:28] No Mutt Mutt in the Butt next week? [19:02:30] Best of 2014 [19:02:36] Please send Yappy - Sniffer your well wishes! [19:02:47] I need to send Pawpet gifts [19:02:55] awwww poor Yappy [19:03:01] Fillyjonk (Fillyjonk@FE8DA74.A1C043A8.671DF725.IP) joined #pawpet. [19:03:02] Action: DagoWolf hugs yappy and gives him a dollar [19:03:04] again ? [19:03:11] Again? Darn. Get better, Yappy! [19:03:12] Tonight's FPS Flashback is 10 years ago...12-05-2004 [19:03:14] FPS Flashback Is Live! https://furstre.am/stream/RabbitHole [19:03:22] Mutt: Is Yappy okay? That's the second time he's been sick lately. [19:03:29] NO show next week. Scheduled show off. Its the BEST OFF show [19:03:32] ah didnt know that mutt [19:03:39] Foxington[M] (fox@861BA474.36BAB2EB.B1225145.IP) joined #pawpet. [19:03:45] Its the Mutt drawing Mutt show. lol [19:03:45] or its all the drugs he's on [19:03:53] sorry to hear that, Mutt, hope Yappy gets better soon then [19:04:02] Sorry to hear about Yappy--hope you'll feel better soon [19:04:03] Next week will be the BEST OF season 15 show [19:04:04] The best OFF show? Whee! [19:04:16] ;) [19:04:27] whoops [19:04:30] Next week will be the BEST OF season 15 show [19:04:32] I like watching shows get off. [19:04:32] the take it all off show [19:04:32] is the best of 2014 show next week? [19:04:35] Best Ov Season 15 Shawl ? [19:04:40] yay Best of Show for FPS! [19:04:44] thanks for the info, Mutt [19:05:03] we have a birthday in channel [19:05:21] happy birfcake? [19:05:33] the best of mutt show. ;) [19:05:36] who's birfday? [19:05:37] hoppi birfdai [19:05:42] FPS Flashback Is Live! https://furstre.am/stream/RabbitHole [19:05:44] ? [19:05:49] whos birthday? [19:06:00] Action: RomeoRabbit runs super slowly [19:06:00] oh, Chariots of Fire [19:06:01] blackscreen [19:06:06] Action: FPSfanforever it's not me. it's wardogcompaney's birthday [19:06:11] Action: WarDogCompany runs along the beach slowly with RomeoRabbit [19:06:13] Asses Of Fire [19:06:18] :P [19:06:29] oh, my birthday was a while back, FPSfan, sorry, my mistake [19:06:35] I guess this song doesn't quite Appache [19:06:40] nuuuuuuuu [19:06:45] chariots on fire ? [19:06:45] Ill miss fps [19:06:46] Action: Steelwoulfe runs along next to romeorabbit and wardogcompany trying not to step on them while running [19:07:03] Jedd (jedd.marte@furry-C9B55C63.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #pawpet. [19:07:05] Action: wolfcat_Can owwww my tail and holds it [19:07:07] omg Disco Duck would actually work! [19:07:56] wolfcat_can: did i step on your tail o.o [19:08:03] this is the "does it sync to the Apache video" show [19:08:04] 2 different way to play "Does it Apache?". Does a video fit the song, or does a song fit the video. [19:08:05] actually no, Disco Duck is slower [19:08:07] hey mutt, can we see you do a selfie with puppet? [19:08:42] someone get mutt his coffee he needs it [19:09:11] Lunden (textual@furry-7E61C547.try.wideopenwest.com) left irc: Ping timeout [19:09:16] i woudl rather not. sorry [19:09:21] that night that song made more money from replays than it had in years [19:09:35] Action: wolfcat_Can mutt on coffee is that safe ? [19:09:38] sorry for bugging you mutt. i'm just a big fan [19:09:54] I am real. :) Im not a puppet [19:09:59] is this just this one video synced to different songs? [19:10:15] I confirm that. He smells like dog. ;-) [19:10:24] yeah FPS does this sorta thing [19:10:41] So it's a reverse "Does it Apache? [19:10:48] yush [19:11:00] love that song so much [19:11:15] on the next new show, thay shoukd see if Gangnam Style fits this video [19:11:19] should* [19:11:21] Why do I love this song? [19:11:38] it's a very happy song and the video is fun too [19:11:42] it's 1970's goodness [19:11:58] This one actuall synchs. Sort of. [19:12:06] another song that nicely fits the video [19:12:10] aqua [19:12:12] lol [19:12:13] it'd be wild if this song winds up in GOTG2 [19:12:14] cartoon heros [19:12:17] Not everything about the 70s sucked. [19:12:29] EW Aqua [19:12:31] But the 80s were much more fun. [19:12:32] i love aqua [19:12:34] Zorro: it's my m favorite decade! [19:12:46] they do the unpredictable [19:12:55] what we do is what you wish to do [19:13:07] EVERYBODDDDYYYYYYYYY [19:13:19] we are the cartoon heros [19:13:23] whoa [19:13:25] hehe [19:13:25] YOu are not bothering me FPS fan [19:13:29] Tv tropes has a Kickstarter [19:13:31] Without the internet or cell phones we WENT OUTSIDE! We even fished and played baseball JUST FOR FUN. [19:13:50] Zorro: screw outside. Its full of deadly nature. [19:14:01] digital outside is better than real outside. [19:14:12] They are less than $3K from their main goal. [19:14:12] Action: RomeoRabbit bunny dances [19:14:13] we also played bands outside in the woods [19:14:17] Aqua does come from the same country as Tommy Seebach. [19:14:21] Action: Steelwoulfe dances next to romeo [19:14:24] The Bathtub is more dangerous than a lake. [19:14:25] weeeeeeeeeeeeeee [19:14:26] Digital outside can be whatever you want it to be :3 [19:14:28] But..but.. technology... 4K TVs.. they have better resolution than 'outside' [19:14:50] Action: FPSfanforever i love weird als version of this [19:14:52] what we do [19:14:58] I like how 4K TVs are almost 3D [19:15:07] shane_graytail: yes when the tv picture is better than the real tree outside ;) [19:15:23] Furry Convention Evacuated To Dog Show http://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=11370615 [19:15:30] But where are you going to get 4K content? [19:15:32] when I was a kid, before video games, I went outside with friends and realised I hate playing RL games with toy guns, nerf or otherwise. years later I descovered First Persoin Shooters though, so it's all good. [19:15:45] Person* [19:15:48] We were talking bout that Fillyjonk [19:16:01] Action: Shane_Graytail kinda wonders how long ago it was that he saw that 'but this is HD-TV, it has better resolution than real life' bit on Futurama.. [19:16:19] ZOOT SUIT RIOOOOOOOT [19:16:36] 4K is better than a person's eyes with 20/20 vision? [19:16:41] nice beard [19:17:08] over kill something ? FPS ? no really ? [19:17:13] macbook [19:17:13] how's sniffer feeling? [19:17:14] "Midwest FurFest convention, also called 'Anthrocon'": aren't the PARTICIPANTS called Anthrocons? :p [19:18:02] Action: Pakrat likes anthro coons [19:18:13] Ye Olde Mac. [19:18:20] Anthro Coons ? Like Rocket ? [19:18:20] wow, they actually had to evacuate the building? [19:18:23] Action: RomeoRabbit dances around a hat [19:18:31] Quick change your name! [19:18:43] so who was in channel back then [19:18:50] Wow... a show with roll call. [19:18:52] "Miser"? [19:19:08] NO WE ARE NOT SHOWING GOTG ON OUR SHOW NEXT WEEK, it's a rumor.... ;-) [19:19:10] that's an interesting...name [19:19:12] ..... [19:19:13] lol [19:19:31] someones name was Spoog? XD [19:19:37] Spooge* [19:19:39] yes [19:19:41] XD [19:19:42] they were [19:19:43] Spooge [19:19:44] hahaha [19:19:54] NO WE ARE NOT BUYING THE DVD ON THE 9th as well ;-) [19:19:59] his song ran out [19:20:16] Action: Ranger_Stormwolf ruffles atkelar [19:20:17] wildfood? [19:20:39] he said Woulfe, is that the same guy? Have you been around that long? [19:20:55] Shadferret (shadferret@7A80BA75.59B0BE6D.FED143E1.IP) left irc: Ping timeout [19:20:57] Present [19:20:58] little pipe [19:20:59] hehe [19:21:15] look little pipe is here tonight too ;) [19:21:20] Tetherball-oon [19:22:11] Yush [19:22:25] that's Mutt [19:22:33] ZED ZED ZED [19:23:15] Zed = Zero in most othe countries. [19:23:20] Other [19:23:40] until they release them again ;) [19:23:52] Shadferret (shadferret@7A80BA75.59B0BE6D.FED143E1.IP) joined #pawpet. [19:24:03] I turned 50 in June, I've been around a long time [19:24:04] It'll be in the vault until next year when they release the new mega deluxe edition! [19:24:34] MEGADELUXEDITION of ? [19:24:46] I never saw the version of The Lion King where they added in some new scenes and songs. I like the origional to much to want to. [19:25:24] cooner :) [19:25:48] yay 50 years young [19:26:06] 3in1 box of TLK [19:26:08] haha [19:26:13] big eyed crappy [19:26:15] congratulations on reaching the big 50 Woulfe *tail wags* [19:26:20] lol [19:26:20] IT GOT BIG! [19:27:03] lol [19:27:20] Spiderman2 before the reboot [19:27:25] he just drank a pop of coffee with the highest caffeine possible [19:27:26] Action: FPSfanforever i have been watching the show for 15 years [19:27:31] he just drank a pot of coffee with the highest caffeine possible [19:27:32] Mutt: Oh! BTW... Happy belated birthday, Mutt! [19:27:43] Steelwoulfe: after reviewing the chat, I realize you were talking about Leonard Nimoy. Sorry about that. [19:27:52] no prob [19:28:29] this is mutt's belated birthday song...it isnt very long [19:28:32] Like Doggy Poo. [19:28:33] crappy is on CAFFEEN ! [19:29:05] he drank coffee syrup and wont blink for a month [19:29:29] Awww! Hi Bandit! [19:29:35] bandit's like this wont bother me at all [19:29:36] heee heeee [19:29:46] awwww bandit [19:30:13] This is evil. [19:30:15] pink flamingo challenge..... oh dear.... [19:30:17] Action: Mangler sings along, under his breath, [19:30:31] Action: Steelwoulfe waits for the moment when they break him [19:30:35] I've gotta do other things for a bit. I hope I'll be able to come back. [19:30:46] rockmonster (rockmonste@furry-3F4DEC64.clients.kiwiirc.com) left irc: Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client [19:30:59] Ah! 'Eat Papa eat!' nice Rankin bass ref Mutt [19:31:14] lol GarrisonSkunk [19:31:17] not the chocolate [19:31:22] Fierchild system [19:31:23] that was close [19:31:34] WATCH [19:31:46] IS A REAL THING [19:31:56] Chocolate isn't that deadly to dogs. Small amount cause no problems [19:32:04] greyfus (greyfus@furry-AC9EF376.gt.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: Lost terminal [19:32:11] greyfus (greyfus@furry-AC9EF376.gt.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [19:32:25] is this an apartment? [19:32:31] nope [19:32:31] Action: Steelwoulfe snugs greyfus [19:32:34] Your Labrador eats a few Hershy kisses don't freak. [19:32:38] I had a chinchilla once, and she used to get a little chocolate far too often.. lived several years past average [19:32:41] that's a MAN, MAN [19:33:02] that couch looks so uncomfortable [19:33:05] bleh [19:33:17] I remember an underground comic called Commies From Mars, The Red Planet that had a cartoon about Divine hosting a Hollywood orgy of such orgasic magnitude the participants were all transported to an alternate dimension. [19:33:28] wow, on YouTube, on Saturday Night Lifes official YouTube Channel, there's a scetch that was cut from the actuall episode lastnight for time reasons. I guess they filmed the scetch anyway and put it on YouTube. [19:33:37] Lives* [19:34:07] this is the story of a funday pawpet show..... [19:34:19] Foxington[M] (fox@861BA474.36BAB2EB.B1225145.IP) left irc: Ping timeout [19:34:51] Because why not, DagoWolf ;) [19:34:59] does yappy own bandit? [19:35:12] bandit is yappy's dog [19:35:23] greyfus (greyfus@furry-AC9EF376.gt.res.rr.com) left irc: Ping timeout [19:35:36] band band bandit! [19:35:41] actually it's the other way around. Yappy is Bandits pet fox :P [19:35:52] could be [19:35:54] hehe [19:35:55] more like Bandit owns yappy [19:36:06] shhh dont tell yappy that [19:36:14] ;) [19:36:16] Poppa_Corgi (IceChat7@8682D772.184B28DC.538BF3A3.IP) joined #pawpet. [19:36:50] greyfus (greyfus@furry-AC9EF376.gt.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [19:37:14] we like seeing bandit on the show [19:37:14] what TV channel were these GameAwards on? I didn't now about untill yesterday I saw a sale on Steam for all the games nominated. [19:37:25] Action: FPSfanforever does yappy work for disney? [19:37:29] didn;t know about it* [19:37:34] AFV breaking from their usual format to show service members coming home to their families. [19:37:39] I think he DID at one time. [19:38:04] I thinkk they ALL did at one time. [19:38:13] Flying squirrel in training [19:38:25] is mutt here? [19:38:32] Action: Steelwoulfe hey wardogcompany watch me pull a schloppy out of my hat [19:38:36] yep we have fat squirrels in Canada [19:39:08] Again, Steelwoufe? [19:39:28] Give me back my hat! [19:39:44] N9WEB_jeff (BJButtons@furry-7B71A5B7.hsd1.il.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [19:39:47] Action: Steelwoulfe nothing up my sleeve.....presto....romeo how did you get in there? [19:40:09] Action: RomeoRabbit thumps [19:40:14] Nick change: N9WEB_jeff -> BJ_fumigated_Bear [19:40:26] Action: Schloppy saws steelwoulfe in half [19:40:32] hmmm nobody in there [19:40:37] ooops [19:40:40] Action: Ranger_Stormwolf scritches romeo [19:40:43] Action: Steelwoulfe you're gonna need a bigger box schloppy ;) [19:40:53] eveing [19:41:02] Afrikaans = the language. Afrikaaner = the people. [19:41:04] Warlock (Warlock@furry-B9A3B2AA.eastlink.ca) left irc: Quit: [19:41:11] ! [19:41:30] Steelwoulfe issa macrofur [19:41:40] eveing [19:41:43] :) [19:41:46] so is woulfe :) [19:42:02] Ventures [19:42:03] bandit nose [19:42:44] I'm a uberwuff ~ noses a Steelwuff playfully ~ [19:42:44] Action: BJ_fumigated_Bear was at MFF this morning. Moving very slowly and is tired [19:43:10] Action: Steelwoulfe noses woulfe back playfully :) [19:43:14] oh my [19:43:22] Recherei (anonymous@DE632958.FC7FC93D.6CD229A5.IP) joined #pawpet. [19:43:41] hey recherei we heard you were in channel on 12/5/2004 ;) [19:44:07] YELLING AT ONE ANOTHER ALL THE TIME ? [19:44:26] may have been recently [19:44:50] heard about the evacuation of the Hatt? [19:44:56] yes [19:45:02] yush we did [19:45:21] if anyone is intrrested I did post the pictures I took outside the Hyatt this moting of the massive responce by the FD to the "gassing"at the MFF. there are at https://www.flickr.com/photos/bjbuttons/sets/72157649641144182/ [19:45:28] went to the hilton and sat in the lobby [19:45:35] doom from ID [19:46:13] Shane_Graytail (1@FD863E17.F94E4F44.AE07E695.IP) left irc: Quit: [19:47:10] Jhitts (Jhitts@53E9739.E2EFCD2D.CDEB7A3C.IP) left #pawpet. [19:47:34] oh my [19:48:52] good reason [19:49:09] They has an emergency at a furcon and didnt bring out the riot control tanks? [19:49:16] BJ: Lots of pictures of fire trucks and ambulances, etc. I was wondering what it would look like if there was some kind of disaster and furries were in the midst of it. [19:49:36] lotsa emergancy equipment, yush [19:49:37] lots of fursuiters running out the door [19:50:08] the hotel is in the suburbs Chigagp FD responded that almost never happens [19:52:13] His accent isn't British because I can understand him [19:52:19] also this truck https://www.flickr.com/photos/bjbuttons/15969197985/in/set-72157649641144182 Squad 7. That ruck is a spare but currently assigned to 7. When its not being used by the FD its being used by Dick Wolf Productions/ NBC on the show Chicago Fire [19:52:33] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7smyIP7TplM [19:52:40] well thats because British influance in south africa and austraila [19:53:17] Furries don't loot. [19:53:38] very true....it's being watched again now ;) [19:53:48] I was at MFF for one day, but oy what a day to be there [19:54:39] well thats because British influance in south africa and austraila [19:54:52] Kleitos (43bd05ec@furry-5A87DD22.hsd1.or.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [19:55:26] I wanted to do a zooming thing like that, but I got confused between cameras :-P [19:55:35] like Crappy just did [19:55:52] Action: FPSfanforever so that truck squad 7 is a chicago fire truck? [19:56:29] ? [19:56:31] YEA thats a Chicago FD truck [19:56:43] Action: Fillyjonk sent this song in. [19:56:51] wow. [19:56:53] slow jam version [19:56:55] hazmat truck, yush ? [19:57:24] lol [19:57:27] LOL!! [19:57:38] lol [19:57:47] is that michael jackson [19:57:47] Squad y is a not hazmat its spelisied rescue and equipment [19:57:54] he is grabbing his crotch [19:57:57] Well, that's wrong. Funny as hell, but wrong. [19:58:18] sorry [19:58:20] cool shirt [19:59:28] hehe cypress gardens [19:59:37] Action: Steelwoulfe snugs schloppy [19:59:58] so this is an amusement park ride convention? [19:59:59] Well, turns out I can't hang with y'all after all. Good night everybody, and thanks for the flashback, Romeo! [20:00:05] and simpson butts [20:00:09] Chicago HAs mat is 5-1-1 and 5-1-2 [20:00:10] what happened to cypress gardens? [20:00:38] welcome [20:00:55] Heres some African Chipmunks Poppa Corgi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lldi6lceaU [20:01:38] https://www.flickr.com/photos/bjbuttons/15967207911/in/set-72157649641144182 thats 5-1-2 [20:02:09] Will just have to catch this from off the pawpet website. See you all next week, or the week after that. [20:02:33] see ya Mangler [20:02:36] anyone here in England [20:02:41] Good night Roofus [20:02:54] Action: Steelwoulfe snugs mangler [20:03:04] bye mangler [20:03:12] weeping angel? [20:03:21] Good night Steelwoulfe and Zeb Coon (snugs both of you) [20:03:29] IAAPA [20:03:45] Mangler (Mangler@furry-32801C4C.nyc.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: Some things are plain and simple, and some things aren't, plain and simple. [20:04:21] AlbinoFox (chatzilla@furry-2458BDAD.bltmmd.fios.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [20:04:41] FPS Flashback Is Live! https://furstre.am/stream/RabbitHole [20:05:13] crappy will never blink again [20:05:14] oooooooooooooooooooooo [20:05:14] Action: Poppa_Corgi waddles across the inside of a virtual yappys house. [20:05:44] anthroguy101_ (anthroguy1@7BC68F03.5154188.54719327.IP) joined #pawpet. [20:06:20] bye mutt [20:07:16] anthroguy101_1 (anthroguy1@1F25B343.5154188.54719327.IP) left irc: Ping timeout [20:07:35] TONNA fliers [20:07:36] Xzi (GeoffreyOl@furry-30A353E1.dyn.optonline.net) joined #pawpet. [20:08:01] aw [20:08:07] Blackspots (Chakat@D474F70.9278D51B.FB471128.IP) joined #pawpet. [20:08:07] I got excited any everything [20:09:47] Roofus (noneofyour@AC9783E4.847C18AE.1926D9A2.IP) left irc: Quit: [20:10:23] be back in a bit! [20:10:34] FPS Flashback Is Live! https://furstre.am/stream/RabbitHole [20:11:22] how old is this? [20:11:30] Tonight's FPS Flashback is 10 years ago...12-05-2004 [20:11:32] 12/5/2004 [20:11:47] Goodness [20:11:48] O.o [20:11:48] Tits...Tits...Tits...Tits...Tits...Tits... [20:11:55] uhhhh [20:12:08] uh ok.......... [20:12:10] Multi Boobage [20:12:11] okay.... [20:12:12] This is...different O.o [20:12:23] wtf [20:12:28] Sakana_Katana (IceChat77@furry-FCEB9694.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [20:12:32] wardogcompany what did we just watch? what are we watching now? [20:12:34] Hi, peeps. [20:12:50] I don't know Steelwoulfe. But I suddenly want pancakes now [20:12:56] O.O [20:12:57] I don't know what's going on... [20:13:00] Cheeburger cheeburger [20:13:01] *woofs* hi Sakana_Katana [20:13:06] Lots of Sausage [20:13:06] i agree with romeorabbit. wtf [20:13:08] Burgers... [20:13:24] Why am I thinking of "Idiocracy" now? [20:13:52] WAFFLE ! [20:13:52] Can't connect to rtsp stream, is there a show tonight? [20:14:03] FPS Flashback Is Live! https://furstre.am/stream/RabbitHole [20:14:32] Thanks, Romeo. [20:14:39] W T F ? [20:15:15] I need more drugs [20:15:18] Really shagged-out tonight. Good thing I took the first 2 hours off. [20:15:23] welcome [20:15:26] Reminds me of Toxic Audio [20:15:44] me too Zorro [20:16:18] HD video of Apache, Yappy is now moist ;-) [20:16:25] heh heh heh heh [20:16:32] What does it mean to be moist? [20:16:35] alright, Woulfe. ;) [20:17:01] drooling lots [20:17:01] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDWNUpGMLY8 [20:21:03] Action: BJ_fumigated_Bear yawwwwwn [20:21:41] Action: Zorro Dances [20:22:05] So bad it is good. [20:22:14] Action: BJ_fumigated_Bear did not get to bad thi morning till 5am thanks to the chemical release [20:22:26] They just touched down from the planet Transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania... [20:22:32] working on about 4 hrs of sleep [20:22:49] Has done 3 days without sleep before [20:23:10] Mario [20:23:33] boop [20:23:40] Action: Scorch fluffs the magic lizard. [20:24:01] That is sooooo much win :D [20:24:04] ELECTONIK SUPERSONIK [20:24:05] Action: Poppa_Corgi backspace, insert, "sleep" into BJ [20:24:19] downcount [20:24:31] I have the MP3 of this [20:24:42] Action: BJ_fumigated_Bear giggle [20:24:42] Will be AFK, CYa for RadioUnifurse. [20:25:14] darth vapor ? [20:25:30] I do declare, I have the Darth Vapors! [20:25:33] Must be a pot smoker [20:26:33] bluebird (Jasper@furry-7DBCFFA1.carolina.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [20:26:37] hey Blue [20:26:38] Spider-Man-Man [20:26:51] Evening. [20:26:54] Spider Cow [20:27:00] Vuley (Vuley@EA9C0A9D.FE2B5485.1284BF91.IP) joined #pawpet. [20:28:04] Merry CrimBo [20:28:59] *woofs* hi bluebird [20:29:52] merry xmas? BAH HUMBUG! :) [20:29:55] *tries to go to the site mentioned and falls off of the internet* :( [20:30:00] hey bluebird [20:30:57] Too much hair to be Mach XD [20:31:16] crimbo, yeah [20:32:04] I saw a tabloid. Im in the usa. So im curious about any auctual news that may stem from it. [20:32:16] Camilla is now "The Evil Queen" ? [20:32:20] erroneum (erroneum@furry-B63A1948.lightspeed.livnmi.sbcglobal.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving. [20:33:57] dragon (dragon@furry-C6A1072A.asbnva.dh.suddenlink.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [20:35:04] ? [20:36:15] HammerWolf (HammerWolf@4B49CAD4.A05D2828.E1B4E7.IP) joined #pawpet. [20:36:24] Action: Steelwoulfe snugs hammerwolf [20:36:34] yo [20:36:43] no PawPet tonight? [20:36:49] rerun [20:36:51] FPS Flashback Is Live! https://furstre.am/stream/RabbitHole [20:37:09] Oh, cool! Thanks! [20:37:32] 12/5/2004 show 231 [20:38:12] to answer that question Yes there was one. ummm Brother Bear :) [20:38:39] I am still looking for BB stuff today :) [20:43:15] I wanna try and make it down to Florida in the next year [20:43:47] it's kinda silly, but being on the PawPet show was kinda a life goal for Hammer [20:43:50] I can make it there in 15 min [20:44:46] lucky you [20:44:55] it's like 2 days drive for me lol [20:45:14] I forgot about that. [20:45:17] No that means im in hell. Stuck 15 min from paradise [20:45:53] Would anyonw like to help with an audio test? [20:46:01] back [20:46:03] sure [20:46:08] :) [20:46:17] Thanks again Romeo! [20:46:22] welcome [20:46:32] Yay Romeo! [20:47:11] rehugs a Mutt [20:47:13] Welcome back. [20:47:48] gives mutt a hug [20:48:14] Need a second person to help test audio. [20:48:47] If he is a Professor WHY CAN'T HE FIX A HOLE IN THE DAMN BOAT! [20:49:11] A Carpenter could do it. [20:49:13] would you if you had Ginger & Mary Ann around ? [20:49:22] heh heh heh [20:49:35] Zorro....if you were a nerd shipwrecked with two beautiful babes, would YOU fix the boat?:) [20:49:43] Yes [20:50:55] Well that's why you're not Roy hinkley. [20:52:10] Solsticewolf (Mibbit@61505156.86E199C4.9E4A7B9D.IP) joined #pawpet. [20:52:50] Alan hale lived the persona of the Skipper after the show. [20:55:08] good for the most part [20:55:27] umm a Xmas song? BAH HUMBUG! :) [20:55:28] RubbertexRaccoon (rubbertexr@94BA86E3.834B230A.A4E30CA0.IP) joined #pawpet. [20:55:57] lol [20:56:10] lol [20:56:13] Jump the Weasel [20:56:22] lol [20:57:27] thats a possibily here in Chicago messing with the furs flying home from MFF [20:57:48] forcast is anything from rain to an inch of snow for the AM rush hour [20:58:31] cute [20:58:35] that's a lot of pawpets [20:58:36] Snow is normal in Chicago [20:58:54] Poink just got a skunk to the face. [20:58:58] brb [20:59:05] Yello Sno [20:59:12] Aww Bandit Bandit [20:59:21] That's the most realistic puppet ever! [20:59:56] 346512 puppets later [21:00:12] FPS Flashback Is Live! https://furstre.am/stream/RabbitHole [21:00:20] Shurun_Marten (Shurun@furry-1A243CD1.range86-174.btcentralplus.com) joined #pawpet. [21:00:57] he sounds a little louder [21:01:06] but not by much [21:01:14] Shurun (Shurun@furry-1A243CD1.range86-174.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Ping timeout [21:01:26] good [21:01:27] Action: Ranger_Stormwolf laughs as someone was singing on a older epissode and shak goes, 'Turn the page you fathead!" [21:01:37] wrong window [21:01:59] BJ_fumigated_Bear (BJButtons@furry-7B71A5B7.hsd1.il.comcast.net) left irc: Ping timeout [21:02:32] JARHEAD [21:02:46] ...they have a propane tank back there? WHY? [21:02:52] :P [21:03:06] because THINGS [21:03:25] TonyRingtail (TonyRingta@D9BF30A8.DE3F311B.B164F9E2.IP) joined #pawpet. [21:03:28] Solsticewolf (Mibbit@61505156.86E199C4.9E4A7B9D.IP) left irc: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [21:03:37] N9WEB_jeff (BJButtons@furry-7B71A5B7.hsd1.il.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [21:04:02] N9WEB_jeff (BJButtons@furry-7B71A5B7.hsd1.il.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: the aging bear waves good bye [21:04:03] FPS Flashback Is Live! https://furstre.am/stream/RabbitHole [21:04:09] Action: Ranger_Stormwolf laughs, 'this epissode was so freeking random [21:04:24] romeo's got one epissode going and I'm watching a different one." lol [21:04:41] heh [21:05:19] Show got random w/ more folks in the cast [21:05:20] bjbuttons (BJButtons@furry-7B71A5B7.hsd1.il.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [21:05:43] Nick change: bjbuttons -> BJ_fumigated_Bear [21:06:15] Poppa_Corgi (IceChat7@8682D772.184B28DC.538BF3A3.IP) left irc: Ping timeout [21:06:28] rockmonster (rockmonste@furry-3F4DEC64.clients.kiwiirc.com) joined #pawpet. [21:06:46] this is one where, Lisl, strawberry, shak and a guest were all on with poink and BJ wolf [21:07:27] That movie was terrible. [21:07:40] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-kHB2fWUS8 Sensitive Artist -king Missile [21:07:44] it was very terrible :P [21:07:57] Nice Art Jam ! [21:08:53] Action: Ranger_Stormwolf hugs romeo [21:09:00] The ever-expanding JR The Hutt drawing. [21:09:03] Action: RomeoRabbit thumps [21:09:08] Hilarious about that Dark side of the Pawpet thing: The entire remastered version of Dark side of the Moon is availabke for 99 cents on Google Play [21:09:28] i wondering what jr is doing right now [21:09:32] Jedd (jedd.marte@furry-C9B55C63.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) left irc: Quit: nighty night night [21:09:37] yup [21:10:56] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHWG91UbwOE R. Crumbs Fine Artiste Blues [21:12:17] Too bad JR wasnt there to see his head on John Travolta's body [21:12:26] lol [21:12:39] Wish Mutt would do that voice XD [21:12:43] OH GOD KILL IT [21:12:56] XD [21:13:46] :P [21:14:32] Pets.com [21:14:44] TonyRingtail (TonyRingta@D9BF30A8.DE3F311B.B164F9E2.IP) left irc: Quit: Exit.... Stage right [21:15:37] Radio Unifurse Up NEXT [21:17:15] That poor dude [21:17:27] Ranger_Stormwolf (IceChat77@furry-6CDB0837.dynamic.ip.windstream.net) left irc: Quit: Do fish get thirsty? [21:19:40] SeanWolf (kvirc@8DB2DEA8.C38F1B1D.85563E2B.IP) left irc: Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium http://www.kvirc.net/ [21:19:58] Topic changed on #pawpet by RomeoRabbit!rabbi_000@FFC23198.83EABC56.1B132D4C.IP: pawpet.tv/ | FPS Flashback Is Live! https://furstre.am/stream/RabbitHole | Radio Unifurse Is Up Next | No FPS this week Will be show next week. [21:20:01] What happened? [21:23:33] back again [21:23:37] wb :) [21:24:14] Aw! That baby is ten years old now. [21:24:21] indeed :) [21:24:56] Who's baby? [21:24:59] zoeykitten (quassel@furry-FFC30952.so) joined #pawpet. [21:25:37] Recherei (anonymous@DE632958.FC7FC93D.6CD229A5.IP) left irc: Ping timeout [21:25:39] Her name is Emmalee Kinslev, I believe [21:26:04] Mutt's predictions... broken as his tech-life. [21:26:31] It happens at 40 :) [21:26:36] its shot [21:26:37] Hello, Bandit! [21:26:43] What happens at 40? [21:26:52] sex deth :) [21:26:56] death [21:26:58] Ah [21:27:01] death to sex drive [21:27:03] How old is BAndit now? [21:27:05] I'm already broken. [21:27:09] *Bandit [21:27:09] :P [21:27:10] 7 more years til 40. [21:27:22] Radio Unifurse Up NEXT [21:27:23] Mutt: Even masturbation? [21:27:52] zoeykitten (quassel@furry-FFC30952.so) left irc: Client exited [21:27:57] Action: Atkelar is 39... [21:28:03] You scared someone away. [21:28:09] zoeykitten (quassel@furry-FFC30952.so) joined #pawpet. [21:28:30] Nah. Thats cool :) [21:28:44] Pretty sure those sims don't exist anymore [21:29:03] yes after 10 years [21:29:09] Non sanity is all about Minecraft these days :) [21:30:06] MineCraft surpasses SL, go fig ;-) [21:30:40] All those ghost towns on SL [21:30:50] Cricket Cricket [21:30:55] SL needs a FaceRig plug-in heh heh heh heh heh heh [21:31:01] radio show = music license [21:31:05] ;) [21:31:07] well... everybody realizes that nothing is "always a trend". [21:31:13] Quick 10 year old Mutt...Invent Facebook! [21:31:26] make the SL avas look blocky [21:32:28] heh heh heh heh heh [21:34:03] FaceRig killed the SL staaarrrrrrr..... aaahhhhh the SL star-ar-ar-arrrrrrr [21:34:12] ;-) [21:34:34] Action: rockmonster goes to take shower [21:34:37] rockmonster (rockmonste@furry-3F4DEC64.clients.kiwiirc.com) left irc: Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client [21:34:46] @Woulfe heh [21:34:52] heheh, now all FaceRig needs a giant wuffie for Woulfe to stream himself with :D [21:35:48] oh folks will make avas for others if there's $ to be made [21:35:52] And consider the TVs we have now. [21:36:22] Wow.. That was top tech back then 10 years ago. [21:36:40] this was before the current flat screens yush ? [21:36:59] A_Phony_Era (AndChat534@furry-277487E5.pools.spcsdns.net) joined #pawpet. [21:37:11] CRTs were still 'round IIRC [21:37:19] But 2006 that's so far away! lol [21:37:22] :P [21:37:28] Xzi (GeoffreyOl@furry-30A353E1.dyn.optonline.net) left #pawpet. [21:37:28] @BungeeSkunk Yeah, I kind of wonder what the norm for all of that will be 10 years from now. [21:37:42] Evening, all [21:37:49] evening [21:37:56] heya [21:38:10] end of analog TV, hard to believe it was that long ago [21:38:15] I thought they didn't take down the analog signals untill 2009? [21:38:36] Yup, and now you get more channels by antenna today since several channels also broadcast sub channels [21:39:46] I kinda wanna go to New Zealand, but only cause the Lord of the Rings movies were filmed there. [21:39:47] Tahisha (Tahisha@furry-B923175D.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [21:40:21] although there are alot of mountains right here where I live. [21:40:26] Pfhor1 (user@A18A683.30F71927.F535223C.IP) left #pawpet. [21:41:40] Disney World, 1st World, 2nd World, 3rd World [21:41:51] in that order [21:41:56] DIDNEY WORL [21:42:08] and of course, Woulfe, the one you want to visit, Jurassic World ;;) [21:42:19] next Summer [21:42:23] ;-) [21:42:46] Furassic World [21:42:47] affirmative, Woulfe. Looking forward to watching it myself. I enjoyed the original Jurassic Park [21:43:03] giant anthropomorphic furs in a theme park? Sold! [21:43:30] what about West World? [21:43:41] Campion2 (Campion@furry-F970CDF7.slkc.qwest.net) joined #pawpet. [21:43:42] no, Shurun, those had the homicidal robot coboys. [21:43:43] needs less killer bots [21:43:53] Water World [21:43:54] In 10 years TV will be exclusively an Internet appliance. Large screens will roll up into a package like a poster box or be panels the thickness of a pressboard clipboard. [21:43:54] exactly, Woulfe. [21:44:17] Campion (Campion@furry-858FA02.slkc.qwest.net) left irc: Ping timeout [21:44:34] 10 years from now, TV ? what's that ? [21:44:42] lol [21:45:00] Internet will replace it ;-) [21:45:10] what about Underworld? [21:45:12] is the stream ok? [21:45:19] Yes [21:45:27] ok [21:45:33] big buff werewolves ? sure why not [21:45:37] I wonder if the next one would be like those Holodeck programs like on Star Trek:TNG? [21:45:41] stream's fine [21:46:19] And prosper [21:46:44] i would like to spend time in one of those wardog. :) [21:46:46] These guys really need to hold off on the midlife crises. [21:46:51] stream seems choppy [21:47:05] like someone is hitting fast forward scan [21:47:13] hi mutt [21:47:21] hi again [21:47:34] have gloves on Mutt ? [21:48:25] haveing streaming issues [21:48:36] My stream is perfect [21:48:52] heh heh heh heh heh [21:48:57] Vuley (Vuley@EA9C0A9D.FE2B5485.1284BF91.IP) left irc: Ping timeout [21:49:03] My stream just hickups every now and then [21:49:19] same here Atkelar [21:50:14] my stream is fine for somewhat. [21:50:23] hicadeeups [21:50:40] can't fix it [21:51:02] it's not too bad, I barely notice it :3 [21:52:06] Arthur is imploding [21:52:10] lol [21:52:15] I think magic 8-ball gets allot wrong actually though [21:52:40] Magic 8 Brawl [21:52:41] Grumpy Cat! [21:52:42] So, KP was having "first world problems"? [21:53:13] super grumpy cat [21:53:17] Their brains imploded [21:53:26] First World Problem: There's not enough room in my fridge for all these pies I just bought. [21:53:45] PI's [21:54:23] Win XP.... yea [21:54:37] Blue (Jasper@furry-7DBCFFA1.carolina.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [21:54:45] wb [21:54:46] bluebird (Jasper@furry-7DBCFFA1.carolina.res.rr.com) left irc: Ping timeout [21:54:58] 8-Ball has the Nala Kweesta virus. [21:55:06] I likes XP. Decided to skip Vista and waited for 7. Now I'm staying with 7 and skipping 8. [21:55:10] liked* [21:55:49] come over and i will take you to the paw [21:55:50] hehe [21:55:56] and MS is skipping NINE and going right to TEN [21:56:06] Action: Fillyjonk will go to Simba for Ruby on Rails tutorials. [21:56:17] Radio Unifurse Up NEXT [21:56:39] They should call the next one Windows NEXT [21:56:41] drat missed the show tonight :( [21:57:03] just to make sure people know it's the next one [21:57:03] what is the name of the ending song by the way [21:57:10] too close to Win NT [21:57:13] thank you for streaming tonight RomeoRabbit, much appreciated [21:57:19] done [21:57:19] welcome [21:57:20] :) [21:57:22] Radio Unifurse Up NEXT [21:57:24] thanks for the show [21:57:25] Windows NeXTSTEP [21:57:29] thanks [21:57:32] Zeb_Coon (Zebachi@furry-20AF604.beyondbb.com) left irc: Quit: [21:57:33] Action: Atkelar waves goodnight! [21:57:34] the video cut off early [21:57:40] THANKS ROMEO! [21:57:45] can't remember the name of the end song. as soon as I downloaded a MP3, I renamed the file "puppet show ending.mp3" cause I use the dame end song. [21:57:46] welcome :) [21:57:46] goodnight everyone, hope to see you all here again next weekend for the next show [21:57:49] Radio Unifurse Up NEXT [21:57:53] Thanks for the show! [21:57:58] See you all next week :) [21:57:59] Thank you Mutt and crew for doing these shows [21:58:05] same* [21:58:07] We're live [21:58:09] Atkelar (Atkelar@furry-11466E84.static.adsl-line.inode.at) left irc: Quit: [21:58:12] enjoy RadioUnifurse for those of you staying up late. *salutes back* [21:58:14] Mouser (mouser@furry-D1B56565.dc.dc.cox.net) left irc: Quit: [21:58:17] Topic changed on #pawpet by RomeoRabbit!rabbi_000@FFC23198.83EABC56.1B132D4C.IP: pawpet.tv/ | Radio Unifurse Is Live http://www.livestream.com/radiounifurse | No FPS this week Will be show next week. [21:58:24] Wish Microsoft would continue Xenix development [21:58:25] g' nite y'all [21:58:34] *woofs* goodnight Woulfe [21:58:38] Radio Unifurse Is Live [21:58:40] back in a few [21:58:41] Topic changed on #pawpet by RomeoRabbit!rabbi_000@FFC23198.83EABC56.1B132D4C.IP: pawpet.tv/ | Radio Unifurse Is Live http://www.livestream.com/radiounifurse | No FPS this week Will be show next week. [21:58:42] nite woulfe [21:58:50] http://www.livestream.com/radiounifurse [21:58:54] Woulfe (Funrir_Wou@furry-9DD7E853.hsd1.co.comcast.net) left #pawpet. [21:59:02] Steelwoulfe (steelwolf@furry-709005E7.pitbpa.fios.verizon.net) left irc: Input/output error [21:59:06] http://www.livestream.com/radiounifurse [21:59:07] carry on Romeo, bluebird, SonicGod [21:59:20] WarDogCompany (chatzilla@furry-45C8271.dsl.bell.ca) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.91 [Firefox 34.0/20141125180439] [21:59:21] gonna go back to the website for The Game Awards from last Friday and watch more if it. [21:59:24] awww cute rabbit pic [21:59:44] Blackspots (Chakat@D474F70.9278D51B.FB471128.IP) left irc: Quit: [21:59:55] BJ_fumigated_Bear (BJButtons@furry-7B71A5B7.hsd1.il.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: the aging bear waves good bye [22:00:08] goodnoght all [22:00:43] hi radiounifurse crew [22:00:47] http://www.livestream.com/radiounifurse [22:01:05] slash (IceChat77@furry-4088D284.dyn.optonline.net) left irc: Quit: He who laughs last, thinks slowest [22:01:32] rubbertex [22:01:33] Xzi (GeoffreyOl@furry-30A353E1.dyn.optonline.net) joined #pawpet. [22:01:57] AndChat|534996 (AndChat534@79F52F6E.E8BDD21C.B6796BFB.IP) joined #pawpet. [22:02:03] Shurun_Marten (Shurun@furry-1A243CD1.range86-174.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: [22:02:04] RUBBERTEX! [22:02:25] A_Phony_Era (AndChat534@furry-277487E5.pools.spcsdns.net) left irc: Ping timeout [22:02:30] Xzi (GeoffreyOl@furry-30A353E1.dyn.optonline.net) left #pawpet. [22:02:37] Send your embarassing PM sexts to Blueburd now. [22:03:24] hmmmm [22:03:26] I want that image!!!! [22:03:40] Rev_Heretic (chatzilla@furry-732C46D6.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.91 [Firefox 33.1.1/20141113143407] [22:03:48] lol mutt [22:03:56] all i can think is team rocket is blasting off again ;p [22:04:57] I wanted to hear about the reactions of people at the dog show to furries invading. [22:04:58] Steelwoulfe (Steelwoulf@furry-709005E7.pitbpa.fios.verizon.net) joined #pawpet.