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[18:00] Campion (Campion@furry-F6BC09E7.slkc.qwest.net) joined #pawpet. [18:00] Zomgshiny (zomgwtf658@furry-8652D053.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:00] Roofus (noneofyour@furry-A2187728.mc.videotron.ca) joined #pawpet. [18:00] Dannit (4b2d0a5f@furry-3668600F.dsl.scrm01.sbcglobal.net) joined #pawpet. [18:00] Krip (Mibbit@furry-ADBFBB7F.dhcp.hckr.nc.charter.com) left irc: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [18:00] Where is Mutt's replacement show? [18:00] Yurex (yurex109@furry-D47B7C48.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [18:00] CR_Wolf (1800ed2a@furry-4E81665.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:00] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack/ <- for now [18:01] zedikia (zedikia@furry-AE7DA110.bois.qwest.net) left irc: Quit: [18:01] No show tonight? [18:01] BigWigRah (42203455@furry-40DE5B23.dsl.mindspring.com) left #pawpet. [18:01] tooninsoon (tooninsoon@furry-1F204C9D.lightspeed.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) joined #pawpet. [18:01] Fur_demon_Lar (Fur_demon_@furry-D3B67497.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #pawpet. [18:01] show later [18:01] James_ (James_@furry-71C8D70F.sub-70-192-196.myvzw.com) left irc: Ping timeout [18:01] MattWolfwood (MattWolfwo@furry-B360F8.bois.qwest.net) left irc: Quit: [18:01] yay I see a dark grey wolfie like me singing along with songs [18:01] Later? What happened? [18:02] Labor Day [18:02] Woulfe: later, a show by who? [18:02] BBQ [18:02] Aaron_Ecton (Aaron@furry-5F2B9DA.phlapa.east.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [18:02] Mutt's doing a 1/2 show [18:02] *sees nothing on the stream [18:02] Oh,it's a half show. 8 to 10? [18:03] yup [18:03] OliverFox (Mibbit@furry-7F224F62.dhcp.leds.al.charter.com) left irc: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [18:03] JBlanco (JBlanco@furry-5E9D86ED.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:03] If so I'll go eat dinner now. [18:03] Ricky_Dalton (43d882a0@3495FEA8.B591C74D.FED7F185.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:03] thanks for the info, Woulfe [18:03] what happened to the show? [18:03] OlliWolf (OlliWolf@furry-CB07B29F.pns.bellsouth.net) joined #pawpet. [18:03] tooninsoon (tooninsoon@furry-1F204C9D.lightspeed.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) left irc: Quit: [18:03] Fur_demon_Lar (Fur_demon_@furry-D3B67497.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) left irc: Quit: [18:03] Half-show? From 8 to 10, is this correct? [18:03] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack/ - temp show 'till 8pm EST [18:04] JBlanco (JBlanco@furry-5E9D86ED.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) left #pawpet. [18:04] Yes [18:04] What is this link here, Woulfe? [18:04] will the 8PM show be on the usualy FPS chanel? [18:04] Rasvar (Rasvar@furry-473D24D2.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:04] Hey Rasvar. [18:04] usual FPS channel, that is [18:04] Rasvar! Entertain us! [18:04] Hi Rasvar [18:04] AcerM (AcerM@furry-C788B97C.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [18:04] RASVAR! [18:04] Randman (Mibbit@A2DEC7EF.E48F1832.A4091A6E.IP) left irc: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [18:04] Campion (Campion@furry-F6BC09E7.slkc.qwest.net) left irc: Ping timeout [18:05] Did I miss something. No show this week? [18:05] Yes [18:05] voice! [18:05] Labor Day BBQ [18:05] Ricky_Dalton (43d882a0@3495FEA8.B591C74D.FED7F185.IP) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [18:05] Rasvar: half show at 8 [18:05] Oh, ok. I guess I missed the announcment on that one. [18:05] ah, okay, now I see something [18:06] WhiteSnow (WhiteSnow@62EB6DE0.6B3AEB41.200399BC.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:06] Now I'm confused. Is there going to be a short show later tonight, or no show tonight? [18:06] Rasvar: same here. I only got the tweet about no show and Mutt doing a replacement show. Turns out it's a half show at 8 [18:06] short show at 8pm EST [18:06] Thanks, Roofus. [18:06] Aaron_Ecton: half show at 8 [18:06] Action: WhiteSnow tilts head [18:06] Np [18:06] Ahhh, I have not been on twitter today. [18:06] And Woulfe. [18:06] soo show at 8? [18:06] or least in the last few hours. [18:06] Rasvar: it was earlier this week [18:07] yup, show at 8, though I'm not sure what URL [18:07] Apparently so, WhiteSnow. [18:07] yes Mutt @ 8pm EST [18:07] lol its "mutt's fanboy celebration show" [18:07] all the Mutt, half the calories, er minutes [18:07] Action: StratosfearTully sings "Yatta" but with the name "Rasvar" instead. [18:07] Oh, So more like an OMFGBlitz show? [18:07] FangsOfWhite (Mibbit@furry-3167094D.dynamic.ip.windstream.net) joined #pawpet. [18:07] WhiteSnow (WhiteSnow@62EB6DE0.6B3AEB41.200399BC.IP) left irc: Quit: [18:07] Yay, StratosFearTully. [18:07] pretty much [18:07] Xavious (chatzilla@584D061.175D39DD.6F1576F7.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:08] Rasvar: I guess. I never had the chance of hearing a OMFGBlitz show [18:08] And Rasvar. [18:08] Rednic (rednic@furry-2E2C706B.as13285.net) joined #pawpet. [18:08] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack/ - killing time 'till 8pm EST [18:08] http://www.pawpet.tv/calendar [18:08] Rednic (rednic@furry-2E2C706B.as13285.net) left irc: Quit: http://www.koroirc.com/ [18:08] Hi Rednic, Xavious and everyone else :-) [18:08] Rednic (rednic@furry-2E2C706B.as13285.net) joined #pawpet. [18:08] OMFGBlitz Show? Should I be afraid? [18:08] Mutt (Mibbit@CAB1144B.15DBE41A.F30C2951.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:08] hi mutt [18:08] HI MUTT [18:09] MUTT! [18:09] Masquie (Masquie@furry-F55CC415.as13285.net) joined #pawpet. [18:09] Action: Roofus nuzzles Mutt [18:09] MUTT-ly [18:09] Sir Muttington! [18:09] Hi Mutt [18:09] Hi all! Just a reminder FYI there is no show tonight. Yappy needed a break [18:09] yay, Mutt! [18:09] Ahh, I see on the show calendar now. Mutts fanboy celebration show at 8 [18:09] Blulix (Blulix@furry-C78F295A.range86-135.btcentralplus.com) joined #pawpet. [18:09] Hi Roofus, and Mutt. [18:09] Kleitos (62e2a849@furry-37905275.hsd1.in.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:09] We Want FPS. We Want FPS. We Want FPS. We Want FPS. We Want FPS. We Want FPS. We Want FPS. We Want FPS. We Want FPS. We Want FPS. We Want FPS. We Want FPS. [18:09] hey mutt :?) [18:09] Fillyjonk (aFillyjonk@FE8DA74.A1C043A8.671DF725.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:09] :)* [18:09] Fanboy? We're allowed to Fanboy Mutt tonight? :D [18:09] we love you [18:09] Nick change: Mutt -> FPSFan22769 [18:09] mutt's fanboy? [18:09] Fred_Bedderhead: NO PAWPETS FOR YOU! [18:09] ;( [18:10] whats going on? [18:10] :(( [18:10] no pawpets today? [18:10] Hi Aaron [18:10] what's the occasion? [18:10] Yappy never tweeted I will not be doing that show. I need to test it on a technical level. [18:10] Beomech (chatzilla@A7CCE47C.266371.265D9AC9.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:10] Labor Day Weekend BBQ [18:10] So no FPS or was not ready to do Fanboy Celebration. sorry. Next time perhaps [18:10] Ahh, ok. Got it [18:10] no excuse! [18:10] ha ha! [18:11] FangsOfWhite (Mibbit@furry-3167094D.dynamic.ip.windstream.net) left irc: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [18:11] back to class work. Night all. [18:11] The FPS gang is given birth on Lador Day [18:11] anyhow. Just to let you know. Got to run!!! Have a good night!!! [18:11] Rasvar (Rasvar@furry-473D24D2.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [18:11] awww.. no Mutt show tonight [18:11] no [18:11] Plumpdragon (chatzilla@furry-687EEFA9.dynamic.upc.nl) joined #pawpet. [18:11] I wanna BBQ. I think our propane tank for the BBQ is empty though :( [18:11] Thanks Mutt, have fun! [18:11] Yea. premature anouncment [18:11] pre-tweet :) [18:11] Ted_Collie (mr_ass@furry-58106D61.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Ping timeout [18:11] Hi everyone [18:12] Gnight!!!! [18:12] FPSFan22769 (Mibbit@CAB1144B.15DBE41A.F30C2951.IP) left #pawpet. [18:12] Blulix (Blulix@furry-C78F295A.range86-135.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving [18:12] gnight! Thnaks for the info! [18:12] Xavious (chatzilla@584D061.175D39DD.6F1576F7.IP) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 15.0/20120824154833] [18:12] and he poofed [18:12] Masquie (Masquie@furry-F55CC415.as13285.net) left irc: Quit: [18:12] too late he's gone [18:12] @Fred_Bedderhead: There is always the episode list to tide us over. [18:12] I'll keep doing my take-over then [18:12] our bbq here is next week ; p [18:12] Hi Plump [18:12] Oh well. All I can say is - http://images.4chan.org/an/src/1346311954090.jpg [18:12] *turns woulfe back on* [18:12] FPS is the ONLY thing good to watch on the net [18:13] no show this week? [18:13] What about the 2 Sense show Fred? [18:13] guess not [18:13] no show, no Mutt take over. There's this: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack?rmalang=en_US [18:13] sparkybluefox (anon@furry-75710E17.nap.wideopenwest.com) joined #pawpet. [18:14] Oh, by the way, Mutt. During last week's episode, I sent some vacation photos in an email that I wanted to share with the show. Can that still be done, or should it wait for next week's show? [18:14] Aaron_Ecton: Mutt's gone [18:14] hmm. *contemplates watching more Tobuscus on YouTube for at least the next 6-8 hours* [18:14] And I'm still here, Roofus. [18:14] Oh well. [18:14] No show today eh? [18:14] just TheWoulfePack http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack?rmalang=en_US [18:15] no normal show this week [18:15] Unfortunately, I kinda had a feeling that there wouldn't be a show tonight. [18:15] Hmmmm.... So about now would be what? Which celebrities died this week? [18:15] no it would be poop [18:15] Campion (Campion@furry-6E307702.slkc.qwest.net) joined #pawpet. [18:15] i could all way do a Fred_Bedderhead show, to watch it you must tape your eyes open and handcuffs your hand to the chair. [18:15] Hey Campion [18:16] Grrr. I hate it when I have to change the channel on my WIFI. >:( [18:16] Sounds like fun Fred! [18:16] @Fred_Bedderhead: I don't think I'd want to do that, [18:16] This is the 3rd time in as many months. [18:16] StratosfearTully (Stratosfea@furry-D0FE89F3.dhcp.knwc.wa.charter.com) left irc: Quit: StratosfearTully [18:16] I think I'm out of tape [18:16] Yurex (yurex109@furry-D47B7C48.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: [18:16] WrighttheWerewolf (Mibbit@furry-CE00B85E.dhcp-dynamic.fibreop.nb.bellaliant.net) joined #pawpet. [18:16] Unico (Unico@furry-2C8BACEB.mpls.qwest.net) left irc: Quit: Time to go, either work bekons or something else requires me to leave at this moment, either way, it isn't good [18:17] DagoWolf: and I'm out of shape ;-) [18:17] freeez [18:17] No tape, would sticky notes work? [18:17] Anonymouslul (32670e5c@furry-D255C26.dklb.il.frontiernet.net) joined #pawpet. [18:17] Roofus: I got that wolfpack stream going. [18:17] Sorry I'm late [18:17] Am watching. [18:17] watchign it now :-) [18:17] Oh my god none of the streams will work for me [18:18] Anonymouslul: no FPS tonight, wtch this instead http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack?rmalang=en_US [18:18] no FPS this week [18:18] Awww D: [18:18] Stumblinn (Stumblinn@furry-76B537A8.ga.at.cox.net) joined #pawpet. [18:18] Why not? [18:18] someone's gonna have a sore hand in a while [18:18] BQ [18:18] BBQ [18:18] Roofus beat me to it. [18:18] am getting mixed messages on show today [18:18] Roofus, how come there's no stream tonight? [18:18] show at 8 PM EST or not at all today? [18:18] WrighttheWerewolf (Mibbit@furry-CE00B85E.dhcp-dynamic.fibreop.nb.bellaliant.net) left irc: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [18:18] let see if we can get Woulfe view count up to 200 [18:19] I'm going to TheWoulfePack now. [18:19] Anonymouslol: Yappy's taking a break [18:19] Taget (Taget@2803854F.1AB48D72.99802A56.IP) left irc: Quit: Some folks are wise, and some otherwise. [18:19] SpringStar (Springstar@furry-5BBC6E56.mia.bellsouth.net) left irc: Quit: [18:19] Oh okay [18:19] Anonymouslol: they're having a Labor Day BBQ [18:19] but there is or is not a WoulfePack show isntead? [18:19] Yes, i'm doin' a take-over [18:19] @Stumblinn: I certainly hope so. [18:19] Stumblinn: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack?rmalang=en_US [18:19] I'm there now. [18:19] http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8770925/#cid:60077384 boobs to ease the pain :D [18:20] get mutt to drive over to Woulfe house and do the show [18:20] Abrahm (Abrahm@D39C7DB0.E47BC302.B4291F38.IP) left #pawpet. [18:20] Anyone play Transformice? [18:20] Beomech (chatzilla@A7CCE47C.266371.265D9AC9.IP) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 13.0.1/20120614114901] [18:20] Is that Godzilla in the background of Woulfe's show? [18:20] Tahisha (Tahisha@furry-3A35294B.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:20] looks like it [18:20] darky_sabertooth (IceChat77@furry-DFB21AF7.dsl.bell.ca) joined #pawpet. [18:20] got plane tickets Fred, I'm in Colorado [18:20] thank you [18:20] the way mutt drives, he be there in 5 min [18:20] I'm gonna stick around for a while. I'm hungry for furry social interaction [18:20] http://i.imgur.com/6hxMT.jpg Anyway, I drew a mouse and wanted to know what everyone thought about it [18:20] we have the SL Pawpets theatre set for the WOulfepack show [18:21] was doublechecking as I had then heard that even that was not happening [18:21] mews [18:21] whats going on >>; [18:21] Hi darky_sabertooth. [18:21] hi darky_sabertooth [18:21] no FPS tonite [18:21] there's a sim in SL that shows FPS on a big screen? Where? [18:21] woulfe cut his show off? [18:22] I didn't draw the mouse's body, but there's a contest for fur colors [18:22] hello Aaron_Ecton and Fred :) [18:22] STUFF [18:22] And I submitted this to the contest http://i.imgur.com/6hxMT.jpg and wanted to know what everyone thinks about it [18:22] lol! [18:22] stuff stuff stuff stuuuuuff motherf.... [18:22] The second life Pawpets theatre has been here since 2005 Dragowolf [18:22] Yeah, Woulfe, What happened to your show? [18:22] it is where FPS always comes when they come to SL live to do the show [18:22] never saw the snake on a plane movie [18:22] OlliWolf_ (OlliWolf@furry-CB07B29F.pns.bellsouth.net) joined #pawpet. [18:23] Griffin in SL [18:23] I hated when they showed SL on FPS for what seemed to be loooong minutes at a time [18:23] thank you, ZOrro [18:23] but watching sl is <3 [18:23] Brian Griffin? [18:23] Zomgshiny (zomgwtf658@furry-8652D053.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [18:23] was trying to find him to send him a PM with the slurl [18:23] aww [18:23] si did woulfe shut down for the night? [18:24] since you are in here, Zorro and you know all the data, I'm taking angel down [18:24] ah yes Merv [18:24] Still goin' [18:24] I dont need second life.... I got to much going on in my first life. [18:24] and going, and going [18:24] Blondie [18:24] link please? i can't seem to have ustream bringing it up x.x [18:24] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack?rmalang=en_US [18:24] Action: Anonymouslul sits next to Nimbus [18:24] OlliWolf__ (OlliWolf@furry-CB07B29F.pns.bellsouth.net) joined #pawpet. [18:24] Also, if ya watch Tobuscus, or TOby Turner, on YouTube, his dogs name is Griffin. [18:24] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack/ [18:24] hi Anonymouslol [18:25] OlliWolf (OlliWolf@furry-CB07B29F.pns.bellsouth.net) left irc: Ping timeout [18:25] Nick change: OlliWolf__ -> OlliWolf [18:25] Action: nicholas noms his bannana cake "ITS SO GOOD [18:25] http://slurl.com/secondlife/Griffin/108/139/30 [18:25] Is Nimbus available? [18:25] Stumblinn (Stumblinn@furry-76B537A8.ga.at.cox.net) left irc: Client exited [18:25] Nick change: Roofus -> Nimbus [18:25] Action: Nimbus scratches behind his ear [18:25] hi everyone [18:25] Hi Nimbus [18:25] hello [18:25] heyas dere [18:25] Hey Nimbus, do you use the 'cloud' ? [18:26] i'm having brain farts right now. trying to work that out with a monster ;p [18:26] Hi Woulfe [18:26] Nick change: OlliWolf -> FPSFan60157 [18:26] Haha, no Sparkybluefox [18:26] Action: Anonymouslul slides Nimbus a steak [18:26] Anyone else here play Tekkit? [18:26] Nick change: FPSFan60157 -> OlliWolf [18:26] Not a Blonde Wolf [18:26] thanks Anon! *eats [18:26] I like your accent [18:27] Hey Woulfe, Is your show on? I can't seem to access it. [18:27] why thank you [18:27] Aaron_Ecton: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack?rmalang=en_US [18:27] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack/ [18:27] OlliWolf_ (OlliWolf@furry-CB07B29F.pns.bellsouth.net) left irc: Ping timeout [18:27] Africa! Toto [18:27] that song never gets old [18:28] not broadcasting ? [18:28] I can see the show [18:28] http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c0/Rump_steak.jpg/800px-Rump_steak.jpg Here's the steak, Nimbus [18:28] yes it is [18:28] Atkelar (Atkelar@DE3BCD3A.8A652AAE.41F8AB7E.IP) left irc: Ping timeout [18:28] Atkelar (Atkelar@DE3BCD3A.8A652AAE.41F8AB7E.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:28] #PawPet: mode change '+o Atkelar' by ChanServ!services@pawpet.tv [18:28] Thanks, Woulfe. I actually am at the first link you sent, but it's not working for me. Will try the second one now. [18:28] Looks tasty, doesn't it, Nimbus? [18:28] Action: Nimbus giggles [18:28] thanks for the steak [18:29] Hey Nimbus: I had a chance to get my voice recorded and played back on an original Edison cylinder phonograph at the Henry Ford in Dearborn, mi. [18:29] Action: Nimbus burps [18:29] Action: Anonymouslul drools at the sight of the steak [18:29] sparky: that's cool! [18:29] Action: sparkybluefox bows [18:29] is this a 80's station? I used to listen to these songs all the time, but haven't listened to the radio in years. [18:29] Action: Nimbus hates radio [18:29] My video camera battery was dead..... I was not happy about that! [18:29] Action: Nimbus prefers vinyl records [18:29] Action: Anonymouslul confronts Nimbus [18:29] Sparky: crap! [18:30] classsic rock station [18:30] yipes! You can have the rest of it, i'm full [18:30] play song "hungry let the Woulfe" [18:30] ack, random Ustream ads [18:30] Woulfe: left hand or right? [18:30] Action: Anonymouslul stomachs the steak down in one bite with no struggle [18:30] L or R [18:31] wolf gor paws [18:31] wolf got paws [18:31] Right! [18:31] how come there's 14 current watchers but 77 people in channel? [18:32] not everyone watches [18:32] Woulfe: I feel your pain. When i puppeteer... i suffer . [18:32] I guess they're just idling then? [18:32] Nick change: Nimbus -> Roofus [18:32] I suffer too [18:32] I'm right handed but I use my left hand on Nimbus [18:32] Action: sparkybluefox rolls! [18:32] Action: Anonymouslul lets out a huge fart that Woulfe can smell and Woulfe starts choking [18:33] I should learn how to make a puppet and make my own puoet of my fursona. [18:33] puppet* [18:33] Maybe an OP can change the channel topic to say that there is not gonna be any show tonight. [18:33] Dont have live like a fursiter [18:33] (dang..dropping words) [18:33] my dream is to be a guest pawpeteer on FPS [18:33] Cybeast18 (chatzilla@furry-6ACBCF07.nc.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [18:34] Sheepdog takeover show! [18:34] Roofus: Me to! [18:34] Nimbus has an awesome accent [18:34] Topic changed on #pawpet by Fred_Bedderhead!Fred_Bedde@furry-77B0EC0E.cpe.i-zoom.net: Can't talk? Register, and you can. Find out how! http://is.gd/W5dE4z | NO FPS tonight | Watch The Wolf Pack http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack [18:34] Okay, Woulfe, Now I can see your show. [18:34] nah, just a regular French-Canadian accent [18:34] I'd probably move to Orlando if it weren't for their spiders [18:34] And Casey Anthony [18:34] If I had a fursuit I'd wanna be on FPS and do that thing where they do stuff the audiance in channel says. WHat's that called again? [18:35] Subservient Dago [18:35] yea, if I had a fursuit I'd wanna do Subserviant. [18:35] Vertaix (Vertaix@furry-222EFE2B.cm-6-2a.dynamic.ziggo.nl) left irc: Ping timeout [18:35] KOOL 105 hits form 50's 60's 70's & 80's [18:36] what about hits from the 20s, 30s and 40s? ;-) [18:36] you're missing some cool jazz [18:36] Roofus has a good point. There were tons of awesome songs from before WW2. [18:36] and boogie woogie with the Andrews Sisters [18:37] Action: Roofus has thousands of 78 RPM records [18:37] Aaron_Ecton (Aaron@furry-5F2B9DA.phlapa.east.verizon.net) left irc: Ping timeout [18:37] Pardon me, boys, is that the Chatanooga Choo-choo? [18:37] Really? Which artists? [18:37] Campion: I have some Glenn Miller 78s [18:37] Vinyl records are the new CD's [18:37] Aaron_Ecton (Aaron@furry-5F2B9DA.phlapa.east.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [18:38] Yay! [18:38] Pardon my Japanese, but Roofus is really old [18:38] Well if you have any R&B or R&R in there, I'm interested! [18:38] With Roofus you cant say "Pardon my French" [18:38] Anonymouslul: young people are allowed to touch things that are older than themselves ;-) [18:39] BURRRRP [18:39] how about skyping with a guest? [18:39] Thats a great suggestion! [18:39] video break like on FPS? [18:39] Roofus that sounded so wrong [18:40] not my fault if your mind is in the gutter ;-) [18:40] I'm heading out for a swim. I'll be back later. [18:40] okies Aaron [18:40] Action: Anonymouslul jumps on Nimbus [18:40] Let me have a few more drinks and I'll be all warm and skyp-able. [18:40] Bye Roofus. [18:40] hey! Nimbus isn't a horse! [18:40] Skyp-able? [18:40] Aaron_Ecton (Aaron@furry-5F2B9DA.phlapa.east.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: [18:41] GIDDY UP [18:41] Android (48e27ed9@furry-8F4F3A09.nycap.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [18:41] I use skype with one furiend, but I still don't understand the interface very well [18:41] *Nimbus is flattened like a pancake* [18:41] JCollie719 (johnravett@furry-D229F686.clsp.qwest.net) joined #pawpet. [18:41] Oops [18:41] I use skype, but some of my furiends, are hardly on there, due to timezone difference [18:42] Furever young [18:42] lol [18:42] Chatroulette? [18:42] JC_Mike (JC_Mike@furry-F6CFECE2.ri.ri.cox.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [18:42] goodnight everyone [18:42] We need a FURRY Chatroulette. [18:42] night [18:42] There is one. [18:42] really? [18:42] Plumpdragon (chatzilla@furry-687EEFA9.dynamic.upc.nl) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 15.0/20120824154833] [18:42] Furry guys.. Oh gos [18:42] Yeah, let me get the site. [18:43] god* [18:43] Redtail_Foxaroo (IceChat77@furry-DE598F2.dyn.iinet.net.au) joined #pawpet. [18:43] sweet! [18:43] Chatroulette just has horny guys... pumping their doodles [18:43] meetfurs.com [18:43] Kaldaka (Kaldaka@furry-780CCD7E.lightspeed.cicril.sbcglobal.net) joined #pawpet. [18:43] Action: sparkybluefox sniffs [18:44] and if I wanna see that I'll stick with the furry version of XTube [18:44] There's a furry Xtube? [18:44] I like to have an RP, at least until I get my own place on the somewhere with other furrs. [18:44] OH GOD NO [18:44] Anonymouslul (32670e5c@furry-D255C26.dklb.il.frontiernet.net) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC 0.5.9 (2006/06/06) [18:44] yea [18:45] no FPS today?......damn......i got up earlyfor nothing XD Ah well, now i have to try and be productive i guess XD [18:45] Campion: *i* was about to ask that [18:45] I'm a rabbit. It comes up in thought on average every 20 seconds... [18:46] Android (48e27ed9@furry-8F4F3A09.nycap.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [18:46] staaan [18:46] ok [18:46] what thought? [18:46] lol [18:46] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [18:46] wrf [18:46] Nick change: Muke|away -> IcebearMuke [18:46] there we go [18:46] rodun (DEADMAU5@furry-12C29321.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:47] so.....what is replacing FPS today? [18:47] Hey IcebearMuke, do know what happened to the stream earlier? [18:47] Action: rodun roars at the channel [18:47] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack/ [18:47] I don't! And I was out for a while [18:47] ah [18:47] wolfdog2007 (wolf_dog20@furry-26255A60.hsd1.ut.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:47] An awesome wolf lipsyncking to the radio [18:47] Woulfe: i am there, it is just a black screen for me [18:48] :< no fps. [18:48] odd [18:48] hi wolfdog2007 [18:48] hi [18:48] wolfdog2007 (wolf_dog20@furry-26255A60.hsd1.ut.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [18:48] wolfdog2007 (wolf_dog20@furry-26255A60.hsd1.ut.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:48] LOOOOUUUUUUD [18:49] now it is working for me [18:49] Yes that was [18:49] USA = diabetes [18:49] does anyone knowwhy fpsis not going? [18:49] fps [18:49] Labor Day BBQ [18:49] BBQ [18:50] and Yappy needed a break [18:50] yeah [18:50] wooooulfe I'm trying to explain your show to a bear [18:50] Yappy BBQ [18:50] Yappy (and the rest of the cast as well) deserve a break [18:50] I love BBQ [18:50] 80%? [18:50] if I was as old as Yappy, I'd need lots of breaks :P [18:50] tabarnak [18:50] Yeah, it is kind of random ^^ [18:50] hmm i can talk with sonic and see if they can do a takeover show [18:50] But it's music, which is good~ [18:50] if you guys want i mean [18:50] I like random [18:51] Action: Redtail_Foxaroo is not looking forward to a possible phone call he may get today [18:51] I like random too, except ona CD player [18:51] Mmm, sweaty Woulfe :9 [18:51] might get a call to take a truck out to Roma, a 5-6 hour each way trip [18:51] yea, with CDs or there MP3s of them, I prefer the order they are on the CD, not random. [18:52] Action: DagoWolf give the wolf on screen a cookie [18:53] yesh [18:53] Speaking of Yappy's Labor Day BBQ: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8775958/ [18:54] Dannit (4b2d0a5f@furry-3668600F.dsl.scrm01.sbcglobal.net) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [18:54] I like Tzologeist's style :-) [18:54] http://photoblog.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/09/01/13612930-melting-glacier-reveals-world-war-i-ammunition?lite [18:54] DAMN! [18:54] history is throwing our trash back at us [18:54] Fat Bunny Week is over [18:55] furaffinity stopped working for me afew months ago :(. Even with my program that's suppoised to bypass my dads OpenDNS. [18:55] left over WW1 explosive shells [18:55] It is now Punch-Bunny Week - http://ru.fishki.net/picsw/082012/30/bonus/zayac/tn.jpg [18:55] Action: SeanWolf goes to watch Fugetive [18:55] ow [18:55] Dreamingpup (Pawpet@furry-642FDE4D.demon.nl) left irc: Ping timeout [18:56] yay [18:56] this is my these song :D [18:56] theme* [18:56] I hear this song from the movie Big Fat Liar. [18:56] one of their 2 songs I like [18:56] the other being The REflezx [18:56] song "hungry let the Woulfe" [18:57] The Reflex, fle-fle-fle-fle-flex [18:58] back when I used to plau the first Kareoke Revolution: American Idol Edition on PS2, this was one of the songs I always did. [18:58] play* [18:58] darky_sabertooth (IceChat77@furry-DFB21AF7.dsl.bell.ca) left irc: Quit: Do fish get thirsty? [18:59] ha! Nice end with the belch. [18:59] RikkiTheBlackFox (chatzilla@D99D85C3.23084FEF.82388105.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:59] burping like the full wolf [18:59] I'm hungry too. Any bunnies around? :P jk [19:00] I just had dinner. [19:00] I had beans on toast earlier [19:01] I had teryaki rice, muy bueno. [19:01] Scrubzy_fox (wing0_2k1@furry-D9FACED7.dynamic.ip.windstream.net) joined #pawpet. [19:02] lol [19:02] hello all [19:02] JC_Mike (JC_Mike@furry-F6CFECE2.ri.ri.cox.net) joined #pawpet. [19:02] Action: GarrisonSkunk hands Dago a chocolate bunny [19:02] Hi Scrubzy_fox and all who just joined us! [19:02] anyone hitting Furfright this year?? [19:02] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack/ [19:03] Ted_Collie (mr_ass@furry-DA2A9E06.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #pawpet. [19:04] we can't sing along. Our Mics don't connect to this. [19:04] Action: Roofus prefers Tommy James' version [19:04] yeah [19:05] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [19:05] wolfdog2007 (wolf_dog20@furry-26255A60.hsd1.ut.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [19:05] Action: DagoWolf noms on the chocolate bunny [19:06] Yeah [19:06] Cha-MON! [19:07] yeah [19:07] yeah [19:07] I am sooo easilly entertained :P [19:07] Filter (Filter@furry-CBC5473F.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: Filter [19:08] I just bought a hyper-rare Leo Sayer LP on eBay recently: the soundtrack of The Missing Link! [19:09] how do I watch at that sim in SL someone told me about, Coons Corner? It won't let me click the button to play parcel media. [19:09] Yoki (Mibbit@44FC095A.D0E0D723.A88E9F97.IP) joined #pawpet. [19:09] Red (chatzilla@595BEA91.43194914.DEBF56E5.IP) joined #pawpet. [19:10] Yoki (Mibbit@44FC095A.D0E0D723.A88E9F97.IP) left #pawpet. [19:10] brb [19:10] SeanWolf (seanwolf@furry-AB5907F0.dhcp.embarqhsd.net) left irc: Quit: Just a Wolf Mercinary, fighting for the furries [19:10] ok [19:11] Mightay MIGHTAY [19:11] Dripdry (w_boles195@furry-28B87D6.lightspeed.livnmi.sbcglobal.net) joined #pawpet. [19:11] Evening all! [19:11] who sings this? [19:11] The Commodores [19:11] Hi Dripdry [19:11] hi Dripdry [19:11] thanks JC [19:11] You're welcome [19:11] is the title Brick House? [19:12] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack/ [19:12] this song reminds me of musclefurs [19:12] Captroo (captroo1@furry-443A953C.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [19:13] Dripdry (w_boles195@furry-28B87D6.lightspeed.livnmi.sbcglobal.net) left irc: Quit: [19:13] Roofus: Yes [19:13] thanks [19:14] Freddy [19:14] Queen! [19:14] Red (chatzilla@595BEA91.43194914.DEBF56E5.IP) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 15.0/20120824154833] [19:17] Foxi (Mibbit@7DC68C3A.BBD552E5.4037CE5E.IP) joined #pawpet. [19:18] Foxi (Mibbit@7DC68C3A.BBD552E5.4037CE5E.IP) left irc: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [19:20] Kleitos (62e2a849@furry-37905275.hsd1.in.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [19:22] No gWulf is good gWulf with Gary gWulf. [19:22] nananananananana [19:23] Dolly Pornia Creaming [19:24] Scrubzy_fox (wing0_2k1@furry-D9FACED7.dynamic.ip.windstream.net) left irc: Ping timeout [19:25] sing the theme song from Bugs Bunny Show [19:25] lucasbunny (lucas@furry-1C33552.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [19:26] Filter (Filter@furry-CBC5473F.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [19:26] no more rehearsing [19:26] we kn ow every part by heart [19:26] watchers went up to 17 [19:27] can you show that video they always do before the FPS opening with that song "Let you're love Flow"? Cause there was no show tonight I miss that and the FPS opening they always do after that. [19:29] Kael_Corgi (Kael@D67C8CEA.A56B10D9.B7C87553.IP) joined #pawpet. [19:29] KAEL YOU FALLOWED ME ON TWITTER :D [19:30] EEEE-EEEL-MOTHERF***NG-OOH! [19:30] That's what happens. [19:30] Out Of The Blue is one of my top 10 albums of all time [19:30] lucasbunny (lucas@furry-1C33552.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net) left #pawpet. [19:31] "The Whale" is such a dreamy track [19:32] j [19:32] yes... .3. i did... [19:33] sounds like a remake [19:34] isn;'t that a Sam & Dave song? [19:34] freeeez [19:34] TheSonicGod (TheSonicGo@furry-E3E27F4B.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [19:34] Tigron (crap@furry-A3945791.pitbpa.east.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: Tigron [19:34] Hi TheSonicGod [19:34] too lazy [19:34] and I don't know the title [19:35] YAY! turns out I do not need to be on call today XD I can relax and enjoy the show [19:35] FPS is offline? [19:35] yeah [19:35] no FPS tonight [19:35] No FPS. Remplacement show by TheWoulfePack [19:35] BBQ and yappy need a break [19:36] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack/ [19:36] Ah, cool. OH Pawpets is off the air, too, eh? [19:36] lol [19:36] stalker song [19:36] Action: nicholas gives kael a cookie for fallowing me on twitter :3 [19:37] back.... was on a looooong phone call... [19:38] woulfeeey [19:38] Action: Pfhor snuggles Rev's tail [19:38] Action: dakota noms nicholas [19:39] I wanna stalk my ex, but he lives really really far away >.> [19:40] Rockoons!! [19:41] journey . [19:41] Action: Rev_Heretic nuzzles pfhor :) [19:41] Cybeast18 (chatzilla@furry-6ACBCF07.nc.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 15.0/20120824154833] [19:41] :) [19:41] blub :) [19:41] :v [19:41] Tirrel used that song in one of his Rockoons videos [19:42] freeeez [19:42] long freeez? [19:43] And now for this important announcement - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FujNzhs3TE0&feature=youtu.be [19:43] stream freeze! [19:43] Just refresh [19:44] itworked [19:44] thanks [19:44] December 1963 oh waht a night - 4 seasons [19:45] Ustream is flaky.... bye bye everybody...I'll see you next week. [19:45] Action: Kael_Corgi nibblenibblenoms on cookie... .3. [19:45] sparkybluefox (anon@furry-75710E17.nap.wideopenwest.com) left #pawpet (exit stage left!). [19:45] NitrousHyena (Mibbit@furry-35F56B3C.columbus.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [19:48] OlliWolf (OlliWolf@furry-CB07B29F.pns.bellsouth.net) left irc: Ping timeout [19:49] Shane_Graytail (1@6CA529B5.7E3DCA47.29506787.IP) joined #pawpet. [19:50] Action: nicholas hugs a kael :3 [19:51] durn Ads [19:52] Action: Kael_Corgi hugs Nicolas. [19:52] Kio (Kio@furry-DE444577.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Quit: Kio [19:52] which road? [19:52] yay [19:52] Action: Redtail_Foxaroo dances to this song [19:53] the left turn to Alburqueque [19:53] The Bellamy Brothers rule. [19:53] check out the french version on Youtube: Joe Dassin - Les Aventuriers [19:54] GarrisonSkunk: Would you care if I read channel quotes or do it next week on FPS? [19:54] yay channel quotes! [19:54] Action: Fillyjonk takes a left turn at Albuquerque to go to the cable car, and a right turn to go to the balloon museum. [19:54] i have this song on my playlist while playing World of Tanks XD [19:55] "Let your love flow......." *Drives tank over a car while shooting at other tanks* [19:55] lol [19:55] Rieshal (Rieshal@furry-21553B60.hfc.comcastbusiness.net) joined #pawpet. [19:55] bark bark bark bark [19:55] Drive me closer. I want to hit them with my love. [19:55] Waffle [19:56] leggo my waffle [19:56] i haz kangaroo steak [19:56] can you play the opening theme for FPS now, including the video? I like that soing. [19:56] song* [19:56] you got that song? :P [19:56] Any word on the 8:00 Herbie show? [19:56] shepherds need something to entertain them to keep em outta trouble... whos gonna do something to entertain me :P [19:57] Rieshal: he came OL to tell us he's not doing that show [19:57] XD [19:57] Roofus: Awww [19:57] because he couldn't handle the technical side of it [19:57] Action: southernshepherd causes mischief >:3 [19:58] Joe Dassin also sang that song in French! [19:58] Roofus: I believe that. [19:58] Mischief is a precious commodity. [19:59] BigWigRah (42203455@furry-40DE5B23.dsl.mindspring.com) joined #pawpet. [19:59] Rieshal: heh heh [19:59] Action: southernshepherd gnaws on fillyjonks shoes [19:59] Dannit (4b2d0a5f@furry-3668600F.dsl.scrm01.sbcglobal.net) joined #pawpet. [19:59] JC_Mike (JC_Mike@furry-F6CFECE2.ri.ri.cox.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [20:00] Nick change: Bunnysox -> Bunnysox_I [20:00] Mind the step. [20:00] Great Elton song [20:01] the strings in that song are amazing [20:02] Mozdoc (Mozdoc@furry-C551BCB.socal.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: [20:03] Mutt running fashionably late? [20:03] Campbell (60324c7b@212BCA2E.E62EE685.1872A98C.IP) joined #pawpet. [20:03] no [20:04] utt show [20:04] ??? [20:04] Aww my first show being delayed -.- [20:04] Oh well [20:04] no Mutt show that is [20:04] Firefang_R_Sionnach (Firefang_R@furry-79855AD8.as13285.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [20:04] Sakana_Katana (sakana.kat@furry-9189C473.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [20:04] ahh [20:04] SuaveIV (s4-win@furry-D38B36EC.asm.bellsouth.net) left irc: Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium http://www.kvirc.net/ [20:04] Kio (AndChat569@furry-DE444577.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #pawpet. [20:05] Aaron_Ecton (Aaron@furry-5F2B9DA.phlapa.east.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [20:05] Hi, Channel. [20:05] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack/ [20:05] Why isn't Mutt's show on? [20:05] CRASH [20:05] Sakana_Katana: because he couldn't handle the technical stuff [20:05] Mutt touched tech again? [20:05] MattWolfwood (MattWolfwo@furry-B360F8.bois.qwest.net) joined #pawpet. [20:05] BBQalso [20:05] BTO FTW [20:06] dang. I dunno if anyone else plays Terraria and will know what I'm talking about, but I've been to 3 floating islands now and haven't gottan a Lucky Horseshoe. [20:06] Action: Redtail_Foxaroo dances to this song, tends to be his theme song XD [20:06] Nuts. [20:07] BigWigRah (42203455@furry-40DE5B23.dsl.mindspring.com) left #pawpet. [20:08] Aaron_Ecton (Aaron@furry-5F2B9DA.phlapa.east.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: [20:08] anyone watched the movie 'Kenny'? [20:08] Yurex (yurex109@furry-D47B7C48.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [20:08] MattWolfwood (MattWolfwo@furry-B360F8.bois.qwest.net) left irc: Quit: [20:09] & Gamera ? [20:09] tooninsoon (tooninsoon@furry-1F204C9D.lightspeed.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) joined #pawpet. [20:09] Akeakami (brepas@furry-9F26D763.static.ip.windstream.net) joined #pawpet. [20:10] Yurex (yurex109@furry-D47B7C48.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: [20:10] tooninsoon (tooninsoon@furry-1F204C9D.lightspeed.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) left irc: Quit: [20:10] BBL for TSG. Bye. [20:10] Sakana_Katana (sakana.kat@furry-9189C473.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: The sun never sets on those who ride into it. [20:11] i look forward to TSG [20:11] As I see people slowly leaving, I assume the plan for tonight has fallen through? [20:11] Redtail: heard of it but never seen it. I rememebr the hype [20:11] but i find this show fun too [20:11] Zorro (zorro456@furry-BDF0440F.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Adios [20:11] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack/ take over still going [20:11] Akeakami: just a few of us watching http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack/ [20:12] Is that running? [20:14] yep [20:14] Campbell (60324c7b@212BCA2E.E62EE685.1872A98C.IP) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [20:14] OliverFox (Mibbit@furry-7F224F62.dhcp.leds.al.charter.com) joined #pawpet. [20:15] OliverFox (Mibbit@furry-7F224F62.dhcp.leds.al.charter.com) left irc: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [20:15] Rhinofox (Rhinowolf@A1C70369.DFDD3B26.AA00A8F0.IP) joined #pawpet. [20:18] BungeeSkunk (bungeeskun@furry-8899C023.tor.primus.ca) left irc: Quit: Have you hugged a skunk today? [20:18] The best show in a cardboard box currently on the Internet [20:18] GAAAAH [20:18] lol [20:18] tabarnak [20:20] Poppa_Corgi (IceChat7@furry-2462B5F8.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [20:20] Few people know that wolves actually exhibit this behavior in the wild. [20:20] justin tv link? [20:21] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack [20:21] bluebird (DJ_Chilly@furry-6875E7C3.carolina.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [20:23] Action: Redtail_Foxaroo offers Timm Burr some kangaroo steak and roast potatos [20:24] OlliWolf (Thunderbir@furry-CB07B29F.pns.bellsouth.net) joined #pawpet. [20:24] play Popcorn by Hot Butter1 [20:24] ! [20:25] too too too too too-too too, [20:25] it's on topic :-) [20:25] it should cove the commercial time [20:25] cover [20:25] LOUD [20:26] never (Mibbit@furry-30BACD4A.dhcp.embarqhsd.net) left irc: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client [20:26] I love the drums on that song [20:26] spazzzzz [20:26] Poppa_Corgi (IceChat7@furry-2462B5F8.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: When the chips are down, well, the buffalo is empty [20:27] Video go pop [20:27] sounds slightly better distorted, more vintagey [20:27] this is what passes for music today? sounds like my washing machine filled with silverware on full power while falling down stairs [20:27] :P [20:27] moog [20:27] that's my childhood. That song is from 1972 [20:28] Kingsley, from Perrey and Kingsley [20:28] that was me but I'm sure you don't have anything that old [20:29] 1930s even better [20:29] Play I'll Take Telullah by Frank Sinatra. [20:30] Spike Jones? [20:30] Kio (AndChat569@furry-DE444577.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Connection reset by peer [20:30] Kio (AndChat569@furry-DE444577.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #pawpet. [20:30] yep [20:30] Scrubzy_fox (wing0_2k1@furry-D9FACED7.dynamic.ip.windstream.net) joined #pawpet. [20:30] The Spike Jones [20:30] Woulfe Pack froze. [20:31] TheSonicGod: try F5, it's okay here [20:31] Beetlebum [20:31] F5 is +R on Mac. [20:31] Video will not load. [20:31] aww [20:32] AndChat|56916 (AndChat569@furry-DE444577.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #pawpet. [20:32] Kio (AndChat569@furry-DE444577.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Connection reset by peer [20:32] Ted_Collie (mr_ass@furry-DA2A9E06.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Quit: Ted_Collie [20:33] Action: Roofus has a bunch of Spike Jones 78 RPM records :-) [20:33] AndChat|56916 (AndChat569@furry-DE444577.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Connection reset by peer [20:33] harp [20:33] Kio (AndChat569@furry-DE444577.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #pawpet. [20:34] bet you do not have Abbott and Costello's 'Who's on First' :P [20:34] I have it on an LP :-) [20:34] XD [20:34] Action: TheSonicGod  Test broadcast is online. http://bloowuff.com:8000/unifurse.m3u [20:34] it is funny, as most A&C stuff is [20:35] Freddie Schnickelfritz Fisher is like Spike Jones but earleir and even better IMHO [20:35] Wheelie (4c1f8a7a@furry-47E4931F.hsd1.tx.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [20:35] Spike Jones even stole some of Freddie Fisher's musician [20:35] musicians [20:36] loiloiloi (462c5c32@furry-9E65F82C.res-cmts.sm.ptd.net) joined #pawpet. [20:37] cool [20:37] wind up that grammophone, gramps! [20:37] ricky (43d882a0@3495FEA8.B591C74D.FED7F185.IP) joined #pawpet. [20:38] I have a wind up Grammaphone XD [20:38] cool :-) [20:38] been in my family for about 2 generations [20:38] even better :-) [20:38] OlliWolf_ (OlliWolf@furry-CB07B29F.pns.bellsouth.net) joined #pawpet. [20:39] what famous actor is being imitated here? [20:40] Peter Lorrie [20:40] belonged to my father's side, when Gran died my Mother's father bought it so for me and my brother. [20:40] ah, that's it. Thanks [20:40] that's sweet of him, Redtail! [20:41] http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_qFgmPelbHLU/ShwiYGbhXPI/AAAAAAAACWk/Z8h5qeT5N6I/s400/Peter%2BLorre%2BWhat%27s%2BMy%2BLine.jpg [20:41] Poppa_Corgi (IceChat7@furry-2462B5F8.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [20:41] Any stream tonight? [20:41] Play : You always hurt the one you love [20:41] Perhaps 'Clue' the movie? [20:42] Poppa_Corgi: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack/ [20:42] cocktails for Two [20:43] Rhinofox (Rhinowolf@A1C70369.DFDD3B26.AA00A8F0.IP) left irc: Input/output error [20:44] I challenge the cast of this show to play something Australian :P [20:44] Why am I looking at a closet? [20:44] stage [20:44] Mangler (Marcelotri@furry-CD25B2E6.nyc.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: [20:44] LOL [20:44] Mangler (Marcelotri@furry-CD25B2E6.nyc.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [20:45] hand-made lie a boss [20:45] like [20:45] that one is their best! [20:45] Atkelar (Atkelar@DE3BCD3A.8A652AAE.41F8AB7E.IP) left irc: Client exited [20:45] Cardboard with a reptile lamp for lighting, and soft velvet bulk cloth stapled onto it in folds. And textured paper glued to give it wood frame appearance. [20:45] Ink Spots impersonation [20:45] Rhinofox (Rhinowolf@A1C70369.DFDD3B26.AA00A8F0.IP) joined #pawpet. [20:45] my dad had an Ink Spots LP when I was a kid [20:45] Nick change: Mangler -> FPSFan57002 [20:47] Nick change: FPSFan57002 -> Mangler [20:47] wait e-readers for the blind? [20:47] pow AAAH [20:47] Pow! AHH POW [20:47] CR_Wolf (1800ed2a@furry-4E81665.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [20:47] love that schtick [20:48] anthroguy101_ (anthroguy1@911DB896.BAB0E40.942C8AE4.IP) left irc: Quit: Leaving. [20:48] Nick change: Mangler -> FPSFan65377 [20:48] hawaiian war chant? [20:48] (trying to guess what's coming up) [20:49] MethodtoMadness (625796e0@furry-322236B3.bna.bellsouth.net) joined #pawpet. [20:49] no show tonight? [20:49] Rieshal (Rieshal@furry-21553B60.hfc.comcastbusiness.net) left irc: Ping timeout [20:49] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack/ [20:50] Rieshal (Rieshal@furry-21553B60.hfc.comcastbusiness.net) joined #pawpet. [20:50] What what whats at the dnc news? [20:50] MethodtoMadness (625796e0@furry-322236B3.bna.bellsouth.net) left #pawpet. [20:51] some guy basicly said that muslims are the first americans and native american indians arnt. [20:51] Goooollleeeeeeeee [20:51] and at the DNC as well [20:52] what is next? [20:52] Dinosaurs! Not The Momma! [20:52] play something Australian :P I challenge you [20:52] okies [20:52] ok [20:52] Down Under by Men At Work, that's Australian [20:53] I come from the land down unda [20:53] Olivia Newton John is from Down Under too [20:53] i have heard almost everything from this country (and way too much from the USA XD) [20:54] Early Bee Gees, australian [20:54] i see hair to the top right of the screen XD [20:54] The Dissociatives!! [20:55] how did I know that it would be this song XD [20:55] Action: Redtail_Foxaroo dances [20:55] I cant believe this is MAGIC.. nothing can stand in our waaay [20:55] Rednic (rednic@furry-2E2C706B.as13285.net) left irc: Client exited [20:55] Filter (Filter@furry-CBC5473F.lsanca.fios.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: Filter [20:56] Vegemite, YUK [20:56] if you need other Aussie songs at any point, i have many......mostly Aussie bush ballads and country [20:56] Roofus: how did you have it? [20:57] AndroUser (androirc@6ED7E8D.A1B7008F.E23F0870.IP) joined #pawpet. [20:57] best way to have vegemite is on toast, thick layer of butter, thin smeering of Vegemite [20:57] a tiny bit on bread i think. I still have the vegemite I brrought back in 2004 and it's still hasn't turned bad. [20:57] it's just waaaaaay too salty [20:57] ah [20:58] hence the serving being a thin smeer of it on lots of butter [20:58] drowns it out mostly [20:58] sick of the music? never [20:58] Olivia Fig Newton [20:58] Have you never been mellow! [20:59] FPSFan65377 (Marcelotri@furry-CD25B2E6.nyc.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: [20:59] or ... If Not For you [20:59] this will do too [21:00] freeeeez [21:00] Action: Roofus F5s [21:00] ah better [21:00] AndroUser (androirc@6ED7E8D.A1B7008F.E23F0870.IP) left irc: Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( http://www.androirc.com ) [21:01] Wheelie (4c1f8a7a@furry-47E4931F.hsd1.tx.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [21:01] fffffff [21:04] Xanadu [21:04] Atkelar (not@furry-962C1949.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #pawpet. [21:04] Drum Dreams [21:04] #PawPet: mode change '+o Atkelar' by ChanServ!services@pawpet.tv [21:04] *hic* [21:04] X A N A D UUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuu [21:05] ricky (43d882a0@3495FEA8.B591C74D.FED7F185.IP) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [21:05] What's up - any streams going? [21:05] Dannit (4b2d0a5f@furry-3668600F.dsl.scrm01.sbcglobal.net) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [21:05] Just mine [21:06] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack/ [21:06] Did Mutt: a.) break it, b.) finish it or c.) never start it? [21:06] Atkelar: c [21:06] C [21:06] C because afraid of A [21:07] Panama_Fox (Panama_fox@D4C4CD5C.9BCCAB6C.A6CD6C0E.IP) left irc: Ping timeout [21:08] add the letters Fa, qnd ya got the name of my favorite NES game. [21:08] and*\ [21:08] RENEW [21:08] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [21:08] Logan Seven [21:08] Panama_Fox (Panama_fox@D4C4CD5C.9BCCAB6C.A6CD6C0E.IP) joined #pawpet. [21:09] Fool Country, rare B-side [21:09] non album track [21:09] oreofish (627f3532@furry-DA41B7A3.grf-mt.client.bresnan.net) joined #pawpet. [21:09] Kaldaka (Kaldaka@furry-780CCD7E.lightspeed.cicril.sbcglobal.net) left irc: Input/output error [21:10] darn... Hotel internet is way too slow [21:10] Video kees stopping here. *hic* [21:12] awwww, his muse is gone [21:13] very kitschy [21:13] is it just me or is the volume really really low? [21:13] Drake_Nightwolf (6218123c@furry-394E80D2.carolina.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [21:14] something froze up you say? [21:14] oreofish (627f3532@furry-DA41B7A3.grf-mt.client.bresnan.net) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [21:14] Mny Cam froze up [21:15] Many Cam [21:15] Ah - now I have sound - sorry, my headphone jack didn't work it seems. [21:15] Poppa_Corgi (IceChat7@furry-2462B5F8.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: IceChat - Its what Cool People use [21:15] OlliWolf (Thunderbir@furry-CB07B29F.pns.bellsouth.net) left #pawpet (HALP!). [21:16] Rev_Heretic (chrisdemon@furry-C6D8751D.as13285.net) left irc: Quit: [21:17] Note from Sawblade5: MFM had a near miss tornado. [21:17] O.o [21:18] loiloiloi (462c5c32@furry-9E65F82C.res-cmts.sm.ptd.net) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [21:18] grrr... [21:18] Rhinofox (Rhinowolf@A1C70369.DFDD3B26.AA00A8F0.IP) left irc: Quit: [21:18] dakota (dakota@furry-D43EE0A9.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Client exited [21:18] dakota (dakota@furry-D43EE0A9.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [21:19] grrrrrrrrrrr [21:19] Action: Fillyjonk takes off. See you folks later. [21:19] Thanks for the fill-in show. [21:19] Nuuuuuu [21:20] My laptop just went into a state of almost-hibernation because I forgot to plug it in. [21:20] Action: dakota tackles filly [21:20] Fillyjonk (aFillyjonk@FE8DA74.A1C043A8.671DF725.IP) left irc: Quit: Fillyjonk [21:20] OwO [21:20] OlliWolf (Thunderbir@furry-CB07B29F.pns.bellsouth.net) joined #pawpet. [21:20] yes, thanks for working your arm off to entertain us :-) [21:21] :\ [21:22] darn ads [21:22] zedikia (zedikia@furry-AE7DA110.bois.qwest.net) joined #pawpet. [21:22] no idea [21:23] woof [21:23] Action: zedikia barks [21:23] its like a bad jap movie [21:23] :) [21:23] Akeakami (brepas@furry-9F26D763.static.ip.windstream.net) left irc: Quit: [21:24] years ago on UStream I used to be able to play video games live on my stream. Do they not allow that anymore? [21:24] really....nothing...... [21:24] talk about a cricket audience [21:24] https://twitter.com/yamavu/status/242400674883698689 [21:24] Buddy Holly [21:24] *chirp chirp* [21:24] Action: Atkelar raises hand [21:25] know any good jokes? [21:25] furry jokes [21:25] 13 [21:25] 13 [21:25] 12 now [21:26] Rhinofox (Rhinowolf@A1C70369.DFDD3B26.AA00A8F0.IP) joined #pawpet. [21:26] FPSFAN396 (b891d2af@furry-CA91125D.dsl.bell.ca) joined #pawpet. [21:26] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/thewoulfepack/ [21:26] 11 now [21:27] neither I'm Zed [21:27] FPSFAN396 (b891d2af@furry-CA91125D.dsl.bell.ca) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [21:27] Captroo (captroo1@furry-443A953C.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [21:27] what are you going to sing? [21:27] AtkelarCat (not@furry-962C1949.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #pawpet. [21:27] Atkelar (not@furry-962C1949.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) left irc: Ping timeout [21:27] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAJ_6ByEgeU [21:28] Do you have any Depeche Mode stuff from the 80's? [21:28] Nick change: AtkelarCat -> Atkelar [21:28] #PawPet: mode change '+o Atkelar' by ChanServ!services@pawpet.tv [21:28] darn i didn't know it was copywritted....:/ [21:28] grrr... now the hotel disconnects me. What was the last thing I said before I dropped out? [21:29] @Atkelar it was a link you gave [21:29] Oh. I shall repeat my lines then: [21:29] You know the shortest joke in IT? (freely translated from German) [21:29] Action: Redtail_Foxaroo is amused....this song plays and a steam locomotive just thundered by, whistle screaming XD [21:29] "No problem!" [21:30] omg my system crashes!!!!!!!1!! [21:31] Abba! [21:31] ABBA [21:31] my 15th 45 RPM record. I was... 8 or 9 [21:31] what do you call a vixen with a stuffy snout? [21:31] AndChat|56916 (AndChat569@furry-DE444577.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #pawpet. [21:31] Kio (AndChat569@furry-DE444577.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Connection reset by peer [21:32] full [21:32] really its all i got [21:33] GreySnowCAt (grey.snowc@65EA657B.CF344697.98C093E8.IP) joined #pawpet. [21:33] Nick change: GreySnowCAt -> GreySnowCat|AFK [21:33] Action: TheSonicGod -- Radio Unifurse is on NEXT! Join us in this chatroom, and open our direct audio link at http://bloowuff.com:8000/unifurse.m3u in your favorite multimedia player! Video link at http://www.justin.tv/radiounifurse [21:34] Michael when he was a black man! [21:35] i made the decision to not go to roller derby in order to stay home and watch furry online, please do something to make me love my decision [21:35] be AWESOME [21:35] Kio (AndChat569@furry-DE444577.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #pawpet. [21:35] AndChat|56916 (AndChat569@furry-DE444577.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Connection reset by peer [21:36] he single-handledly kept us entertained for 4 hours, that's already awesome in my book. :-) [21:36] its certainly more than i got [21:36] Kurra (Kurra@furry-8130D9DA.dc.dc.cox.net) joined #pawpet. [21:36] :) [21:37] my arm would be dead by now [21:38] mine too [21:38] i'm not trying to troll i just want MOAR is that so wrong? [21:38] ah okay [21:38] Action: Atkelar tries to put up his feet somewhere... totally swollen :( [21:38] zedikia: sure we didn't judge your comment [21:39] Drake_Nightwolf (6218123c@furry-394E80D2.carolina.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [21:39] Action: Kurra earperks at Atkelar o3o [21:39] oh hai all [21:39] YES this is the win i wanted!!! lol [21:39] still love the show [21:39] Hi Kurra [21:39] and thank you for doing it [21:39] good morning...... i took a nap..... [21:40] JCollie719 (johnravett@furry-D229F686.clsp.qwest.net) left irc: Quit: It's another performance by The Two Cheeks! [21:40] I was running around for several days here. [21:41] AndChat|56916 (AndChat569@furry-DE444577.cable.virginmedia.com) joined #pawpet. [21:41] Kio (AndChat569@furry-DE444577.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Connection reset by peer [21:42] Macca! [21:42] http://i.imgur.com/loNWm.jpg [21:42] Wings At The Speed Of Sound [21:42] this is happiness [21:42] LOL [21:42] McCartney is my favorite Beatle [21:44] Newfur (Newfur__@furry-42D8182.dyn.optonline.net) left irc: Connection reset by peer [21:44] Newfur (Newfur__@furry-42D8182.dyn.optonline.net) joined #pawpet. [21:46] play public domain old loney tunes from Youtube! [21:46] Looney Tunes, that is [21:46] AndChat|56916 (AndChat569@furry-DE444577.cable.virginmedia.com) left irc: Quit: Bye [21:47] Shane_Graytail (1@6CA529B5.7E3DCA47.29506787.IP) left irc: Quit: [21:48] Innouva (chatzilla@furry-62E8B50F.dhcp.roch.mn.charter.com) joined #pawpet. [21:48] Yay! It's downstairs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oW9ass-LdbE [21:48] Action: Roofus brings some wrapping paper [21:49] a link in channel [21:49] you are "elle"? (elle being French for "she") [21:49] what did i miss? [21:49] http://bloowuff.com:8000/unifurse.m3u [21:49] my bad puns [21:50] hurray for takeovers!! thank you [21:51] ?me gives big hugs [21:52] Action: Snapai huzzah, is finally hungry enough to have his energy back. :D [21:52] Action: TheSonicGod -- Radio Unifurse is on NOW! Join us in this chatroom, and open our direct audio link at http://bloowuff.com:8000/unifurse.m3u in your favorite multimedia player! Video link at http://www.justin.tv/radiounifurse (For optimal experience, mute one of the streams if you desire playing both.) [21:53] Well i am off night everyone. [21:53] RTDragon (RTDragon@furry-9CB4A513.dhcp.bycy.mi.charter.com) left irc: Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~ [21:53] anthroguy101_ (anthroguy1@911DB896.BAB0E40.942C8AE4.IP) joined #pawpet. [21:53] its said you always keep extra sexual energy in your toes, so if your not yiffing you could wiggle your toes and tell a joke [21:53] ok goodnight [21:53] thanks! [21:53] Roofus (noneofyour@furry-A2187728.mc.videotron.ca) left irc: Quit: ACHOO [21:54] o.o [21:54] TSG: give COMCAST the Aussie solution to a problem, a size 11 boot to the ass [21:54] Ricky_dalton (43d882a0@furry-17EB3C31.pool.hargray.net) joined #pawpet. [21:54] is this here? [21:54] Thank you all for watching [21:54] np Woulfe [21:54] thanks for the entertainment [21:55] oi? [21:55] yw, and thanks, Woulfe :) [21:56] Sakana_Katana (sakana.kat@furry-9189C473.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [21:57] Hi, again, Channel. [21:57] Alphapak (chatzilla@furry-D15B8000.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [21:57] howdy Sakana [21:57] OlliWolf (Thunderbir@furry-CB07B29F.pns.bellsouth.net) left irc: Client exited [21:59] Action: Atkelar is at Eurofurence :D [21:59] :3 [21:59] Yes [21:59] Action: Sakana_Katana plays Van Halen's "Respect the Wind" for Sawblade. [21:59] i hear someone [22:00] ? [22:00] Ricky_dalton (43d882a0@furry-17EB3C31.pool.hargray.net) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [22:00] Does Apple offer no solution for that? [22:01] Moondoggie_ (IceChat7@furry-3E919196.hcinet.net) left irc: Ping timeout [22:01] Moondoggie (IceChat7@furry-3E919196.hcinet.net) left irc: Ping timeout [22:01] cant you use a bluetooth piece synked with your pc? [22:02] He has a mac. [22:02] TheRabbitHoleHowler (Romeo@D075C1B2.D7FA5AE7.ED4C5D87.IP) joined #pawpet. [22:02] #PawPet: mode change '+o TheRabbitHoleHowler' by ChanServ!services@pawpet.tv [22:02] kota12 (chatzilla@furry-7969292D.dhcp.mant.nc.charter.com) joined #pawpet. [22:03] Topic changed on #pawpet by TheRabbitHoleHowler!Romeo@D075C1B2.D7FA5AE7.ED4C5D87.IP: Can't talk? Register, and you can. Find out how! http://is.gd/W5dE4z | NO FPS tonight | [22:03] BELCH! [22:03] Action: TheSonicGod -- Radio Unifurse is on NOW! Join us in this chatroom, and open our direct audio link at http://bloowuff.com:8000/unifurse.m3u in your favorite multimedia player! Video link at http://www.justin.tv/radiounifurse (For optimal experience, mute one of the streams if you desire playing both.) [22:03] *giggles* [22:03] lag is laggy [22:03] Woulfe (Woulfe@furry-60D82A36.hsd1.co.comcast.net) left #pawpet. [22:03] Topic changed on #pawpet by TheRabbitHoleHowler!Romeo@D075C1B2.D7FA5AE7.ED4C5D87.IP: Radio Unifurse is LIVE @ http://bloowuff.com:8000/unifurse.m3u http://www.justin.tv/radiounifurse Can't talk? Register, and you can. Find out how! http://is.gd/W5dE4z | NO FPS tonight | [22:03] but love is moar [22:04] stay AWESOME!!!