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[17:00] lol [17:00] fuffyfawks [17:00] open URL isn't working [17:00] Oh. Emm. Gee. [17:00] Holy crap? [17:00] DUDE!!! ACID FLASHBACK! XD [17:00] lol [17:00] WTF? O-o; [17:00] LMAO [17:00] O.o [17:00] Whoa! WHO MADE THIS! [17:00] LOL! [17:00] AL (blingoling@pawpet-8DAD7C96.lv.lv.cox.net) joined #pawpet. [17:00] hey redski [17:00] O.o [17:00] LOL oldie [17:00] Colin: lol [17:00] replay show. [17:00] WARNING ! [17:00] Norstein (daba0cde@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:00] I know they said something about one of these weeks, but ... [17:00] WTF!!!!! [17:00] very old [17:00] A reru? [17:00] Okay, it's a rerun? :v [17:00] old episode [17:00] Its a repeat! [17:00] Console: I can't open the RealPlayer stream [17:00] rerun? [17:00] These were made by Ralph Hayes Junior. [17:00] Buzz [17:00] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [17:00] Rerun tonight? [17:00] Buzz [17:00] Liesl (n@pawpet-59427B2.cfl.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [17:00] O.o [17:00] Just kidding! [17:00] or... what the hell? [17:00] ???? [17:00] What? [17:00] that was weird. [17:00] That was good [17:00] Liesl! [17:00] o.O [17:00] o.o [17:00] Lol. [17:00] ??? [17:00] wha? [17:00] ?????? [17:00] odd [17:00] Hey, Liesl! [17:00] what just happened? [17:00] Liesl :D [17:00] O.O [17:00] whoops [17:00] LOL [17:00] Hm...? [17:00] We can has show? [17:00] hi Liesl! [17:00] Rerun XD [17:00] rerun! [17:00] Evening liesl [17:00] Hi Liesl! [17:00] woah its old! [17:00] BradHound (kennethvet@pawpet-E159B665.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) left irc: Ping timeout [17:00] That was wierd [17:00] take 3 [17:00] umm.....show? [17:00] Hi, Liesl. [17:00] erm.... make up your mind... o.==Okay, it's 1.x! XD [17:00] Hello Liesl! :-) [17:00] Yay, old logo and song! [17:00] Oni_Kidou (Oni_Kidou@1A70DAF3.83618B9.52BF2323.IP) joined #pawpet. [17:00] Yes, we gots a rerun tonight [17:00] Looks like a camera pointing at a TV o.o [17:01] It's a rerun... I wonder which? [17:01] i know its a repeat and all but thats old! [17:01] Jeez this is old. [17:01] yay old intro [17:01] Fuzzle? [17:01] Retro... [17:01] First rerun in CD-Quality! XD [17:01] its a re-run? [17:01] Whyare we watching a rerun? [17:01] it's a rerun! :) [17:01] Evening [17:01] proably 2001-2? [17:01] This is a REALLY old show. o.o [17:01] Arthur! MEOW! [17:01] cool [17:01] Where was the stuido at in 2001-2 [17:01] Rummage! [17:01] old credits [17:01] rummage.. when he was on the show [17:01] Why for a rerun? [17:01] Ziggy (death_zigg@pawpet-E501869D.hsd1.md.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:01] Liesl, do you know when the Arthur Awards show will be, or is it still tentative? [17:01] Slim? [17:01] Guess Bike week was too much for Yappy. [17:01] Where was the studio at in 2001-2 [17:01] Tinto098 (46fd8986@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [17:01] Cedar: I think the cast got hit hard by sickness [17:01] Roofus (42828af0@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: will_the _real_player_stream_ever_work_again? [17:01] bitch voop who's no longer on the show.. ;) [17:01] ROFL. [17:01] lol Ezra [17:01] Zorro (zorro456@pawpet-BD2F1B28.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) left irc: Ping timeout [17:01] umm... [17:01] lol Ezra [17:01] How old is this episode? [17:01] EVIL??? [17:01] dunno what happened to edith or melony [17:01] i know its a rerun but how do i get the video to come up [17:01] Weirdly enough, the shopw had flashier graphics back then. ;) [17:01] I think it's still tentative. Actually, we will have them, just don't know when [17:01] real old [17:01] And this is back when they had a Video Toaster. [17:01] I thought I heard KP's voice [17:02] They should just do commentary for an older episode and air that :P [17:02] and what happened to skippy?! [17:02] shoot...net froze AGAIN! [17:02] Action: TonyRingtail cuddles liesl [17:02] Grey_Muzzle92507 (45eff1c6@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:02] Mephitis (malbers@pawpet-3FA95073.dhcp.embarqhsd.net) left irc: Ping timeout [17:02] Seal [17:02] Ork Ork ork! [17:02] LOL [17:02] Oh dear...well, I may just go play WoW then since it is a rerun [17:02] FPSFAN972 (439f5ef1@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:02] Tod! [17:02] Ork Ork [17:02] yay [17:02] Liesl: is there a show this week?" [17:02] Ok, because I was going to put together a highlight reel for the winning choices [17:02] No [17:02] Yay shak [17:02] FPSFAN972 (439f5ef1@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [17:02] hahaha [17:02] Layoff! NOOOOOOOOOO! [17:02] rerun show [17:02] well if Liesl is here.. that means.. no show [17:02] LOL Temp Ferret [17:02] Back in the Video Toaster days :-) [17:02] Why is it a rerun? [17:02] I guess I'll just stick around and watch the rerun. [17:02] Steel-Plated-Bambi (charging_b@BD03A4DF.13A75C3A.8E3F5066.IP) joined #pawpet. [17:02] java! [17:02] XyLII (chatzilla@pawpet-43F6F7F5.dhcp.kgpt.tn.charter.com) joined #pawpet. [17:02] uh... what the hell? [17:02] I have strep, and I don't know what happened with everyone else [17:02] Kipper (A_RAPE_SPI@pawpet-883950A5.pools.spcsdns.net) joined #pawpet. [17:02] holy crap [17:02] Sick Cast [17:02] Rerun time :D What episode? [17:02] Weeeeeeeeeee [17:02] My god [17:02] this is OLD OLD [17:02] No show + Live Leisl = Semi Win [17:02] BradHound (kennethvet@pawpet-E159B665.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:02] TIMBER! [17:02] this is A REAL OLD SHOW!!! :D [17:02] Let's find out HobbesDawg [17:02] Liesl, get well soon! [17:02] Hello Everyone.... :) [17:03] yeh what eposide is this? [17:03] And remember folks...if you haven't seen it before, it's new to you. :-) [17:03] wb BradHound! [17:03] Cerolobo (Cerolobo@pawpet-1F83B1B3.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:03] Hope you feel better Liesl [17:03] They're helping hands. [17:03] Place your bids [17:03] like.. when I was on the show.. old.. [17:03] wait...Rerun? [17:03] CARROT! [17:03] Is this week's show a repeat? [17:03] Action: HobbesDawg bids episode 86 [17:03] I hate reruns. It means I have to listen to my voice. I hate hearing my recorded voice. ;) [17:03] Yes Lunden. [17:03] Action: T-Chall scritches BradHound. [17:03] hi Hobbes [17:03] karpour (at@pawpet-50453BE2.vie.surfer.at) joined #pawpet. [17:03] I bid halloween sinkhole show? ;) [17:03] Liesl: Ouch, hope you feel better soon [17:03] hahaha Rasvar [17:03] wow, I've never seen the show do a re-run [17:03] old ep? [17:03] Holy crap. Herbie's in the credits [17:03] even older [17:03] Action: BradHound murrs deeply. [17:03] ick [17:03] Action: GarrisonSkunk hugs a Liesl [17:03] Gulstaff_The_Salamander (44009a0c@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: Stupid re-run <_> Candlejack will be ang [17:03] Rasfar! [17:03] RAAAAAAAASVAR! [17:03] Action: TaurusBeresford has never seen this episode [17:03] RAS! [17:03] Hi, Rasvar. [17:03] Rasvarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr [17:03] and so is mach! [17:03] Hi TChall [17:03] Yay! It's a Rasvar show! [17:03] Hey Rasvar [17:03] Hi, Yurex. [17:03] Action: HobbesDawg wonders if we get to see BV. [17:03] I know this music! [17:03] *squint* [17:03] RASVARRRRRRR [17:03] I see tracking lines! [17:03] wow they had a office? [17:03] -.-; [17:03] This is on VHS? [17:03] Episode # RAAAAAAAAAASVAAAAAAAAR [17:03] DJLab (Dominic@pawpet-EA200075.tstt.net.tt) joined #pawpet. [17:03] credits are boring [17:03] This is back at Yappy's old place, I think. [17:03] Let's.....change......the beat [17:04] SINKHOLE SHOW! [17:04] Maybe its an April fools day opening. [17:04] TRENDANE! :D [17:04] From VHS to DVD [17:04] Or Herbies [17:04] holy crap, Trendy! [17:04] Ha ha ha! [17:04] I probably won't be able to watch, anyways. Dinner's gonna be served any second. :/ [17:04] Ferret take over show? [17:04] Rasvar: I think i's prolly gonna be Herbies garage [17:04] [15:52] -irc.pawpet.org- *** Can not join #: Only PawPet [17:04] WTH?! [17:04] omg this is like 1999 [17:04] SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHOW!SINKHOLE SHO [17:04] KirronAndRoko (KirronAndR@pawpet-C03831E3.dyn.centurytel.net) joined #pawpet. [17:04] hi Kipper, XyLII, Cerolobo, karpour and DJLab! [17:04] whats on the stream? My quicktime froze [17:04] Nope [17:04] What? [17:04] herro! [17:04] hmm... Riverdance! :D [17:04] well, be sure to come back next week Steel-Plated-Bambi [17:04] OMG [17:04] Nick change: KirronAndRoko -> Roko [17:04] I've always wanted to see the sinkhole episode. [17:04] no videoooo [17:04] Dancin'g headless barbies! [17:04] and it's all downhill from here! [17:04] heya [17:04] I remember this [17:04] Action: Fudgy dances [17:04] Riverdance? [17:04] Action: michael loves Riverdance [17:04] Carrot riverdance! [17:04] we should see the barbies soon [17:04] Does anyone else have anything on stream? [17:04] its the blackout show [17:04] SeanWolf|Eating_chinese, black video [17:04] This is like the Overture to 2001 [17:04] Thanks gamer_wolf [17:04] its the dancing headless naked barbies [17:04] What is the sinkhole episode? [17:04] Ok, I remember this. [17:04] old riverdance!;P [17:04] I can has a copy of this song? [17:04] Yea [17:04] Ricochet (arf@pawpet-BE73A6B0.dsl.bcvloh.sbcglobal.net) joined #pawpet. [17:04] oh ok [17:04] NHB Dance [17:04] HenryK9 (henry.r.k9@pawpet-CDCF3550.sc.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [17:04] Tyger_strype (tygerstryp@pawpet-41F8DA0B.blng.qwest.net) joined #pawpet. [17:04] Ha ha ha! [17:04] Irish FPS? [17:04] hahhaa [17:04] I LOOOOVE IT!!! [17:04] Hi all. [17:04] Hi also Woyro.... [17:04] St. Patrick's Day epey? [17:04] lol [17:04] Uh... music broke [17:04] lol [17:04] lol [17:04] Dancing naked barbies!!!! [17:04] Luck Of The Irish [17:04] yep! [17:04] lol [17:05] when did fpps first air? [17:05] hehe [17:05] Fast Forward [17:05] OOH! St. Pattie's! This coulda been saved for next week! XD [17:05] Holy hell this takes me WAY back. [17:05] Rasvar, you always and always will be the king of random. ;) [17:05] Rivernakedbarbiedance [17:05] Hi there everybody [17:05] rav, November 199 [17:05] hehe I REMEMBER THIS!!!!!!! [17:05] Deacon_Husky (NorthernSk@pawpet-3AB56EF0.buckeyecom.net) joined #pawpet. [17:05] I mean 1999 rav [17:05] rav: Nov 1999 [17:05] Action: Fudgy is going to have to watch this! [17:05] rav: FPS has been going in since 1999 [17:05] Norstein (daba0cde@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [17:05] lol, strings [17:05] rav: somewhere in the middle ages? [17:05] lol [17:05] Nick change: SeanWolf|Eating_chinese -> SeanWolf|BRB-money [17:05] hi Ricochet, HenryK9 and Tyger_strype! [17:05] marflebark [17:05] LOL [17:05] is it a repeat? [17:05] BarbieDance! [17:05] So is Yappy and Herbie at Bike week? [17:05] OMG, this is when we were funny!! [17:05] Headless Naked Barbies. Yeah, it's the Rasvar show [17:05] Naked Barbie River Dance [17:05] wow so it will be 10 years old this year [17:05] hahaha [17:05] Riverdancing barbies! [17:05] This is creepy actually :) [17:05] LOL stage fail [17:05] Lisel: indeed. [17:05] hi Deacon_Husky! [17:05] Headless Naked Line Dancing! [17:05] 1999? That's like...ten years ago! Dang! [17:05] Hi Henry.... :) [17:05] wtf?! [17:05] lol [17:05] michael - no, those are headless barbies [17:05] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:05] I actually have the head of one of those dolls, Poink gave it to me. [17:05] the horror [17:05] Creepy wears black [17:05] Oreo_wolf (oreothewol@pawpet-966E5003.hsd1.md.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [17:05] i wonder if they will have a 10 year special [17:05] Hiyas gamer_wolf [17:05] I like the Carrot version better! [17:05] Novu_Ferret (kvirc@pawpet-19645277.triad.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [17:05] Those headless naked barbies look good for 50 years old [17:05] OMG XD [17:05] lol [17:05] And henceforth that barbies were headless :) [17:05] Nick change: Shamus_AFK -> Shamus [17:05] headless NAKED barbies [17:05] Where did yappy live in 1999 [17:05] Already three dead [17:05] Liesl you are all still very funny! :) [17:05] LOLOL [17:05] Lol 2 of them fell of the string! XD [17:05] Lost a couple! [17:06] lol [17:06] lol [17:06] hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha] [17:06] TSG: What you are watching, I'm amazed to have witnessed way back in the day... ;) [17:06] Doom sound effect [17:06] They are all falling off [17:06] hehehe...and they're flying off of the strings! [17:06] they're losing dancers [17:06] what the hell is going on!? [17:06] HAHAHHAHAHAHA [17:06] Shot it!!! [17:06] Java? [17:06] Action: BradHound tickles Kipper. [17:06] yeah just like Ireland.... [17:06] bang bang [17:06] Topic changed on #pawpet by Console!Console@pawpet-73C619C7.thefoxden.com: http://pawpet.tv/onair 2002-03-17 #115 [17:06] bang bang [17:06] loooLLLLLL [17:06] Croc! [17:06] gonna lose them all [17:06] get them!!!!!!!! [17:06] bang bang [17:06] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [17:06] Wait, nope. [17:06] Liesl? when was this? [17:06] bang bang [17:06] ah, episode 115 [17:06] jeez... 7 years old. [17:06] And yes, they DoomGunned the Barbies offstage. ;) [17:06] hahaha [17:06] the day... *snicker* [17:06] Java [17:06] IRELAND DURING THE TROUBLES???? [17:06] Nomnomnom! [17:06] nomnoimnom :) [17:06] bang bang [17:06] somebody look up episode 115! [17:06] epesoied 115 [17:06] Ha ha ha! Stage closeup! [17:06] lol [17:06] is this st patricks or st valentines massacre? [17:06] mephitis (malbers@pawpet-3FA95073.dhcp.embarqhsd.net) joined #pawpet. [17:06] Barbies... gotta kill'em all [17:06] One of them is being stubborn... [17:06] yay, hanging on for dear life [17:06] Fudgy: buahah [17:06] bang bang bang [17:06] Holy shit [17:06] They should have done this on Valentine's Day. [17:06] Video Toaster [17:06] mephitis (malbers@pawpet-3FA95073.dhcp.embarqhsd.net) left #pawpet. [17:06] I'm not quite sure what I'm watching... [17:06] Action: HobbesDawg facepaws. [17:06] Burd [17:06] James Bond FPS? [17:06] Ffffff. XD [17:06] I forgot about video toaster [17:06] oops no fail fall [17:06] FireHopper (firehopper@pawpet-7D2B322A.phlapa.east.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [17:06] TSG: a very old rerun. [17:06] BURD [17:06] 115 is not on teh wiki [17:06] TSG: Rerun [17:06] TSG: the early days. :D [17:06] They should air the muppet show or something on April Fool's day [17:07] What is this about? [17:07] Tahisha (theFurmily@pawpet-458FD6AF.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:07] Action: Snapai wanders off then :p [17:07] Snapai (Snapai@pawpet-BB9899FE.dsl.wotnoh.sbcglobal.net) left #pawpet (Leaving). [17:07] i have to download this one! [17:07] Toaster FX 101 [17:07] veritcal hold issues [17:07] what's with the toaster? [17:07] Epic naked headless barbie dance... ? [17:07] mephitiss (malbers@pawpet-3FA95073.dhcp.embarqhsd.net) joined #pawpet. [17:07] Wow, Headless Naked Barbie with a hurricane kick. [17:07] :) [17:07] wow...classic [17:07] Rick Roll Us [17:07] (I never thought all of those words would combine in one statement.) [17:07] Reese_Tora (DragonKnig@pawpet-CB4C3C56.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [17:07] Video Toaster [17:07] lol [17:07] XD [17:07] Tatsumaki Senpukyak [17:07] So this has to be after episode 56 cos thats when I started watching heh [17:07] Vertical Hold issues aren't issues, they're features. [17:07] Air a Muppet Show with Pawpet cast providing the voices. [17:07] hello pawpets! [17:07] Konoha Leaf Hurricane Kick!!!! [17:07] Electro_Fox (Electro_Fo@pawpet-DD155D83.eastlink.ca) joined #pawpet. [17:07] Flash kick that! [17:07] Fudgy: I'm not even sure this show is even ELIGIBLE for DL; Yappy's policy... [17:07] O.o [17:07] This is the show just before my first Megaplex, whichwas also my first con [17:07] damn, this is my pump up music [17:07] wheelie (wheelie@pawpet-3B15C578.hsd1.tx.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:07] Dang I picked up a viewer on my Yard Cam [17:07] Roko (KirronAndR@pawpet-C03831E3.dyn.centurytel.net) left irc: Quit: Trillian (http://www.ceruleanstudios.com [17:07] this will not be avail for DL.. [17:07] lol "LEAVE IT ON!" [17:07] That barbie's got a pole up its ass. [17:07] I think I'll go back to Empire Strikes Back... [17:07] TURN THAT MUSIC UP!! [17:07] ? [17:08] hi Tahisha, mephitiss, Reese, Electro_Fox and wheelie [17:08] THIS IS THE SHOW THAT FUDGY CRASHED! [17:08] Liesl (n@pawpet-59427B2.cfl.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: [17:08] This is so trippy. WHAT. [17:08] HI GAMER [17:08] Jakrabbit (jakrabit@pawpet-AE8A4705.cfl.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [17:08] lol Tony! [17:08] what happned to the show this week? [17:08] JR! [17:08] this is silly... [17:08] WolfGang (chatzilla@pawpet-458354DF.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) left #pawpet. [17:08] Action: Jakrabbit waves [17:08] Hi JR! [17:08] hi JR! [17:08] Hey, JR! XD [17:08] *hugs him some JR* [17:08] lol [17:08] Hey JR! [17:08] salen: it's spelled feetchures :-) [17:08] Hey JR! [17:08] Action: Fudgy baps Tony [17:08] THANK YOU! [17:08] lol [17:08] THANK YOU!!! [17:08] Hi Poink [17:08] this reminds me of the movie red planet when the guy got sucked into the super tornado and all his limbs flew off [17:08] pet (p2005v2005@pawpet-D1F8F3AA.cable.ubr12.live.blueyonder.co.uk) joined #pawpet. [17:08] Hey JR! [17:08] hahahahahahahaha [17:08] Hi, JR. [17:08] Hey, the link in the topic needs to be updated to teh new wiki page! [17:08] heh heh heh heh heh [17:08] ok, that was a change. :) [17:08] Augh [17:08] FunkyGnoll (Bad@820E4274.1F4367B4.D985BA64.IP) left irc: Quit: Now watch this drive. [17:08] And they put the show out of it's misery [17:08] OW [17:08] GAH! [17:08] aaaaaah [17:08] Reverb! [17:08] lol [17:08] Ouch. DX [17:08] and now for something completely different... [17:08] AHHHHH! [17:08] YAY, NEW AND IMPROVED! XD [17:08] FEEDBACK [17:08] OW! [17:08] Owwwww! [17:08] ah the good ol days [17:08] O.O [17:08] Some things never change XD [17:08] Owwwwww! [17:08] hqahahaahahahahaah i love it [17:08] This is now my favorite episode :) Just kidding [17:08] owwwwww!! [17:08] feeeedback :) [17:08] sounds like a recent show now [17:08] New and improved feedback [17:08] Even 10 years ago, they still had feedback xD [17:08] Ok...ow! [17:08] lol [17:08] Action: Jakrabbit is out sick [17:08] New and improved technical difficulties... see, the new headsets arent that improved ;) [17:08] Proof positive that the more things change... ;-) [17:08] Technical Difficulties [17:09] this show is PB.. Pre-Bandit [17:09] New and improved technical difficulty show. XD [17:09] stageg is... oddly dark [17:09] Ye olde feedbacke? [17:09] Awww JR...take care of yourself. [17:09] JR: did the whole crew get sick? [17:09] they have so much less technical difficulties now that then [17:09] I hear Terry! [17:09] Action: Steel-Plated-Bambi laughs, noting that not much changes in ten years. [17:09] D [17:09] what eposide is this? [17:09] Whats up JR? [17:09] :\ [17:09] Turn it off! Turn it off! [17:09] 115 [17:09] JR: Aww, I hope you feel better soon [17:09] haha "omg its a wireless!: [17:09] 2 of us did [17:09] Did Yappy gas the entire crew? [17:09] look at the topic [17:09] more difficulties [17:09] Get well soon, JR. [17:09] The Tech Difficulties Show [17:09] JR which Show NUmber is this? [17:09] Hi MUTT! [17:09] Pl00ey! [17:09] Sorry to hear that, JR, get well soon. [17:09] yay Mutt! [17:09] Over the week, I Learned how to say " RaxacoricolFallipatorius" ! [17:09] hi past mutt [17:09] Grey_Muzzle92507 (45eff1c6@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [17:09] MUTT [17:09] lol, like we don't know who Mutt is [17:09] Wow, screen captions! [17:09] Well, I'm out of here guys [17:09] and KP doing his irish accent [17:09] Mutt destroys the FPS show [17:09] thats Scottish accent not Irish :P [17:09] Mut [17:09] Grey_Muzzle92507 (45eff1c6@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:09] Is this supposed to be Arthur awards? [17:09] Hi mutt!! :D [17:09] purrrrrrrr [17:09] BucktownTiger (BucktownTi@pawpet-1F199A4F.hsd1.ar.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:09] and mutt looks soooooo different. [17:09] the drunken show? [17:09] MetalDawg (MetalDawg@pawpet-8798E83A.gv.shawcable.net) joined #pawpet. [17:09] Hi 1990s Mutt! [17:09] it's the mutt of pawpet past! :D [17:09] Mutt! [17:09] not as fluffy [17:09] Roko (KirronAndR@pawpet-C03831E3.dyn.centurytel.net) joined #pawpet. [17:09] hey B ucktown! [17:10] Hope you guys feel better soon. Being sick suuuucks. [17:10] "Hi everyone! We are so screwing up already." [17:10] Console (Console@pawpet-73C619C7.thefoxden.com) left #pawpet (Leaving). [17:10] Grey_Muzzle92507 (45eff1c6@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [17:10] Action: BucktownTiger waves a paw [17:10] Grey_Muzzle92507 (45eff1c6@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:10] DRUNK SHOW!!!!!! [17:10] hey BucktownTiger! [17:10] JR ate at Subway again? This is all Jarid's fault! [17:10] Ryx (ask@pawpet-1157FB39.dsl.bell.ca) joined #pawpet. [17:10] Hi Mutt 10 years later [17:10] BT [17:10] Cedar (dj_cedar@pawpet-6C50C8BA.asm.bellsouth.net) left #pawpet. [17:10] Action: BradHound is not Irish. [17:10] WERE LEFT ALONE [17:10] Malaika (malaika@pawpet-2606B6FF.sccoast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:10] wooof [17:10] wow, Console left? [17:10] Console left?! [17:10] :P [17:10] Action: BucktownTiger feels very tired since he had to get here an hour early [17:10] Vee (IceChat7@pawpet-9B1F5CE2.singnet.com.sg) joined #pawpet. [17:10] classic mutt...he's so fwuffieeee [17:10] Action: JFD62780 is Irish! On his father's side. :D [17:10] Action: Fudgy is 100% IRISH! [17:10] hi Bucktown! [17:10] Bark bark bark! [17:10] how's everyone? *big tiger hugs* ^^ [17:10] this is like.. watching a classic baseball game on ESPN classic [17:10] hi Vee, tonight's episode is a rerun [17:10] Action: Steel-Plated-Bambi knows how Bucktown feels. X__x [17:10] Mutt is vewy fwoofy. [17:10] it is? [17:10] hello bucktown,, i love your piano playing [17:10] crappy , bucktown [17:10] FOXDen 2.0 Studios [17:10] ok, thanks Buck.. and you? [17:10] He looks like Ben [17:10] of which episode? [17:10] Is this the current Studio [17:10] Hey, Bucky! Acid Flashback rerun tonite. :) [17:10] 115 [17:10] What's going on? Is this like the cause of one of Yappy's fart? [17:10] GreySnowCat (grey.snowc@pawpet-2A58E7A4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #pawpet. [17:10] I believe it's 115 [17:10] but.. *shrugs* i'll live [17:10] So this is right after they moved to Yappy's new house. [17:10] GreySnowCat (grey.snowc@pawpet-2A58E7A4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) left irc: Quit: GreySnowCat [17:10] The replay is the technical difficulty show, the reason is the illness difficulty RL. [17:10] wow this is from 10 years ago? [17:10] Fox Den 2.0 [17:10] oh? [17:10] your watching 115, please take notes for teh Wiki [17:10] FPSFAN972 (439f5ef1@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:10] GreySnowCat (grey.snowc@pawpet-2A58E7A4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #pawpet. [17:11] The current studio after the move. Choas reigns [17:11] I think I'll be back in a bit. I'm gunna get some dinner [17:11] kewlies ^^ [17:11] Action: Shane_Graytail challenges everyone to grab an OLD name for rollcall this week! [17:11] Their "new technology" that cost them thousands of dollars is now worthless :P [17:11] Nick change: BarneySaysHi -> Barney [17:11] wow, 115....but I remember the initial episode [17:11] Yo, Ras! :D [17:11] hiy all :) [17:11] Ah, so that's it.... [17:11] I'm doing pretty good Bucktown, how about you? *hugs Bucktown back* [17:11] speaking of forks... [17:11] So, what's going on now? I'm a little confused. [17:11] FORK [17:11] So this is when Yappy Moved to his house in Kissimee? [17:11] damnit JR how many times have I told you.. healthy food will KILL YOU! [17:11] Oh/..,this is a replay? Darn [17:11] Whoa! Go JBlanco! [17:11] Redski: 2002 video. [17:11] thank you rav :) [17:11] What I wanna know is if these are the same puppets they use today. [17:11] what the fork [17:11] HI GREY [17:11] I guess JBlanco was in the audience back then [17:11] Nah, it's not that old, it's older but not 1999 old [17:11] hiya Tahisha :) [17:11] If so, they must be old. And smelly. [17:11] :) [17:11] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRKm1ovl21A [17:11] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [17:11] TSG: They're playing a classic show since most of the cast is sick right now [17:11] yeah I was.. [17:11] =) [17:11] is today just a rerun, or are tehy ahving a flashback? [17:11] nice and crisp [17:11] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=594czDWwzwc <-- Meeeee linedancing [17:11] rerun [17:12] Rerun [17:12] Its Rerun of 115 [17:12] gamer_wolf: From what? O_o [17:12] wow 2002? I was young back then :p [17:12] ? [17:12] rerun [17:12] bugger [17:12] I think I saw 115 [17:12] rerun.. anyway.. I am outta here.. [17:12] Sick? Ack, I hope they get better [17:12] ah, thanks [17:12] Fudgy,, LineCRASHING [17:12] so show 410 next week [17:12] http://pawpet.tv/?do=search&id=Episode+115 [17:12] :\ [17:12] so I can go kill shit.. [17:12] Is this a remastered version of the show? [17:12] Action: TaurusBeresford was still living in the woods back then [17:12] Action: Fudgy baps Tony again [17:12] Laters, JBlanco! [17:12] lol [17:12] 2002... When I was innocent... I still am. [17:12] night :\ [17:12] JBlanco (thmricc@pawpet-B4A08AA0.rk.wavecable.com) left irc: Quit: Trillian (http://www.ceruleanstudios.com [17:12] pet (p2005v2005@pawpet-D1F8F3AA.cable.ubr12.live.blueyonder.co.uk) left irc: Quit: [17:12] Breathalizer Nite! ;P [17:12] o.o [17:12] why the rerun? [17:12] hiya Jakrabbit *hugs* [17:12] Reese: Both. I feel I know why; the sudden Florida heat's adding to it. I should know; I'm in Tampa [17:12] TechieFox (TechieFox@pawpet-6EA79CAE.om.om.cox.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [17:12] Yappy probably managed to crash his apple with viris's last week [17:12] Tyger_strype (tygerstryp@pawpet-41F8DA0B.blng.qwest.net) left irc: Quit: [17:12] I don't know about all of you, but I love the reruns. [17:12] erm... [17:12] my Quicktime just died [17:12] Dang, gotta go. i may pop back in later.... [17:12] same [17:12] froozen [17:12] hehe [17:12] omg it froze [17:12] Steel-Plated-Bambi (charging_b@BD03A4DF.13A75C3A.8E3F5066.IP) left #pawpet. [17:12] and stream just died for everyone. [17:12] Stream Death o [17:12] Yep, dead stream [17:12] DJLab: Suuuuuuuuuuuuure. [17:12] thow's on PAWS! [17:12] it just froze haha [17:12] frizzed [17:12] I think it froze. x.x [17:12] sick cast = rerun - o - rama [17:12] ;-) [17:12] FREEZ [17:12] stream died [17:12] the stream is deaded [17:12] .LOL [17:12] Doodles (doodles8@pawpet-5DCABFA9.cable.mindspring.com) left irc: Quit: [17:12] quicktime's alive.. I think the video froze [17:13] Today is dead [17:13] Stream is dead. [17:13] And Console isn't around to fix it D: [17:13] FPS JUST DIED [17:13] 2 cast members are sick, so not enough people to do tonight's show. [17:13] Oh...thought it was my internet lol [17:13] TSG: Liesl said she has strep, and JR said he is sick too [17:13] stream's running, the video died.... [17:13] PAWS! [17:13] Action: Kipper waits for a rick roll or something [17:13] Technical Difficulties [17:13] dead air? [17:13] dead stream [17:13] stream just flatlined.. [17:13] I am Colin! Just not as much [17:13] I guess I'll just leave... :-) [17:13] Good night, sleep tight, pleasent dreams to you.... [17:13] Fillyjonk (aFillyjonk@pawpet-45AE54AC.cust.wildblue.net) joined #pawpet. [17:13] no stream at all [17:13] woof [17:13] just like Fursuit TV!!!! [17:13] miffOtter (chatzilla@pawpet-AA41D99.sip.hsv.bellsouth.net) left irc: Quit: G'bye [17:13] wow, really? [17:13] i'm doing well... tracking how much bandwidth FPS takes each week as a convincing argument to why an aircard is useless to me with a 5 GB/month cap [17:13] :\ [17:13] no one is hear to fix it, TSG, FUDGY, ANYONE [17:13] the technical difficulties were so bad there leeching into 2009 o.o lol [17:13] Not Fund [17:13] Action: Reese_Tora notes that http://pawpet.tv/onair is no longer the page to get the stream URL from, it's now http://pawpet.tv/watch, and someone shhould update the topic accordingly [17:13] Action: Deacon_Husky gives Redski a hug :) [17:13] lol [17:13] lol, fluffyfox [17:13] TechieFox (TechieFox@pawpet-6EA79CAE.om.om.cox.net) joined #pawpet. [17:13] ta ta 4 now [17:13] Action: Redski hugs Deacon :) [17:13] Alden (Kyoshi@pawpet-EB132D84.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:13] short - but sweet [17:13] Well, it was worth it just for headless naked barbie dance, really. [17:13] *fuffyfox [17:13] they're still down [17:13] Well this is going well [17:13] Bucktown, Ouch [17:13] Yakko should pop up and be like "good night everybody!" [17:13] yup got a 404 here [17:13] o.o [17:13] Action: Fudgy COULD DRIVE INTO IT????? [17:13] died [17:14] ...... [17:14] wahhhh [17:14] this is gay [17:14] too bad only bar is ehre, and bar has no power [17:14] OW. IT WENT WHITE [17:14] oh well. I can stick around for a little [17:14] Fursuit TV is still streaming through the US Server. Looks like at Yappy's End. [17:14] I did LOL at the barbie riverdance [17:14] I thought I was crappy service with 12 gigs a month [17:14] Stream died fo rme [17:14] - das ende - [17:14] furrystripes (paulblanto@pawpet-AE0491D6.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [17:14] Action: BradHound goes...."Brb!" [17:14] The stream died on everyone [17:14] *for me [17:14] Bucktown: Ahh, yeah I hate those limits [17:14] please don't drive into it [17:14] CC_Lebo (44391d00@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:14] TSG: is there still gonna be a show tonight? [17:14] Oh well [17:14] that was a great show! [17:14] BradHound (kennethvet@pawpet-E159B665.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: *Poof!* [17:14] 404'd... [17:14] Fudgy! fire up the tractor! the stream has to be pulled through the server! [17:14] hehe [17:14] all gone [17:14] Back. [17:14] I dont want to know what Yappy's end looks like [17:14] Show is back up. [17:14] Action: Fudgy revs up the tractor! [17:14] Redski: I would like to have a show tonight. [17:14] that was pointles [17:14] I just checked the updated page...there is nothing for show links on that page. [17:14] Yamavu (chatzilla@pawpet-B2A116E.tuwien.teleweb.at) joined #pawpet. [17:14] Nick change: Yurex -> Yurex_SL [17:14] ...and down again. [17:14] NOT FOUND [17:14] So let's talk people and pass the time... Wait I hate human contact!!! NOOOOOOOOOO [17:14] And up again. [17:14] well I just got it [17:14] I get stream [17:14] pawpet.tv not found [17:15] its back with no sound ..> [17:15] ooh, a rerun with unkle kage, this should be worth watching >:3 [17:15] I have sound [17:15] whoa wtf [17:15] someone broke the replay [17:15] we got stream [17:15] Show works here :D [17:15] and picture [17:15] I had human contact once....it was strange [17:15] well then, I guess I'll just take this time to watch my reruns, improve the episode guide, and look for nominations for this year's Arthur Awards [17:15] lol @ DJLab [17:15] Welcome to T. Mutt. [17:15] Okay, we're back! :P [17:15] both, amazing [17:15] show is back~ [17:15] yay its back [17:15] Back up! [17:15] heh heh heh heh heh [17:15] but..no sound [17:15] YappyFox (yappyfox@pawpet-73C619C7.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:15] dun see anything here X_X [17:15] Haha [17:15] stream up [17:15] "Thanks for coming by, letter people..." [17:15] Technical difficutlies - the hamsters need red bull [17:15] re Yap [17:15] woooooo back [17:15] hi Yappy! [17:15] Alltogether now...."SIMBAAAAAAA! Please fix the internet againnnnnn!" [17:15] WB YappyFox [17:15] night :\ [17:15] hi Yappy!! [17:15] #PawPet: mode change '+o YappyFox' by |!PawPet@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com [17:15] I hear Trendane [17:15] stream is back [17:15] Wow, they had Super Smash Brothers back then? [17:15] Electro_Fox (Electro_Fo@pawpet-DD155D83.eastlink.ca) left irc: Quit: [17:15] Yay! [17:15] buggy software :P [17:15] hi yappy :) [17:15] ? [17:15] Yappy! [17:15] Bye [17:15] Hey Yappy! [17:15] Oldschool roll call [17:15] YappyFox (yappyfox@pawpet-73C619C7.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving [17:15] No video, just audio [17:15] zzz [17:16] Did you shoot the Stream? [17:16] woof? [17:16] I thought that sounded like Trendane [17:16] there is video, is this live? [17:16] Shamus: I believe it was invented in '99 for the N64. ;) [17:16] Shamus: Well it was 2002, so Melee was out [17:16] Stray_Cat (bbf4f@pawpet-2E2DCBF8.bootp.virginia.edu) joined #pawpet. [17:16] nice to meet you yappy [17:16] i have audio & video [17:16] audio but no video here [17:16] Oh and Atkelar, I'm sorry about accidentally deleting your entry. I guess I should have read the directions first. :) [17:16] So where did they do FPS from Before 115? [17:16] Lyosha: this is a very old episode :D [17:16] I have both. Had to close and restart [17:16] Is this pre-smellthemeat? [17:16] Okay hold on... stream not being received on my end [17:16] ? :\ [17:16] Oh God... Is this the drunk show!? [17:16] just refresh page [17:16] I'm gonna go do my health homework [17:16] "and the HEY LADY!" [17:16] Sawblade: Yappys house, then Herbies Garage, then Yappys house. [17:16] looks ancient [17:16] Is that Uncle Kagé? [17:16] Mach..and he has HAIR [17:16] holy crap [17:16] the house looks....the exact same. [17:16] Nick change: Dreadfox -> Damn_Hippies [17:16] I smell a rerun [17:16] "HELLO WIDDLE CHILDREn WITH THE SCARY FACES... HOYL!" [17:16] WHere was Old Yappy's House? [17:16] the house is the same [17:17] Mach! [17:17] michael: we made the directions as a result - didn't think somebody would delete a regular entry :) [17:17] Tigron: It's only been 400 episodes. 7 years.... [17:17] Brian (BReynolds6@pawpet-23196541.hsd1.va.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:17] if this was 2002 I was on the show not too long after this in May. [17:17] haha [17:17] everyone looks so thin and healthy! [17:17] hi Brian! [17:17] And now the old list of names! [17:17] such an early roll call [17:17] Hi Brian [17:17] Hi Brian! [17:17] Monolith (Monolith@594C64EB.DF92F23C.4D913B40.IP) joined #pawpet. [17:17] Is that Ronin grooming Mach? [17:17] Atkelar, I was trying to change it a bit, but I ended up deleting the whole thing... again I'm sorry [17:17] Nick change: Damn_Hippies -> Z_Damn_Hippies [17:17] Zorro (zorro456@pawpet-BD2F1B28.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:17] Before we even started with music [17:17] Hi brain, [17:17] Yo, Bri! Tonight's episode is from SEVERAL St. Patties ago... ;) [17:17] Thats trendane [17:17] Good hell [17:17] they didn't do the music then? [17:17] anybody on that list you've been here a long time. [17:17] and jakrabbit is still in channel :P [17:17] Welcome to rerun Brian [17:17] FloofHusky (furrypinkh@pawpet-E48F0AC6.range86-165.btcentralplus.com) joined #pawpet. [17:17] I'm gonna watch tv, see y'all later [17:17] This is back before I had my operation, so this has to be 2003 or earlier. [17:17] Hello. Maybe I missed something, but will there be anything live tonight? [17:17] Barney (h.jonge16@pawpet-234FDCA7.chello.nl) left irc: Quit: [17:17] o.o [17:17] no [17:18] aaw its a replay today? [17:18] That was a visiting Puppeteer alien [17:18] and hi [17:18] WHat is going on? [17:18] Brian: Nope, most of the cast is sick [17:18] brian, its a replay of 115 [17:18] me, say my name!!!! [17:18] where is the cast tonight? [17:18] "Arm goes to hand, hand goes to puppet, puppet moooves mouth....yeeeees." [17:18] My show will be live. :p [17:18] "Hand goes into head" - Retro quote of the night [17:18] everyone got sick X_X [17:18] Brian: Tonight is Episode #115. [17:18] hehe [17:18] No. Too many of us are sick tonight [17:18] Nick change: Sawblade5 -> Z-Burdy_Burdy_Burdy_Burd [17:18] Booo being sick [17:18] Bri: I'm not sure; Funday's suffering from illness so they're doing a rerun... [17:18] ? [17:18] mispronounced my name :( [17:18] Eposode #115 [17:18] omg [17:18] sucks Im finally free to watch the entire show hehe [17:18] the FM theater [17:18] [16:17] -irc.pawpet.org- *** Can not join #115: Only PawPet [17:18] poor FPS crew [17:18] I forgot about that. [17:18] hey Atkelar karpour Kipper Lokosicek [17:18] Nick change: Z-Burdy_Burdy_Burdy_Burd -> Sawblade5 [17:18] I thought I had seen this show back then...but he didn't read my name [17:18] lol [17:18] wow they had laptops back then [17:18] Episode #115, eh? [17:18] Action: Leiko sends a hug to the FPS crew [17:18] hiya Yamavu [17:18] hi Yamavu [17:18] Back when we had a room on furrymuck before they kicked us off. [17:18] Carrot attack [17:18] poor cast :( [17:18] heyamavu [17:18] *hi Yamavu [17:18] I have some sort of flu, liesel has strep [17:18] Acton (IceChat7@pawpet-8D681C3C.hsd1.or.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:18] hey Tahisha [17:18] Also in SL [17:18] Episode 115: The substitute episode [17:18] :) [17:18] I remember it when it was live. :) But if there's nothing live tonight I've got other things I can work on. [17:18] Rasvar: I remember it hehe. [17:19] wow even tho this is old, its new to me [17:19] Hsssss [17:19] FM? [17:19] Jakrabbit: OUCH. :-( [17:19] It' [17:19] It's new to me too. [17:19] JR: yeck yeck [17:19] FloofHusky (furrypinkh@pawpet-E48F0AC6.range86-165.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: [17:19] wow, FM is so old [17:19] Well, hope you get better Jakrabbit and Liesl [17:19] Rasvar: paepets: too good for furrymuck [17:19] What was FM? [17:19] who's that on the cam? [17:19] *pawpets [17:19] Nick change: Lyosha_ -> Lyosha [17:19] almost as old as AM [17:19] Ok...lets see Brian draw something based on the quote...'Hands off Mch's thing" [17:19] So, this begs the question.. [17:19] Furrymuck [17:19] FM = FurryMuck [17:19] Will 115 be downloadable after this is over? [17:19] I remember Ipswich. the bearded clam. [17:19] you could get this box, and when you turned it on, it played music [17:19] furrymuck is real old [17:19] was Brian even watching at this point GarrisonSkunk? [17:19] monolith: NO [17:19] Awwww. Hope you all feel better soon. [17:19] Wow, everything looks so different! [17:19] I was, yes. [17:19] Mono: I suspect not... [17:19] Michael: not that I recall heh [17:19] Sibir Lupus and I should drive up as a standby cast. :) [17:19] Wow - does FM still exist? [17:19] why is there a rerun? [17:19] Bad Boys? [17:19] bad furs bad furs [17:19] yes Mach with hair! [17:19] ...on download. [17:20] TOD [17:20] FurryMUCK is still going strong. I'm on there now. [17:20] i hope it does!! [17:20] Brian: you're old *ducks* [17:20] ;) [17:20] Deacon_Husky, the cast is out sick [17:20] Action: BucktownTiger yawns... [17:20] hi by the way! [17:20] It sure does...very much so [17:20] My FurryMuck Character dates back to 1995, and still alive in FM! [17:20] i'm so tired [17:20] Action: Fillyjonk still shows up on FM. [17:20] Hi Todd! [17:20] Action: TaurusBeresford is old too [17:20] It's where all us old fogeys hang out. [17:20] And it's Tod on your screen with Mutt. [17:20] TODD!!! [17:20] Doesn't feel old, but yeah... [17:20] omg tod! [17:20] where's Ezra in this replay? [17:20] 1337 [17:20] oh hi Brian [17:20] Tod! [17:20] 1337 [17:20] Well, when this classic stream is done, I'll start Radio Unifurse. [17:20] FPSFAN972 (439f5ef1@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [17:20] Cool, Shamus. Fond memories of what started my journey into furry [17:20] Redski: He hasn't shown up yet. [17:20] Ezra is the same puppeteer as Todd [17:20] TSG I already Streaming [17:20] TSG: I guess the schedule's set then. :) [17:20] Ha ha ha! [17:20] lol [17:20] never been on FM, been on Furcadia, though... [17:20] 7:00 [17:21] I could never do mucking... dunno why. [17:21] MetalDawg: It may be simple text, but it's home to me. [17:21] ? :) [17:21] I know someone who actually pees on the ashes [17:21] Caroline (4cc1b724@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:21] ? [17:21] tHE mACH AND mUTT sHOW. [17:21] hi Caroline [17:21] is this show up for download? [17:21] Hey Caroline [17:21] o.o [17:21] TSG: Why not do a rerun of an old episode yourself? To keep the mood? ;P [17:21] Caplock sucks [17:21] AcerM (santa@pawpet-D30B1A24.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:21] fudgy: yappy said no [17:21] Action: Reese_Tora logged in to Furcadia once, fro about 5 minutes [17:21] Tod and Mutt are on stage. :D [17:21] Howdy! [17:21] hahahaha Mutt's spazzing out! [17:21] hi Caroline and AcerM! [17:21] Action: mephitiss wags hi to Caroline [17:21] awwwww :( [17:21] Simba (simba@pawpet-1459346C.org) joined #pawpet. [17:21] exactly what is FM? [17:21] Hehe - It was simple green text on a basement terminal, many years back, but I still loved it [17:21] Hi Simba [17:21] hey Simba [17:21] hi Simba! [17:21] Sombody forgot to set clock to daylight saving time? [17:21] simba! [17:21] Hey Simba! [17:21] Atkelar: I wouldn't do that to you all. Our old shows suck. :p [17:21] hey simba [17:21] YAYBURP! XD [17:21] im having probs i think [17:21] y hlo thar [17:21] Simba [17:21] Hi, Simba. [17:21] Howdy howdy! [17:21] is FM like SL? [17:21] Furrymuck [17:22] Hokucho (chatzilla@pawpet-3687B7A.cpe.cableone.net) joined #pawpet. [17:22] Sinkhole show xD [17:22] Sinkhole! [17:22] Whirling beanie! [17:22] are they here? [17:22] all im getting is like a digital green screen,, is anyone else getting this? [17:22] hi Hokucho! [17:22] no graphics on FM [17:22] is this old footage i joined late. [17:22] just text [17:22] white balance is off [17:22] Awww, Todd's got a Mickey Mouse pin [17:22] Mucking=SL minus everything and a bag of chips [17:22] rav: Close Quicktime and reopen it./ [17:22] RazieGryphon (RazieGryph@9266A08.3CBD6FBB.E324BAD5.IP) joined #pawpet. [17:22] but this is hilarious [17:22] Action: HobbesDawg LOVES Tod Ferret [17:22] yes, 115 [17:22] Acer: its a rerun of 115 [17:22] Nezz (Nezz@pawpet-1BFF07AE.sip.mco.bellsouth.net) joined #pawpet. [17:22] Tod looks a lot cleaner here :P [17:22] TODD! [17:22] Extreme Todd Closeup! [17:22] read topic [17:22] Action: HobbesDawg was Tod Ferrets first worshipper. [17:22] Michel_Mephit (Michel_Mep@pawpet-99FB1012.cable.mindspring.com) joined #pawpet. [17:22] heya gamer_wolf , rerun show? [17:22] Tig: Back when they weren't as skilled. ;) [17:22] k thank you sonicgod [17:22] It's Tod, Zorro :) one d. [17:22] So for people like -me- it's a shot of a show I never got to see. [17:22] FM=Runs on a terminal [17:22] Shesh! [17:22] gee... [17:22] FurryMuck Web page: http://www.furry.com/ [17:22] Heck, we were lucky this camera was working for this show. It was absolute chaos [17:22] Doesn't matter... It's a great show [17:23] HOBBES! [17:23] TONY [17:23] that's what we're doing Mutt :) [17:23] Action: TonyRingtail tacklepounces Hobbes [17:23] Oh so this is a rerun [17:23] My first FPS was I think 397 [17:23] munch_the_kitten (IceChat7@98AAFCE2.254783BE.3161969A.IP) left irc: Quit: Some folks are wise, and some otherwise. [17:23] It looks like chaos! [17:23] it's 5 22 am here, should i stay awake ot sleep? [17:23] OOH! KAGE! :D [17:23] Hokucho: Yep. Most of the cast is sick so no live show today [17:23] ??? [17:23] My First FPS was the Tron Guy Show [17:23] Wow [17:23] My first show was #2. [17:23] my first FPS was... a year ago [17:23] uncle kage xD [17:23] are they taking a break for this week? [17:23] Yay, Kage! [17:23] kagamoochie [17:23] My first FPS was 301. [17:23] Jesus Vee, go to bed! [17:23] [16:22] -irc.pawpet.org- *** Can not join #2: Only PawPet [17:23] Action: HobbesDawg first show was 56 :P [17:23] my first was 398 [17:23] haven't seen him on fps for a while [17:23] hehe [17:23] hello =] [17:23] Was this the show when Uncle Kage came up with "The Unknown Furry"??? [17:23] my first was 345 [17:23] thanks gamer_wolf I thought as much [17:23] Mine was 177 [17:23] My first show was #1 [17:23] my first FPS was July 2008 [17:23] My first FPS was 399 [17:23] my first show was about 45 [17:23] First was # 64 or so. [17:23] ? [17:23] Action: Rieshal is old. [17:23] hey, I have one of those [17:23] You're in for a treat, Sawblade5. The old shows were as funny as they were chaotic. [17:23] Sakana_Katana (sakana.kat@pawpet-EE10EDC.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:23] oooooooooooooo [17:23] SIMBA!!!!!!!! [17:23] Pawpet closeups for the win! [17:23] not a st. Patty one though [17:23] spirk (445e6164@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:23] ooh I like [17:23] Tig: I think this was years before... [17:23] my first was last week [17:23] Okay, I'm off then. Take care! [17:23] my first show was the halloween show last year [17:23] Action: Rieshal remembers Simba playing with his sticks on the show. [17:23] [16:22] -irc.pawpet.org- *** Can not join #1: Only PawPet [17:23] ah [17:23] oooh, ahhh [17:23] So because time came back they have no show? [17:23] well, I started being in channel on the Sub Challenge Show [17:23] Simba: you were there? hehe I haven't seen episode 1 in so long. [17:24] Simba: Hehehe [17:24] shiiiney [17:24] oooow [17:24] It's a green Yappy [17:24] Action: Fudgy s first show was # 394 [17:24] Action: JFD62780 sees a Green Citra...? ;) [17:24] Faith & begorah, Channel! [17:24] Brian: oh, got to leave already? have a nice sunday then! [17:24] Green Yappy [17:24] Action: HobbesDawg remembers Simba doing entertiament durring Krystal Breaks. [17:24] Yah, I was there [17:24] [16:22] -irc.pawpet.org- *** Can not join #: Only PawPet [17:24] Munch_the_kitten (IceChat7@98AAFCE2.254783BE.3161969A.IP) joined #pawpet. [17:24] who's the green one? [17:24] Damn I've wasted 9 years of Sundays watching this show. [17:24] ArkFerret (web@pawpet-1973CDA1.cable.srcy.cablelynx.com) joined #pawpet. [17:24] didn't know. didn't know kage was on the show before those that time and the time a few weeks ago [17:24] take notes for the wiki this isnt on there [17:24] Yoda Irish? [17:24] Haha [17:24] Got other things I can take care of if I've got the night off. [17:24] Action: Vee first show was the previous show with uncle kage [17:24] aaaaaaaaaaaaah [17:24] Hahaha [17:24] Action: TonyRingtail jumps onna Simba arm and hangs on! [17:24] someone who had a bit too much green beer? [17:24] What's with the camera today? [17:24] lol [17:24] lol [17:24] Roko (KirronAndR@pawpet-C03831E3.dyn.centurytel.net) left #pawpet. [17:24] lol [17:24] lol [17:24] ok wow, [17:24] Brian (BReynolds6@pawpet-23196541.hsd1.va.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [17:24] lol i might haveta stop watching xD [17:24] Live from the MOON [17:24] Action: Fudgy would like to have this show [17:24] Green lol (jk of course) [17:24] Sakana_Katana- old show [17:24] My Viper antivirus decided to quarintine my MIRC program & deleted all the settings...gggrrrrr [17:25] Blair Witch cam [17:25] Gosh and Begorah [17:25] floating camera [17:25] .....I want this episode. XD [17:25] No munching kittens! That's sick! [17:25] Faith and Begorrah, Batman? [17:25] shit stil the same green screen [17:25] what year is this video from? [17:25] LOL, Fox O'Hara! [17:25] Caroline: 2002 [17:25] 2002. [17:25] :\ [17:25] "Holy one liner Batman!" [17:25] Cloverfield camera [17:25] Okie...going to din din with ma ma [17:25] o.o [17:25] Ah, I was wondering why Mach was there. [17:25] 2002 [17:25] Ricochet (arf@pawpet-BE73A6B0.dsl.bcvloh.sbcglobal.net) left #pawpet. [17:25] crap irish accent :P [17:25] You know you're addicted to fursuits when... you're playing cards and the Queen of Hearts reminds you of Huskers. [17:25] Caroline: it's a rerun of show 115 [17:25] look at old channel [17:25] Old channel! [17:25] rabbits give good luck, green foxes don't apparently [17:25] "The agent there was Flannery." [17:25] Irish Leprafox [17:25] So what was that? [17:25] hello windows 98 [17:25] And I was still in high school when this was aired. [17:25] shoulda done the sink hole ep [17:25] Action: ArkFerret grumbles. [17:25] Hey. Is this a rerun? [17:25] Irish accents aren't hard to do... when you're from Ireland. :p [17:25] am i the onlyone without sound? [17:25] yes [17:25] Fudgy: That's only cause you weren't there way back when. ;) [17:25] Michael: yes [17:25] take four ? [17:25] okay got to go now! bye! [17:25] Stream Break Up because they broke it [17:25] can someone change the topic? [17:25] OMG Crappy VHS tape! [17:26] Michel_Mephit: This is Episode #115. [17:26] I hope the Carrot Riverdance is in this [17:26] Was that Ras.. oh yes, it was. :)D [17:26] this is back when live video brodcasting was a joke [17:26] Redski: what? [17:26] Caroline (4cc1b724@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [17:26] YAY, TOASTER REBOOT! XD [17:26] Damnit all to hell. [17:26] Gee was over 40 when this show first aired [17:26] this shows hillarious xD [17:26] our topic or theirs? [17:26] Nick change: SeanWolf|BRB-money -> SeanWolf [17:26] MX-1 reboot! [17:26] "Give us about an hour, and we're going to start the show over." [17:26] Sink Hole was done a couple of times already. [17:26] Videonics [17:26] Michael: other michael [17:26] that's Michel [17:26] MY First Episoide http://pawpet.tv/episode_361 [17:26] lol, old art jams [17:26] so do you have that money for us now SeanWolf? [17:26] Ratchet (ratchet@pawpet-404DD375.satx.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [17:26] yeah well, I didn't start watching till 407 [17:26] Action: JFD62780 hears a Bandit! [17:26] no sounD? [17:26] he's ruining the magic [17:26] Always wondered how the stage worked [17:26] Bandit was a young pup back then. [17:26] So this is when they just went back to filming at Yappy's [17:26] Irish Leprefox has no pot o' gold. but does have a pot o' yiff. [17:26] haha [17:26] Please don't show us Herbie's privates. [17:27] SabreFox (568a07e2@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:27] so much dark [17:27] its broken lol [17:27] Mutt still has his privates? Bob Barker didn't get his hands on him yet [17:27] Obsolete technical stuff! [17:27] awww, I can't wait to see Bandit as a puppy! [17:27] The old old setup [17:27] hurray! [17:27] What's Funny is that I made my First Show Apperance on my 1 year aniversery of watching [17:27] Hey, this was state of the art back then. ;) [17:27] there seems to be a lot less stuff now [17:27] it still looks 100% like that [17:27] ;) [17:27] bandit banfdit [17:27] lol "Can I play with it Rasvar?" [17:27] The Pawpet crew taking a hiatus? [17:27] Wow thank god for new tech! Yeah new tech! [17:27] I bet Yappy still had the Toaster working, back then. [17:27] was this before JR? [17:27] yeah Michel, they're sick [17:27] The crew are sick. [17:27] woof [17:27] herbie and his coffee :P [17:27] Dripdry (w_boles195@78403BF9.8BADAAF.CFFE043D.IP) joined #pawpet. [17:27] Boy that was exciting [17:27] Yappy gassed them. [17:27] COFFEEEEEEEEEE! XD [17:27] some things never change [17:27] lol [17:27] Hi all! [17:27] Look at that HUGE laptop [17:27] No I was on it I think [17:27] what does this big red button do? [17:28] Hi extreme close up! [17:28] Mutt want's cccccccccooooooooooffffffeeeeeeeeeeeee [17:28] ok I just heard JR [17:28] sCARY [17:28] only day I can watch the whole show and it is a re-run hehehehe [17:28] I g2g [17:28] RAINI! XD [17:28] ArkFerret (web@pawpet-1973CDA1.cable.srcy.cablelynx.com) left irc: Quit: off again, gotta load software, lots of software, dreadfull reboots and updates AHHHHHH! [17:28] This is also when the lighting was florescent lights and work lights. None of the stage lighting or rack lights in the kitchen [17:28] The VT is sitting behind me [17:28] Jakrabbit: When did you join up with FPS? [17:28] who? [17:28] DJLab (Dominic@pawpet-EA200075.tstt.net.tt) left irc: Quit: Leaving [17:28] no living room [17:28] Rainicute!!!! [17:28] lol [17:28] This is so crazy... [17:28] my back hurts [17:28] yay its back [17:28] the great barbie battlefield [17:28] It's not a rerun - they're just testing the new time machine... [17:28] TSG: wiki says 86, but im not sure [17:28] A little after the meteorite took out the dinosaurs;) [17:28] aww, green tings [17:28] guess ill have to figure it out later,, [17:28] Oni_Kidou (Oni_Kidou@1A70DAF3.83618B9.52BF2323.IP) left #pawpet. [17:28] tod is so awesome :D [17:28] I hope Yappy makes this available for download -- I missed it when first run and the first :30 today. [17:28] i'm his biggest fan [17:29] Todd is love [17:29] then where is present Yappy MetalDawg? [17:29] they need to have a fart off [17:29] Drago_The_Fox: As in 1986? O_o [17:29] JR has a nice view of Yappy's Backyard from his spot on stage [17:29] Tod's voice is great [17:29] That living room was pretty empty until I moved in and put my entertainment center and sofa in there. [17:29] Wow, that sounded like Mach panicking. [17:29] I find that hard to believe. [17:29] TSG: as in show 86 [17:29] It's the Peabody WayBack Machine [17:29] woof [17:29] I dont do reruns I out of here Next week folks Today show 2 out of 10 [17:29] I love those Side Stage Cameras [17:29] Me too. I want this episode for download! X3 [17:29] spirk (445e6164@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [17:29] hi Karpour [17:29] Stray_Cat - He can't show himself, it would cause a paradox and crash the stream [17:29] ROFL, Toofless Tod! [17:29] i hope to see alot of you at fwa,, you all have a nice day [17:29] spirk (445e6164@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:29] Rasvar, I love your laugh. When you bust a gut, it's infectious. [17:29] hey kipper :) [17:29] Action: Redski yawns [17:29] i remember how cute Raini is....wish she would visit the show now [17:29] Was this pre-Poink? [17:29] I would love to see those side stage cameras back [17:29] and remember most viewers didnt have broadband then [17:29] Ohhh... I'm an idiot. [17:29] should we talk about cheese now/ [17:29] ? [17:29] ? lol [17:30] Cheeeese, Gromit, CHEEEEESE! [17:30] whoa. [17:30] boom [17:30] lol [17:30] eject eject eject ahd phooey [17:30] ker-plode! [17:30] love old show though [17:30] heh [17:30] Whoops, wrong button. [17:30] I had Broadband then [17:30] rav (ravennon@pawpet-10CE634E.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [17:30] "We forgot the crackaz Gromit!" [17:30] Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssss [17:30] OMJ CHEESE! [17:30] Schism (Skizim143@pawpet-42A727D0.dyn.centurytel.net) left irc: Quit: [17:30] I can hear crying in the background. [17:30] mmmm Limburger cheese! ;P [17:30] Acton (IceChat7@pawpet-8D681C3C.hsd1.or.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: If you think nobody cares, try missing a few payments [17:30] lol [17:30] I think Poink was known as Evil Ferret back then. [17:30] Action: Reese_Tora browses random FA stuff, finds a candle shaped like a canine penis... O_o [17:30] But it was just about 1 Meg Connection [17:30] TSG, did the package I sent arrive? [17:30] lol [17:30] muts a kissed? [17:30] lol [17:30] back in the days of dial up & RP for everyone [17:30] lol [17:30] Now I get like 50 Meg [17:30] CAPTAIN PLANET!!! [17:30] A Muttzicist [17:30] haha [17:30] "This'll make Snow White smell like Limbuygah cheese!" [17:30] Nope, evil was a seperate ferret [17:30] yaaaaappyyyyyyy! [17:30] Action: Yurex_SL had DSL then [17:30] I saw Watchmen [17:30] wait, this computer was around and running when this first aired [17:30] lo, garrison should do an honorar top 50 for this [17:30] Jason X? I remember that. [17:30] o.o [17:31] lol, Jason in space [17:31] Rasvar: Ahh [17:31] Jason next year? O.o [17:31] jason iiiin spaaaace [17:31] Jason X had the best horror movie kill in history [17:31] Jason XXX [17:31] Jason X...it was good...a little lame [17:31] green thing! [17:31] lol jason x [17:31] the green fox is cute [17:31] LOL [17:31] o.o [17:31] micheal: which kill? [17:31] The only way to kill Jason is to have the writers go on strike. [17:31] Jason takes this lady and dips her head in liquid nitrogen, and then shatters it [17:31] Woulfe: i think i've seen that ;) [17:31] agreed with you zig [17:31] micheal: That was both cool and awesome [17:31] horrible images fill my mind ...jason xxx *shiver* [17:31] Down side up [17:31] The power of cheese [17:31] behold the power of chesse [17:31] take 2 [17:31] woof [17:31] BarbieDance, Take 2! :D [17:31] In the same movie, he also beats somebody to death with someone else... in a sleeping bag! [17:31] Action: Fudgy starts to dance [17:31] I only just watched Jason X yesterday.. [17:31] I dunno. Watchmen has dome pretty gruesome kills. [17:31] This was when all the bloops had to come from Mach. [17:31] Anyone know if that movie "The Missing Lynx" from the trailer last week is going to be available in The States or, on DVD? [17:31] take two million [17:31] Freddy VS Jason was just a comedy horror [17:32] Action: Drago_The_Fox dances with Fudgy [17:32] Mutt is...the Lord of the Dance! [17:32] Here we go again [17:32] yay! [17:32] XD [17:32] oh good god [17:32] XD!!!!!! [17:32] and now with knots tied extra tight [17:32] lol, again [17:32] The original connection of this was crazy. I think it was still sent out over ISDN lines at this time since there was no dsl or cable internet in the area when Yappy moved in. [17:32] lol [17:32] xD [17:32] This time it works :D [17:32] this ought to be awesome [17:32] Sakana_Katana, doesn't look like it [17:32] And the #1 thing said 9 years ago..... "Hands off Mach's thing" [17:32] Action: Fudgy does actually know the whole riverdance [17:32] yeah [17:32] Oh....wow. XD!!!! [17:32] Michael Flatly even joins them this time. [17:32] lol [17:32] lol! [17:32] This is still Hilarious [17:32] lol [17:32] [16:31] -irc.pawpet.org- *** Can not join #1: Only PawPet [17:32] now all they need is a headless naked flaterly... [17:32] coyote_at_quiznos (chatzilla@pawpet-D61E9DCB.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [17:32] They're all tied to a stick xD [17:32] impressive though [17:32] this is still cute lol [17:32] hey,all [17:32] So ? [17:32] lol Reese [17:32] Reese: He joins them, actually. [17:32] hi coyote_at_quiznos! [17:32] hi coyote_at_quiznos [17:32] Fyre (FoxyOtter@pawpet-8B8AD385.dsl.austtx.sbcglobal.net) joined #pawpet. [17:32] Anytime you get headless naked barbies together, it's a win, guaranteed. [17:32] michael> Darnit, I need a "Brazilian Connection" to get a DVD. [17:32] stupid aul prat Michael Pratley spoils Riverdance [17:32] Hey, guys. [17:32] brb [17:32] lol [17:32] suddenly they are beset by a lonely yodeling gaotherd [17:32] lol [17:32] They r naked! xD [17:33] lol [17:33] SabreFox (568a07e2@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [17:33] Action: Reese_Tora has enver seen this episode, so it is new to him [17:33] hello mr. Coyote, haven't seen you in a while. You came in just in time for a rerun [17:33] Spines dont bend that way [17:33] that ... is ... the ... scaryest ... thing ... i ... have ... ever ... seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [17:33] Kurra (Kurra@pawpet-7919EA67.washdc.fios.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [17:33] Cheeus, this show's gotten wierder [17:33] Kuddlepup (John_Cole@pawpet-C27A4D0B.cfl.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [17:33] Action: TonyRingtail passes out free dr pepper [17:33] Have a good night all [17:33] cheeus* [17:33] Daichi_Wolf: Not for long. ;) [17:33] hey KP [17:33] Sakana_Katana, the soundtrack is available on the Spanish version of iTunes, if that makes you feel any better :) [17:33] heyas KP [17:33] Michael Flatly is ... the Lord of the Dance. Darth Vader is ... the Lord of the Sith. [17:33] HenryK9 (henry.r.k9@pawpet-CDCF3550.sc.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: [17:33] Hi Kuddlepup [17:33] god I need some Bawls [17:33] Action: Reese_Tora pounces Tony's DrPepper "MINE!" [17:33] arf [17:33] =o [17:33] spirk (445e6164@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [17:33] SabreFoxUK (Sabre_fox@pawpet-2DAF5812.range86-138.btcentralplus.com) joined #pawpet. [17:33] See.. this is why I wish Yappy would make this downloadable. Stuff like this is breaking up because I -guess- my connection isn't strong enough. But I never got to see the original show either.. so I'm -totally- missing whatever this is. [17:33] Yay! Thanks Tony! [17:33] They should play "Johnny Came Home Headless" to this [17:33] Enter the Lord of the Dance! :D [17:33] REEEERUNSS!!! [17:33] i also seen it on soulseek [17:33] Hi, KP. [17:33] hi KP! [17:33] Action: Z_Damn_Hippies is dying [17:33] michael> Thanks but, I'm hoping for the movie. [17:33] Hey all. *thunk* [17:33] Action: SeanWolf is drinking a pepsi while watching the rerun [17:33] spirk (445e6164@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:33] Time to bring it home! [17:33] they dance like the rl riverdance! [17:33] Cessna_and_Onai (cessnafox@pawpet-99FB1012.cable.mindspring.com) joined #pawpet. [17:33] no dont leave! [17:33] I love Riverdance [17:33] Action: Redski pokes Cessna [17:33] Nick change: Z_Damn_Hippies -> Dreadfox [17:34] See? [17:34] caffine is necessary [17:34] Headless Naked Ken Flattly [17:34] Ken [17:34] why is that one barbie huming that other barbie's neck? [17:34] SOLO [17:34] Caffeine is for COWARDS [17:34] XD A LEAF [17:34] lol, leaf [17:34] Aaaaaah, crotch attack! [17:34] Any explanation as to WHY it's a rerun tonight? [17:34] Action: Fudgy thinks Ireland is made famous for stupid riverdance! [17:34] 0.o [17:34] Close up crotch cam [17:34] Does anyone have copies of earlier FPS episodes like this? maybe i can download at least ones like this that i missed totally? [17:34] Is the stream blowing goats again? [17:34] Sick Cast = Rerun [17:34] its a rerun? [17:34] hi SabreFoxUK, spirk and Cessna_and_Onai! [17:34] Sakana: Everyone is sick [17:34] Sakana_Katana- most of the cast is isck [17:34] *sick [17:34] H.N. Flattery wore Greenloijns long befor eYatta! was though tup! :D [17:34] Monolith, I have a rerun of episode 1000 [17:34] it is not Fudgy. It's famous for alcoholism [17:34] -j [17:34] Sakana: the apwpet cast is sick... also, some of them have caught diseases like strep throat [17:34] Monolith, I mean 100 [17:34] Hi all [17:34] See how fluid the nature of time and causality is? If Fudgy was 10 years older, he probably would have run over Michael Flattly with a tractor, preventing the River Dance, and this show would never have happened. We live in a puzzling universe. [17:34] Hi KP! [17:34] hes got a stick up his butt xD [17:34] hi [17:34] Oooo, too bad. Get well, everyone! [17:34] KP! [17:35] I'm glad the cast put on a rerun rather than cancelling. Kudos to them. [17:35] Stray: alchol and riverdance! [17:35] People are VIOLENTLY ILL. ... or maybe strep throat. [17:35] kuddlepup! [17:35] KP, I miss Tod terribly. [17:35] Darnit stream, do better! The FPS people deserve it! [17:35] good observation Fillyjonk [17:35] Hey KP! [17:35] Six Pack Flu [17:35] Hi KP [17:35] hi KP [17:35] somewhere, someone is watching us watch them and laughing [17:35] ello KP [17:35] Hi Simba [17:35] Now can someone find a way to put the headless naked barbie riverdance on YouTube? [17:35] xD [17:35] lol [17:35] XD [17:35] Sick cast? :< [17:35] Ironic. There was a stomach flu bug going around campus last week... everyone got it except me [17:35] yup [17:35] Ha ha ha! Chaos in the background! [17:35] Why bother? YouTube will yank it within a week. [17:35] that barbie looks like your man Pratley [17:35] their getting tangled? [17:35] It would be a hit on YouTube. Totally viral. [17:35] So is there a big bag of barbie heads around the set somewhere? [17:35] aww hope they gett better soon [17:35] ......Want download, please! XD [17:35] yea CHAOS [17:35] madness, this is barbie [17:36] i think i caught the stomach bug [17:36] Yaaaaay!!! [17:36] yaaaaay! [17:36] Fudgy, you mean Flatley [17:36] ROFL, Barbiedance broke! XD [17:36] they all hung themseleves [17:36] Yaaaay! [17:36] I think it is a statewide thing. i was sick last week too. [17:36] lol [17:36] yyyyyaaaaayyyyy [17:36] AHAHAHAHAHA [17:36] yayzles [17:36] wow [17:36] lol! [17:36] xD [17:36] OMG it looks like a scaffolding accident [17:36] I seriously want download too. Dangit, let some of us get this at least please! [17:36] yayzles?? [17:36] that was beautiful, man [17:36] michael i meant PRatley! [17:36] I was sick as well [17:36] Yes [17:36] I didn't know riverdance ended with mass suicide [17:36] looks like they got hanged [17:36] its what i say [17:36] LOL The Cell :) [17:36] lol Fudgy [17:36] hung barbies [17:36] The Cell [17:36] I'm sick now, really. [17:36] I remember that :) [17:36] whitewolfie (vircuser@18FFCE8B.F93B96CD.6BE1F675.IP) joined #pawpet. [17:36] Hey KP! [17:36] xD [17:36] Ken was not hung at all. ;) [17:36] laugher [17:36] Sound Board [17:36] oooooh sounds effects! [17:36] XD! [17:36] whitewolfie (vircuser@18FFCE8B.F93B96CD.6BE1F675.IP) left irc: Quit: whitewolfie [17:36] Hiya Kuddlepup! [17:36] Canned laughter xD [17:36] Well hung Barbies. [17:36] Nick change: baccala30 -> baccala30|dinner [17:36] Ken was impaled :) [17:36] o___o [17:36] whitewolfie (vircuser@18FFCE8B.F93B96CD.6BE1F675.IP) joined #pawpet. [17:36] cheese [17:36] Laugh track. LOL! [17:36] Action: Reese_Tora thinks it's funnt that it's the barbies taht are well hung, and not ken :P [17:37] CHEEEEEEEEZE [17:37] Cheeeeeessseeeee [17:37] Frazzy626 (Frazzy626@pawpet-16DC4A2A.dsl.wotnoh.sbcglobal.net) left irc: Quit: [17:37] SparkyBlueFox (null@pawpet-75710E17.nap.wideopenwest.com) joined #pawpet. [17:37] Howd he know about the cheese [17:37] lol [17:37] I like cheddar.. [17:37] CHEESE [17:37] cheddar barbies? [17:37] "They're still talking about cheese!" [17:37] fun [17:37] Rolly Polli Barbie heads [17:37] Ha ha ha! [17:37] parmisean [17:37] SparkyBlueFox: You seem... familiar... [17:37] Mutt, you crack me up. [17:37] Haha [17:37] Fish...heads...fish...heads...roly-poly fish...heads... [17:37] lol "That's what I drive." [17:37] hi whitewolfie and SparkyBlueFox! [17:37] GOOD [17:37] What show is this? [17:37] hehehehehe [17:37] Howdy SonicGod! [17:37] YAY, POINK 1.0! XD [17:37] Hey GamerWolf! [17:37] LOL! [17:37] Fish...heads...fish...heads...eat them up...yummmmmmm. [17:37] Yatta Poink! [17:37] Short Bus? http://www.ipeedinyourpool.com [17:37] lol, Poink leaf [17:37] 0.o [17:37] It's Poink's leaf [17:37] Ha ha ha! You're quite blessed! [17:37] as opposed to all those other color leaves [17:37] Poink 1.0 o.o [17:37] Hahaha [17:37] Eposode #115 [17:37] XD!!!! [17:37] lol [17:37] poink omg [17:37] lol [17:37] lol [17:37] wooooo~ [17:37] hahahahahahahaha [17:38] it's poink when he was still dyeing his fur blond [17:38] xD [17:38] Poink: Uncensored [17:38] Wow. Prelights [17:38] Vee (IceChat7@pawpet-9B1F5CE2.singnet.com.sg) left irc: Quit: Relax, its only ONES and ZEROS! [17:38] poink rules [17:38] hahaha [17:38] I guess poink has earned his reputration XD [17:38] :P [17:38] poink gone wild [17:38] Poink Uncensored How can that be with the Seal of Disapproval [17:38] UNcle Kage [17:38] spirk (445e6164@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [17:38] spirk (445e6164@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:38] Barbies and Cheese, new from Nabisco [17:38] There's nothing quite like Mutt's voice [17:38] Poink: Too Hot for the Pawpet Show [17:38] Young!...er Kage! [17:38] Kag-Oh-Mushi? [17:38] Oh yeah, this was when we still had the worklights that were like heat lamps. [17:38] o.o [17:38] Poink - Is serious business. [17:38] Kage has a friend? [17:38] What.....is that? [17:38] Hi Sal [17:38] Kagémushi. [17:39] SAL [17:39] Sal manilla [17:39] Kage as a gator [17:39] Croc-a-Mushi! :D [17:39] Sal Amoniac? [17:39] thats so not kage. >.> [17:39] Innnnnn South Philadelphia born and raised...... [17:39] Wow! [17:39] Sal E. Gator? [17:39] well, this show is just silly [17:39] hmmm... [17:39] It's kage [17:39] Sal Monella? [17:39] Its Kage [17:39] My RP jjust died [17:39] o.o [17:39] Vector (Crocodile@pawpet-BE71A96E.w90-6.abo.wanadoo.fr) joined #pawpet. [17:39] This was before Yappy had 342 videoes in his download file [17:39] Jaypup (lkjdslkfsd@pawpet-DD7C148E.dhcp.inet.fi) joined #pawpet. [17:39] Actually, that *is* Uncle Kagé. [17:39] >.> [17:39] grawwwww [17:39] Anyone here a wrestling fan....Anyone here think Kage has been to the ECW Arena? [17:39] heyas [17:39] It's creepy though. The people there are all... chipper [17:39] Ohhh yea.... thats kage! [17:39] is there going to be a show tonight? [17:39] Shuuuuuush [17:39] hello hello [17:39] Oooh, from one croc to another! What up, Vec? :D [17:39] classic days :) [17:39] Eposode #115 [17:40] Jaypup, most of the cast is sick [17:40] Sick Cast = Rerun [17:40] so no show then :( [17:40] well, you can enjoy this rerun :) [17:40] this is my first Rerun, HEHE [17:40] Ever seen show 115 ? [17:40] Vector (Crocodile@pawpet-BE71A96E.w90-6.abo.wanadoo.fr) left irc: Quit: Bye ! [17:40] [16:39] -irc.pawpet.org- *** Can not join #115: Only PawPet [17:40] :) [17:40] Again, hope you all feel better, and I hope this is available for download. Later everyone! [17:40] :\ [17:40] lol, console should play a twfer like the last time i remember - he played episode 1 and 4 [17:40] Howler (Howler@pawpet-B3246BA2.cfl.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [17:40] Colley (mlepew@pawpet-73BD390F.client.mchsi.com) joined #pawpet. [17:40] Use http://pawpet.tv/onair [17:40] ferrets would fit perfectly inside a serpent belly [17:40] TSG is your ustream up yet? [17:40] Jaypup: If you haven't seen this episode before...well, it's new to you. ;-) [17:41] hi Howler and Colley! [17:41] Alden (Kyoshi@pawpet-EB132D84.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [17:41] Howdy! [17:41] LOL "In Philly, we boo Santa Clause, we boo the opera!" [17:41] Action: SparkyBlueFox rolls! [17:41] I hear a Mutt! :D [17:41] Poor Todd xD [17:41] Jaspion (Crocodile@pawpet-BE71A96E.w90-6.abo.wanadoo.fr) joined #pawpet. [17:41] Todd is the only castmember to not really change from the old days. [17:41] Nick change: Zalno|concert -> Zalno [17:41] ^.^ [17:41] o.o [17:41] Boo Boo Kitty? Space Ghost ref? NooooooooooooooO! [17:41] Nick change: Jaspion -> Vector [17:41] hmms can i get the server link!? [17:41] hello ! [17:41] Tod's forever [17:41] Action: Zalno returns after going to a jazz concert for his music class. [17:41] spirk (445e6164@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [17:41] Yo, Zal! Rerun from the early 2000's! :D [17:41] Ha ha ha! Good save. [17:41] (,,,) ^-^(,,,) [17:41] but Todd doesn't show up too much anymore [17:41] JFD62780: Ah, okay. [17:41] RB (r_bear@pawpet-4E884DF0.ks.ok.cox.net) left irc: Quit: [17:41] nice to see some classic paw pet [17:41] Do we get director's commentary? [17:42] my computer is having a flash back, its running faster [17:42] Philly-delphia. LOL [17:42] Action: Redski yawns [17:42] ya, directors commentary [17:42] Kurra: Either that, or we can MST3k this episode. :-) [17:42] Stream Death [17:42] you're bored Redski? [17:42] streeeeam? [17:42] ironic: JP 3 is showing to night on CN [17:42] Stream death part 2! [17:42] My stream died. [17:42] noes [17:42] DEAD meh =/ [17:42] and it died [17:42] michael: yeah kinda [17:42] oh no [17:42] eeep [17:42] erm... Are those freezes IN the DVD as well? Or did the stream really crash? :P [17:42] The cup killed the stream [17:42] Dripdry (w_boles195@78403BF9.8BADAAF.CFFE043D.IP) left irc: Quit: [17:42] Has Died [17:42] noooooo 404 [17:42] boom!!!! [17:42] 5:47 [17:42] again the stream dies [17:42] DDDDDDD: [17:42] nooooooes! [17:42] oy [17:42] stream dead 404 again [17:42] boom? [17:42] Yappy WTF is up with the Stream This Week [17:42] Action: Fudgy revs up the tractor.... [17:42] oh shit son D: [17:42] well, it IS the tech difficulties show [17:42] ... [17:42] NO [17:42] They're not showing 404 [17:42] This happen earlier tonight? [17:42] Yappy...put another quarter in the slot! [17:42] click, click, booooooooooooooooom! [17:42] we need cheese [17:42] Action: Drago_The_Fox gets in teh tractor with Fudgy [17:42] halp [17:43] o.o [17:43] Seems like the stream this week is going the way of the FPS cast members. :-P [17:43] every show back then was filled with technical difficulties [17:43] Drago: are you mad???? [17:43] it's stream FLU these days ! [17:43] Back... :) [17:43] 404 not found [17:43] yays [17:43] yay [17:43] would you like me to witness your will Drago? [17:43] yay its back [17:43] It's back! [17:43] Fursuit TV is still broadcasting ... [17:43] back then it was a nickle [17:43] >.> [17:43] more coffee for the hamsters, stat! [17:43] fudgy, no i just wannah ride in a tractor [17:43] Sakana_Katana: Yes. [17:43] You got Satan? [17:43] Drunk serpents... [17:43] I just let QT keep running, and it suddenly kicked in again. :D [17:43] Satan? Or Satin? [17:43] VROOOM VROOOM VROOOM [17:43] Mach has Satin [17:43] speaking of Satan... [17:43] can anyone throw me whit a stream?? [17:43] Oh, rerun this week? [17:43] this is my first FPS show while I'm sick, its weird lol [17:43] Could it be... Satan? [17:43] tuna coffee? [17:43] rtsp://streams.pawpet.tv:554/fps.sdp [17:44] peyahs! [17:44] thanks [17:44] i wouled drink it [17:44] boy, Todd's pissing everyone off tonight :) [17:44] I'm still getting not found [17:44] That coffee pot was nasty. [17:44] Hey TheSonicGod: were you at Morphicon last year? [17:44] Red: Hell, most the Funday staff's sick this week, hence the rerun... [17:44] rtsp://streams.us.timduru.org:554/fps.sdp [17:44] Action: Zalno pokes Jaypup. "You seem familiar, for some reason." [17:44] Colley (mlepew@pawpet-73BD390F.client.mchsi.com) left irc: Quit: Time has little to do with infinity and jelly donuts [17:44] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTlz3FA-Rjg [17:44] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTlz3FA-Rjg [17:44] Quick! Someone read that clock! [17:44] ... [17:44] who? me? o.o [17:44] That's a funny looking dog [17:45] is the stream going to come back? [17:45] Not Found [17:45] Blnak O'CLock [17:45] lol [17:45] none of the streams are working [17:45] BOOM [17:45] I thought I saw a "clock spider". [17:45] ok I was on about 8-12 weeks later than this show. [17:45] its done??? [17:45] Cinnabons! NOM!! [17:45] SparkyBlueFox: No, I wasn't. :/ [17:45] Devilwuff (marples7@pawpet-7E782EDD.wfd103.dsl.pol.co.uk) joined #pawpet. [17:45] Cinnabons! *drools* [17:45] ? :\ [17:45] Jaypup: Yeah. Did you use to go by JJS911, or JayWolf by any chance? [17:45] HI DEVIL [17:45] i can't get to the stream ether [17:45] Yurex_SL, what do you mean? [17:45] Me either [17:45] This was pre bandit too [17:45] don't eat those cinnabons, they're like 8 years old! [17:45] nope i have all ways used this nick [17:45] Hi All :) [17:45] is stream down still? [17:45] :) [17:45] Jaypup: oh, okay [17:45] Pokit Fox [17:45] I was on the show for the first time that May [17:45] this.. really.. fails [17:45] Funday Pawpet Crew: When you look at these old episodes, do you cringe, or do you wish you could take it back there? [17:45] this is before Devon fell behind Yappy's shelf [17:45] i remember walking into my mall and getting hit with that smell mmmm... [17:45] Is the Green Room behind the Green Door? [17:45] ? [17:45] Ras: This was? Then who's the pup we heard earliwer? O.o [17:45] There was Apple Tang? [17:46] look at that room, no foxes ept a painting [17:46] Hand in warm water or draw on his face! [17:46] lol [17:46] also, hi Jakrabbit. :) [17:46] The only cons I've been to was Anthrocon, Midwest Fur Fest, Con of the North, Minnesota Furs Picnic. [17:46] Action: HobbesDawg doesnt think he's seen Scruff E in ages [17:46] lol [17:46] You know...maybe if people would STOP POSTING THE FEED ADDRESSES IN THE CHAT ROOM we wouldn't be in this mess right now. :-P [17:46] why? [17:46] Crotch check? [17:46] ? [17:46] noooo not Yippee! [17:46] Ruined the magic already [17:46] Action: Dreadfox uses a phoenix down [17:46] Don't know. It was another year or two before Yappy got Bandit [17:46] SonicGod: okays... I was at MFF 07 and 08 [17:46] sarek (sarek@pawpet-21D17B37.regn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca) joined #pawpet. [17:46] I went to MP the next year [17:46] woah [17:46] Coffee-flavored coffee! [17:47] 2003 or MP3 [17:47] hey, I'll see you guys next week... [17:47] Coffee flavored coffee! [17:47] The channel was a lot slower back then... [17:47] SparkyBlueFox: That's probably where I saw you, MFF '08. I was there. :) [17:47] Shamus: I see another Denis Leary fan. :) [17:47] Reese_Tora (DragonKnig@pawpet-CB4C3C56.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: To the top of the stairs, to the top of the roofs, now dash away, dash away, dasy away- whoops! [17:47] and smaller [17:47] Nerikull (chatzilla@pawpet-676E016.nap.wideopenwest.com) joined #pawpet. [17:47] nobody would buy coffee-flavored coffee....it'd taste bad [17:47] some ting [17:47] hay whats tang? [17:47] od i can't get any of the streams working [17:47] *sighs* Okay, I'm heading out for the night. [17:47] I wish coffee tasted like it smelled [17:47] Absolutely. Denis Leary is just one of my favorite little balls of rage. [17:47] sarek (sarek@pawpet-21D17B37.regn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca) left irc: Quit: [17:47] KISS ME IM IRISH! [17:47] woof [17:47] That is all for today? [17:47] WD You have a take over stream ready? [17:47] To all of the FPS cast members who are ill, please know you're in my thoughts and I hope you get better soon. [17:47] ice age, yeah [17:47] ICE AGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [17:47] SonicGod: Next con.....FCN in Troy Michigan in April!!!! [17:47] Ice Age! Yay! [17:47] 2002 [17:48] lets go see it now! [17:48] So, was... Diego your favorite Ice Age character? ;) [17:48] I saw it with my best friend... we had some laughs [17:48] SparkyBlueFox: YAY for FCN!!! :-D [17:48] well... the "onair" page on the wiki is dead again... [17:48] Ice Age 3 comes out this year [17:48] Ugh....can't find the stream...something up? [17:48] KISS ME IM IRISH! [17:48] Ice age was bad [17:48] SparkyBlueFox> Troy or Novi? [17:48] ice age 2 was funny xD [17:48] o.o [17:48] scrat [17:48] that was on today [17:48] http://www.matrices.net/digitigrade.asp [17:48] ftw [17:48] Novi [17:48] where did yappy go [17:48] erp [17:48] TonyRingtail (tonyringta@pawpet-A463052A.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: ooooh shiiiiiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [17:48] mt [17:48] ColinFoxTail: I'm running the fox hunt again this year [17:48] ].[ [17:48] ? [17:48] Maybe the right bait would coax the stream out of hiding - Suggestions? [17:48] so this episode is March 17, 2002 then? [17:48] Cool. :-) [17:48] did the stream go down? [17:48] Take care everyone! [17:48] AL (blingoling@pawpet-8DAD7C96.lv.lv.cox.net) left #pawpet. [17:48] Katana: sorry... yea... Novi mich! [17:48] ColinFoxTail (Colin@pawpet-4E3B609.dsl.wotnoh.sbcglobal.net) left irc: Quit: Okay, that's it...I QUIT...for now, anyway. :-P [17:48] Action: Shane_Graytail says, we coax the stream out with CHEESE! [17:48] Zeke <3<3<3 [17:48] Mutt! [17:48] Stream is still up. [17:49] ugh, I feel like I'm gonna pass out [17:49] is the show the normal 4 hours? [17:49] MUTT [17:49] channel PUNCH! [17:49] KittyNoy (kittynoy@pawpet-D2A67CE4.popl.cable.ntl.com) joined #pawpet. [17:49] Not found.....RAWR!!!! [17:49] Action: Shamus blocks channel PUNCH and counters with channel KICK! [17:49] not found [17:49] Fudgy> Nothing normal about these 4 hours. [17:49] no stream for this old fox..... [17:49] rtsp://streams.pawpet.tv:554/fps.sdp [17:49] What year did the Grindhouse double feature Planet Terror/ Death Proof come out? [17:49] guess I'll check back next week [17:49] Action: Malaika ducks [17:49] Nothing here either [17:49] Monster's Inc. was one of the best Pixar films [17:49] mephitiss (malbers@pawpet-3FA95073.dhcp.embarqhsd.net) left irc: Quit: [17:49] Plumpdragon (chatzilla@pawpet-6E573FE9.upc-i.chello.nl) joined #pawpet. [17:49] Action: Dreadfox uses and elixer [17:49] its showing all of the mirrors are down [17:49] http://pawpet.tv/onair doesn't work and all stream URLs I (or the channel) had give "not found"... [17:50] NO LIVE MPEG4 MIRRORS ARE AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME This means there is a stream being sent, but the mirrors are currently offline [17:50] NO LIVE REAL MEDIA STREAMS ARE AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME [17:50] Action: Redski yawns [17:50] whoa [17:50] Monsters Inc. was the only one out of those three which didn't spawn bad sequels :P [17:50] I went through the website and that worked Atkelar [17:50] hi everyone [17:50] Reload your page [17:50] yea i get nothing [17:50] Stray_Cat: onair gives a blank page [17:50] You can't have Denis Leary rant in an animated movie! [17:50] Atkelar> I got that error with QT but, reloaded it and... there is was. [17:50] nada on the refresh =/ [17:50] Did someone say this was show #115? [17:50] Dennis Leary = win [17:50] shane: yep [17:50] anyone have the URL of the stream? [17:50] and I saw Ratatouille over the summer, and I gotta say, I like the monologue at the end. [17:50] Bjorn_Grafeldr (bjorn_graf@pawpet-DB612E3.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:50] I think the server may be messed up. If you have the stream, you are fine unless you close your player. Server probably needs a reboot. [17:50] Action: SparkyBlueFox has no stream.....sigh [17:50] Shamus: Not even in a rantoff between Diego and Foamy? :P [17:51] yep Shane_Graytail [17:51] http://pawpet.tv/fps-mpeg-live-us ? [17:51] Gaomon (464f6f65@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:51] Time to fire up the archive and see if I have it [17:51] hi Plumpdragon and Bjorn! [17:51] hi Gaomon! [17:51] -=NOT FOUND, you LOSER!!!=- [17:51] Action: Shamus hmmms. "Well, maybe." [17:51] getting a not found [17:51] Tiger not chewing on anyone? Hmmmm. [17:51] ah well :P [17:51] yup ive exhaused all my options. later everyone [17:51] Eddie Murphy needs to give it up. [17:51] Ok, it didn't really call me a loser... [17:51] fuffyfox (fuffyfox@pawpet-95F42762.bstnma.east.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: [17:51] Nick change: baccala30|dinner -> baccala30 [17:51] Eddie Murphy is so washed up [17:51] because he's famous and they can put his name on the movie [17:51] Plumpdragon: rtsp://streams.us.timduru.org:554/fps [17:51] ITS DOWN! [17:51] thanks [17:52] You know who else is washed up? Will Ferrel [17:52] Hello gamer_wolf [17:52] PJ,S [17:52] is it STILL down? [17:52] Yes [17:52] yus [17:52] He was good as "Donkey." [17:52] People have asked me what unbridled horror looks like.... This is it.... THe Stream dying on the Funday Pawpet Show and the chat reacting. [17:52] JR wake Yappy UP [17:52] my computer hasent lost the stream, but the video IS as old as this comp [17:52] No, the stream's still running on my end... [17:52] He wasn't bad as Donkey, but he was still annoying to me. Which was fine for that character, because Donkey was SUPPOSED to be annoying. [17:52] Tigron, unbridled horror is a perpetualy looped video of Dominic the donkey [17:52] So whats the deal..... are the FPS crew all sick this weekend? Is anybody man'ing the server at Yappy's place? [17:53] still running here [17:53] No that's just annyoing. [17:53] :\ [17:53] So, what did y'all think of Watchmen? [17:53] Want weird character designs: watch "Crayon Shin Chan." [17:53] I've never seen Iceage. [17:53] The stream is goneeeeeeeeeee [17:53] Sparky: Most of 'em are... [17:53] was this before Liesl? [17:53] wow...sorry to hear that... [17:53] so a few people still have it buts most cant cnect anymore hmm [17:53] I think so Redski [17:53] Lyosha Which Server are you on if your still seeing FPAS [17:53] typical! I'm missing 108-119 =p [17:53] Oh waitr your wwatching an Archive [17:53] are you guys running it with normal quicktime or the browser (ones that are still watching) [17:53] I cant connect... [17:53] To everyone trying to get the stream on QT, this is the URL: rtsp://streams.us.timduru.org:554/fps [17:53] Action: SparkyBlueFox is down... [17:53] still getting a not found :( [17:53] no stream for me either [17:53] I'm not sure, I clicked the first one that came up on the list [17:53] Fyre: Quick Time [17:53] http://pawpet.tv/fps-mpeg-live-us [17:53] Action: SparkyBlueFox is a VLC fox [17:54] this is the webaddress to where I'm watching [17:54] gamer_wolf: "Not Found" [17:54] roach! [17:54] Red: Thes was WAY back when; Raini was the Estrogen Du Jour back when. (No offense if you're watching, Huskitty...) [17:54] It's Kage! [17:54] SparkyBlueFox: VLC or VCL? [17:54] KILL IT KILL ITR KILL IT [17:54] Fyre: That's wierd, I've got the stream at that URL right now [17:54] lol [17:54] VLC media player [17:54] I get it and 404 [17:54] ... [17:54] They killed Kage! You bastards! [17:54] might be my connection :3 [17:54] Of course it does, it's Roach repellent! [17:54] No, don't Kill Kage! [17:54] ? [17:54] Raito (cjsouth@pawpet-7F66C617.student.tcu.edu) joined #pawpet. [17:55] Wall-E: That cockroach as immortal. O_O [17:55] It is Notoriously hard to kill a roach [17:55] *was [17:55] They get reincarnated as Congressmen. [17:55] haha [17:55] a shoe usually does the trick Michael [17:55] Must be a user limit keeping me from Watching [17:55] the government is responsible for this disaster! [17:55] not found [17:55] woof [17:55] Ya gotta catch it first though, Stray_Cat :) [17:55] IS anyone watching type MarfleBark [17:55] NSA/CIA has 500 clients viewing FPS! [17:55] MARFLEBARK [17:55] why Sawblade5 [17:56] Action: SparkyBlueFox sighs [17:56] Scruff E.! [17:56] Blue-Paw (doglover45@pawpet-B04561CB.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) joined #pawpet. [17:56] Because it has apperntly exceeded Userlimit [17:56] woof scruff [17:56] Marflebarf! <--Stream's still running [17:56] Baar_bear (IceChat7@pawpet-1C48834A.ph.ph.cox.net) joined #pawpet. [17:56] lol his upper jaw moving up and down [17:56] Damn NSA! [17:56] Marflebark! [17:56] well i guess thats it [17:56] Garmon_Martin (Pianofitz@pawpet-10CD2049.dyn.optonline.net) joined #pawpet. [17:56] Marflebark [17:56] So are any of the servers online for the video? [17:56] Marflebark [17:56] Marfle...barf? [17:56] There's no stream? [17:56] no [17:56] Action: Fyre flops and waits for his connection to come back up [17:56] there was [17:56] Have to pull out the tic-tacs [17:57] There's a stream! [17:57] Michael: Hell, that's what _I_ thought it was! :P [17:57] MarfleHURK [17:57] Video now but, audio dropped out. [17:57] I'm still getting audio...hmm [17:57] There's no URL posted currently [17:57] Action: Redski pets SBF [17:57] DJLab (Dominic@pawpet-EA200075.tstt.net.tt) joined #pawpet. [17:57] Marflemrrow [17:57] SECRET WORD [17:57] MARFLEBARK!!!!! [17:57] Action: JFD62780 has full audio and video! [17:57] ahhhhhhhhhhh [17:57] MARFLEBARK [17:57] SECRET WORD [17:57] Roach invasion! [17:57] Hahaha [17:57] eek, roaches! [17:57] wow, Yappy's house is infested [17:57] kill now [17:57] Taurus_Beresford (TaurusBere@pawpet-3EFD7408.cellularsouth.com) joined #pawpet. [17:57] LOL [17:57] O.O [17:58] Bandit will chase them. [17:58] FPSFAN153 (62f50cd0@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:58] he killed the sign [17:58] XD [17:58] ty Redski... [17:58] What's the URL to the RP feed pleae? [17:58] ZOMGROACH! XD [17:58] roach coach [17:58] o.O [17:58] I'm afraid to restart QT for fear of losing the video, too. [17:58] XD [17:58] well, it's either roaches or mice... take your pick [17:58] XD [17:58] TSG: Do you have an open link to the show on your end? [17:58] is this a replay of an old ep? [17:58] don't restart [17:58] I'd take mice any day [17:58] And now to PawPets West... [17:58] Wild`Bill`TX (wildbilltx@pawpet-FA27E575.cable.lngv.cablelynx.com) left irc: Ping timeout [17:58] God I hate this song [17:58] oooh gd tune [17:58] what is pawpets west anyway? [17:58] Mice are cuter but they make a huge mess. [17:58] they taste good too! [17:58] Taurus_Beresford (TaurusBere@pawpet-3EFD7408.cellularsouth.com) left #pawpet. [17:58] Swishy tail! [17:58] Mat_Husky (Husky@pawpet-3F12918.lei3.cable.ntl.com) joined #pawpet. [17:58] Alabama [17:58] Tanooki (tanooki@pawpet-BD00ECD5.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:58] Action: SparkyBlueFox ears perk! mice ?? [17:58] It's a giant squirrel! [17:58] If this song wasn't so played out, I would enjoy it a lot more... [17:58] omg i still get nothing [17:58] CC_Lebo (44391d00@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [17:59] I got booted from the network. There must be a user limit. [17:59] Pawpet West is defunct [17:59] Crud, i'm gonna scoot off [17:59] michael> No, it could also be roaches or A CAT. [17:59] Nick change: Malaika -> Malaika|AFK [17:59] i dont think its coming back *sighs* [17:59] is this a replay of an old ep? [17:59] "Every house should have a cat in it." [17:59] Woulfe (warenwilia@pawpet-7A562085.hsd1.co.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [17:59] baar: I don't think there's a Real Player feed this time since the show is a repeat due to most of the cast falling ill [17:59] Voops! [17:59] Is the stream back? [17:59] yup [17:59] Sweet Home Alabama [17:59] sing it voops! [17:59] hahha [17:59] Sweet Home Alabama [17:59] No more pawpets west, mm? [17:59] Gamer: How ironic, seeing that RP's the only player mentioned here! :D [17:59] Yes and no USer Limit exceeded [17:59] SWEET HOME ALABAMA [17:59] wow, puppeting with both hands :) [18:00] JFD: Hehe, yeah that's true [18:00] the voops are entranced [18:00] Got it for Guitar Hero On Tour Decades [18:00] wolfski (wolfskiwol@pawpet-417322F5.tampfl.fios.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [18:00] one word: PREY [18:00] Panama_Fox (panama_fox@645C7CE7.E9A8074.6DFDEA2C.IP) left irc: Ping timeout [18:00] It's hard [18:00] Yup, lost the stream. [18:00] I'm amazed that the rerun's emntertaining enough to still have it running. :D [18:00] overblood (a@pawpet-77678FDF.ne.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby [18:00] awww man I guess I will have to DL ths. [18:00] -m [18:00] Anybody here goin go FCN ? [18:00] welcome to the land before lilly and ezra and poink were new puppets [18:00] anyone have a link to the steam? [18:00] *stream [18:00] Gao: IF Yappy'll let you. ;) [18:01] the stream is dead [18:01] Byebye - catch y'all next week [18:01] Michel_Mephit (Michel_Mep@pawpet-99FB1012.cable.mindspring.com) left #pawpet. [18:01] JFD62780: I thought that's the idea... for every show to be entertaining :) [18:01] rtsp://streams.pawpet.tv:554/fps.sdp [18:01] Darksecond (darksecond@pawpet-F03A3E93.ftth.concepts.nl) joined #pawpet. [18:01] ITS DEAD [18:01] MetalDawg (MetalDawg@pawpet-8798E83A.gv.shawcable.net) left irc: Quit: [18:01] ah [18:01] Cerolobo (Cerolobo@pawpet-1F83B1B3.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [18:01] Abrahm (spacelion@pawpet-B7AF8CC4.buckeyecom.net) left #pawpet. [18:01] rtsp://streams.us.timduru.org:554/fps [18:01] I'm still seeing it [18:01] it's working for me [18:01] Action: TaurusBeresford is still viewing [18:01] BarneyDog (h.jonge16@pawpet-234FDCA7.chello.nl) joined #pawpet. [18:01] yeah, stream is fine here too [18:01] ME 2 [18:01] not for me [18:01] im viewign and flash backing [18:01] I get no connection on those [18:01] stream's fine for me [18:01] JAVA! [18:02] sigh (zane@pawpet-4DDDB5C2.hsd1.va.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:02] rtsp://streams.us.timduru.org:554/fps.sdp [18:02] The stream's actually going for me [18:02] Stream's good for me [18:02] so no FPS tonight? [18:02] Java is way too into that tail [18:02] I dunno, it's working for me [18:02] what's funny is I'm running it with 256mb of ram [18:02] BarneyDog, cast is sick [18:02] BarneyDog: Nope, most of the cast is sick right now [18:02] ALL of them? [18:02] Your input can't be opened: [18:02] Both the RP and the QT streams aRE DEAD? [18:02] VLC is unable to open the MRL 'rtsp://streams.pawpet.tv:554/fps'. Check the log for details. [18:02] The whole cast? Wow. [18:02] any other links? [18:02] Java's chasing tail [18:02] snarfie: still "not found" [18:02] Hope they feel better soon [18:02] Server is glitched. If you have the stream now, you can see it. No new connections are being allowed for some reason. [18:02] oh, I am using quicktime... don't know at VLC [18:02] what's the stream url? [18:03] I've got the QT stream running Baar, though I don't know why others can't connect [18:03] well, Yappy's probably not, or else he wouldn't have the energy to arrange this rerun for us :) [18:03] WHOA!!! That WAS live! XD [18:03] Rasvar, could it be that Fursuit TV is still palying? [18:03] Whats going on, anyone that's got stream. [18:03] rtsp://streams.pawpet.tv:554/fps.sdp [18:03] heheh [18:03] I agree with Poink [18:03] What's the QT URL? [18:03] Hehe, early Poink [18:03] Poink 0.00 [18:03] What's the QT URL? [18:03] Dies [18:03] Poink's hated Freebird since forever xD [18:03] we can just catch the repeat of the show :) [18:03] Baar: rtsp://streams.us.timduru.org:554/fps [18:03] Rasvar> Can YOU remotely reboot the server? [18:03] it's weird to hear Poink's voice come out of that normal blonde ferret [18:03] lol [18:03] haha [18:03] Well, while we're sorting this out I might just go eat some cheese. [18:03] yay poink! [18:03] That was Poink 1.0 [18:03] remember poink was pretty new at this point at the time i believe [18:03] I have no access to the servers. [18:03] POink, when he was dyeing his fur [18:03] Wait, poink was white? [18:03] Action: TaurusBeresford has heard that there will be nbo dl available [18:04] Stray: when he still had eyes, and not... lazers. :D [18:04] Cerolobo (Cerolobo@pawpet-1F83B1B3.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:04] Original Poink [18:04] Aladasian WAS. [18:04] Aeturnus (Rustedicon@pawpet-49CAB25E.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [18:04] Ookani (514f10a0@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:04] Devilwuff (marples7@pawpet-7E782EDD.wfd103.dsl.pol.co.uk) left irc: Quit: [18:04] Poink was white??? Kind of like the reverse MJ? ;) [18:04] Baar_bear (IceChat7@pawpet-1C48834A.ph.ph.cox.net) left irc: Quit: Copywight 2007 Elmer Fudd. All wights wesewved. [18:04] Before he was LED astray. [18:04] Jax (trance_tyg@pawpet-6DD25C05.ph.ph.cox.net) left irc: Ping timeout [18:04] I am still offline and can't connect [18:04] Oddly, I'm smelling coffee, but have none in my cottage. [18:04] Your input can't be opened: [18:04] VLC is unable to open the MRL 'rtsp://streams.us.timduru.org:554/fps.sdp'. Check the log for details. [18:04] ahhh.. heh. Anyone remember what happened to transition from Poink1 to Poink2 ? ;) [18:04] Both Servers [18:04] Hokucho (chatzilla@pawpet-3687B7A.cpe.cableone.net) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.7/2009021910] [18:04] they need to put those eyes back in [18:04] Action: gamer_wolf groans at Garmon's pun [18:04] Dose the steam always die this much? [18:04] Wow Ice Age [18:04] Num8 (Administra@pawpet-C587A5DE.meerkats.org) joined #pawpet. [18:04] woof [18:04] Fillyjonk> You live in a COTTAGE? [18:04] Panama_Fox (panama_fox@645C7CE7.E9A8074.6DFDEA2C.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:04] hey Num8 [18:04] ello Num8 [18:04] POLL: Should we change Poink's wiki entry to agree with his current situation, or do we leave it the way it is? In my opinion it's funnier the way it is now [18:04] Yo, Num8! :D [18:04] heya num8 [18:04] hi Num8! [18:04] Both Servers rtsp://streams.us.timduru.org:554/fps.sdp and rtsp://streams.pawpet.tv:554/fps.sdp [18:04] steam down still? [18:05] and panama [18:05] Hi Num8! [18:05] hewllo [18:05] Hi Num8 [18:05] hey Num8 [18:05] hey, Num8. :) [18:05] Yes. [18:05] Num8!! [18:05] hahahahahaha [18:05] BarneyDog (h.jonge16@pawpet-234FDCA7.chello.nl) left irc: Quit: [18:05] hi Num8 [18:05] hi num8 [18:05] hey numhuit [18:05] Action: Fillyjonk will get the picture. [18:05] Hiya Num8! [18:05] stream is working for me [18:05] Action: Shane_Graytail has a good laugh, remembering what happened to change Poink into the one we all know now [18:05] Fillyjonk> What constitutes calling it a cottage? [18:05] O.o [18:05] The Stream is up but it's not allowing any new connections [18:05] You're in for a treat Num8; this rerun is from the EARLY days. :) [18:05] FPSFAN153 (62f50cd0@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [18:05] Nezz (Nezz@pawpet-1BFF07AE.sip.mco.bellsouth.net) left irc: Connection reset by peer [18:05] mine died [18:05] Shaolin Soccer? Violent Buddhist monks playing soccer? [18:05] kung fu football [18:05] lol [18:05] hah [18:05] Nezz (Nezz@pawpet-1BFF07AE.sip.mco.bellsouth.net) joined #pawpet. [18:05] CC_Lebo (445041e2@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:05] Action: Rasvar chuckles at the fun of that transition [18:05] not really watching right now [18:05] Shiaolin Soccer this is such an old show. I saw it in Cinema LOOONG AGO! [18:06] Because I can't spell 'casita' right half the time. [18:06] just quickl login before bed [18:06] Num8: ah, okay. [18:06] heh, still, awesome that you're with us anyways! :D [18:06] www.asianvideos.com? [18:06] lol "Cockroaches, don't take our props!" [18:06] Shaolin Soccer was a great movie. It further proves that Steven Chow knows how to mix comedy with action [18:06] agree [18:06] Fillyjonk> It's not a bungalow then? [18:06] Action: michael finds roaches to be adorable up close [18:06] FPSFAN153 (62f50cd0@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:06] o.o [18:06] Definitely not a bungalow. [18:06] Furry-K9 (furryk9@pawpet-B360DADC.phnx.qwest.net) joined #pawpet. [18:06] Hello mun8 ^.^ [18:06] someone fix the tracking on that vhs [18:07] Action: wheelie wants a cockroach puppet [18:07] Action: Fillyjonk points -> http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=957787&l=61ea0&id=644717755 [18:07] Snarfie: I suspect it was tht cockroaches chewin' on the cables. ;) [18:07] . [18:07] is the stream back up yet? [18:07] lol [18:07] Action: DJLab has arthrophobia. Fear of insects, arachnids, cruteascea [18:07] Ok I am stll here [18:07] I want to watch so bad [18:07] erkboom [18:07] ok im gona get on sl have fun those that can still see it [18:07] great... Froze again... o.O [18:07] D: [18:07] DJLab, and where do you live? [18:07] I have a cockroach puppet from way back. I named him cock, because I was too young to know better [18:07] yup [18:07] nooooo [18:07] my stream just died [18:07] NO! 404 error [18:07] Ack, stream got paused [18:07] mine too [18:07] Roofae (Roofae@3CA14D1C.BADE1602.A62DEC8B.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:07] person 116 is too much [18:07] stream died for me [18:07] there goes my stream [18:07] come back, stream! [18:07] The 'back yard' -> http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=957794&l=b29df&id=644717755 [18:07] Trinidad what's your point? [18:08] Stream's back for those still there... ;) [18:08] I feel sorry for you, there are probably a lot of insects there [18:08] Stream's 404 [18:08] yay, stream [18:08] I never noticed the stream was gone. [18:08] back up now [18:08] this is the technical difficulties show [18:08] I think the stream has hit it's viewer limits. [18:08] It's back! [18:08] Art jam topic. [18:08] yay go us! [18:08] Cue uncle Kage ^_^ [18:08] Cause I've been trying every single time someone has said "It's back" and well... it's not back [18:08] No stream [18:09] Ya know we are making history by just sitting here and watching the show [18:09] I lost stream for good [18:09] No ***** Stream [18:09] how so Fudgy? [18:09] cause I'm getting this erro in VLC [18:09] Your input can't be opened: [18:09] VLC is unable to open the MRL 'rtsp://streams.us.timduru.org:554/fps'. Check the log for details. [18:09] can always catch the repeat [18:09] This is the best episode evar. [18:09] lol [18:09] And that means the stream is down for me atleast [18:09] i got 404: NOT FOUND [18:09] Fyre, there will be no repeat. [18:09] my stream has been gone for 10 minets now =/ [18:09] porn music [18:09] i dont even got FPS site [18:09] michael: I get along fine. Raid is cool. There are beaches with no crabs and such. But we do have the bird eating spider tarantula thing [18:09] try putting a .sdp on the end of the url [18:09] IS there anyone left getting a stream [18:09] elivator music [18:09] The stream is still working for me. O-o [18:09] I'm guessing this is a stream-keeping contest. Whoever's still watching WINS. ;) [18:09] IS there anyone left getting a stream? [18:09] I am gettinga stream [18:09] I still have the stream [18:09] The neighbors -> http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=957789&l=fab3b&id=644717755 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=957795&l=45c5f&id=644717755 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=957800&l=36664&id=644717755 [18:09] DJLab: Awesome! [18:09] Action: JFD62780 raises hand... [18:09] Action: Shane_Graytail is just watching his archive copy [18:09] TSG Rebroadcast your stream on Ustream [18:09] TSG: Can you link the stream to your test server? [18:10] i am [18:10] CryptoWolf (CryptoWolf@pawpet-CD9B0845.dsl.chcgil.sbcglobal.net) joined #pawpet. [18:10] Your input can't be opened: [18:10] VLC is unable to open the MRL 'rtsp://streams.us.timduru.org:554/fps.sdp'. Check the log for details. [18:10] still desont' work. [18:10] stream is gone for me [18:10] well Michael there was folk sitting a few years ago watching this so in a few years time folk will say "the was furs watching eposide 409 or whatever and we will be part of history! [18:10] I've got the stream [18:10] Oh no!!!! Orange shirt guy!!! [18:10] :D [18:10] kAGEEEE! XD [18:10] Just ordered that movie on Netflix. :) [18:10] HOW [18:10] Ah well. Old episode, can't watch it, can't get a replay, no live FPS. I'm going to do something else. Bye guys. [18:10] FPS has already made history. It's got more airtime than any other show ever [18:10] I'll see what I can do. [18:10] You say awesome... Trying looking on the wall and seeing this huge spider, big as your hand. [18:10] Yay, Kage in green :) [18:10] thise who have a streme still, what server? [18:10] YAY, GREENKAGE! XD [18:10] WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! GREEN! [18:10] D: [18:10] I was on timduru [18:11] noooooo it went pewp [18:11] younger kage [18:11] awwwwww.... x.x *deadstream #4* [18:11] nooo, stream frose [18:11] wow, old glasses, i had those back in the day. ;P [18:11] kage with hair [18:11] where do you live DJLAb? Australia? [18:11] Back... O.o [18:11] Monolith (Monolith@594C64EB.DF92F23C.4D913B40.IP) left #pawpet. [18:11] YEa I got stream [18:11] STREAM BACKS FOR EM! [18:11] ME* [18:11] wait it's back [18:11] Darksecond (darksecond@pawpet-F03A3E93.ftth.concepts.nl) left irc: Client exited [18:11] :D [18:11] Furry-K9 (furryk9@pawpet-B360DADC.phnx.qwest.net) left irc: Quit: [18:11] yay back [18:11] got it back [18:11] wow a young kage! [18:11] it's back up [18:11] lol "It's all special effects." [18:11] YAY ITS BACK [18:11] YESSS I got it [18:11] Kage [18:11] Things that just popu up around here -> http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=957792&l=7d46d&id=644717755 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=957804&l=9167b&id=644717755 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=957798&l=9f876&id=644717755 [18:11] o.o Can anyone get the stream now, that hasn't got it in a while? :) [18:11] Back when we were all young. [18:11] he looks like my wood work teacher [18:11] what kage had hair? [18:11] Action: Sakana_Katana wonders if there's a theatre in SL that has the feed. [18:11] buffering [18:11] ITS FUCKING BACK YAYAYAYYAYAYYAYAYAYYAYAY [18:11] i hear a badit [18:11] as my friend Tom would say, "Everyone's got a little Irish in them." [18:11] YYYYYES! XD [18:11] Stray_Cat: Trinidad, they live in South America and somehow ended up here [18:12] Stream starts for me and what do I see?? Kage w/hair [18:12] Wow, he looks younger. [18:12] omg its back [18:12] and back [18:12] Num8, now you can try opening QT! XD [18:12] stream just burped on me [18:12] Action: Fudgy has ALOT of Irish in me [18:12] lol [18:12] yay. i have the stream again! [18:12] I had an Heart ttack losing the stream like that [18:12] and just in time [18:12] Back when Kage had HAIR. [18:12] yuck. I don't like it the rare times I see wolf spiders up here. Thankfully there's no tarantulas [18:12] Hi #864 [18:12] YAY stream!!! [18:12] there we go [18:12] what's the link?! [18:12] [17:11] -irc.pawpet.org- *** Can not join #864: Only PawPet [18:12] fianlly... [18:12] o.o [18:12] Its the sperm!!!!! [18:12] There aren't enough plant furries. [18:12] rtsp://streams.pawpet.tv:554/fps.sdp [18:12] IMWeasel (weaseldesi@pawpet-84D9EE0D.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:12] O.o [18:12] Spermy! [18:13] let's party like it's 2003 [18:13] dook [18:13] rtsp://streams.us.timduru.org:554/fps.sdp [18:13] The sperm man! [18:13] a bee [18:13] lol [18:13] hi IMWeasel [18:13] Action: IMWeasel pets gamer_wolf [18:13] yay!! [18:13] erm.... Is that that KageSperm puppet? O.o [18:13] Wolf spiders are tarantulas in my book. It's a big spider with fur [18:13] HI IMW [18:13] Just when I think I've seen it all... [18:13] heya taihisha *pets* [18:13] thanks Timduru for the stream :) [18:13] Fillyjonk> Plants aren't Furries, they're... Veggies? [18:13] I guess I can download this later. In the meantime i'm going to make episodes 345-399 on the wiki as detailed as the 400s and look for Arthur Awards material. [18:13] ? [18:13] hi [18:13] LOL! now that I finally got the stream, I have to step away for a few...figures! [18:13] haha [18:13] See y'all next week [18:14] michael> Are you detailing each episode? [18:14] later michael [18:14] bie nee [18:14] see ya Michael! [18:14] O.o what is that thing? [18:14] Well Sakana_Katana, I have episodes 345-current, so I might as well [18:14] okay michael and thanks for reminding me: NOMINATE http://pawpet.tv/4th_annual_arthur_awards_nominations [18:14] hehe [18:14] episode #249 Poink and Arthur go driving [18:14] michael: it won't be up for download though... [18:14] DEAF sperm Doctor UncleKage [18:14] The begining of the sinkhole. ;) [18:14] Action: TheSonicGod  Test Broadcast is online. Audio: http://radio.unifurse.net:8000/unifurse.m3u Video: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ [18:14] Feros (Feros@pawpet-F58687E9.pn.at.cox.net) joined #pawpet. [18:14] has that puppet ever been used again? [18:14] oh well Atkelar [18:15] hey, Feros [18:15] I don't think so. [18:15] The camera angle changes. I like that. A lot. [18:15] Action: IMWeasel nibbles on feros [18:15] Stream is back [18:15] I quote Kung Pow: "What in God's name is that thing?" [18:15] ROFL! XD [18:15] Action: Redski flops on Feros [18:15] Wow. [18:15] XD [18:15] LOL [18:15] xD [18:15] lol [18:15] XD [18:15] LOL [18:15] LOL [18:15] LOL! [18:15] LMAO [18:15] Hi Katana.... [18:15] XD [18:15] LOL!!!! [18:15] lol [18:15] LOL!!! [18:15] WHA HA HA!! [18:15] Hahaha [18:15] Kagre WINS! XD [18:15] ^^ omg [18:16] -r [18:16] finally got it working here. [18:16] Raito: OMG Kira!!! [18:16] xD [18:16] LOL!!!! [18:16] Attacked by sperm. [18:16] XD [18:16] LOOL [18:16] lol [18:16] XD [18:16] Hahaha [18:16] XD [18:16] lol [18:16] LOL!!! [18:16] lol [18:16] Hahahahaha [18:16] My ears!!!!!!!!!!!! [18:16] xD! [18:16] and Mutt just sitts there........... [18:16] and I'll be doing a music review column on my Livejournal in the next week... stop by why don't you [18:16] And he was never seen again... [18:16] XD [18:16] bye [18:16] michael (michaelsko@pawpet-37FE278A.hampshire.edu) left #pawpet (Leaving). [18:16] Grey_Muzzle92507> Hi [18:16] Action: SparkyBlueFox returns [18:16] when did this turn into Eeek the Cat? :D [18:17] Omg Kage with big hair! [18:17] that was an excuse to molest his chest [18:17] wow Ramada Inn [18:17] Baar_bear (IceChat7@pawpet-1C48834A.ph.ph.cox.net) joined #pawpet. [18:17] Even more ironic, the shirt's logo's STILL illegible! XD [18:17] IDrive Ramada INn [18:17] o.o [18:17] Kage has the best voice in the world. [18:17] ? :) [18:17] why would a company be paranoid about its logo showing? [18:17] Uncle Ihatefatfurs...er..Kage is in the house. [18:17] no one is supposed to see that! [18:17] Action: Sakana_Katana needs to rummage in the kitchen... [18:17] Where's Liesl? [18:17] Target [18:18] Dread: about 200 episodes out [18:18] Dreadfox, Liesl isnt well [18:18] Gaomon (464f6f65@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [18:18] MAGIC TOM! [18:18] Gaomon (464f6f65@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:18] oh. [18:18] lol [18:18] wb Baar! [18:18] CC_Lebo (445041e2@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [18:18] Kage's Company must remain confidential. ;) [18:18] Kurt Busch Wins Atlanta [18:18] Masking tape: Fixes most problems... [18:18] The late lamented Adams Mark [18:18] Shane: what gives??? flu ? [18:18] Is this an old episode? [18:18] Copious amounts of scotch tape to the rescueeeeeeeeeee [18:18] and the elevators still messed up. [18:18] yup [18:18] Check topic, Baar. :) [18:18] Baar: Yep, from 2002 [18:18] Sparky, I think she said a bit of Strep throat? [18:18] The dandruff hotel [18:18] FPSFAN153 (62f50cd0@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [18:18] March 17, 2002 [18:18] You guys had all better get well soon, because I'm coming down there in a month! :) [18:18] Shane: You are right [18:18] To be specific. [18:19] okays Shane.... [18:19] I guess that a certian 'fox' is 'sick as a dog' and can't do any new episodes.;-D [18:19] Liesl has strep, JR has the flu, don't know about everyone else [18:19] The FPS crew deserve a break... may they all rest up and get well. [18:19] Roach Motel [18:19] Adams Mark...Anthrocon 2001. My very first East Coast con.;-D [18:19] FPSFAN153 (62f50cd0@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:19] Though it woulda been more fitting to save this for next week, but... meh... ;) [18:19] Drastic times call for drastic measures. And drastic reruns. [18:19] wow, just wow [18:20] lol [18:20] CC_Lebo (44391fdc@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:20] SparkyBlueFox: That just read like "May they rest in peace" :P [18:20] How are you Katana? [18:20] The flu's been going around for a while now... [18:20] OMG KIRA [18:20] Action: TheSonicGod  Test Broadcast is online. Audio: http://radio.unifurse.net:8000/unifurse.m3u Video: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ [18:20] Action: JFD62780 graduated from high school a couple months after this aired. ;) [18:20] lol duct tape! [18:20] amazing to see uncle kage young with lot of hair :D [18:20] Somebody tell that guy how to use tape... [18:20] :D [18:20] Baar_bear (IceChat7@pawpet-1C48834A.ph.ph.cox.net) left irc: Quit: Never put off till tomorrow, what you can do the day after tomorrow [18:20] The flu is the last thing I need.... [18:20] Action: Vector runs. [18:20] Daichi: Said that already [18:20] <_< >_> Kira! Where? [18:20] OH [18:20] SOZ [18:21] Wow, is THAT text hard to read. [18:21] lol [18:21] Nick change: DJLab -> Lawliet [18:21] lol [18:21] lol [18:21] lol [18:21] Thanks Sonic, I'll drop in after the show....never saw this one.... [18:21] ROFL! TAPE FAIL! XD [18:21] lol! [18:21] XDD [18:21] LMAo [18:21] IMWeasel (weaseldesi@pawpet-84D9EE0D.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) left #pawpet. [18:21] XD [18:21] "It looks like you just had a massive heart transplant, and they just taped you shut!' [18:21] that's a bad HMO. Use duct tape! [18:21] lol [18:21] This was a weird show [18:21] Roofae (Roofae@3CA14D1C.BADE1602.A62DEC8B.IP) left irc: Quit: Gone! [18:21] Dellway (O_O@pawpet-40A533C0.dyn.iinet.net.au) left irc: Quit: The gods have a name for human consciousness. They call it paranoia. [18:21] woof [18:21] Ras: The PERFECT Funday! :D [18:21] This story is a hoot. [18:22] JAVAAA! XD [18:22] JAVA [18:22] I hate being sick. [18:22] JAVA [18:22] He looks dead [18:22] Java has been tacked to the wall like a specimen [18:22] Java's like... crucified... [18:22] So how many are sick? [18:22] same TSG [18:22] hehe... Orange-shirt-yakkity-man... what a title [18:22] $3000 now he can sell for $2500 ;) [18:22] Well, small house + lots of people + one nasty virus = Disaster. [18:22] o.o [18:22] And all crammed behind the stage... [18:23] perfectreject (perfectrej@pawpet-C1B39FC1.dhcp.embarqhsd.net) joined #pawpet. [18:23] What's with the test pattern [18:23] And all yiffing... [18:23] I have no clue. [18:23] CC_Lebo (44391fdc@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [18:23] whoa... Trying to rival John Moschita, aren't we? :P [18:23] all the while someone was taking Kage's wallet [18:23] CC_Lebo (4450634e@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:23] I find it interesting to see Uncle Kagé having a head of hair... it's nostalgic! [18:23] "Do not adust your television. We have control" [18:23] Escape, stage left! [18:24] serious business is serious. [18:24] SRS BIZNIZ [18:24] perfectreject (perfectrej@pawpet-C1B39FC1.dhcp.embarqhsd.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [18:24] SRS BIZNIZ FOR SRS PPL [18:24] Cue Serious Cat [18:24] Mach and Kage both have hair on this show. [18:25] Kage is such a good story teller! He can do a PG show and still have everyone in stiches! [18:25] lol [18:25] And i guess the walls were cracking even more! ;P [18:25] Rasvar: What happened to change all that? [18:25] Teleportation no jutsu [18:25] you have to offer a sacrifice [18:25] FPSFAN408 (43eb244b@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:26] I am CoStreaming Radio_Unifurse now [18:26] Henge no jutsu [18:26] He's gonna pop up and ask for his stapler [18:26] FPSFAN408 (43eb244b@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [18:26] bad genetics? ;) [18:26] I guess EVEN 2 had hair then. :) [18:26] Zalno (unknown@pawpet-634DBAA4.hsd1.md.comcast.net) left #pawpet (Leaving). [18:26] Zalno (unknown@pawpet-634DBAA4.hsd1.md.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:26] re Zal [18:26] Nick change: Malaika|AFK -> Malaika [18:26] lol [18:26] stupid button... [18:26] wb Zalno [18:26] I guess that'd do it! [18:26] "Jesus, didn't that guy ever have hair?" --Marty, _Back to the Future_ [18:27] ? heh [18:27] thanks [18:27] heh [18:27] (His bald principal :)) [18:27] Hahaha [18:27] ZOMGYAKKITYMAN! x.x [18:27] lol [18:27] yay for Kage HAIR [18:27] Wow, nice scream. [18:27] O.O [18:27] Raito I didn't think you were the type into manga? Hmmm... [18:27] Nick change: snarfie -> yackety_man [18:27] I wish I had a Way to figure out how to do that like TSG is doing [18:27] OrangeShirtYakkityMan [18:27] OSYM [18:27] I love anime and manga. [18:27] OSYM [18:27] Why else do you think I'm named Raito? [18:28] OrangeShirtYakkityMan! [18:28] There oughtta be a Benny Hill chase scene with YakkityMan! :P [18:28] lol [18:28] OrangeShirtYakkityMan [18:28] So you're not Yagami Raito? [18:28] ScaryOrangeShirtYakkityMan = SOSYM [18:28] Lawliet: are you L? [18:28] This is really weird [18:28] Not even the black death can deter OrangeShirtYakkityMan! [18:28] how long? BADA BUM [18:28] why Lawliet? [18:28] instead of having Kage wake up with the king next con, someone in an orange shirt should wake him up and start yakking at him [18:28] <_< >_> Maybe I am... DUN DUN DUUUUUN! [18:28] ? [18:28] :\ [18:29] Colt .45 VS Yacityman. [18:29] Action: JFD62780 wonders if Bri's watching anyway, it wouldn't hurt to have an "artist's rendition" of SOSYM. ;0 [18:29] ;) [18:29] L, you mean the smartest cop on Earth? No [18:29] Ha ha ha! [18:29] Got locked in a bathroom? [18:29] lol [18:29] Vermy and the bathroom was classic [18:29] lol [18:29] Action: SparkyBlueFox rolls [18:29] OH=/ [18:29] lol [18:29] lol [18:29] lol [18:29] Action: Sakana_Katana returns with an Arby's sammich and Guinness. [18:29] Was it Vermy who got trapped? I had forgotten who it was [18:29] Action: Lawliet eats cake [18:29] Oh, poor Vermy! [18:29] Never heard of that one.... [18:29] Got trapped in an Elevator at MFM one time. [18:30] Feros (Feros@pawpet-F58687E9.pn.at.cox.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [18:30] lol [18:30] Kage rules! [18:30] Gaomon (464f6f65@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [18:30] XDD [18:30] LOL [18:30] Zorro: ?? [18:30] xD [18:30] LOL Kage ftw [18:30] Must...resist...urge to make...Portal reference... [18:30] Rei_Meerkat (neofreak10@pawpet-7BFBE647.col.wideopenwest.com) joined #pawpet. [18:30] ? [18:30] hi Rei [18:30] HI REI [18:30] Hey, Rei Rei! [18:30] Hey everyone! [18:30] hi Rei! [18:30] No I made the reference this week [18:30] Memphis in September is like.................The Surface Of the Sun With 1000% Humidity. [18:30] Action: Rei_Meerkat huggles everyone [18:30] Action: Fillyjonk waves [18:30] Heya! [18:30] Action: gamer_wolf hugs Rei back [18:31] LOL [18:31] hey Rei :3 [18:31] lol [18:31] Nick change: Malaika -> Malaika|AFK [18:31] Zorro: then come to Michigan in April..... [18:31] Action: SparkyBlueFox rolls [18:31] Hi Rei! [18:31] Ha ha ha! [18:31] laters all :) [18:31] I turned on radio unifurse and heard kage, so I rushed right in XD [18:31] later Hobbes [18:31] night Hobbes [18:31] :\ [18:31] shouldn't question number one if you're making a contract be what is the normal price? [18:31] xd [18:31] bye hobbes [18:31] we have a young'n watching with me as well [18:31] XD [18:31] BYE hOBBES [18:31] FPSFAN153 (62f50cd0@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [18:31] HobbesDawg (hobbesdcat@pawpet-72018E81.hsd1.ut.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [18:31] YES [18:32] sawed off ....like in shotgun? [18:32] maverique (maverique@pawpet-E15F3FDC.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #pawpet. [18:32] IT'S A UK THING AND YES YOU CAN [18:32] SOD Off [18:32] sawed off is a detroit thing [18:32] Uh, Rei... YOU are a young'n. [18:32] Nick change: Lawliet -> DJLab [18:32] omg! their listening! [18:32] you Sod. [18:32] Sonic God....where are the links again? [18:32] sakana: an even YOUNGER one! 11 years old!! [18:32] :) [18:32] It's a less offensive equivlaent of P--- OFF! ;) [18:32] Rei, corrupting the youth one at a time [18:32] Pretty much "Fu*K Off in Britan. [18:32] my little sister is helping me clean while we watch [18:33] SOD OFF is from Ireland from when they cut the turf you threw it over your shoulder when you cut the turf and so when you say SOD OFF its like throwing the sod [18:33] Yay Match Game! [18:33] Getting "Pissed" is getting drunk. [18:33] Ooh! Thanks, Fudgola! :D [18:33] heh [18:33] The college where I work has a Sosnoff Theater, I sometimes think "Sod off" for that as well... [18:33] Good one Fudge [18:33] Apollo (47ad99d2@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:33] DarkBear (chatzilla@pawpet-96022B79.bstnma.east.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [18:33] hey, Apollo [18:33] DarkBear (chatzilla@pawpet-96022B79.bstnma.east.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.7/2009021910] [18:33] and the word DRINK is IReland explained in 1 word! [18:33] Action: Redski coughs [18:33] Action: TheSonicGod  Test Broadcast is online. Audio: http://radio.unifurse.net:8000/unifurse.m3u Video: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ [18:33] FoxmanZEO (FoxmanZEO@pawpet-E29CDB42.bri.connect.net.au) joined #pawpet. [18:33] Sup Zalno [18:33] ROFL! [18:33] Oh in Trinidad we just say "**** you!" [18:34] Lies! Lies! Lies! [18:34] Sorry, guys, my eyes are not always focused on the chatroom. [18:34] XD [18:34] Xavious (chatzilla@C4183EF2.BF4843E5.EEFBBEAE.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:34] Lies, Damned lies, and Statistics. [18:34] zane (zane@pawpet-4DDDB5C2.hsd1.va.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:34] ? :) [18:34] hi maverique, Apollo, Foxman, Xavious and zane! [18:34] GustyFox (mouse.boy@pawpet-6224B296.subscriber.vzavenue.net) joined #pawpet. [18:34] >] [18:34] Uncle Story's Kage hour [18:34] DJLab: whats the water temperature? [18:34] hi GustyFox! [18:35] Hi Gamer! [18:35] Shamus> Oh... LIES. Me and my bad eyes: I thought you were yelling "Liesl." [18:35] 90% of all statistics are just made up on the spot. [18:35] Darky_Panther_Paws (jameswilki@pawpet-14A0830B.dsl.bell.ca) joined #pawpet. [18:35] lol [18:35] Hi, Gamer. c: [18:35] SparkyBlueFox: ??? [18:35] lol [18:35] Ha ha ha, well, I COULD yell that, but it would serve no purpose. ;) [18:35] DJLab: u in trinidad? [18:35] no, you aren't drunk yet Mutt [18:35] CC_Lebo (4450634e@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [18:35] Ah, this was the era before YouTube. [18:35] whats Pawpet North East? [18:35] YAY, PPNE! XD [18:35] brb [18:35] How old was this show? [18:35] why are they doing St. Patrick's a week early? [18:36] And how would I know the water temperature...I don't watch news. [18:36] sigh (zane@pawpet-4DDDB5C2.hsd1.va.comcast.net) left irc: Ping timeout [18:36] Nick change: zane -> sigh [18:36] are tehy gonna be on break next week? [18:36] 2002 [18:36] 2003 [18:36] Everyone, look at the topic; this is St. Pattie's '02! [18:36] 02 [18:36] CC_Lebo (44391d00@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:36] 2002..cool [18:36] 3/17/2002 [18:36] cast was sick this week [18:36] 2002-03-17 #115 [18:36] Rei_Meerkat (neofreak10@pawpet-7BFBE647.col.wideopenwest.com) left irc: Quit: [18:36] thank you Katana! [18:36] Momma_Bridget (Momma_Brid@pawpet-2D2724FB.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:36] does that fox have a stache, or is that just odd shadowing? [18:36] Action: Fillyjonk thought this show was from the future. [18:36] Only 7 Years Ago. [18:36] GustyFox: Cast is sick so a repeat is being played [18:36] This song is awesone!!! [18:37] has to be 2002 because 2003 i went and they were in the Sheraton near Universal that year and 2004 [18:37] yay the tea party [18:37] Woulfe (warenwilia@pawpet-7A562085.hsd1.co.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:37] What's the name of this song? [18:37] temptation [18:37] this was 7 years ago? [18:37] Action: SparkyBlueFox dances... [18:37] Lilly voop struts her stuff? [18:37] WURFF [18:37] wow when this show came out I was 8 years old [18:37] ... [18:37] ah IC [18:37] Action: SparkyBlueFox is late to the party! [18:37] wow this is a old show [18:37] lol [18:37] Action: DJLab air guitars [18:37] Action: Woulfe JAMS [18:37] Action: SparkyBlueFox Redski makes me feel real real old. [18:37] People say it's old, but for me, it doesn't seem like that long ago. Time is funny that way. [18:37] i was 10 yrs old when this show was on :) [18:37] Mat_Husky (Husky@pawpet-3F12918.lei3.cable.ntl.com) left irc: Quit: Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast! [18:38] I got the stream after 30 mins of trying [18:38] I was 10 as well [18:38] Hums. [18:38] yer 20 Fudgy? [18:38] wow, you guys are making me feel old :p [18:38] oh god... the KISS movie, with YATTA dubbed ontop [18:38] Sparkz (dave@pawpet-C3E66AE6.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:38] Action: Ratchet SHOUTS "IF ANYONE HAS SLOT IN THERE ROOM FOR MEGAPLEX THIS YEAR PLZ IM ME" [18:38] Am I the momma of Pawpets? [18:38] Lunden: nope [18:38] 3-17-02 - I was unemployed at this time [18:38] geez...2002...I was just entering the furry fandom then [18:38] 2002 show right [18:38] 18 [18:38] News report from the future: "Little did Yappy know during that this show, that FPS would go on for 30 years, with not one but two cast members later becoming presidents of the United States." [18:38] im not watching so take care all [18:38] Action: SparkyBlueFox bows to Sparkz! omg..my alter ego! [18:38] squeaks [18:38] 2002... I was still in grade school [18:38] 2002, I hadnt even heard of FPS back then... [18:38] Darky_Panther_Paws (jameswilki@pawpet-14A0830B.dsl.bell.ca) left irc: Quit: [18:39] Action: TaurusBeresford 's daughter was only 1 month old [18:39] Artist of song? [18:39] went to my first Conifur that year [18:39] I was 26 then. :) [18:39] I was still old even in 2002 [18:39] Anthrocon East [18:39] Action: Woulfe smirks [18:39] Action: Lunden0 was 31 [18:39] Lunden: well 17! [18:39] FPS longest running internet show [18:39] Back when there WAS a Conifer. [18:39] I didn't even find out about this fandom thing since last year [18:39] Lunden: well 18**! [18:39] 1 [18:39] 3, 2, 1 [18:39] o.o [18:39] wtf [18:39] What the Heck????? [18:39] Silly Herbie finger. [18:40] WT... [18:40] Oh gawds, the kiss movie [18:40] Went to Conifer the year Max Black Rabbit was GOH [18:40] what the... [18:40] What the FarFigNewton [18:40] epic xDD [18:40] KISS NO!!!!!!!!!! [18:40] yeah...in beautiful downtown...ack, Tacoma [18:40] don't feel bad, DJLab, I only found out in 2007 late in the year [18:40] Oh god...Yatta... [18:40] Tanooki (tanooki@pawpet-BD00ECD5.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) left #pawpet. [18:40] I was almost done with my senior year of high school in 2002 [18:40] NOOOOOOOOOOO [18:40] where did they find things like this before youtube? [18:40] S S S [18:40] I [18:40] Apollo (47ad99d2@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [18:40] DJLab: I'm a new furry also! I'm 18 month's into the fandom! [18:40] Ohkay someone is smokeing pot again. [18:40] I found the Fandom in Dec 2006. [18:40] This doesn't quite work. [18:40] Yatta Yatta Yatta [18:40] If they start singing YMCA I'm out [18:40] no doubt some people uploaded it to the cast [18:40] Stray, i think that mysterous thing called teh TV [18:40] i thought youtube was around since like 2001 [18:40] plz noooooo =( [18:40] Yeah new furs [18:40] I seriously doubt Kiss dubbed over with Yatta was ever on TV [18:40] noooooooo [18:40] Action: TaurusBeresford was a furry long before he knew that others existed though [18:41] JFD62780 (JFD62780@pawpet-75DC5CA4.tampabay.res.rr.com) left irc: Ping timeout [18:41] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uCIxbgMQDs&feature=related [18:41] Action: Salen saves the Cheerleader. "YATTA!" [18:41] Thinks someone can edit that better. [18:41] Action: Fudgy snugs Bucktown [18:41] I got the stream! ....o_O NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU [18:41] OHIOoooooooooooooooooooooooo ! [18:41] Action: DragonKid has been a furry for almost 9 years [18:41] in 2002 i was... 11 years old :O [18:41] http://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/3206392#3206392 [18:41] CALIforNIAAAaaaa [18:41] I loved animals and animal stories always, but only found furdom in 2005. [18:41] Ok, I think I need to pull my EYES OUT nao [18:41] poor poor nerikull [18:41] Furry for about 13 years now, myself. [18:41] i made my first suit in 1992, and felt like a freak wearing it, lol [18:41] Action: Yurex_SL was furry since the mis 70's [18:41] Napster and other file sharing services. Back then there still some Open FTP Servers. [18:41] 10 years here [18:41] well, no wonder Uncle Kage looked so young [18:41] Action: Atkelar was 26 in early 2002 [18:41] Well, actually longer, but I first got actively involved 13 years ago. [18:41] WHITE [18:41] BLOOP [18:41] RANDOM HAND!!!!!! [18:41] 2001? Hell I was....32 [18:41] o.o [18:42] I wonder if those random hands Bloop [18:42] you old man Atkelar [18:42] I am new to furry [18:42] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uCIxbgMQDs&feature=related RESIDENT EVIL 5 *MAJOR Wesker spoiler* [18:42] :P [18:42] SyberfoxKune (vincen010@pawpet-C5AEC7E3.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:42] ok [18:42] My favorite Disney character is actually Banzai so technically I was a fur most my life [18:42] Action: Yurex_SL found furry in 1994, AC 1999 [18:42] :) [18:42] As herbie goes berzerk with the hands on camera. [18:42] wow Shamus!!!! congrats! I've been 'something' for decades... but furry fandom is the place for me! [18:42] squeakity squeakity [18:42] wow, me and Nerikull are nearly the same age [18:42] Garmon: Same with me, I found out about the fandom in 2003 [18:42] Welcome to the about to be 40 club [18:42] !998-99 [18:42] stream crash! [18:42] ? [18:42] wtf stream died [18:42] Stream died for me... damn it [18:42] third time tonight [18:42] Thanks, good times over the years, to be sure. [18:42] D: [18:42] wow, exactly the same [18:42] dEad [18:42] Now, I'm not sure I'm going to go to FC 2010 [18:42] stream dead [18:42] May 7th [18:42] Same here. [18:42] stream dded [18:42] NOOooooo.. [18:42] furry fandom took off too late for me though. Needed it in the 70's [18:43] :\ [18:43] me/ pulls out another phoenix down. [18:43] steam died here too [18:43] has no feed [18:43] damn it. [18:43] backwards. [18:43] Stream's dead here [18:43] too many questions about that new hotel [18:43] yay its back! [18:43] IT'S BACK! [18:43] Action: Fudgy grabs Drago and jumps in tractor [18:43] Stream back. [18:43] dead air [18:43] AcerM (santa@pawpet-D30B1A24.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) left irc: Connection reset by peer [18:43] yay [18:43] Yurex: dont fret...were both here! live for the now! [18:43] my first com was furry fiesta 2009 and megaplex will hopfuly be my second and oklicon my 3rd [18:43] I got it back [18:43] TonyRingtail (tonyringta@pawpet-A463052A.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:43] Action: Yurex_SL will go to FC2010 [18:43] heya tony [18:43] hey, TonyRingtail [18:43] hiyas [18:43] wb Tony [18:43] This is back when they acutually had 'THEMEs' to the show. [18:43] FC 2000 [18:43] AcerM (santa@pawpet-D30B1A24.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:43] I basicly caught the LAST theme show. [18:43] Feed dead... need retry [18:43] o.o [18:43] Ratchet: I'm hoping AC 09 will be my first. [18:44] Thats what addicted me to pawpets then they promptly droped the theme concept [18:44] Action: TaurusBeresford is returning to FWA this year in 2 weeks, yay [18:44] An english sheepdog? [18:44] a real English Old English Sheep Dog [18:44] *GASP* [18:44] Do you think they should have themes again? [18:44] wow thats a big con for a first [18:44] GustyFox: True, the new hotel does bring up some questions, but I'm very sure the FC 2010 team will do their hardest to make sure the transition works out well [18:44] D: [18:44] I wonder if that one later became Crappy... [18:44] naw fer 50 milez, Mate [18:44] I don't think I will make a con this year [18:44] wb Tony! [18:44] Video stream failure... [18:44] It's episode 404, episode not found. -.-; [18:44] Oh wel. [18:44] Not sure I am ready for a con yet. :) [18:44] EF will be my first furcon! :) [18:44] Action: Redski is gonna be at MFF this year :D [18:44] I hope to make it to one eventually though [18:44] I made MP my first con last year, and I also wanted to go to FL. :) [18:45] the stream broke again? [18:45] Show is dead [18:45] KwisA (wolfpup@pawpet-642FDE4D.demon.nl) joined #pawpet. [18:45] yup timed out fro me [18:45] yeah [18:45] again [18:45] Action: Fudgy revs the tractor/ [18:45] She's dead jim. [18:45] =P [18:45] Action: Fillyjonk will only go to a con when he can arrive properly by airship. [18:45] gamer: well I hope so...for one thing, $ is going to be tough to raise with this economy [18:45] Technical difficulties [18:45] We need a doctor! KAGE! FRANKENSTEIN! [18:45] Fudgy! NOOOOO! [18:45] KAHN! [18:45] I didn't do it! [18:45] RUN FUDGYS GOT A TRACTOR [18:45] MUHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA [18:45] Welcome to the Fuzzy Reception Show [18:45] KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! [18:45] Momma_Bridget> Did they announce the ArtJam theme for this one? [18:45] Did Yappy take it offline? [18:45] and I think parking in Downtown San Jose is going to be a BIG issue [18:45] all your pawpet are belong to us [18:45] Ookani (514f10a0@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [18:46] Action: KwisA squeaks [18:46] *PUTS PAW ON HAND BRAKE AND ABOUT TO RELEASE* RUN EVERYONE!!! [18:46] Action: Shane_Graytail scrambles onto Fudgy's tractor and tries to get the keys offa him "I cant let you do it!" [18:46] Well.. they said in the beginning that it was the technical difficulties show... [18:46] :D [18:46] i think yappy saying tecnical difacultys plz stand by was live [18:46] GustyFox - yep! [18:46] Atkelar> Well, they're certainly proving THAT tonight. [18:46] they aren't showing us the drunk show! Damn them! [18:46] GreySnowCat (grey.snowc@pawpet-2A58E7A4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) left irc: Ping timeout [18:46] Fudgy: I will use the shotgun [18:46] although I saw that there are some parking garages in close proximity to the Fairmont [18:46] Just leavt QT in play mode and it comes back. [18:46] stream not found :( [18:46] say no feed again. [18:46] I gets no stream :( [18:46] It's the 404 Episode. [18:46] AceRover (42f57cdb@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:46] MY CAB IS BULLET PROOF!!! [18:46] Just like a REAL show from back in the day [18:46] ? [18:47] DJLab> Be sure to use the "sod off" shotgun. [18:47] mines coming back not found [18:47] FursuitTV had big tech probs last night as well... [18:47] Action: DJLab hauls tail [18:47] They're simulating bad connection issues episode [18:47] I may take the train for FC 2010 [18:47] the show just froze on me [18:47] brb [18:47] my garage door is bullet proof [18:47] you too can now use the net like in 2002 [18:47] plus, just how to do get IN there? [18:47] Gusty: Yeah, that's true. That's one thing the con chair for 2010 said would be really worked on, mainly a discount [18:47] o.o [18:47] Sakana: LOL [18:47] DRUNNK SHOW! Oh, I did not see that one [18:47] ? [18:47] feh. [18:47] Guys, what do you want us to do? [18:47] *REV REV REV* [18:47] fix the stream TSG [18:47] *takes off fudgys tires* [18:47] quick get out i'll push [18:47] It thought show 404 was weeks ago? [18:47] lol [18:47] HELP! I'm getting a 404! [18:48] f5 f5? [18:48] do? Can you do something Sonic God? [18:48] likewise [18:48] Action: Fudgy jumps in the loader [18:48] lol me too [18:48] f5 f5? T.T [18:48] all in good fun [18:48] Action: yackety_man is in your hotel room [18:48] Action: Kurra shakefist at all the spsm on the internet that's going instead of stream [18:48] Nuuu! Lost it again [18:48] TSG: I would start it up if you're ready [18:48] yay its back [18:48] Action: Shane_Graytail cuts Fudgy's hydraulic lines [18:48] I hope so...and will the hotel allow some of the same "liberties" that were allowed at the Doubletree (i.e. posting party signs) [18:48] halp there is an failuer on teh intarewb [18:48] You have a good feed here Sonic.... [18:48] How wants to play the game? [18:48] NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! NOT AGAIN!!! [18:48] TSG: Got a video for ya. [18:48] there should be a SOSYM at AC this year :) [18:48] Kurra (Kurra@pawpet-7919EA67.washdc.fios.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: I'm out [18:48] dont cut my brakes!! [18:48] Gusty: Yep! Those were already confirmed, just again the painter's tape must be used [18:48] Link me. [18:48] otherwise i knock out the power [18:48] Nick change: yackety_man -> snarfie [18:48] it's not like you're using them Fudgy [18:48] Is Yappy in here? [18:48] It looks like so far the Fairmont will be allowing "door signs" like the DT [18:49] Lunden2 (me@pawpet-CEC79C93.lightspeed.livnmi.sbcglobal.net) joined #pawpet. [18:49] Lunden2 (me@pawpet-CEC79C93.lightspeed.livnmi.sbcglobal.net) left irc: Quit: Lunden2 [18:49] Gamer: yeah same rules [18:49] Stray: true... [18:49] Action: Shane_Graytail uses his despiration move. He pours a bottle of cough medicine down Fudgy's throat, then makes him read the directions. "Do not opperate heavy machinery" [18:49] wow, Lunden got tired of the show fast [18:49] Lunden2 (me@pawpet-CEC79C93.lightspeed.livnmi.sbcglobal.net) joined #pawpet. [18:49] Action: BucktownTiger is not sure he will be at FC next year... if he does, he will fly. [18:49] I just finished watching BBF's FC vid.. he had a nice picture of furp at the end and it made me cry all over again [18:49] Lunden2 (me@pawpet-CEC79C93.lightspeed.livnmi.sbcglobal.net) left irc: Quit: Lunden2 [18:49] Shane: i HAVE drunk driven before so tough! [18:49] Awww *hugs Tony* [18:49] Grrrrr [18:49] infact my driving was better :S [18:49] Bucktown, you can fly? [18:49] gets bored and goes to look at MLP porn [18:50] ? [18:50] let's hope the hotel staff is as well receiving toward the furries [18:50] it was so nice seeing him so happy [18:50] I'm going on youtube while stream is dead [18:50] ROFL [18:50] All along the eastern shore [18:50] So BT, you would be a "Flying" Tiger? XD [18:50] MLP? [18:50] Put your circuits in the sea [18:50] Bucktown - 30 hr car rides not exciting enough? [18:50] Another ting that doesn't change xD [18:50] Ok, now it's funny [18:50] Lunden0: Yes, I can fly. I can also swim through dirt. [18:50] hm.. [18:50] This is what the world is for. [18:50] Action: TonyRingtail cries [18:50] MLP porn Momma? You kinky girl [18:50] Making electricity. [18:50] Anyone else getting a 404 error? [18:50] I forgot what we did with Yatta here [18:50] Yes [18:50] Bjorn_Grafeldr: FC this year was a nine-day vacation in all. [18:50] AkeaGrommet (brepas@33B68854.5C3D42E3.C540D195.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:50] 404 for me [18:50] What. [18:50] Im a girl online. Geesh [18:50] ah poop! [18:50] Action: Fudgy drives straight at the stream in gear 36 at top speed muhahahahahahaha [18:50] Invisible episode. [18:50] Action: Atkelar 's QT zones in and out... [18:50] Bucktown: that maybe the way I might do..but I would only be able to bring one suit with me [18:50] watch TSG, hes on 2 hours ealry today [18:50] Action: Fillyjonk puts on the Green Leaf -> http://75-104-29-106.cust.wildblue.net/fillyjonk/fillyjonkYATTA!.jpg [18:50] Gusty: Well from what was said in the FC 2010 vid, the hotel has a lot of experience con wise so we should be treated just fine [18:50] Action: Dreadfox is mad at the streeeeeem [18:50] the stream is dead, long live the stream [18:51] Alden (Kyoshi@pawpet-EB132D84.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:51] "Online"? So you're one of those creepy old men playing women? [18:51] Action: Shane_Graytail stagewhispers to Momma Bridget, "if you find any, send me some?" [18:51] TSG is doing a early show ? [18:51] Action: DJLab watches Fudgy wreck the tractor before hitting the stream [18:51] *BBBAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG* [18:51] probably just a glitch somewhere [18:51] Action: Sakana_Katana uses Jedi mind trick: "These are not the streams you're looking for." [18:51] do you have huge fursuit boobs? [18:51] Action: Momma_Bridget Whaps Shane with a MLP blow up [18:51] who put that stupid rock there!!! [18:51] Gamer: I hope so...not a repeat of Califur 2008's disaster [18:51] Nick change: Malaika|AFK -> Malaika [18:51] Action: Shane_Graytail chuckles "hey, whats that for Momma?" [18:51] quick get the hammer [18:52] Action: Fudgy JUMPS IN THE BULLDOZER [18:52] Fudgy: Mother Nature. one hundred years ago [18:52] Lol [18:52] i hope its not another sink hole at yappys [18:52] Just saw the Yatta thing. ...please make it downloadable. XD [18:52] Action: Momma_Bridget isnt mother nature. just Momma [18:52] XD!!! [18:52] Action: Rasvar chuckles. [18:52] Action: Dreadfox is gonna play some CoD until the stream works. [18:53] Fudgy: In Soviet Russia, bulldozer jumps YOU. [18:53] Let me know of the video stream is back up? [18:53] Action: Aladasian already switched to radio unifurse [18:53] Action: Shane_Graytail watches Fudgy get in the 'dozer... the b-movie monstrosity KILLDOZER! [18:53] the stream is working again [18:53] I'm going to retire... and get ready for the method1show in one hour... bye everybody! [18:53] Action: Drago_The_Fox watches Radio UNifurse [18:53] It keeps getting paused and then it unpauses itself in Quicktime. It's playing again now [18:53] the stream is a yo yo [18:53] BUT the Cake is still a lie [18:53] or someone playing with the wires [18:53] Shane: the armoured with steel and concrete one???? [18:53] Sakana, you've just created yet another kink, you know that? [18:53] http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2069309/ :D :D :D [18:54] Gusty: Sadly, I have to say that was the con chair's fault in his choice of hotels. Luckly, for this year's Califur I'm very hopeful that it will redeem the con since a friend of mine, Rainhopper Roo, has been working his tail off as vice con chair to make sure it makes 2008 completely forgettable [18:54] http://pawpet.tv/watch [18:54] bull-dildozer [18:54] lol [18:54] LOL [18:54] what did the FPS cast come down with? [18:54] the flu? [18:54] Yatta! [18:54] Yatta! [18:54] I can't get the FPS stream to run. I tried everything. [18:54] XD!!!!! [18:54] Death [18:54] I ain't gots no stream~ [18:54] Gusty: I'm guessing the flu [18:54] Sonic: same here. [18:54] same here Sonic God [18:54] is Mutt coming on to the English dog? [18:54] the stream got the flu? [18:54] yatta to you stream [18:54] olol donkey style O.o [18:54] likewise sonicgod [18:54] yuck! that's NO fun [18:54] Action: SparkyBlueFox tippy toes outta here...bye now! [18:54] SparkyBlueFox (null@pawpet-75710E17.nap.wideopenwest.com) left #pawpet. [18:54] i have stream here [18:54] you have stream? [18:55] I think JR got the flu and Liesl got strep [18:55] COW TIPPING IS GREAT FUN! [18:55] Action: Redski has the flu, hope I didnt get the crew sick [18:55] I think there's a series of routing problems, getting to some destinations, but not others. [18:55] Yappy missed that cue [18:55] Action: Sakana_Katana teleports to Woyro's location to view the stream. [18:55] You live on the west coast, sonic? [18:55] Pepsi_Zecoon (IceChat7@pawpet-8B0D5A3B.catv.broadband.hu) left irc: Quit: A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well [18:55] I hope so, Gamer [18:55] NO LIVE MPEG4 MIRRORS ARE AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME [18:55] Gusty: I know JR has the flu and Liesl has strep throat, but don't know about the rest [18:55] This means there is a stream being sent, but the mirrors are currently offline [18:55] FFFFFFFFFFFuUUu [18:55] seems peopel in the north arnt getting it [18:56] nowadays there not much "rest" left. [18:56] hmmmm [18:56] oh man...aren't those guys getting their rest??? [18:56] Nezzucho (Nezz@pawpet-1BFF07AE.sip.mco.bellsouth.net) joined #pawpet. [18:56] Yatta! [18:56] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [18:56] Action: Pyrofox lives in the north and isn't getting the stream D: [18:56] yaaaaay [18:56] coyote_at_quiznos (chatzilla@pawpet-D61E9DCB.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) left irc: Connection reset by peer [18:56] rip paw pets west [18:56] Yup [18:56] What happened to them? [18:56] wooof [18:56] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_z-hEyVQDRA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1c14Z0YUTU good songs [18:56] I'm staying on the Airborne.. [18:56] Yatta! [18:56] Action: Rieshal isn't dead yet! [18:56] Yatta! [18:56] Action: Fillyjonk Yattas http://75-104-29-106.cust.wildblue.net/fillyjonk/fillyjonkYATTA!.jpg [18:57] GustyFox: I hear that Airborne dosent really work [18:57] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwNVE37BGVE [18:57] Hey Reishal, is Springs there yet? [18:57] coyote_at_quiznos (chatzilla@pawpet-D61E9DCB.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [18:57] Garmon: Not yet. [18:57] OK :) [18:57] Nick change: coyote_at_quiznos -> coyoteatquiznos [18:57] well, it didn't hurt at FC...and I didn't come down with any Con Crud [18:57] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhHkUg-QCwk [18:57] Yatta! [18:57] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [18:57] your name looks like Coyote Eat Quiznos jammed together like tha [18:58] lol yeah [18:58] sigh (zane@pawpet-4DDDB5C2.hsd1.va.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: HydraIRC -> http://www.hydrairc.com <- Chicks dig it [18:58] Fappa Fappa! [18:58] Bjorn_Grafeldr: and normally it's only 25 hours... [18:58] Nezz (Nezz@pawpet-1BFF07AE.sip.mco.bellsouth.net) left irc: Ping timeout [18:58] Chow bicka brown cow. [18:58] baccala: this show was before fap-fab! [18:58] coyote_at_quiznos: You realize your new nick is "coyot-eat-quiznos", don't you? [18:58] woooo! [18:58] take a lot of vitamins, get rest and take antacids = no con crud for me. [18:58] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1MQW5e6KcE [18:58] i know Atkelar ;) [18:58] StrayCat: they actually pronounce it that way during rollcall [18:58] Sakana: not the way i see it ;) [18:58] Action: DJLab has no stream so is watching music videos [18:59] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lK-0wfHutk [18:59] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1MQW5e6KcE [18:59] Snuggling [18:59] non voop fox puppets? Where did they all go to? [18:59] probably disapeared forever into Yappy's den [18:59] wow big fox [18:59] KwisA (wolfpup@pawpet-642FDE4D.demon.nl) left irc: Quit: KwisA [18:59] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1c14Z0YUTU good song [18:59] Shurun (56949de6@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:59] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lK-0wfHutk <--- 1:29 why does he remind me of uncle kage? [19:00] Remember that time you crapped 18 large hot dogs? http://www.break.com/usercontent/2009/3/This-Toilet-Is-Awesome-680472.html [19:00] this would make a really good Youtube clip [19:00] hi everyone. :) [19:00] hi Shurun [19:00] hi Shurun [19:00] Hey [19:00] SyberfoxKune (vincen010@pawpet-C5AEC7E3.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [19:00] Damn hippies. They like banning water. [19:01] FUDGY DRIFTING :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5WlLje5sYQ [19:01] if they offer it for download i will post some clips [19:01] Have you seen this toilet? Because it is AWESOME. [19:01] In lieu of watching the deadness, view a self-running copy of the Trivial Purrsuit gameshow @ http://drop.io/wolf_dog [19:01] squeaks [19:01] maverique (maverique@pawpet-E15F3FDC.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Quit: HydraIRC -> http://www.hydrairc.com <- Now with extra fish! [19:01] Since Yappy couldn't get it to play last week. [19:01] fudgy: I lurve that song. TRACTOR. [19:01] :) [19:02] i hate that song [19:02] ok see yta all later [19:02] Wait? They used to have show outlines?? [19:02] me mate came over from england he filmed it [19:02] o.o [19:02] Ratchet (ratchet@pawpet-404DD375.satx.res.rr.com) left #pawpet (Konversation terminated!). [19:02] WTFIWWY is better, though... [19:02] Bjorn_Grafeldr> Yes, Jess kept them. [19:02] Yeah, use to have a general timeline; but it was a fiasco. [19:02] Panama_Fox (panama_fox@645C7CE7.E9A8074.6DFDEA2C.IP) left irc: Ping timeout [19:02] Wild [19:02] Wonder if she sitll has copies -- lost mine. [19:02] Anyone else having trouble reconnecting to the show? [19:02] i'm looking over a 3 leaf clover that i overlooked bethree [19:03] Well, Fiascos can be fun, sometimes. [19:03] CC_Lebo (44391d00@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [19:03] Action: Redski pets Fudgy [19:03] awww [19:03] :) [19:03] Ziggy: I'm not getting a stream at all... [19:03] Sparkz (dave@pawpet-C3E66AE6.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [19:03] I'm looking over my dead dog, Rover? [19:03] What happened to Randy Fox's arms? [19:03] "Fiasco" is still probably my favorite episode of NPR's This American Life [19:03] Fiasco: italian for "flask." depends what's in it, I suppose. Amontillado, anyone? [19:03] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5WlLje5sYQ [19:03] Pyrofox: Ok, at least it's notjust me [19:03] Scrubzy_Fox (www.wing0_@pawpet-C3470E7D.dynamic.dejazzd.com) joined #pawpet. [19:03] yes the stream is being bad [19:04] I'm looking over this broke Mars rover.... [19:04] yay [19:04] Drift tractor [19:04] looking forword to radio unifurse [19:04] Nezzucho (Nezz@pawpet-1BFF07AE.sip.mco.bellsouth.net) left irc: Ping timeout [19:04] Ziggy: I think the stream is not reaching some people depending on where they live o.o [19:04] thats Fudgy drifiting! [19:04] ? :) [19:04] i'm not getting a stream too. Anyone know why? [19:04] Have you seen this cat? Because it is AWESOME. [19:04] :\ [19:04] looks like his paws are still fused [19:04] Action: Scrubzy_Fox steps in to the song WAR buy sick puppies [19:04] "[15:57] Akea Grommet: Apparently the stream from Yappy's place is running fine, but none of the mirrors are responding. They've all gone offline." [19:04] It seems to me that only a set number of people are allowed on at a time. [19:05] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63opAlPsAWQ 0:18 [19:05] Pyrofox: That's strange [19:05] lol [19:05] THIS ONE IS BETTER!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QY_FYfQrfO4 [19:05] BUT HE CALLED ME A IDOIT [19:05] ? [19:05] This is the part you did. [19:05] opps, wrong window [19:05] And I don't think it'll be fixed anytime soon. Yappy's not even here to hear us. Well, at least Unifurse is on tonight! :D [19:06] haha Rasvar [19:06] How bout this one? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tUWtzrbNos&feature=channel [19:06] :\ [19:06] oh well [19:06] ace: lol! [19:06] Should I just start the radio show? [19:06] OMG download please. XD!! [19:06] TSG: Yes! Please! [19:06] might as well. [19:06] yeah [19:06] LOL [19:07] this cat gives me lols! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQywRDDWu8Y&NR=1 [19:07] Arthur finds himself surrounded by the ferret cult hymnal [19:07] Sure TSG! [19:07] TSG: go for it! [19:07] YATTA! [19:07] On the air! [19:07] ATTAY! [19:07] YATTA! [19:07] Action: TheSonicGod  Radio Unifurse is on NOW!. Join us in this chatroom, and head to http://www.unifurse.net/ Direct audio link at http://radio.unifurse.net:8000/unifurse.m3u and Video link at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ [19:07] :) [19:07] Big Radio Unifurse Show! [19:07] :) [19:07] :decides to work on her domino invention game thingy. [19:07] http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Darktro0per&view=videos <- ALL my videos [19:07] Yaaay! [19:07] Early Unifurse rules! [19:07] Chipmunk Yatta [19:07] Early Unifurse! [19:08] The Chipmunks [19:08] I think dominos have already been invented [19:08] LOL [19:08] lmao [19:08] Redski (62c16f60@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [19:08] WOOT [19:08] Do not ajust your sets, RADIO UNFURSE IS ON NOW [19:08] Rieshal (rieshal@pawpet-47CC9E11.sip.mia.bellsouth.net) left irc: Quit: [19:08] Rieshal (rieshal@pawpet-47CC9E11.sip.mia.bellsouth.net) joined #pawpet. [19:08] Action: Momma_Bridget yawns. no feed. [19:08] ? [19:08] My pc speakers just detonated [19:08] Kuddlepup (John_Cole@pawpet-C27A4D0B.cfl.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving. [19:08] TSG: Did you get any text last week about REsident Evil 5? That was me who txted you [19:08] We've gave up on FPS [19:08] 70% Radio Unifurse 30% FPS replay audio mix for me -- should work ok [19:08] http://pawpet.tv/archives/view/2009/2009-03-01,Fudgy-Just_a_few_of_me_favs.jpg [19:08] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [19:08] hmm, I'm not normally here for Radio Unifurse. This will be new to me. [19:09] TSG You are crazy [19:09] Ziggy: You won't be dissapointed [19:09] I see you! [19:09] TSG: Did you get any text last week about REsident Evil 5? That was me who txted you [19:09] Fudgy: Stay away from my tractor, bulldozers, excavator, dump trucks and other toys. [19:09] YATTA! [19:09] lol [19:09] Later, show is dead as Disco. [19:09] Who did the Yatta song, anyhoo? [19:09] Spits or Swallows challenge! [19:09] Zorro (zorro456@pawpet-BD2F1B28.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Adios [19:09] Kill Arthur with Yatta [19:09] I am watching Unifurse ustream at the same time as my Video [19:09] happa-tai aka green leaves [19:09] AcerM (santa@pawpet-D30B1A24.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) left irc: Ping timeout [19:09] Good it arrived. [19:10] Redski (62c16f60@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [19:10] Only I get to drift my bulldozer :) [19:10] Eh [19:10] This was when they overplayed it and got it out of their system and not play it anymore today. [19:10] T-Chall (davidrw@pawpet-4C3F813F.rochester.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: [19:10] Momma_Bridget (Momma_Brid@pawpet-2D2724FB.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Momma_Bridget [19:10] Death [19:10] YATTA! [19:10] Death [19:10] Action: TaurusBeresford would only swallow for a commited partner [19:10] YATTA! [19:10] Last message repeated 4 time(s). [19:10] YATTA! [19:10] Death [19:10] YATTA! [19:10] http://pawpet.tv/archives/view/2009/2009-03-01,Fudgy-Just_a_few_of_me_favs.jpg [19:10] Action: Dreadfox loves fudgy [19:10] death by YATTA [19:10] awww!! [19:10] Uncle Kage gets eaten! [19:10] Hehe [19:10] Oh my FRIGGIN eyes.....that is SO damned wrong [19:10] Prickly Pair of what ? [19:11] Action: Fudgy hugs Dreadfox [19:11] TSG: Did you get any text last week about REsident Evil 5? That was me who txted you [19:11] Action: DragonKid is testing the limits of his connection with 2 video streams and 1 audio stream. [19:11] Action: TheSonicGod  Radio Unifurse is on NOW!. Join us in this chatroom, and head to http://www.unifurse.net/ Direct audio link at http://radio.unifurse.net:8000/unifurse.m3u and Video link at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ [19:11] Action: BucktownTiger browses h0rs3 's gallery on FA... [19:11] oh you tell him Poink! You never curse! [19:11] Remember, if it's not part of the 4 food groups...you're taking a chance. [19:11] lol on the link! [19:11] With your powers combined, I AM WILFORD BRIMLEY! [19:11] I saw the vid on YouTube.....WROOOOOONG! [19:11] More stream fail [19:11] what youtube vid? [19:11] yup [19:11] Kahn! [19:11] Da heck did TSG do? [19:11] Action: Sakana_Katana sings: "Sonic God killed the video stream..." [19:11] Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn [19:12] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At-pfAFUldE [19:12] What did you do Ray? [19:12] God dammit, what is up with the streams tonight D: [19:12] TECHNICAL PROBLEMS ABOUND TONIGHT! [19:12] http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Darktro0per&view=videos [19:12] odd, my stream is still working [19:12] Action: Salen turns on Radio Unifurse. [19:12] wooof [19:12] Started w/ mine and Windows stream [19:12] That's Yatta Underwear! [19:12] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skWgZdEWKeY&feature=channel_page <-one of my videos that was aired on PA Pets [19:12] There we go. [19:12] sounds like disco yatta [19:13] Akhanu (akhanuhusk@pawpet-5148AE71.hr.hr.cox.net) joined #pawpet. [19:13] Panama_Fox (panama_fox@645C7CE7.E9A8074.6DFDEA2C.IP) joined #pawpet. [19:13] Action: GustyFox getting out his thick-soled shoes [19:13] We have video feed again.... [19:13] Quarentine, FPS edition [19:13] death [19:13] LOL [19:13] Kill Yatta show! [19:13] they be sick puppies [19:14] Sick puppies? [19:14] the FPS crew [19:14] Heh [19:14] 5-second rule. [19:14] The FPS crew? [19:14] I got A Radio-Unifurse Mirror Going [19:14] sick floofies [19:14] Not puppies, puppets :) [19:14] YATTA! [19:14] Last message repeated 5 time(s). [19:14] Yatta [19:14] YATTA! [19:14] YATTA! [19:14] Yatta? [19:14] YATTA! [19:14] YATTA! [19:14] YATTA! [19:14] YATTA! [19:14] Last message repeated 2 time(s). [19:14] Tomatos are good [19:14] YATTA! [19:14] Tomatos are good [19:14] 115 the yatta show [19:14] Yatta?! [19:14] RESIDENT EVIL 5 SPOILER: WESKER FINALLY DIES AND JILL VALENTINE RETURNS [19:14] Mentally Ill. Yeah, aren't we all, Surge. [19:14] Sean: YOU BASTARD! [19:15] YATTA! [19:15] http://75-104-29-106.cust.wildblue.net/fillyjonk/fillyjonkYATTA!.jpg [19:15] YATTA! [19:15] Last message repeated 3 time(s). [19:15] YATTA! [19:15] Last message repeated 2 time(s). [19:15] Ryx (ask@pawpet-1157FB39.dsl.bell.ca) left #pawpet. [19:15] YATTA! [19:15] Last message repeated 3 time(s). [19:15] fap [19:15] YATTA! [19:15] YATTA! [19:15] fap [19:15] YATTA! [19:15] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [19:15] fap [19:15] fpa [19:15] How to get the stream? [19:15] fap [19:15] TSG: did Surge like the giant blue wang? [19:15] what language was that song done in? [19:15] TSG I figured out how to do co hosts on UStream [19:15] fap [19:15] hehe [19:15] Lots of gore and sex in the movie... [19:15] I can make an Appearance on your show [19:15] Damn hippies. [19:15] Tis was hilarious [19:15] woof [19:15] TSG: did Surge like the giant blue wang? [19:15] crazy isn't it Sonic!! [19:15] coming soon to Saturday morning tv: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDDHHrt6l4w [19:16] YATTA! [19:16] YATTA! [19:16] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDDHHrt6l4w <--The Fake Watchmen Saturday Morning cartoon intro. [19:16] I still think it is hillarious the first time someon hears yatta and can't figure out why I laugh my ass off when they tell me about it. [19:16] lol [19:16] Yes xD [19:16] Dong physics? [19:16] ? [19:16] Roofus (42828af0@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [19:16] YATTA! [19:16] YATTA! [19:16] PHYSICS [19:16] YATTA! [19:16] goodbye eveyone have a great week [19:16] YATTA! [19:16] Last message repeated 4 time(s). [19:16] He just doesn't care [19:16] The damn audience wouldn't stop laughing at it :P [19:16] Erik (erik_h1979@pawpet-13E3AD18.chrlmi.cablespeed.com) left irc: Quit: I don't play games with 2 shoot buttons [19:16] night, you too [19:16] >.< [19:16] YATTA IS ONGOING! [19:16] RESIDENT EVIL 5 SPOILER: WESKER FINALLY DIES AND JILL VALENTINE RETURNS PLUS...Im gonna keep the BIGGEST Spoiler of ALL time a secert [19:16] Is the stream broken for everyone too? [19:16] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA [19:16] Plus, if YOU had a giant, blue dong, wouldn't you walk areound naked, too? [19:16] YATTA! [19:17] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA [19:17] YATTA! [19:17] Last message repeated 3 time(s). [19:17] Salen (salenstorm@pawpet-3E80F20B.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Dook? [19:17] Sean: YOU BASTARD!?!?!?!!!!? [19:17] YATTA! [19:17] YATTA! [19:17] Last message repeated 3 time(s). [19:17] YATTA! [19:17] Ok, I have this son gin my head now....damnit [19:17] YATTA!? [19:17] YATTA! [19:17] Last message repeated 2 time(s). [19:17] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA [19:17] Ha ha ha! [19:17] Harry Potter is for nerds [19:17] YATTA! [19:17] YATTA! [19:17] YATTA! [19:17] Surge, THINGS GO BOOM, in teh end of fallout 3 [19:17] WATTA! [19:17] Werf ? [19:17] x.x [19:17] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA [19:17] YATTA! [19:17] Nerikull - teething? [19:17] YATTA! [19:17] Rorschach was my favorite character. [19:17] TMI [19:17] Harry Potter is for nerds...like Surge [19:17] nvm [19:17] YATTA! [19:17] nvm [19:18] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [19:18] YATTA! [19:18] Saturday morning Watchmen: Dies in first season [19:18] I read that wrong [19:18] xD [19:18] Hheeheh [19:18] <----stupid [19:18] xD [19:18] YATTA! [19:18] YATTA! [19:18] YATTA! [19:18] Roofus (42828af0@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC 0.5.9 (2006/06/06) [19:18] YATTA! [19:18] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA [19:18] and nerda are a candy [19:18] Saturday morning Watchmen means NO BLUE WEENIE! [19:18] Surge, you need your won segment on TSG's show [19:18] The remix from hell [19:18] YATTA IS ONGOING! [19:18] Also, opening credits and first scene were the best in the movie. [19:18] Surge, you need your own comedy show, seriously. [19:18] Giant Blue Dong, call in! [19:18] YATTA! [19:18] Seanwolf: But I read Harry Potter..... [19:18] Action: Fudgy has said YATTA enough now! [19:18] Rasvar - Yea xD [19:18] lol [19:18] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQywRDDWu8Y&NR=1 [19:18] No results were found for the search term "dong physics" newgrounds. [19:18] Dogpile suggests that you: [19:18] * Check the spelling of your term. [19:18] * Try a different word (a synonym of the original term you entered). [19:18] * Try a more general one. [19:18] Giant Blue Bong ? * SNORT * [19:18] biach! [19:19] what language is that? [19:19] YATTA! [19:19] haha [19:19] voop, please eat all the Yatta ferrets [19:19] ROFLMAO [19:19] Action: Dreadfox went to see Rent live the other day in LA [19:19] Surge: Is there such a thing as a GIANT BLUE WOMAN DONG? [19:19] There's a quote. "Giant swinging blue man-dong." [19:19] Whoops, gotta go get some dinnerz. [19:19] ok :\ [19:19] Action: Redski coughs [19:19] RECIEVING [19:19] u stream I stream we all stream for ustream [19:19] March 17th [19:19] Action: SeanWolf is recovering from a cold [19:19] Dreadfox (linkinfoxx@pawpet-34295CEF.dsl.bkfd14.sbcglobal.net) left irc: Quit: [19:19] Nick change: Ziggy -> Ziggy_eating_dinnerz [19:19] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA [19:19] The Stream died again [19:19] Pyrofox; yes, in Douge Winger artwork [19:19] I has no stream [19:19] Blue Dong Of DEATH [19:19] Stream's dead [19:20] I'm sensing a show theme here [19:20] the 17th is St. Patrick's Day [19:20] BLUE DONG [19:20] The sound of blue dongs [19:20] Going to Radio Uniferse. Laters. :) [19:20] Blue Dong Of DEATH! [19:20] And a sounds effect right after he says Blue Dong. [19:20] Action: Tahisha beats SeanWolf to death with a bar of Dove soap [19:20] TSG [19:20] Rubber dong [19:20] Action: Fudgy earworm will be YATTA all week [19:20] I rather have a giant blue bong of death ;) [19:20] baccala30 (Stephen_De@7D81EBAD.91FCF1DD.662EB2EE.IP) left irc: Quit: [19:20] o.o [19:20] Surge is busy swinging his giant blue dong around... [19:20] "do it right, Doctor. Do it right..." [19:20] giant blue bong - without the cat inside [19:20] wut [19:20] Fudgy: ......me too. XD [19:20] XD [19:20] Hehehe [19:20] it would be so great if he asked Kage about getting into the pharmaceutical business, then start blabbering [19:21] HOW DO I GET THE STREAM?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [19:21] Action: TheSonicGod  Radio Unifurse is on NOW!. Join us in this chatroom, and head to http://www.unifurse.net/ Direct audio link at http://radio.unifurse.net:8000/unifurse.m3u and Video link at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ [19:21] which stream ? [19:21] BONG [19:21] hahahah [19:21] You know, that's interesting. Would Abraham Lincon have freed the slaves if the internet were around in his day, or would he have been flaming channels and blogging all day long? [19:21] Cut your head off and tell me if the voices stop. ;) [19:21] The pawpet stream [19:21] STICKING GIANT BLUE DONG INTO A GIANT BLUE BONG [19:21] Surge, do a irsih step dance [19:22] vgn3rd (cjsouth@pawpet-7F66C617.student.tcu.edu) joined #pawpet. [19:22] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse [19:22] EPIC FAIL [19:22] I got it [19:22] "thank you, Doctor Warfield..." [19:22] Too thrifty to dance, eh? [19:22] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA [19:22] Last message repeated 2 time(s). [19:22] lol [19:22] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA [19:22] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! [19:22] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA [19:23] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [19:23] 100 furs roll call time! [19:23] 128 name roll call [19:23] George W. Bush = Epic Fail [19:23] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA [19:23] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! [19:23] YATA [19:23] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! [19:23] BLUE DONG [19:23] Nick change: SeanWolf -> BlueDong [19:23] BLUE DONG [19:23] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! [19:23] Nick change: Sawblade5 -> Sawblade5-Sawblade5 [19:23] lol [19:23] BLUE DONG [19:23] POST THE NEWGROUNDS VIDEO LINK, PLEASE! [19:23] BLUE DONG [19:23] It's in his HEAD!!! [19:23] YATTA! [19:23] BLUE DONG [19:23] Nick change: Shamus -> Giant_Blue_Dong [19:23] YATTA! [19:23] I JUST GOT JUNKMAIL! [19:23] BLUE DONG [19:23] Nick change: BlueDong -> GiantBlueDong [19:23] Action: TonyRingtail Dive-pounces on Fudgy ... tickles em into submission, takes the critter's shinies and blames Wildfox!!!! [19:23] BLUE DONE [19:23] Hi There.... :) [19:23] Nick change: Giant_Blue_Dong -> Shamus [19:23] Nick change: Aladasian -> YouLoveTheBlueDong [19:23] Nick change: Redski -> Redski|sick [19:23] AceRover (42f57cdb@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [19:23] Action: Fudgy is pounced [19:23] Nick change: GiantBlueDong -> SurgeGiantBlueDong [19:24] Nick change: Pyrofox -> WHY_I_LIKE_BLUE_DONGS [19:24] Maxxarcade (Maxxarcade@pawpet-BF17FF7E.dhcp.bycy.mi.charter.com) joined #pawpet. [19:24] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! [19:24] Ryx (ask@pawpet-1157FB39.dsl.bell.ca) joined #pawpet. [19:24] Nick change: Sawblade5-Sawblade5 -> Z-Surge-Lost-The-Game [19:24] Oy vey [19:24] I gotta go now...see ya later! [19:24] Nick change: Shamus -> Zwinging_Blue_Dong [19:24] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! [19:24] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! [19:24] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! [19:24] Nick change: SleepyFoxcoon -> Tansunn [19:24] Nick change: SurgeGiantBlueDong -> Chuck_Norris [19:24] Nick change: WHY_I_LIKE_BLUE_DONGS -> ZEBLUE_DONGS [19:24] Nick change: DJLab -> ZZ_NameCHANGER [19:24] GustyFox (mouse.boy@pawpet-6224B296.subscriber.vzavenue.net) left irc: Quit: [19:24] Nick change: ZEBLUE_DONGS -> ZZZZZZZZZBLUEDONG [19:24] the man is here [19:25] ROFL [19:25] Nick change: Zwinging_Blue_Dong -> Shamus [19:25] Nick change: Z-Surge-Lost-The-Game -> Sawblade5 [19:25] Nick change: ZZ_NameCHANGER -> DJLab [19:25] WERE FURRIES what do you expect [19:25] Nick change: YouLoveTheBlueDong -> Aladasian [19:25] Nick change: ZZZZZZZZZBLUEDONG -> Pyrofox [19:25] YATTA! [19:25] YATTA! [19:25] Nick change: Chuck_Norris -> William_Shatner [19:25] YATTA! [19:25] BLUE DONG TEASE [19:25] YATTA! [19:25] Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh [19:25] Nick change: Nerikull -> NeriYATTA [19:25] POST THE NEWGROUNDS VIDEO LINK, PLEASE! [19:25] O.O [19:25] XD [19:25] YEA [19:25] Ok I just read Poinks Bio on his poinkscast site and it really made me giggle [19:25] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! [19:25] LOL! [19:25] LOL [19:25] Bad touch, no! [19:25] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! [19:25] TSG YOU ARE SUCH A BLUE DONG TEASE [19:25] LOL [19:25] Blue Dong? [19:25] Hahahahaah. [19:26] That's some good OJ [19:26] William....Shatner....Giant....Blue....Wang.... [19:26] Maxxarcade (Maxxarcade@pawpet-BF17FF7E.dhcp.bycy.mi.charter.com) left irc: Quit: [19:26] what...giant...blue...wang? [19:26] Yay! Bit noise! [19:26] BLUE DONG [19:26] Did he just leave? [19:26] YES! NO! NO NO NO NO NO! [19:26] Yes [19:26] Standing-by.... [19:26] Action: Sakana_Katana starts a band called Giant Blue Dong. [19:26] ....Giant....Blue....Wang....In....WatchMan [19:27] DOng! (say it like KAHN!) [19:27] YAY!!!!!!!!! FRANKIE! [19:27] DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG! [19:27] Sakana: How about Giant and the Blue Dongs [19:27] o.o [19:27] Bathroom Break LMAO [19:27] Pyrofox> "They Might be Giant Blue Dongs." [19:27] They Might Be Giant Blue Dongs ? [19:27] Nick change: William_Shatner -> Rick_Astley [19:27] lol, Sakana [19:27] I gave Woulfe a hard time over it earlier [19:27] TSG: I herd you liek blue dongz [19:27] Pyrofox> "The Blue Dong Group." [19:27] 'o' [19:27] Nick change: Rick_Astley -> SeanWolf [19:28] NO a rick roll is approaching [19:28] Nick change: Redski|sick -> Redski [19:28] NeriYATTA (chatzilla@pawpet-676E016.nap.wideopenwest.com) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.7/2009021910] [19:28] I cannot believe how obsessed people are with the blue dong. [19:28] "The Artist Formerly Known as a Blue Dong" [19:28] lol [19:28] lol [19:28] lol [19:28] Frankie, the worlds worst waiter. [19:28] new INTERNET meme [19:28] TSG: You know you want one [19:28] TheSonicGod> Well, it sounds "Rated X" rather than "R". [19:28] TSG: My pokemanz pwn your blue dongz [19:28] Woulfe: I wouldn't be surprised [19:29] I haven't seen the Watchmen yet. [19:29] Watching the video feed.... [19:29] Dead Air TSG [19:29] is there video anymore? [19:29] Nickname Metapod "Blue Dong" and it'll be like "Blue Dong used Harden!" [19:29] Sawblade5> Video sound is muted -- tune into his audio-only feed. [19:29] Pyrofox: XDDDDDDDDD [19:29] Tolls ? [19:29] Scrubzy_Fox (www.wing0_@pawpet-C3470E7D.dynamic.dejazzd.com) left irc: Quit: [19:29] Sonic The Hedgehog <-> BLUE DONG [19:29] Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh [19:29] woof [19:30] .........Blue trolls... [19:30] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Connection reset by peer [19:30] Good question. Does Sonic have a blue dong? o.o [19:30] Canis_Rufus_UK (chatzilla@pawpet-E68CB0BF.cable.ubr14.newc.blueyonder.co.uk) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.6/2009011913] [19:30] PLAID ! [19:30] I'm going to the GBD movie tonight [19:30] Lunden0 (me@pawpet-CEC79C93.lightspeed.livnmi.sbcglobal.net) left irc: Quit: [19:30] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [19:30] I forgot about Larry [19:30] Why are people leaving? [19:30] well I made it through half the show without pinging [19:30] no idea [19:31] Everyfur who stays gets a free Dr. Manhatten action figure with Blue Dong action! [19:31] "Tron" sound effect at the end, there. [19:31] OMG [19:31] Yeah. Who hasn't imagined the thought of getting a hummer while driving? Well, except for the womens. Well, some womens. [19:31] katzman (jake@pawpet-AADFEEFC.hr.hr.cox.net) joined #pawpet. [19:31] some IDIOT posted the ending of Resident Evil 5 just now [19:31] me [19:31] me [19:31] me [19:31] me [19:31] yes [19:31] No dead aur [19:31] is fine [19:31] You have sound know [19:31] no dead air [19:31] Fellatio from some guy named Bob. [19:31] nope nope [19:31] great [19:31] Oh I was getting Dead Air on Ustream [19:31] did the stream die? [19:31] Guess so [19:31] I have both streams auido & video [19:31] Apollo (47ad99d2@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [19:31] SPOILER: Snape kills the blue dong [19:31] Action: TheSonicGod  Radio Unifurse is on NOW!. Join us in this chatroom, and head to http://www.unifurse.net/ Direct audio link at http://radio.unifurse.net:8000/unifurse.m3u and Video link at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ [19:32] Ha ha ha! [19:32] grr [19:32] Surge speaks the truth [19:32] Blue dong easily [19:32] if the scream doesn't return soon I am going to listen to poink casts [19:32] Wait a minute...so the blue dong is not a separate entity? Is this going to show up at a furrycon now? [19:32] Blue Dong vs. Galactus. FIGHT! [19:32] Blue dong wins against all odds [19:32] dinner time [19:32] BLUE DONG [19:32] Blue dong vs Bruce Lee [19:32] 5,624 times... [19:33] hihi [19:33] Blue DOng VS Sonic [19:33] Spoiler : Kirk does a Blue Dong in the new Star Trek film [19:33] Surge is cosplaying as a blue dong? [19:33] Hi Surge! [19:33] Munch_the_kitten (IceChat7@98AAFCE2.254783BE.3161969A.IP) left irc: Quit: It's a dud! It's a dud! It's a du... [19:33] snarfie (jimmy@pawpet-9C01C99E.hsd1.co.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [19:33] Action: Woulfe smirks [19:33] Blue DOng VS Sonic The Hedgehog...who would win? [19:33] Sonic will win. [19:33] There was an artist, Rodrigue, who made his fame painting blue DOGS. Don't give him any new ideas! [19:33] Oh snap It's Poink! [19:33] What happened to FPS? [19:33] epic music plays for poink [19:33] Did it like...phail? [19:33] Heyas Poink [19:34] Apollo: Most of the cast is sick [19:34] Ah.... [19:34] LOL, snap man I'm sick too... [19:34] Woke up coughing up blood....fun night last night :D [19:34] Action: Pyrofox has the around same hair length as Surge, but keeps it down. [19:34] Sick Cast = Odd take over show [19:34] Get otu the Tasers [19:34] Nick change: Jakrabbit -> Poink [19:34] Uncontrolled hair vs. the Blue Dong. FIGHT! [19:34] Get out the Tasers [19:34] Yikes Apollo, hope you're alright [19:35] I have no idea whats going on Gamer... [19:35] katzman (jake@pawpet-AADFEEFC.hr.hr.cox.net) left irc: Quit: My computer died in an inferno of cookies [19:35] I think I had rusty pipes last night... [19:35] odd [19:35] swallowed some blood, who knows... [19:35] Well, you'd better see a doctor or something just in case Apollo [19:35] Janjakko (chatzilla@pawpet-3C20BB47.hsd1.ct.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [19:35] Ewwww. [19:35] YATTA! [19:35] AkeaGrommet (brepas@33B68854.5C3D42E3.C540D195.IP) left irc: Quit: [19:35] I dont think its that drastic... [19:35] YATTA! [19:35] Janjakko (chatzilla@pawpet-3C20BB47.hsd1.ct.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.6/2009011913] [19:35] Truthfully.. [19:35] Push buttons! [19:36] Furry!!! [19:36] You watching him Sawblade ? [19:36] You're lacking in other departments too [19:36] It's Science! [19:36] We're entertained already. We don't know why, but we are. I think it has something to do with gratuitous insanity. [19:36] Rooster? [19:36] BAWK! [19:36] BAWK! [19:37] hum [19:37] Action: Fudgy fell asleep [19:37] Ha ha ha! [19:37] ...did I miss something? The url in the channel topic doesn't work, and the "watch" link goesn't have any URLs to the stream. [19:37] Fun with a blue dong? [19:37] You FOLLOWing him Sawblade ? [19:37] Sonic The Hedgehog's Blue Dong lol [19:37] Apollo (47ad99d2@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [19:37] Tansunn> http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse [19:37] Action: TaurusBeresford would polish the big blue dong, hehe [19:38] ah [19:38] Ding dong! [19:38] No rights [19:38] Hahahaha [19:38] lol [19:38] Speaking of giant blue dongs -> http://icelandweatherreport.com/2006/01/penis-mall-exposed.html [19:38] There's a quote! "Your first amendment rights are REVOKED!" [19:38] DJLab (Dominic@pawpet-EA200075.tstt.net.tt) left irc: Quit: Leaving [19:38] I texted him "blue dong." That's what he did there. [19:38] Blue Dong recipe: 1 1/2 oz Cointreau® orange liqueur, 1 1/2 oz Blue Curacao liqueur, sprite [19:38] And, like Bandit at FPS, Oscar is the REAL star of the show. [19:39] Legendary is good [19:39] Bear in the big blue dong ? [19:39] BOMB [19:39] Malaika> Just don't tell us what you stir it with. [19:39] Woulfe: AHHH NO! D: [19:39] Action: Woulfe hangs his head down [19:39] oh shit its a bo *BOOM* [19:39] Surge: Act like a blue dong! GOGOGO! [19:39] TSG: whats the back ground music? [19:39] New MegaMan 10 enemy...BongMan [19:39] BAWK! [19:39] nice [19:39] Action: Fudgy fell asleep [19:39] YATTA! [19:39] TheSonicGod: Gonna do Silly State rules today? [19:39] YATTA! [19:40] o.o [19:40] Gowd, they look like Larry, Moe & Curly. [19:40] BAG CORK!! [19:40] theres a tiny UstreamTv logo [19:40] LoboSabio (LoboSabio@F87767D0.53B43903.714C5F8B.IP) left irc: Quit: Leaving [19:40] he aint flippin irish [19:40] Opie (Opie@pawpet-F40BE05B.rochester.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: it's time for work. [19:40] Drago: Very tiny [19:40] Action: TaurusBeresford wants the dong, :) [19:41] pyro: surge's dong tiny [19:41] Surge: New MegaMan 10 enemy...BongMan [19:41] Drago: Surge has a blue dong [19:41] DJLab (Dominic@pawpet-EA200075.tstt.net.tt) joined #pawpet. [19:41] A tiny one [19:41] Action: TaurusBeresford chases surge about the room [19:41] I thought it was PLAID.... [19:42] woulfe did it once [19:42] tiwce, many times [19:42] Maybe a splitter cable inline with your mic? [19:42] I got my Broadcast going now TSG [19:42] is anyone watching the pawpet show anymore??? [19:42] Action: TheSonicGod  Radio Unifurse is on NOW!. Join us in this chatroom, and head to http://www.unifurse.net/ Direct audio link at http://radio.unifurse.net:8000/unifurse.m3u and Video link at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ [19:42] there is a little link in the corner of the Ustream video that takes you to Sawblade5 video [19:42] the pawpet show's stream is messed up for some reason. [19:42] None of us can get QT working for FPS [19:42] mine fine :P [19:42] I totaly am fudgy, but I neet to leave chat. [19:42] I see video in video [19:42] Munch_the_kitten (IceChat7@98AAFCE2.254783BE.3161969A.IP) joined #pawpet. [19:42] Action: Atkelar is watching FPS - intermitted [19:42] YATTA! [19:43] Munch_the_kitten (IceChat7@98AAFCE2.254783BE.3161969A.IP) left irc: Quit: Munch_the_kitten [19:43] YATTA! [19:43] I see sawblade [19:43] IceGuest_75 (IceChat7@98AAFCE2.254783BE.3161969A.IP) joined #pawpet. [19:43] Yatta means I just done it [19:43] YATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! [19:43] Alden (Kyoshi@pawpet-EB132D84.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [19:43] Talyn|UK (talynwolf@pawpet-6B04562C.range86-140.btcentralplus.com) joined #pawpet. [19:43] hey Tayln [19:43] woof [19:43] Hi-def Sawblade! [19:44] Stray_Cat (bbf4f@pawpet-2E2DCBF8.bootp.virginia.edu) left irc: Quit: [19:44] Window in a window in a window [19:44] we got a stream? [19:44] its a old show [19:44] #115 [19:44] I has stream [19:44] Jax (trance_tyg@pawpet-6DD25C05.ph.ph.cox.net) joined #pawpet. [19:44] whats that paper on Sawblade's computer monitor? [19:45] Phonetic Alphabet List for Flight Sim [19:45] I preatty much Memorized it [19:45] Cute audio effect [19:45] hi Talyn|UK! [19:45] ? [19:45] LOL [19:45] What audio effect? [19:45] Blue crab dong. [19:45] lol [19:45] hey, I got a crazy idea, another co-host [19:45] Blue crab [19:46] Yamavu (chatzilla@pawpet-B2A116E.tuwien.teleweb.at) left irc: Connection reset by peer [19:46] :/ I'm not getting on [19:46] i think you could do that some how WOUlfe [19:46] I forgot your ustream name [19:46] Yamavu (chatzilla@pawpet-B2A116E.tuwien.teleweb.at) joined #pawpet. [19:46] Mine ? TheWoulfesHour [19:46] Talyn|UK: Nope, the stream is having problems and it's a repeat too since most of the cast is sick. Right now TheSonicGod has got his show on early [19:46] is it still the rerun? [19:47] I wonder (If TSG has Fallout 3) if TSG got Operation: Achorage and is gonna get the next DLC for Falllout 3 called The Pitt? [19:47] dont like that Irish chinese man [19:47] we got a link to TSG's show/stream? [19:47] prolly lol pretty quiet today [19:47] goingin to close Pawpet [19:47] Our own little furry in a window, Sawblade5! [19:47] Kipper: it's still show #115 [19:47] TSG: You have an echo... [19:47] Talyn|UK: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse [19:47] Echo [19:48] Turns radio feed down.... [19:48] *closes FPS [19:48] I can..... [19:48] Use this opportunity to give your younger self the advice you always needed. [19:48] Action: Fillyjonk went crabbin' once in Staten Island. [19:48] Left4Bread (supermonke@A369945D.55A37082.9CE73011.IP) joined #pawpet. [19:49] We don't see Sawblade yet. [19:49] I had Pizza last night.... [19:49] I hear you 3 times! (once over video, twice over audio) [19:49] New word(s) is "BLUE DONG" [19:49] Hehe [19:49] Nick change: IceGuest_75 -> munch_the_kitten [19:49] JReq (JReq_havin@pawpet-875F57E3.ga.at.cox.net) joined #pawpet. [19:50] WE HAVE ECHOES, YES WE DO.. WE HAVE ECHOES, HOW 'BOUT YOU? [19:50] whew! finally arrived! [19:50] The problem with crabbing in Staten Island is that sometimes you dredge up a mob informant. [19:50] <.< [19:50] >.> [19:50] I've been voted most valuable speedbump. [19:50] ? lol [19:50] ? [19:50] Fillyjonk> Or a Coney Island Whitefish. [19:50] Action: Talyn|UK munching on tuna sammiches [19:50] >.< [19:50] anyone know if theres going to be a new poinkcast this week? [19:50] No [19:50] No [19:50] nope [19:50] nup [19:50] Nope, no hear. [19:50] Hey...TSG...do you rememeber what happened last week on FPS? When Lisel got REALLY angry at me? [19:50] Heh [19:50] MBing [19:50] Nope [19:50] There we gi [19:50] *go [19:50] I'll be uploading it in a moment [19:51] oh theres Poink [19:51] was still looking for jackrabbit [19:51] NP [19:51] Hey...TSG...do you rememeber what happened last week on FPS? When Lisel got REALLY angry at me? [19:51] Aladasian (aladasian_@pawpet-F098BE1E.cpe.seaside.ns.ca) left irc: Connection reset by peer [19:51] Agreed. [19:51] Sean, you really want to be nominated for "Most Annoying Chatter"? [19:51] HI TSG! [19:52] we has sawblade5, [19:52] whitewolfie (vircuser@18FFCE8B.F93B96CD.6BE1F675.IP) left irc: Quit: User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby [19:52] Ha ha ha! [19:52] Sawblade5: Your mic volume is very low [19:52] Sawblade has arrived [19:52] right moving to TSG show :) [19:52] Fudgy (Fudgster@pawpet-491AAD04.range86-154.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: byeeee [19:52] Sakana: i wouldnt mind lol [19:52] Aeturnus (Rustedicon@pawpet-49CAB25E.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [19:52] Only barely [19:52] having just opened QT, is there any show tonite? [19:53] very quietly. [19:53] .......I guess not? [19:53] JReq> FPS having probs all night. It's a rerun anyway. [19:53] JReq: re-run of #115 is on now if you can connect [19:53] ohhhh. [19:53] Sadly: no download :( [19:54] No download? Aww, c'mon! [19:54] JReq> Otherwise -- http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse [19:54] That was January? o.o Oh wow [19:54] Product Placement [19:54] well, now I don't feel so bad about arriving late. ^^ [19:54] Garmon: Yappy said so earlier... [19:54] Cool, crashing at Herbie's! [19:54] Action: Talyn|UK is still buzzed about being on BBF's FC-09 video [19:54] Aladasian (aladasian_@pawpet-F098BE1E.cpe.seaside.ns.ca) joined #pawpet. [19:54] Any reason why not? [19:54] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [19:54] Cool.... [19:54] 650 [19:55] yay Jeep's :D [19:55] JReq: Yeah, most of the FPS crew fell ill [19:55] TSG: what kind is it? [19:55] >.< [19:55] Garmon: Yappy doesn't put up re-runs. His policy. [19:55] OWwwwwwwwww [19:55] *what kind of rental car* [19:55] Rieshal (rieshal@pawpet-47CC9E11.sip.mia.bellsouth.net) left irc: Quit: [19:55] Left4Bread (supermonke@A369945D.55A37082.9CE73011.IP) left irc: Quit: [19:55] Ah, Ustream. Ustream's pretty much taking over FurAffinity, isn't it? [19:55] Sawblade's is even brighter [19:55] Ever try renting a Kia Rio? 'those arn't bad.... [19:56] Wait, that's not a laser pointer...that's an unprotected uranium rod! Noooooo! [19:56] AW MY EYES [19:56] HEY GUYS! STOP BLINDING THE AUDIENCE! [19:56] I'm glad I have gotten to see this. I had to work my ass off so much for this show tha I forgot how weird it was [19:56] *flexes claws* "On further review..." [19:56] TSG: do you have a Xbox 360 and what year did you get it? Im just wondering casue i have info about a new motherboard that is [19:56] wheelie (wheelie@pawpet-3B15C578.hsd1.tx.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: This computer has gone to sleep [19:56] sorry irc got locked up a bit earlier [19:56] TSG: do you have a Xbox 360 and what year did you get it? Im just wondering casue i have info about a new motherboard that is "Supposed" to end the Red Ring Of Death Failure [19:56] Latin Vixen's Secret Headquarters. [19:56] TSG: take it while your down there [19:57] That'll be cool. [19:57] 2 subservients! That sounds awesome! [19:57] Tell me more? [19:57] There's like a 12 seconds lag... [19:57] Pizza Surge [19:57] Rasvar: you've always done a goo djob. [19:57] lol, Surge [19:58] xD [19:58] Is Unifurse still only going to be two hours long, or will it go on for longer? [19:58] Heheheheheh. [19:58] Woyro (DARGENTO@pawpet-734C3E1.rochester.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: Listen to Woyro's Warren Podcast at woyroswarren.podshow.com!!!! [19:58] http://pictureisunrelated.com/2009/03/08/i-ate-easter/ [19:58] Suddenly Surge sounds like Jinx the Cat? [19:58] unifurse for the next 9 hours :P [19:58] hahaha [19:58] Cool. [19:58] lol [19:58] Blue Crab Pizza [19:59] Domino's are good [19:59] TSG: Will you be airing for your usual time too? [19:59] SpringStar (43234acb@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [19:59] n8 Atkelar [19:59] When it comes to chain, I prefer Pizza Hut. [19:59] N8 Yamavu! [19:59] Xavious (chatzilla@C4183EF2.BF4843E5.EEFBBEAE.IP) left #pawpet. [19:59] TSG: what kind of Jeep are you renting while in Florida? [19:59] Question: Surge, what's the grossest pizza you have ever eaten? [20:00] Sawblade5: What do you feel is your greatest talent? [20:00] Yeah, Pizza Hut is good....getting a bit pricy 'tho. [20:00] Sawblade5 has a PSP! :D [20:00] Surge: what makes you tick [20:00] JReq (JReq_havin@pawpet-875F57E3.ga.at.cox.net) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.6/2009011912] [20:00] 2 of them o.o [20:00] BLUE DONG [20:00] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [20:00] .. [20:00] BLUE DONG [20:00] TSG: Are you gonna get Guitar Hero: Metallica and are you gonna get the extra bass pedal for the "Expert+ [20:00] bye Kipper Tahisha Num8 Poink gamer_wolf [20:00] Pizz Hut Pizza Mia is very good and cheap [20:00] TSG: Are you gonna get Guitar Hero: Metallica and are you gonna get the extra bass pedal for the "Expert+" mode? [20:00] byebye [20:00] night :\ [20:00] hi Garmon [20:00] Numero Uno was the bast here years ago.... [20:00] *waves* [20:00] night, Yamavu :\ [20:00] 'best' [20:01] night Yamavu! [20:01] *waved back* [20:01] JFD62780 (JFD62780@pawpet-75DC5CA4.tampabay.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [20:01] Hahaha [20:01] Ugh, Guitar Hero: Metallica. There's a game I'll be avoiding. [20:01] :) [20:01] DJLab (Dominic@pawpet-EA200075.tstt.net.tt) left irc: Quit: Leaving [20:01] TSG: Ginger, or MaryAnn? [20:02] Action: JFD62780 is unfortunately locked out of streaming from the Funday server... [20:02] I have always avoided Metallica.... [20:02] :) [20:02] Surge: Who would win? You Or Dr.Manhattan's Giant Blue Dong? [20:02] hopefully you'll get a grand cherokee [20:02] Chuckles) [20:02] DJLab (Dominic@pawpet-EA200075.tstt.net.tt) joined #pawpet. [20:03] Hmmm... [20:03] TSG & Surge: Felicia or Morrigan? [20:03] Ah hears music! [20:03] Giant blue enemy crab dong! [20:03] BLUE DONGS ALL AROUND [20:03] TSG: If you had a choice bewtween two alblums which would u take? Meatloaf's Bat Out Of Hell 3 or any Rick Astley Alblum? [20:03] DJLab (Dominic@pawpet-EA200075.tstt.net.tt) left irc: Quit: Leaving [20:04] http://us-p.vclart.net/vcl/Artists/Blotch/DontBeScared-ItsOnlyAPenisCostume.jpg [20:04] Does it have a Mellotron on it? [20:04] :D [20:04] Ouch. [20:04] If you have a blue dong in your ear, well, you're just too kinky. [20:04] YATTA YATTA YATTA [20:04] Nothing like Rick Rolling yourself. [20:04] Now someone must compose a blue dong tribute song. [20:05] lol, dominatrix [20:05] If a blue dong falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? [20:05] woof [20:05] Okay, I'm tuned into Unifurse, and I see a pix-in-pix stream... Nifty! :D [20:05] why do I hear the FPS thingie? [20:05] TSG, Surge, and Sawblade5: MeatLoaf, Rick Astley, Rob Zombie, U2, or Ricky Martin? [20:05] FPS IS STARTING!!! [20:05] lol I wish [20:06] Virtual Honk-A-Moob? [20:06] One time I was walking thru a forest, and a tree fell in front of me, and I didn't hear it..... [20:06] Meatloaf [20:06] I'll say this: At least the PS3 and 360 pick up what the Wii is lacking. [20:07] Who's Ricky Astly? [20:07] Excellent song, Surge, excellent song [20:07] Wild`Bill`TX (wildbilltx@pawpet-FA27E575.cable.lngv.cablelynx.com) joined #pawpet. [20:07] back [20:07] pyrofox: The guy who "Rick Rolls" you [20:07] My damn internet went down [20:07] K-nuckles [20:07] He's falling asleep. [20:07] Hahaha [20:08] are the servers back online [20:08] Knuckle touch! [20:08] :) [20:08] The stark fist of removal.... [20:08] Bat Out Of Hell and Bat OUt Of Hell 2: Back Into Hell [20:08] FIST OF JUSTICE! [20:08] coyoteatquiznos: That's Rick Astly [20:08] Mike? [20:08] YES [20:08] Proceed [20:08] Only if Surge can kill him [20:08] pyrofox: Thought it was the same guy [20:08] BURD [20:08] lol [20:08] WolfCry (WolfCry@pawpet-1CE0C027.gavlegardarna.gavle.to) left irc: Quit: [20:09] Why haven't you named him yourself? [20:09] DJLab (Dominic@pawpet-EA200075.tstt.net.tt) joined #pawpet. [20:09] Yamavu (chatzilla@pawpet-B2A116E.tuwien.teleweb.at) left irc: Connection reset by peer [20:09] BUUUUURD! [20:09] is there a live stream url? [20:09] Burr..... [20:09] BUUUUURD [20:09] Wild`Bill`TX> http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse [20:09] their gonna [20:09] TSG, Sawblade5, and Surge: If you could make your own video game what would you make (Dongs are not allowed) [20:09] oh ok, [20:09] Yes they should [20:09] TSG: their gonna microwave a toaster [20:09] Wild`Bill: Last time I checked the FPS feed is down [20:09] ustream of Unifurse you mean [20:10] Action: TheSonicGod  Radio Unifurse is on NOW!. Join us in this chatroom, and head to http://www.unifurse.net/ Direct audio link at http://radio.unifurse.net:8000/unifurse.m3u and Video link at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ [20:10] There's a good question [20:10] With some cutlery in it. [20:10] RadioUnifurse: What are your favorite pieces of furry fiction? [20:10] yeah its toast [20:10] Krystal should have her own game.... [20:10] Post requests now! [20:10] "Krystal and the Temple of Yiff." [20:10] Surge: Chuck Norris Or William Shatner? [20:10] vgn3rd (cjsouth@pawpet-7F66C617.student.tcu.edu) left irc: Quit: [20:10] I can't. YouTube is getting rid of all the songs I'd request. [20:11] Grey: Starfox Adventures was originally a game where you play just as her. But Nintendo threw away the idea and stuck Starfox in there [20:11] Wild`Bill`TX (wildbilltx@pawpet-FA27E575.cable.lngv.cablelynx.com) left irc: Quit: [20:11] TSG: you should take your fox on the plain [20:11] TSG: Music requests or video requests? I know of some funny vids. [20:11] PI [20:11] Sure we do. [20:11] yes we do [20:11] night everyone on Pawpet IRC. :) [20:11] A Utility Belt! He's really BATMAN! [20:11] Surge: Chuck Norris Or William Shatner? [20:12] Okay Katana..... [20:12] Music through YouTube only. [20:12] Shurun (56949de6@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC 0.5.9 (2006/06/06) [20:12] Ryx (ask@pawpet-1157FB39.dsl.bell.ca) left #pawpet. [20:12] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lK-0wfHutk @ 1:29 white suit guy reminds me of uncle kage [20:12] Fishy Crackers [20:12] Ziggy_eating_dinnerz (death_zigg@pawpet-E501869D.hsd1.md.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [20:12] Oh Crap I left my Pidgeot out [20:12] Verne Troyer got raped by monkeys in the Postal film [20:13] Pyrofox> Didn't that game have another name, "Dinosaur Planet" or such. Was it ever released anywhere? [20:13] Crazy - Gnarls Barkley http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5YnkzRHYMA [20:13] TSG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lcu7OCIqlqE [20:13] Sakana: Yeah, it was called that. No it wasn't released. There are a few sets of footage out there on youtube. [20:13] Malaika (malaika@pawpet-2606B6FF.sccoast.net) left irc: Quit: [20:13] XyLII (chatzilla@pawpet-43F6F7F5.dhcp.kgpt.tn.charter.com) left #pawpet. [20:13] COASTER [20:14] SpringStar (43234acb@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [20:14] Yeap....Krystal was a Cat then.... [20:14] Cat Mario? Was that Mappy Land? [20:14] smell [20:14] Pyrofox> Wonder if one could hack the "Tomb Raider" games and put Krystal in for Lara? [20:14] Vector (Crocodile@pawpet-BE71A96E.w90-6.abo.wanadoo.fr) left irc: Quit: Bye ! [20:14] TSG: did you ever play the game Final Fantasy and are you upset that the newest one will come out in 2010? [20:14] Cat police on trampolines [20:15] ? [20:15] slash (IceChat7@pawpet-4C6A3477.dyn.optonline.net) joined #pawpet. [20:15] pizza [20:15] Check your PM's TSG [20:15] How much wood would a wood chuck, chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? [20:15] RCT3 ? [20:15] TSG: check some of my vids out sometime [20:15] Aeturnus: As much wood as a wood chuck could chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood. [20:15] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Connection reset by peer [20:15] It's a picture-in-a-picture-in-a-picture! [20:15] Epic roller coaster is epic. [20:16] And is way too good to be from RCT3 [20:16] TaurusBeresford (TaurusBere@pawpet-3EFD7408.cellularsouth.com) left irc: Quit: [20:16] sarek (sarek@pawpet-21D17B37.regn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca) joined #pawpet. [20:16] T_H_Squirrel (triggerhap@pawpet-A5EC7779.san.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [20:16] Caroline (4cc1b724@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [20:16] Pyrofox: good answer. [20:16] Is it real or, is it CGI? [20:16] Action: Fillyjonk waves to the newcomers [20:16] hi sarek, T_H_Squirrel and Caroline! [20:16] HI ALL [20:16] Rollercoster Tycoon 3 [20:16] Sakana: Personally, I consider myself to be "real". [20:16] Aeturnus: I heard that response as a kid and never forgot it :P [20:17] You can sometimes tell if it is CGI.... [20:17] ? [20:17] Hey there, T_H_Squirrel [20:17] is there a show this week ? [20:17] Hi. [20:17] hmm... Learning the art of UStream Fu, aren't we? :D [20:17] sarek> Welcome back. [20:17] JReq: re-run of #115 is on now if you can connect [20:17] Hi TH.... :) [20:17] Hi/ [20:17] slash: Yes...of a sort. A rerun. The rest of the cast has the plague. [20:17] FPSFAN747 (455ca7aa@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [20:17] Sorry - slash: re-run of #115 is on now if you can connect [20:17] :\ [20:17] why is there no live stream? [20:17] ... [20:17] SMPTE code? [20:17] haha. Plague. [20:18] cast was sick tonight [20:18] Action: Aeturnus mute [20:18] Everyone is sick on Pawpets [20:18] BLACK PLAGUE [20:18] You guys hear the audio? [20:18] Yeap.....Time Code Window Burn.... [20:18] ? [20:18] Yep. [20:18] I heard the audio. [20:18] TheSonicGod> Why, yes, I do. Didn't even surprise me. [20:18] I DO [20:18] TC = Time Code [20:18] woof [20:18] Caroline: The stream is down, it was a repeat episode too since most of the cast fell ill [20:18] Woulfe: Don't say black say Afro-American [20:18] Action: SeanWolf is trying to figure out a way to spoof the song "Rainbow In The Dark" by Dio [20:18] woofershayes (Gamer@pawpet-EDE42D66.nap.wideopenwest.com) joined #pawpet. [20:18] lol, DJLab [20:18] Werf ? [20:18] ood night all [20:19] Woulfe: black is okay. [20:19] somebody still watching the rerun? [20:19] night :\ [20:19] hi woofers! [20:19] I'm a black wuffy yanno [20:19] Action: Aeturnus watching/listening to the Unifurse. [20:19] As a matter of fact say Colored Plague. Black is a color. [20:19] Yurex_SL (zlord109@pawpet-46C3EB0A.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: The Lemur has left the Building! [20:19] TSG: Will you be continuing this broadcast into regular time? [20:19] DJLab> Silly: one President isn't a plague. [20:19] And uploading music to iTunes. [20:19] burning naked headless barbie [20:19] Ewwww! [20:19] Wasn't this song on Scrubs? [20:19] Woulfe: Yeah but I couldn't resist [20:19] ? [20:20] woofershayes (Gamer@pawpet-EDE42D66.nap.wideopenwest.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving. [20:20] wooof [20:20] Action: Shamus nods to Tigron. [20:20] Tigron: I think so [20:20] Sakana: No, just no! [20:20] but 8 years was [20:20] FPSFAN747 (455ca7aa@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [20:20] DUDE! I nevwer knew they could hit that high a note! O.o [20:20] I'm getting a break-up in the video feed, and the audio is bouncing.... [20:20] ? [20:20] The song is called Men at Work - Overkill [20:20] Work.. I miss it. [20:20] The groups only other song [20:20] Rasvar: what's the name of the guy that did the card-tricks? (I'm adding to the wiki) [20:21] Devon [20:21] Thanks! [20:21] Devin [20:21] I think I'll stick to the Land Down Under [20:21] Caroline (4cc1b724@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [20:21] DevinFox. :) [20:21] I see Sawblade [20:21] We haven't heard from Devin around here lately. [20:21] Me too [20:21] T_H_Squirrel (triggerhap@pawpet-A5EC7779.san.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: [20:22] MARFLEBARK [20:22] blackscreen [20:22] Lovely blackscreen!@ [20:22] BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH [20:22] MaRfLeBaRq [20:22] Action: Fillyjonk suggests Sledge-O-Matic. It gets to the root of the problem. [20:22] o.o [20:22] With some dude inna youtube corner. :P [20:22] Error! Error! [20:22] Bassman Takeover show! [20:22] Afro-American Screen of Death [20:23] LOL, BassMan! Xd [20:23] BassMan in corner [20:23] ctrl+alt+delete [20:23] XD [20:23] Powerfailure!! [20:23] alt-f4 [20:23] and i stand corrected: black is defined as the absence of color. [20:23] except for corner [20:23] 'ELLO! :D [20:23] No, don't, it's an ambush! [20:23] thus, calling a black man "colored" is an oxymoron. [20:24] Is he called Scruffy? [20:24] BucktownTiger> In the Additive system of light it is. In the Subtractive system of pigments it's all colours. [20:24] BACK! :D [20:24] Dreadfox (linkinfoxx@pawpet-34295CEF.dsl.bkfd14.sbcglobal.net) joined #pawpet. [20:24] BT: But what about a white dude? [20:24] We've got video! [20:24] take 3 [20:25] Not here as yet.... [20:25] BucktownTiger> No, skin clolour is dependent on the pigment melanine. Hence, the Subtractive system so "coloured" is correct. [20:25] Video is back.... [20:25] Action: DJLab sits like L 'cause he can [20:25] Aaaand...donut. [20:25] YouTube ain't taking over... O.o [20:26] layering is mussed up [20:26] Yeah, UStream is kind of buggy. [20:26] I can get no streams of any sort. [20:26] Thank GAWD for the refresh button in the UStrewam window. :) [20:26] Technology is the work of the devil. [20:26] 6273532275 <-> Marflebark [20:26] sarek> http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse [20:26] MOOOOOOOO [20:27] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [20:27] . [20:27] BAWK!! [20:27] Dreadfox (linkinfoxx@pawpet-34295CEF.dsl.bkfd14.sbcglobal.net) left irc: Quit: [20:27] BJButtons (noway@pawpet-6C6C7855.chi1.dsl.speakeasy.net) joined #pawpet. [20:28] *KIRA LAUGH* [20:28] Now a further dilemma: Which chat window do I follow? I can't keep track of three inputs at once! Don't ask me to! [20:28] ! My net froze on me [20:28] And now, no sound [20:28] sarek> But, you must! A threesome for you! [20:28] Elton JOhn is pretty cool. [20:28] TSG: Well he DID do Lion King [20:28] FTW [20:29] erm... [20:29] Wow. TSG, you do not look like your voice. If that makes sense. [20:29] What happened to the PIP dude? [20:29] I still see you, TSG... O.o [20:29] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8c1OIhggJeE <- One of my own videos [20:29] We aren't seeing the cvideo [20:29] Sakana: Kind of you to give me a threesome on my birthday. [20:29] Okay, now I see BBF's footage. :D [20:29] Presto! [20:29] I've got this on my favs on YouTube. [20:29] sarek> Happy birfday! [20:29] TSG Check your PM's dude. I got you info on that Cat Mario Game [20:29] Ah. Yes. Kid and another 'suiter I don't know. [20:30] I saw this [20:30] They're both made of a win. [20:30] .....whoa.... o.o [20:30] Tigron: No PMs listed. [20:30] How can a person flip like that in a suit? [20:30] ...dude... ol.o [20:30] -l [20:30] wheres the video? [20:30] TSG: You get my requests? [20:30] Send them again [20:31] karpour (at@pawpet-50453BE2.vie.surfer.at) left irc: Quit: > cartoons and more: www.ohnitsch.net < [20:31] TSG: U get my requests? [20:31] HOLY SHIT!!! O.O XD [20:31] DJLab: It's hard enough to do out of suit [20:31] night all. Time to get some work done around the house. [20:31] CryptoWolf (CryptoWolf@pawpet-CD9B0845.dsl.chcgil.sbcglobal.net) left #pawpet. [20:31] Sarek, post the link again. [20:31] Action: Redski yawns [20:31] I can't promise to get to them all. [20:31] I have a video of the aerly version of Robin Hood at Disneyland doing a cartwheel.... :) [20:31] Talyn|UK (talynwolf@pawpet-6B04562C.range86-140.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: [20:31] 'early' [20:31] Pyrofox: If I do that, the world would go black and I'll end up in the hospital [20:31] ok I cant seem to ge the video to come up is there a problem tonight wiht teh feeds? [20:31] Remind me to never piss those two off. [20:32] ? [20:32] :\ [20:32] TSG: They're on the Unifurse forums in the "Show Suggestions" section. [20:32] Action: Sawblade5 Zalno [20:32] Yay hugs! [20:32] Ah. Boney M and "Felicidad. [20:32] Jaypup (lkjdslkfsd@pawpet-DD7C148E.dhcp.inet.fi) left irc: Quit: My good sir, you appear to have a tumor between your.. oh sweet jesus that's your crotch [20:32] Glitching Youtube [20:33] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [20:33] lol, TSG [20:33] Obamas Elf is cool [20:33] eww. Paris Hilton? [20:33] Num8 (Administra@pawpet-C587A5DE.meerkats.org) left #pawpet. [20:33] gag! paris hilton STD with legs [20:34] ok I cant seem to ge the video to come up is there a problem tonight wiht teh feeds? [20:34] Not as good as Zarla's. [20:34] Techno beat [20:34] THAT'S THE REANIMATOR?!?! I thought he'd be a SKELETON or something... :P [20:34] BJButtons: The Sonic God is broadcasting "live". [20:34] ReccaWolf (ReccaWolf@pawpet-D11AE3AE.carolina.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [20:34] ok whats that link [20:35] ok whats that link ? [20:35] RAAAAARRRRRR! ;) [20:35] Aw I missed Num8 [20:35] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse [20:35] Oh god.. it's ReccaWolf! [20:35] ...ah, nevermind, it's Hulk. :P [20:35] Aeturnus: OMG! It's a Aeturnus! [20:35] Chop City, Arizona. [20:36] ...And to think this movie was worse than the Phantasmagoria series of computer games.... [20:36] Action: Shamus gets the shotgun and goes zombie hunting. [20:36] is there no FPS tonight ? [20:36] The music video is shit. [20:36] Hey Recca! D: [20:37] cast is sick [20:37] hey pyrofox ^^ [20:37] *:D lol [20:37] BJ: re-run of #115 is on now if you can connect [20:37] Yes! It's over! [20:37] Let's replay that again! XD [20:37] lol [20:37] Hi again 'Recca.... :) [20:37] And, now, you never need to see it again. [20:37] lawl [20:37] No! [20:37] ok [20:38] stream forze on me [20:38] Is there anyone near AZ who can help out a friend of mine? She's scared and alone and has no money, and she desperately needs someone. [20:38] TSG is peering around the video [20:38] this looks like it's gonna win.... [20:38] o.o [20:38] WTH? [20:38] WTF is that song on the FPS stream...??? [20:39] wolfski (wolfskiwol@pawpet-417322F5.tampfl.fios.verizon.net) left irc: Ping timeout [20:39] Action: Bjorn_Grafeldr turns back to FPS feed for a bit [20:39] Are his music vidceo streams choppy for anyone else? [20:39] I'm in California.... [20:39] BJButtons (noway@pawpet-6C6C7855.chi1.dsl.speakeasy.net) left irc: Quit: The old bear waves good bye [20:39] hi Recca! [20:39] Tan, where in AZ? [20:39] hey gamer wolf ^^ [20:39] A little Katana.... [20:39] Sakana: Not for me. When bandwidth gets tight for me, I get tons of reverb. [20:39] lol [20:39] gilbert, AZ [20:39] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8c1OIhggJeE video request [20:39] UStream's YouTube bridge is wonky. [20:39] Basically unwatchable. [20:39] it's near Mesa and Tempe [20:39] BRB [20:39] tan, sorry cant help, wish i could [20:40] Those pop-up ads in the vid window are seriously annoying. srsly. [20:40] I can't get rid of them. :( [20:40] Same here Tan....I can't help either. :? [20:40] It's amusing. [20:40] they are on even the high profile ones TSG, theres no premuim Ustream [20:41] 'Thi I should visit Mesa sometime. [20:41] Choppy youtube [20:41] Something I have no control over. [20:41] 'Tho.... [20:41] I just make fun of those ads when they come up [20:41] try to block *scanscout.com* [20:42] seems to work for me... [20:42] I suggest getting an adblocking program. [20:42] furry drama lawl [20:42] TSG: Link to my requests --> http://www.akornstudios.net/unifurse/forum/showthread.php?tid=29 [20:42] Either that or it's going through a serious case of withdrawl. [20:42] wolfski (wolfskiwol@pawpet-417322F5.tampfl.fios.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [20:42] Is there anyone else that can help? She's on the phone with me crying, and she desperately needs someone... [20:42] ROFL!!! XD [20:42] Action: Aeturnus laughs [20:43] oh boy...what happened Tansunn? [20:43] My friend is freaking out because she's scared and alone and has no money. [20:43] Action: Aeturnus doesn't [20:43] no [20:43] oh boy... [20:43] nope [20:43] that makes things pretty difficult [20:43] paging Atkelar.... [20:44] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8c1OIhggJeE video request [20:44] Action: Atkelar checks his pager [20:44] Yes, sarek? [20:44] Cat walk-through [20:44] DJLab (Dominic@pawpet-EA200075.tstt.net.tt) left irc: Quit: Leaving [20:44] Atkelar: What was that German about? [20:44] sounds like a annoncer Echo [20:44] Hm? [20:44] I can't really help Tansunn, I'm in California [20:45] o.o [20:45] Action: Atkelar is watching the FPS stream - at least it's working now. [20:45] Is there anybody here that knows anybody who could help? It doesn't have to actually be someone in here. [20:45] The end of the kill the yatta show [20:45] Atklear: How can you be watching the FPS stream? It's not on at all. [20:45] it's kinda hard tansunn. [20:45] Auora (Auora@pawpet-EF7F0014.dyn.centurytel.net) joined #pawpet. [20:46] WE've all been there but we've tried to find solice in other things [20:46] Tansunn> Social Services? Prolly can be found by calling the Police. [20:46] It has been running. Just been trouble getting server connections [20:46] Recca: it's buggy - but it's on. [20:46] I've had it all night. [20:46] Yes! Please! [20:46] no [20:46] Pull the plug on him [20:47] Understood that bit. [20:47] Action: Atkelar got kicked off the stream on occasion but saw about 3/4 of the show. Would like a download though... :( [20:47] Atklear: ah okay [20:47] last time they did e re-broadcast there was a download version too [20:48] there's hope :) [20:48] Unfortunately, no download is available of the show. [20:48] YET [20:48] yay one night in bangkok! [20:48] wheres the vid? [20:48] RUSH, baby! [20:48] Action: TheSonicGod  Radio Unifurse is on NOW!. Join us in this chatroom, and head to http://www.unifurse.net/ Direct audio link at http://radio.unifurse.net:8000/unifurse.m3u and Video link at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ [20:48] Nothing like playing Yatta 20 times in one four hour show [20:49] Dr. Bombay! [20:49] Wow, that was a shift! [20:49] Yay! [20:49] [22:08] <@Console> this will not be avail for DL.. [20:49] Aladasian: No Gwen Stefani AT ALL! You hear? [20:49] Cessna_and_Onai (cessnafox@pawpet-99FB1012.cable.mindspring.com) left irc: Quit: [20:49] :( [20:49] Switch off the studio audio when the YouTube plays [20:49] ...of course Yappy's free to change his mind anytime. [20:49] true [20:49] Supreme weirdness on Ustream: I hit mute and, it still plays the sudio. [20:50] Sakana: lol, I know [20:50] They must've had a fight. [20:50] Somebody *should* create a post to the pawpet LJ - maybe he'll reconsider once he knows that almost nobody could watch. [20:50] UStream, USUCK! [20:51] sarek: HEY! I resent that! :p [20:51] Cerolobo (Cerolobo@pawpet-1F83B1B3.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [20:51] I see a NES in the background. [20:51] lol, Surge [20:51] LOL Cockroach with a leaf... [20:51] Atkelar> Since you send Yappy, you would carry considerable weight in influencing him to post the download. Whay not ask him, yourself? [20:51] im gonna head off there...this cold is really bugging me...night guys.... [20:51] Night. [20:52] No he's not [20:52] TSG, what did you think of that postcard? [20:52] Atkelar> Since you send Yappy VIDEOS... [20:52] Washington. [20:52] PA Pets! [20:52] Ah. Laws that are purported to be still on the books, but are really not. [20:52] SeanWolf (tails@pawpet-C8A08917.dhcp.embarqhsd.net) left irc: Quit: SURGE IS THE BLUE DONG GOD!!! [20:52] Action: Atkelar thinks his influence over Yappy is a bit overestimated here :) [20:52] Action: Deacon_Husky finds a nice husky to snuggle with :) [20:52] :) [20:53] Gah, I lost that song. [20:53] Huh? [20:53] Or risks marriage. [20:53] Weird. I stopped the audio stream, muted the UStream audio, and I can STILL hear the music. [20:53] LOLOL [20:54] its possessed [20:54] Action: Aeturnus laughs [20:54] There's an old law. [20:54] I wonder if that one is still in affect. [20:54] Haven't seen a crow in a few years -- thanks to West Nile Virus. [20:54] Auora (Auora@pawpet-EF7F0014.dyn.centurytel.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving. [20:55] Seriously, that swearing law HAS BEEN ENFORCED. [20:55] We would have 12 year olds running around shooting each other... [20:55] SO basically beastility is close to being okay in that city.. [20:55] All in the same bed at once. [20:55] LOL @ no animal yiff... because Michigan can't be Arkansas. Oh no. [20:55] Bestiality anyone? Gotta love Michigan [20:55] Sarcasm. [20:55] woof [20:56] It's a joke! [20:56] Say wha? [20:56] Do not remove, under penalty of law. [20:56] wolfski (wolfskiwol@pawpet-417322F5.tampfl.fios.verizon.net) left irc: Ping timeout [20:56] That law is the product of mattress companies 'recycling' old mattresses as new. I [20:56] Keep that octopus in your pants. [20:57] Action: JFD62780 wonders if the Unifurse folks played that PoinkCast early, orYET? ;) [20:57] There was this wave of companies secretly putting new cloth over the old mattresses they collect. [20:57] wolfski (wolfskiwol@pawpet-417322F5.tampfl.fios.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [20:57] ? [20:57] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [20:57] Ha ha ha! [20:57] I accidentally killed my old radio. [20:57] Action: sarek shows his squid to Sakana [20:57] lol, Pumbaa [20:57] Another old law. [20:57] Simba (simba@pawpet-1459346C.org) left irc: Quit: l8rs [20:57] sarek: At first read, I thought you said THROWS. [20:58] ? [20:58] Whoops. [20:58] Ha ha ha! [20:58] What?! [20:58] wolfski (wolfskiwol@pawpet-417322F5.tampfl.fios.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: [20:58] Sakana: Throws, shows, either way, you sucked in. [20:58] ...WHAT!??!? O.o [20:58] sarek> 8 arms to hold me? [20:58] Another old law. [20:58] yatta yatta [20:59] TSG: You can do it in 30min [20:59] LMAO [20:59] That's when they go up [20:59] WELL DUH [20:59] Yappy got one of those banner ads in 404 [20:59] Nooooooo! [20:59] That's what makes the show made of win. [20:59] Pyro: IF the server's capable of updating... ;) [20:59] JFD: Yeah, true [21:00] nainai all :) [21:00] Bye [21:00] Remember that week the server went BEWM a couple months back? There were no stats. ;0 [21:00] ;) [21:00] TonyRingtail (tonyringta@pawpet-A463052A.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: ooooh shiiiiiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [21:00] Tigron (crap@pawpet-563B3950.pitbpa.east.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: 04—14I04-15n04-15v04-00i04-00s04-15i04-15o04-14n04— 3.0 (March '08) [21:00] Meow? Server cut off? [21:00] ACK! I forgot show 115 ran 1:30 long and the auto server killed it. [21:01] We never saw Sawblade on your stream [21:01] Well - up so far: http://pawpet.tv/episode_115 [21:01] 115 Was one of about four that we let run over the atomic clock time [21:01] If PA Pets has restored THIS link, you can see their Uncle Kage & Roxikat episode. http://papawpets.org/PA_Pets_Live_Kage.mov [21:01] I am back I jogged it [21:02] Chilly (something@DA7488B8.D1036DD2.1C2A699D.IP) left #pawpet. [21:02] Plus, it was before Yappy automated the server shut down [21:02] no [21:02] No soap [21:02] Talyn_US (Talon@pawpet-F06D4C15.hr.hr.cox.net) left #pawpet. [21:02] Another hour please? [21:03] Gullible (Gullible@pawpet-5BCF7B72.range81-155.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: Gullible [21:03] Rasvar (ras@pawpet-49B5EC9C.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [21:03] Rasvar> You saying the show was only an hour-and-a-half that time? [21:03] Garmon_Martin (Pianofitz@pawpet-10CD2049.dyn.optonline.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [21:03] Rasvar: I liked it better the old way, really. You got to hear some interesting tidbits and music after the show. [21:03] Action: BucktownTiger pads off to bed... [21:03] nini [21:03] Night, Buck. [21:04] TheSonicGod: Want suggestions? [21:04] Action: Atkelar head for bed - has a plane to catch tomorrow. [21:04] Night BucktownTiger. [21:04] night all :\ [21:04] Goodnight everybody! [21:04] Micro WHAT it? [21:04] Whoa, that's weird... [21:04] Night Bucktown [21:04] Night Bucktown, Atkelar [21:04] And night Atkelar. [21:04] night bucktown ^^ [21:04] I could've sent them my old laptop. [21:05] Nice bongo riff. [21:05] BucktownTiger (BucktownTi@pawpet-1F199A4F.hsd1.ar.comcast.net) left #pawpet. [21:05] Atkelar (Atkelar@pawpet-11466E84.static.adsl-line.inode.at) left irc: Quit: Bye! [21:05] wolfdog2007 (wolf_dog20@pawpet-DD37FB5C.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [21:05] Shane_Graytail (GT@7B9DF55E.181281E9.F9B0EA83.IP) left irc: Quit: [21:05] erm, YT ain't taking over... o.O [21:05] ? [21:05] Still echo'd though [21:05] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Ping timeout [21:05] Daichi_Wolf (pzinkant@7EE80812.80588677.7C6412E2.IP) left #pawpet. [21:06] Blatant self-agrandisement. [21:06] THE SAWNIC GAWD [21:06] ...nevermind. YT's WAY behind according to the audiofeed... [21:06] yeah [21:06] awesome [21:06] YAY, WII! XD [21:06] Action: sarek doesn't understand the attraction of this except for the jejune expectation of blowing things up. [21:06] Heh [21:06] BungeeSkunk (bungeeskun@pawpet-66766B8A.tor.primus.ca) left #pawpet. [21:07] o.o [21:07] Yum? oasted Wii? :p [21:07] Roasted* [21:08] So. Melted ABS. How exciting is that? [21:08] Coldnose (Coldnose@pawpet-673261AC.pitbpa.east.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: Quitting! [21:08] He named the microwave?! [21:09] Raito: He names them [21:09] they named all the microwaves they had and have [21:09] It's also toxic. [21:09] Silly, "360" is the setting for microwaving XBoxes. [21:09] That remote got BAKED. [21:09] Shamus: No, it's the hosts who are baked. [21:10] D: [21:10] I am on the air http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sawblade5 [21:10] baked cpu [21:10] Whuh? THIS early? O.o [21:10] And thank you for doing the show early. [21:10] night guys ^^ [21:10] Action: JFD62780 missed the 'Cast! o.O [21:11] Thanks for the show. [21:11] ReccaWolf (ReccaWolf@pawpet-D11AE3AE.carolina.res.rr.com) left #pawpet (Leaving). [21:11] Night. [21:11] Howler (Howler@pawpet-B3246BA2.cfl.res.rr.com) left irc: Client exited [21:11] NIGHT ALL, THANKS TSG [21:11] Action: Pyrofox will still be on even though show is over :D [21:11] C Ya [21:11] ? [21:11] Thank you all for staying with us! Hoping for a better time next week. Get well to everyone at FPS! [21:11] Raito (cjsouth@pawpet-7F66C617.student.tcu.edu) left irc: Quit: [21:11] SAME HERE [21:11] see you all in 7 days, just 7 days till we meet again [21:11] Redski (62c16f60@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: See everyone next week! [21:12] I am on the air http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sawblade5 Simucasting Radio-Unifurse [21:12] 'Night everyone [21:12] coyoteatquiznos (chatzilla@pawpet-D61E9DCB.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.6/2009011913] [21:12] Action: sarek will now go on to chess and bitorrent [21:12] This was good, I approve. [21:12] sarek (sarek@pawpet-21D17B37.regn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca) left irc: Quit: [21:12] Good show :D [21:12] Have a good night! [21:12] NINI guys!! [21:12] NIGHT [21:12] TheSonicGod (chatzilla@pawpet-36B63975.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) left irc: Client exited [21:13] HI ALL, NIGHT ALL [21:13] Drago_The_Fox (chatzilla@6148835D.6FD19221.17F20A97.IP) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.7/2009021910] [21:13] Jax (trance_tyg@pawpet-6DD25C05.ph.ph.cox.net) left #pawpet. [21:13] :\ [21:13] G'night all who are leaving! [21:13] Action: Fillyjonk waves and wanders off. [21:13] Fillyjonk (aFillyjonk@pawpet-45AE54AC.cust.wildblue.net) left irc: Quit: Fillyjonk [21:13] Night all! I'm off to the Giant Blue Dong movie! [21:13] Poink (jakrabit@pawpet-AE8A4705.cfl.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving [21:13] Bjorn: lol xD [21:13] 'Night all.... :) [21:14] Action: Sawblade5 shoots | [21:14] Bjorn_Grafeldr (bjorn_graf@pawpet-DB612E3.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Outta Here! [21:14] TC everyone.... :) [21:15] Grey_Muzzle92507 (45eff1c6@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [21:16] PezBear (phaze2@pawpet-792027B5.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving. [21:16] goodnight everyone [21:16] Plumpdragon (chatzilla@pawpet-6E573FE9.upc-i.chello.nl) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.7/2009021910] [21:18] DragonKid (chatzilla@pawpet-A7A33844.hartel.net) left #pawpet. [21:20] SabreFoxUK (Sabre_fox@pawpet-2DAF5812.range86-138.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: Foxes Will Rule Soon [21:21] whine, the channel died [21:22] :\ [21:22] unfortunately [21:22] always happens after the show ends :) [21:22] well maybe sawblade's channel on ustream could use a few peeps [21:23] ustream is slowly becoming very popular [21:24] Even as buggy as it is. ;) [21:25] irc://chat1.ustream.tv/sawblade5 [21:25] it is, easy to use, hard to master [21:25] JFD62780 (JFD62780@pawpet-75DC5CA4.tampabay.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: [21:27] Kipper (A_RAPE_SPI@pawpet-883950A5.pools.spcsdns.net) left irc: Quit: Kipper [21:27] goodnight all [21:28] Night. [21:28] nini slasg [21:28] slash (IceChat7@pawpet-4C6A3477.dyn.optonline.net) left irc: Quit: When the chips are down, well, the buffalo is empty [21:28] I gotta get going, see you crazy furs later :P [21:28] Akhanu (akhanuhusk@pawpet-5148AE71.hr.hr.cox.net) left irc: Quit: Destroyed by Microsoft Windows OS again. [21:28] Pyrofox (Pyrofox@pawpet-FB395858.dyn.optonline.net) left irc: Quit: BLUE DONG [21:28] nini pyro [21:29] erf too late [21:29] Rick Roll Rap ? [21:29] Hahah, Aladisian's an accidental bastard. [21:30] onyx - slam (layred over NGGYU)