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Shout out: Yo dog i heard yo and yo dog like yo-yos dog so i put your dog on a yo-yo so you can yo yo your dog while yo dog yo-yos dog
From:Yo Foxie
Shout out: Hey point i couldnt say this last week but if snuffled is a sex act id snuffle with you lol jk or am i lol
From:Shikar BloodFang
Shout out: Hey who has the weed *loads bong* ok its true this show fucking rocks no matter if i sober or stoned
From:Baked Bunny
Shout out: Yappy no more nachos or anything that gives you gas another epic prob like last episode the show wont last another 2 episodes
From:Yappys Yiffy Docter
Shout out: Hey paw pet gang i wanted i saw your last episode and i laughed hard when yappy yiffed but i have a cute for the smell so you dont all sufficate *shoves poink up yappys butt* with this new poink butt plug i sure you wont have to worry about the smell
From:Dr. Yiffy
Shout out: (do a military chant when reading this shout out) I dont know what iv been told Pawpet's show is as good as gold
From:General Foxie
Shout out: hey pawpets i love your show my parents just recently found out i was a fur (they are fur haters by the way)any thoughts on how i may convince them all furs arnt bad?
From:Baked Bunny
Shout out: Hey FPS gang. Sorry I wont be catching your show live this evening. Working a shift right on the time its showing. Catch it on the download. Anyhow, on your last show that you had a caption photo.. yes that one of the kid and the manatee was mine that I sent in. Your welcome Hugh. ;) The artist of that particular piece has done many others and there's an article about him on the following link. http://io9.com/5089045/transgenic-sculptures-imagine-the-fruits-of-genetic-manipulation And I have a question for you and all the watchers out there. Iv been looking up for any site's, pictures or anything on a particular pocket radio I had back when I was 16. It was an am/fm radio exactly the size of a tape casset, had the Levi's logo on it with the look of blue denim, the tuning dial had the button of the jeans on it, there were two separate volume controls for left and right audio, on/off and am and fm selection. It took two AAA batteries as well. Reason for my search of this particular radio is nostalgia of my childhood. I lost the one I owned due to some punk neighbor kid that took my book bag off my shoulder and threw it into a puddle. Ill tell ya all, the kid regretted it afterward. Anyhow, if there's anyone out there that knows what I'm talking about, please oh PLEASE send me any and all data you could find on it out there to my email address. I spent all last month looking all over the net without any traces of it. Here is my email address for you all. azurusnova@gmail.com Not worried if its read out on the show, don't get very many emails in the first place. ;) Looking forward to the show download and thank you all ahead of time for the help.
Shout out: Please be sure to visit the fps@pawpet.org email before the end of the show.
Shout out: Happy anniversary, Kirron! You have truly made these past three years the best of my life. I love you!
Shout out: I'd like to give a shout out on behalf of my cat Furball, who after 19 1/2 years of life had to shuffle off her mortal coil yesterday. Thanks for being my companion all those many years, darling!
Shout out: Hi Guys, I have a ton of make up work for school tonight so I won't be able to get on the stream tonight, but I guess that's what the replay is for. I hope you have an awesome show.
Shout out: Weed who wants some mary jane lol *pulls out bong and smokes*
From:the Stoned wolf
Shout out: Hey russian boy do you have a boy friend if not do you want one
From:Shikar BloodFang
Shout out: I wanna give a shout out to mate and i wanted to say i love you very much and dickson i sorry for when i annoy you i love you and i hope i get to spend the night with you tonight
From:Rhiamel Foxie
Shout out: I am looking forward to my first meet at Elliot's Winter Carnival. I can't wait! I don't know about making the FPS show as I had no replies to my emails to FPS@pawpet.tv and Yappy's email. I am assuming that a Spam filter has got my emails to you guys. I hope to hear from you guys there.
Shout out: Nice Show, Bass and TLR was happy to see you guys tonight
From:Drago Fox
Shout out: Shamus here. Been watching the show for a while now, and I have a question. How did the vixen puppets become known as Voops? I can't make the connection.
Shout out: Shout out to Ariana, my mate. Coming up on two years together.
From:Tech Tygr
Shout out: Sorry for the crappy quality of my artjam, I had some scanner problems
Shout out: First time watcher, love you guys!
Shout out: Pawpets my parents know i a stoner and they dont care my daddy is a stoner
From:Baked Bunny
Shout out: Being a january bday I am actually thinking about this... Happy birthday to all January people! -Leiko