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[18:00] yay. was hoping I'd have something to watch since FPS is off for 2 weeks. [18:00] I'm going to laugh if around 3 hours from now, the Ohio Pawpet Show studio smells Yappy's fart drifting in to their studio. XD [18:00] Unclekage (ceo@furry-C3969597.phlapa.fios.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [18:00] Were arn't important enough to him! [18:00] Hi Kage1 [18:00] I don't play Second Life. [18:00] typical.....im not working next monday :/. [18:00] hey kage [18:00] Hate that bandwith leech. [18:01] this one: rtsp://streams.de.timduru.org:554/Ohio_Pawpet_Show.sdp [18:01] heya Unkle kage :D [18:01] is that where it will be? [18:01] so what did you think of my yap tv take over ? [18:01] Uncle Kagbee? ;) www.furaffinity.net/view/9983139/ [18:01] Izkata (Izkata@furry-92A449DA.hsd1.il.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:01] Hi Izkata [18:01] Twisted (Willis@furry-657FE736.stcd.qwest.net) left #pawpet. [18:01] hi [18:01] JCollie719 (johnravett@furry-1CD13A37.clsp.qwest.net) joined #pawpet. [18:01] HI Jcollie1 [18:01] are yous doing next weeks show aswell [18:01] Topic changed on #pawpet by RomeoRabbit!Romeo@ED532FEC.432C1D0A.14BFE64F.IP: OH Pawpets! is LIVE @ http://www.ohpawpets.org/watchus.html rtsp://streams.de.timduru.org:554/Ohio_Pawpet_Show.sdp | Get Fosgate: Ferret Loan Officer to Megaplex this summer! http://kck.st/XNU1t7 | RIP Timothy "Lemonade Coyote" McCormick | REREGISTER YOUR NICK! [18:01] I missed last week; there's no show this week? [18:01] http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show#/w/4955865664 [18:01] never: It was ok, but I could only stya for a few songs. [18:01] http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show#/w/4955865664 [18:01] Hi, Dragonhead [18:01] here they COME!! [18:02] XD [18:02] I don't think we can run justin tv at the theatre [18:02] Thank god it's not justin.bieber.tv... [18:02] Jedders (jedd.marte@furry-C25B8689.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #pawpet. [18:02] oh_pawpet is gona get the full crowd [18:02] Warlock (Warlock@furry-A965B1B9.eastlink.ca) joined #pawpet. [18:02] Hi Jedders! [18:02] HI Warlock! [18:02] Speaking of 69, here's Chapter 69 of a comic I filked -- www.ninechime.com/deep/pictures/DTP_4536.jpg [18:02] Tirrel (Tirrel@5E4374B6.AD0D58F0.10842EF.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:02] Hi Dragon [18:02] HI Tirrel! [18:02] Check topic for stream link. [18:02] AuraFox (aurafox@furry-8D49F154.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:02] no show tonight :( [18:02] HI Aurafox! [18:02] Check topic for stream link. [18:02] Oh goddamnit [18:02] Hey people, all the same. ha [18:02] hey Tirrel [18:02] hi Tirrel! [18:03] heh heh heh [18:03] there is not topic showing a stream link for me, I am logging in from within Second Life [18:03] Ohio Pawpets take-over. [18:03] hi aura! [18:03] The Ohio Pawpet Show had to bury their corpses when Yappy's ticking timebomb went off. -> http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9992915 [18:03] Nick change: Warlock -> FPSFan25800 [18:03] trying to get Akeakami's Second Life Pawpets theatre set up to run the show tonight [18:03] Jedders (jedd.marte@furry-C25B8689.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) left #pawpet. [18:03] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [18:03] I didn't care Dragonhead I was in double digits for my first time [18:03] jedd (jedd.marte@furry-C25B8689.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #pawpet. [18:03] HI Jedd! [18:03] HI Karpour! [18:03] Tickling timebomb! That's something that The Joker would make! XD [18:03] it after 6pm now, where the oh paw show [18:03] jedd (jedd.marte@furry-C25B8689.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) left #pawpet. [18:03] art for that now [18:04] Izkata (Izkata@furry-92A449DA.hsd1.il.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: leaving [18:04] Fred: check the topic. [18:04] Another weapon in The Jokers asernal against Batman. [18:04] lol [18:04] I need to sign back in XD [18:04] Derpina (4c5f038f@furry-24B171FC.socal.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [18:04] HI Derpina! [18:04] yay, just back in time :D [18:04] Derpina (4c5f038f@furry-24B171FC.socal.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: Derpina [18:04] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [18:04] more farting burping and cake [18:04] Darrigan (4c5f038f@furry-24B171FC.socal.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [18:05] Tahisha (Tahisha@furry-997FB604.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:05] Darrigan (4c5f038f@furry-24B171FC.socal.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: Darrigan [18:05] HID?arrigan! [18:05] ok, justin TV is running here but not very useful for a theatre, let me see if I can turn it into something usable [18:05] Did I hear food? [18:05] HI Tahisha! [18:05] Nice one, Espilonarge. [18:05] i just made ribs [18:05] hi Dragonhead [18:05] OH takeover #02242013 [18:05] Mmm ribs... as long as they arn't spicey. [18:06] Directed by Michael Bay. [18:06] FPSFan25800 (Warlock@furry-A965B1B9.eastlink.ca) left irc: Quit: [18:06] Stumblinn (Stumblinn@furry-76B537A8.ga.at.cox.net) left irc: Connection reset by peer [18:06] Son Of A Lion.... [18:06] FPSFan25800 (Warlock@furry-A965B1B9.eastlink.ca) joined #pawpet. [18:06] FPSFan25800 (Warlock@furry-A965B1B9.eastlink.ca) left irc: Quit: [18:06] zahra (1870353a@70AA0BD.321A24F6.A31BEBBF.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:06] Warlock (Warlock@furry-A965B1B9.eastlink.ca) joined #pawpet. [18:06] HAW! [18:06] HI Zahra and Warlock! [18:06] Jedders (jedd.marte@furry-C25B8689.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #pawpet. [18:07] Hi Jedders [18:07] AuraFox (aurafox@furry-8D49F154.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [18:07] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [18:07] I had to sign in XD [18:07] listen to me the prince of radio furry darkness [18:07] NotFish (NotFish@furry-59588AA7.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) left irc: Quit: [18:07] Woulfe: beween the lions, the x rated movie [18:07] no watch oh pawpets [18:07] intersting New intro XD [18:07] XD [18:07] Hey Jedders! n.n [18:08] zahra (1870353a@70AA0BD.321A24F6.A31BEBBF.IP) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [18:08] a bear eh! [18:08] I'm not between any lions [18:08] Nick change: FPSFAN761 -> ThatWolfIsASpy [18:08] It's Christmas? [18:08] XD [18:08] uh ohh its bar hopeing bill XD [18:09] hoping* [18:09] The lights are still up, I guess it's Christmas. [18:09] WE like the lights being up. [18:09] The lights are pretty. [18:09] and the warm air that come out of your butt [18:09] so why is funday pawpet not on again [18:09] Furry Fiesta? [18:09] a con I believe [18:09] The lights get mad when we try to take them down. [18:09] Texas Furry Fiesta [18:09] yes [18:09] heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh [18:09] why 2 weeks though? Last week they said 2 weeks. [18:10] Why wouldn't they host the show there? :P [18:10] Wish I was There too [18:10] this week ans next [18:10] Wedding next week. [18:10] MattWolfwood (MattWolfwo@furry-3C4E5EB7.bois.qwest.net) joined #pawpet. [18:10] Hi mattwolf [18:10] oh ok i couldent toon in last week so that might be why i didnt know [18:10] Only Yappy is there, no one else. [18:10] By the way, did anyone catch a glimpse at the SPH on one of the fursuits during the TFF stream yesterday? [18:10] Hey Dragonhead [18:10] AV is hard to pull off from 1500 miles away [18:10] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [18:10] I hope Blitz does a show next week [18:10] if I ever got married, I'd wanna have a fursuit wedding at a con. [18:10] Pepsi! XD [18:10] yappy had to go to mating ceremony and then Furry fiesta [18:11] It's probbably been spiked. [18:11] If he was a raccoon, he would be IN the drinking bin. ;) [18:11] Topic changed on #pawpet by SuaveIV!s4-win@furry-58DBEF1B.asm.bellsouth.net: OH Pawpets! is LIVE @ http://www.ohpawpets.org/watchus.html | Get Fosgate: Ferret Loan Officer to Megaplex this summer! http://kck.st/XNU1t7 | RIP Timothy "Lemonade Coyote" McCormick | REREGISTER YOUR NICK! [18:12] Will there be a caption contests if y'all may cut the show shorter for an earlier Radio Unifurse, Wolfdog? [18:12] Collie_Classic (mr_ass@furry-C8596297.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Ping timeout [18:12] Pull on the tail to jumpstart the tongue... Pull chords :) [18:12] Stick the battery up the HEEHAW! [18:12] Just like a Energizer Bunny. [18:12] a taser [18:12] No that jumpstarts Dibbuns. [18:13] *grin* [18:13] lets donate an e-stim dildo to oh pawpets [18:13] lol [18:13] grab his nose [18:13] NitrousHyena (Mibbit@furry-E15C8F15.nap.wideopenwest.com) joined #pawpet. [18:13] HINitrous1 [18:14] jump starting Bill ? [18:14] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [18:14] hi [18:14] Panama_Fox (Panama_fox@furry-1EAD2062.knology.net) joined #pawpet. [18:14] Reminds me of when Sideshow Bob kept getting shocked because the buzzer was in a birds nest. :P [18:14] Good one, Woulfe! [18:14] Panama_Fox (Panama_fox@furry-1EAD2062.knology.net) left irc: Quit: [18:14] Set it to 9001. :P [18:14] Action: Aladasian katyawns [18:14] Put it up to 11 [18:14] oh god [18:14] *BOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM!* [18:15] The Christmas lights now run off of Bill. [18:15] The first wolf in space [18:15] "Mr. Simpson. We're going to run a few tests, are you ready?" "Yes." *beepBOOOOOOOOOM!!!* [18:15] you broke him XD [18:15] Come to Australia, we run on 240. ;) [18:15] Also, the electrical current was sucked up by Bill's alcohol soaked liver. [18:15] oy [18:16] Dibbuns would get a kick out of this. ;) [18:16] Bwing. [18:17] thomas (thomas@furry-ED5AC65E.pools.arcor-ip.net) joined #pawpet. [18:17] They stopped using that slogan years ago. [18:17] H Thomas1 [18:17] Nick change: thomas -> amee3k [18:17] bleh [18:17] HI Amee! [18:17] Pawpet (Pawpet@furry-FD452EC6.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #pawpet. [18:17] HI pawpet [18:17] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [18:17] some of my internet has a major case of the derps tonight [18:17] BigWigRah (d1b32598@furry-5A5D9297.cvx13-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net) joined #pawpet. [18:17] HI Bigwigrah! [18:17] 2 Amees? The confusion?!?!?!?!? [18:17] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [18:17] XD [18:17] keep losing connection to my VPS [18:17] You could hook him to a lightning rod [18:18] What, you want to hook up him to a lightning rod on a town building? ;) [18:18] 1.21 Jiggawatts! [18:18] Pawpet (Pawpet@furry-FD452EC6.dip.t-dialin.net) left #pawpet. [18:18] Death by Alcohol poisoning, is more like it. [18:18] Choco Eastah Bunbun Death [18:18] 1 bunny 1 butt [18:18] Death by SnuSnu? [18:18] Not if you're stuck by lightning. :P [18:18] whats the LD50 for drunk woofs? :> [18:19] Gigga is actually supposed to be pronounced 'jigga' [18:19] DevinDParlett (Mibbit@furry-F64FC3A1.hsd1.ct.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:19] fourtytwo [18:19] HI Devin! [18:19] carry okie? [18:19] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [18:19] BigWigRah (d1b32598@furry-5A5D9297.cvx13-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net) left #pawpet. [18:19] The Fewwet National Anthem! [18:19] XD [18:19] --- ............... ping statistics --- [18:19] 184 packets transmitted, 14 received, 92% packet loss, time 184362ms [18:19] Action: amee3k facedesks [18:19] Needs more packet loss. :p [18:20] anyone want some bbq ribs i just made [18:20] Beegees? :P [18:20] Trolololo (Pawpet@furry-FD452EC6.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #pawpet. [18:20] Not if you made them, Fred :p [18:20] amee3k (thomas@furry-ED5AC65E.pools.arcor-ip.net) left #pawpet (Leaving). [18:20] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLVAJ_GWlZA [18:20] HI Trolololo [18:20] here we go buy the bouncing souls [18:20] amee3k (thomas@furry-ED5AC65E.pools.arcor-ip.net) joined #pawpet. [18:20] Hi Dragonhead [18:20] Mangler: i'm a good cook [18:20] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [18:20] "Ring ring, ring ring... phone call for Bling. STOP SINGING OUT SONGS..." the lawyers. [18:20] Sing us a song :) [18:20] XD [18:21] the funny thing is... none of the other connections from the VPS are affected, and none of my other connections from home are affected [18:21] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaXdTe2TYhs [18:21] In that case, prove me wrong, Fred. [18:21] Porpoise? [18:21] Joisy? [18:21] I'm betting #79 won't get the same welcome #69 did. [18:21] It's not easy being an Australian, land of where everything tries to kill you. [18:21] Even my own brain is trying to kill me. :P [18:22] I want to go to Australia and explore it. [18:22] I didn't hear Brooklyn accents until I went to college in Manhattan. [18:22] You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round. [18:22] give Mangler some ribs [18:22] Trolololo (Pawpet@furry-FD452EC6.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Quit: [18:22] AGH! NOT THAT SONG! XD [18:22] Wabbit shots. [18:22] http://youtu.be/imZqAE_qlsI riding furry [18:22] Dragonhead wants to go walkabout gripping his didgereedoo. [18:22] lol [18:22] Ahhh. Thanks, Fred. [18:22] Bill= Not a Sober Second. [18:24] Bill would probably enjoy that bottle more... if the cap wasn't stuck on it. :P [18:24] lol Fred is the bad parts of the internet. [18:24] Imagination booze. XD [18:24] o.o [18:24] the goat with its balls stuck threw was really gross [18:24] Daniel (kusanagi-s@AD23D06C.F51C965D.FB471128.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:24] we could re-do the "mousetrap incident" :3 [18:24] What's OH Pawpets? [18:24] HIDaneil! [18:24] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [18:24] What's this about Goebbels? [18:24] Daniel: It's like FPS, but from Ohio. [18:24] Ah, ok [18:24] Gobblegobblegobblegobble! *turkey call* :P [18:24] Never-princeofcats> stuck threw what? [18:25] Usually airs on Saturday, but doing a takeover show tonight for FPS. [18:25] Not streaming from UStream? [18:25] slurpy speach? [18:25] jeddster (jedd.marte@furry-C25B8689.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #pawpet. [18:25] jeddster (jedd.marte@furry-C25B8689.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) left irc: Input/output error [18:25] Daniel: Nope [18:25] Forceful takeover [18:25] Looks that shock jumpstarted his pain receptors. ;) [18:25] These aren't the actual PawPets? [18:26] Not tonight sadly Daniel. Conventions tend to keep the hosts busy. [18:26] Daniel: They are the show that normally comes on Saturday, doing a take-over show today. [18:26] Bill needs a self help tape [18:26] Ah, I guess Furry Fiesta? [18:26] Takeover Show [18:26] yes [18:26] Owner (chatzilla@furry-7DBCFFA1.carolina.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [18:26] Hi owner [18:26] aluminitis [18:26] These aren't the PawPets you're looking for. [18:26] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [18:26] Nick change: Owner -> TheSonicGod [18:26] HI TSG! [18:27] Hey guys. [18:27] Are you a god? [18:27] Hi TSG [18:27] Safe answer is "yes." [18:27] Drunken Selfhelp tape [18:27] Action: Espilonarge prepares the ghostbusters trap... ;) [18:27] DevinDParlett (Mibbit@furry-F64FC3A1.hsd1.ct.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [18:28] "If someone asks if you're a god, you say YES!" [18:28] Nice lights. Is it Christmas? [18:28] Country Bumcoon. [18:28] Fillyjonk (aFillyjonk@FE8DA74.A1C043A8.671DF725.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:28] Tell 'em you're the god of this world. [18:28] Hello there country raccoon. [18:28] H Fillyjonk! [18:28] The British Are Invading! [18:28] Razor_Edge (chatzilla@30B88249.E126DCEF.C136FDE2.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:28] Action: Fillyjonk waves. [18:28] Bill's rule of thumb. Find what you like in life, and drink it! [18:29] I'm enjoying my time down here in North Carolina. :D [18:29] wolfdog2007: Will we be doing Caption Contest tonight? [18:29] ThatWolfIsASpy> Unless you're in the STNG universe, wherein Picard insisted on proving he wasn't. [18:29] HI Rzor Edge1 [18:29] yay TSG [18:29] Need to try harder [18:29] Hello Dragonhead, Hi everyone ^_^ [18:29] Action: Zenaku returns [18:29] Heya Romeo. Erika is watching over my shoulder. [18:29] what i miss [18:29] Did Fred just break the show? [18:29] AWESOME [18:29] With any luck. [18:30] Fred found something WEIRD [18:30] One to _____ and the rest to ____________. [18:30] hope you two are enjoying yourselves TSG, Blue [18:30] fred does it again XD lol [18:30] Wha? [18:30] MattWolfwood (MattWolfwo@furry-3C4E5EB7.bois.qwest.net) left irc: Quit: [18:30] bluebird (bluebird@furry-7DBCFFA1.carolina.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [18:30] HI bluebird! [18:30] look like she got a penis [18:30] Good evening. [18:31] crazy beefy gal ? [18:31] It would probably give hemmoroids to Bill instead. [18:31] Hello Bluebird [18:31] pm me for the link [18:31] WolfDog -- share those pics with us! [18:31] We are indeed. We were also working on some bunny death videos. :D [18:31] ^^ [18:32] o.O [18:32] bunny deaths lol [18:32] XD [18:32] wolfdog2007: i want to see it too :> [18:32] It would be like seeing Yappy perform 2 foxes 1 cup. *hides* [18:32] *waves to SonicBlu and Wolfdog* [18:32] Disco duck [18:32] Fred_Bedderhead really needs a blog [18:32] i do notttt want to see it lol [18:32] Ohh.... it's a secret. [18:32] to everyone. [18:32] Disco ball looked like a Jack o' Lantern for a bit. [18:33] but i wanna see the bunny deaths XD [18:33] I eat them to death. ;) [18:33] Furry (Furry@F401C0F5.90B6A26D.547D0061.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:33] bunny deaths? Is there a phycotic bunny on a killing spree? [18:33] HI Furry [18:33] Choco Bunbun Deaths [18:33] Easter is already plaguing store shelves here in Australia. Thank god there isn't any bloody music... [18:33] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [18:33] ello [18:33] hello there [18:33] I got you guys on the big screen TV. [18:33] wait whattt XD [18:34] Wrong kind of easter egg. -> http://i.imgur.com/JQean.jpg [18:34] Trolololo (Trolololo@furry-FD452EC6.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #pawpet. [18:34] LED lights, they cahnge colors & stuff [18:34] Did someone say Easter eggs? http://thechive.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/dma-funny-photos-301.jpg?w=500&h=356 [18:34] hahahaah [18:34] great bunny death XD [18:34] Trolololo (Trolololo@furry-FD452EC6.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Quit: [18:35] Trolololo (Trolololo@furry-FD452EC6.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #pawpet. [18:35] what theeee 0.o [18:35] it a mask [18:35] Sloth from Goonies [18:35] it's Sreks cousin [18:35] HEYYY YOUUUU GUYSSSS [18:35] Could be worse. [18:35] "What you can actually show": o.o [18:35] HEY! HEY! HEY! LISTEN! HEY! *shotgunBOOM!!!* [18:35] so no pawpet show tonight? [18:35] rape face [18:36] am i the only one, who dont get the IRC XD [18:36] lol [18:36] fred links [18:36] BABY ROOTHH [18:36] Uncle Kage without his makeup. ;) [18:36] BABY RUTH? [18:36] Dafuq is wrong with that mans face...? [18:36] Choklit! I liked Sloth from the Goonies. [18:36] PUUUTTTTINN ONNNN DAAAA RIIIIITZZZ! [18:36] sent you a crazy thing [18:36] so no pawpet show tonight? [18:36] Mmmm feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh [18:37] It's a pic. Totally safe. I promise. [18:37] Furry: Oh! Pawpets is doing a takeover show [18:37] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [18:37] OH!takeover [18:37] No FPS tonight, Furry. This is a takeover show from OH! Pawpets [18:37] Furry- Ohio Pawpet show :) [18:37] OH Pawpets are doing a take-over show tonight, Furry. No FPS tonight. [18:37] Who do we send pics to? ;) [18:37] ok [18:37] Ohiopawpets@yahoo.com [18:37] Ok. n.n [18:37] wolfdog2007: Will we be doing Caption Contest tonight? [18:37] wolfdog2007 www.furaffinity.net/view/9493032/ [18:38] ok [18:38] HighDef [18:38] HDTVDVDVCR [18:38] You look fantastic. [18:38] I sent in a caption just now. :) [18:38] Action: Espilonarge grins evily... [18:38] Trolololo (Trolololo@furry-FD452EC6.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Quit: [18:38] ART LIBS ? [18:38] Action: Espilonarge already has an idea plotted hehehe... [18:38] Kresblain (Kresblain@furry-6A7FCB8B.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) joined #pawpet. [18:38] ARTLIBS yay [18:38] Ok, sounds interesting. [18:38] Send Caption Contest images to Ohiopawpets@yahoo.com. Contest tutorial at: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7601730/ [18:38] is there an oh! pawpet channel? [18:38] I can draw stick figures! [18:38] HI Kresblian! [18:38] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [18:39] http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/popout/ [18:39] Hehhee. [18:39] I'm not very god at Mad Libs. I know what a noun is, but the other stuff I need explained to me while we're playing. [18:39] Yappy's baby photos. ;) [18:39] Aww, that's a cute cartoony style of artwork there. [18:39] XD [18:39] It's defiantly Yappy's booty pooty baby shots. XD [18:39] Woyro (DARGENTO@furry-27BE8F64.rochester.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [18:39] Ah-OOOOOO-ga! [18:39] hahaha [18:39] yay orlando fox ^^ [18:39] XD [18:39] HI Woyro! [18:39] Avert your eyes! [18:40] OrlandoFox, ah, so that's the person who drew this. Nice. [18:40] Orlando Fox might be (also) suited for this show, with her quick turnaround. [18:40] Possibly [18:40] Nick change: Woyro -> FPSFan26991 [18:40] hehe yeah [18:40] orlando is like lightning pencil [18:41] mangler when orlando turns 18 then she can see the adult stuff [18:41] It *is* safe, Mr. Raccoon [18:41] biggg screen [18:41] Nick change: FPSFan26991 -> Woyro [18:41] what size is it? [18:41] Is it safe to show? Wait. Let me think about it a minute& http://images.4chan.org/b/src/1361508258248.gif [18:41] I bet Orlando is already well into drawing a bunch of pictures of you guys. [18:41] hdtv screen [18:41] As opposed to have everybody describing it to her, Sourgoat. [18:41] Anyone got decent pics of Bill? ;) [18:41] :) [18:41] I need references hehehe. [18:42] Yes... with a million more responsibilities. [18:42] well i really don't care about protecting her because i wont get in trouble [18:42] just got back from Furry Fiesta...i saw Yappy running around [18:42] Punchbuggy. [18:42] Egon WolfDog collects molds, spores and fun guys? [18:42] I'm as close to Georgia as I can get without being in Georgia. [18:42] The Devil Went Down To Georgia, he was looking for an arm to punch. [18:42] Left early, Woyro, like Saturday? [18:43] Wolfcat_ca (wolfcat_ca@furry-C4B27A01.wightman.ca) joined #pawpet. [18:43] Jack Daniels and Pepsi? Oy [18:43] Jedders (jedd.marte@furry-C25B8689.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) left #pawpet. [18:43] ewwwww..... whisky cola [18:43] Yummy [18:43] i flew down on Friday. got there around noon. had to leave early this morning [18:43] HI wolfcat1 [18:43] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [18:43] CultMoo came up with a great idea: Jameson, Guinness, Bailey's, Chocolate Ice Cream. [18:43] i do [18:43] nope im from the uk lol [18:43] that shit was the only thing that once made me almost throw up [18:43] Hope you had a good time, Woyro. [18:43] Furry (Furry@F401C0F5.90B6A26D.547D0061.IP) left irc: Quit: [18:44] NitrousHyena (Mibbit@furry-E15C8F15.nap.wideopenwest.com) left irc: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [18:44] Nick change: Wolfcat_ca -> FPSFan47554 [18:44] the tiny bottles are actually indivitual shots [18:44] it was the first time i've been able to get away from work since mid october [18:44] Now that sounds like a mixed drink I'd like to try, TheSonicGod. Not really big on drinking whiskey by itself. [18:44] CultMoo ever heard of scotch & milk? [18:44] It is rather strange to be using a Windows PC. [18:44] :P [18:45] Big Mac? [18:45] I read books! [18:45] I still read paper books. :D [18:45] mack trucks? [18:45] amee3k (thomas@furry-ED5AC65E.pools.arcor-ip.net) left #pawpet (Leaving). [18:45] No, TSG, PCs are normal; Macs are strange. [18:45] amee3k (thomas@furry-ED5AC65E.pools.arcor-ip.net) joined #pawpet. [18:45] big mack deisil trucks [18:45] is a Small Mac like an iphone then? [18:46] oooo the blue cloth is transparent i can see a shiny on the linen [18:46] When you boot a Big Mac does it say "A-yup"? [18:47] Or an Ipad Mini? Not really sure I want to just stop using pc laptops yet. [18:47] ThatWolfIsASpy: ipad + USB keyboard + lots of duct tape == laptop [18:48] Sorry had to go AFK [18:48] He reminds me of Arlo Guntry singing Alice's Restaurant. [18:48] XD [18:48] Add a Pico projector to an iPad and you can get a full size screen. [18:48] Is the video skipping for anyone? [18:49] A-nope. [18:49] video runs smooth for me [18:49] hey Warlock [18:49] JustinTV has been skipping sometimes. [18:49] He can't think of the joke cause he got his head run over. [18:49] which is amazing consider how shit my internet has been the last two days [18:49] ugh... just replaced this router... [18:49] amee3k: hey, now there's an idea. Just need a small enough USB keyboard and I have an improvised Macbook. Thanks. [18:49] XD [18:49] OMG, theres a HUGE snow drift hanging off my roof outside my window IRL [18:50] hacksaw? :> [18:50] Breasty Wimins [18:50] Action: Sakana_Katana will send TSG a router song later, for his show. [18:50] Action: FPSFan47554 pokes woulfe snow drift.... sloooofffff buired wolfcat [18:50] I hate wireless internet. [18:50] Action: amee3k idly ruffles wolfdog2007's tail :D [18:50] Interactive internet entertainment. Thank you OH Pawpets. [18:50] Yeah, its all wired for me. [18:50] Nick change: FPSFan47554 -> wolfcat_ca [18:51] oh boy the day of drunks XD [18:51] yeah, St. Patrick's day. We all get to be Irish for one day. [18:51] Coaster (chatzilla@furry-FB04C4A.lightspeed.livnmi.sbcglobal.net) joined #pawpet. [18:51] HI coaster [18:51] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [18:51] i refuse to celebrate a catholic holiday [18:51] Hello [18:51] briskcat (4b1e6124@furry-E1D548C0.lightspeed.gylkil.sbcglobal.net) joined #pawpet. [18:51] Wear green or get pinched, yeah, that's the tradition. heheh. [18:51] HI Briskat! [18:51] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [18:51] Sourgoat: we need furry holidays :3 [18:52] I AGREE [18:52] It's not Christmas, it's Annual-gift--fat-man-gives-you-shiny-boxes-under-a-dead-shiny-plant day. [18:52] International Paws Day [18:52] St. Tail's Day [18:52] allfursdaymas [18:52] Furry Hugs Day [18:52] World Hugs Day [18:52] nudist camp aren't as advertised [18:52] Happy Yiffmas [18:52] when everyfursuiter goes on an outing [18:53] Furry (Furry@F401C0F5.90B6A26D.547D0061.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:53] that's crazy fat....... [18:53] Is this Norma Stitz? [18:53] wow! [18:53] Ewww.... [18:53] ... [18:53] Hi Jabba. [18:53] ...................................................................................................................................................... [18:53] yikes! [18:53] OMFG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUNS [18:53] it's LAYERS [18:53] OMG ITS MOBY DICK [18:53] O.O [18:53] OH NOES! MY BRAINS!!! X_X [18:53] Thar she blows! [18:53] I need to do more cardio now [18:53] She needs 3 more bras! [18:53] Nudist camp? You mean eveyr day for dragons. [18:53] its a manatee [18:53] muu [18:54] Wow, she gives cows a bad name. Cows having four stomachs... c.c;;; [18:54] Let me guess... Her short's probably say juicy, am I right? [18:54] That's like.. four WHOLE stomachs! X_X [18:54] don't get lost in one of the folds, might be in there for years. [18:54] Hey Huge we found you a girlfriend [18:54] Hugh might have a chance with her. [18:54] Jabba the Hutt's female reincarnation [18:54] My eyes can't unsee that [18:54] I could almost mistake it for Dragoneers wife. *rimshot* [18:54] Then Hugh'll say, "Son of a ----" [18:54] must peddle faster to get away from that [18:55] hutts are hermafridites amee2k [18:55] Warlock: sell your eyes on ebay and get some new ones :> [18:55] be careful on the Internet. What has been seen cannot be unseen. [18:55] na I like my eyes [18:55] ~ hands out the brain bleach ~ [18:55] Sourgoat: i'm not sure that is helping his case :> [18:55] Action: wolfcat_ca hands warlock brain bleach [18:55] isn't that just rootbeer? [18:56] Sarsparilla soda? Yeah, root beer, they still make that, right? [18:56] Buuur [18:56] yes [18:56] A nice cold bear? XD [18:56] A burr. [18:56] cold BURR ? [18:56] Shurun (Shurun@furry-EBBC22EE.range86-150.btcentralplus.com) joined #pawpet. [18:56] HI Shururn1 [18:56] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [18:56] No, a nice warm burrto keep a wolf company during those long, cold lonely nights. [18:57] amee3k: we found hugh a girlfriend [18:57] hi Dragonhead! [18:57] Sourgoat: LMAO [18:57] it was mealy the wind blowing :P lol [18:57] Give a wolf a burrito and he'll make a Dutch Oven. [18:57] hi everyone! [18:57] ello ^^ [18:57] "...in bed." [18:57] ~ noses a burr.... an' now it's a cold burr ~ [18:57] Bad rune1 [18:57] wolfdog2007: first mixing chocolate cookies, then mixing fortune cookies... when are you mixing the space cookies? :> [18:58] noun: ORANGE [18:58] excellent choice of noun [18:58] here comes the fifth wall XD ...PAY NO ATTENTION TO IT [18:59] noun: car [18:59] BLACK SCREEN [18:59] the fifth wall is usually called the ceiling [18:59] Action: Espilonarge sends a pic involving Bill and Easter. ;) [18:59] 4 1/2th wall [18:59] wolfdog2007 (wolf_huske@furry-B72BE1B.insight.res.rr.com) left #pawpet. [18:59] Give me a burrito and watch me have to go to the emergency veterinarian [18:59] Amee3k: ceiling cat lives in the fifth wall [18:59] tresker (Mibbit@9D524573.15F86FA8.37F82C35.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:59] wolfdog2007 (wolf_huske@furry-B72BE1B.insight.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [18:59] XD [18:59] Action: wolfcat_ca quick lock the channel door [19:00] The end of the world as we know it! [19:00] lol [19:00] RUN [19:00] HIDE [19:00] 21st of December already past. [19:00] a-pawpet-calypse [19:00] Nick change: Xeross -> Xeross|AFK [19:00] Action: Zomgshiny flails about while singing... "It's the end of the world as we now it!" [19:00] nah, that 2012 date was debunked, we're still here, right? [19:00] maybe [19:00] Oh wait, it would explain why their christmas lights are still on. ;) [19:00] Booze is an overused word. *grin* [19:00] #4- Dragons [19:00] whats my cat limit [19:01] ThatWolfIsASpy: mmh we should mail the mayas and demand our money back... their delivery is three months late :> [19:01] nouns: ORANGE, CAT,CAR, SLOWLY,QUICKLY [19:01] ceremonially burn it on a public toilet [19:01] thick [19:01] Does the MadLibs book drive you MAD?!?!??! [19:01] I've seen bigger... like 2 The Ranting Gryphon bigger. :P [19:01] Oscars red carpet show has started on ABC. The Super Bowl halftime performer(s) don't get that much attention before the game starts :p [19:02] Innouva (chatzilla@furry-62E8B50F.dhcp.roch.mn.charter.com) joined #pawpet. [19:02] well gtg catch yous all later :) [19:02] HI Innouva [19:02] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [19:02] noone gives a flying fuck for oscars [19:02] Send Caption Contest images to Ohiopawpets@yahoo.com. Contest tutorial at: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7601730/ [19:02] buy then my show will have video and puppets [19:02] Drache (pirc@A72D1999.25828D9C.5D6B3205.IP) joined #pawpet. [19:02] night everyone [19:02] Espilonarge> No, this show is live: they respond to Channel. [19:02] Take care Zenaku [19:02] cat [19:02] Night Zenaku [19:02] cat [19:02] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [19:02] DRagonly [19:02] HI Drache [19:02] Naked! [19:02] Blue [19:03] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [19:03] Ugh, my head hurts [19:03] nouns: ORANGE, CAT,CAR, SLOWLY,QUICKLY [19:03] I approve of naked! [19:03] trigger_fox (tigger@furry-D7265DBB.lightspeed.clmboh.sbcglobal.net) left irc: Quit: [19:03] MOIST [19:03] DragonFLYingly [19:03] No that's Nekari SourGoat. :P [19:03] Dragonheaded [19:03] AD-JI-TIVE [19:03] lol [19:03] fartish [19:03] 'ello. [19:03] black [19:03] ************** <----dirty [19:03] Fartish = Yappy [19:03] black [19:03] Just showed Mister Roberts on the red carpet. God bless her. [19:04] Flies [19:04] Zenaku (Zenaku@furry-D551E466.as13285.net) left irc: Quit: [19:04] *Robin Roberts, of course. [19:04] swims [19:04] Beats [19:04] VERB [19:04] Yappy's ass ends in s. ;) [19:04] Unclekage (ceo@furry-C3969597.phlapa.fios.verizon.net) left #pawpet. [19:04] strokes [19:04] pumps [19:04] sit [19:04] Action: amee3k wags [19:04] Fartish Pumps? XD [19:04] cat [19:05] ^^ [19:05] j [19:05] cat [19:05] Action: Mangler strokes Furry ears above him. [19:05] f [19:05] o [19:05] x [19:05] A [19:05] Q [19:05] TSA [19:05] D R U [19:05] W T F [19:05] cat [19:05] Y A P [19:05] ass [19:05] P E E [19:05] A.N.K! [19:05] I say FOX [19:05] OMG [19:05] abc [19:05] ass [19:05] lmao CCritt93 [19:05] lol [19:05] arf [19:05] SOS [19:06] P N S *grin* [19:06] yes!!! [19:06] TFF [19:06] Kresblain (Kresblain@furry-6A7FCB8B.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) left irc: Quit: Stay tooned! [19:06] ya PMS [19:06] Action: Espilonarge hides! [19:06] 69 [19:06] 69 [19:06] 42 [19:06] 69 [19:06] 13 [19:06] 101 [19:06] 69 [19:06] 69 [19:06] 23 [19:06] 3476248i91265347487463473 [19:06] 69 [19:06] 25 [19:06] 42 [19:06] -5 [19:06] [the number of Danica Patrick's car] [19:06] 101 [19:06] 4.13 [19:06] 7 of 9 [19:06] 3.14etc [19:06] cat [19:06] 234567892345432123834567 [19:06] Yappy [19:06] NOUN [19:06] Jamacia [19:06] Mousetrap! [19:06] %$#IO$^$&$U%$H@S@^ [19:06] DRAGON [19:06] Yappy. :P [19:07] Ball [19:07] Dragon! [19:07] Naked [19:07] frog [19:07] Dragonhead> I tried. [19:07] (as suggested earlier. ;) ) [19:07] Sleepy [19:07] horny [19:07] stoned [19:07] "And to my cat Mittens I leave my vast, entire- BootToTheHead!" *reeeooowwwwwWWWWwwwwww!!!* [19:07] lumpy [19:07] GODLY [19:07] Or Ali Naga. [19:07] Gassy. [19:07] AD-JI-TIVE [19:07] curly [19:07] mmmm catnip [19:08] lumpy [19:08] GODLY [19:08] Sloshed [19:08] Tail [19:08] XD [19:08] cat [19:08] NOUN [19:08] ORANGE [19:08] Boopa! [19:08] Mousetrap! [19:08] yappy fox [19:08] grease [19:08] Yappy Fox. XD [19:08] or the color orange [19:09] cat [19:09] Bar [19:09] Spianl cord [19:09] Mousetrap! [19:09] a woulfe [19:09] Space!!! [19:09] Atari 2600? [19:09] clasic ^^ [19:09] Hey Those are awsome [19:09] 2600 goodness [19:09] Atari for the WIN!!! [19:09] I used to play the old board game Mouse Trap. in the 80s. [19:10] Huggable [19:10] Need to go, just hit 10AM here. X_X [19:10] Seeya's later! [19:10] Broken [19:10] 2600 needs a OLD old TeeVee [19:10] Take care Espilonarge. [19:10] Broken [19:10] Succulent. [19:10] There's a life-sized Mousetrap game that tours the MakerFaires. End result is dropping a weight to crush a car. [19:10] Espilonarge (Not@furry-62433BF0.dyn.iinet.net.au) left irc: Quit: [19:10] derpy [19:10] Dracotic [19:10] copper [19:10] Dragons [19:10] Skunks [19:10] monkeys [19:10] spuds [19:10] cheer leaders [19:10] Barhopping Billish [19:10] never floof [19:10] fox [19:11] poppies [19:11] :D [19:11] XD [19:11] NO SUCH THING AS ONLY DRAGON! [19:11] poopies [19:11] Garrison what are you drinking and why aren't you sharing [19:11] SHARE!!! [19:11] Wag [19:11] swiming [19:11] RUN!!! [19:11] VERB [19:11] Wobble. [19:11] jiggle [19:11] rolling [19:11] yiff [19:11] Action: amee3k wags [19:12] to roll [19:12] topless [19:12] VERB..... that's what's happening [19:12] Skunks [19:12] cheer leaders [19:12] monkeys [19:12] Body fat [19:12] cat's [19:12] Verb is the werd. [19:12] Dragonheading [19:12] battleships [19:12] yay skunks!!!! [19:12] erm [19:12] i would of said o pappets [19:12] i fail at nouning [19:12] oh snap [19:12] :> [19:13] lol~ What12 [19:13] That kinda works. [19:13] frost the grenade man [19:13] FPS is a fartish comedy :> [19:13] flintstones... [19:13] What about what they showed last Sunday: projectile farting [19:13] Sounds like the Flintstones XD [19:14] Action: Sakana_Katana creats a Nickelodeon show about farting foxes. [19:14] like in the Flintstons [19:14] flintsone its the flintsone have a yabado time [19:14] American Syndiated Sydication [19:14] LOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOL [19:14] Poppa_Corgi (IceChat77@furry-3E1BC8BC.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [19:14] Hi Poppa! [19:14] I have guest. i may depart too soon [19:14] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [19:14] fartish on the ASS netword [19:14] "GoatseTV - An A.S.S. Network permiere!" [19:14] 69'oclock [19:14] No funday? [19:14] I shouldn't draw one tonight. [19:14] lol [19:15] OH!pawpets [19:15] My birthday monday. [19:15] takeover [19:15] 6900 hours [19:15] i could make a faux GoatseTV title card [19:15] Sounds deadly! [19:15] I still desire a brunhilda sexy female corgi morph. [19:15] but it wouldn't be SFW [19:15] lolz [19:15] Where's that picture of the big girl with the fence pole? She's lumpy. [19:15] Anyways. im gona wander. i do have other works to do. [19:15] Poppa_Corgi (IceChat77@furry-3E1BC8BC.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot. [19:15] Nice of you to drop in, Poppa Corgi. [19:15] LSD TRIP [19:15] that sounds delisious [19:15] XD [19:15] I APPROVE! [19:16] acid trip [19:16] LSD trip show [19:16] Action: amee3k affectionately hugs Dragonhead [19:16] Action: wolfcat_ca Pokes Dragons [19:16] there needs to be more foxes [19:16] that kinda works..... [19:16] that mite get messy warlock o.O [19:16] on the a.s.s. network :P [19:16] Is tha ta good raiting, or a bad raiting? [19:17] bad [19:17] Sharing out loud = TMI [19:17] XD [19:17] is it 3 out of 5? [19:17] stoned lumpy students in a sea of orange with dragons and flying dinosaurs [19:17] or 3 ot of 10? [19:17] yup ACID [19:17] The network for donkies. [19:17] fartish comedy on the ASS network has skunk ratings [19:17] yyyaaaayyyy ^^ [19:17] Action: amee3k waves the show rating good bye :3 [19:17] yes!!!!!!! [19:18] A.S.S. the Anthropomorphic Silliness System [19:18] dakota (dakota@furry-ECF22BAD.hsd1.de.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: FUZZY OVERBOARD! [19:18] Amee3k: well that stinks [19:18] dakota (dakota@furry-ECF22BAD.hsd1.de.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [19:18] Woyro: I APPROVE! :D [19:18] Long [19:18] ad-ji-tive [19:18] hard [19:18] addictive [19:18] Sour! [19:18] moist [19:18] sour! [19:18] StripeKazama (fluffytige@furry-624DDC7E.rev.stofanet.dk) joined #pawpet. [19:18] sour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [19:18] HI Stripedkazama! [19:18] Mutt like [19:18] 96 [19:19] 101 [19:19] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [19:19] 13 [19:19] 42 [19:19] -5 [19:19] 24 [19:19] 54653763684526734654 [19:19] Nowhere. [19:19] Your house [19:19] antarctiaca [19:19] The Himalayas. [19:19] Never Never Land! [19:19] paw Florida [19:19] Fluff! [19:19] antartica [19:19] Poppa_Corgi (IceChat77@furry-3E1BC8BC.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [19:19] the center of the earth [19:19] Is bored. [19:19] Guam [19:19] Jules Verne? [19:19] yappy bath room [19:19] intercorse [19:19] Orlando [19:19] YAY [19:19] DRAGONS! [19:19] !@#$ [19:19] Zounds! [19:19] the nudest colony next to Yappy's house [19:19] Whut? [19:20] Woulfe: that one is SO waiting for an out of context quote :> [19:20] YOU ARE TEARING ME APART LISA!!!! [19:20] woop woop!!!! [19:20] O Pawpet ! [19:20] ZOINKS [19:20] BEER!!!!! [19:20] boom! [19:20] Action: amee3k farts out loud [19:20] oh whiskers [19:20] Last Week [19:20] Share! [19:20] Poop Tarts? [19:20] What if I do, Huh! What if I do!? [19:20] 324562 [19:20] 13 [19:20] minus 5 [19:20] moist [19:20] Juicy. [19:20] 666 [19:20] hard [19:20] striped [19:21] Yes, I'm striped o.o [19:21] SOUR [19:21] fluffy [19:21] hard [19:21] fluffy [19:21] SOUR!!!!! [19:21] Flat [19:21] is there no show tonight or something? none of the streams are working it all says off air to me [19:21] Dragonheaded [19:21] ... [19:21] Dangly [19:21] SOUR!!!!! [19:21] ThatWolfIsASpy (46341495@furry-5B0BFB90.dsl.bell.ca) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [19:21] AquaFox: oh pawpets on justin is running [19:21] AquaFox: http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/popout [19:22] Oh! Pawpet takeover [19:22] YAY [19:22] breasty [19:22] happy [19:22] When in doubt, check the topic. [19:22] breasty [19:22] busty [19:22] happy trees [19:22] Dragon heads! (as in, the head of a dragon) [19:22] monkeys [19:22] BeDunkles1 [19:22] wet keys [19:23] breasteses [19:23] weasles [19:23] bresticals [19:23] itchy [19:23] Adverbily. [19:23] moobles! [19:23] stroky [19:23] sulky [19:23] woops [19:23] o.O [19:23] Bubbly [19:23] crazily [19:23] wetly [19:23] Nounily. [19:23] silly [19:24] sloppy [19:24] flopilly [19:24] yiffly [19:24] o.O [19:24] Noun. [19:24] GOAT [19:24] dragonly [19:24] Action: amee3k idly humps wolfcat_ca's tail [19:24] Dragon head! (as in, the head of a dragon) [19:24] noun noun [19:24] fox [19:24] pony [19:24] Action: wolfcat_ca aww my tails sticky now [19:24] crumpet [19:24] puppy [19:24] Verb [19:24] breasts [19:24] http://www.abandonia.com/en/node/26162 [19:24] Verbs [19:24] >_> [19:25] breasts [19:25] Dragon heads! (as in, the head of a dragon) [19:25] cheer leaders [19:25] __________________ [19:25] breasts [19:25] Foxes [19:25] Straws. [19:25] Action: TheSonicGod -- A special Radio Unifurse on BlueCanaryCharacters will be on after Oh! Pawpets. Head to http://www.livestream.com/bluecanarycharacters after the show! [19:25] Yappyfox [19:25] woulfe [19:25] me [19:25] ut-of [19:25] TSG [19:25] Furry [19:25] AMEE#K [19:25] Zomgshiny [19:25] me [19:25] amee3k [19:25] Snout! [19:25] Fred [19:26] Fred Bedderhead [19:26] Innouva (chatzilla@furry-62E8B50F.dhcp.roch.mn.charter.com) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.90 [Firefox 18.0.2/20130201065344] [19:26] lol [19:26] Fred_Bedderhead: [19:26] TSG coulda' been the 3 letters. [19:26] Action: Zomgshiny pounce/dives/tackles Amee3K [19:26] Most offensive mad Lib ever! [19:26] if we offend TSG we'll have to pray faster :> [19:26] Spacewolf (Spacewolf@furry-C5BC8DC0.new.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving [19:26] Action: amee3k squeaks and cuddles, rolling around the channel with Zomgshiny [19:27] lol [19:27] XD [19:27] LMAO [19:27] Wow! [19:27] Sooo... Woulfe? [19:27] I guess the cold will do that to someone? [19:27] nope [19:27] he's TSG! [19:27] rolling rolling rolling rolling [19:27] kinda like that picture you showed [19:28] Do not want! [19:28] yuck [19:28] Instead of The Dangling Conversation [19:28] ewwww [19:28] EEEEWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! [19:28] his face is melting off! [19:28] oy [19:28] Dangly and Boulderdash are amazing words [19:28] yes he would [19:28] XD [19:28] lol [19:28] Action: wolfcat_ca fred bedder head is looking it up probly right now [19:28] pet hoarder :> [19:28] i'm BZ looking for pics for the show [19:28] Jedders (jedd.marte@furry-C25B8689.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #pawpet. [19:28] lol [19:29] lol [19:29] O.O [19:29] yes he would [19:29] Woyro (DARGENTO@furry-27BE8F64.rochester.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: [19:29] EEEEWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! [19:29] OMG [19:29] poor yappy [19:29] LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL [19:29] Runs from Yappy Fox's wraith [19:29] Hello Stick figure art... [19:29] hi Jedd! [19:29] Yappy's secret. [19:29] lmao [19:29] baaaa [19:29] ........ [19:29] Yappy Fox and StickVixen wedding? [19:29] hi Shurunrun! :) [19:29] XD [19:30] an anthro fox fursuiting as a goat [19:30] Action: Campion gacks, "A lady is addicted to eating deoderant?" [19:30] HAPPY nose [19:30] o.o [19:30] put some whipped cream on the nose :> [19:30] super crazy straws [19:30] Yikes [19:30] I see blue tshirt and guy with egg [19:30] A large pony. [19:31] O>O [19:31] now thats a new euphemism right there [19:31] super size me [19:31] Hello Egg Guy. [19:31] oh boy [19:31] "Is your pony showing.. or are you just happy to see me?" [19:31] Action: wolfcat_ca Claps [19:31] Kutan (Admin@furry-291C579C.socal.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [19:31] Action: Zomgshiny dives to the ground awaiting the potential fallout. [19:31] XD [19:31] yaaaaa [19:31] Hi Kutan [19:31] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [19:31] Send Caption Contest images to Ohiopawpets@yahoo.com. Contest tutorial at: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7601730/ [19:32] ohiopawpets@yahoo.com [19:32] good morning pawpets ohio japanese for good morning [19:32] hahaha [19:32] O-HI-Oooooooo yatta yatta yatta [19:32] mmmmm [19:33] Cooking W/ SonicBlu [19:33] briskcat (4b1e6124@furry-E1D548C0.lightspeed.gylkil.sbcglobal.net) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [19:33] same recipe involving cake? [19:34] Action: Fillyjonk imagines the scenario of that MadLib& http://images.4chan.org/b/src/1361504157123.gif [19:35] Looks at BlueCanary and wonders whats going on. [19:35] REGULAR SHOW SHIRT oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [19:35] Action: Sourgoat flicks tail aroung [19:35] Action: Sourgoat hops around the channel [19:35] robokun (robokun@furry-8DBC2C6E.hsd1.nh.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [19:36] Hey, Sonic, remember to blind-bake that crust this time! [19:36] OEREOs [19:36] mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm [19:36] wolfdog2007: can you make that cake with crushed ganja cookies too? [19:36] Tonight we'll be making sushi on the show. :D [19:37] amee3k: vanilla cookies and oreo cookies layerd [19:37] Nilla Wafers should work, too. [19:37] nill cookies [19:37] nilla [19:37] Woulfe- Donuts Donuts Donuts! Donuts Donuts Donuts! WHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [19:37] Fursuit Sushi Chef. That would be a show. [19:37] Cooking with DogSuit? [19:38] What "gas mark" is that? [19:39] Tirrel (Tirrel@5E4374B6.AD0D58F0.10842EF.IP) left irc: Quit: [19:39] whats a gaw mark? [19:39] das* [19:39] karpour (a@furry-F866EB69.vie.surfer.at) left irc: Quit: >>> www.ohnitsch.net [19:39] GAS** [19:40] Action: Atkelar yawns [19:40] Goodnight everybody! [19:40] night [19:40] :< > [19:40] :3 [19:40] Poppa_Corgi (IceChat77@furry-3E1BC8BC.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: IceChat - Its what Cool People use [19:42] Atkelar (Atkelar@furry-11466E84.static.adsl-line.inode.at) left irc: Quit: [19:43] FPSFAN986 (46341495@furry-5B0BFB90.dsl.bell.ca) joined #pawpet. [19:43] We're working out kinks here... fun stuff. [19:43] mmh sounds kinky :3 [19:44] https://www.furaffinity.net/view/9999295/ [19:44] mmh [19:44] furaffinity submission IDs are going to wrap around to 10000000 (10M) soon [19:46] Give it another minute or so. [19:46] And that 10 M one is probably going to be a troll. [19:46] lol [19:47] like the 100M post on 4chan was furry? :> [19:47] Action: Fillyjonk coolfaces. [19:47] NitrousHyena (Mibbit@furry-E15C8F15.nap.wideopenwest.com) joined #pawpet. [19:47] https://www.furaffinity.net/view/9999858/ :D [19:47] The true gourmet only cooks in a kitchen equipped with a dolphin fountain. [19:49] can i use my tail? :3 [19:50] only if you use a tail net [19:50] Mmm oreos. [19:50] XD [19:51] Though.... I only really like the cookie part,not the creme. [19:51] ill take the creme if you dont want it ^^ [19:51] I'll remember that, the next time I get Oreos, Dragonhead. [19:51] i wonder how much drama would result if the 10M post on FA was something brony :> [19:52] AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! HEAS EXPLODES!!!! [19:52] HEAD* [19:52] Sourgoat> The settings on gas oven knobs. [19:52] I have found no otehr cookier besides Oreo though that has the came chocolete taste. [19:52] https://www.furaffinity.net/view/9999907/ fooooooooooooooood [19:53] yeah don't want skimpium results :) [19:53] i hate math [19:53] amee3k> "There was a mouse here but, I eated it." [19:53] XD [19:53] Who here has eaten Jellyfish? [19:54] not i [19:54] StrayCat (StrayCat@furry-2563E3A4.hsd1.va.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [19:54] but i heard it stings a bit going down [19:54] TheSonicGod> SOnicBlu has -- ONSCREEN! [19:54] Not me, but knows what I DID eat when I was very young? [19:55] Jellyfish is horribly disgusting. [19:55] Don't let them know you made ice cream cake from scratch. They may have been expecting Baskin-Robbins. Or even Carvel. [19:56] TheSonicGod> Jellyfish results -- https://www.furaffinity.net/view/7691763/ [19:57] eat everything to make room... it's worth it [19:58] did i just see frozen pancakes? [19:58] No, it's a frozen cake in a pan, Shurun. [19:58] :p [19:59] so that's like 1 giant pancake [19:59] ewww [19:59] Coo' whhhhhhip. [20:00] it's like marshmallow numm [20:00] I've eaten frozen whipped topping, not even waiting for it to thaw out at times. [20:00] That looks sooo good ;d.... [20:00] the messy part is licking the counter afterward ;) [20:01] Would make an nice Baked Alaska, with meringue instead. [20:01] lol Jedders [20:01] will GLaDOS approve of this? [20:01] Send Caption Contest images to Ohiopawpets@yahoo.com. Contest tutorial at: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7601730/ [20:02] Has anyone here eaten Kalimari? If not, eat it pan fried in vodka... so good. [20:02] https://www.furaffinity.net/view/9999995/ okay, *that* is creepy :> [20:02] I HAVE eaten calamari; fried, boiled, etc. [20:03] i want that cake [20:03] yum yum yum [20:03] I WANT CAKE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! [20:03] Cool :). Never tried it boiled though. [20:03] can't have it [20:03] Why not Fred_Bedderhead? [20:03] they probably already ate it [20:03] Also stuffed, at least once. [20:04] Whoever bet on Jackelope for #10,000,000, collect at the window. [20:04] VoidKat (Sansimeon3@furry-B1A9AC7C.hlrn.qwest.net) left irc: Quit: [20:04] dibedit [20:04] I'll be having Squid with Spiced Salt, two Tuesdays from now. [20:04] shurun: actually on romeo rabbits radio station just played 'Want you gone" lol [20:06] Mmmm (if only I could eat ice cream) [20:06] Action: wolfcat_ca I want Cake now [20:06] want you gone is from portal 2 [20:06] Spiced Salt? That's kinda cool. :) [20:06] me to [20:06] No cake promise in Portal 2? [20:07] Kio (AndChat840@furry-DE444577.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #pawpet. [20:07] they cut a huge slice [20:08] Zomgshiny> That's what it's called. Deep-fried, served with jalapenos and shredded lettuce. Sounds Szechwanese but most Cantonese restaurants have it. [20:08] Action: amee3k senses vore :> [20:08] HI kio [20:08] Nick change: Kio -> FPSFan64614 [20:08] hugh manatee ,humanity [20:08] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [20:08] yay FPSFan64614 [20:09] Oh the crust-manatee! [20:09] oh i want wolfdogs shirt [20:09] me too [20:09] Say, WolfDog, is that a 3 WOLF MOON shirt? [20:09] hey wolfdog how long ago was this [20:10] FPSFan64614 (AndChat840@furry-DE444577.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Quit: Internet bunny stole my connection! [20:10] Kio (AndChat840@furry-DE444577.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #pawpet. [20:10] about 9000 calories ago [20:10] It's OVER 9000! [20:10] Action: StripeKazama tickles Sourgoat [20:11] Those characters look like they want that cake. [20:11] random tickles??? AHHHHHHh [20:11] Hah! [20:12] exactly [20:12] Amee- Cake Vore? [20:13] why not :3 [20:13] also, check out pizza vore [20:14] reminder don't open Sonic Blu's freezer [20:14] https://www.furaffinity.net/view/7592392/ [20:14] Like Pizza the Hut from Space Balls? [20:14] https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10000144/ i haz pix of Dragonhead :D [20:15] lol not quite, Amee. [20:15] That is an impressive suit [20:15] there go the rating [20:15] hehe [20:16] Time for me to leave channel. Thanks for running the takeover show tonight. Good night everybody. [20:16] Mangler> night [20:16] night hun ^^ [20:16] night Mangler! [20:16] G'night kuya Mangler ^_^ [20:17] song cue [20:17] Good night all...Thanks! [20:17] Mangler (Marcelotri@furry-72508805.nyc.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: [20:18] Anyone watching the Oscars [20:18] tick dat. [20:18] I could go for some juicy fruits riht about now. [20:19] o.o [20:19] Action: wolfcat_ca pokes warlock hehehe [20:20] live or dead [20:20] lol [20:21] Action: amee3k pees on a tree [20:21] XD [20:21] Oscars time already and still no Arthur Awards on FPS. [20:22] hey, i go dumpster diving with shopping lists too [20:22] Yo mamma's so fat, the recursive function computing her mass causes a stack overflow. [20:22] BJButtons (BJButtons@furry-1818B4AD.hsd1.il.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [20:22] Fillyjonk: needs tail recursion :> [20:22] Rednic (rednic@furry-9501274F.as13285.net) left irc: Client exited [20:23] Rednic (rednic@furry-9501274F.as13285.net) joined #pawpet. [20:23] so the compiler can optimize it into a loop [20:23] HI BJButtons! [20:23] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [20:23] Now THAT's fat. [20:24] LOL [20:25] stop that twinkie LMAO [20:25] Yo Mamma's so fat she's got her own orbit [20:25] your moma's so fat she sweets mayonnaise! [20:25] Yo mama's so poor her house got broke'n into and the robbers left her money. XD [20:25] Oh baby, yoooo& You got what I neeeeeed. [20:26] your mamas so fat she has her own time zones [20:26] biz is only good at beatboxing [20:26] dakota (dakota@furry-ECF22BAD.hsd1.de.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: FUZZY OVERBOARD! [20:26] Mm, mm, mm. [20:26] dakota (dakota@furry-ECF22BAD.hsd1.de.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [20:27] dakota (dakota@furry-ECF22BAD.hsd1.de.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: dakota [20:27] WOAH!!! [20:27] Was that another meteor strike? [20:27] Burp duet? [20:28] XD [20:29] Blingy like no thing-ey? [20:32] eveing [20:32] Send Caption Contest images to Ohiopawpets@yahoo.com. Contest tutorial at: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7601730/ [20:34] Go to zombo.com to explore your fantasties and more. Live your wildest dreams at zombo.com... you know you want to (not spam.) [20:34] Dntorah_Otter (andrew@furry-D95E4888.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [20:34] (feel free to look up that old 1999 internet joke on Wiki) [20:34] HI Dnotra_Otter1 [20:34] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [20:34] Hi [20:34] "Saw it in the window and just couldn't resist." [20:34] That's neat picture. [20:34] How wide is your stage? [20:35] cool, thanks [20:35] . [20:35] THE MAGIC GONE1 [20:35] maybe the mystery picture is from mystery otter :> [20:36] One more hour and we'll be on. [20:36] Ranger_Stormwolf (Ranger_Sto@furry-54C07B6F.dynamic.ip.windstream.net) joined #pawpet. [20:36] The magic is ruined!! [20:36] hahahaaa [20:36] magic is ruined [20:36] MY LIFE IS A LIE! [20:36] Hi Ranger! [20:36] caught with your pants down XD [20:36] WHAT IS THIS? [20:36] 10pm... 1.5 hours... [20:36] "The doctor is REAL IN." [20:36] Ohio Pawpet,s Dntorah_Otter. [20:36] Action: wolfcat_ca Pays $0.05 and wants 4 back [20:36] TSG- What site will Radio Unifurse be on? [20:36] The natural gas regulator is inside the basement ? 0-0 [20:36] Action: Ranger_Stormwolf wanders in, and finds a seat, while watching the oscars. [20:36] Put your arms out again, please. [20:36] i like the decorative use of the gas meter [20:36] the gas meter connect to sonicblue ass [20:37] lol Fred [20:37] Jedders (jedd.marte@furry-C25B8689.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) left #pawpet. [20:37] He is TOO much into that show. [20:37] and it is fed by yappy? [20:38] ooh, Clean Fred. [20:38] omg, seth mcfarland [20:38] @Dntorah: What are the odds? :-) [20:39] he just got zinged by, capt. kirk [20:39] and there goes the clean [20:39] it's THAT potent? [20:39] Recherei (Mibbit@furry-FF55D5F0.cmdnnj.fios.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [20:40] ??? [20:40] i say pizza :> [20:41] Fabulous should have been in the Rocky Horror Show XD [20:41] lol Zomg. [20:41] Oh god [20:41] I hope my dad doesnt walk in [20:41] Action: wolfcat_ca Fox mess all over the stage [20:42] Magic1 [20:42] thats what she said [20:42] XD [20:42] fail XD [20:42] it a happy stick [20:42] the chinese pencil enlargement pills seem to work fairly well [20:42] That's what SHE said. [20:42] prop fail! [20:42] Ba dum pum, kssssh. [20:42] he can make pencils grow [20:43] wow, the guy that played harry potter is on stage singing rubber tree plant, with seth. [20:43] these arnt recorded? [20:43] is it a pencil or a penis [20:43] Pencil [20:43] yep [20:43] definately a pencil [20:43] O.o [20:43] both [20:43] what is this i don't even [20:43] ^^ [20:44] his [20:44] lol [20:44] a trombone? [20:44] Funny bone. [20:45] Oh, cooking time for me. [20:45] Wow, that was just a wild guess [20:45] Nick change: Dragonhead -> Dragonhead_brb [20:45] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baculum :> [20:45] Rotten egg [20:46] I just sent a screen capture. It's from an old episode, so it doesn't need to go in the contst. [20:46] amee3k- 0.o................. STAHP! [20:47] Problem officer? [20:47] oscars look more like an overdone turkey... [20:47] Wait. I need to resend it. [20:47] does anyone here play mechwarrior online??? DSA is recuiting [20:48] baculum aka wally wacker [20:48] i have it [20:48] on VHS [20:49] skirt [20:49] Tutu [20:49] Fabulus [20:49] Kio (AndChat840@furry-DE444577.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Client exited [20:50] Action: wolfcat_ca Lawsuite pending [20:50] lol [20:50] FPSFan16517 (OlliCopper@furry-F0612355.public.wayport.net) joined #pawpet. [20:50] Nick change: FPSFan16517 -> OlliCopperwolf [20:50] Put it on his tail XD [20:51] hmm Christoph Walts just got the oscar for best supporting actor. [20:51] Jedders (jedd.marte@furry-C25B8689.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #pawpet. [20:51] Fred_Bedderhead (Mibbit@B441D3AF.1A506274.E8F6B381.IP) left irc: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [20:52] Fred_Bedderhead (Mibbit@B441D3AF.1A506274.E8F6B381.IP) joined #pawpet. [20:52] #PawPet: mode change '+o Fred_Bedderhead' by ChanServ!services@pawpet.tv [20:53] Nick change: Dragonhead_brb -> Dragonhead [20:54] Creeper Fabulous! [20:54] Wolfdog, there are some emails with pictures from when Sonic was on his trip that you might not have looked at before. [20:55] Make a thong out of it. Butt floss. [20:55] its super fashionable [20:55] Soule (soule@28F700F4.DAA3B797.1C24DDF9.IP) joined #pawpet. [20:57] Jedders (jedd.marte@furry-C25B8689.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) left irc: Quit: nighty night night [20:57] HI Soule! [20:57] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [20:57] aww [20:57] Cool looing puppet! [20:57] Topic changed on #pawpet by RomeoRabbit!Romeo@ED532FEC.432C1D0A.14BFE64F.IP: OH Pawpets! is LIVE @ http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show | Get Fosgate: Ferret Loan Officer to Megaplex this summer! http://kck.st/XNU1t7 | RIP Timothy "Lemonade Coyote" McCormick | REREGISTER YOUR NICK! [20:58] Naked puppet [20:58] Hard drive repair. [20:58] wow best animated short film, dog and adam was nominated, but Paperman won the oscar [20:58] 5 teen dollars [20:58] oh dear! mr.rat's parts are showing! O.O [20:59] is that a turtle or a snake? [20:59] yes [20:59] YES [20:59] eoe, upset [20:59] Brave just got a Oscar, for animated feature film. [20:59] XD [21:00] I like his voice [21:00] Sing the Rocket Singh theme song. [21:00] Brave was OK.. but the story was just too predictable for me. [21:01] ok best picture is up [21:01] Sing I lile to Move it Move it from Madagascar. [21:01] Like* [21:01] Drache (pirc@A72D1999.25828D9C.5D6B3205.IP) left irc: Quit: (Polaris IRC 3.1) webpage: irc.elitegrounds.net [21:01] VoidKat (Sansimeon3@furry-B1A9AC7C.hlrn.qwest.net) joined #pawpet. [21:01] Forced perspective. [21:01] HI Voidkat1 [21:01] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [21:02] that's a nice effect. [21:02] "You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.... I'm not joking." - Joe Biden [21:02] Hallo dragonhead [21:03] Dragonhead, what's the email address to send pics to again? [21:03] Send Caption Contest images to Ohiopawpets@yahoo.com. Contest tutorial at: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7601730/ [21:03] Here's a song for Ali Naga, Wolfdog. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7LLlymgJJE [21:03] thanks :) [21:04] BJButtons (BJButtons@furry-1818B4AD.hsd1.il.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: the aging bear waves good bye [21:04] wow there's a 9yr old up as a nominie for best actress. [21:05] Gotta keep 'em serrated [21:05] LOL~ [21:05] Awesome! [21:05] hey, hey, hey... come on and ply [21:05] That is amazing JCollie719 XD [21:05] lol [21:05] Action: Aladasian adds surf guitar here [21:05] I wasn't sure if it qualified since it was from an old episode [21:06] StripeKazama (fluffytige@furry-624DDC7E.rev.stofanet.dk) left irc: Quit: [21:07] Life of Pai just got the oscar for cinemantography. [21:09] Rhytm and Hues, the studio that worked on a lot of the special effect for that movie, was supposed to hold a protest about the state of the effects industry at the Oscars. [21:09] top 400 [21:10] Visual effects Oscar goes to, Life of Pi. [21:10] Hey, whatever happened to Halligan? haven't seen him on the show since the move. [21:10] sorry broke Garison [21:10] how many hours left in the stream [21:11] 50 minutes. [21:11] Then it's TheSonicGod's show. [21:11] Action: wolfcat_ca HiJacks the stream.... Welcome to the 72 hrs show [21:11] Action: Ranger_Stormwolf usually just goes, 'Hey, You, when he cant remember names." [21:12] Action: Dragonhead never remembers names. [21:12] Hello everyone [21:12] Sorry ran a bit late [21:12] HI Taget! [21:12] Greetings [21:12] Oh! Pawpets is live at http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show/ [21:12] Yup watching it now [21:12] Just started [21:13] Did I miss anything while I was out? [21:13] Everything. [21:13] So the world finally ends? ;) [21:13] little more than what i missed ; p [21:13] heh [21:13] That sounds like the Sport of Kings. [21:15] Zorro (zorro456@furry-6555ED5.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Adios [21:15] You lucky... [21:16] If Yappy ever visits, have him give it a checkup. [21:16] realy i was like 9 [21:17] Wolfdog should look at those cigarette vending machines converted into art dispensers--the Art-O-Matics. [21:17] wuddenly it explodes [21:17] Imagine a furry art vending machine at cons. [21:17] Action: amee3k points at Fillyjonk [21:18] my thought exactly [21:18] how are they gonna fit blotch in there tho? [21:18] hmmm the oscar for, Costume design, went to Anna Karenina. [21:18] how much $$? [21:18] ... [21:18] bluebird (bluebird@furry-7DBCFFA1.carolina.res.rr.com) left irc: Ping timeout [21:19] so i'm playing Brutal Legend... [21:19] filly.... it would be empty 5 seconds after each refill.... [21:19] wow [21:19] ...and I'm riding a panther that shoot laser beams out its eyes... [21:19] yeah [21:19] that is cheap [21:19] Send Caption Contest images to Ohiopawpets@yahoo.com. Contest tutorial at: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7601730/ [21:19] Magic! [21:19] why in God's name did this game not sell millions? [21:19] You're frittering your inheritance away. [21:20] odd the arm is on the left [21:20] http://www.artomat.org/ [21:20] bird is the word lol [21:20] achivement for makeup and hairstyling oscar goes to, Les Miserables [21:20] bird is the word [21:20] TheSonicGod (chatzilla@furry-7DBCFFA1.carolina.res.rr.com) left irc: Ping timeout [21:21] bluebird (bluebird@furry-7DBCFFA1.carolina.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [21:21] a papapapapapapapa oom mow mow [21:21] Action: Sourgoat sprays everyone with a orange juice supersoaker [21:22] wow the 7th aniversary of james bond in the motion pictures. [21:22] CDs are still compressed a bit. [21:22] STICKY FURS [21:22] TheSonicGod (chatzilla@furry-7DBCFFA1.carolina.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [21:22] Sourgoat then step away from Warlock lol [21:22] elvira [21:22] if you've got a really good newer record player, one that has no popping and crackling, vinal records sound better then anything. [21:22] Edison cylinders is where it's at. [21:22] you can put the signal through a compressor, and then press vinyl records from it [21:22] my hearts on fire elvira [21:23] lol Fillyjonk. [21:23] compression doesn't really have anything to do with the disk type [21:23] wow i remeber that song [21:23] Your virginity isn't online [21:23] I doubt you can find it [21:23] Nick change: TheSonicGod -> FPSFan18837 [21:23] the internet jukebox is like youtube :> [21:24] what song wolf_ca [21:24] that looks like a condom vending machine :> [21:24] an MP3 player with a coin slot [21:24] the digital jukeboxes are stupid and a waste a local bar has one [21:24] realistic style rules [21:25] wow they got the orriginal singer of Gold Finger on the oscars right now [21:25] lol.... that is true, whoever send that in. [21:25] Sourgoat: imo they're not worth the money because you can pretty much make them from a computer from the trash these days [21:25] meh, i dunno about vinyl - imo, the stereo image on any format is already diminished before the album is mastered due to post production mixing and editing [21:25] yup [21:26] that would be fun [21:26] i really don't find jukeboxes of any type around anymore at all really. ; p [21:26] bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fryed bird [21:26] amee3k: all you need is a tablet and a large music list [21:26] I only see them at Waffle House. [21:27] Kuddlepup (Kuddlepup@B707624C.F3417C47.851D080C.IP) joined #pawpet. [21:27] Soule: that'd be the fancy way to go already... find a free pentium3 1GHz or so on the trash and you're set [21:27] HIKudlepup! [21:27] err, Sourgoat [21:27] heyo kp [21:27] Mraw? [21:27] oh lol [21:28] amee3k: and mount it to a wall or onto the bartop for the bartender to work it [21:28] yay Kuddlepup :D [21:28] he KP [21:28] *hey [21:28] hi KP! [21:30] "Page 34: If you are running a puppet show... please see specialty service manual..." [21:30] Topic changed on #pawpet by RomeoRabbit!Romeo@ED532FEC.432C1D0A.14BFE64F.IP: Radio Unifurse is NEXT | OH Pawpets! is LIVE @ http://www.justin.tv/oh_pawpets_show | Get Fosgate: Ferret Loan Officer to Megaplex this summer! http://kck.st/XNU1t7 | RIP Timothy "Lemonade Coyote" McCormick | REREGISTER YOUR NICK! [21:30] im converting a gamer friend to be active in pawpet chat [21:30] mmm [21:30] button [21:31] he has a slight interest in toon animals [21:32] you canceled the cancel button. :D [21:32] lol [21:32] you will have a big piggy bank [21:33] Action: wolfcat_ca PUSHES THE EAZY BUTTON [21:33] Action: Sourgoat voice says "Wow That Was Easy." [21:34] Action: Aladasian derps [21:34] FPSFAN986 (46341495@furry-5B0BFB90.dsl.bell.ca) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [21:34] I have a Easy Button XD [21:34] i want one [21:35] this almost scares me [21:36] Bowser! [21:36] OMG [21:36] I used to watch the Sha Na Na TV show [21:36] Action: Aladasian presses the EASY button and promptly is ______________________ [21:37] Video about the Art-O-Mat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0NXzsTiC1A [21:37] fucked in the ass??? [21:37] teleported to another universe [21:38] i'm off now. Night everyone! [21:38] Ngiht [21:38] NIght1 [21:38] Bowser: In WHICH castle IS the princess? [21:38] Just jump over him and grab the hammer. [21:38] FPSFAN333 (46341495@furry-5B0BFB90.dsl.bell.ca) joined #pawpet. [21:39] eww, rimmed by staples... [21:39] and glados [21:40] Shurun (Shurun@furry-EBBC22EE.range86-150.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: [21:40] Action: Aladasian makes a note here: saga fail. [21:40] gogirra [21:40] Action: amee3k senses vore :> [21:40] ...huh? [21:41] what gojira? [21:41] That's not the REAL Godzilla: that's the SEARS Godzilla! [21:41] Ohio Pawpets Show, Aladasian [21:41] Action: amee3k idly wonders how many people have a godzilla fursona.... [21:41] oh [21:41] I guess you can PM me votes. [21:42] Action: Aladasian uses kiryu as his avatar on da, fa and twitter if that helps [21:44] there's probably a few who have GZ or Zilla based fursonas somewhere [21:44] Votes: Trying to be Funny, Fabulouuuuuus, Sweating ot the Foxies, Jack and Pepsi [21:44] Garrrrrrrrrrisooooooon [21:44] Votes: Trying to be Funny = , Fabulouuuuuus = , Sweating ot the Foxies = 1, Jack and Pepsi = . [21:44] Jaaaaa. [21:44] PM me votes (/msg Dragonhead (Vote)) [21:45] Nick change: FPSFan18837 -> TheSonicGod [21:45] i think someone broke him [21:45] they want de quotes [21:45] O.O [21:45] Who logged me out? [21:45] Votes: Trying to be Funny = , Fabulouuuuuus = , Sweating to the Foxies = 4, Jack and Pepsi = . [21:45] Action: Aladasian pokes tsg's stream... nothin' yet [21:45] Votes: Trying to be Funny = , Fabulouuuuuus = , Sweating to the Foxies = 5, Jack and Pepsi = . [21:46] i've had random weird stuff happening since the clearing yappy did o.o [21:46] I want to know WHAT the booze is in. Is that supposed to be a bottle? [21:46] i think it's in a cover [21:46] Action: Sourgoat frowns [21:46] now im watching bowser videos... [21:46] sha na na na na na na videos [21:47] Votes: Trying to be Funny = 1, Fabulouuuuuus = , Sweating to the Foxies = 5, Jack and Pepsi = . [21:48] not even... :) [21:48] Action: Aladasian finds himself going from lil bub to flea market vids to slayd5000 needle drops to nist foia clips to something random in the weird part all over again on you tube [21:49] Wait...Fred is Mutt?! [21:49] mind = blown [21:49] (head asplodey) [21:49] or is mutt fred? [21:49] both [21:50] Fred's pics work; Mutt breaks things. Not the same furson. [21:50] i've had calimari from chinese restaurants [21:50] Votes: Trying to be Funny = 2, Fabulouuuuuus = , Sweating to the Foxies = 5, Jack and Pepsi = . [21:50] lots of times. i had it like just 2 or 3 days ago ; p [21:50] Ive had it from a variety of places [21:51] you get used to the look after about the millionth time of eating it O.o [21:51] mutt with a computer is like watching a a horse with no legs getting a case of the runs [21:51] LOL [21:51] amour just got a oscar for foregn films [21:51] Aladasian: lololol [21:51] Aladasian> You missed the quotes with THAT one. [21:51] lol [21:51] XD [21:52] oh well garrison can save that one for next week, lol [21:52] asspostrophe [21:52] Votes: Trying to be Funny = 2, Fabulouuuuuus = , Sweating to the Foxies = 6, Jack and Pepsi = . [21:52] Sweating with the foxes here [21:53] Warlock> You have to PM Dragonhead with your vote. [21:53] PM me votes (/msg Dragonhead (Vote)) [21:53] I can't keep track of votes without a PM. [21:53] lol [21:54] Votes: Trying to be Funny = 2, Fabulouuuuuus = , Sweating to the Foxies = 7, Jack and Pepsi = . [21:55] NitrousHyena (Mibbit@furry-E15C8F15.nap.wideopenwest.com) left irc: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [21:55] hmm, sweating to the foxies... every squat results in ass rape. [21:55] Action: Zomgshiny applauds JCollie719 for the funny photo [21:55] This was fun [21:55] Thank you! [21:55] lulz [21:55] five minutes left [21:55] No don't eat him you'll go insane [21:56] fire up your winamps [21:56] Radio Unifurse is NEXT [21:56] FPSFAN333 (46341495@furry-5B0BFB90.dsl.bell.ca) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [21:56] Thanksf or the show! [21:56] lol [21:56] thank you guys [21:56] Thank you guys awsome show [21:56] I will be there if I can [21:56] Brian (601dc158@furry-F183145D.dhcp.insightbb.com) joined #pawpet. [21:56] Thanks for filling in tonight! [21:56] IH Brian [21:56] Credit Time [21:56] hey Brian [21:56] Hi, Brian. [21:57] Hello. [21:57] bye all that will be leaving. [21:57] hey brian [21:57] Apparently JCollie719 had the best screen cap for the previous takeover show... Reigning champ still reigns XD [21:57] Radio Unifurse is NEXT [21:57] hey brian [21:57] YOu jsut missed Ohio pawpets takeover, Brian. [21:57] Night everyone [21:57] hi all, night all [21:57] Dntorah_Otter (andrew@furry-D95E4888.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: [21:57] cya tahisha [21:58] omg buffer fixitfixitfixitfixit [21:58] Topic changed on #pawpet by RomeoRabbit!Romeo@ED532FEC.432C1D0A.14BFE64F.IP: Radio Unifurse is LIVE @ http://www.livestream.com/bluecanarycharacters http://bloowuff.com:8000/unifurse.m3u | Get Fosgate: Ferret Loan Officer to Megaplex this summer! http://kck.st/XNU1t7 | RIP Timothy "Lemonade Coyote" McCormick | REREGISTER YOUR NICK! [21:58] Furry (Furry@F401C0F5.90B6A26D.547D0061.IP) left irc: Quit: [21:59] and all the people bowed and prayed to the neon gott they made... [21:59] Sourgoat (SourGoat@133C78EB.D8D9FEF.1C135FA2.IP) left irc: Quit: Leaving [21:59] yay [21:59] XD [21:59] And the first Mass Exodus begins. [21:59] Action: Warlock claps [21:59] Heh.