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Caption: You better watch out, you better not cry, Kage is glad, I'm telling you why, Santa's bringing Kage to town!
Caption: "Smilin' Bob knows what HE'S getting for Christmas!"
Caption: Sorry Little Timmy, Santa is going to be late this year.
Caption: And with a frothy glass from Santa's sack, Uncle Kage's Christmas dream was complete.
Caption: EB.. Santa got you a new biker bitch for Christmas
Caption: This can't be! Are you sure Kage has been good this year? Last time I checked the naughty list he was there. XD!
Caption: I was riding with santa on a motor bike The saddle and his lap was a feeling i liked At a furry con that i aslo did run For fellow lifestylers to have some fun He drove in the lobby with his Harley so rare And hauled out his bag with toys to share But that big apple booty made me feel so hot And the damage deposit for the suit i forgot Since i JIZZED... IN MY PANTS!
Caption: Nathan Lane in a Broadway duet with Harley Claus.
Caption: "I did Timon's voice in the Lion King movies"
Caption: I need to pee!
From:too embarrissed
Caption: Verpiss Ditch!
Caption: Santa: I accept your thanks for the alcohol but I don't think I'm going to your con.
Caption: And so Uncle Kage and Biker Santa proceeded to merge into one, in hopes of creating the world’s most beloved icon. They knew not the horror that would ensue.