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[17:00] FPS sign [17:00] LEGO [17:00] hi Roofus and Leiko [17:00] Pyrofox (Pyrofox@pawpet-FB395858.dyn.optonline.net) left irc: Ping timeout [17:00] LOGO!!! [17:00] splinterpaw (splinterpa@pawpet-45853F1D.client.mchsi.com) joined #pawpet. [17:00] *Squeaks* [17:00] LOGO! [17:00] yay logo! [17:00] Hi michael [17:00] Funday Pawpet Show, Episode #403: "The Rumors of My Sickness Have Been Greatly Exaggerated"...going live in 5... [17:00] 4... [17:00] 3... [17:00] DyneDarkfang (akkikitsun@pawpet-1A203EB6.calix-lb19.fbcom.net) joined #pawpet. [17:00] FORTRAN [17:00] Xavious (chatzilla@A31318B3.50F63BF8.EEFBBEAE.IP) joined #pawpet. [17:00] LOOOOOOOOOGOOOOOOOOOOOO! [17:00] 2... [17:00] 1... [17:00] Sibir_Lupus (ckw10683@pawpet-BD9FE56B.mia.bellsouth.net) joined #pawpet. [17:00] Leggo My Eggo? [17:00] epesoied 403 is ago for launch [17:00] Colin: STAR TREK REFERENCE! [17:00] Its the sick show! [17:00] :) [17:00] hello everyone! :) [17:00] ROLLING!! [17:00] *cough* [17:00] Yey! [17:00] LOGO [17:00] yay! [17:00] yay! [17:00] All systems go [17:00] DragonKid (chatzilla@pawpet-A7A33844.hartel.net) joined #pawpet. [17:00] YAYAYA [17:00] Yay! [17:00] I just tried to shovel 4 inches of snow and 2.5 inches of ice [17:00] YAY! [17:00] GO [17:00] YAY [17:00] Action: Gyngerfox smooches him again cuz he missed the first one :) or he's ignoring his little sis! [17:00] Hey, when did they start using that song? [17:00] YAY [17:00] woohoo [17:00] YAY [17:00] Lookit dat logo! [17:00] woot intro [17:00] Pyrofox (Pyrofox@pawpet-FB395858.dyn.optonline.net) joined #pawpet. [17:00] The-Blue-Cavalier (chatzilla@pawpet-9B8E9692.stny.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [17:00] wewt intro! [17:00] yay!!! sHOOOWWWWW!! :D [17:00] Hey hey everyone [17:00] Action: ba_ar snuggles jblanco [17:00] Yaaay! :D [17:01] Geh... ssssoooouuunnnndddddd... >.< [17:01] About....idk when [17:01] GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!! [17:01] Mangusu, end of November [17:01] It's pawpets time! [17:01] BOOOOOOOGGGIIIEEEEE!!!! [17:01] Electro_Fox (Electro_Fo@pawpet-7FFC5332.eastlink.ca) joined #pawpet. [17:01] Mat_Husky (Husky@pawpet-3F12918.lei3.cable.ntl.com) left irc: Quit: Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast! [17:01] RNCoyote (189beddf@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:01] Mangusu: about 4 or 5 shows ago [17:01] Ok. Got the stream! [17:01] Rennie (tkcom@pawpet-D24D5056.gv.shawcable.net) joined #pawpet. [17:01] YAY [17:01] HEYYAEAH! [17:01] Wow, I've missed out on so much. [17:01] my browser crashed [17:01] LoboSabio (LoboSabio@pawpet-A153BDAF.student.iastate.edu) joined #pawpet. [17:01] :D [17:01] man....Rapid did a number on my stream...I had to restart it [17:01] Action: Redski wonders if theres gonna be any fursuiters on tonight [17:01] Mangusu: Episode 297 (November 30, 2008) [17:01] Err, 397 [17:01] back [17:01] Action: ba_ar snuggles ratchet and wonders how Klank is doing.;-D [17:01] Since NOVEMBER? [17:01] Action: DL_Leonine want's to be a subserviant this year [17:01] heeeyaaaa [17:01] Hi all who entered with in the past minte [17:01] Action: Gyngerfox snugs ba_ar. [17:01] Nick change: Dragonhead_brb -> Dragonhead [17:01] Tanooki (tanooki@pawpet-BD00ECD5.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:01] Mangusu: yep [17:02] here it comes [17:02] Gaomon (LoL@pawpet-4E114DB2.bchsia.telus.net) joined #pawpet. [17:02] HI Tanooki! [17:02] yay pawpets [17:02] Lilly gets all the good parts [17:02] Hm, the stream just died for me. [17:02] Na na na na na [17:02] *dances to the music* [17:02] Hey Hobbes, JBlanco, and others I know that know me that i've not spoken too. [17:02] Hello Gaomon! [17:02] woooot! missed this show after two weeks away :P [17:02] Na na na na na na [17:02] Come back, stream! [17:02] Action: ba_ar snuggles gyngerfox till she's pale. [17:02] Preparing for stage...! [17:02] Na na na na na [17:02] Love the end of the song :_ [17:02] NaCl [17:02] YES! [17:02] :) [17:02] hi Rennie, LoboSabio, RNCoyote, Tanooki, and Gaomon! [17:02] Na na na hey hey pawpets [17:02] Na na na na na [17:02] WOO! [17:02] HI EVERYBODY! [17:02] NanananaNA!!! [17:02] errr? [17:02] Hi Ezra! [17:02] There it is [17:02] who's that guy? [17:02] WTF? [17:02] I think everyone knows this part of the song :p [17:02] Action: Gyngerfox grabs T-chall throws him down on the ground and smooches him again since he's ignoring me. [17:02] o.o [17:02] miffotter: salt? [17:02] Hi Ezra!! [17:02] It's Cizarney or whatever! [17:02] who are the dogs? [17:02] DL Leonine is subserviant to TINA! [17:02] Action: Woulfe goes to Real as stream FUBARS, again [17:02] Fun! [17:02] What??? No FFFT-FFFFT?! [17:02] In some parts, eh? [17:02] Crap! [17:02] lol [17:02] Two new fuzzies... whooo bee? [17:02] He's gonna like girls when I'm done with him i'm telling you :) [17:02] Who's the sheepdog on the bottom? [17:02] what quality is the sream (600Kps, 800Kps, etc) [17:02] Dogs! [17:02] :D [17:02] O Crap! [17:02] Hi Ezra! [17:02] Brian (BReynolds6@pawpet-30AA65BE.hsd1.va.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:02] issa Bassman [17:02] god, even more dogs. I thought Bob Barker told you to snip them! [17:02] Stay stick, y'knifs! ;-D [17:02] HI Brian! [17:02] :D [17:02] Hi Brian [17:02] Hi Brian! [17:02] ALL DOGS...ALL THE TIME!! [17:02] Action: ba_ar hugs brian [17:02] lol. [17:02] bassman [17:02] We're infested with sheepdogs. I thought we sprayed for those. [17:02] o.o [17:02] Grrr... mangy canines [17:02] hi Brian! [17:02] It's bassman! [17:02] hey gamer wolf [17:02] hi Brian [17:02] Er... [17:02] Oh no, sounds like they are sick [17:02] XD [17:02] O.o [17:02] You get that furball! [17:02] It's the Plague Show! [17:02] pipecleaner? O.o [17:02] Don't die [17:03] so I take it Ezra is half cat? lol [17:03] poor Ezra [17:03] Hello. [17:03] Too many dogs [17:03] New canines?! [17:03] eeeeewwwwww, furball [17:03] I can barely hear Bassman. [17:03] never too many dogs [17:03] Bandit! [17:03] Ezra is part cat? [17:03] One dog has no mike. [17:03] Yurex_AFK (zlord109@pawpet-3AC70765.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [17:03] Sounds like you're coughing up a lung, Ezra. [17:03] Con Crud Show [17:03] Bandit! [17:03] New toys? [17:03] Hi Yurex! [17:03] New toys! [17:03] sheepdog takeover show is better than a ferret takeover show [17:03] Bassman [17:03] you can never have too many doggys! [17:03] Bandit wants to be in the show [17:03] Hi Dragon Head [17:03] Yappy scooped up all the balls? [17:03] Needs another dog [17:03] Hurray Bandit! [17:03] Bandit's a lucky dog [17:03] Stray_Cat: Well, there's a reason Bob Barker isn't on TV anymore. The dog conspiracy got him! [17:03] :) [17:03] A whole spew of new toys? Eww... [17:03] thats what we mommas do.....rotate the toys.... [17:03] BanditBanditBandit [17:03] But it is worse when it isn't your hair! [17:03] Nick change: Yurex_AFK -> Yurex_SL [17:03] does bandit have a zeta toy ?o.O [17:03] Awwwwww! [17:03] AWWW [17:03] Awww [17:03] dawwss... [17:03] sarek (sarek_ca@pawpet-21D17B37.regn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca) joined #pawpet. [17:03] puppy cam! [17:03] awww puppy cam [17:03] PUPPIES! [17:03] Puppies! [17:03] Puppys? All together now.....AWWWWWWW! ;-D [17:03] hooray puppies [17:03] yeah cant really hear Bassman [17:03] awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! [17:03] Awww [17:03] Nintendogs [17:03] Awwwww [17:03] HI Sarek! [17:03] awwww...puppy cam! [17:03] Not metal! [17:03] PUPPIES! [17:03] put some in the attic and then get them out a few months later [17:03] Wait... Bandid got his balls back? [17:03] Live from puppy cam! [17:03] puppies french kissing [17:03] WOOT [17:03] real CGI puppies? [17:03] Puppies frenching... [17:03] awwww [17:03] PUPPIES! [17:03] two dogs playing tonsil hockey! [17:03] PUPPIES!!!:D [17:03] BOOGIE [17:03] Aww! [17:03] WOW they've gotten big [17:03] Ezra: they look like it [17:03] Action: Reese_Tora supposes most furries have 'toys' >:3 [17:03] well, he wanted my family jewles too Moka, so I'm not too upset [17:03] The-Blue-Cavalier (chatzilla@pawpet-9B8E9692.stny.res.rr.com) left irc: Ping timeout [17:03] LOLWTF [17:03] lol [17:03] lol [17:03] Hehehe [17:04] Romance at its finest. [17:04] hehehehe [17:04] awwwwwww, too cute hehehehehe [17:04] such a cute little button nose [17:04] XZD [17:04] hehehehe [17:04] Fapfapfap [17:04] hehehehe [17:04] OES [17:04] Did we really need to hear "hairball" and "spew" so soon? O_o [17:04] hehehe [17:04] thats funneh [17:04] 3 way [17:04] AWWWW CUTE! !:D [17:04] Awwwwwwwwwwwww! [17:04] That dog is getting more than me. >> [17:04] Awww [17:04] UStream FTW!!! [17:04] get a room guys! [17:04] The cute! [17:04] LOL [17:04] who's puppies? [17:04] and the fapping starts... [17:04] FAP! [17:04] OES'es Rock [17:04] is this legal??? [17:04] The first thing I thought of on that clip was Nintendogs [17:04] lol [17:04] nice [17:04] Live? From where? [17:04] I knew Poink was SICK but this?;-D [17:04] BunnyEarz (chatzilla@13D36602.3BFB761E.1F298A06.IP) joined #pawpet. [17:04] aww, thats cute [17:04] Puppy Pr0n [17:04] FAP *Squeak* FAP *Squeak* FAP *Squeak* FAP *Squeak* [17:04] I got a screen capture of that [17:04] aww [17:04] puppy porn [17:04] Poink :( [17:04] Hello BunnyEarz! [17:04] Awww, poink-less. ;_; [17:04] Awww Liesl! [17:04] no...NO... [17:04] Aww poor Poink [17:04] Liesl-less [17:04] Sparkz (bob@pawpet-A511CDEC.hsd1.or.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:04] and Poink [17:04] Action: ba_ar skritches bunnyearz between...well..his ears.;-D [17:04] merf, poor Poink and Liesl [17:04] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! [17:04] Poink and Liesl out? Its gonna be a quiet night [17:04] awwwss... poor JR and Leisl :( [17:04] HI!!!!! [17:04] Hello Sparkz! [17:04] Murphys Law [17:04] AWWWW, no poink and Lilly... O_O [17:04] Aww No Liesl or Poink?! [17:04] Flo-rid-da [17:04] who's talking? [17:04] Action: Fudgy cries cause no Liesl [17:04] Where will th efunny come from?!? [17:04] PUPPIES [17:04] Novu_Ferret (novusuna@pawpet-5D4CA0C.se.biz.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [17:04] lol [17:04] I got Florida Tuesday [17:04] is that Terry? [17:04] Nerikull (chatzilla@pawpet-F9C11808.dsl.chcgil.sbcglobal.net) joined #pawpet. [17:04] a subservient will save it [17:04] Action: michael remembers a quote from a couple shows ago: "Most of the normal cast is missing, so here's the ab-normal cast." [17:05] I go to Florida Tuesday [17:05] HI Novu_Ferret and Nerikull! [17:05] Heyo [17:05] at least severus snape/gallager is using a pawpet this time, and not sticking his face in the camera [17:05] Bassman toupe 200$ [17:05] Oy dook [17:05] Shiba Inu [17:05] Canis_Rufus!!!!!! [17:05] Hi Neri ^^ [17:05] Puppets can drive? [17:05] Yeah, that's fun stuff. [17:05] Yamavu (chatzilla@pawpet-B2A116E.tuwien.teleweb.at) joined #pawpet. [17:05] $200? Did you have a credit card? [17:05] Lokosicek (lokosicek@pawpet-5C79B025.koleje.cuni.cz) left irc: Quit: *hugs all* [17:05] hi Novu and Nerikull! [17:05] Hi Hobbes [17:05] HI Yamavu! [17:05] hey Hobbes [17:05] Hi Yamavu! [17:05] Canis Rufus? Dog roo? ;-D [17:05] hi Yamavu! [17:05] hehe... airport stories... [17:05] who's the shaggy dog? [17:05] Hi [17:05] Pwned [17:05] the 200 dollars was hush money Leon [17:05] Nope, Terry has a ferret puppet. [17:05] Leon2457: Ever since Toonces the Driving Cat :) [17:05] hey dragonheys gamer_wolf [17:05] RNCoyote (189beddf@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [17:05] Hehehe, I'm only kinda here....I'm trying to finish a few quests on WoW [17:05] eeep! [17:05] Action: Mangusu waves to Jreq [17:05] Action: Roofus shakes head at Baar ;-) [17:05] hi Atkelar [17:05] Kyubi (Kyubi@pawpet-D38DEE15.tcsn.qwest.net) joined #pawpet. [17:05] XD [17:05] Hello Kyubi! [17:05] Neri: :P [17:05] baccala30 (Stephen_De@7D81EBAD.91FCF1DD.662EB2EE.IP) joined #pawpet. [17:05] The-Blue-Cavalier (chatzilla@pawpet-9B8E9692.stny.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [17:06] And it turns out Bassman's phone is a string with two cans..... [17:06] hi baccala30 [17:06] hi baccala! [17:06] Hello baccala30 adn The-Blue-Cavalier! [17:06] So no Poink tonight oh well [17:06] Hahaha [17:06] yay KP [17:06] KP saves the day again [17:06] Hi baccala30! [17:06] Action: ba_ar grabs Woyro and snuggles him until his scent glands are empty! [17:06] Life Peserver [17:06] KP saved the day (night) [17:06] A little higher, sheepdoggie on bottom... :3 [17:06] lol [17:06] Come down and grab us? another quote :) [17:06] Will Mutt arrive latr? [17:06] Bassman turn your mic up! [17:06] hello everyone! :) [17:06] Wuhduhfuh ? [17:06] was KP wearing a red cape when he arrived? [17:06] Action: TranceCougar waves [17:06] Hi! [17:06] OOOOH [17:06] I like it! [17:06] hmmmm.... [17:06] :P [17:06] Hmmm. I'll get right on that! [17:06] that came out of the blue [17:06] I saw that December 8th Episoid and it was great without Poink [17:06] you mean they aren't already? [17:06] but okay [17:06] Age of Pawpets? [17:06] Oooooh...nice one! [17:06] lol [17:06] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shiba_inu [17:06] Egyptan pawpet gods! :D [17:06] lol [17:06] Poink, God of Pr0n! [17:06] Lilli as Aphrodite >:3 [17:06] you'll see mine next week (as usual) [17:06] Apollo? [17:06] That drain clog in the bottom of the screen is scaring me. ._. [17:06] Action: ba_ar giggles [17:06] Ancient Gods Does Elvis count? [17:06] Poink would be the god of spooge. [17:06] voop on a half shell [17:06] Poink...? God of Hedonisim!!! [17:06] The Dec 8th Episoide was one of the best ever [17:06] Think Poink would be Bauchus [17:06] Yappy as a god of smells [17:06] Dionysius [17:06] Mutt's been dragged back to THE DISNEY DUNGON ! [17:06] lol [17:06] Poink would be one of those voodoo gods [17:06] Mat_Husky (Husky@pawpet-3F12918.lei3.cable.ntl.com) joined #pawpet. [17:06] LOL! [17:06] lol [17:06] LOL [17:06] That would be Yappy. [17:06] Badum CHISSS [17:06] HI Mat_Husky! [17:06] Hugh - God of Beeebling [17:06] howdy [17:07] Poink= KRATOS! [17:07] Woulfe: Yeah. It's a damn shame, but oh well. [17:07] Action: sarek would get behind that movement! [17:07] Plumpdragon (chatzilla@pawpet-6E573FE9.upc-i.chello.nl) joined #pawpet. [17:07] lol [17:07] XD [17:07] howdy [17:07] Zorry, no. Hugh would be Bachus. [17:07] jynx, Zorro [17:07] Hi Plumpdragon1 [17:07] hi everyone [17:07] lol, michael [17:07] Hiya plump! [17:07] Muttette? [17:07] Hi Plumpdragon [17:07] Er... [17:07] ooh, I like that one.... [17:07] XP [17:07] Oh lord [17:07] O.O [17:07] that might get scary [17:07] good god man, are you trying to kick start the fap machine? [17:07] Poinkette? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! [17:07] Yes! [17:07] Rule #63 on Pawpets! [17:07] oooooo, thats a bad artjam lol [17:07] lol [17:07] that's weird ._. [17:07] o.O [17:07] Poinquette [17:07] Action: Sawblade5 knows BassMan is fapping now [17:07] someone draw Poink as Kratos from God of War. That'd be hysterical. [17:07] Kratos says: "I DO NOT NEED THE AID OF THE GODS!" [17:07] TonyRingtail (tonyringta@pawpet-A463052A.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:07] Ezreene [17:07] lol, the fapping commences [17:07] Yeah no TG. [17:07] HI TonyRingTail! [17:07] I remember crapolina... [17:07] hey, TonyRingtail [17:07] sawblade: Nas is on the show [17:07] Sawblade: LOL!! [17:07] no, don't bring her back!! [17:07] I sort of like the "Ancient Gods" idea better. [17:07] Crapolina? [17:07] Hiya Tony! [17:07] lol [17:07] Bring back Bitchvoop! [17:07] :D [17:07] LOL [17:07] I've missed things... XD [17:07] hey Sibir Lupus [17:07] Hi Tony! [17:07] Bass Man needs to turn up his mike [17:07] God of Microphones! :) [17:07] AngelicDirt: ...don't ask. [17:07] Bondage voop? [17:07] Hello Gamer_wolf [17:08] hi all [17:08] Bassman, turn your mic up! [17:08] Yeah BassMan's mic is low [17:08] I know BassMan is at Orlando now on the show [17:08] HugeWolf (4734f686@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [17:08] is Simba at the house? [17:08] AWESOME [17:08] karpour (at@pawpet-50453BE2.vie.surfer.at) joined #pawpet. [17:08] Ohio got SNOW! [17:08] nope [17:08] Bassman turn your mic on! [17:08] Hi karpour! [17:08] Hi karpour! [17:08] Nothing particularly interesting happening right now... [17:08] :( [17:08] Nine inches of pure... SNOW! [17:08] The fan is on? [17:08] hey [17:08] I has a cold and we have a crap load of snow and ice [17:08] i took a test for a county job [17:08] the fan blows [17:08] I has not a job [17:08] Maryland got rain. D: [17:08] lol Ezra, "The fan is on.. yaaaaay!" [17:08] What is the Fan on? [17:08] the onlythign special i can say is that i have no been a fur for now 4 years [17:08] One day, I'd have to pick up a pen and see if I still can't draw to save my life [17:08] Nick change: JunoWolf-n-Akhanu -> Akhanu [17:08] I saw The Spirit yesterday. [17:08] Just watching the show in Griffin [17:08] Hi Karpour! [17:08] *WE CAN'T HEAR BASSMAN!!!* [17:08] Though I do now have all three DVD volumes of Pinky and the Brain :-D [17:08] Nothing but snow here [17:08] we're great, woo! nothing at all happening here, though [17:08] and.. i hope i passed [17:08] Zachthefox (zachhart12@pawpet-DA729B78.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:08] Zalno, you're in Maryland? Awesom!!! [17:08] Im gonna be watching Resident Evil: Exticntion after the show tonight [17:08] air conditioning in January? [17:08] And it snowed... a little [17:08] who is the other dog? [17:08] its realy laggy for me [17:08] The fan is turned on? By what? [17:08] Air con? I have a heater running next to my feet under my desk [17:08] HI Zactthefox! [17:08] Damn I wish I was theer [17:08] Man... [17:08] not a thing. It's kinda windows-shaking windy [17:08] hi karpour! [17:08] michael: no. Not awesome. [17:08] Where are you guys anyway? [17:08] Action: Redski sits on michael [17:08] Oh shut up :=P\ [17:08] O.o [17:08] It's Freezing over here in the UK!! [17:08] it's nice here in Orlando :D [17:08] :-P [17:08] And I rediscovered PKMN Cards [17:08] lol, it's freezing here in the UK too [17:08] I'd hate Flordia. [17:08] Nick change: Akhanu -> JunoWolf-n-Akhanu [17:08] I'm not jealous. I liek the snow. [17:08] 79 ohhhh [17:08] Im not freezing here...its actually warm a little here [17:08] yeah, florida is pretty warm right now [17:08] Action: Reese_Tora is in a nice 73 degree room, it's 75 outside [17:08] Up yours KP. XD [17:08] Seattle is no longer freezing, we're just drowning. [17:08] I've had a blanket round me all day!! [17:08] Florida is too hot >.< [17:08] "It's hot, but it's a dry heat" [17:08] Four (Four@pawpet-72A39625.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) left irc: Connection reset by peer [17:08] Were is whom ? [17:08] 79? Geez... aren't you guys hot? [17:08] 79... screw ya'll :P [17:08] I wish I was in FL again D: [17:08] Sure...rub it in guys.... [17:08] lol "Uh oh, Yappy's got a puppet" [17:09] It's windy and warm here in Los Angeles. [17:09] come up here.. I caught a little sinus cold from working out in the damn snow [17:09] its just nice weather here in Ireland [17:09] Action: KittyNoy has a nice heater next to him [17:09] 12 months of sunmmer must get boring [17:09] Woulfe: The show. [17:09] Doesn't matter. I like winter! [17:09] Action: Zorro is enjoying a 73 degree day [17:09] Gardening in February is just wrong [17:09] Had to shovel my drive to get in. Kept getting stuck! [17:09] michael: when I get out of the house, I'm hoping to move somewhere up north. [17:09] A foot of snow up here in MA [17:09] Action: Salen went to bestbuy in shorts. It's warm here in Florida [17:09] 30 degrees here in PA where im at...and its weirdly warm for me [17:09] it's 15 out here. I wish it'd cool off a bit more. [17:09] How was my week? well I had a tree come down between my house and shed [17:09] We have 9 months of hot, and 3 months of not so hot. welcome to florida seasons [17:09] Ezra... gardening? SOMEONE draw that... [17:09] yeah the temp has just shot up... last night it was -1'C, now its more like 10'C outside [17:09] :3 [17:09] Action: Drago_Fox is freazing at negative 2 [17:09] Change Seattle to Western Washington. [17:09] It's somewhere in the 30s here o.o [17:09] 3 inchesof snow and ice here [17:09] The Show Is Sorta Live From Central Florida [17:09] Yappy...I just got home from New Orleans in time for a cold front to hit here so shut it :-P [17:09] It is rather warm here. But the pools are chilly for some reason. [17:09] meatflowers? [17:09] here we have about -7°C = 20°F [17:09] Action: Redski is enjoying another boiling hot day, with a high of 23 degrees [17:09] NYC area [17:09] New idea: Every 5 minutes, the pawpets draw lots to take the broken microphone. :) [17:09] It's sodding COLD near Chicago [17:09] Mm... Meat [17:09] Is Purple copyrighted by Prince? [17:09] XD [17:09] Roofus: lol [17:09] Ah. [17:09] Meeeeeeeaaaaaattttt! [17:09] of COURSE its cold in Chicago! [17:09] I certainly hope not Roofus [17:09] It must be Global Warming. [17:09] Dragonhead: ;-) [17:09] The-Blue-Cavalier (chatzilla@pawpet-9B8E9692.stny.res.rr.com) left irc: Ping timeout [17:09] Action: Zorro Central Coast California, about 70 most days, winter or summer [17:09] different ones are fun :D [17:09] Roofus: No, but it IS copyrighted...by the Cadbury Candy Company. [17:10] Roofus: No, but brown is trademarked by UPS [17:10] hi! [17:10] Hi Crapalina [17:10] Nooooooooooooooo! [17:10] oh fuck [17:10] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! [17:10] AUUUUGH!!!!! [17:10] Flowers... yay? [17:10] lol [17:10] Siddy (monstersid@9A63B64B.9F8FA064.11E8E0C9.IP) joined #pawpet. [17:10] OH NOES [17:10] oh nooooo [17:10] not her [17:10] ...I said Yappy...I meant Ezra [17:10] Hello Siddy! [17:10] YAY!!! [17:10] Uh-oh... [17:10] >> [17:10] << [17:10] lol [17:10] XD... [17:10] OH GOD MY EARS! [17:10] AAAAAAAAAAAAA-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! [17:10] Guys: The Prisoner: http://blogs.kansascity.com/tvbarn/2009/01/the-prisoner-li.html [17:10] XD [17:10] lol! [17:10] OH GOD [17:10] It's an honor to meet you Mrs. Crapalina ma'am [17:10] eep! my ears! o.o [17:10] Oh... NOOOOOOOOOOO! [17:10] she finally dug herself out of the grave the other pawpets put her in [17:10] Sing the Taco Kisses song [17:10] NardDog (narddogz@pawpet-1AA2A2B5.ipns.com) joined #pawpet. [17:10] lol [17:10] why does she sound like a chimpmunk on weed or something? [17:10] Yeah shes Greasy all right. X3 [17:10] (X).(X) [17:10] lol "Yeah." [17:10] looking out for love in nigeria.. [17:10] HI nardDog! [17:10] Could someone give Bassman's microphone to Crapolina? :) [17:10] lol [17:10] hi Atkelar [17:10] Action: ba_ar punches mute [17:10] miffOtter: so, do we have to pay royalties whenever we go number 2? [17:10] Hello all [17:10] Cucumunga? [17:10] My Ears, my EARSSSS! >.< [17:10] Haha, Nigeria [17:10] shpain [17:10] Ok who steped on yappys nuts [17:10] Cause it is Yappy [17:10] France [17:10] why oh god why is she back!??!?!?!?1 [17:10] Portugal: Spain's Canada [17:10] Finland! [17:10] Finland! [17:10] And thennnnnnnn? [17:10] o-o... [17:10] BassMan: Turn your mic up. [17:10] popular demand? [17:11] ...and theeeeeen [17:11] Ukraine [17:11] XD [17:11] CAN YOU GO BACK? [17:11] Itawee [17:11] How old is Crapalina? [17:11] Oh yea I forgot to check http://www.kansascity.com [17:11] Hokucho (chatzilla@pawpet-3687B7A.cpe.cableone.net) joined #pawpet. [17:11] A little wee? [17:11] hehe eitawee [17:11] LOL [17:11] Hello Hokucho! [17:11] OH GOD WHO STEPED ON YAPPED BALLS! [17:11] wow [17:11] Man... [17:11] Pyrofox|KindaHere (Pyrofox@pawpet-FB395858.dyn.optonline.net) joined #pawpet. [17:11] Italy, good food [17:11] LOL [17:11] BradHound (kennethvet@pawpet-F046191A.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:11] AND THEN.................... [17:11] lol [17:11] so going to hell for that [17:11] That's like pissing on the Alamo [17:11] Nothing is sacread anymore [17:11] lol "Did you get kicked by the boot?" [17:11] OMG LMAO [17:11] Nice... pooped on the concrete [17:11] ROFL [17:11] HI BradHound! [17:11] holy crap! [17:11] ewww lol [17:11] Hahaha [17:11] hi BradHound! [17:11] Hokucho (chatzilla@pawpet-3687B7A.cpe.cableone.net) left irc: Connection reset by peer [17:11] whole lotta shedding going on [17:11] lol. [17:11] XD [17:11] $1 [17:11] Action: BradHound flops in. [17:11] lol [17:11] ORK ORK ORK [17:11] ORK ORK ORK [17:11] $1 yes [17:11] swear jar! :D [17:11] LOL [17:11] ORK ORK ORK [17:11] ork ork ork! [17:11] $1 [17:11] "He's-a cookin' somethin' up." [17:11] Ork? [17:11] turn Bassman up [17:11] lol [17:11] wb Pyrofox! [17:11] Action: Yurex_SL has the soundtrack to the original Prisoner: mono HiFi. [17:11] Blessed poop. Nice [17:11] Liesl (n@pawpet-59427B2.cfl.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [17:11] Best food is in Spain and Italy [17:11] If a pope poops in the woods, a dog poops in vatican city? [17:11] FINALLY!!!!!! [17:11] Hello sick Liesl! [17:11] gamer: Thanks :D [17:11] hi there Liesl [17:11] Liesl! [17:11] Hardly [17:11] Liesl! [17:11] still can't hear Bassman [17:11] nope, still don't hear him [17:11] Fail! [17:11] hi Liesl! [17:11] cant hear ya [17:12] MARS [17:12] hey, Liesl [17:12] FoxMcCloud (www.wing0_@pawpet-82AA4DF0.dynamic.dejazzd.com) joined #pawpet. [17:12] still low [17:12] Can't hear Bassman [17:12] I LOVE YTOU LIESL! [17:12] Hello FoxMcCloud! [17:12] Liesl: were you in Chicago? [17:12] Cardinal Ratsinger ought to be SHOT. [17:12] still cant hear [17:12] Hi Liesl [17:12] 11th! [17:12] Action: Reese_Tora thinks teh screem guy needs to pop up and say "Can you fear me now?" [17:12] HI LIESL [17:12] hi FoxMcCloud! [17:12] Liesl? YAY! [17:12] Heyas Liesl [17:12] The-Blue-Cavalier (chatzilla@pawpet-C26E409A.stny.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [17:12] Liesl! [17:12] Hey [17:12] 1119 [17:12] Hokucho (chatzilla@pawpet-3687B7A.cpe.cableone.net) joined #pawpet. [17:12] Hi Liesl :) [17:12] Poooooooooland [17:12] License renewal = :( [17:12] FoxMcCloud (www.wing0_@pawpet-82AA4DF0.dynamic.dejazzd.com) left irc: Quit: [17:12] Expensive [17:12] hi Hokucho! [17:12] yay, pole joke... [17:12] two years from now it'll be 1-11-11 [17:12] hai Liesl [17:12] Poland= POLE DANCING! [17:12] Next year it will be 01/11/10 ...I wonder that is in Binary [17:12] Hi Liesl!! [17:12] P0L4ND 4GOTKit [17:12] hi Liesl [17:12] Reese, Mutt's been dragged into the Disney Dungon, again [17:12] LOL Rubbertex [17:12] Check-co-slo-mach-ia? [17:12] we have a swear jar at one of my classes at school...some guy busted out singing the Team America theme...he was broke after that song lol [17:13] Sibir Lupus: in two years and ten months, it'll be 11-11-11 [17:13] Czeach Slovakia? [17:13] ok i gotta go for now.. not feeling good today [17:13] wow [17:13] Woulfe: aw crap :( [17:13] ..and then...12/12/12 [17:13] Chick slick lick a cockiea? [17:13] lol, SeanWolf [17:13] UK!!!! [17:13] so i am gonna go lie down [17:13] Alternate artjam: Crapalina's World Tour! [17:13] Ezra: I think you mean The Czech Republic [17:13] Woulfe: shit, poor Herbie :( [17:13] Tzech an Slovak are seperate [17:13] I was not in Chicago, but I was in Nassau this past week. [17:13] YAY my Ak is made in yugo! [17:13] Bring back a Yugo? [17:13] Yugoslobbia? [17:13] Ireland [17:13] Slobbering... pafpafpaf [17:13] woot! [17:13] Nick change: Pyrofox|KindaHere -> PyrofoxIsHere [17:13] Peru! [17:13] y'all take care [17:13] ScrubzyFox (www.wing0_@pawpet-82AA4DF0.dynamic.dejazzd.com) left irc: Ping timeout [17:13] Pyrofox (Pyrofox@pawpet-FB395858.dyn.optonline.net) left irc: Ping timeout [17:13] What about o1/10/10? huh? HUH! That would me my 18th bday TYVM [17:13] I'm half Peruvian [17:13] Nick change: PyrofoxIsHere -> Pyrofox [17:13] LOL [17:13] same with Yugoslavia [17:13] Nations of the countries! [17:13] Yakko's world!!! [17:13] Alternate artjam: Crapalina's World Tour! [17:13] oh gods, not a peruvian flute band [17:13] is this McCains's dog? does not know thatthese two countries don't even exist anymore? [17:13] LOL [17:13] JBlanco (Johnny@pawpet-B4A08AA0.rk.wavecable.com) left irc: Quit: Trillian (http://www.ceruleanstudios.com [17:13] The-Blue-Cavalier (chatzilla@pawpet-C26E409A.stny.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122] [17:13] Reese_Tora: it's 30 in binary [17:13] Gyngerfox (gyngerfox@pawpet-C1391D27.hsd1.tx.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [17:13] peruvian nose flute band? [17:13] United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaca, Peru [17:13] T_T_T_T! I WANNA GO BACK TO NEW ORLEANS! [17:13] WE STILL CANT HEAR BASSMAN! [17:13] AND THEN.................... [17:13] did he get high? [17:13] ?? [17:13] awwwww [17:13] yakko's countries of the world also missed WALES. [17:13] no North Puppy in channel? [17:13] TURNN BASSMAN UP [17:13] UuuuuuuunitedstateCanadaMexicoPanama..... [17:13] Austria is awsome [17:13] That was memory by the way xD [17:13] I'm confused... [17:14] Action: Dragonhead lives an hour from New Orleans [17:14] lol [17:14] why go to austria when you can go to Massachusetts? [17:14] lol [17:14] YAY! :) [17:14] sarek (sarek_ca@pawpet-21D17B37.regn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca) left irc: Quit: [17:14] YUGOslovia [17:14] Bi polar sausage? "OH this is SOOOO good, but Im SOOOO depressed!" [17:14] Action: Redski lives 45 min from Chicago [17:14] Everything's Bigger in Texas [17:14] You hear that, Atkelar? :-) [17:14] no one cares about Wales. It's just England's little buddy [17:14] LOL [17:14] yus [17:14] why go to Massachusetts when you live there [17:14] lol [17:14] Action: jpt|wingedsquirrel facepaws. [17:14] lol [17:14] Cymru am byth!! [17:14] hey michael [17:14] grade D [17:14] including the twits :) [17:14] polish and hungarian stuff might be good in Austria [17:14] ScrubzyFox (www.wing0_@pawpet-82AA4DF0.dynamic.dejazzd.com) joined #pawpet. [17:14] ColinFoxTail: I did ;) [17:14] ;p [17:14] What passport... nice [17:14] Action: BradHound is from Mass. :P [17:14] HI scurbzyFox! [17:14] lol rubbertex [17:14] Hey, is the show in mono tonight? [17:14] Wales- wheres that?? [17:14] hi again baccala30 [17:14] She's livestock. [17:14] she should stay out of China, then :P [17:14] :o! I love them: http://www.hallmark.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/article|10001|10051|/HallmarkSite/hoops_yoyohome/HOOPS_YOYO_HOME_PAGE [17:14] hi scrubzy [17:14] hi ScrubzyFox! [17:14] Where's the Beef? [17:14] Beef people o.o Scary [17:14] Wales - get to London, then it's just a jump to the left. [17:14] dog... the other red meat [17:14] Crapalina, the other other other white meat! [17:14] lol [17:14] Crappalina...it's whats for dinner! [17:14] The beef People... XD [17:14] YAY MEAT PEOPLE! [17:14] Where's BAWK? [17:14] lol [17:15] Hiya BradHound...didn't see you come in! *hugs warmly* :-) [17:15] I've been to Texas, everything was really tiny dere [17:15] Bandit Bandit Bandit! [17:15] Meat...people? [17:15] Rhiamel (Rhiamel@pawpet-DA8A298E.hsd1.or.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:15] Dirt: WHERES THE BEEF?! [17:15] Crapolina was licking bandit's balls? [17:15] oh my... [17:15] Licking what!? [17:15] Action: BradHound murrs deeply. [17:15] Let's send her to Korea. [17:15] HI Rhiamel! [17:15] hi Rhiamel [17:15] there's a quote [17:15] ATTACK OF THE MEAT PEOPLE - June 9th release. :) [17:15] Powerstar: yeah i know:P i live next door across the sea in Ireland:P [17:15] Crappalina should stay out of china, then... I would think they would eb worried about disease, though [17:15] Action: ba_ar skritches bradhound's tummy [17:15] anyhow......... [17:15] Leiko: Opposite of Mole-People [17:15] Meat people sounds like some alien out of a grade C horror movie [17:15] uh oh [17:15] A drink or two... or seven [17:15] Hi pawpets i a new viewer and i loving the show [17:15] Cessna (Cessnafox@pawpet-B88154A7.cable.mindspring.com) joined #pawpet. [17:15] i rember part of it [17:15] Hello Cessna1 [17:15] An Ezra walks into a bar....Bartender says "Why the furry face?" [17:15] Went to a furmeet last weekend. [17:15] what happened last night Ezra? [17:15] Excellent! [17:15] Ezra: bad puppy :P [17:15] I have no Mike [17:15] hi Cessna [17:15] yay! my foxxies here ^-^ [17:15] BJButtons (noway@pawpet-6C6C7855.chi1.dsl.speakeasy.net) joined #pawpet. [17:15] PAWPET VIRGIN! :D [17:15] Hey Cessna [17:15] Moka: there's a SciFi story about inorganic aliens being horrified taht uhmans are made of meat [17:15] Hi Cessna [17:15] Hello BJButtons! [17:15] Cessna1 [17:15] Welcome Rhiamel! [17:16] Line form the movie; "Oh my god. They're made out of MEAT!" [17:16] Hellos :) [17:16] Hi BJ [17:16] hello [17:16] Action: gamer_wolf hi Cessna and BJButtons! [17:16] Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww [17:16] i see shoulder [17:16] :) [17:16] OMG your ruining the Magic [17:16] Gamera is really neat [17:16] Yurex...It's made of PEOPLE! [17:16] The magic1 [17:16] Oops, hi Cessna and BJButtons! [17:16] Tonight's performance by the Bassman is brought to you by Energizer batteries. [17:16] Somone is stoned [17:16] HI SHOuLDER [17:16] lol [17:16] WeE CAN SEE YOU TLR [17:16] The Magic! [17:16] Rar? [17:16] RAWR [17:16] look out grey dog! Somone is trying to reach up your butt! [17:16] She's broken! [17:16] aww She's all alone...(Quick, nows our chance!) [17:16] Gamera is turtle meat [17:16] In danger of destroying the magic! [17:16] Rar? [17:16] killing the magic! [17:16] ACK!! HUMAN!! [17:16] Stage Head! [17:16] the magical weed [17:16] Sakana_Katana (sakana.kat@pawpet-EE10EDC.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:16] oh god [17:16] back in a mo [17:16] now i need to say this for TLR's hat, Dang yankeys [17:16] Please, think of the magic! [17:16] HI Sakana_katana! [17:16] lol [17:16] I see shoulder! and I think I have that shirt, too... [17:16] Poor EB [17:16] Nick change: Shamus -> Shamus_AFK [17:16] Oh no the Magic She's Ruinned [17:16] OK Al, just be fascinating for 5 minutes or so. Starting... now. [17:16] The Magic has left the building [17:16] hi Sakana! [17:16] EB? who sez he broke it?!? :P [17:16] AHHH! Ghallager and Frank Zappas unholy love child! IM BLIIIIIND! [17:16] Hi, Channel. [17:16] Volume! [17:16] 139 [17:16] *click* [17:16] The illusion is ruined...wrap it up, shut it down...the TOWER...Rapunzel! [17:16] Snap crackle pop! [17:17] 139 [17:17] hey, TLR [17:17] Rapunzel? [17:17] Dragonhead> HI [17:17] HAI The_Lizard_Rat! [17:17] :) [17:17] YAY!!! i hear Bassman [17:17] gamer_wolf> hi [17:17] A HUNDRED AND THIRTY NINE! [17:17] Hi Channel lol [17:17] No speaking of fixing people... X( [17:17] we have a swear jar at one of my classes at school...some guy busted out singing the Team America theme...he was broke after that song lol...and that was the teacher singing it [17:17] SOMEONE LET A HIPPIE ON THE SHOW! [17:17] It's the Crapalina f**k'n wine mixer, ok? [17:17] Be back in a bit, need to go to the store for a bit. [17:17] You can try to read 139 names but you'll read 175 names [17:17] I thought Crapolina was dead... [17:17] haven't been here for two weeks, who's the new puppets? [17:17] AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH MY EARSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [17:17] Action: Shane_Graytail looks at Ricochet and cant help himself, he has to rasp "The toooooootthh...." [17:17] so, FPS, has Prince tried to shut you down yet for last week? [17:17] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:17] ALl Right [17:17] hi TLR [17:17] HI DJLab! [17:17] Hi! :D [17:17] Whoopi Goldberg FOR THE WIN [17:17] O_o [17:17] LET'S DO IT! [17:17] What did I miss? [17:17] Rice CRispies squares [17:17] I wanna play pawpet squares!! [17:17] I take the Center Square with Poink [17:17] Was up! [17:17] yes, game show.. more randomness! WE need the randomness back [17:17] Howler_wolf (4121e1fc@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:17] wooof [17:17] Hi Howler_wolf! [17:17] What did they do with Prince? [17:17] SeanWolf: What type of school lets teachers swear? [17:17] Wheres Alexi!? [17:17] hi DJLab and Howler_wolf! [17:18] ONJ [17:18] >.< [17:18] What is the URL link for a quicktime player? [17:18] .... oh geez. [17:18] Finger Prince ? [17:18] Military School [17:18] Action: Reese_Tora heard them suggest playing pawpet swears, not squares [17:18] hey weres silver paws or solarflar he was supposed to be on channel tonight [17:18] I hope they beat Crapolina to death at the end of the show [17:18] 39 & 1/2 foot pole [17:18] Any idea if theres gonna be a subserviant tonight? [17:18] http://pawpet.tv/wiki/onair [17:18] My ears! [17:18] yo mamas got a wee wee wee [17:18] Turtle: For show links, go to the Pawpet website: http://pawpet.tv/wiki/onair [17:18] Moka: this one teacher was a subsitute [17:18] Action: BradHound paints Tony pink. [17:18] Hey all! [17:18] brb.. [17:18] Action: AngelicDirt 's ears is bleeding... [17:18] hi [17:18] babble babble babble [17:18] I take it that's Bassman? [17:18] Colin: I have. But the standalone link it gives doesn't work [17:18] Action: Zalno covers his ears. "God, Crapolina's voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard." [17:18] ...... [17:18] I think the dogs are howling? [17:18] OW! [17:18] O_O [17:18] O_O [17:18] mein ears! [17:18] o.o [17:18] OW!! [17:18] Headphones! [17:18] Man with Crapolina here Scream Guy will NEVER come anywhere near the show. >> [17:18] Who? [17:18] BradHound: Hehehe [17:18] o.o [17:18] http://pawpet.tv/wiki/onair my favoirte steam rtsp://streams.us.timduru.org:554/fps.sdp [17:18] Oh boy! [17:18] lol [17:18] *breaks out the bong* dude this show is so cool lol [17:18] someone beeble Crapolina [17:18] Olivia! [17:18] lol [17:18] SeanWolf: Ah, that explains quite a bit. [17:18] someone beeble Crapolina [17:18] try this: rtsp://streams.pawpet.tv:554/fps.sdp [17:18] Action: TonyRingtail Dive-pounces on BradHound ... tickles em into submission, takes the critter's shinies and blames Wildfox!!!! [17:18] someone beeble Crapolina [17:18] You hear that? That's teh sound of windows breaking. [17:18] Nick change: TranceCougar -> Pepper [17:18] ._. [17:18] nice studio [17:18] the* [17:18] Action: JunoWolf-n-Akhanu noms on captain n coke [17:18] Ziggy (death_zigg@pawpet-A92E4208.hsd1.md.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:18] why rubbertex? Do they resent eachother or something? [17:18] Action: BradHound eeks and oofs! [17:18] It's "Steal Videoes from YouTube Hour"! [17:18] someone beeble Crapolina [17:19] 1979 I believe [17:19] hi Ziggy! [17:19] Olivia Neutron-Bomb? [17:19] Action: Redski noms on RT [17:19] Nick change: Zachthefox -> Pepperfox [17:19] No, she doesn't [17:19] wow [17:19] hi Ziggy! [17:19] 30 years ago [17:19] back [17:19] HI Ziggy! [17:19] stealm videos from failblog! [17:19] ow muh ears [17:19] She WAS hot [17:19] age was not nice to her... [17:19] *steal [17:19] o.o.... [17:19] i agree [17:19] Who singing?! That old lady from that cooking show on PBS? [17:19] She's an Aussie too [17:19] woot [17:19] Olivia Newton's John [17:19] she looks ok [17:19] lol Seanwolf [17:19] Looooveeeiiiing yoooooou [17:19] I bet she still sounds better then Crapolina [17:19] eh not my type [17:19] I always thought this song reminded me of ABBA [17:19] Fappy ending? [17:19] whats this song called? [17:19] ...... [17:19] oh god no!!! O_o [17:19] lol, Nard [17:19] lol, Roofus [17:19] lol [17:19] My God, ONJ has a life and a career outside of Xanadu! ;-D [17:19] Redski: With a little more love [17:19] aww, a happy ending in Poland [17:20] O. M. Dookin' G. [17:20] William Hung sounds better than Crapolina [17:20] Action: Novu_Ferret shivers D: [17:20] Ha ha! [17:20] Bassman sounds better [17:20] lol [17:20] Action: Sibir_Lupus plugs his ears with his paws [17:20] Juuuuuuuuuuuulia Chiiiiiiiiiiiiilds [17:20] Enjoying the show is difficult, because there is a wasp in my room [17:20] Julia Child... ? [17:20] And I can't tell if it's alive or dead [17:20] yappy had happy ending this morning XP [17:20] thanks Roofus [17:20] Novu_Ferret: kill it with fire! [17:20] Wait. Is she still alive? [17:20] Every Day Frenching... :D [17:20] lol, accurate impression [17:20] Novu_Ferret: Yeesh....that's gotta be horrible. [17:20] Novu_Ferret: The wasp just wants to show that it likes you [17:20] Helooooooooooooooo, today we will be cooking *chugs wine* food [17:20] Redski: you're welcome [17:20] Gun meet brains. It'll stop the pain [17:20] Abrahm: no. [17:20] Tyger (tygerstryp@pawpet-4C7A0D2F.blng.qwest.net) joined #pawpet. [17:20] bassman no humping [17:20] HI Tyger! [17:20] O.O [17:20] I didn't think so [17:20] lol, Juno [17:20] Is anyone else noticing any treble audio artifacts? [17:20] ok this song is gonna make somone kill themselves [17:20] heya Dragonhead! [17:21] Novu_Ferret: Did you try setting it on fire? That will most likely kill it. [17:21] Novu...you just reminded me of a Monty Python skit [17:21] :) [17:21] Bassman: fap fap fap [17:21] Ezra are you sure you want to know? [17:21] LOL [17:21] Bad Bassman! D: [17:21] hey, Tuger [17:21] lol [17:21] *Hump* [17:21] Crapalina's voice is funny :) [17:21] hi Tyger! [17:21] oh dear......WTH O_O [17:21] *bush shoots himself omg i was right* [17:21] fap fap fap [17:21] *humphump* [17:21] hey tyger! [17:21] Oh god, shes back. [17:21] Heya Gamer wolf and heya Zalno ^^ [17:21] Time to have Bassman Fixed! [17:21] GarrisonSkunk: Hey Garrison, what do you think Crapolina reminds you of? [17:21] The_Lizard_Rat, don't do that again [17:21] Colley (mlepew@pawpet-73BD390F.client.mchsi.com) joined #pawpet. [17:21] :) [17:21] vroom, vroom [17:21] Needs more tone-deafness [17:21] HI Colley [17:21] heya TigerShadowclaw! [17:21] Nice to see that the fapping goes on all the time... [17:21] Action: Sawblade5 fixes BassMan [17:21] hi Colley! [17:21] it sounds like yappy got fixed [17:21] Alaster (428d5b35@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:21] XD [17:21] Action: JunoWolf-n-Akhanu gives the ear bleed causing k9 a happy ending [17:21] HI Alaster! [17:21] OMG [17:21] god play some techno or metal plz god [17:21] yo! [17:21] why should it stop Liesl? [17:21] humpeee [17:21] I think we finally found the ultimate WMD, Crapolina's singing [17:21] hi Alaster [17:21] Hi Dragonhead [17:21] lol. [17:21] Yeh, lilly, it's not just because of you we fap... [17:22] :) [17:22] humpie [17:22] o.o [17:22] We need some Crush 40!! [17:22] humper [17:22] DISH TOWEL! [17:22] dirty mop [17:22] Ahhh... freedom. [17:22] Cizarney, how do we pronounce your name? [17:22] Humper the HumpHound [17:22] so ronery.... [17:22] Draino! [17:22] humping lonly lol [17:22] Kiz-arney? [17:22] baccala30: I agree [17:22] Loooonely, I'm mister Loooonely! [17:22] Dustmop [17:22] FAPper? [17:22] Siz-are-neey [17:22] Action: BradHound is NOT a humphound! [17:22] ew [17:22] BREATH! [17:22] Action: Reese_Tora has a 40oz bag of reese's peanutbutter cup miniatures, he is a happy orange cat [17:22] humping lonly lol [17:22] I don't think you have anything to worry about, Silver. :-) [17:22] [17:22] Breathe* [17:22] 19 [17:22] 0 [17:22] oh, I thought he said "Man goo, the only thing I'll ever drink!" [17:22] Action: Aeturnus hands TLR a MOuntain Dew [17:22] 0 [17:22] I can do 19 [17:22] sun drop is better than mt. dew [17:22] Action: Abrahm doesn't drink soda [17:22] 24! [17:22] Rainy days and Mondays always get meeeee down [17:22] Never tried it [17:22] ... [17:22] HAHA PWND [17:22] death by MtDew [17:22] I go through a 2 liter a day :( [17:22] I acn do 20 CANS! [17:22] i can drink 30 cans of Mountain Dew [17:22] 0 [17:22] Leiko: You mean, "breathe?" [17:22] I once drank [17:22] RedLine [17:22] YAY DEW! [17:22] LMAO [17:22] Sakana- yeah it looks like he was used to Fap... all crusty. D8 [17:22] 2. If I drink 3 I explode [17:22] he's all jacked up on Mountain Dew! [17:22] Four (Four@pawpet-72A39625.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:22] Drake (drakew1986@pawpet-1A3A279E.hsd1.va.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:22] His blood must be green [17:22] Wow [17:22] Action: Sibir_Lupus knows Bradhound is a very good puppy :) [17:22] eww redline sucks [17:22] How many comes in a pack? [17:22] Hello Four and Drake! [17:22] about....14 or so [17:22] hi Four and Drake! [17:22] Tahisha (theFurmily@pawpet-458FD6AF.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:22] I usually drink six plus cans a day. [17:23] I can drink five cans of pepsi... that's pretty impressive [17:23] HI Tahisha! [17:23] Soft drinks are the #1 cause of obesity and diabetes. Nast stuff. :P [17:23] Action: BradHound grins at Sibir. [17:23] Mountain Dew, I can drink more than one [17:23] hi Tahisha! [17:23] hi dragonhead [17:23] Mutt's Red Line story was hilarious [17:23] The problem with 18 cans of Mtn. Dew isn't the caffeine. It's the sugar. [17:23] :) [17:23] HI ALL [17:23] he drank it, then he got a boner [17:23] too much sugar [17:23] Garmon_Martin (Pianofitz@pawpet-10CD2049.dyn.optonline.net) joined #pawpet. [17:23] I can do 49502482405893459803489089058341894580193458103458913489054130893489013480954318901435890354890134589019345890134583401349-60134 I can drink that much [17:23] 18 cans?! Good Lahd that's a lotta soda! [17:23] hi Tahisha [17:23] i like turbo or no fear [17:23] Hello Garmon_Martin! [17:23] Action: Pepper loves Diet Dew n.n; [17:23] competitive McRib eating contest? [17:23] yes. I meant breathe. I said that [17:23] lol, Redski [17:23] Thats what happens when I drink coffee and energy drinks at the same time. I pass out, and then theres too much energy [17:23] I have not had in a soda in over a year. [17:23] Action: Reese_Tora has drunk a whole 12 pack of DrPepper over the course of a single night while trying to stay away all night [17:23] the second time [17:23] wow. [17:23] UGH! [17:23] Heya Garm [17:23] ha [17:23] Action: Sibir_Lupus tummyrubs the good bassethound and hands him his black wolf plushie :) [17:23] that [17:23] Hahaha [17:23] i can drink 30 to 10 cans of Mountain Dew... [17:23] yeah [17:23] Hiya Graytail [17:23] Pssst, Ezra, fix your glasses! [17:23] back from AFK [17:23] XD [17:23] wow [17:23] baccala30: good for you! :D [17:23] BOINGY, BOINGY, BOINGY, BOINGY! [17:23] I'm speechless. [17:23] 30 to ten cans? [17:23] jeez [17:23] boingboing! [17:23] FERRET! [17:23] its Tag [17:23] Action: miffOtter is like that too... :-) [17:23] Whoa. It's a ratty ferret [17:23] Action: BradHound loves Diet Mt Dew. [17:23] Mountain Dew..... several trillion gallons..... [17:23] Sounds like the perfect Furcon drink for those dances. [17:23] Dinner @ Ma's ...Later all [17:23] thaks Roofus. :) [17:23] Action: NardDog is on Vicodin, thanks to a cracking a tooth last week [17:23] .... Is that.. EVIL? [17:23] Which ferret is that? [17:23] move over flubber here comes yappy bouncing off the walls! [17:24] Ricochet (arf@pawpet-76004B6F.dsl.bcvloh.sbcglobal.net) left #pawpet. [17:24] It's the tagged ferret! [17:24] :D Tag! [17:24] You must be coding in the can then, after all that M Dew. [17:24] Tag the Ferret yea [17:24] Tag... :P [17:24] that ferret has his tag still on. Is he for sale? [17:24] That's when I do the most amount of writing is at the crack of dawn. [17:24] BirthdayTiger (Bucktown_T@pawpet-1F199A4F.hsd1.ar.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:24] ANTHROCON, Sponsored by REDLINE! [17:24] Action: ba_ar snuggles roofus [17:24] Mountain Dew & Cheetos - the Geek diet. [17:24] SeanWolf: 30 to 10? [17:24] Action: Reese_Tora tries to not drink more than 2-3 cans a day, though [17:24] Hello BirthdayTiger! [17:24] Yes [17:24] I sees a tag! [17:24] Folkmanias [17:24] tag, your it! [17:24] Tagg fewwet [17:24] Tag the ferret! [17:24] hey, Bucktown! :D [17:24] hey Bucktown! [17:24] hey thats my nickname *grrr* [17:24] Give the ferret a haircut! [17:24] Action: Roofus murrs [17:24] Action: Zalno hugs the BirthdayTiger [17:24] Action: Dragonhead give Bucktown a birthday cookie [17:24] Leiko: i meant 10 to 30 [17:24] Like a pair of Air Jordans [17:24] Mohawks rock [17:24] that's not a folkmanis ferret, that's a Folktails ferret! [17:24] lol "Lick me." [17:24] It's Taggy! [17:24] Ah [17:24] Gator! [17:24] Funions and Mountain Dew: the D & D diet [17:24] WTF?? [17:24] GATOR [17:24] O.O [17:24] SCARY :3 [17:24] ahh run [17:24] hi Bucktown! [17:24] Anyone download Windows 7 yet? I heard it was really good, but wouldn't risk a beta OS on my system ;_; [17:24] OH GOD! A GATOR! [17:24] A gaytor? [17:24] HOLY! Giant Gator! [17:24] It's a Florida gator no doubt [17:24] RUN, STEVE! [17:24] Much <3 for the reptiles! [17:24] I'd have him XD [17:24] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Connection reset by peer [17:24] It's a living purse! [17:24] happy Birthday Bucktown [17:24] eat MJ first [17:24] nomnomnom! [17:24] brb [17:24] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:24] Croiky? [17:24] sedeing as this show is in FL, this was inevitable :P [17:24] Action: TigerShadowclaw gives bucktown birthday licks [17:24] lol "That excites me, yes it does!" [17:24] Hey Gator how was your Football Team winning the BCS Championship [17:25] Bucktown: Happy Birthday [17:25] LOL Its Croc! I love his music! X3 [17:25] can't get worse than Vista Pyrofox...can it? [17:25] Action: Novu_Ferret licks Leiko [17:25] Gators go to the 4th down [17:25] Mine was yesterday :D [17:25] kkp (kkp@pawpet-56E638FB.taur.dk) left irc: Ping timeout [17:25] Action: Zorro Downloading System 7 at work and using the BIG Pipe. [17:25] why can't they be posted? [17:25] Hey everyone! =^_^= *snugs and noms and murrrrrrrs* [17:25] Shnappi der klein krokodil? [17:25] Action: Leiko punts her router [17:25] oh, lame. [17:25] It's called Moskau, Moskau [17:25] Kosack dance? [17:25] Bastards [17:25] Is there gonna be a subserviant tonight? [17:25] happy birthday bucktown [17:25] Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes ^^ [17:25] oo hi birthday tiger [17:25] hahaha! [17:25] heya BirthdayTiger! *hugs* ^^ [17:25] Action: Zorro But Leo Laporte says System 7 looks like Vista [17:25] CrashTiger (crashtiger@pawpet-814082D5.static.ip.windstream.net) joined #pawpet. [17:25] Stray_Cat: It's "supposed" to be a big improvement. But it's still in beta... [17:25] did all the youtubes of FPS get yanked? [17:25] If you report copywrite violation, taht opens you to a counter suit and criminal cahrges [17:25] Hello CrashTigetr1 [17:25] Action: Zalno will switch to Revver on his 18th B-DAY [17:25] happey bitrthbay ^.^ [17:25] Hi Bucktown! [17:25] Ezra: yes, so don't worry about using any music for the subservients! [17:25] A Crappy Idea? [17:25] The grey dog sounds sorta like Spider. [17:25] Im susprised that MeatLoaf never had any videos with his songs in it removed from YouTube [17:25] lol [17:25] The-Blue-Cavalier (chatzilla@pawpet-C26E409A.stny.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [17:26] Yesh... [17:26] hi anyone in Oregon [17:26] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [17:26] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:26] ewww tiquitos = icky burps [17:26] NI [17:26] Windows XP is an upgrade from Vista [17:26] Zorro Yeah I was just listening to him. He says its Vista done right. [17:26] lol wiki wiki wiki! [17:26] Nucleus! [17:26] Youtube is requires to supply you with the reporter's contact information [17:26] OMG yes [17:26] Nobody likes Meat Loaf. Even to eat. [17:26] hi CrashTiger! [17:26] Sibir_Lupus: you heard him, Sibir. Go get your videos before YouTube decides to kill them [17:26] That was genius [17:26] wikkiwikkiwikkipkang! [17:26] Fozzie Bear: wiki wiki wiki! [17:26] I thought they Killed Crapelina during 2007's fundraiser o.o Zombie Crappelina! [17:26] wiki wiki wiki! [17:26] wow [17:26] Yappy: I'll contact you about that later :) [17:26] Squeaky [17:26] We are the Pawpets Who Say Wiki! [17:26] wiki wiki wiki! [17:26] wiki wiki wack [17:26] Wiki, wiki, wiki...IT'S ELECTRIC!!\ [17:26] brb... cookies [17:26] Bandit! [17:26] Squeak! :D [17:26] Kris Kross. JUMP JUMP! [17:26] teh bandits toy goes Squake [17:26] wow. [17:26] Buck Rogers [17:26] Get Bandit in there! [17:26] she's into nutless men [17:26] Shes trying to attract him [17:26] wiki wiki scratch [17:26] Apocolyptica=metal+cellos [17:26] Wiki Wiki woo [17:26] lol [17:26] >:3 [17:26] o-O [17:26] ewwwww [17:26] YEa [17:26] Dam! [17:26] lol [17:26] lol [17:26] Okay, after that, don't get Bandit in there. [17:26] WOAH! WOAH! [17:26] "This is what we call the act of mating..." [17:26] lol [17:26] Shurun (56892aeb@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:26] Man... [17:26] NORMAL? [17:26] Action: Sibir_Lupus covers his eyes with his tail [17:26] Is Crapelina in heat? [17:26] Bandit has no Balls [17:26] I never have any complaints about my Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_75egyxc50 [17:26] Bandit is really scared I'm sure [17:26] HOLY SHIT! [17:26] XD [17:26] lol [17:26] O.O [17:26] lol [17:26] Oh Kermie! [17:26] So THATS what she's squaking! [17:27] lol [17:27] The gator is...Japanese? [17:27] O_ [17:27] the removal of you tube is not a copyright thing this time even tho thats what they are saying its a fight between You tube and Warner music abotu money [17:27] Hahaha [17:27] XD [17:27] squeaking* [17:27] This just turned 32,467 different shades of WRANG. [17:27] This is better than Crank Yankers. [17:27] dun dun DUN! [17:27] what? [17:27] stop rubbing my rubber [17:27] don't, go there... [17:27] bone [17:27] yes [17:27] Colin: no shit! :P [17:27] Nick change: BirthdayTiger -> BucktownTiger [17:27] BANDAID! I mean BANDIT! [17:27] 8o... [17:27] Why not Ezra... [17:27] Nipples [17:27] hi Shurun! [17:27] He sounds a BIT like Ronin. [17:27] :D NIPPLES [17:27] NIPPLES! [17:27] back [17:27] Nipples... okay. [17:27] NIPPLES??? [17:27] Hello Shurun! [17:27] nipples [17:27] Nipples! [17:27] *Flashes!* [17:27] O.o [17:27] oooooooooh [17:27] yumy [17:27] I'm against! [17:27] NIPPLES [17:27] Why do we (men) have 'em? [17:27] fap fap fap [17:27] Warner wants more money You tube said no and is removing EVERYTHING that ahd Warner music in it [17:27] wtf [17:27] Lets talk about MY Nipples! [17:27] lol i like nipples [17:27] NIPPLES [17:27] aureoles! [17:27] lol [17:27] :O [17:27] Nipples? I have two of them... :-/ [17:27] Ha you said BOBS!!! [17:27] Oh gosh! [17:27] omg niples [17:27] Hi everyone! :) [17:27] like porn [17:27] 8oo8s [17:27] Too many boobs [17:27] or as Yappy calls them, Nipolios [17:27] eww man boobs [17:27] You guys need lazer effects [17:27] there were some nipples in the movie Resident Evil...big ones [17:27] Oh yeah, the breastfeeding thing [17:27] dogboops? [17:27] Is Liesl still entertaining relatives at home? [17:27] yay, manboobs :D [17:27] lol [17:27] BEWWWWWWWbz [17:27] XD [17:27] O_O [17:27] hahahaa [17:27] Hahahaha [17:27] No [17:27] meh, manboobs are better [17:28] i like nipple rings [17:28] Yep! [17:28] Well, it's called FACE book. Look at my eyes when you're talking to me! [17:28] XD [17:28] lol [17:28] I shall take my lady boobs elsewhere... [17:28] lol [17:28] ( . Y . ) [17:28] XD [17:28] mammalian protuberances [17:28] moobs are OK though? [17:28] WHAT GREAT KNOCKERS! [17:28] Sounds painful [17:28] Oh. Emm. Gee. [17:28] *rating dies* [17:28] Nice [17:28] That's a double standard...there are some guys who have moobles bigger than most female breasts I've seen. :-P [17:28] youtube video on false reporting of copywrite claims: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqXMRzkq37g [17:28] Yes! [17:28] LOL [17:28] Pasties! [17:28] o.o [17:28] Ezra...I love you xD [17:28] Action: BucktownTiger refuses to use Facebook... [17:28] ( o Y o ) [17:28] LOL! That's a quote right there Garrison! "Let's put a nice big brass ring through every nipple!" [17:28] Art Jam...Pawpets with nipples [17:28] LOL sigh [17:28] Warner Bothers, we won't show Looney Tunes on TV so we'll remove all the You Tube's w/ our music [17:28] YES! [17:28] yep, wet mop! [17:28] we all know Ezra has a dirty mind ;) [17:28] Hey gator, nice teeth! [17:28] oh hey you milf nice knocke.....OMG ur not a woman [17:28] YEa Pawpets with Nipples [17:28] Garrison- I hope your talking about baby bottle nipples. D8 [17:28] Action: Sawblade5 draws Nipples on Poink [17:28] [ . ][ . ] check it out, robot boobs [17:28] Wash... Ezra... [17:28] I got talked into the evil of myspace, I'm not going to facebook [17:28] Cerolobo (Cerolobo@pawpet-1AEBE1D4.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:28] Action: Dragonhead refuses to use Facebook or myspace [17:28] so does this count?? http://pawpet.tv/archives/view/2009/2009-01-04/%2525Captions-Shoutouts-IRC,caption.jpg [17:28] puppet boobs :0 [17:28] I could try to do that for a caption.. [17:28] I dun smoke or drink [17:28] Hello Cerolobo! [17:28] Poink With Nipples [17:28] Action: Abrahm is cleaner [17:28] GarrisonSkunk> Remember, cats have 8, dogs 10. [17:29] Action: Leiko has never smoke...but drinking... [17:29] Good for you Lizard Rat! [17:29] Nipples are ugly [17:29] Free the Nipples! [17:29] BECAUSE WERE GAY! [17:29] I smoke fags but I don't drink. [17:29] Titty Ferret! [17:29] whats wrong with nipples? [17:29] I have no problems with my nipples [17:29] XD [17:29] nipples are awsome [17:29] I don't have a problem with ANY body part. [17:29] Even the Japanese don't like nipples... [17:29] Bring up a Picture of Hugh's Nipple's [17:29] *PEOPLE ARE INSANE!* [17:29] there were some nipples in the movie Resident Evil...big ones too [17:29] Set My Nipples Free! [17:29] i have nipples on my bunny on SL [17:29] Ratchet: lol ;) [17:29] Nipples are alright [17:29] we all have nipples [17:29] so does this count?? http://pawpet.tv/archives/view/2009/2009-01-04/%2525Captions-Shoutouts-IRC,caption.jpg [17:29] Action: jpt|wingedsquirrel uses Facebook, but doesn't use it for pictures. [17:29] *THAT'S WHY* [17:29] Ezra's brain... broken [17:29] Ratchet: Speak for yourself [17:29] My friend has problems with feet [17:29] Nipples are like the most innocuous things ever [17:29] zombie boobs SeanWolf? Gross [17:29] Ezra... ya know that brings in better tippers [17:29] XD [17:29] Probably [17:29] ._. [17:29] all my AV's have nipples [17:29] The side boob hour! ;P [17:29] Howler_wolf (4121e1fc@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [17:29] yes you can photoshoped boobs [17:29] If the earlobes were on breasts, people would have a problem with them. [17:29] XD [17:29] The problem with nipples, is that anyone who wasn't breastfed is simply jealous, because they were deprived of good nipple action when it was most crucial. [17:29] It's a tit nipply out here [17:29] It's not that people have problems with nipples...they have problems with FEMALES with nipples. [17:29] If you aren't the copywrite holder or a legitimate agent of the copywrite holder, you can be prosecuted [17:29] Art Jam: boobs! [17:29] it sucks [17:29] lol [17:29] Lizard Rat just sent my boner into the ground with that comment. :( [17:29] lol [17:29] lol "Save the ta-tas!" [17:29] Because it reminds them of Bush: He's A Boob [17:29] Action: Redski burps [17:29] XD [17:29] lol [17:30] Lords of the Bling: The Two Ta-Tas [17:30] Gator quit putting spyware on my PC [17:30] my SL male wolf avatar has nips [17:30] http://pawpet.tv/archives/view/2009/2009-01-04/%2525Captions-Shoutouts-IRC,caption.jpg [17:30] prosecuted for claiming a copywrite violation [17:30] No...the nipples were on the main character played by Milla Jovovich...and she showed her nipples for only 3 seconds in the movie [17:30] Someone is gonna draw a pawpet comprised of nothign BUT nipples....you watch [17:30] lol I saw that Abrahm! [17:30] GreySnowCat (grey.snowc@pawpet-2A58E7A4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #pawpet. [17:30] Pasties? [17:30] There are some men who have breasts that are bigger than most women, and THEY'RE allowed to go topless...talk about a double-standard. [17:30] NIPPLES BOOBS PENISES [17:30] Hello GreySnowCat! [17:30] Puffies rule [17:30] like the puff pastry with beef in it? [17:30] lol [17:30] Art Jam: Pawpets as boobs. [17:30] Woof Grey [17:30] XD [17:30] hi GreySnowCat [17:30] Best Caption Ever: http://pawpet.tv/archives/view/2009/2009-01-04/%2525Captions-Shoutouts-IRC,caption.jpg [17:30] Roxikat (roxikat@6E18859B.2D6A78C4.8778A696.IP) joined #pawpet. [17:30] Bangkok Thailand! [17:30] hi GreySnowCat! [17:30] H Roxikat! [17:30] haldo, Roxikat [17:30] heya Roxi! [17:30] I think is the whole sacredness of a mother's chest mixed with the christian fear of damnation, so... yeah. [17:30] hi Roxikat! [17:30] Thanks for linking Hugh with Nipples [17:30] Hellos! [17:30] penis in a wood chipper [17:30] The quotes will runnith over tonight! [17:30] Speaking of Boobs! ROXI! :D *Pounce!* [17:30] AAAAAAAAAAGH! Why did I click on that! Sawblade5, you bastard [17:30] O.O [17:30] MYEAH Roxikat! [17:30] HI GREY AND ROXI [17:30] Munich has an adult bar called "Boobs Table Dance". They're not very subtle about their advertising. [17:31] See what happens to the conversation when you're not on the show, Liesl? [17:31] Milla Jovovich has breasts? Not in "The 5th Element." [17:31] LOL [17:31] I heard the nipple call. [17:31] Illinois! MIDWEST REPRESENT! [17:31] LOL! [17:31] Sawblade5: already linked it;) [17:31] don't dogs alwas? [17:31] lol [17:31] lol [17:31] XD [17:31] XD [17:31] well this isi good no one has said my trigger word altho its comming close [17:31] Dogs have how many nipples normally? [17:31] O.O [17:31] craunky. [17:31] I relinked it Fudgy for ya [17:31] \o/ [17:31] lol... strip clubs all washed away [17:31] Bitch in heat? [17:31] Action: Sibir_Lupus runs away screaming [17:31] 42 [17:31] LOL! [17:31] lol [17:31] Action: Mangusu perks up at hearing Milla Jovovich [17:31] Action: Zorro asks IS YAPPY DRUNK? [17:31] *starts doing the milk shack song* [17:31] Sawblade5: awwwww thanks:) [17:31] arf? [17:31] ... [17:31] I walk back in and hear "I have six nipples now."... wtf? [17:31] EWW [17:31] ....... [17:31] Oh dear god... [17:31] Action: jpt|wingedsquirrel facepaws. [17:31] WRONG WRONG WRONG! [17:31] Action: BradHound ties a pink bow on Rubbertex's tail. [17:31] hahahhahaha [17:31] Once Again [17:31] lol support bra [17:31] Best Caption Ever: http://pawpet.tv/archives/view/2009/2009-01-04/%2525Captions-Shoutouts-IRC,caption.jpg [17:31] LMAO [17:31] lol [17:31] But I bet all the dancers had plenty of buoyancy [17:31] hiya :) [17:31] Man... [17:31] O M. F. G. [17:31] geez [17:31] Action: splinterpaw gets out the brain bleach [17:31] WRANG!! [17:31] Joe 6-Pack? Try Crapalina 6-nipple! [17:31] http://pawpet.tv/archives/view/2009/2009-01-04/%2525Captions-Shoutouts-IRC,caption.jpg [17:31] fapfapfapfap [17:31] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [17:31] Boobs are always fun! [17:31] well its dinner time [17:31] i think I saw that on FA :) [17:31] Keeya (Kiro@pawpet-54F139D2.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:31] good thing there are no girls on FPS today... [17:31] NO GOOD DAY SIR! [17:31] Kathera_Lockharte (Gryphongir@pawpet-74D36BFE.home1.cgocable.net) joined #pawpet. [17:31] Action: Zalno backs away from the stream to clean out his brain. [17:31] FAP FAP FAP FAP [17:31] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:31] Wait... don't most fourlegged mammals have multiple nipples? [17:31] ihave two my ex loved to lick them idk y [17:31] And once again, SALT & PEPPAH! [17:31] I will be back in a few [17:31] ? [17:31] ok [17:31] Grey, I got everyone talking about tig ol bitties. ;D [17:31] now we know why she came back. She smelled the large amount of dog sausage on the show tonight [17:31] I'm really happy I'm not there [17:31] Action: BucktownTiger refuses to use Myspace as well. [17:31] Six pack of Bush...that's TERRIBLE. :-P [17:31] Nick change: BJButtons -> BJB_Dinner [17:31] Somebody Set us Up a Coke Bomb [17:31] Coca cola bomb? [17:32] I haven't seen this show in a year, and it hasn't changed a bit. [17:32] o.O [17:32] HI Keeya and Kathera_Lockharte [17:32] lol [17:32] Nuka Cola? [17:32] Coca cola bong? [17:32] OMG [17:32] BucktownTiger: Myspace can kiss my big, white, hairy ass. [17:32] "Hey man, are ketchup bombs real?" [17:32] awww [17:32] bark [17:32] GRENADE! [17:32] hey guys [17:32] I saw those... [17:32] Bush Beer? Would that be "W"'s private brand? ;-D [17:32] Action: Ratchet_the_fox is ROFLING on the floor [17:32] rubbertex: you did :) [17:32] Action: ba_ar snuggles bucktowntiger [17:32] Action: Dragonhead doens't like Coke enough to buy those [17:32] I bet it lasts 2 seconds to drink [17:32] it looks like a grenade [17:32] put a mento in it and trow!!!!! [17:32] SAY SOMETHING GATOR!! [17:32] Some of those Coke Bombs were actually mistaken for Real bombs [17:32] Plus.. the plastic will degrade eventually [17:32] XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXD [17:32] Ezra: Show off your Spirograph skillz! [17:32] Action: Reese_Tora will start his own Furry Journal site before he leaves LJ for Myspace :P [17:32] It could be a bomb if you throw in a mentos [17:32] BJButtons: you'l be back in a stew? [17:32] O_O [17:32] Same here Bucktown [17:32] lalalalala lala la lala la [17:32] put a mento in it and trow!!!!! [17:32] They just did some product placement [17:32] GATOR: SAY SOMTHING! [17:32] Cocaine Cola. [17:32] NNNNOOOO!!!!! [17:32] !! [17:32] *ahem* [17:32] My dad is on myspace and wanted to keep in touch -.-; [17:32] should they get paid for that [17:32] Action: BucktownTiger snuggles ba_ar ^^ [17:32] And the week before [17:32] "I stopped snorting coke...the bubbles bugged my sinuses [17:32] OH crap [17:32] i don't know what i'm gonna do when LJ shuts down [17:32] And the week before [17:32] do they get paid for this? [17:32] lol [17:32] Coke BOMB ? [17:32] The Beatles [17:32] And the week before... [17:32] Nah Nah Nah nnn na nah nah nah Always Coca Cola [17:33] Always Coca Cola [17:33] I seriously doubt LJ is shutting down [17:33] I dont' think LJ is shutting down [17:33] Action: ba_ar turns pale from the tigerhug. "Enough Shopwrecker! Enough!" ;-D [17:33] Bunny: would you want it to change? [17:33] You think LJ will really shut down? [17:33] spbah? [17:33] LJ is shutting down? [17:33] BucktownTiger: Wait, what?? [17:33] ...fuck. My mouse pad died [17:33] That's the same one I have! [17:33] It's chunky [17:33] John Lennon put product placement in the song [17:33] 10 gig [17:33] what if it did? I'll just go somewhere else [17:33] Actually jazz is like the new coke, it'll be around forever, heh heh heh. [17:33] 1 gig [17:33] Hokucho reminded me that the show was on. :) [17:33] 128mb? [17:33] O_O [17:33] The-Blue-Cavalier (chatzilla@pawpet-C26E409A.stny.res.rr.com) left irc: Ping timeout [17:33] BucktownTiger: LJ's shutting down? [17:33] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Connection reset by peer [17:33] WHAT???? [17:33] Why would LJ shut down? [17:33] ...not like I'm paying LJ anyway [17:33] why the hell did you buy something in the airport? [17:33] doh! [17:33] ! [17:33] doh! [17:33] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:33] I think the whole thing was overblown by the first few reporters [17:33] that sucks [17:33] Your mouse pad died? Where will your mice live now? [17:33] MUrphys Law Fucking Sucks [17:33] Roofus (4651851d@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: BRB_lag [17:33] *LiveJournal Shutting Down??? Whaaat?* [17:33] The-Blue-Cavalier (chatzilla@pawpet-9B8E9692.stny.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [17:33] 80 bucks? [17:33] Action: CrashTiger steals the MP3 player [17:33] :O [17:33] gigitty... [17:33] 80 Dullards? [17:33] 80 Bawks [17:33] Ripped off, yes sir. [17:33] No, LJ isn't shutting down, they only fired the guys that develop new features [17:33] ._. [17:33] wtf [17:33] Ah! Chat lag [17:34] LJ is laying off for those who don't know [17:34] ...you could have paid 80 for a 30g zune. [17:34] wow [17:34] If I had a million Dullards... [17:34] Get a Sony Walkman [17:34] LJ just moved all programming to Russia and fired their US-based website team [17:34] mhmm! We'll RB alter Roxi' [17:34] Wildfox (mljalpena@pawpet-7CAD6D29.sbndin.dsl-w.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [17:34] right, right [17:34] I payed $200 for a 16gb iPod nano - I like it a lot. [17:34] Useless now xD [17:34] Buy a shuffle and be happy [17:34] HI WildFox!` [17:34] Action: Shane_Graytail paid £40 for his MP4 player, 2Gig model [17:34] hey, Wild`Bill`TX [17:34] JFD62780 (JFD62780@pawpet-75DC5CA4.tampabay.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [17:34] DOH [17:34] Roofus (4651851d@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:34] and Wildfox [17:34] I use my 4gb old MP3 as a memory stick [17:34] Hello JFD62780 and Roofus! [17:34] In Russia LJ blogs YOU [17:34] o-o [17:34] fact is their U.S. site is not profitable... their Russian site is... [17:34] dfjhasdfkjshadkjfskfhskfjshkajfah! *burns her router* [17:34] a million dullards? hell go to a bon jovi concert, heyo! [17:34] Cnet provided a much better report, showing that any shutdown of LJ is unlikely [17:34] WF is back and he cried about the Giants who lost. ;) [17:34] o.o [17:34] Well then you better go GET IT! [17:34] we go lucky about that song [17:34] I sing in PreSchool [17:34] XD [17:34] I'm buying my roommates 1st Gen iTouch for $50 [17:34] ...so I can foresee them shutting the u.s. site down and putting that money into the russian site [17:34] is the show theme song downloadable somewhere? [17:34] Nick change: Rhiamel -> Rhiamel_Foxie [17:34] ? [17:34] Liesl (n@pawpet-59427B2.cfl.res.rr.com) left irc: Ping timeout [17:34] :\ [17:35] o.O [17:35] Action: Dragonhead dances along [17:35] Action: Sibir_Lupus tummyrubs the good bassethound and hands him his black wolf plushie :) [17:35] yeah it is. [17:35] o_O [17:35] Actually Hokucho, I won't be able to RB later. Tonight is my OpenCanvas night. We'll jam again someday! [17:35] o-o [17:35] i like being in channel this is my first time [17:35] Random much?! [17:35] (and by dances he means flails) [17:35] 2's song ? [17:35] okies [17:35] BucktownTiger: Oh. I don't really use it that much myself. [17:35] you can get it at 2 the ranting gryphon's site. [17:35] Okies [17:35] Oooooooooooookay. o_O [17:35] BASCKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP! [17:35] welcome Rhiamel_Foxie! [17:35] CHANNEL VIRGIN!!! [17:35] Rhiamel - it's awesome, no? [17:35] Action: BradHound murrs deeply and cuddles the plushie. [17:35] yep [17:35] BunnyEarz> The short version? Yes, but can't remember where. [17:35] No I am form Kansas [17:35] HEY THERE YIFFY BOY BEING FURRY SO FANCY FREE! [17:35] i love it [17:35] when they ask for virgins, be sure to speak up [17:35] I live in Kansas City, KS [17:35] IMAGE EVERY Friday! [17:35] o.o [17:35] i will [17:35] Rhiamel: Welcome to the chat! :D (We call newcomers channel virgins) [17:35] Leon2457: hehe [17:35] o.o [17:35] Sorry I'm late... [17:35] Action: Redski misses Poink, Mutt, and Liesl [17:35] Nick change: Sawblade5 -> A_Fearsome_Hawk [17:35] Action: AngelicDirt just stares. [17:35] http://ranting-gryphon.com/Music/2-pawpets.mp3 [17:35] no...we won't make you run naked in the aisles [17:36] Still loving the croc's/gator's teeth [17:36] They're all sick Redski [17:36] I liked this song when it first came out [17:36] hehe [17:36] Action: Sakana_Katana nudges Plumpdragon: virgin in Channel. [17:36] Redski: Poink and Liesl will return to the show soon. Mutt, I'm unsure of... [17:36] Mutt's sick? [17:36] virgin?! Bring on the bucket of soapy frogs!!!!! [17:36] DL: why not? It's normal [17:36] Action: Sakana_Katana readies the cold, soapy frogs for Rhiamel_Foxie. [17:36] Mutt in Disney Dungon, again [17:36] rrp [17:36] eep [17:36] channel is dying [17:36] where is mutt anyway [17:36] Crockey needs a tounge... i think [17:36] probably Redski. I doubt the dugeon is very hygenic [17:36] Mutt is riding Coasters Somewhere [17:36] Mutt in Disney Dungon, again [17:36] crap my player is acting up [17:36] virgins? where? * readies the bucket of cold soapy frogs and the spreader bars* [17:36] Crappppppppp [17:36] Crocagator :) [17:36] lol Lizard Rat! [17:36] I'm guessing georgy girl is the sister of Bruce in don't bring me down =p [17:36] Nick change: A_Fearsome_Hawk -> Sawblade5 [17:37] I will pet him and call him george... [17:37] Georgie GORL!! [17:37] Action: Aeturnus loves his 30 gigabyte iPod. [17:37] REEEMIXXXX [17:37] It's a catchy song [17:37] Yay Ventures [17:37] Action: Mephitis draws a V on Rhiamel's forehead [17:37] *discises himself as poink* [17:37] Whoops. [17:37] Action: Redski sits on rubbertex [17:37] lol, Venture Brothers [17:37] hey [17:37] Ventures made a crapload of LPs [17:37] Venture? Wicked [17:37] Yurex_SL> Or an AllyCroc? [17:37] Girl* [17:37] The-Blue-Cavalier_ (chatzilla@pawpet-C26E409A.stny.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [17:37] y do i have the v [17:37] bleh... :P [17:37] O_O [17:37] hehe [17:37] * gets out the salad tongs too just in case* [17:37] The-Blue-Cavalier (chatzilla@pawpet-9B8E9692.stny.res.rr.com) left irc: Ping timeout [17:37] that sounds good too [17:37] G-Zus, how many versions of this song are there? [17:37] hehe. harpsichord. [17:37] Harpsicord Hero! [17:37] we always Hear the Welk Closing Song after every FPS [17:37] Action: Sibir_Lupus rubs the silly bassesthound's fluffy head :) [17:37] Nick change: The-Blue-Cavalier_ -> The-Blue-Cavalier [17:37] The playlist meme? [17:37] Action: BradHound murrs deeply. ;> [17:37] Disney Dungon is inna Barmudah Shwartz Triangle [17:38] NO WHammies [17:38] iPod Meme [17:38] NO WHammies [17:38] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [17:38] Hey dere, Jeorbsy goirl [17:38] Stop [17:38] I remember that! [17:38] Oh, that an iPod meme. [17:38] The movie soundtrack game! [17:38] hey how many vergins are in channel [17:38] that was a fun meme [17:38] The Soundtrack to your life [17:38] I remember that! I still have the list of songs on my PC. [17:38] No whammies no whammies... [17:38] the life soundtrack game [17:38] STOP [17:38] I want the No Whammies No Whammies No Whammies Stop [17:38] lol Lizard Rat [17:38] Action: JFD62780 gives mad props to LizRat and BassMan for being the Men of the Four Hours this week. ;) [17:38] Lawrence Welk has no penis. [17:38] Play techno comon [17:38] XyLII (chatzilla@pawpet-43F6F7F5.dhcp.kgpt.tn.charter.com) joined #pawpet. [17:38] Action: Redski burps [17:38] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [17:38] The life soundtrack game is amusing. [17:38] HI XYLII1 [17:38] hophophop... [17:38] Wel love that song [17:38] :3 [17:38] How about a tuninator? [17:38] Keeya (Kiro@pawpet-54F139D2.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) left #pawpet. [17:38] No Whammies, no whammies work! [17:38] ? [17:38] --ALL VIRGINS IN CHANNEL, RAISE YOUR PAWS-- [17:38] Hehe... bunny hop [17:38] Hi all [17:38] You haven't played Tuninator in a long time either. [17:38] As Most of Yappy's iPOD is whammies [17:38] slow channel tonight [17:38] *raises* [17:38] Action: Reese_Tora will have to bring his PsP with all his music if he ever visits FPS [17:38] Tunenator! [17:38] or [17:38] what is no whammies? [17:38] Then and Thenner [17:38] KaelenToonycoon (chatzilla@9B24FDDA.1D3F43D7.AFB5BBB6.IP) joined #pawpet. [17:38] All virgins raise your tails... *ducks* [17:38] hophophop [17:38] or Furry Madlibs! [17:38] Is there anyone at the Console? [17:39] SWEET! [17:39] Hello KaelenToonycoon1 [17:39] There goes the magic again. [17:39] NY Yankees? I hate that cap! [17:39] hi Kaelen! [17:39] hophophop [17:39] lol [17:39] Yup Ezra [17:39] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:39] whos gonna see that Paul Blart Mall Cop film? [17:39] Mephitis> They should have done that LAST week, what with all the music they played. [17:39] TLR IS CONSOLE [17:39] I did. [17:39] Ezra: what else is new? [17:39] Play 3 inches of blood, PIRATE METAL! [17:39] hiya [17:39] theres a moon in the sky....its called the MOON [17:39] Reese: Wil the Mac Accept it? :P [17:39] ITS SO COLD OVER IN THE UK [17:39] i like this song now [17:39] AngelicDirt: no, that's Alley Cat [17:39] Blart? [17:39] Didn't see the moon through all THE SNOW. [17:39] That was supposed to be the brightest moon this year [17:39] It's close in orbit, it'll be the biigest moon of the year I hear. :) [17:39] Seanwolf, remind me to forget it. [17:39] We're in for it now folkz [17:39] No kiddin [17:39] and this is going to last for 4 hours!!!! [17:39] I jsut messaged the Console [17:39] I've had a blanket round me all bloody day! [17:39] yiff lol [17:39] Action: Reese_Tora thinks half his music would breakt eh rating... [17:39] I'm always late to get in here : / [17:39] HELP! I HAVE NO SOUND! [17:39] Fudgy: lol [17:39] JFD: when will a Mac except somthing ever? [17:39] is that Terry? [17:39] Fartigne [17:39] Roofus: well... i feel young... o-o [17:39] Do Weird and Weieder - Play a song and then the Weird Al version of it. [17:39] moooooooooo [17:39] I have the biggest moon. *Shakes his butt at everyone* [17:39] "Life begins at farting" [17:39] how old are you [17:39] Mallcop - Real life version of Drabble cartoon strip. [17:39] Full moon today. Aaaaaoooooo. Gotta get me a dish of beef Chow Mein. [17:39] Manners... [17:39] the rainclouds didn't feel like letting me see the moon [17:39] Sibir_Lupus, that's the Lizard Rat [17:39] and this is going to last for 4 hours!!!! serously!!! [17:39] Garr: Interesting idea... :) [17:39] The moon will collide into us and then we'll die [17:39] Action: CrashTiger slaps rubber's moon [17:39] t4 (t4@pawpet-E52EB351.wp.shawcable.net) joined #pawpet. [17:40] Action: ba_ar kneads and squeezes roofus' tummy [17:40] HI t4! [17:40] How old is whom ? [17:40] MooMooMoooooooooooon! [17:40] Action: Mephitis hides his eyes [17:40] yep [17:40] Were Wolves of London? [17:40] I couldn't see the full moon. It was cloudy here [17:40] hi t4! [17:40] Action: Roofus murrs from baar's paws [17:40] And then the ferrets will take over [17:40] They have to frigign test shit [17:40] Um, is there going to be s subserviant tonight good fellows? [17:40] Michael: ahhhh [17:40] AND THEN WE CAN HARVEST THE CHEESE! [17:40] :3 [17:40] They did it once with "Bad" and "Fat" [17:40] rubbertexraccoon: lol, and it can get bigger ;3 [17:40] hi t4! [17:40] Action: t4 waves [17:40] It's also expensive as that, too. [17:40] I could see a full moon here at my house last night [17:40] yay, you'd almost think it was difficult to go to the moon for no reward! [17:40] I love this song!!! [17:40] Jungle Book [17:40] Yeah, but how are they gonna get it there? [17:40] Michael: thanks [17:40] lol rubbertex [17:40] Indeed! Whos got the airhose? [17:40] protection from radiiation thermal shielding yatta yatta. [17:40] Yeah, we've noticed. [17:40] You need atmoshperic generators and heat equalizers. [17:40] say 250,000 Mile Shipping Charge [17:40] Ferrey [17:40] o...k... [17:40] *takes his costume off and is his blue foxie self again [17:40] Tags is on the Screen [17:40] Everyone knows the moon isn't made of cheese, but what if it were made of spare ribs? [17:40] The moon will basically become Australia. [17:40] Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa [17:40] Action: GreySnowCat hands Rubbertex the big air hose :P [17:40] Beeble beeble beeble [17:40] WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaP [17:40] bebblebebblebeeble [17:40] LA [17:40] he babbles like all of congress does [17:40] o.o;;; [17:40] Whoa, boy [17:40] -.- [17:40] ROFL! XD [17:40] o-o [17:40] ouch! [17:40] I dont think we will mind you. We'll leave this to Michel since he knows what hes doing. [17:40] :O [17:40] O.o [17:41] OOOOOOOOOOOWWW!!! [17:41] :O [17:41] What is he, a Rabbid? [17:41] That Ferret sounds like Hugh [17:41] you need radiation shielding to go to the moon for any extended period of time, ti wuold not be so simple to inflate a dome [17:41] lol thats funny he is high [17:41] my tansducers!!!! [17:41] *punches :P [17:41] Action: KaelenToonycoon passes rubbertexraccoon an airtank and hose [17:41] easy as PI [17:41] Bearing Naughty Bits? ;-D (Corsi reference) [17:41] So how about...yesterday on my cake...I blew out all of the candles on my first try...except one [17:41] Trust me, you have no worries about becoming an opera singer. :) [17:41] Good song [17:41] I was soooo pissed [17:41] Gimme a saec. [17:41] lol... [17:41] I know who did it. [17:41] Corsi. [17:41] lol i want the dirty song [17:41] HI Stage! [17:41] I'm too young to know this song and yet I do?! oO [17:41] of my big home [17:41] I have 78 RPM records of this singer [17:41] Ohhhh, Jungle Book. :3 [17:41] lol [17:41] HI STAGE [17:41] tight?? [17:41] Stop Snorting Coke [17:41] http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1349937/ [17:41] STAGE [17:41] Yappy's on blow?! [17:41] http://d.furaffinity.net/art/corsi/music/1212432259.corsi_baring_naughtybits.mp3 [17:41] thought he said fizzy fairie [17:41] Fizzy ferret? [17:41] DJLab, what do you mean you're too young for Disney movies? [17:41] O.O [17:41] Empty stage is empty [17:41] SUBSERVIENT STAGE!!!!!!!!! [17:41] SOMEONE GET THE FERRET A MENTO [17:41] well then, shake up the ferret and open him up [17:41] no he on pot [17:41] I'm not SNORTing coke. I'm DRINKING IT. [17:41] Alley Oop! [17:41] He'll be fizzing out the other end soon :) [17:41] yappy on pot i smoke with him lol [17:41] Isn't Yappy usually fizzy enough? [17:41] oop oop [17:41] I like coke more than pepsi [17:42] Get the ferrent a mento STAT [17:42] The Hollywood Argyles should be SHOT for this song. I LOATHEit. [17:42] I love this song! [17:42] alley oop oop [17:42] yappy is on pot i smoke with him lol jk [17:42] I mean the Jungle book was made long before my mom's sex [17:42] Apollo astronauts were very lucky to not be outside the earth's magnetic field durring a solar flare [17:42] Alley Oop, oop, OOOP-OOOP [17:42] I prefer pepsi [17:42] Zappa! [17:42] lol what a segue [17:42] LIEK OMG! XD [17:42] Well gag me with a spoon [17:42] YES...Frank Zappa FTW!!! [17:42] I prefer Dr. Pepper [17:42] Do the Dew [17:42] Valley girl... [17:42] i wouldnt mind hearing JukeBox Hero again [17:42] Liesl's song [17:42] OMG! [17:42] is that a puupy? [17:42] eww [17:42] Action: ba_ar grins "I wonder what the 'valley girl' feels about that song today." [17:42] lol [17:42] :O [17:42] It's emo dog! [17:42] Zappa is yay [17:42] YAY, Video Game Music! [17:42] TOTALLY. [17:42] Encino's so bitchin... [17:42] Video Game music = WinRAR [17:42] Yes, I want that song too D: [17:42] do role call hehe [17:42] She probabaly looks back on it and says... "What the heck was I THINKING?!?!?!" [17:42] Fur sure. [17:42] YES I WANT IT [17:42] This is from a video game? [17:42] Donkey Kong Country 2 :D [17:42] I have to hear the Roll Call music all night at Work as it is our offical Andon Song [17:42] O_O [17:42] There's, like, The Galleria.. [17:42] let the PC do roll call again.... [17:42] lol his sining sucks lol [17:43] That is the problem with a Mars Mission: the ship needs a heavily sheilded section in case of flares. [17:43] stop that dog from LLLAAAAAAAAING! [17:43] The only video game tune i like was Grabbag from the Duke Nukem Seriea [17:43] at least IT gets my name right [17:43] lol [17:43] Series* [17:43] Somebody wash that dirty mop! ;P [17:43] Action: Zorro realizes that there is no such thing as a completely sane Pawpet Fan [17:43] it happens in every highschool on the west coast? [17:43] gag me with a spork, it's trailer girl? [17:43] lol baccala30 [17:43] have to wonder about all the girls who claimed to be 'valley girls' and how they are trying to control their teenagers now [17:43] Haha, that happens...in KFC [17:43] ok he stoped [17:43] ruff [17:43] That is stupid [17:43] "Okay, fine, fer sure, fer sure, she's a Valley Girl, so sweet and pure..." [17:43] Moon Unit Zappa.;-D [17:43] Console: play Ragg Mopp if you have it!! [17:43] Baccala30: hehehe [17:43] The-Blue-Cavalier (chatzilla@pawpet-C26E409A.stny.res.rr.com) left irc: Ping timeout [17:43] Zorro, what took you so long? [17:43] CrashTiger (crashtiger@pawpet-814082D5.static.ip.windstream.net) left irc: Quit: [17:43] Zorro: whats a sane fps fan? [17:43] Sporks! Even computers can't tell what they are [17:43] Play Pac Man Fever [17:43] ZAPPA FTW [17:43] "I'm high on life man, fer sure!" [17:43] Ying yang?! [17:43] For sure for sure! [17:43] oo i wantie that song [17:43] Yurex_SL> Or, it needs to a a FAST ship or a lucky crew. [17:43] Zappa IS the win. [17:43] Action: AngelicDirt is a sane pawpet fan. [17:43] Play Grabbag from Duke Nukem [17:43] Action: ba_ar punches mute. [17:44] *soots self in face [17:44] Encino is so bitchin'? [17:44] she's a paris hilton [17:44] hmm seems to be lagging [17:44] Julie Brown? [17:44] What's the galeria? [17:44] This is really... really sad. [17:44] Azure_Ocelot (imcclure@pawpet-CF557A94.hsd1.nh.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:44] Action: Sakana_Katana bounces. [17:44] Bitchin' = 90's [17:44] hahahah [17:44] NO he was so young [17:44] It's now the Funday DogGone Show [17:44] Too many people love Zappa. His used records are hard to find [17:44] HI Azure_Ocelot1 [17:44] hi Azure! [17:44] Action: Reese_Tora thinks it's wierd, but the KFC near where he works does not have sporks, they have spoons and forks seperately [17:44] I mean, more sad than normal. [17:44] Galleria is the mall... I think [17:44] I'm naming this episode "Dog's Life" [17:44] I didn't think kids hanging in a mall actually bought anything [17:44] Hard to believe that Moon Unit's around my age now. [17:44] Console, IM me? I have something for you guys [17:44] Action: Yurex_SL will soon be in the Valley...Silicon Valley for FC :3 [17:44] The stream keeps skipping... [17:44] here in the Shenandoah valley, valley girl has a bit of a different meaning. Rednecks. [17:44] michael: It's another name for a mall. [17:44] i wish my mate watches this show [17:44] Hi Dragonhead & gamer_wolf! [17:44] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [17:44] :) [17:44] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:44] Mmmm, leather teddy [17:44] ferr shurr! [17:44] streams gone [17:44] To much movment steram is going down [17:44] Reese: cause sporks have the image of lower quality dining [17:44] Make it STOP! [17:44] Bet Liesl loves that 'hurt me, hurt me' line [17:44] FER SURE [17:44] Yay Bernard [17:44] H/O while I get the Yiddish Cup out [17:44] Burn this with fire! [17:44] ferr SURE! [17:44] Action: ba_ar grins at fudgy "You're not missing anything." [17:44] TOTALLY [17:45] No Sound Codes fucked up again [17:45] "Mr. Bu-fu..." [17:45] fire isnt working, burn it with acid@ [17:45] Sweet and Pure? [17:45] Sibir: every other KFC I've ever been in has sporks [17:45] lol VALLY GIRL [17:45] Why am I always reminded of "Sailor Moon" when I hear this song? [17:45] o-o [17:45] http://yiddishcupebay.ytmnd.com/ [17:45] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [17:45] I wondered why Macy's didn't have sporks in their fine china & silver section [17:45] michael> I thought, with all the nipplage earlier, you'd call it "Tit for tat." [17:45] hey! it's Avril lavigne! =p [17:45] lol [17:45] X.X [17:45] Stop the voice! IT'S TOO PREPPY! [17:45] his reminds me: What the HELL is a boofoo? :P [17:45] gag me with a spoon! [17:45] Gag me with a spoon! [17:45] kkp (kkp@pawpet-56E638FB.taur.dk) joined #pawpet. [17:45] Action: Reese_Tora guesses it's ebcasue that KFC is in LakeForest, deep in the OC... [17:45] Action: ba_ar grins "Again, you gotta wonder what Moon Unit feels about this song today. 'MY GOD WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!?" [17:45] HI kkp! [17:45] like totaly gag me with a spoon [17:45] Nick change: Shamus_AFK -> Shamus [17:45] JINX! [17:45] You're right, sailor moon. [17:45] So, Groady... [17:45] +T [17:45] Whoa, came back to weirdness. [17:45] Well, I usually try to make the name fit the overall theme of the episode, if there is one [17:45] lol, groddy [17:45] ba_ar: yep i see what ya mean! [17:46] MAKE IT STOP! [17:46] Four (Four@pawpet-72A39625.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) left irc: Ping timeout [17:46] Action: Salen cries [17:46] It's JOJO! [17:46] Valley Girlll [17:46] Sad, I remember when this song came out! [17:46] Devilwuff (marples7@pawpet-A73400D7.wfd80b.dsl.pol.co.uk) left irc: Quit: [17:46] Vally Grill ? [17:46] *dances with fudy* [17:46] I have never wanted to be rickrolled more than at this very moment. [17:46] Valley Gurl [17:46] Action: AngelicDirt walks away for a bit... [17:46] Nick change: Sawblade5 -> Funday_Dog_Gone_Show [17:46] The funny thing is, kids today still start sentences with "Like...." [17:46] this is the first time I've heard this one [17:46] Play the dirty version of Bare Necessities. [17:46] Mute=Win! [17:46] Oh no! Jar-Jar! [17:46] Simba? [17:46] I rather be listening to Grabbag from Duke Nukem instead of this vomit-inducing song [17:46] I didn't think of Crapalina as a "valley girl" [17:46] 5 dogs and a jar jar? [17:46] LOL JarJar [17:46] nice choreagraphy in the back row [17:46] Glory be for the golden mute key.;-D OH YE SUCKERS! [17:46] of course, there's nothing that KFC serves that can't be eaten with a pure fork [17:46] Jar Jar... [17:46] I'm with the DJ, okay? [17:46] I like totally remember the 80s [17:46] This is hilarious [17:46] Fer sure [17:46] WHY does this song remind me of EVERY girl in my fucking school?! [17:46] is Jar jar the valley girl? [17:47] like totaly for sure [17:47] "I'm high on life man, fer sure!" [17:47] Funday Dogpet Show [17:47] who can name that quote? [17:47] Action: Reese_Tora still asks for a spoon for the mashed potatoes [17:47] Fur Sure w/this group :) [17:47] wow, what an annoying song >_< [17:47] Jack (burton_boy@pawpet-B91DB0D1.ok.shawcable.net) joined #pawpet. [17:47] Dog Gone it [17:47] HI jack! [17:47] Nick change: Funday_Dog_Gone_Show -> Sawblade5 [17:47] Action: Aeturnus loves his mute button. [17:47] O-ma gAWd [17:47] agrees with Sibir_Lupus [17:47] No kidding Sibir [17:47] Action: Redski smacks his face on his laptop "MAKE IT STOP!!!!" [17:47] lol "I have to go to the orthodontist." [17:47] Er, Hello! [17:47] it's suppose to be an annoying song....it's by design [17:47] Dragonhead: YOU'RE HIJACKING US!!!! [17:47] I feel like watching Encino Man now [17:47] ._. [17:47] lol [17:47] Glory be for the golden mute key.;-D OH YE SUCKERS! [17:47] >.< [17:47] Action: AngelicDirt comes back... sees the madness... goes to get a snack... [17:47] jpt|wingedsquirrel (jpt@pawpet-99E123C.dynamic.rpi.edu) left #pawpet (Leaving). [17:47] Nothing like Encinoman [17:47] tubular? Haven't heard that in a while :) [17:47] Valley girl Rap :) [17:47] jpt|wingedsquirrel (jpt@pawpet-99E123C.dynamic.rpi.edu) joined #pawpet. [17:48] clean stuff like packman? [17:48] how long is this song? [17:48] I'm focusing on the music, I filtered out the gurl [17:48] MAKE IT STOP! [17:48] Yea So Easy a Caveman can do it [17:48] is it funk? [17:48] to the max XD [17:48] KILL IT!!!!! [17:48] Like Pac Man! She's old school. [17:48] Yurex: More like a valley girl rant. ;) [17:48] There we go! [17:48] LOL [17:48] Action: Salen cries. "please." [17:48] kill it with fire!!!\ [17:48] gag me with a spoon [17:48] Knarly dude! [17:48] eww [17:48] Mute ends the pain therefore mute equals a tranquiliser drug hence I'll now have an overdose! Yeah ME! [17:48] It's OVER! [17:48] Action: rubbertexraccoon plays Russian Roulette [17:48] BUUUURRRRP [17:48] ... [17:48] The video is really strange [17:48] thjat hurt [17:48] that music is like tha on that youtube video where the blonde girl is crying about furs [17:48] thank god its over now [17:48] Now play Silicon Valley Guy after this ;) [17:48] YAAAAAYYYYY! [17:48] BUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRP [17:48] licks [17:48] hehe. "eating" [17:48] It exists, TLR [17:48] Azure_Ocelot (imcclure@pawpet-CF557A94.hsd1.nh.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Azure_Ocelot [17:48] pac man was a druggy, popping pills everywhere [17:48] Inky, Pinky, Blinky, Clyde, and Sue! [17:48] Believe it, there is Pac-Man porn. [17:48] "wakka wakka wakka" [17:48] I agree with Stray [17:48] I love this song [17:48] NO! NO PACMAN P0RNZ! [17:48] hell no, no rule 34!!! [17:48] Scooter_Squirrel (scooter_sq@pawpet-3B378B0F.hsd1.md.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [17:48] Action: ba_ar gives Roofus a bellyrubbin' he won't soon forget. [17:48] is this the power pellet song? [17:48] waka waka waka FAP FAP FAP [17:48] To the Segway! [17:48] Sawblade5: Gecko rules over Cavemen [17:48] I saw Buurp on the chat before I heard it on the show [17:48] Art Jam - PawPets eating Ghosts! [17:48] Action: Yurex_SL has seen Pac Man porn...dain bramaged because of it [17:48] PACMAN [17:48] HI Scooter_Squirrel! [17:48] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [17:48] It's Todd! [17:48] Rule 34, PacMan?? How would that look? [17:48] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:49] Shamus: Wouldn't surprise me. [17:49] i rather hear a song from the video game Duke Nukem [17:49] FlashTimberwolf (8d96d11f@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:49] Hi room! [17:49] Just replace Waka waka waka with Unf Unf Unf. [17:49] Action: ba_ar notes that he has Pac Man Fever on CD.;-D [17:49] :O [17:49] Got Pac Man Fever.... Going out of my mind.... [17:49] DDR track there [17:49] Hello FlashTimberwolf1 [17:49] Hi Todd :P [17:49] pac man: http://www.vgcats.com/comics/?strip_id=136 [17:49] Action: JFD62780 had a pocketful of quarters, but now he can't afford the arcadre. ;P [17:49] Action: jpt|wingedsquirrel secretsquirreltailwaves to Scooter. [17:49] hey FlashTimberWolf [17:49] THIS is the Power Pellet Remix [17:49] Hey... [17:49] Ferret Pacman! [17:49] Colin, u dunna wanna no [17:49] PAC MAN TECHNO!!!! [17:49] Did anyone else lose audio? [17:49] Action: Mat_Husky dances ^^ [17:49] Hey guys! [17:49] wow give me that song i wanna anoy that fur hater at school [17:49] Pac Man Fever. [17:49] I love thsi song for some reason [17:49] YES!!!! [17:49] The Lizard Rat, this is the Power Pellet Remix [17:49] YoyoyoYOOOO...WHAT IT IS, MOTHERF*****S!! [17:49] is this the 30 hour techno version? [17:49] pacman is /dirty/ [17:49] Why... why have I never heard this? [17:49] Action: NardDog has a PacMan machine [17:49] 'Ey Flash! [17:49] Shane: Not here [17:49] it'sa TOD fewwet [17:49] so win :D [17:49] Wakka wakka wakka [17:49] DANCE PAC MAN STYLE!! [17:49] We need a techno version of the Frogger music! [17:49] oh god [17:49] Action: michael grooves [17:49] Action: Scooter_Squirrel waves to jpt and dragonhead. [17:49] boop boop boop [17:49] WHY?! [17:49] ;) [17:49] Start the hazers and lazers (z's FTW) [17:49] what next Tetris [17:49] Action: Aeturnus thinks the song is annoying. [17:50] Action: ba_ar stares at Roofus "A techno-dance version of Camptown Races?" [17:50] this song is awesome [17:50] Action: Sawblade5 fails at Tetris [17:50] Wow... this isn't too bad, actually [17:50] Action: BucktownTiger can actually play this... maybe... [17:50] whats next Duke Nukem or Super Mario [17:50] Action: BucktownTiger likes this mix [17:50] Action: Aeturnus goes back to his music. [17:50] BucktownTiger: Sing it1 [17:50] it's caought in feedback...it's going to explode [17:50] Action: michael is feeling the beat [17:50] YEa Duke Nukem [17:50] I finally used my iTunes gift card I got for Xmas [17:50] Action: ba_ar has a Pac Man ornament from Hallmark.;-D [17:50] duke nukem has been done and so has super mario [17:50] geez when did the show start to suck? [17:50] ba_ar: no, that's too Looney Tuney [17:50] what is the actually name of this song? [17:50] Alright. I need the name of this song. [17:50] I have Pac-Man on my G1 phone.... [17:50] Hiya Tony! [17:50] Arcadia 2600 [17:50] Tony: about 40 min ago [17:50] figure Yappy can appreciate this: http://graphjam.com/2009/01/11/song-chart-memes-rhyme-with-noodle/ [17:50] hi eoxi [17:50] Bucktowntiger: If you play this I hope you put a vid of it on your youtube!! ^.^ [17:50] Well TonyRingtail, give them some credit, they're down like 3 cast members [17:51] roxi* [17:51] Tony: they just need Poink & Liesl back....and Mutt would be nice [17:51] Stop it already o.o [17:51] pack it up, man [17:51] Joystick! [17:51] Is it snowing down there? [17:51] Action: Salen has the FEVER! [17:51] Tony Fox NYC: I am Humanoid is a good arcade remix CD [17:51] We should totally do rollcall before I have to leave for dinner... [17:51] pac man feaverf [17:51] Who is that browndog? [17:51] arrcadddeeeeeeee [17:51] Pac Man Fever [17:51] Those were the days *le-sigh*. [17:51] Shit, I saw this LP in a store a week ago for $1 and left it there [17:51] lol wish there was an arcade were i live [17:51] Ah, and I remember when THIS song was new and hot [17:51] He'll be playing "Disco Duck" soon, if this keeps up. [17:51] I keep thinking of Pinball Wizard o.o [17:51] Arcades were second rate swillholes but they were OUR second rate swillholes.;-D [17:51] This show started to suck 401 shows ago, and it is still sucking. :) [17:51] Action: Redski plays video games [17:51] As far as classic video game music goes, I think Gyruss is tops. [17:51] Action: Nerikull turns 40 this year [17:51] Yea http://tinyurl.com/8a59lj [17:51] That's why we love it. :) [17:51] Action: AngelicDirt gives up and dances. X3 [17:51] Pac-Man's original name was Puck-Man...but it was changed due to someone changing the one letter on the name to something eles [17:51] It's definitely driving me CRAZY!!! [17:51] fires up MEME [17:51] --OOH! Disco Duck should be next!!!-- [17:52] *MAME [17:52] Yay Mame [17:52] Garmon_Martin: :( [17:52] I got Pawpet Fever/going outta my mind [17:52] wokwokwokwokwokwokwokwokwokwok... [17:52] Action: Redski yawns [17:52] Time got me to go AFK, gotta make stuff. [17:52] I gotta pocket fulla quaters [17:52] This drives me crazy, and I can't help myself [17:52] Action: Wild`Bill`TX has about 1200 mame roms :) [17:52] Action: Mouser slithers around the channel chomping up power pellets. [17:52] Arcades were to the people of my generation what Stonewall Bistro was to the Gays of the 60s. A place to call our own! [17:52] Never heard this song before [17:52] ?me worked as a security guard at an arcade in college. Sprayed anyone who got out to line [17:52] Action: Yurex_SL sucked on Pac-man but did well on Mrs. Pac man. [17:52] so whats new everyone? [17:52] SeanWolf: Donkey Kong was originally called Monkey Kong, but a typo changed the name [17:52] Kidding! Kidding! *ducks a barrage of frownage* [17:52] Action: Abrahm wonders if Namco still gets paid for all the Pac Man usage [17:52] there was that fear, yes SeanWolf. cayse we americans love to deface and destroy for our own entertainment. [17:52] *cause [17:52] wait... "eat the cherries up"? [17:52] wow, this is an old song :P [17:52] sprayed? with what mephitis? [17:52] Pacman Fever? Not as good as Cat Scratch Fever! [17:52] Action: BunnyEarz bobs his head [17:52] stream is dying [17:52] pafpafpaf... [17:52] Pyrofox, didn't know that. Cool [17:52] Who is this? [17:52] Action: ba_ar grins at yurex "You did well on Ms. Pacman? But did Mr. Pac man know about what you were doing?" [17:52] Alt. Artjam: Pawpets got pacman fever! [17:53] Poor stream... it tries so hard [17:53] You're doing that backwards, Angelic. :) [17:53] Action: Redski yawns [17:53] I've got several arcade machines in the house here [17:53] Pac man fever wat the hell give me song [17:53] Did you know when you have Pac Man Fever you'll die if you step into the sun [17:53] buckner Garcia Fuji ^^ [17:53] Action: Onai-WolfWind has pacman fever [17:53] What's next Disco Duck? ;P [17:53] Do any other video games have songs dedicated to them? [17:53] HenryK9 (henry.r.k9@pawpet-CDCF3550.sc.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [17:53] *er comma Fuji [17:53] Really? I never knew that. [17:53] I thought it was my connection killing the sound [17:53] Give us Tetris music or give us death! [17:53] I could help you out there JReq... [17:53] did I hear tetris music? [17:53] Hello HenryK9! [17:53] Furry-related fail: http://failblog.org/2009/01/06/hook-hanger-fail/ [17:53] Hello All!! [17:53] Ive been trying to find the CarnEvil arcade...but no luck [17:53] gaomon> I thought I did too.. [17:53] OK, that's THREE votes for "Disco Duck." [17:53] Garmon_Martin, I'm a girl: I'm always doing it backwards. :P [17:53] Yes Flash. Buckner and Garcia did a whole album of arcade related songs. [17:53] yeah there was a whole ablum dedicated to them back then but pacman fever was the only one that really caught on. [17:53] Yes, Gaomon, Now you need to get a Tetris shot at the doctor. [17:53] Disco Duck please! [17:53] Action: Mangusu waves to Jreq [17:53] I'll vouch disco duck [17:53] Flash: Ask the dudes that wrote this and they'll tell you there are seven more; they made an album of 'em. ;) [17:54] *DISCO DUCK!!!! PLAY!!* [17:54] Buckner / Garcia did a entire album for 1980's video games [17:54] What about Pokemon battle [17:54] what's Disco Duck? [17:54] OMG that fails hard. ;) [17:54] "All my money's gone, so I'll be back tomorrow night" [17:54] Pokemon Fever [17:54] Disko disko uh uh disco disco uh uh [17:54] OK, that's SIX votes for "Disco Duck." [17:54] this would be a fun RB song... [17:54] http://kotaku.com/gaming/humor/the-best-pac+man-joke-ever-212117.php [17:54] They should play them all! [17:54] Yeah... that was me, except it was Street Fighter II fever [17:54] Disco Duck's a song done by a 'cast of idiots'.;-D [17:54] I sent a bunch of videoes a few months ago of people doing live action versions of Tetris and Pole Position. [17:54] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [17:54] Stray_Cat: Care to join me in the 'Stray Cat Strut?' [17:54] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [17:54] *dances like zohon* [17:54] michael: huge disco hit from 1976 by Rick Dees and his Cast of Idiots. RSO records 1976 [17:54] Action: JReq waves back to Mangusu [17:54] Really? Never heard it before [17:54] live action Tetris? [17:54] Action: Fudgy hugs Stray_Cat [17:54] I was more of a Tetris Gal [17:54] Tetris? [17:54] YESQ [17:54] Tetris! [17:54] TETRIS! [17:54] yay tetris! [17:54] Oh ywah [17:54] And Columns [17:55] Tetris! [17:55] I can play this bitch on the piano [17:55] tetris! [17:55] Yay my request was granted! [17:55] yay I love tetris [17:55] Or Netrix if you paly on a Mac with friends [17:55] Korubushka? [17:55] Everybody Polka! [17:55] even being 15, I LOVE tetris [17:55] jeebus. Sounds MIDIish. :P [17:55] Friggin' Tetris man... way too addictive for its time [17:55] Tetris is my favorite old school game [17:55] Hey Rummage! [17:55] Did you hear about the new tetris psychotherapy!? [17:55] have the pawpets be the shapes! [17:55] Action: jpt|wingedsquirrel plays along. [17:55] Hurray Rummage! [17:55] In The Hall Of The Mountain King! [17:55] I used to play a lot of Wonderboy and SuperMarioBros in the arcade [17:55] Action: Sakana_Katana bets that Wild'Bill'TX could supply a copy of "Disco Duck" at a moment's notice. [17:55] Kipper (A_RAPE_SPI@68432014.64DBDC2F.61450FE2.IP) joined #pawpet. [17:55] the only arcades i play now-a-days are House Of The Dead and Area 51 [17:55] congratulations, you have fleas now Fudgy! [17:55] Oh yea 3 quarters of the chart repesented by Yellow Resembles PacMan the other 25 percent in black does nto [17:55] And pretty much any other puzzle game [17:55] HI Kipper! [17:55] just kidding [17:55] Hi Kipper [17:55] <--- Tetris addict. D: [17:55] THis is not a POlka! I know! I'm from Wisconsin! [17:55] People sitting in an audience stop motioned to be the falling bricks [17:55] the mamushka! [17:55] hiiiiiiiiiii [17:55] I remember giggling the first time I heard Scooter's version of this song. :-) [17:55] They're making veterans who recently had traumatic events play tetris because it cures them [17:55] I got up to level 20 on Tetris once [17:55] Tetris is a fun game. [17:55] O_O [17:55] Action: Salen wants to see a 'Straight Line' fursuit show up during that as well [17:55] hey weres a good place to go for my first con [17:55] I generally don't have the patience for puzzle games, but I do love fast paced arcade style puzzle games such as Tetris and lumines. [17:55] Kippppppppppppppper. [17:55] I can teach you guys how to do the dance, H/O [17:55] woof Kipper [17:55] Hey Kipper! [17:55] I have played EQ and /or WoW for...oh....12 hours solid before...not recently [17:55] Tetris With Lyrics is hilarious [17:55] Action: Fudgy dont care *hugs again* [17:55] That requires alot of leg muscles. [17:55] iHOLA! [17:55] Action: Sakana_Katana just installed Tetris on his smartphone yesterday. [17:55] Oh shit I fucked up [17:55] Thats Adams Family. [17:55] Action: miffOtter mainly remembers the TMNT beat-em-up game [17:55] hi kipper [17:55] Action: Zorro can Only play Flight Simulators and Space Combat Games fgor that long [17:55] That chart shows 77% pacman [17:55] Sodders (sodaxe2@pawpet-A7EDED6B.knology.net) joined #pawpet. [17:55] Tetris music rules! [17:55] CrashTiger (crashtiger@pawpet-814082D5.static.ip.windstream.net) joined #pawpet. [17:55] HI Soddert1 [17:55] http://moskaudance.ytmnd.com/ [17:55] Action: Mouser sabre-dances to the music! [17:55] http://moskaudance.ytmnd.com/ [17:55] mangusu: points for the reference [17:55] http://moskaudance.ytmnd.com/ [17:55] Heyas Kipper [17:55] Helo CrashTiger1 [17:55] are you kidding me?! tetris was so freaking addictive they used it as the first game released in the Gameboy pack! XD [17:55] Damn... my stream keeps skipping. [17:55] Action: Yurex_SL played SL for 14 hours once. [17:56] AHH!! I NEED THE LONG PIECE!! [17:56] Action: Redski falls asleep [17:56] dammit [17:56] 4 Square! [17:56] Hey crachtiger [17:56] There's a whole tetris soundtrack [17:56] Alot of that Tetris Music is PD I think [17:56] a b c [17:56] Tetris had 3 or 4 different BGM [17:56] BunnyEarz: so, if you're from Wisconson, do you know Mistletoe? [17:56] This music sucked [17:56] hey Scooter Squirrel :) [17:56] anyone else seen the game "Rom Check Fail"? [17:56] Tetris Tuninator! [17:56] Tetric C!! My favorite!! [17:56] The NES version had Nutcracker stuff in its soundtrack. Leave it to the GameBoy to infect our brains with these three tunes. :P [17:56] sadly, tetris reminds me of I Wanna Be The Guy [17:56] lol [17:56] Action: Kipper is on the ultra ultra low quality thing and its not working [17:56] Mozart! [17:56] Tetris was the sole reason to buy a Gameboy. [17:56] NOT METAL! [17:56] I'm addicted to that one [17:56] Crashtiger -10 for me [17:56] I... used this music when I played. :| [17:56] y all it is beep boob beep boob [17:56] I want to play Dr. Mario now [17:56] :P [17:56] I listened to a lot of classical when I was a kid [17:56] Action: ba_ar nods at tyger "Think that the Game Boy classic wouldn't have been the monster seller it was without the Tetris pack in?" [17:56] DL_Leonine: It's awesome [17:56] Wait why do they have Tetris songs?! [17:56] anyone remember the game Goldeneye 007? i can play the whole game without dying and only using the pistol [17:56] AHHHHHHH! [17:56] hey cutie lol [17:56] Stagehead! [17:56] Pizza [17:56] Action: Redski sits on RTR [17:56] The guy who made Tetris now works for Micro$oft [17:56] eek! [17:56] Pizzaz? [17:56] Action: Sibir_Lupus wants Mutt back :( [17:56] can be get stickerbrush symphony in here? :3 [17:56] Oven? It's like, 80 degrees there! [17:56] Pizza! [17:56] because TETRIS is cool [17:56] Aren't you guys hot? [17:56] It's possible, Ba_ar ^^ [17:56] Here's an idea for an ArtJam: Pawpets in classic video games! [17:56] Pizza!! [17:56] Bake at 350 [17:56] Mephitis - okay, so my parents are from WI, and I go to school here, I still know what a polka is and isn't. What about mistletoe? [17:56] Awesome mustashce. [17:56] Action: Reese_Tora got his gameboy classic with Zelda :P [17:56] Action: Dragonhead hugs the pizza... it taste good [17:56] Sean: Pistolsniper? ;) [17:56] Number One, set the oven to... Pizza [17:57] Anchovies... yum [17:57] Flashtimberwolf: YES!!!! [17:57] mmmmm anchovies [17:57] Pizza Hut now has "healthy pizza" with whole-wheat crust and things. [17:57] same here, TLR [17:57] ...and I NEVER use 350. I'm always 400 and up. [17:57] Eww anchovies [17:57] anchovies, pineapple, and jalapinos [17:57] Action: ba_ar sold off the majority of his Nintendo stuff but still has his SNES. [17:57] Gives you shrimp for lap dance [17:57] Salen: lol [17:57] dead air? [17:57] Yesh - dead fish on 'za. [17:57] Fish kinda sucks [17:57] Bunny: she's a fur up there....lives in Milwaukee [17:57] Rook at the rimp! Rook at the rimp! [17:57] Tonight's ArtJam: "Pawpets as Ancient Gods" [17:57] Noooo Anchovies Pleeeeeeese [17:57] one soul for shrimp?! sweet! [17:57] Bass is water food [17:57] theres seabass [17:57] Action: ba_ar giggles. "Healthy Pizza? Sounds like an oxymoron to me." [17:57] I like the sushi [17:57] Who ordered Fish? http://sawblade5.deviantart.com/art/A-Lost-Lunch-109174838 [17:57] what about Salmon? They go out to sea [17:57] OK, we have 3 artjams now. 1. Pawpets as gods 2. Pawpets in video games 3. Crapalina's world tour [17:57] Action: Reese_Tora sighs with nostalgia remembering when Game systems game with a decent game packin like Tetris or Sonic or Mario Bros [17:57] Never yell "Who wants shrimp?!" in a room full of midgets. [17:57] how can you make a Heathly pizza?! [17:57] Phoeniz AZ instructions "Bake at 350 for 1 hour" Then take the pot indoors [17:57] Woyro knows the OLD routines. [17:57] speakng of food, I'm gonna go eat dinner now. ttfn! [17:57] Mmm, Shrimps... wait... [17:57] Trouts are great [17:57] Raw shrimps [17:58] Red Lobster Endless Shrimp Night is heaven for him then [17:58] Barf [17:58] NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM [17:58] I don't eat seafood any more since I found out a lot of it was endangered [17:58] i feel like chinese [17:58] Clam CHOWDAH [17:58] Action: Sibir_Lupus loves sushi :) [17:58] Action: Kipper should bring the FPS crew some smoked yellowtail and fish tacos [17:58] Shrimp... is high in cholesterol. :| [17:58] Spew [17:58] Sakana_Katana: i'm an old skunk! [17:58] Poop [17:58] AngelicDirt: Don't eat the midgets! [17:58] Action: TigerShadowclaw is sad that he can't eat sea food [17:58] I loved my game gear.. for the 5 minutes I could play it before the beast's batteries died [17:58] clam chunder? [17:58] O.O [17:58] Rummage just eats what he finds in the trash can [17:58] Gee..I wonder what his favorite scene from Forrest Gump is... [17:58] I only like fish [17:58] Rummage [17:58] I love New England clam Chowder. [17:58] Chow-DAH! [17:58] Rummage! [17:58] Bleh [17:58] channel is fowling up [17:58] the schools clam chowter looks like spooge [17:58] Anyone want CHowder [17:58] Action: Oreo_wolf <3 chowdah [17:58] I love clam chowder though [17:58] fap fap fap [17:58] JReq: Omnomnom, Little people [17:58] Action: Zorro wonders how they get the Salmon to tke up smoking [17:58] I love chowdah [17:58] Action: Zalno doesn't care about chowder. [17:58] Say it, Frenchie! Chow-DAH! [17:58] "Who wants chowder?!" *BLAHHHHHHH!!!!* [17:58] I'm allergic [17:58] Manhatten clam chowder!!!!!! [17:58] New England clam chowder....yes, wonderful food [17:58] Tyger, did youhave the 'master system converter' that allowed you to play SMS games on your game gear? [17:58] Action: Dragonhead doens't like chowder [17:58] CHOOOOOOOOOWDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH ? [17:58] if anyone has problems with the video, refresh the page [17:58] Spooge Chowder? [17:58] btw, I came home to this Wed night. That tree landed in the tiny space between my shed and house. http://s78.photobucket.com/albums/j112/tinas_lion/other%20stuff/?action=view¤t=FILE0064.jpg [17:58] Kalamari :3 [17:58] oysters yum [17:58] Michel_Mephit (Travis_Seb@pawpet-99FB1012.cable.mindspring.com) joined #pawpet. [17:58] Reese: Okay, then you won't be surprised that Nintendo's Wii has a pack-in, Wii Sports, that's now the best selling game of All-Time. Surpassing even Super Mario Bros. :) [17:58] I'll Fap after BassMan does it [17:58] oreo chowder? [17:58] i swear it looks like somone spooged in a bowl [17:58] you say oysters, I say ersters [17:58] i like a nice plain Corn chowder...dont like clams [17:58] hello Michel_Mephit! [17:58] Action: Shane_Graytail looks at Reese_Tora and says "Show-daire..." [17:58] Hello everyone [17:58] Oysters taste like Livers cooked... [17:58] Noooooooooooooooo! [17:59] Action: TonyRingtail pouncehugs kipper [17:59] Hello Dragonhead [17:59] Action: Dragonhead doesn't like clams or oyserts [17:59] Pass. I've never had oysters and I don't want any. [17:59] omg ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww [17:59] Calamari, just like rubber bands if they are not cooked right. [17:59] :) [17:59] oh, no I didn't that would have been awesome! [17:59] Chowder's a weird cartoon show [17:59] ...lives there? [17:59] lol, ezra [17:59] Yappy: thats said about anything that tastes terrible :P [17:59] ?!! [17:59] Yappy: Thats what my grandfather says1 [17:59] LOL [17:59] Mr Hankey? [17:59] EWWWWW< EZRA [17:59] Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww` [17:59] Rude! [17:59] ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [17:59] That broke Ari [17:59] Action: Kipper was eating a minute ago but isnt now [17:59] What lives in a toilet? Cockaroaches? [17:59] The Tidy Bowl man lives in my toilet [17:59] Action: Sawblade5 leaves BassMan a floater [17:59] TASTY Luggy With Tabasco and horesradish [17:59] Chowder is an AWESOME cartoon [17:59] Just listen for the HOOOOOOWDY HO! [17:59] Bandit! [17:59] Bandit! [17:59] Action: ba_ar once owned a Game Gear with a master system converter and some SMS games. [17:59] Let's see Bandit! [17:59] Well, I've been watching FPS for almost an hour now, and it seems that this week, I am able to maintain connection to the live stream. :) So, I'm back. [17:59] bloop? [17:59] Chowder, Misadventures of Flapjack, and early Spongebob are trippy as hell [17:59] XD XD XD XD [17:59] burrito contents look like things that live in a toilet [17:59] Bloop [17:59] BLOOP! [17:59] Bloop [17:59] You'd think they would have at least given the Ty-d-Bowl man an UMBRELLA. [17:59] Tetris! [17:59] iBloop [17:59] BLOOP! [17:59] bluup [17:59] Action: SeanWolf still owns a Virtual Boy with 5 games...but never played it [17:59] wow. "I don't wanna be another EB!" [17:59] Bloop! [17:59] Bloop [17:59] Bloop! [17:59] Chowder : I'm not your boyfriend ! [17:59] Action: ba_ar has gotten rid of a lot of his old game equipment because he doesn't use it any more. [17:59] Bloop [17:59] ah, it has so much bacteria that it can be considered alive [17:59] :D [17:59] Random thoughts [18:00] Shane: "I'm gonna enjoy this!" *grabs desert and leaves the kitchen* [18:00] aaaaah [18:00] Bloop is unrelated to beebling? [18:00] Action: BucktownTiger absolutely HAS to learn to play Tetris [18:00] We are now officially an hour into the show [18:00] Bloop [18:00] Bloop Bloop Bloop Bloop Bloop Bloop Bloop Bloop [18:00] about candlesticks? [18:00] bl00p! :P [18:00] I love sporks! [18:00] pop up video of the mind [18:00] BucktownTiger: It's pretty easy. [18:00] Bloop [18:00] BucktownTiger: You've never played Tetris? [18:00] bloop bleep [18:00] A "Bloop" is a mind fart that smells up the room. [18:00] Bloop isn't the sound you make when you toss a turtle shell at a goomba? [18:00] Zalno: I'm guessing he's referring to playing it on the piano. [18:00] he means the song Zalno :) [18:00] Carnival Pawpet! [18:00] lol [18:00] ooooh, okay [18:00] that makes sense [18:00] brb folks [18:00] EB, the midget! [18:00] In addition to the starter character bios, I also made EB's character page [18:00] I think Bloops can be contracted like a virus. [18:00] Liesl would kill you if you did that probably [18:00] TLR, you just assured your lynching. [18:00] JReq: i think that's bloop as well [18:00] lets all convert a fur hater to the furry sie [18:00] Action: ba_ar grins at bucktown "What's to learn? One button rotates the shape and maneuver the shape with the joypad." [18:00] "See the Human Furry!" [18:00] o.o [18:00] side [18:00] Uh... a BRAIN fart, that is. [18:00] reminds me of the arcade game CarnEvil [18:00] art jam: pawpets as a sideshow? (well, more of a sideshow than usual :P ) [18:00] Anemonies! [18:00] Sounds like an educational video: "Everybody Bloops" [18:01] "Come see the Man-Eating Chicken!" = a man...eating chicken. [18:01] "see the amazing living bloop!" [18:01] nobody bloops but you [18:01] Reese: hahaha [18:01] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [18:01] Mutt? [18:01] lol FlashTimberwolf [18:01] I HEAR MUT [18:01] Mutt? [18:01] Mutt! [18:01] Mutt? Where? [18:01] Mutt's there? Get in there! [18:01] AngelicDirt: and then you jump up and the mushroom comes out of the box... that makes a "bloolooloolooloo" sound [18:01] Four (Four@pawpet-72A39625.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:01] does the worlds smallest woman bloop? [18:01] Man... [18:01] Action: ba_ar nods at colinfoxtail. "That was an actual carnival 'blow off' act as they say." [18:01] BUURRRP [18:01] lol [18:01] FlashTimberwolf has given me an evil ArtJam idea. [18:01] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:01] Cubical... box... Cubical... box... [18:01] XD [18:01] where is Mutt? [18:01] I'm not sure I'd want to earn money by having people stare in horror at me [18:01] Roofus (4651851d@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: bbl_suppertime [18:01] I hear a mutt! [18:01] I thought Mutt was at work? [18:01] She bites off heads of live chickens. [18:01] The Funday Body-Function Show [18:01] i a stripper in SL [18:01] I has food ^^ [18:01] eeeeeewwwwww [18:01] lol [18:01] Action: Redski burps [18:01] is that a really wet mutt? [18:01] Bassman and The Lizard Rat should tour together! [18:01] is that Mutt I hear? :) [18:02] BARK! [18:02] I couldn't stomach getting money for doing nothing. I would be too bored. I've actually gotten money for doing nothing before, and it bothered me. [18:02] Bark bark bark! [18:02] lol Barker [18:02] I am a DJ and a stripper on SL [18:02] Zalno: yeah on the piano :) [18:02] why's mutt all wet? [18:02] Rhiamel_Foxie: better second life than first life, right? [18:02] Hay an A Hole [18:02] He's an asshoooollllleee! [18:02] Blooping for Dummies: There's money to be made off this! LOL! [18:02] That's not Mutt Kipper [18:02] They don't have sideshows very much any more. [18:02] lol Flash [18:02] Kipper: that aint mutt :< [18:02] i love stripping but people dont read my pro and see i married and try to take me out on a date [18:02] Mutt! [18:02] yay, Mutt!!!! :) [18:02] Action: Zalno knows a piano version of the Tetris theme, but didn't learn it. [18:02] sluuuuut [18:02] Herbie? [18:02] Yup...there's Mutt! :-) [18:02] MUTT! [18:02] Oh, so The LizardRat is puppeting the floor mop-like dog. [18:02] Hiya, Mutt! [18:02] it looks like mutt all wet [18:02] yay, Mutt! :D [18:02] And you stepped on her... [18:02] Mutt! [18:02] the world's smallest lady, huh? [18:02] \o/ [18:02] Yay, Mutt! We thought you were back in manacles as a guest of the Mouse [18:02] Mutt is here?? Awesome! [18:02] MUTT AWSOME [18:02] extreme? How extreme? [18:02] Action: ba_ar snuggles roxikat. [18:02] nice [18:03] looks like mutt wet the bed or something hehe [18:03] lynxy (roxas4ever@pawpet-98657CAD.hsd1.ut.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:03] Mutt? cool [18:03] "I wasn't expecting her to be alive..." [18:03] Hi Roxikat :) [18:03] Hellolynxy! [18:03] checking her email? is that allowed at work? [18:03] World Smallest Lady? You mean Linda Hunt? xD [18:03] Action: BucktownTiger looks for pictures of cool furries to put in his video... ^^ [18:03] world's smallest dead woman! [18:03] hello [18:03] Hi ba_ar and Yurex. [18:03] lol, poor Mutt [18:03] in a pickle jar! [18:03] BucktownTiger: What's the video for? [18:03] yay, judgement... [18:03] ... like Linda Hunt. [18:03] I see an... ass. [18:03] Yeah. [18:03] Cool Bucktown [18:03] Action: ba_ar would LOVE to meet a FAT LADY a side show.;-D [18:03] Yea an Ass is on stage [18:03] ASS! [18:03] bark bark bark bark [18:03] SPOILER ALERT! [18:03] JudgeMEEEEENNNNNTTT! [18:03] Mutt, the Lvl 70 A-hole of Carnival of Warcraft! [18:03] Oh Spoiler's so cute!! [18:03] When you meet the world's smallest woman, it probably doesn't hurt to begin conversation by asking her name. [18:03] good advice Spoiler ;) [18:03] Is that a ass? [18:03] I saw Radar, the world's tallest horse [18:03] Those cards are rigged BM. I'm 'with it'. [18:03] AngelicDirt, where is that from? [18:03] the only carnival i know of is the one in the arcade CarnEvil [18:03] wait... was it this week or next week that you were going to be ont he show, Bucktown? [18:03] Exasperated [18:03] "Sometimes you feel like a nut... sometimes you feel like an ass..." But in neither case do I want the candy bar. [18:03] HEY, I'm not a RUBE, you know. [18:03] oh, hi lynxy [18:03] Shamus: if you can find her. [18:04] Bucktown: How goes the video? [18:04] just go to any side show and find one of the carnival guests Ba-ar [18:04] i went to a traveling carnival and i went on the like spinny thing and it broke and i got stuck up high in the air! [18:04] Rectify [18:04] Trapsing [18:04] Anything big can make you hurt *winkwink* [18:04] ba_ar: "Ya look like a Ruuuube." [18:04] Kurra (Kurra@pawpet-CF6E2742.dc.dc.cox.net) joined #pawpet. [18:04] hi Kurra [18:04] Fudgy: What is with you and breaking things! [18:04] like the carnival from 'something wicked this way comes'? [18:04] Hi Kurra! [18:04] Hypertrichosis! :3 [18:04] TheLizardRat: Does that offer extend into a member of the chat room? I'm interested in a reading if you're willing to do one for me. :-) [18:04] Okay, enough big words [18:04] REVIVE THE SEAL!!! [18:04] Action: ba_ar blows michael a smooch. "And I love you too. [18:04] Almond Joy's got nuts, Mounds don't! [18:04] Action: Fudgy cries [18:04] who wants to see a sexy bunny on FPS lol jk [18:04] My dad has a shirt with that phrase on it [18:04] Someone in there does sound like Hugh [18:04] Hi MIchael, Dragonhead! *wakes up from nap* [18:04] Action: Yurex_SL wonders if any furs will be at the inauguration? [18:04] :) [18:04] Angelic: Circumgyrate ^.^ [18:04] Powerstar (Thundersta@pawpet-E288F819.zone5.bethere.co.uk) left irc: Quit: [18:05] RussianGuy (51deeb25@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:05] I've never seen a midget or a dwarf in real life before [18:05] Redski: Gentification [18:05] midget? [18:05] Hello RussianGuy! [18:05] hi RussianGuy [18:05] A midget dwarf,. [18:05] Don't stare at cripples or retards. [18:05] I have seen em [18:05] Little person [18:05] Cowfetus? [18:05] Embalmed [18:05] I've been to the Roloff's farm... Little people big world... they live pretty close to me [18:05] taxidermied? [18:05] ? [18:05] i have one goes to my school he nice and alil cute [18:05] Who runs freak shows in this day and age? [18:05] They represent the Lollipop Guild. [18:05] Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh never stare at retards [18:05] Taxonomy [18:05] xD [18:05] Exhumed? [18:05] Action: Reese_Tora was in grade school with a dwarf as a fellow student [18:05] Effigy?] [18:05] formaldihide? [18:05] Cadaver? [18:05] Formadahyde [18:05] oh no [18:05] Formaldahide [18:05] formaldahyde? [18:05] taxadermi? [18:05] lol [18:05] Taxidermy [18:05] Embalming fluid? [18:05] Taxidermied! [18:05] Mouser> Tod Browning? [18:05] multiple spellings :D [18:05] Yappy's flicking stuff? [18:05] Taxidermy [18:05] Yay, Taxidermy [18:05] yappy is <3 [18:05] Taxidermy Tech! [18:05] Lots of Stuffed Animals here [18:05] lol Yappy [18:05] yappy is funny [18:05] Wow... [18:05] taxidermy [18:05] A woman in a jar. [18:05] Horse! [18:05] o.o [18:05] lol [18:05] A jar?! [18:05] Jar of formaldehide [18:05] Real live "Taxidermy Woman"? [18:05] Action: BradHound puts Kipper on his lap. [18:06] hehe [18:06] Segway?! [18:06] yay woman in a jar [18:06] Jar O' Women. [18:06] So you walked in and thought... "Why aren't you in a Jar?" [18:06] "I'm a hoofer at heart, but I don't wear shoes." [18:06] Action: Zorro says they use arsenic to preserve Musem quality specimins [18:06] TIMMY! [18:06] you gots a Segway [18:06] worlds smalled banzai kitty? [18:06] Woman in a jar? Didn't MGM have a cartoon about that? [18:06] Pickled Woman? [18:06] Walker... hehe [18:06] >XD [18:06] *smallest [18:06] Action: BucktownTiger didn't know a furry convention was a taxidermy... because he knows a lot of furries get stuffed there :) [18:06] o-o [18:06] LIBBLAHH-TIMMAY! [18:06] old guy... in Florida? [18:06] TIMMMMAY! [18:06] That's horrible [18:06] Man... that is horrible [18:06] :/ [18:06] Timmay? I don't get the reference. [18:06] :( [18:06] TIMMAAAAAY! [18:06] lol thats messed up [18:06] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [18:06] y is almost all disabled people named timmy [18:06] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:06] wow! Not cool! [18:06] Horrible...but a little funny :P [18:06] damn [18:06] Action: jpt|wingedsquirrel facepaws. "You're horrible, Bucktown!" [18:06] i win with big words!!! -- Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious [18:06] Intellegent horse! [18:06] Soth Park [18:06] Oh man [18:06] hehe, TIMMMEEEYYYYY!!!!!!! [18:06] *bounces around* boingy boingy [18:06] Timmy is one of the coolest people on the show. [18:06] South Park! Geez... [18:06] thats horrable [18:06] Disestablishmentarianism [18:06] slash (IceChat7@pawpet-4C6A3477.dyn.optonline.net) joined #pawpet. [18:06] I'm a Timmey!! [18:06] South Park does suck [18:06] Taxidermy Supply Shops are VERY useful for Puppet and Fursuit Parts [18:06] Greetings Slash! [18:07] Full of country goodness and green peaness [18:07] TIMMUH ! [18:07] Action: ba_ar *BAPS* bucktown with a toony mallet.;-D [18:07] What goes on in North Park? [18:07] TIMMY TIMM TIMM TIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY [18:07] Family guy is better. [18:07] Bag O' Puppets! [18:07] Oooooh, pretty horsey! [18:07] thanks jpt and ba_ar :) [18:07] big word horse [18:07] Bag o' puppets [18:07] Action: Fuji snuggles a bucktown [18:07] Big word Has. [18:07] You know what they say about big horses. [18:07] they could do pawpet roulette. They all pick a puppet at random out of the bag nad run with it [18:07] Action: Fudgy hugs Scooter_Squirrel [18:07] Adhesive! [18:07] horse sense? [18:07] Metalocaplyse is better than South Park and Family Guy [18:07] Liquid the Horse? :) [18:07] LIquid Bonding Ajant [18:07] Words arent the only big things Horse have... ;3 [18:07] Big word: Triskadekaphobia. [18:07] Is audio cuttin' in and out, or is it me? [18:07] It's big /word/ horse, if you know waht I mean *wink wink, nudge nudge* [18:07] lol "yes, you better not." [18:07] He's Bond, Jesus Bond. [18:07] Fear of big words? [18:07] :D [18:07] Polyvinyl Acetate [18:07] Big word: Agoraphiliac. [18:07] WTF [18:07] Sounds... medical [18:07] ! [18:07] His name is Liquide'. The accent on the e means he's educated. [18:07] Orchiectomy? [18:07] PVA [18:07] They tried to branch out and invent Liquid Toilet Paper, but the product wasn't very popular [18:07] glue [18:07] Orchiectomy? I'm shuddering [18:07] That's an Uncle Kage reference, there. [18:07] Orkiectomy? [18:07] removal of Orcas? [18:08] big word: Circumgyrate [18:08] Frau Blucher! [18:08] OH GOD. [18:08] TENIS BALL!!!!!!!!!! [18:08] Pendectomy? Okay, don't wanna know [18:08] Ewwwww [18:08] Action: Zorro cutting the Ork out of a pig. [18:08] Rectal... nice [18:08] magic ruined!!!! [18:08] Action: Yurex_SL covers himdelf [18:08] LMAO [18:08] LOL [18:08] Whos the subserviant tonight? [18:08] n00b [18:08] Aliens are invading yappy's house [18:08] Quit Ruining the Magic [18:08] and... the show goes downward again [18:08] Oh what part?! [18:08] "Let me tell you something about anal probing..." [18:08] Action: CrashTiger uses Thor as a rectal probe [18:08] ooooo... wow [18:08] A nut job [18:08] Oh. Lorena Bobbit! ;-XD [18:08] OUCH! [18:08] a.k.a. castration? [18:08] Pass on that! [18:08] Neutering [18:08] Ork Ork Ork! [18:08] Something stuffed up a Furry's butt? How odd is that? [18:08] You guys need teh Seal of Disapproval [18:08] oh dear, where did this conversation go? O-o [18:08] Action: Mangusu thinks tonight's word should be Frau Brucher [18:08] Hi Yin Yang! [18:08] CrashTiger (crashtiger@pawpet-814082D5.static.ip.windstream.net) left irc: Quit: [18:08] People neutering... :P [18:08] woof [18:08] OY [18:08] arf [18:08] This show needs Liesl back badly [18:08] Hello Yin Yang! [18:08] Action: Zorro says Unic Programmers [18:08] Action: Shamus hears a horse whinney in the background. [18:09] o-o [18:09] Ork ork ork! (Filling in for the seal) [18:09] stop falicitating eachother [18:09] Greetings and haluzinations? [18:09] Action: Yurex_SL wonders if Herbie is going to Kings Island this year? [18:09] Lizard Rat: Chut up! :) [18:09] Why would you want to? :| [18:09] orkorkork! [18:09] Oh gosh.. [18:09] Ork Ork Ork [18:09] it's an Ork Ork Orkiectomy? [18:09] Momma_Bridget (Momma_Brid@pawpet-2D2724FB.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:09] woah [18:09] * gives yappy nachos [18:09] It means removing one of my soapy frogs [18:09] Who just fell on the stage? [18:09] Ork removal? [18:09] lol [18:09] Change the subject! [18:09] It's raining puppets! [18:09] Why not a cat?! :( [18:09] cub_cachette (kitsudrago@pawpet-20C23F93.an1.dca17.da.uu.net) joined #pawpet. [18:09] REMOVING AN ORK FROM YOUR REAR> :) [18:09] lol "a beaver!?" [18:09] Hello Momma_Bridget! [18:09] He's speaking big words to seem smart. He's definitely high on weed [18:09] infidel! Do not speak agains the holy children of Egypt! [18:09] lol [18:09] Are they giving someone a sex change? [18:09] Hi cub_Cachette! [18:09] ITS RAINGIN ANIMASL [18:09] Hallelujah? [18:09] Yea Bunny [18:09] Don't hate on cats! [18:09] QUOTES! [18:09] 2 procedures to remove all vestiges of masculinity? Procedure #1: become a Democrat... [18:09] m 5 [18:09] SO MANY QUOTES! [18:09] what the hell its going on lol [18:09] FPS NEEDS more cats [18:09] .me wanders whats for dinner tonight????? [18:09] Its rainin' pets, halelulia! [18:09] its raining puppets!! the end is near!!! :P [18:09] There is nothing wrong with being to cat [18:09] The Traditional Throwing Of The Puppets [18:09] be a cat, cats are the most awesome animal! [18:09] t4 (t4@pawpet-E52EB351.wp.shawcable.net) left irc: Connection reset by peer [18:09] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [18:09] Action: Fudgy wanders whats for dinner tonight????? [18:09] lol [18:10] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:10] They're giving the pawpets a species change. :-) [18:10] I would like a sex change: From NONE to SOME. Thanks. [18:10] Ha ha ha! [18:10] Plushie Cannon! [18:10] puppet overflow [18:10] ROFL [18:10] speculum? [18:10] Lemmings! [18:10] XD speculum [18:10] is that Mutt's voice?! [18:10] Speculum hahahahaha [18:10] ORGASM! [18:10] Yes Redski [18:10] ahh puppet pile [18:10] BACULUM? [18:10] LOL [18:10] MUTT!!!!!!!!!!! [18:10] Garmon_Martin: you and me both. xD [18:10] Redski: That it is. :-) [18:10] hahaha [18:10] XD [18:10] LOL [18:10] sperium? [18:10] lol [18:10] awwwwwwwwww [18:10] ok.... now how to discuss that and not break the rating? ;) [18:10] Is there a BMX puppetjump just offscreen? [18:10] Another dog? :| [18:10] Frankie the world's worst waiter? [18:10] Speculum [18:10] ITS THE RENUNION SHOW [18:10] as in Vaginal Speculum. [18:10] spermy num? [18:10] Furpile on Ezra! [18:10] yay i like the dog [18:10] The butt is too small! [18:10] poor Ezra :P [18:10] Of course you get a lot of dogs together you get them sniffing each others BUTT [18:10] Paramecium. [18:10] LOL [18:10] a specilum is a medical device which is used to widen a certain orifice for medical examination [18:10] That's it, I'm calling this episode "Dog's Life" [18:10] another quote [18:10] ROFLMAO [18:10] puppet furpile backstage! [18:10] OOoooooooooh, Zorro [18:10] http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/Baculum [18:10] ba_ar (baar_bear@pawpet-E21555DF.ph.ph.cox.net) left irc: Quit: [18:10] I wonder what it looks like behind the stage right now? [18:10] Zorro: theres another type too ;) [18:10] yay i call head [18:10] and of course sooner or later they end up humping [18:10] FLying PawPEts [18:11] HI MUTT!!!!!!!!!!!! [18:11] lol [18:11] Too Damn Funny [18:11] I don't wanna discuss whatever the hell they're it is they're discussing [18:11] long dog nose hair? [18:11] Long Dog hair nose? [18:11] long cat? [18:11] giant pawpet pile behind the stage! [18:11] ahh no no puppet RAPE [18:11] lol xD [18:11] The Vaginal Speculum was a compact car made in Eastern Europe in the 1970s. [18:11] long... dog... hair... nose? [18:11] The Flying Pawpet Brothers [18:11] BungeeSkunk: just a big pile of puppets! [18:11] Nick change: cub_cachette -> cachette [18:11] ouch [18:11] hair of the dog that bit you? [18:11] what were you guys talking about last night? O_o [18:11] Ahh Man they ran out of Flying Pawpets [18:11] Wild`Bill`TX: You know, the hillbillies use those for toothpicks. [18:11] Exww! [18:11] what lol [18:11] eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew [18:11] EEEEEEEEeEEEEEEEeeeEWWWWwwwwWwww! [18:11] EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! [18:11] Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww [18:11] Okay! [18:11] aww [18:11] OH gosh! [18:11] INSTANT MOUSTASCH! [18:11] RussianGuy (51deeb25@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [18:11] ewwwwwwwwww!!! [18:11] Why!!!!!!!!!!!!! [18:11] >_< [18:11] Action: Scooter_Squirrel waves to cachette [18:11] Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww [18:11] (jk) [18:11] Is jr there tonight? [18:11] Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww [18:11] Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww [18:11] eww [18:11] WRYYYYYY [18:11] well, I guess that's expected [18:11] And he's taking notes on this why?! [18:11] Ewww ewww ewwwwwwwww! [18:11] ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww [18:11] every time I start eating you guys mention something disgusting [18:11] EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [18:11] Momma: nope, he's sick [18:11] It's not that gross [18:11] Momma_Bridget, JR's not here [18:11] Action: cachette nuzzles scooter [18:11] Better than a qtip, though [18:11] Snorting dog hair does not make one high [18:11] Momma_Bridge: JR is sick this week. [18:11] DO NOT WANT! [18:11] Momma_Bridget: Sadly no [18:11] your lung on the end of it :) [18:11] I missed it, I lost sound. [18:11] But why did he put in in his cell phone in the first place? [18:12] Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! [18:12] BUTT SHOT! [18:12] Garmon_Martin> What country made this car? It no longer exists. Put it in "H." [18:12] What? Huh? [18:12] This music is making me go INSANE!!! [18:12] I havn't seen any Peckers Thrown [18:12] They've resorted to throwing puppets around :) [18:12] Theres an easy way to simulate JR. [18:12] I get that when I work on fursuits [18:12] i had a dog sleep on my head once and that did not happen to me [18:12] Kipper: the solution is to not eat until after they mention something disgusting [18:12] Action: BucktownTiger snuggles a Fuji and drags him to PM :) [18:12] Congratulations FPS! You've ruined my dreams of ever owning a dog! [18:12] Action: ColinFoxTail waves hello to Yin-Yang! :-D [18:12] IS BassMan burried in PawPets Yet [18:12] What are people ewwwwing about? [18:12] I'm surrounded by flying puppets. [18:12] ..and puppets [18:12] well then Im not hungry anymore [18:12] #1. drink alcohol to loosen inhabitions [18:12] GOOD! [18:12] its the iron papwet challenge: KP must make a character tonight for every pawpet back there with him [18:12] Where did all the puppets come from? [18:12] It's a cornicopia of stupidity! [18:12] Ow! [18:12] Put some pawpets on the ceiling fan [18:12] OUCH [18:12] well...dinner time...I'll see everyone on the replay [18:12] #2. Dont give a rats ass about whats being said. [18:12] Um...ouch [18:12] yum fried puppet [18:12] O.O [18:12] membraneous [18:12] Oh gosh [18:12] Cancer... [18:12] Thank you for the word of the day, Mr. Ed, now go be glue. [18:12] SawBlade5: if he is then BassMan will be fapping! [18:12] Yes, why? [18:12] It's raining cats and dogs! [18:12] DL_Leonine (evan@pawpet-8363C6CA.carolina.res.rr.com) left #pawpet. [18:12] Mutt: thank you for clearing that up :P [18:12] Cancer would be one [18:12] Medical reasons for it? [18:12] LOL [18:12] is there furry porn of it? [18:12] Moka [18:12] Sexchange... [18:12] Isn't Penectamy a city in New York? [18:12] Well, okay, cancer [18:12] Kuddlepup (John_Cole@pawpet-73C619C7.thefoxden.com) left irc: Ping timeout [18:12] Cancer of the wang, need to chop it off. [18:12] Nick change: cachette -> puppetpaws [18:12] Penile Cancer, but sometimes happens [18:12] And the reversal operation is an "Addadicktome." [18:12] Those Amazonian fish that can swim up your weiner? [18:12] Aids is imminent. [18:13] #3. drive every topic toward the concept of sexy things. but not auctually develoveing into gutter sex talk [18:13] I think someone needs their tongue ripped out in the name of all that is holy in the rating. :) [18:13] Needed for disregarding the warnings on Viagra! [18:13] Oh Canada [18:13] ack. FF froze [18:13] Action: Fudgy hugs Scooter_Squirrel [18:13] woooooooof [18:13] Bawk [18:13] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [18:13] Thailand [18:13] Becoming a unic (spelling) [18:13] Bawj [18:13] so who is the really wet dirty mutt dog? [18:13] my gosh Ezra, go take a carwash! [18:13] Bawk [18:13] really, sex change operations are all done outside the US? [18:13] Snarfie: sadly, I'm sure there is [18:13] AngelicDirt> Unix. [18:13] Yeah....>WHY are we talking about that [18:13] You can get ANYTHING removed in Mexico. Without anesthesia too. [18:13] i dont want a penectimy thats sounds painful [18:13] Don't take my pen! I need it to write! [18:13] WHY WOULD YOU WANNA HAVE YOUR GOOLIES TAKEN OFF?!?!?!?! [18:13] no no [18:13] OH.....MY....GOD. That dog on the upper left is Will Smith's!!! [18:13] TLR is WAY too close to the camera [18:13] nice [18:13] my balls my cock [18:13] Fixing ezra and mutt and calling them Auntie Ezra and Auntie Muttina [18:13] My farther had a partial orchiectomy. He's been half nuts ever since. [18:13] Redski: Groovie Goolies [18:13] Thanks alcohol for this discussion! [18:13] H/O [18:13] Action: Scooter_Squirrel hugs Fudgy back [18:13] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [18:13] Sex reassignment surgery does not remove penis, it kind of inverts it [18:13] No, a Dodecahedron! [18:13] Action: Reese_Tora thought a sex change meant cosmetic surgery to reconstruct the menus into a similar portion of female anatomy [18:13] lol... [18:13] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:13] It's a geometrical shape. [18:13] Real_Miff_Otter (chatzilla@pawpet-AA41D99.sip.hsv.bellsouth.net) joined #pawpet. [18:13] Will_Mofield (willmofiel@BF6ADB53.E36AC49B.BEBF3CC.IP) left #pawpet. [18:13] Nick change: puppetpaws -> cub_cachette [18:13] No they are not. There is a specialist in Colorado [18:13] Hello Real_Miff_Otter1 [18:13] no, sex change operations are done in the US: look at Ann Coulter. :) [18:13] Geometry... hated those courses [18:13] go ahead, hit the smart people... :P [18:13] He's talking about his gaming dice. [18:14] UHM [18:14] Long word: antidisestablishmentarianism [18:14] :laughs at yurex [18:14] RHINO [18:14] T M I [18:14] i think there playign Tetris wiht Pawpets back there [18:14] Action: Sibir_Lupus covers up his crotch, cowering in terror from the recent conversation............ [18:14] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQcpqUxbWsc [18:14] Oh Yurex_SL WIN [18:14] That gets him stuck. [18:14] I wonder who is doing the Cast of Puppets List Tonight [18:14] furpile on KP! [18:14] yes... show how manys! [18:14] hehe [18:14] Hes having a puppet Orgy? [18:14] show us! show us! [18:14] Action: BucktownTiger furpiles KP [18:14] any otters? [18:14] Action: Redski flops on KP! [18:14] damn! lol [18:14] lol [18:14] Niece: Aw! You're so cute when you lick yourself. Me: Oh now that souds wrong [18:14] Can I has one? [18:14] REALLY long word: pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis [18:14] Yurex: you mean Man Coulter? [18:14] show us!!!! [18:14] puppetpile! [18:14] Action: baccala30 puts on a cup! ;P [18:14] Show us!!!! [18:14] PUPPET ORGY! [18:14] But do sex change operations retain the ability for the patient to experience sexual stimulation? [18:14] any huskies? =3 [18:14] lol [18:14] I am not posting the names of all the Pawpets that appeared Tonight [18:14] Action: TigerShadowclaw jumps into the furpile [18:14] we must see this mass of puppets! [18:14] going to have to have puppet roll call [18:14] Lets see a SQUIRREL!!!! [18:14] more puppets! we need more puppets [18:14] Play some 1970's music [18:14] lol Woyro and hi :) [18:14] Kurra: one would assume so [18:14] Action: AngelicDirt jumps back stage and furpiles in [18:14] lynxy (roxas4ever@pawpet-98657CAD.hsd1.ut.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [18:14] AAAAAAAAHHH! [18:14] yikes [18:14] how about this word: Floccinaucinihilipilification? [18:14] LOL [18:14] HI! [18:14] O.O!! [18:14] Baccala30: lol :D [18:14] Rawr! [18:14] RAWR [18:14] GYAAH [18:14] lol [18:14] O_O! [18:14] lmao [18:14] lol [18:14] "It's hard" isit wet? [18:14] looks like some sort of Aztec temple carving [18:14] It's so AWESOME! [18:14] RAWR! [18:14] rawr! [18:14] What the heck is that. [18:14] WOA! [18:14] What the fuck is that? [18:14] lol [18:14] o.O [18:14] darn its hard [18:14] lol [18:14] lol [18:14] WTF [18:14] lol [18:14] yah! [18:14] lol [18:14] No bunnies? [18:14] hehehehehehe [18:14] miffOtter (chatzilla@pawpet-AA41D99.sip.hsv.bellsouth.net) left irc: Ping timeout [18:14] lol [18:14] show us!!!! [18:14] What the dook? [18:14] Whoa! [18:14] Action: Zorro wonders if Richard Simmon had a sex change would anyone notice? [18:14] :::waves at Yurex::: [18:14] RAWARRRR [18:14] RAHR! [18:14] I WANT THAT PUPPET! [18:14] Whats with the dirty dog puppet [18:15] lol [18:15] LOL! [18:15] It's My Pet Acid Trip! [18:15] Gay Muppet?! [18:15] HAAAAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA [18:15] lol [18:15] Nick change: Real_Miff_Otter -> miffOtter [18:15] Is that from Where the Wild Things Are? [18:15] lol [18:15] lol [18:15] lol [18:15] lol [18:15] Lion on LSD [18:15] Maurice Sendak would sue [18:15] RAWARR ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [18:15] Get your butt to mars! [18:15] or Live.. [18:15] I am NOT on LSD! [18:15] its the gay puppets [18:15] Big word guy? [18:15] Yea, bury Mutt so they can't take 'em away [18:15] Poe? [18:15] try the rhino... [18:15] Damn, that looks like an abortion from H.R. Puff-n-Stuff! [18:15] lol [18:15] Hey, don't pick on Coulter. Remember, even "Princess" Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg once looked like a woman. [18:15] it the gay puppets [18:15] this is the crazyist show ever [18:15] as in Edgar allen poe. [18:15] YEa [18:15] Enough with the Tetris music, already!!!!! [18:15] The German Shepherd [18:15] The mastiff is Will Smith's Beatbox Puppet! [18:15] And the tetris theme is sitll playing [18:15] lol [18:15] He's totally Mastiff. :) [18:15] hippopotamus [18:15] wait Florida is not a Power Ball State [18:15] Big word guy? Einstein? Newton? [18:15] The show is getting fun. :) [18:15] A female German shepard. [18:15] Theres a quote Garrison [18:15] don't touch those puppets, you don't know where they've been! [18:15] I need a winning Powerball ticket. [18:15] ..... [18:15] Yeah, except you guys just removed your powerballs. You lose. [18:15] That sounded wrong. [18:15] O.O [18:15] IT's a Mega Millions State [18:15] yes a winning ticket for $5 [18:15] Action: Hokucho found one of the metal tins of 3-type popcorn and is now eating it [18:15] O.O [18:15] Bulldog! [18:15] "Think I won the POWER BALL!" - Homsar [18:15] XD [18:15] lol [18:15] Garmon: lol [18:15] Hey Bulldog! [18:15] lol [18:15] mastiff = big words? [18:15] with a heavy austrian accent. but so dainty. [18:16] Sawblade5: Florida Lotto did join the Powerball a few days ago actually [18:16] Action: Fudgy loves the german shepherd puppet! [18:16] yikes, I thought humans considered dogs their best friends. Look what they did to that one. [18:16] Cool Bulldog! [18:16] huimanukahumaquapua [18:16] lol [18:16] You need a Walrus Puppet for that [18:16] hey sexy puppets lol kill jarjar i hate him [18:16] Hey Bulldog! [18:16] Winston the Bulldog [18:16] which is actually a fish [18:16] Hey Bulldog [18:16] mmmyess [18:16] And hes got to streach his mouth to let those big words come right out [18:16] Diabetus Of Borg [18:16] I believe its Humahumanukanukaapuaa [18:16] lol [18:16] Hokucho: I was working on the Caramel Corn section of one of those, myself, at show start. [18:16] Action: Mephitis wonders why Hokucho isn't sharing [18:16] hes had enough [18:16] Hey! Bulldog. [18:16] lol [18:16] QUOTE! [18:16] prehensile face, for the win! [18:16] i like the bulldogs i have on in RL [18:16] Hawaiian Fish. [18:16] haha [18:16] LOL! [18:16] LOL "My entiah face is prehensile." [18:16] Haha [18:16] call him "Sesquipedalian" [18:16] of the sitty [18:16] LOLL!!! [18:16] You want some Mephitis? [18:16] Humuhumunukunukuapuaah [18:16] It's a relative of Tag. [18:16] hehehehe...that actually looks cute! :-D [18:16] prencel lol [18:16] BFL? [18:16] humans have prehensile lips. :) [18:16] Hippotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is your friend! [18:16] VPL? rowr! [18:16] and hes had his bead made like a mountain range with a big fat pillow for his big fat head. [18:17] hahaha [18:17] "Dia-a-beet-us of Borg"? [18:17] THIS IS CNN [18:17] You know, this Tetris music has been going on for a long time, it just sorta blends in. [18:17] BPL sounds like some STD [18:17] Big time! [18:17] Dogs... [18:17] yes, we needs to see back stage! [18:17] Dragon! [18:17] and this [18:17] Backstage still needs more puppets! MORE PUPPETS! [18:17] THIS........IS..........SPAHRTAH!" [18:17] panduh [18:17] and this [18:17] Mountain of puppets! [18:17] Panda! [18:17] yappys ark [18:17] and this [18:17] we need a backstage cam [18:17] a panda [18:17] http://i109.photobucket.com/albums/n65/etherworx/diabeetis.jpg [18:17] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [18:17] XD [18:17] wow alot of puppets lol [18:17] lol [18:17] MOOSE! [18:17] And this! And this! And this!... [18:17] do what to the camel??? [18:17] Moose puppet! [18:17] Leopard! [18:17] Hump the Camel? No thanks. :) [18:17] I want the moose puppet! [18:17] LOL [18:17] Did the puppets get into the Quadrotriticale again? [18:17] http://www.pagat.com/invented/stonehenge.html [18:17] good think yappy raised the stage a few weeks ago, else they would overflow the stage [18:17] Action: Kipper hopes there are otters [18:17] puppet pile again [18:17] BRING FORTH THE SEAL!!!! [18:17] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:17] Yea but you guys have to list them all on Episoide 403 [18:17] hey, that big brown one looks like Bradhound :D [18:17] turn the kitchen on backstage [18:17] How many puppets do they have?! [18:17] *cam [18:17] Biggleton [18:17] Because the Panda will result in Asian Stereotypes? [18:17] Action: Kurra tries to find the cool pic of an art book cover... [18:17] Action: ColinFoxTail wonders if Skippy is one of the characters in the furpile... [18:17] Don't give me any of your lip! [18:17] The dog has a Scouter! [18:18] Oxford? [18:18] KP: name him WINSTON! [18:18] How about Pritty pritty princess [18:18] dont forget to list them all in teh Episoied guy for it [18:18] Kipper: Will more otters invade FC as well? ;P [18:18] Newton? Einstein? [18:18] How about Webster? [18:18] Cap. Kangaroo? [18:18] O.o [18:18] thought it was dane cook [18:18] Camel! [18:18] name him Trindane jr [18:18] Alister Cooke [18:18] Mr. BigWords works [18:18] Big Word Guy: Ricardo Montebalm. [18:18] George Carlin? [18:18] His power level is over 10,000! [18:18] wow... it's hump... [18:18] h,,, [18:18] Yea [18:18] lol! [18:18] george carlin? [18:18] I dont get it [18:18] Alester Cooke? [18:18] vincent price [18:18] Alistaire Cookie [18:18] Fuck is not every part of speech, it's a few parts of the body too. [18:18] lol [18:18] lol [18:18] Racial Stereotype Camel! [18:18] not ONLY [18:18] the word, eff [18:18] F [18:18] someone fill me in [18:18] ? [18:18] the word F [18:18] Tunak Tunak Tun [18:18] NICE! [18:18] F [18:18] Eff [18:18] Manners... [18:18] maybe it was clint black [18:18] NICE! [18:18] O_O [18:18] ahh stereotypical puppets [18:18] WOOF [18:18] Nice Belch [18:18] The word if? [18:18] good lord [18:18] Man... [18:18] manners can sucks my finger lol [18:18] eeeewwwww!!!!!!!! [18:18] YAPPY KILLED THEM ALL! [18:18] 9.5! [18:18] stinky burps... o-o [18:18] yappys burps are just like his farts [18:18] Funday Pawpet Show is brought to you by the letter 5 and the number D. [18:18] omg cute possum [18:18] It's not really hidden [18:19] Mutt: reverse fart? O_o [18:19] Yappy can kill with belching? O.o [18:19] lol [18:19] that belch came from WAY DOWN in his ASS! [18:19] Camel breath, ugh [18:19] Camel breath. [18:19] ~ [18:19] burps from his colon [18:19] was, he smells from both ends >XD [18:19] Ewwwwwwwwwwwww! [18:19] lol [18:19] XD eeew yappy belches [18:19] That wasn't a burp, it was a reverse fart. [18:19] Mutt has a fart breath [18:19] Action: Zorro saves against the Breath Weapon! [18:19] WHY!!!!!!!! [18:19] lol [18:19] L-O-L! [18:19] he needs to stop drinking Butt Light [18:19] He used it last week [18:19] Ack... [18:19] first farts now belching [18:19] That was NASTY?!? [18:19] Actually, he said it last week! [18:19] lol [18:19] Yappy's flatulence strikes again... [18:19] ....ew [18:19] Yappy can start earth quakes with his burps [18:19] Yappy!!! [18:19] Yappy You need to go to the Doctor about your Gas Problem [18:19] he said it earlier this show [18:19] A card! [18:19] Hahahaha [18:19] eww i can smell it [18:19] Yappy is a biohazard. That's why no one lives near him. The whole area is cordoned off by the EPA [18:19] It rhymes too [18:19] It sounds like some torture camp in there! [18:19] fart that took the elevator [18:19] lol Stray_Cat [18:19] Action: cub_cachette goign to have to dig out old pawpet ferrets and play them [18:19] Whos the subserviant tonight? [18:19] Hi Bandit! [18:19] *dies* [18:19] Gracious! [18:19] I'd buy a t-shirt that'd say that. [18:19] or at the end of alst week's show... [18:19] auld [18:19] Let's see Bandit :( [18:19] lol I would so love to see that on a card [18:19] That burp might bring the Dead back to life then kill them off again [18:19] OK, This is a downloader [18:19] Action: Rhiamel_Foxie going to die [18:19] like totally dude! [18:19] A burp is a fart that backfired :) [18:19] may yappy is eating through his ass, like the old SouthPark episode [18:19] The they. [18:19] I like couscous [18:19] Did you know [18:19] Rather burp and taste it than fart and waste it... nice... XP [18:19] Action: Rhiamel_Foxie gagging [18:20] The ghoast of JR is in mutts belches [18:20] I hate couscous [18:20] Camels have three eyelids on each eye [18:20] " why fart and waste it when you can burp and taste it,... happy birthday" [18:20] Green Elf Is About To Die [18:20] He has puppets on his feet [18:20] lol [18:20] ...and the Tetris music drones on... [18:20] he sounds like Akmed the dead terrorist [18:20] didn't know that Leiko, cool. [18:20] lol [18:20] Mik (5af1ab44@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:20] LOL! [18:20] Roofus (4651851d@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:20] I'm suddenly having second thoughts about appearing on this show. xD [18:20] Anthrocon! [18:20] hi Mik [18:20] 30,000 years! [18:20] Dripdry (w_boles195@78403BF9.8BADAAF.CFFE043D.IP) left irc: Quit: [18:20] Hi mIk and Roofus! [18:20] lol [18:20] and welcome back Roofus [18:20] KP does a good Indian voice for a white puppy hehehe [18:20] It's coming... July will be here soon! [18:20] Action: AngelicDirt shakes head no... [18:20] ? [18:20] lolololol [18:20] Red Warrior Has Shot The Food [18:20] Why do they all sound like "Achmed, the Dead Terrorist"? [18:20] It's a squirrel! [18:20] hey stop shitting in my boots you dam puppets [18:20] MMMMMMMMMMMm Hawk Foood [18:20] thanks ! [18:20] Needs more phlegm [18:20] Turn off the Tetris music!!!!!!!!! [18:20] Squriell! [18:20] Hey SQUIRREL!!!! [18:20] Action: Roofus buuuuuuurrrrrrrrrps his supper [18:20] I HAVE HIM!!! [18:20] Sibir: Agreed! [18:20] The hermit crab is just a shell of his former self. [18:20] I see a squirrel [18:20] I remember that puppet. [18:20] Hobbes sent in the shell puppet [18:20] 1500 [18:20] lol [18:20] It looks like a Giant Booger [18:20] I saw a squirrel... It was doing like this! [18:20] used?? lol [18:20] the original mutt went for 800 bucks back in 2002 [18:20] lol! [18:20] lol [18:20] lol [18:20] 1,301 DOllers [18:20] lol [18:20] I think that Simba used the shell puppet. [18:20] 1000 Dullards [18:20] Or... It's a REALLY good suit [18:21] Okay. The stream is crapping out again. [18:21] Prices of fursuits, and used ones, man... [18:21] Action: Zorro wants the Squirrel [18:21] ill bie [18:21] 3000 [18:21] I want to be RICH so I can get my 1st fursuit done [18:21] it could go for 7000 on E-bay [18:21] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [18:21] I thought Mutt 1.0 was over $1000 [18:21] Still, the suits in the Anabukinchan ads are exceptional. [18:21] The squirrel cramps the crap out of my hand too [18:21] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:21] Over 9000! [18:21] E-bay is a scary place. Things seem to go for random amounts. You could sell dust there and maybe get a few grand [18:21] Can we cut off the tetris now? [18:21] Hold your horses KP! [18:21] Pays $1300 Lindens [18:21] :D Moooooose! [18:21] Horsies!!! [18:21] JEEZ!!! I'm gonna take up sewing for those kinds of prices!! [18:21] they have a freaking herd [18:21] Puppets? On a puppet show? Horrors. [18:21] I want the moose! [18:21] that squirrel thing is a difficult one [18:21] Moose! [18:21] It's NAIR! [18:21] MOOSE!! [18:21] mmmm horses :D [18:21] i want to get a fursuit but my mom and dad are fur haters [18:21] Yappy has a secret horse fetish ;) [18:21] Hey, you guys heard that PETA wants to rename fish as sea kitten to make people less inclined to eat fish? http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,24889685-5001021,00.html [18:21] looks like the Canadian ambassador has arrived [18:21] They should sell them and make some money [18:21] or NAHER, or however you say that [18:21] Moose and Squriell! [18:21] MOOSE!!!!! [18:21] They has a carot? [18:21] The peni pinto? [18:21] and he's gone [18:21] Is that squirrel on Ecstasy???? [18:21] I feel like this is a video game [18:21] Carrot [18:21] Carrot! [18:21] There was a Bolt video game, too. [18:21] Yay! [18:21] lol [18:21] I have a Bolt plushie! :D [18:21] hehe [18:21] SQUIRRELS RULE!!!!!! [18:22] HAHA! [18:22] Squirrel loks fat :9 [18:22] yea bolt plushies [18:22] Bolt could guest star on the show? [18:22] Cause you'll get SUED! [18:22] Mutt: yes, they sell a big Bolt plushie which is too damn cute :D [18:22] my pup has one [18:22] Im sure there are plenty of bolt toys with holes in their butts now [18:22] 'ripped apart puppets', I bet [18:22] lol... ripping apart puppets... that sounds like a personal reference [18:22] how long have they been playing Tetris Music? [18:22] SPH [18:22] Lucas is looking for you already for JARJAR [18:22] SPOILER ALERT! [18:22] And there will be Bolt underwear, Bolt Cereal, Bolt deodorant... [18:22] They modify plushies all the time...but sometimes it's for nefarious purposes. :-P [18:22] wow [18:22] Opie (Opie@pawpet-F40BE05B.rochester.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: reboot time, brb [18:22] Action: BradHound takes Kipper as a plushie. [18:22] Bolt puppet would rock [18:22] Action: miffOtter wants a Rhino plush [18:22] Reese_Tora> As "Kathy Grrson" said in "Carry On": "Mmmm...KITTENS!" [18:22] Hooves! [18:22] arf! [18:22] d'aawwwww i wanna have them [18:22] You guys could have a horse race [18:22] Wow! I've never seen these puppets before [18:22] ...and Bolt bolts, Shamus [18:22] FRAU BRUCHER! [18:22] Lots of hooves! [18:22] Yay! [18:22] I want Bolt underwear [18:22] A HORSE WITH NO NAME! [18:22] $7000 suit: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110333810866 [18:22] America reference! [18:22] now egt a beer wagon :) [18:22] who has a folkmanis yellow ferret puppet? [18:22] lol Mangusu [18:22] o.o You got a HERD of hossies? :P [18:22] *BLUCHER!* [18:22] Action: Rhiamel_Foxie want to get a bunny fursuit [18:22] But have you been through the desert on them? [18:22] It's the Equine Take-Over Show! [18:22] It's Nair or Naher! [18:22] Action: Zorro sings, When You Say Bud........ [18:22] Hook 'em up to a chariot and re-enact the race scene from "Ben Hur"! [18:22] Right Blucher. [18:22] paid for as well [18:22] Chocolate rain!! [18:22] Well I've been though the deset on a horse with no name [18:22] You know, with all those horses, you could get a Budweider beer commercial going. [18:23] Any bunny pawpets? [18:23] Action: Rhiamel_Foxie wats to get a bunny fur suit [18:23] so many equinies, and not one zebra!? :( [18:23] two... blueees [18:23] Sakana: if fish was called sea kitten, I might actually be inclined to eat it [18:23] Unglued [18:23] Hemms (IceChat7@pawpet-4B7D1CBE.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) joined #pawpet. [18:23] We have a Budweiser Commercial [18:23] I've got a yellow ferret on my shelf. I had no idea they were so popular untill I started watching this show [18:23] Two horses! [18:23] I've been through the desert on a horse puppet with no name. [18:23] http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/360291 [18:23] HI Hemms!@ [18:23] lol [18:23] LOL [18:23] Modern art goat, sfw: http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/after-modern-art-1945-2000-oxford-history-of-art [18:23] LOL! [18:23] lol [18:23] That's Emo Dog [18:23] lol [18:23] Hello! [18:23] Go Squirrel, go Squirrel! [18:23] Rhiamel_Foxie: me too! [18:23] Sibir: You need Takala? ;) [18:23] dogs are retarted! [18:23] lol... nuts [18:23] which is impossible to see against the white pawpet sign [18:23] lol retard dog [18:23] QUOTE [18:23] ....and a beer.......IN A TREE! [18:23] ........ [18:23] XD [18:23] If I smoke I'll come up with the ideas on this show and post it online [18:23] Yeah but, he has only one nut [18:23] Bob! [18:23] It's playing with its nut! [18:23] That's a quote! [18:23] i like ogs but that dog was invisable lol [18:23] Yeah, they need to take that sign down [18:23] Bradhound: you have no idea :) [18:23] Bob... my favorite letter [18:23] BOB! [18:23] And one reeeeEEEtarded dog! [18:23] Reese_Tora> Calling an animal a "Sea Cucumber" hasn't taken it off the menu. [18:23] FPS #403, The Random Character Episode. [18:23] :P [18:23] Oink? [18:23] There is no sanity. Only bob. :P [18:24] BOB [18:24] Last message repeated 2 time(s). [18:24] You pig! [18:24] BO [18:24] "No one said you have to live on Planet Bob." [18:24] BOB [18:24] puppet orgy? [18:24] why am i reminded of meerkat fisting when i see that squrril pawpet? [18:24] OINK [18:24] Action: Kurra just started on his very first fursuit with the help of friends, yaaaay! [18:24] puppet yiffing [18:24] This...is BOB. [18:24] The animals came on the ark 2 by 2. [18:24] *WHERE IS THE SEAL????* [18:24] Sakana: people eat that?! bleah :P [18:24] Action: Sibir_Lupus snuggles his zebra plushie tightly :) [18:24] MOOO! [18:24] Mouser: Or WAY too many Puppets [18:24] Bacon! [18:24] hahahahhhahaaaaaa [18:24] hey I said that already [18:24] Mmm... bacon [18:24] Slip some pawpets onto the ceiling fan blades and then turn it on [18:24] its Yappys ark [18:24] lol [18:24] Action: Zorro thinks Bacon has a Girlfriend [18:24] Poe: the Musical. As created by Disney. It starts with his death and ends with his first childhood trauma. [18:24] Action: Shane_Graytail says "You have two Bacons, because Bacon offends HIMSELF!" [18:24] BAWK [18:24] It's El Arca under there [18:24] hey yappy maybe they are breading! [18:24] LOL [18:24] rofl [18:24] Bawk! [18:24] breeding* [18:24] Big chicken! [18:24] Kevin Bacon [18:24] They're calling me! [18:24] We has a puppet ark. :3 [18:24] LOL "I found a giant cock!" [18:24] someone point a camera backstage so we can see the puppet explosion [18:24] lol! [18:24] Bawk [18:24] Action: Rhiamel_Foxie starts making baken [18:24] COCKZILLA! [18:24] why would dolphins need to board the arc? [18:24] Yay dolphins! [18:24] bawk! [18:24] Action: Reese_Tora recalls sea cucumbers fight off predators be expelling their internal organs [18:24] FPS: home of the pawpet ark [18:24] bawk! [18:24] Dolphins! [18:24] I see two Cocks [18:24] Bawks! [18:24] another quote [18:24] clean animals went in by 7 [18:24] XD [18:24] LAWL [18:24] Bawk's Ark? [18:24] Where's peter??? [18:24] Hmmm.. No skunks yet on stage! [18:24] It's a Funday Pawpet Zoo! [18:24] lol [18:24] dirty was 2 [18:24] Did they do Rick Roll Call? [18:24] lol [18:24] This is hilarious [18:24] Wait a minute, how are you going to get dolphins on an Ark? I mean, Dolphins SWIM. [18:24] Oh geez. [18:24] This is crazy [18:25] PANDA! [18:25] why am i reminded of meerkat fisting when i see that squrril puppet? [18:25] awww, KP wants his Panda ;) [18:25] God was pretty mean to the land animals. The sea ones were laughing their asses off at Noah and company [18:25] Is is a Purple Panda? [18:25] I'm on SHROOOOOOOOOOOMS! [18:25] art jam? [18:25] I LOVE PANDAS. ;3 [18:25] Eagle [18:25] and they ahve these thin little helper fish taht live inside their anuses [18:25] kung fu! [18:25] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [18:25] OMG [18:25] Actually, i think the pandas art saved already... [18:25] lol [18:25] Alternate Artjam: Too Many Cast Members! [18:25] Whats tonights artjam? Puppet Orgy? [18:25] is that... MUTT? XD [18:25] They should get a Mammoth [18:25] what's the art jam? [18:25] One more Chicken and they can put on a live-action episode of "Fox Busters"! [18:25] I do! [18:25] Hypnotist? Really? [18:25] everyone loves Pandas :) [18:25] JFD: Yep! [18:25] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:25] The Pawpet Show is biased against skunks [18:25] lol [18:25] mii [18:25] HEY! No swearing! [18:25] legitimate hypnosis :P [18:25] BANDIT [18:25] Action: Momma_Bridget laughs at the idea of artjam topic: Puppet Orgy [18:25] fur mart [18:25] And how would that be different? [18:25] Make Yappy not able to fart! [18:25] Jappie? [18:25] Art Jam: Pawpet gods [18:25] Hypnotism best use. [18:25] $1.00, Yappy. [18:25] lol [18:25] Chocolate rain? [18:25] Make yappy not fart. [18:25] Hypnotise Yappy so he stops pooting [18:25] Hypnotize BANDIT! [18:25] Have a 3d shooter remembered AS being there. [18:25] All the critters but Skunk puppets :-( [18:25] Maybe skunk puppets are just shy, Garrison [18:25] reign [18:25] I just don't think any of them want a skunk butt pointed at them all night Garrison [18:25] I think Folkmanis is biased against skunks [18:25] Okay. NOW it's a REAL show! 2 had his burps, We have Mutt! XD [18:25] Yay! Hypnotize Yappy! "You are sleepy, you are making another 4000 shows!" ;P [18:25] Think....? [18:25] Hey alexi! [18:26] FURS R US [18:26] so you think its like a hollowdeck game. [18:26] You can hypnotize Bawk and get him to act like a chicken. [18:26] Furs R We! [18:26] Yeah, a hypnotist squirrel! Awesomeness! [18:26] Mutt can't be hypnotized [18:26] If only Yappy's farts were like that one MADtv sketch [18:26] Herbie's mind is cuttered. [18:26] Clear minds? Man, is HE in the wrong room. [18:26] Tetris: Level 1000 [18:26] Disney already has a hold on Mutt's mind, so further hypnosis is wasted [18:26] TWO is there tonight? [18:26] that's empty, not clear :P [18:26] Stray Cat...Skunk butt/Yappy poot. What's the difference? [18:26] Herbie's mind is cluttered. [18:26] I can't be hynotised :P [18:26] Plethora of Puppets [18:26] Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii [18:26] Momma: No, was just saying. ;) [18:26] Oh [18:26] Superbowl! [18:26] WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE! [18:26] The Stupid Bowl. [18:26] Foosball is the devil! [18:26] Playoffs are this weekend [18:26] I don't follow footbal [18:26] Master of Pawpets [18:26] lol i should make a store called furs R us in the middle of the furry capital of the US [18:26] Lions aren't playing, but... GO GIANTS! [18:26] Hey, it's Herbie? [18:26] on a 1-10 scale, skunk spray = 3.4 Yappy = 10 [18:26] I'm not sure if I can be hypnotised or not. I've been told I have the ability to use self-hypnosis, but I'm not sure how true that is. [18:27] Action: BradHound loves football. :) [18:27] poor poor Lions [18:27] lol [18:27] My mind was killed by the earlier singing [18:27] The Giants won? [18:27] I don't like football, hockey is the sport that I love [18:27] SeanWolf, actually, that's the perfect name for tonight's episode [18:27] lol [18:27] Woot. Laundry done [18:27] Where's all the king man?? [18:27] I've been half hypnotised before [18:27] Yappy, or someone, perhaps a future show's caption pic? http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/after-modern-art-1945-2000-oxford-history-of-art [18:27] "Master of Pawpets" [18:27] We need a Furry city... [18:27] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfABnAS5i9Q [18:27] Action: Dragonhead dosn't really like any sports [18:27] Abrahm: erm, didn't they lose hours ago? :./ [18:27] And there was one SuperBowl that was run over by "Heidi". [18:27] The squirrels [18:27] -. [18:27] Hockey? Naah. How about CURLING? [18:27] Yurex: No....lost. [18:27] nope giants LOST [18:27] What? Did they lose? [18:27] I have the LP sdoundtrack of Parent Trap [18:27] ok [18:27] FERRETS! [18:27] No, the Eagles BEAT the Giants 23 - 10 [18:27] Damn it! [18:27] Pecker [18:27] Hurray ferrets [18:27] The Gators won last week [18:27] We need a furry island [18:27] Dook the gators! [18:27] Herbie: What Cartoons do you still watch? [18:27] Pecker! [18:27] moo! [18:27] Nick change: BJB_Dinner -> BJButtons [18:27] go ravens [18:27] Issa Purple Pecker! [18:27] ysys [18:27] Dog toy or sex toy? [18:27] that frees up next week [18:27] Chelsea for EPL [18:27] Friggin' Philly, man... they were serious business [18:27] football sucks [18:27] JReq: 23-11 :) [18:27] Angelic Dirt: one weekend a year, there's Pittsburgh ;) [18:27] What? huh? [18:27] JReq: 23-11. First time the score was exactly that in the end... [18:27] GO GATORS!!! My alma mater won again!!! [18:27] I sure hope that was a DOG TOY. [18:27] Action: Salen doesn't care about college football until there's a playoff system. [18:27] bjbuttons i like that name [18:27] wha happen? [18:27] I remember the superbowl trying to interrupt Heidi [18:27] Not fair! [18:27] The Eagles are playing the Cardinals next Sunday. GO EAGLES! [18:28] I'm happy for the Huskies.. they got a perfect season. [18:28] Action: Sibir_Lupus throws a plush football at Bradhound [18:28] Show us! [18:28] thanks Brad and JFD [18:28] >> [18:28] << [18:28] ^^ [18:28] GO STEELERS! [18:28] Action: BradHound catches it! [18:28] LOL Sakana [18:28] STUFF [18:28] o.o [18:28] He has a big pecker! [18:28] Action: Garmon_Martin grew up far enough north that we had curling on TV even when the Olympics weren't on. :) (No, it wasn't in Canada, but you can see if from there) [18:28] Even bigger waste: why isn't Mutt on screen? [18:28] im only watching the Super Bowl ONLY because the teaser for Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen is being showed [18:28] woah [18:28] O.o [18:28] Are they beating the Chargers, Leiko? [18:28] MEEKO?! XD [18:28] Action: Rhiamel_Foxie Tackles brandhound [18:28] It's a BIG raccoon [18:28] <--- Patriots fan. :P [18:28] ROCKY! [18:28] yesh [18:28] lol, meeko! [18:28] woah [18:28] Meeko! [18:28] Ohhh giant Meeko! [18:28] Action: BradHound oofs! [18:28] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54708_c0wt8 [18:28] Radio Unifurse [18:28] heh meeko [18:28] Action (IceChat7@pawpet-81816101.hsd1.or.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:28] Sonic... God... [18:28] its walker meeko [18:28] Megameeko? [18:28] Last I checked they were winning 14-10 [18:28] Cue Rocky Raccoon music! [18:28] Hurray unifurs [18:28] Mutt: Radio Unifurse FTW! XD [18:28] 1HI Action! [18:28] Action: Rhiamel_Foxie hey sexy lol [18:28] it's the Disney appointed emissary, come to make sure Mutt doesn't run [18:28] hi Acton! [18:28] sweet [18:28] Hi Action [18:28] But thats ok [18:28] yay sonic guy! [18:28] I am back [18:28] Unifurse really works, thumbs up. [18:28] Oops, Action [18:28] Action: Kipper doesnt like Sonic [18:29] mini! [18:29] wow... raccoon... guy... ^_^; [18:29] Action: Redski likes Raido NUniforse [18:29] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9roouIbKwU [18:29] Pepperfox (zachhart12@pawpet-DA729B78.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Pepperfox [18:29] Blah, stream doesn't like movement [18:29] Action: Zorro Blames Rasvar for old time sake [18:29] *Unifurse [18:29] That raccoon is awesome. [18:29] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9roouIbKwU [18:29] i think im going insaing from Tetris music [18:29] And the tetris music continues on -_- [18:29] I cant understand why sonic has such a big following [18:29] Hehe - Coon looks like he's skiing ;) [18:29] and once more for good measure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9roouIbKwU [18:29] Kipper: why not? [18:29] Spoiler: i got lost, hyuk! [18:29] Blue-Paw (doglover45@pawpet-B04561CB.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) left irc: Ping timeout [18:29] Play some teletubies music it will kill everyone [18:29] That songs been playing for around an hour now [18:29] it's that Urkel voice, I bet [18:29] brb i need food [18:29] When they made Rasvar, they broke the mold. When Rasvar left the show, he broke the chair. [18:29] Meeko is cute! [18:29] cub_cachette (kitsudrago@pawpet-20C23F93.an1.dca17.da.uu.net) left irc: Quit: [18:29] Raccoon, you're AWESOME!!! [18:30] we need to change the msuic [18:30] Blue-Paw (doglover45@pawpet-B04561CB.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) joined #pawpet. [18:30] wait... what? [18:30] Play Tetris with the Pawpets! [18:30] Action: JFD62780 wonders if that is the NEW Rummage? :P (j/k; he knows they might not wanna ruin the magic THAT much. ;)) [18:30] Ayumu (IceChat7@127D8A99.B4D34B28.64BB9B93.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:30] hi Blue-Paw [18:30] Action: Mangusu readies the revolver [18:30] It's like the time that we kept hearing the Price is Right Cliffhanger music. ;) [18:30] Hello Ayumu! [18:30] See if they fit together like blocks [18:30] I agree with NardDog [18:30] Play some other video game music! [18:30] is that someone with an accent or is there really a Russian Furry on the show? [18:30] It's a tiny, tiny world! ;) [18:30] You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose... :P [18:30] hiya [18:30] hi Blue-Paw and Ayumu! [18:30] cause half the teenage girls on Deviantart trace over pictures of him and make crappy little fanfics about how their fursonas fall in love with him [18:30] FARYT [18:30] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D26ZIEjNRgc Duke Nukem Grabbag [18:30] They've been busy. [18:30] lol [18:30] too much fapping [18:30] Hey Blue *Tacklepounces* [18:30] Yappy: boo!!!!!!! :P [18:30] "Don't scratch there" qoute! [18:30] Sarah Palin, thinning your critter population since... well.. a long time [18:30] Hemms, I'm pretty sure that's Bassman with an accent [18:30] paf? [18:30] Holy carp, found a bigger version: http://tinyurl.com/8x7rjb [18:30] Action: BucktownTiger wants a Meeko... :) [18:30] lol holy carp [18:30] $400 O_o [18:30] Aim-Re (Amire@pawpet-872F2950.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:30] i will be in college till im 24 [18:30] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [18:30] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:31] :( [18:31] Action: JunoWolf-n-Akhanu tacklepounces bluepaw [18:31] I know someone with a Meeko [18:31] You're right Herbie! [18:31] I remember seeing them in Toys R Us [18:31] teenage girls have fursonas???? [18:31] I have a plushy of meeko... somewhere around here * glances around* [18:31] Mutt: good advice [18:31] Dynamite is going for $7000 on eBay O.O [18:31] HI Aim-Re! [18:31] Dynamite is going for $7000 on eBay O.O [18:31] No more huskies! :( [18:31] lol [18:31] Action: Woulfe hums [18:31] levant (weretiger9@pawpet-872F2950.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:31] Dynamite is going for $7000 on eBay O.O [18:31] Let's see the lion! [18:31] Hello levant! [18:31] Bucktown: Yep, [18:31] gets no feed [18:31] Rose comes to mind [18:31] X03 moan [18:31] And a partrige in a pear tree. [18:31] BucktownTiger: He WENT for $7000 [18:31] gets no sound [18:31] Dynamite was in a skiing video I found on youtube! [18:31] that deserved three posts [18:31] LinK? [18:31] Ohhh, that ones cute! [18:31] Show me the lion! [18:31] cute mouse [18:31] http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110333810866 [18:31] o.o Whoda ratta? XD [18:31] Temba (adammblade@pawpet-3F496A67.vc.shawcable.net) joined #pawpet. [18:31] Anyone seen Desperaux? [18:31] the show needs more tigers! [18:31] LOL beat me to that shamus [18:31] And a partridge in a pear tree? [18:31] I think its an odd movie [18:31] theres no otters? [18:31] Greetings Temba! [18:31] BucktownTiger: You can buy explosives on eBay now? [18:31] Bendit! [18:31] Nope. [18:31] Bandit, keep licking! [18:31] "Next thing you know you're just floatin' along, behind the little animals." [18:31] licking the carpet? XD [18:31] wat i miss [18:31] I never got the sabertooth tiger, or most of the other felines they made. Now they don't make any of them any more [18:31] No bunnies? [18:31] Hehehe [18:31] bandit licks carpet [18:31] Fart molecules [18:31] miffOtter: no, Dynamite the Fursuit [18:31] LOL [18:31] lick it up! [18:31] Action: Sibir_Lupus will not be happy till there's a zebra puppet too [18:31] I don't know who got Dynamite fursuit. :P [18:31] Mutt: hahaha, naughty :D [18:32] Ha ha ha! [18:32] Jakiz (Jakiz@pawpet-18E89B3A.dhcp.inet.fi) left irc: Quit: [18:32] Gotta get food. Beethoven's third XD [18:32] BucktownTiger: I knew that, I just didn't want to admit it... ;-) [18:32] EMPTY STAGE [18:32] mmmm, lint [18:32] lol [18:32] it seems like every time the video feed freezes i loose sound in quicktime [18:32] YAY Bernards!!!! [18:32] Bandit stop munching the carpet! [18:32] They need a clearance sale! :) [18:32] lol [18:32] Amire (Amire@pawpet-872F2950.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) left irc: Ping timeout [18:32] Damn! [18:32] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [18:32] not mucvh little tired [18:32] lol [18:32] Keep Licking Asholes! [18:32] CSI, Pawpers [18:32] woow............... [18:32] retriever? [18:32] i never bought anything from Folkmanis....im not big on paying for stuff over the internet [18:32] Mephitis (malbers@pawpet-2652F84C.dhcp.embarqhsd.net) left irc: Quit: [18:32] that went for $7000!!! [18:32] Hi Jojo! [18:32] So is that a German Fur? [18:32] What is that back there, couldn;t tell [18:32] special planets? [18:32] levant (weretiger9@pawpet-872F2950.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [18:32] Action: BucktownTiger has a Folkmanis tiger. [18:32] Man, you've got to be kidding. 7 grand for a used fursuit? [18:32] Amire (weretiger9@pawpet-872F2950.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:32] JOJO [18:32] thats creepy [18:32] Abrahm: yep [18:32] I have one of those! [18:32] Cool Bucktown [18:32] Well, LV's suits ARE expensive. [18:32] Its JOJO! [18:32] whats in his mouth? [18:32] Some people have WAY too much money. [18:32] Action: Onai-WolfWind has a folmanis wolf and red fox [18:32] Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner [18:32] Show what? :3 [18:32] Garrisonkitty! [18:32] Is that a tongue? [18:32] Well it's a Mixed Candy FUrsuit with 2 body suits and new feeet and hands. [18:32] SeanWolf: you're missing out on lots of stuff you can't find in stores [18:32] there's a TON of puppets backstage [18:32] Action: Zorro has the old HUGE Folkmanis Tiger [18:32] hello [18:32] Action: Momma_Bridget runs over jumps and lands on Garrisons lap [18:32] mew? [18:32] Action: Rhiamel_Foxie is eating fudge [18:32] Action: Yurex_SL bought his puppets on Pier 39 in SF during FC 2002 and 2003 [18:32] I hope to get my suit soon. [18:33] lol, nice [18:33] Amire (weretiger9@pawpet-872F2950.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [18:33] St. Bernard! [18:33] Slobber puppet! :) [18:33] Who was using Jojo there? He's almost always on cam. [18:33] D'awww... XD [18:33] Wait, what?? [18:33] slobber puppet? :P [18:33] There's a whole lot of backstory here that you're missing. [18:33] I got most of my Folkmanis puppets in stores [18:33] Copywrite infringement! [18:33] Action: Zorro I sent in the Knock Off [18:33] haha [18:33] Blue-Paw (doglover45@pawpet-B04561CB.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) left irc: Connection reset by peer [18:33] they're twins! :P [18:33] i wanna suit but if mom and dad see my suit they will distroy it [18:33] they have fake ones? WTH! haha [18:33] lawzoot! [18:33] Action: Momma_Bridget meows [18:33] "Knockoff" sounds like a good name for a Pawpet. [18:33] d'awww i love that puppwet [18:33] that has to be the best looking bootleg puppet I've ever seen [18:33] Prissy the saint benard. [18:33] Only difference is the knockoff puppet is filled with aspestos. [18:33] Then wheres the fake ferrets!? [18:33] nobody likes otters D0= [18:33] Rhiamel: awww :( [18:33] Blue-Paw (doglover45@pawpet-B04561CB.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) joined #pawpet. [18:33] Amire (weretiger9@pawpet-872F2950.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:33] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D26ZIEjNRgc Duke Nukem Grabbag [18:33] its ok [18:33] Action: Zorro Folkmanis thought it was a protype that was made in China [18:33] Action: Salen wants Folkmanis to make more ferrets [18:34] wow... you guys know people that know people... [18:34] computer keeps hanging upp... [18:34] are there foxes in Yappy's house? Are you kidding? [18:34] another quote [18:34] Aim-Re (Amire@pawpet-872F2950.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) left irc: Ping timeout [18:34] No more foxes! :( [18:34] You know what they need? An armadillo [18:34] wait, there's a folkmanis in CA? *needs to visit and get a puppet!* [18:34] I'M A FOX!!! [18:34] http://www.pagat.com/invented/stonehenge.html [18:34] Vouppe [18:34] Foxes are everywhere! [18:34] i almost 18 and once i 18 ill be away from y fur hating parents [18:34] made in USA, wat? [18:34] I want the Folkmanis Hawk [18:34] another FOX over here [18:34] Aim-Re (Amire@pawpet-872F2950.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:34] Action: Shamus drop a pawpet in an L shape, then one in a square, then another in a T shape, then put's one straight to make a Tetris. [18:34] Action: SeanWolf wants to get a folkmanis wolf [18:34] Why did Folkmanis stop making ferrets? Their ferret puppets were cute. [18:34] have I missed Subserviant time? [18:34] The community is drowning in foxes and huskies! [18:34] Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger [18:34] no [18:34] I agree moka [18:34] Ferret Ferret! [18:34] I know... I wanted a ferret puppet :( [18:34] Awesome [18:34] They need to bring back the Poink model [18:34] I have....3 Foxes and 5 Ferrets [18:34] and a partridge in a pear tree [18:34] brb [18:34] :3 [18:34] How many bunnies? [18:34] turtle doves? [18:34] Action: Shane_Graytail wanted a ferret too... [18:34] Which Folkmanis wolf ? [18:34] Leon: no subservient yet, may not any today [18:34] turn off tetris [18:34] Huskies are the new foxes. [18:34] Action: Salen has a ferret. [18:34] three french hens? [18:35] Action: Fudgy wants a German Shepherd puppet [18:35] okie dokie [18:35] Thanks [18:35] and a partrige in a pair tree lol [18:35] pear [18:35] Action: Sodders is addicted to Wonka's Bottlecaps :| [18:35] Action: Drago_Fox wants a fox puppet [18:35] It's inventory day!!!! [18:35] Roofus: gosh, I don't think they'd have space for bunnies... [18:35] Bear! [18:35] i want a bunny plush [18:35] Get Danny Bonaduce out of that tree! [18:35] Nick change: Stray_Cat -> StrayCatAtDinner [18:35] Peach Plum Pear [18:35] ArkFerret (web@pawpet-1973CDA1.cable.srcy.cablelynx.com) joined #pawpet. [18:35] Scott has Java, the Lion, Crappy, Cow, Spider, the Snail... [18:35] Aim-Re (Amire@pawpet-872F2950.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [18:35] Hi Mocha! [18:35] Foxes are the new wolves, well me maybe. ;) [18:35] Hi Mocha, nice to meet you! [18:35] http://www.bringtheawesome.com/# [18:35] Is there a Wiccian uptight poodle puppet? [18:35] Hi Mocha [18:35] yay! [18:35] So many puppets, so little time [18:35] Not to be confused with me. ;) [18:35] o.o no one on stage [18:35] Shamus, not forgetting Johnny Mantis [18:35] yes, we are laughing our tails off thanks [18:35] wheres mutt?! [18:35] We demand entertainment!!!! [18:35] TO MUCH FREKAING TETRIS MUSIC [18:35] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Connection reset by peer [18:35] Time for Video! [18:35] SUBSERVEINT STAGE!!!!!...again [18:35] Move to were? [18:35] think im gonna burn a cd right now [18:35] there needs to be diversity in characters! [18:36] I hope they break for dinner so I can break for dinner [18:36] Action: Kipper has a folkmanis otter from Monterey bay aquarium [18:36] Nope, Johnny Mantis, Carrot, HUGE Carrot... [18:36] EOE [18:36] Artjam: Create an inventory spreadsheet! [18:36] Kuddlepup (John_Cole@pawpet-73C619C7.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:36] Mantis! [18:36] It's Johnny! [18:36] Can't forget those. [18:36] We want Mutt! Mutt! Mutt! Mutt! [18:36] when do u think they will ask for the pawpet vergins [18:36] they need a beagle named bloop [18:36] Hi Kuddlepup [18:36] moo [18:36] wb Kuddlepup [18:36] The letter D!!! [18:36] yay Johnny! [18:36] KP! :D [18:36] LOL [18:36] GET A DAMN CAMRA OUT! let us see what hes doing ! [18:36] hi KP! [18:36] Damn Yankees [18:36] Johnny! [18:36] hey Kuddlepup [18:36] Subserviant stage: Entertain us. :P [18:36] heh [18:36] Arthur, Creepy... [18:36] Kilroy? [18:36] plzzzzzzz [18:36] back [18:36] Today's show is brought to you by the letter D. [18:36] ahh sexy boy lol [18:36] Ernie... :( [18:36] and you don't touch Scott's puppets... :) [18:36] Waves to the unpuppeted human head [18:36] SUBSERVEINT STAGE: be a stage [18:36] (alexi) :: This is first time for me ^_^. [18:36] Hello ArkFerret and Kuddlepup! [18:36] does Folkmanis make Wolf puppets? [18:36] jk [18:36] move a camera back there [18:36] O.o [18:36] Kage! [18:36] Kage! [18:36] come on plzzzz [18:36] really, it's Kage! [18:36] Kage [18:36] KAGE! [18:36] SeanWolf: Sure! [18:36] Show kage! [18:36] Kage [18:36] XD [18:36] Kage! [18:36] LAWL [18:36] Kage! [18:36] hmm, wonder who that could be? :P [18:36] Yes Sean [18:36] its kage XD [18:36] Breakin' out the MS Excel [18:36] lol [18:36] *plays tetris madly* [18:36] hey Kage [18:36] they have seasemystreet puppets [18:36] hey Kage [18:36] Tetris with people http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0LtUX_6IXY [18:36] Action: Fuji lynches [18:37] Allo dragonhead [18:37] Uncle Kage [18:37] a Yank! [18:37] aka Uncle Cage [18:37] yaaah! [18:37] :) [18:37] if its Kage do you have a bottle of wine puppet??? [18:37] Pittsburgh lead, 21-10 in 3rd. [18:37] lol [18:37] hi [18:37] CLOWN!!!!! [18:37] BASS! XD [18:37] hi [18:37] lol Puppet hell [18:37] wow... clown... [18:37] Action: miffOtter is afraid of clowns... [18:37] lol [18:37] whos the yankee fan? [18:37] And while you take a break...Change the music, maybe? [18:37] Request: anyone here have the intro page to the new "Commander Kitty" comic site you could send me?  I thought it would be up there forever and didn't save a copy. [18:37] KILL IT!!!! [18:37] watch out, it's the Jocker! [18:37] was that jesus? [18:37] what ahh [18:37] Disturbing Heads! [18:37] AAGGGHHHH! [18:37] Wait... roach with a labcoat or a roach puppet with a labcoat??? [18:37] does Folkmanis make Wolf puppets? Cause i want one [18:37] Talyn|UK (talynwolf@pawpet-E1F9D17D.range86-139.btcentralplus.com) joined #pawpet. [18:37] I'll be back [18:37] hehehe [18:37] Burn the Yankey Fan [18:37] commanderkitty.com? [18:37] Pawpet hell? It's like saying "miserable heaven" [18:37] puppet hell? Some would say thats heaven :D [18:37] Action: KaelenToonycoon hates clowns >_< [18:37] HI Talyn! [18:37] Nick change: michael -> michael_dinner [18:37] run they crack is settiling in [18:37] hey Talyn [18:37] hi Talyn|UK! [18:37] SeanWolf: Folkmanis has that big bad wolf thing and some wolf, fox, husky models [18:37] heys [18:37] AWW [18:37] yes! [18:37] lol [18:37] Kage! [18:37] lol [18:37] Action: KaelenToonycoon is not afraid, just hates them [18:37] lol! [18:37] cute! [18:37] Neat! [18:37] Kage! [18:37] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [18:37] lol [18:37] lol [18:37] BRRRRR! [18:37] lol, that's awesome! [18:37] lol [18:37] Where's the RAID can? [18:37] SHE BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE!!! [18:37] lol [18:37] Darky (jameswilki@pawpet-A8D71AB2.dsl.bell.ca) joined #pawpet. [18:37] hi Kage! [18:37] rubbertexraccoon (rubbertexr@pawpet-66317D89.dhcp.hspr.ca.charter.com) left irc: Quit: rubbertexraccoon [18:37] lol [18:37] Give me your pancreas? [18:37] Yea it was Kage [18:38] most expensive con in the fandom :) [18:38] Hello Darky! [18:38] hey, i hear tetris [18:38] wouldnt that be copyright infringement >.> [18:38] I have a Roach Puppet somewhere [18:38] do any of you fellows have Cat puppets? [18:38] jeebus, it's the Pawpet that Wouldn't Die! XD [18:38] I've never heard Kage say " give me your pancreas" [18:38] what about Krystals? [18:38] Hi Darky! [18:38] A... margarita shaker? [18:38] They blinded me with Kage! [18:38] Yes, we know. :( [18:38] Video Sign ? [18:38] mew ^_^ [18:38] cool hey uncle kage [18:38] Wild'Bill'TX: I thought that was EuroFurence. [18:38] (we knew months ago) [18:38] Yes, and we all believe it's Kage [18:38] Action: Rhiamel_Foxie smashes cockaroach [18:38] LOL [18:38] it might be...? [18:38] can we change music a bit? [18:38] might be [18:38] how meny Puppets so far ? [18:38] Action: BJButtons will nto go to his con and I will keep all of my parts [18:38] Aliens Versus Monsters? I have not heard of this. [18:38] Yes, "Doctor Roach, PhD." [18:38] Did they do roll call? [18:38] To the Video! [18:38] Oh no! [18:38] thank you! [18:38] Music dies! [18:38] Uncke Kage likes wine [18:38] WHAT THE HELL?!?! [18:38] KILL IT! [18:38] :3 later folks and furries [18:38] Nope, no roll call yet. [18:38] o-o [18:38] WTH??? [18:38] Kitsch!! [18:38] WTH [18:38] Wtf? [18:38] YES! The Osmonds! [18:38] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! [18:38] shortwave|locksmithing (shortwave_@pawpet-39687952.hsd1.de.comcast.net) left #pawpet. [18:38] N00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 [18:38] WFT [18:38] KIIIIIIIIILLLLLL EEEEEEEET! [18:38] DO NOT WANT! [18:38] noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo [18:38] x.x crap. x.x [18:38] Hurray for freezing images [18:38] O_O [18:38] O.O [18:38] YIKES [18:38] What the FARFIGNEWTON? [18:38] Yay! 1970-71! [18:38] Action: Reese_Tora is scared [18:38] and I used to watch this when it was new [18:38] AAAAAAAAAGHHHH!!!!!!! [18:38] o_o [18:38] nooooooooo [18:38] AAAAAAAAH! [18:38] SMoke break [18:38] The white Jackson 5? [18:38] AHHHH kill it with FIRE [18:38] Action: Siddy waves at darky [18:38] Curse you, Rankin Bass! [18:38] X.X [18:38] Action: Zorro  SCREAMS IN TERROR! [18:38] NO NO NOOOO! [18:38] "Bankin Rass"! [18:38] Yay kitsch [18:38] . . . wow [18:38] oh god [18:38] wtf? [18:38] This is groovy though! n.n *dances* [18:38] Action: Shane_Graytail yelps.. then his head explodes. [18:38] Nick change: Sawblade5 -> A_Fearsome_Hawk [18:38] I'm glad my sound isn't working now [18:38] The Jackson 5 were better [18:39] what the hell shoot me plz [18:39] BOOGIE! [18:39] Same here. [18:39] XD [18:39] this makes the stream good bad [18:39] And it's from Rankin-Bass, so you KNOW it's quality. NOT!!" [18:39] lawl [18:39] Did they ever reduce the bandwidth?? My stream is still cutting out [18:39] furtunately, the cartoon is making the stream barf :P [18:39] Rankin-Bass? The same co. that makes the stop=motion Xmas movies? [18:39] What video is this? It's strange. [18:39] oh thank smeg, the stream is breaking... [18:39] go bad* [18:39] the osmonds.. the white jackson 5 [18:39] *pauses show* [18:39] Ubelievable [18:39] This is so bad, I have no words. [18:39] Make it end! [18:39] Eeee... tell me when it's over... [18:39] Ghali likes this song :D [18:39] How did we ever maintained a sociaty [18:39] wow tonyringtail. [18:39] Action: baccala30 pukes. [18:39] Colin: Here's food for thought: RB also made Thundercats. ;) [18:39] where's a french president and their desire to get to push the button when you need one? [18:39] This is spiffin! [18:39] man my GTA is taking for ever to load [18:39] I liiked that [18:39] Action: Pyrofox sends an artjam :P [18:39] How did we maintain sanity? [18:39] idk i wonder were the sanity whent [18:39] what the hell? O.O [18:39] Roofae (Roofae@A5B81CC6.C026E3EF.E134D3.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:39] GTA IV [18:39] Roofae (Roofae@A5B81CC6.C026E3EF.E134D3.IP) left irc: Quit: Gone! [18:39] Wtf? [18:39] whats the artjam? [18:39] Action: Tyger does his impression of ex-senator Ted stevens. " NO!" [18:39] is Poink okay? [18:39] Wonder Osmond Powers, UNITE! Form of....a shitty TV show! [18:39] .... What? [18:39] Mangusu (Incawolf42@pawpet-847891CF.cfl.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: http://mangusu.livejournal.com [18:39] At least they didn't play the whole episode....oops spoke too soon [18:39] J5! XD [18:39] Much better [18:39] The Jackson Five! [18:39] Jackson 5! [18:39] Roofae (Roofae@A5B81CC6.C026E3EF.E134D3.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:39] FPSFAN307 (46fd8e70@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:39] well... I asked for it... [18:39] FPSFAN307 (46fd8e70@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: FPSFAN307 [18:40] ._. [18:40] lol [18:40] Opie (Opie@pawpet-F40BE05B.rochester.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [18:40] White man puttin the black man down! [18:40] I must been 11 [18:40] man my sound is acting up [18:40] Hi FPSFAn307! [18:40] I heard Michael Jackson has some sort of rare kidney cancer. Anyone know anything about this? [18:40] Fursuitless (46fd8e70@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:40] We still need to do roll call and birthdays... [18:40] Hello Opie and Fursuitless! [18:40] JFD: ... Rankin-Bass...made THUNDERCATS??? That's CAN'T be right. [18:40] Action: BradHound watched both in the early '70's. [18:40] hi [18:40] Oh well that's DIFFERENT! [18:40] What the heck? [18:40] O.o [18:40] Action: ColinFoxTail is experiencing brain meltage... [18:40] 1970's were trippy [18:40] uh MJ is gonna die finaly [18:40] I think Michael Jackson has a rare kid cancer. [18:40] Behold... baby roos! http://www.funny-potato.com/baby-kangaroo.html [18:40] Colin: Yep, one of their final hurrahs! :D [18:40] I want a Bird Suit [18:40] hey Dragonhead [18:40] When Michael was a kid, was he hot for himself? [18:40] RazieGryphon (RazieGryph@9266A08.3CBD6FBB.E324BAD5.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:40] :) [18:40] That looked like a Dr. Seuss building! [18:40] Hello RzieGryphon! [18:40] Hullo all ^^ [18:40] isnt that Paul Frees as the security cop? [18:40] interesting [18:40] but where is the furry [18:40] oh god [18:40] OMG [18:40] Nard, I don't think so... -_- [18:40] WTF? Weird version of Fat Albert? [18:41] what they hell [18:41] XD [18:41] lol [18:41] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:41] TV Funhouse! [18:41] oh boy [18:41] Ed Wynn? [18:41] YAY!!! [18:41] I forgot the Jackson 5 had a short-lived cartoon show. [18:41] Yay! [18:41] haha [18:41] What the heck is this [18:41] Gawd, another Smigelpiece. :P [18:41] Yay! [18:41] yay! [18:41] Uh-oh... [18:41] LOL [18:41] O.O NOOOO! [18:41] lol! [18:41] Hahaha [18:41] Yay! [18:41] yay! [18:41] Wow... [18:41] Did he just say "come back here with my jew?" [18:41] it lasted 2 years [18:41] lol this is classic [18:41] uh-oh... [18:41] hooboy [18:41] I remember this [18:41] KILL IT!!!! [18:41] y arnt there any real furry shows that dont clame not to be furry shows on tv [18:41] lol [18:41] I have that somehwer on tape [18:41] Oh deargod! [18:41] oops...thought [18:41] x.x [18:41] I pinged [18:41] btu I didnt [18:41] hehe [18:41] o_O [18:41] O_o [18:41] Hehe [18:41] oh lovely. More badly animated stuff that'd be better off left lost to the world of broadcasting, never to be seen again [18:41] o_O [18:41] awww [18:41] nooo [18:41] pedo bear aproved [18:41] OMFG!!!! [18:41] lol [18:41] lol [18:41] PEDO BEAR! [18:41] lol [18:41] Hi Leiko [18:41] wtf mj run [18:41] lol [18:41] LOL! [18:41] It's reall important, Yogi, er, i mean, Michael [18:41] XD [18:41] FireHopper (firehopper@pawpet-9C6E18C5.phlapa.east.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [18:42] he needs more than help! [18:42] lol [18:42] Webster! [18:42] Nick change: michael_dinner -> michael [18:42] Webster! XD [18:42] Action: Mouser sighs as his SL client locks up on him. [18:42] hi FireHopper! [18:42] Michael is a furry? :P [18:42] a push-me-pull-you! [18:42] LOL [18:42] Webster XD [18:42] hehe [18:42] they closed the cafeteria [18:42] > < [18:42] Marlon Brando [18:42] I love the hanna-barbera background music [18:42] Robert Smigel FTW... [18:42] What the heck [18:42] Ha ha ha! [18:42] What is this??? [18:42] THis is scarring me.... [18:42] o-o [18:42] Elephant man [18:42] Yogi Jackson! [18:42] The elephant man! [18:42] Hi FireHopper! [18:42] T-Chall (davidrw@pawpet-4C3F813F.rochester.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: [18:42] SNL Spoof [18:42] Brando's in Neverland? :P [18:42] LMAO [18:42] XD [18:42] Gulstaff (48d08d16@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [18:42] hahaha [18:42] XD [18:42] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [18:42] lol [18:42] Man... [18:42] Okay, Adult Swim fodder, yes? [18:42] xD [18:42] ROFL [18:42] lol [18:42] Wild`Bill`TX: I sent Yappy a MP/ of HB background music [18:42] hehe [18:42] where is this from? [18:42] Don't be a wise corpse? Wow. [18:42] I have this young boy thing licked. Yuck [18:42] Whjat the heck [18:42] Saturday Night Live [18:42] cool [18:42] haha [18:42] oh dear........................... [18:42] hiya guys [18:42] "I will, Liz Taylor's arm!" [18:42] > < lol [18:42] Toys R Use [18:42] Toys R Us [18:43] This is screwed up [18:43] giggity-giggity? [18:43] LOL [18:43] Every time the video feed gets all messed. [18:43] O.O [18:43] Oh man... [18:43] *snorts* [18:43] whats up with the stream? [18:43] he's a robot! [18:43] lol *starts smoking weed* [18:43] Does this show have subtitles? [18:43] lol [18:43] subserviant time? [18:43] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [18:43] jeebbus... [18:43] subserviant time? [18:43] Two headed Zebra? o-o [18:43] oh god [18:43] vh1. [18:43] Uuuuh owwwww [18:43] toke toke toke toke toke [18:43] hehehe [18:43] o-o [18:43] na, I think he's an alien and the real one id in space. [18:43] HEHEHEHE [18:43] Wow... [18:43] Oh dear gawds. [18:43] Cowabunga... I'm done... [18:43] LOL [18:43] Peter Griffin [18:43] Mike E. Coyote. x.x [18:43] XD [18:43] Good thing Real Player stillworks [18:43] omg this is odd [18:43] Michael Jackson meets Wile E Coyote [18:43] Action: AngelicDirt leaves... [18:43] FAIL [18:43] SPLAT [18:44] hehehe [18:44] EPIC FAIL! XD [18:44] http://www.bulkcandystore.com/store/Rainbow-Round-Up-Lollipop---2-oz-P722C10.aspx <----look at the top of that lolly pop. Does that not look wrong xD [18:44] Shit [18:44] hahahahaa [18:44] 0.0 [18:44] Darky1987 (jameswilki@pawpet-A8D71AB2.dsl.bell.ca) joined #pawpet. [18:44] Noooooooooooooooo! [18:44] EPic fail [18:44] this is from Saturday Night Live, isn't it [18:44] Hahaha [18:44] flagpole sitter [18:44] HA! [18:44] That's just WRONG [18:44] now he needs the Crayola people to fix his face again [18:44] XD [18:44] That was... wow [18:44] lol [18:44] XD [18:44] O.O [18:44] Wow, horrific. [18:44] lol [18:44] O. M. G. [18:44] Oh UGH [18:44] omg ._. [18:44] o.o [18:44] ............................................................................................................................ [18:44] Action: Darky1987 lol [18:44] <_< [18:44] Ouch... [18:44] hi Darky1987! [18:44] IT'S OVER!@ XCD [18:44] That reminds me of the Cat and earbud detangeling methods [18:44] ROFL [18:44] ORK ORK ORK! [18:44] I love the Maraka one (The Dora clone) [18:44] -D [18:44] Action: AngelicDirt comes back... [18:44] That's as bad as the um... that challenge... x_x; [18:44] OUCH!!!!!!11!!ONE! [18:44] disturbing [18:44] owie wowie zowie [18:44] did they play Nice Weather For Ducks yet? [18:44] Action: Mouser is quietly glad his SL client did crash aftera ll.. [18:44] ... It's no better, is it? XP [18:44] Boobies [18:44] subserviant time? [18:44] Every time the video hurts i loose sound and have to restart quicktime [18:44] Bugs? [18:44] 2wat the hell [18:45] O.o [18:45] is there a subserveint this week? [18:45] Pwned. [18:45] CGI Yappy? [18:45] 0.0 I can see his butt [18:45] Action: AquaFox is still on SL since midnight [18:45] 6 PM is Roll Call Time [18:45] will have to watch the replay for some of these vids [18:45] yay [18:45] They [18:45] hehe [18:45] Okay... [18:45] Ouch! [18:45] They're playing Tetris [18:45] okay [18:45] W [18:45] T [18:45] F [18:45] I'm not sure what I just watched. [18:45] That looked French [18:45] O.O [18:45] that [18:45] was [18:45] Well, it finished with a frying pan [18:45] strabge [18:45] and... logo [18:45] ouch ive been hit with a frying pan befor it hurts [18:45] Xd [18:45] LAWL [18:45] strange [18:45] COOOOOOOOOKIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE! [18:45] must have been princess peach [18:45] Action: Gaomon makes some food to eat [18:45] YEAH COOKIE MONSTER! [18:45] Action: Zorro says In MY DAY we had to walk 5 feet THROUGH THE SNOW to change the channel [18:45] lol [18:45] COOKIE! NOMNOMNOM! XD [18:45] Now that is FUNNY!!! [18:45] cookie monster [18:46] what the....? [18:46] lol [18:46] WTH Cookie monster? [18:46] Metal Cookie Monster! [18:46] Action: wolfsangel dresses up in monty python god outfit* [18:46] everyone likes tetris [18:46] and video feed fails and i loose sound again. [18:46] AWESOME!!! [18:46] streams freezing [18:46] Coooooooooooookie! [18:46] good night everyone. [18:46] GET ON WITH IT!!\ [18:46] Gulstaff (48d08d16@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:46] Cokkie death Metal [18:46] Action: Dragonhead just ate a cookie [18:46] cookie monster metal LOL [18:46] cookie monster is metal [18:46] LOL [18:46] DENN DU BIST [18:46] um whos anminstreator here? [18:46] Authentic Metal Voice too!!!! [18:46] Hello Gulstaff! [18:46] NEED THIS SONG! [18:46] this is freakin awesome [18:46] Cooooooooooooooookie [18:46] me to [18:46] Come to the Dark side [18:46] Metal Cookie Monster, lol [18:46] O.o [18:46] gookies sounds good right now :) [18:46] VAS DU IST [18:46] hahahhaaa [18:46] wow [18:46] Darky (jameswilki@pawpet-A8D71AB2.dsl.bell.ca) left irc: Ping timeout [18:46] They should have done this last week during the metal/not-metal segment. [18:46] Okay, NOW they make the connection! The Cookie Monster voice! :P [18:46] C is for Cookie [18:46] "Son of b**ch. Learn something new every day." [18:46] that WAS metal! [18:46] SO of Bech [18:46] wow [18:46] MEIN TEIL.... [18:46] if i cant hear or understand anything because everytime the video breaks up that the sound fails. well its not even usefull entertainment without subtittles. [18:46] Son of Beach [18:46] and get a free cookie [18:46] omgomgomg [18:46] god my sound is failing [18:47] ? [18:47] huh? [18:47] omnomnom? [18:47] ?? [18:47] Ok...... [18:47] Good night everyone im gona mp3 my entire audio collection. [18:47] same here Momma [18:47] nan deska [18:47] ??? [18:47] ooook [18:47] home [18:47] QUIT [18:47] Mik (5af1ab44@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [18:47] Momma_Bridget (Momma_Brid@pawpet-2D2724FB.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Momma_Bridget [18:47] LMAO [18:47] O.O [18:47] ...was that a coundcheck? :P [18:47] ugh! [18:47] KILL IT! [18:47] Butter Peanut [18:47] Darky1987 (jameswilki@pawpet-A8D71AB2.dsl.bell.ca) left #pawpet. [18:47] GreySnowCat_ (grey.snowc@pawpet-2A58E7A4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) joined #pawpet. [18:47] FAGGOT! [18:47] Paul Lynde [18:47] NUUU KILL IT! [18:47] Hi GreySnowCat_! [18:47] peter pan was a pedofile you know that [18:47] That... doesn't look good at all [18:47] Peter Fairy. [18:47] WTF [18:47] What the hell? [18:47] Yea [18:47] WITH FIRE [18:47] He's the nuttiest [18:47] Penis Pan [18:47] ...and white bread? PASS. [18:47] Xd [18:47] did you know peanut butter was originally a prison food? [18:47] LAWL [18:47] said pee enough [18:47] PENIS PAN [18:47] its to gay sir [18:47] Is that Sandwich worth your innocence!? [18:47] Child rapist in there house [18:47] Remember kids, MY peanut butter has that Salmonella taste you love! [18:47] O_o [18:47] okay............... [18:47] Hurray Weather! [18:47] and the second one was gay as hell [18:47] penis butter? [18:47] Back when this WASN'T considered perverted... [18:47] ok what was that...... [18:47] my DISC AINT EJECTING FROM THE DRIVE!!! [18:47] that was Alan Sues....from the old LAUGH IN show [18:47] lol [18:47] Darky (jameswilki@pawpet-A8D71AB2.dsl.bell.ca) joined #pawpet. [18:47] o.o [18:47] is that where lisp started? [18:47] Yeah..... [18:48] big boomers? [18:48] What do they mean good shape for the weekend? [18:48] Why are we watching a weather report from the 70s? [18:48] oook [18:48] ? [18:48] fox in the bag [18:48] O.o [18:48] I dont get it [18:48] Leon2457 (LVCK@680A89B1.22C29F0C.4F3786D5.IP) left irc: Quit: Changing server... [18:48] :D [18:48] Fox! [18:48] my DISC AINT EJECTING FROM THE DRIVE!!! HELP!!! [18:48] I have no idea what's goin on [18:48] should have edited it [18:48] Yappy [18:48] lol! [18:48] Awwwwwwwww! [18:48] OMG!!!!! [18:48] woah... [18:48] FOX! [18:48] awww [18:48] Another fox :( [18:48] ...ah. Foxy brand! XD [18:48] why is there a fox in the bag? [18:48] Foxy Lettuce [18:48] yay! [18:48] I want to get a fox at the store! [18:48] FOX FOX FOX [18:48] Werf ? [18:48] NO FUR!? [18:48] Nothing I like better than lettuce! [18:48] Ohh No fur [18:48] Fox! [18:48] I WANT THAT TO HAPPEN TO ME!!! [18:48] Fox! [18:48] GreySnowCat (grey.snowc@pawpet-2A58E7A4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) left irc: Ping timeout [18:48] NU FUR???? [18:48] I'd like my leetuce to be a fox [18:48] Action: JFD62780 remembers this from living in New York! XD [18:48] I want a fox! [18:48] No, not interested [18:48] I'd rather have the fox then the lettuce. [18:48] awww, no fur :( [18:48] it's a brand of lettuce [18:48] that's funny [18:48] No Fur :-( [18:48] OMG I NEED A FOX! [18:48] ....... [18:48] TO SNUGGLE [18:48] That was cute [18:49] yeeeeeeeeah. [18:49] Why do people keep sending commercials in? [18:49] yeah... [18:49] yeahhh [18:49] YEAHHHHHHHH [18:49] Show that fox ad again [18:49] Gee, you think it's dated? ;) [18:49] skunk! [18:49] yyyyeeeeeeeeaahhh. [18:49] foxy lettuce? [18:49] because they are stupid :( [18:49] WORRRD [18:49] Logo [18:49] ok i fixed sound and all vids are scary tonight [18:49] I want a fox in a grocery bag too [18:49] .. [18:49] Leave the gun; take the cannoli. Leave the lettuce; take the fox. [18:49] I love how comercials alway try to redirect attention... like magicians... [18:49] COOKIE!!!!!! [18:49] Skunk! [18:49] Skunk! [18:49] awesome [18:49] lol [18:49] and foxy bingo... [18:49] SKUNK! [18:49] play the video of this song [18:49] ... [18:49] wtf [18:49] I dunno, lettuce is a bit more edible than fox. [18:49] I think my bandwidth has gone to hell >_< [18:49] Skunk power activate! [18:49] Awwwww, how cute. [18:49] lol stripy skunk :D [18:49] erm...? XD [18:49] that skunk is awsome... [18:49] Foxy lettuce. I get a different brand, but it's still brown and furry. [18:49] Skunk handstands! [18:49] Uh... [18:49] lol, handstand battle! [18:49] hehe [18:49] they actually do that [18:49] The skunkun! [18:49] Crumpin' Skunk [18:49] please no more videos :3 just give us a camera [18:49] skunks are cute [18:49] Oh nonononono! [18:49] no idea what they're saying but I don't care that skunk looks awesome [18:49] Skunk win! [18:50] FAIL [18:50] Owned. [18:50] i love there fluffy tails [18:50] I love spoted skunk [18:50] skunk tagging [18:50] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:50] I don't know why but I can just picture skunk furs being the masters of dance fighting [18:50] Skunk Epic Win [18:50] he had a ferret face X03 [18:50] Jeebus! XD [18:50] Cute! [18:50] Skunks are like ferrets [18:50] uhhhhhhhhhhhh [18:50] They aren't cute from behind [18:50] skunk wins be a knockout :P [18:50] LOL [18:50] I'm not sure what they were saying, but I think the skunk just won. [18:50] Skunk beats Spraypaint [18:50] Back with a full belly [18:50] I like that skunk [18:50] Anti-Graffiti commercial? [18:50] both are mustelids [18:50] hehe that was cute [18:50] how adorable, I love spotted skunks and all kinds of skunks in general [18:50] argh cant get into yappy's FTP server [18:50] Sammy Davis? [18:50] Oooold! [18:50] All the Ducks are Swimming in the Water, faldr aldr aldr, faldr aldr aldr... [18:50] wow, i had one of those. [18:50] No Jambox? [18:50] THe stream has Slow cast on it, anyone have the Dispel spell? x_@ [18:50] ummm spraing paint stinks ? [18:50] and its funny a skunk never squirted me but they have squirte my friends [18:50] Wow... [18:50] Ah. Junior with the GE! XD [18:50] YAY!! [18:50] YEa I got one of those somewhere [18:50] Malaika (malaika@pawpet-28CAD8B8.sccoast.net) left irc: Quit: [18:50] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_KD-5KhLfQ [18:50] tapes? haha [18:50] is this advertisement sunday? [18:51] Action: AngelicDirt casts Dispell... [18:51] they fixed the stand alone iissue [18:51] Toast... Pizza!? [18:51] Off frame! [18:51] I remember these [18:51] FlashTimberwolf (8d96d11f@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [18:51] Action: Reese_Tora remembers eharing taht spotted skunks spray by doing a "handstand" and are accuate to 20 feet [18:51] Nowthis is a good video [18:51] WTF [18:51] Toaster pizza [18:51] Action: AngelicDirt rolls a one. Crtit. Fail! [18:51] there are plenty of other better videos to show [18:51] and the stream is more stable in stand alone [18:51] Toaster pizza? [18:51] Toaster Pizza Year [18:51] Product Fail [18:51] o.o [18:51] DentonClone (Neilman9@pawpet-91AEE7E1.spkn.qwest.net) left irc: Quit: [18:51] Toaster Pizza Yea [18:51] They're just tomato pop-tarts [18:51] LVCK (LVCK@680A89B1.22C29F0C.4F3786D5.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:51] they have those [18:51] Pizza pop tarts [18:51] Yuk [18:51] MMMM, pizza [18:51] Uh, yeah. PASS. [18:51] Boy...I remembered that. [18:51] Action: Kurra sees MISS bounce up from the stream. Sigh. [18:51] TOASTA [18:51] Pass [18:51] Pizza Tarts? :P [18:51] Those things would burn the shit out of your mouth [18:51] Malaika (malaika@pawpet-C89AD343.sccoast.net) joined #pawpet. [18:51] I want Toaster Pizza [18:51] ooo, logo [18:51] i stick with chinese [18:51] Animalympics? [18:51] HI LVCK and Malaika! [18:51] what [18:51] I want canned hamburger! [18:51] I was 8 in '72. XD [18:51] hiyas [18:51] They even made toaster bacon. Except it caught fire [18:51] well it would be more stable if the stream itself wasn't so unstable [18:51] Lookit dat logo! [18:51] Spaghetti sauce and cheese on toast also works [18:52] LVCK (LVCK@680A89B1.22C29F0C.4F3786D5.IP) left #pawpet (Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away). [18:52] wow [18:52] Oooooh Wthat the? [18:52] GreySnowCat_ (grey.snowc@pawpet-2A58E7A4.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) left irc: Ping timeout [18:52] ghouly biatholon [18:52] LVCK (LVCK@680A89B1.22C29F0C.4F3786D5.IP) joined #pawpet. [18:52] Sabre Room! [18:52] ENOUGH COMMERCIALS [18:52] WOO WOO! [18:52] o.O [18:52] lol [18:52] OPRAH! [18:52] splinterpaw (splinterpa@pawpet-45853F1D.client.mchsi.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving [18:52] Wow, young Opera [18:52] Now I have an urge to see the Agony of Defeat guy. [18:52] Toast Pizza ? [18:52] hey there Malaika [18:52] those things would drul pizza sause into your toaster [18:52] WHOA [18:52] wow [18:52] ok a chicago commerical [18:52] GAH! [18:52] Everyone call that number! [18:52] LOL [18:52] hi LVCK [18:52] YAY, OPRAH! XD [18:52] Oprah! [18:52] omg kill it [18:52] lol [18:52] Nice hair [18:52] at her old job [18:52] SHE FAT! [18:52] That's Oprah??? [18:52] has somebody bought out commercial time on Pawpet? [18:52] wth? [18:52] ACK!!! [18:52] Oh DUDE [18:52] Trash TV [18:52] HELP MY SIS IS watching zoey 101 kill me [18:52] Before the plastic surgery [18:52] Oprah used to be Black? [18:52] still cant figure why the pizza worked [18:52] Xd [18:52] Ophra has 60 people living inside her [18:52] Oprah was very fat back then [18:52] Action: Fudgy rang the number [18:52] I want Yoko Ono to sing to me as I eat a tray full of McRibs. [18:52] i kinda like old 1950's coommercials [18:52] Oprah in wide screen with electric hair [18:52] well Oprea on wide screen [18:52] Bakc before she was famous and stuff [18:52] Wait, 60 people living inside someone? [18:52] General Hospital! [18:52] Action: Fudgy its ringing [18:52] The early Opera show :) [18:52] the sauce would go everywhere [18:52] Only 60? [18:52] Ah ha ha ha! I was JUST thinking that, Wild'Bill! [18:52] Hopefully she charges them rent. [18:52] Action: Redski sighs [18:52] Opera is good for a heavy set black man lol [18:52] Why are they eating soil? [18:52] XD [18:52] well there goes my audio.... again... [18:53] so what els is new [18:53] Sakana_Katana: You think Oprah is Michael Jackson or something? [18:53] woah... [18:53] what are we watching? [18:53] W-L-eesss [18:53] Someone save Darfur! [18:53] its a joke [18:53] Action: Reese_Tora 's Mammals fo California guide book says Spotted skunks become sexually mature at 5 months of age [18:53] KirronAndRoko (dragonride@pawpet-DBD22191.dyn.centurytel.net) left irc: Ping timeout [18:53] catholic relief? [18:53] Video Break [18:53] I'm confused. [18:53] what the hell is this? [18:53] oh yea I rember this show [18:53] WT......? [18:53] KirronAndRoko (dragonride@pawpet-69979E0B.dyn.centurytel.net) joined #pawpet. [18:53] O.o [18:53] Gigglesnort Hotel! [18:53] Sunday Mornings [18:53] What? [18:53] ???????? [18:53] This is where babies cry [18:53] Michael Jackson supports Chicago Boys Clubs [18:53] omg >< [18:53] Give Me Bozo over this [18:53] LOL [18:53] KILL IT KILL IT >< [18:53] MAKE IT STOP DX [18:53] i dont know why...but the disk drive isnt opening for me! [18:53] I can't even connect to the show anymore >_< [18:53] Mr. MAgoo? [18:53] what people used to watch before the funday pawpet show [18:53] DentonClone (Neilman9@pawpet-91AEE7E1.spkn.qwest.net) joined #pawpet. [18:53] what the prrf? [18:53] \FIRE!!!! [18:53] Hello DnetonClone! [18:53] Mr. Rogers! [18:53] creepy. I think I've ran out of the room seeing that this was on... [18:53] NO MORE!!! [18:53] It's "Secondhand, the Smoke Dragon"! [18:53] Gigglesnort... oh brother [18:53] MJ likes the boy scouts [18:53] LMAO [18:53] Gigglesnort? [18:53] Gigglesnort? o_O [18:53] Can we skip this? [18:54] NO [18:54] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [18:54] Gigglesnort? [18:54] I see enough commercials during real tv, why must I be tortured with them during FPS, who aren't even getting paid to air them? :V [18:54] Only think missing is a Branif, Pan Am, Western, Eastern commercial [18:54] what the hell gigglesnort what thehell [18:54] BACK DOOR! [18:54] OMG OF HIS ASS! [18:54] eeeew [18:54] if the church actualy cared they dip into the vaticans reserves and use some of the money they keep hording [18:54] What the? [18:54] can we talk down further to our audiance? [18:54] Gigglesnort is what they called mary juana back then? [18:54] I dont get it [18:54] KILL IT! [18:54] wtf >< [18:54] A table? [18:54] O.o [18:54] O.o [18:54] thing [18:54] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:54] DESTROY IT! THROW IT IN THE FIIIIIIIIIIYEEEEER! [18:54] BLOB:) [18:54] blob? ;P [18:54] i need help...ejecting my disk [18:54] this is creepy [18:54] JReq: I thought that was cocaine. [18:54] Beware of the Blob! [18:54] what the hell [18:54] A living statue. Nice. [18:54] IT MUST DIE! [18:54] Inanimate-lump-of-clay is a character? [18:54] Ark: oddly, yes [18:54] deep fried awefull [18:54] It's Oprah! [18:54] Er... [18:54] EPIC FAIL! [18:54] KILL IT WITH FIRE [18:54] KILL IT! [18:54] -_-;;;; [18:54] FIRE KILL NOW! [18:54] Action: BradHound giggles...."I really love that." [18:54] no worse its MJ [18:54] Angel dust? It's a possiblity, Colin. [18:54] Fail... [18:54] KILL IT >< [18:54] Clay Dalek [18:54] NEXT [18:54] Action: Zalno returns after having dinner. "Sorry about that. What'd I miss?" [18:54] lol [18:54] SpiritWolf (SpiritWolf@pawpet-EFD1C142.dsl.ksc2mo.swbell.net) joined #pawpet. [18:54] NEXT! XD [18:54] lol [18:54] TAKE US AWAY! [18:54] Kill it with water! [18:54] I think it DID give me nighmares [18:54] Action: kkp decides to go to bed early (oh-one here), and really hopes the download will play this time.. [18:54] epic fail [18:54] Ha ha ha! [18:55] LOL Mutt [18:55] yeah [18:55] Action: Shane_Graytail thinks he was looking for his DIGNITY. [18:55] Hi SpiritWolf [18:55] NUHHHH UHHHH! [18:55] yea good get rid of it [18:55] hi SpiritWolf! [18:55] Hello Spiritwolf! [18:55] lol yes Mutt [18:55] Yay popcorn! [18:55] that was weird [18:55] Yay Yiffy Pop! [18:55] Mutt: awww, poor puppy [18:55] NUHHHH UHHHH! [18:55] Well hello.... soemthing. [18:55] hey ^^ [18:55] I like this commercial [18:55] im having wakingmares [18:55] Make it stop it's in my head now :( [18:55] jeebus! [18:55] This is a cool commercial [18:55] o.o [18:55] Jiffy Pop? [18:55] Yiffy Pop popcorn, now with knots [18:55] Yiffy Pop [18:55] Unhealthy popcorn [18:55] I remember wathcing Giglesnore hotel and its pressesor Cartoon town/BJ and ht edirty Dragon [18:55] Weren't these voices in a Donald Duck cartoon once? [18:55] Popcorn is like the EASIEST food in the world [18:55] Action: Reese_Tora has a hot air popcorn popper [18:55] E-Z Pop? :P [18:55] Oh, kay.... [18:55] there gose the stream again [18:55] butter AND oil! [18:55] yiffy pop with new spooge butter lol [18:55] Jitter-pop. [18:55] For the love of all things furry! [18:55] Donald Duck presents: PROGRESS! [18:55] ill be right back...im restarting my computer [18:55] Draco (andreas.kl@pawpet-631DD69E.nextgentel.com) joined #pawpet. [18:55] HI Draco! [18:55] Ive seen Jiffy Pop at Dollar Tree [18:55] lol [18:55] later, SeanWolf [18:55] hi Draco [18:56] BOP-CORN!!!!!!!!! [18:56] death by popcorn [18:56] hi [18:56] Exactly! [18:56] Bop Corn! [18:56] Not now [18:56] lol "Man that's real BOPcorn!" [18:56] BOPcorn!?!? XD [18:56] Ha ha ha! [18:56] Mmmmm... oil butter and salt... [18:56] Eat a McDonalds [18:56] mom still uses that pop [18:56] siolent green man [18:56] Diet Soda [18:56] i like jiffy pop but i prefur yiffy pop [18:56] Corn Syrup [18:56] It's probably expired, Wild'Bill [18:56] The cheeseshakers for popcorn probably [18:56] lol, wheat toast [18:56] ... [18:56] LOL [18:56] 30 years from now, Bacon will be good for your heart!" [18:56] No more saturated fats [18:56] Fudgy?! [18:56] 30 years from now, Yellow Dye #5 will be horrible for us [18:56] Action: JunoWolf-n-Akhanu is nomming on air popped corn [18:56] I'm guessing that HFCS will be #1 on the list of "What were you THINKING?" 50 years from now. [18:56] Fudgy? [18:56] NOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [18:56] i have an AIR popper....no oil needed [18:56] YES :D [18:56] I say eat whatever the heck you like [18:56] Mutt: thats why so many are going organic, can't really go wrong that way [18:56] OMG [18:56] good song [18:56] NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [18:56] should say "tractor's" [18:56] I agree Doodles [18:56] DERP. [18:56] This song! :D [18:56] lordy [18:56] So will FPS, Doodles [18:56] hehe [18:56] yeeeeehaw [18:56] Action: wolfsangel turns off sound [18:56] Sasuke [18:56] AMV? [18:56] o.o? [18:56] Um.... OK [18:56] um... [18:56] Ha ha ha! [18:56] Did I see Sasuke? [18:56] Action: Scooter_Squirrel bets Fudgy is happy. :P [18:56] IT MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [18:56] THIS IS FUDGYS MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [18:56] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [18:56] A basket full? [18:56] THIS IS FUDGYS MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [18:56] AMV with lyrics??? [18:56] THIS IS FUDGYS MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [18:56] No [18:56] THIS IS FUDGYS MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [18:56] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [18:56] The original videos better [18:56] THIS IS FUDGYS MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [18:56] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [18:56] ded [18:56] THIS IS FUDGYS MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [18:56] ummm, no? :/ [18:56] Oh good lord.... [18:56] what's is going on? [18:56] > < [18:56] Action: Zorro in the future, Tofu and Sprouts are found to be lethal [18:56] this does NOT go with whatever anime that is [18:56] lol [18:56] WTF is that [18:56] Yes, what is this? [18:56] AAAAHHH! FOUNTRY MUSIC [18:56] This is seriously broken. [18:56] Thank GOd [18:56] Fudgy, quit spamming [18:56] AMVVVVVV!!! [18:56] Fudgy... [18:56] Action: Leiko dies [18:57] lol Anime [18:57] This is fudgy's music i'm guessing... [18:57] yay [18:57] Action: Rhiamel_Foxie has real pop corn and gives some to everyone on channel [18:57] yay killed [18:57] country* [18:57] KILL IT WITH DELETE [18:57] the hell? [18:57] Fudgy, calm down. [18:57] Thank you Yappy [18:57] thank you!!!! [18:57] it's dead jim [18:57] Get to "Nice Weather For Ducks!" [18:57] o.O [18:57] thank god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [18:57] its a fucking AMV [18:57] YAY! :D [18:57] That was awesome! [18:57] LOL [18:57] 34 [18:57] See Woody Allen's movie "Sleeper" about the future's view of our food. [18:57] Rule 34! [18:57] He is [18:57] Checking her for ticks [18:57] I have a feeling more people will be looking back on the music we listen to 30 years from now and going, "What the hell were you guys smoking back then?!?" [18:57] Tractor sex? [18:57] Rule 36! [18:57] RULE 34! [18:57] Rule 34 FTW [18:57] The drums in it are great! [18:57] lol [18:57] WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" [18:57] If it's out there, then there's porn for it! [18:57] LOL [18:57] tracter sexy wat the hell [18:57] Rule 34 [18:57] WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! [18:57] Rule 34, there is porn of it. [18:57] Someone's doing someone with a strap-on tractor? [18:57] WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO [18:57] hahahaha [18:57] Post it nao! [18:57] Action: michael grumps [18:57] AYDS! [18:57] AIDS! [18:57] lol [18:57] WOO! [18:57] AIDS? [18:57] yay AYDS! [18:57] LMAO [18:57] LOL [18:57] Lol [18:57] > < lol [18:57] Oh... [18:57] fudy ur cute lol [18:57] AIDS? [18:57] AIDS!!! [18:57] Shit yes, AYDS! [18:57] o.o >.> [18:57] LOL [18:57] lol [18:57] HAHAHAHAHAHAHA [18:57] XD [18:57] WTF!?!? XD [18:57] XD [18:57] wow, that was on TV!!!!!???? [18:57] "There's furry porn of it, no exceptions" [18:57] lol [18:57] AYDS! [18:57] oh, not this commercial :P [18:57] Geez... [18:57] LOL [18:57] OMG [18:57] nice [18:57] LOL! [18:57] ADDS [18:57] XD [18:57] AYDS, my Mother used that [18:57] OLMAo [18:57] someone reads FailBlog [18:57] I remember these, too! [18:57] lol [18:57] WHAT?!? [18:57] XD [18:57] Last message repeated 2 time(s). [18:57] Holy bajeebus... [18:57] LOL [18:57] AYDS [18:57] Action: Turtle gets AYDS right now! [18:57] I WANT AIDS! [18:57] TLR: WTF!! [18:57] Oh NOOOOO XDDDD [18:57] Man... [18:57] LOL [18:57] XD [18:57] SUPERAYDS!. [18:57] I have AYDS [18:57] Marketing FAIL! [18:57] lol omg [18:57] THAT"S GOTTA BE A QUOTE!!! [18:57] ROFL, AYDS! XD [18:58] XD [18:58] YES!!! [18:58] nice [18:58] that's cute [18:58] XD Ayds [18:58] Great moments in bad choice of names... [18:58] o/` Everyone has AYDS!! o/` [18:58] lol AYDS [18:58] SO WRONG [18:58] Action: Salen dies. [18:58] "Honey, I;m taking Ayds." [18:58] In Africa, AIDS is known as "Slim" because the main symptom is weight loss. [18:58] ROFLCOPTER [18:58] Ha ha ha! That was great! [18:58] Cute! [18:58] EVERYONE HAS AYDS!!! [18:58] "Why take diet pills when you could enjoy AIDS?"" [18:58] I'm* [18:58] They could pronounce it differently [18:58] AYDS, the other white meat! [18:58] AYDS AYDS AYDS AYDS [18:58] It's a RAT [18:58] FlashTimberwolf (8d96d11f@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:58] lol [18:58] I got AYDS and I lost weight [18:58] Roofus (4651851d@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: BRB_goddam_channel_lag [18:58] look it bungee [18:58] yay, aminal! [18:58] what is he eating? [18:58] Skunk nomnoms! XD [18:58] Fat furries, enjoy your AYDS. (I know, that was a bad one.) [18:58] Action: Redski wonders why his PS2 hates him [18:58] lol [18:58] SKUNK! [18:58] Or... not.. [18:58] Poor skunk [18:58] Skunk [18:58] Ayds was around before AIDS was discovered [18:58] skunkie love [18:58] wats it doing [18:58] Wuhduhfuh ? [18:58] Well, the product existed long before disease. [18:58] the skunk is eating all the ayds! [18:58] Chomp Chomp Chomp [18:58] NOm nom nom nom [18:58] om nom nom nom [18:58] froot loops [18:58] Are those candy hearts? [18:58] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [18:58] its high [18:58] nom nom nom [18:58] nom nom nom nom nom [18:58] nomnomnomnomnomnom [18:58] What's the skunk eating? [18:58] I hope those aren't some dude's legs [18:58] Skunk eating Ayds? [18:58] lol [18:58] If those are Mentos, don't give him diet Coke afterwards! [18:58] Action: Fudgy bets no one will guess what im youtubing right now!! [18:58] ALTOIDS! [18:58] lol [18:58] hehehehehehe [18:58] AYDS! [18:58] cat food [18:58] or altoids [18:58] it was AIDS that killed Ayds tho [18:58] http://www.furaffinity.net/user/firehopper [18:58] that skunk had the pot [18:58] he noms upon poison! :( [18:58] Alpha Bits Cereal! [18:58] Action: A_Fearsome_Hawk gives everyone some AYDS [18:58] SeanWolf (tails@pawpet-C8A08917.dhcp.embarqhsd.net) left irc: Ping timeout [18:58] looks like its noming on cerial of some sort [18:59] eat the AYDS they good for you [18:59] Action: Wild`Bill`TX waits for the punchline [18:59] Bandit, yes! [18:59] No. That is NOT Basil! [18:59] LOL, munchies! XD [18:59] Those are those chalk candy you get for Valentines. [18:59] Woof [18:59] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [18:59] aww but skunks are cute :) [18:59] Roof! [18:59] I still say they look like candy hearts [18:59] woof [18:59] wierd, but it was cute [18:59] RWOOF! [18:59] doot doot doot [18:59] HI BANDIT! [18:59] it's Basil! [18:59] what food comes in a triangle box [18:59] Woof! [18:59] Bandit! [18:59] Hi Bandit [18:59] Woof! [18:59] Bait & IR camera = skunk with munchies? [18:59] RWOOF RWOOF! [18:59] FlashTimberwolf (8d96d11f@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [18:59] bark bark bark! [18:59] banditbandit! [18:59] WOOR WOOF WOOF [18:59] Looked like Paris Hilton's nightvision camera found a new use. [18:59] the bandi goes WOOF BARK [18:59] WOOF! [18:59] arf arf! [18:59] YAY, BANDIT! XD [18:59] BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK! [18:59] this looks tolerable [18:59] ARF ARF ARF! [18:59] BanditBanditBandit!! [18:59] yay its bandit ^_^ [18:59] Action: Fudgy thinks his tractor is sexy [18:59] Bandit, we love you [18:59] ROOF ROOF ROOF [18:59] Roofus (4651851d@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [18:59] Kewpies [18:59] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [18:59] YATTA! [18:59] D8 [18:59] oh my [18:59] another pedo film? [18:59] it's a cherub! [18:59] Angel Pron? [18:59] Wth? [18:59] You know, I've seen a raccoon, a skunk, and some other animals at work, but I never see anything but squirrels near my house. It's sad. [18:59] YATTA! [18:59] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNZzJELbFRI&feature=channel_page\ [18:59] ROOF [18:59] YATTA! [18:59] ?!? [18:59] Okay... do NOT pan down [18:59] GONG!!! [18:59] they need to play that vid [18:59] hi Roofus! [18:59] WTF!? [19:00] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNZzJELbFRI&feature=channel_page [19:00] This is the funniest part of the show with them riffing on videoes. :) [19:00] Action: Zorro says Michael Jackson Home Movie! [19:00] lol [19:00] Denied! [19:00] Spankings are why. [19:00] T-Chall (davidrw@pawpet-4C3F813F.rochester.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [19:00] ...ow? :P [19:00] i hope that is an aloe vera leaf [19:00] He's going to HELL [19:00] no [19:00] HI T-Chall! [19:00] lol [19:00] FlashTimberwolf (8d96d11f@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [19:00] So lame to have the computer do it [19:00] did whacko jacko make this??/???? [19:00] Hello FlashTimberWolf! [19:00] Michael Jackson-approved [19:00] XD [19:00] wow [19:00] ScrubzyFox (www.wing0_@pawpet-82AA4DF0.dynamic.dejazzd.com) left irc: Ping timeout [19:00] LOL [19:00] ummmmmmmm http://www.furaffinity.net/view/1881102/ [19:00] Hell is going to have a fun time with him! [19:00] No. Ever had the "Godzilla" dream? [19:00] Epic Fail [19:00] the story of lucifer [19:00] It's Yappyangel [19:00] hi T-Chall! [19:00] Back again! [19:00] sad [19:00] mj paws off to this vid [19:00] LOL [19:00] I had a dream I was having sex on a chair in the waiting room at college, that was pretty interesting. [19:00] The only time I've had dreams of being naked it was in bed or on my couch next to a woman [19:00] Godzilla dream? [19:00] Awwwww. [19:00] OMG GOD [19:00] Action: JFD62780 imagines the Yoshi *HRRRRGGGHHH...*s sound effect while he saw the cherub TRYING to fly... [19:00] JunoWolf-n-Akhanu: LOL! [19:00] shit hard [19:00] Awwwwwwwwws... [19:00] Pull my finger! [19:01] me had a dream about a tractor.... [19:01] lol [19:01] lol "Oh and be sure to pull God's finger too!" [19:01] I had a diseny dream today [19:01] SeanWolf (tails@pawpet-C8A08917.dhcp.embarqhsd.net) joined #pawpet. [19:01] wow [19:01] wb FlashTimberwolf [19:01] For Gods sake don't pull Yappy's finger [19:01] NEVER PULL GODS FINGER! [19:01] kill Bandit kill! [19:01] Whoever came up with this has issues [19:01] wb, SeanWolf [19:01] Stop sucking your thumb! [19:01] YATTA! [19:01] XD [19:01] Nossat (nossat@pawpet-9EBB92B3.dhcp.inet.fi) left irc: Quit: leaving [19:01] where abortion babies go [19:01] RWOOF! [19:01] Mat_Husky (Husky@pawpet-3F12918.lei3.cable.ntl.com) left irc: Quit: Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast! [19:01] did whacko jacko make this??/???? [19:01] last teim gods finguer was pulled: Yappy farted [19:01] some people shower befroe sleeping :P [19:01] omg god touched him [19:01] A Disney Dream? Do tell BJButtons [19:01] Woulfe> Basically like the "Running-from-dinosaurs" dream. [19:01] So that's all anyone needs to do in order to get into heaven is fly over the gate? What a rip off! [19:01] Who gave Bandit a mike? [19:01] Too... [19:01] Well, that was cute. Slightly disturbing, but cute. [19:01] wuff!! wuff!!! [19:01] did whacko jacko make this????? [19:01] Babyfurs! [19:01] Never Pull Yappy's Finger [19:01] Um. [19:01] Cute... [19:01] did whacko jacko make this????? [19:01] lol [19:01] its in my lj [19:01] UNless you have a Gas Mask [19:01] Garmon_Martin (Pianofitz@pawpet-10CD2049.dyn.optonline.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [19:01] that was Pixar? [19:01] Pixar? [19:01] Oh, this one is hilarious. [19:01] Renderman? [19:01] is it bad if god touched my spcial area mommy lol [19:01] whats going on so far? [19:01] Action: Abrahm is not a Pixar person. [19:01] must have been an old demo [19:01] Oh no [19:01] seen this one [19:01] Action: Reese_Tora prefers to shower after sleeping incase the night is too warm [19:01] yes! Failblog [19:01] http://bjbuttons.livejournal.com/320579.html [19:01] That was the project of some student at the Vacouver Film School. [19:01] This won't end well [19:01] seen it [19:01] Yup. I've seen this too. [19:01] MORE COUNTRY MUSIC!! [19:01] was an artjam theme announced? [19:01] A day in the life of Simba! [19:01] This is good [19:02] Love failblog [19:02] STAB >< [19:02] What tha [19:02] Oh, seen this one [19:02] ! [19:02] No, it was done using Pixar _software._ [19:02] XD [19:02] XD [19:02] Bye bye lamp.... [19:02] lmao [19:02] ooops [19:02] O.O [19:02] wow [19:02] Nice... Always wanted to do that... [19:02] lol Fail!!!!! [19:02] ow [19:02] Pixar didn't make the Cherub; ther RenderMan might've had a job in helping make the cherub tho... [19:02] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 [19:02] XD [19:02] xD [19:02] LMAO [19:02] HAHAHAHAHAHA FAIL! [19:02] whats going on so far? I had to restart the computer [19:02] dumb ass! [19:02] > < [19:02] LOL! [19:02] ROFLMAO [19:02] LMAO [19:02] "YA! Yooauyoo!" [19:02] lol [19:02] LoL [19:02] Moron! [19:02] OW!!! [19:02] jongler is a hand manipulator [19:02] Owned by the lamp. [19:02] o.o [19:02] crap I missed that [19:02] EPIC FAIL [19:02] Ha ha ha! [19:02] jesus [19:02] LOL [19:02] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [19:02] O.O [19:02] lol [19:02] DOUBLE FAIL! [19:02] lol [19:02] major fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [19:02] LOL [19:02] that must hurt [19:02] it fail [19:02] FAIL!!!! [19:02] the pen thing, not the exploding thing [19:02] ROFL [19:02] lmao! [19:02] lol [19:02] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [19:02] lol hahah [19:02] o.o I missed something... [19:02] lol [19:02] Show it again! [19:02] lol [19:02] xD [19:02] lol [19:02] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [19:02] EPIC FAIL!!!! [19:02] Double Epic Fail! [19:02] Revenge of Thomas Edison [19:02] Double Epic Fail [19:02] Cool, replay! XD [19:02] lol [19:02] Nick change: StrayCatAtDinner -> Stray_Cat [19:02] someone was asleep in electrical class... [19:02] REPLAY [19:02] lol instent replay [19:02] lol [19:02] lol [19:02] I think we're turning Japanese [19:02] o.o [19:02] da [19:02] Nice [19:02] Darwin Award right there :P [19:02] lol [19:02] YattaAAAAAGH!!! [19:02] hahaha [19:03] the pen spinner highlights [19:03] Idiot! [19:03] XD [19:03] And he lookS!!!! [19:03] BOOM HEADSHOT! [19:03] FAIL!. :P [19:03] Yatta [19:03] I couldn't see it because of my connection. Dammit!!! [19:03] what the hell? [19:03] hahahaa [19:03] booooooom [19:03] damn [19:03] XD [19:03] XD [19:03] hahahaa [19:03] maybe he should turn the light off before touching the pen [19:03] awesome [19:03] LOL [19:03] Hahaha [19:03] ROFLMAO [19:03] Yep, owned. [19:03] ZAP! [19:03] lol [19:03] hahahahahahaha [19:03] lol [19:03] XD [19:03] ROFL! EPIC FAIL! XD [19:03] DUMMY [19:03] Sorry about that... [19:03] XD [19:03] lol dam its really in there [19:03] Wow... o.o [19:03] wooooow [19:03] Hahahahahaha [19:03] BOOM [19:03] FAIL BEADS! [19:03] XD [19:03] the pikachu effect [19:03] yeah, he was grounded all right! [19:03] Runner up for a Darwin, for sure [19:03] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [19:03] E P I C F A I L [19:03] MADE OF SOLID WIN! [19:03] XD [19:03] That was kinda awesome. [19:03] xeltifon (xeltifon@pawpet-565F8693.hsd1.nm.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [19:03] Darwin award winner [19:03] Roll Call Time [19:03] Well, it WAS from FailBlog... [19:03] yingyang ^_^ [19:03] pikaCHUUUU!!!! [19:03] well, he is on the floor, that's as grounded as you can get [19:03] BUUURRRP [19:03] I had a lamp like that, but I was smart enough to unplug it [19:03] Kipper: I love you xD [19:03] that was fail [19:03] Hello xeltifon! [19:03] that was, indeed, an epic fail. [19:03] Double Epic Fail! [19:03] AYDS [19:03] Darwin award runner up [19:03] Failed so ghard it is all WIN :) [19:03] LOL [19:03] Ok, how the heck did the pen stick in the socket like that. [19:03] whats going on so far? [19:03] lol, Aids [19:03] I love everyone [19:03] Huray! Free cam! [19:03] Azure_Ocelot (imcclure@pawpet-CF557A94.hsd1.nh.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [19:03] Is Herbie on Pawpet strike? [19:03] Actually, the weight loss plan had been around since the 60's. [19:03] pikachu on her period [19:04] Hello Azure_Acelot! [19:04] Handcam! [19:04] It's Banditcam! [19:04] stupid stream [19:04] Wow! [19:04] its a Handy Came [19:04] Ayds fen pen [19:04] Yay, organizing! [19:04] cloverfield part 2 [19:04] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AYDS [19:04] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [19:04] Roving reporter! [19:04] KaelenToonycoon (chatzilla@9B24FDDA.1D3F43D7.AFB5BBB6.IP) left #pawpet. [19:04] Hi (again) Dragonhead! [19:04] wow [19:04] AIDS was found in a US blood sample taken in 1957. [19:04] You need moar lions [19:04] oh, I didn't know there was a weight loss thing called Aydes. I just thought it was a sick joke about aids ailing you into being thin [19:04] Still need more puppets! [19:04] Action: Reese_Tora 's Mammals of CA guide book says striped skunks have a maximum range of 20 feet anda re accurate up to half that range... [19:04] FIVE GOLDEN RINGS! [19:04] They're organized [19:04] The Pawpet Ark? [19:04] Good organization :D [19:04] Kitty? [19:04] AND A PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE [19:04] It looks like Noah's ark [19:04] That looks like pure compression artifacts x_x [19:04] wow [19:04] ...whoa. And a partridge in a Peare Tree! XD [19:04] -e [19:04] damn, KP knows how to oragnaize! [19:04] Action: Rhiamel_Foxie starts stealing some [19:04] And a partridge in a pear tree! [19:04] And a partridge in a pear tree [19:04] Wow! [19:04] Action: Fudgy HATES this stream [19:04] lol [19:04] lol, JFD [19:04] need more [19:04] Put the cats on stage! [19:04] needs moar lions [19:04] :P [19:04] I have no idea now [19:04] Multiple Jar Jars? [19:04] i may have to take it out for a drive later [19:04] The lion and the snow leopard! [19:04] dayum! [19:04] wow [19:05] this killed my stream [19:05] wow [19:05] Because plumpdragon and I NEED those frogs for the Show Virgins! [19:05] lol [19:05] wow! [19:05] y i hate jar jar [19:05] Blah, wish this part was in extra high quality... had to see the detail [19:05] stupid stream [19:05] Last message repeated 3 time(s). [19:05] bad stream [19:05] stupid stream [19:05] You're killing the stream!! [19:05] wow [19:05] Yappy's mean [19:05] needs more kitty cats [19:05] Gah. Wh does QuickTime think it's a good idea to keep the video, but stall the audio. [19:05] that's a lot of puppets [19:05] Wow [19:05] Moooos! [19:05] Ebay [19:05] Boo, Yappy [19:05] Damned stream [19:05] its going out on me too [19:05] I'd rather have audio with no video than video with no audio [19:05] meep! stream skip [19:05] were otters mentioned? [19:05] stupid stream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [19:05] OW IM BLIND [19:05] puppet tyme! [19:05] arf [19:05] AAAHHHH!!! britelite! britelite! [19:05] I swapped to the Real stream 20 minutes ago. [19:05] it's like the cloverfield edition of Pawpets [19:05] stupid stream [19:05] Stream going bad? [19:05] BRIGHT LIGHTING [19:05] I.... am soo..... scared...... Ahhhhhhhhhhh! [19:05] it has to be a network iddue on their end [19:05] Broom Hilda? [19:05] *goes to home computer* [19:05] Fudgy: we heard you the 1st time :P [19:05] FPS Blair Witch [19:05] blair witch pawpets [19:05] Be back in an hour! [19:05] TSG: nah its good ... not [19:05] Ka-Ploosh! [19:06] STOP PANNING SO FAST! [19:06] ha [19:06] Yappy screws the puppets? [19:06] I see BassMan [19:06] crap vid froz [19:06] Blurry...reminds of that party. Wait I'm no longer a virgin! [19:06] slow the panning down! [19:06] Yappy's gonna get a little screw? [19:06] That puppet's too big to be EB [19:06] Hehe, It's BassMan [19:06] WHOA! Backstage at FPS! [19:06] lol Salen [19:06] Stop moving teh camera! [19:06] this killed my stream X_X [19:06] DVD bonus features! [19:06] Action: SeanWolf is upset cause his computer is being a ******* idiot [19:06] stop panning so fast your killing the stream [19:06] Yay [19:06] slow dowm .-. [19:06] I see lots of colored blocks [19:06] Massive pixilation. :P [19:06] Whens the next fund raiser? [19:06] Bah, there went my stream ;-; [19:06] Funday Pawpet Show: Ruining the magic, one day at a time :) [19:06] The-Blue-Cavalier (chatzilla@pawpet-F09603DF.stny.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [19:06] Backstage segment needs to be released on it's on as an extra edition video [19:06] Action: Redski curls up [19:06] ooo, screens [19:06] mine two i had to reload like 8 time [19:06] ]Sean it's not your computer [19:06] not alone Seanwolf [19:06] Yea [19:06] HEHEH [19:06] it's the crappy stream [19:07] Action: JReq curls up with Redski [19:07] Action: Fudgy will just download tomorrow [19:07] Looks like frantic video game action. [19:07] Action: Talyn|UK can't wait for FC now [19:07] HI BACKSTAGE SCREEN [19:07] My stream is dying... [19:07] Puppet View [19:07] Hehe [19:07] stupid stream [19:07] Last message repeated 3 time(s). [19:07] Action: BradHound will pounce Talyn at FC. [19:07] yay for puppet view :) [19:07] Behind the Scenes. [19:07] Reconbobulated if you will... [19:07] No...my computer is not doing what its suppsoed to do...its like Yappy crapped on it [19:07] that's a lotta monitors. [19:07] Nice [19:07] Gotta love the technical stuff. [19:07] Hi puppets! [19:07] Behind the Magic: The Funday Pawpet Show [19:07] Staring at you... judging you... [19:07] Action: Zalno doesn't know about the Mutt Bug [19:07] Behind the Fur [19:07] cloverfield ish attackin [19:07] Snak Braeak! [19:07] Talyn|UK: I can't wait either [19:07] bring on baindet [19:07] HAHA! Cloverfield hand cam [19:07] Mutt bug? [19:07] No Sean we are all having the same issues it's the stream [19:07] TAGEHEAD! [19:07] They got monitors in the stage, wow so custom and pimpin'! XD [19:07] CLoverfield LOL [19:07] i am downloading this one [19:07] X3 [19:08] Action: Fudgy will just download tomorrow [19:08] Jojo? where's KC? [19:08] speaking of Ruining the Magic: be on the lookout for Fursuit Music: Ruining the Magic coming to a con near you [19:08] So what would you classify Scream Guy as? One Skeleton? One Grim Reaper? [19:08] YAY! The Lizard Rat and Jojo can do a segment together!!!! [19:08] I've been tarot read by Jojo! :D [19:08] Welcome to "Ruining the Magic Theatre." [19:08] I'll have to watch that part on the replay, stream went out durring all that paning [19:08] Mat_Husky (Husky@pawpet-3F12918.lei3.cable.ntl.com) joined #pawpet. [19:08] DO it!!! [19:08] no what i mean is...my computer acts funny....the sho isnt even on my computer at the moment [19:08] Hmm, Battle of the Tarots! XD [19:08] HI Mat_Husky! [19:08] yawn [19:08] Nice Bucktown [19:08] AngelicDirt: I see what you did there [19:08] deathdeathdeathlunch... [19:08] and the level 9 snow dragon card... [19:08] Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner, but he knew it couldn't last. *nod* [19:08] oh i see [19:08] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [19:08] FPSFAN899 (18bd2a82@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [19:08] Action: Reese_Tora has a deck of LotR tarot cards [19:08] HI FPSFAn899! [19:08] YES! Jojo and Lizard Rat should do a segment tonight! [19:08] Now, come and talk to me, forever, my lady [19:08] my mom has a deck of tarot cards. [19:09] Abrahm: What I did where? :D *all innocent* [19:09] I was gonna by a puppet in New Orleans [19:09] but I didn't [19:09] ow [19:09] I own 4 [19:09] Action: Darky pokes #pawpet [19:09] If I'm gonna get pounced please pounce me from the front, someone pounced me from behind and I was out of fursuit and I almost had a panic attack [19:09] Lizard Rat: CHUT UP! :) [19:09] They need a Roll-a-Dex for the pawpets [19:09] Spider. [19:09] Moooooooo [19:09] Hurray headless nakid barbies! [19:09] Also a "deck" from Escaflowne.... which contains only the major arcana [19:09] Godzilla! [19:09] mooooooooo [19:09] Action: AngelicDirt has a deck of Tarot, but never uses them. [19:09] mo [19:09] er [19:09] stop lawing befor i yiff you [19:09] moo [19:09] There was a wall? [19:09] charlieeeeee [19:09] mooooooooo [19:09] Man... subservients never do the Godzilla stomp anymore. Please bring that back! [19:09] Action: Zorro says After the Barbie ASirline Disaster. [19:09] Jen wants to know, where did hte headless barbies come from? [19:09] barstools? [19:09] ROLL CALL! [19:09] Bark... [19:09] sup dog [19:10] Hi Ezra! [19:10] hi Ezra! [19:10] Yea Roll Call [19:10] I have two new viewers here [19:10] ROLL CALL [19:10] ROLLCALL [19:10] Droll call! [19:10] yay roll call [19:10] Yes...do Roll Call! [19:10] yay! rollcall =D [19:10] Magic is broken, night is ruined [19:10] helloooooo! [19:10] ROLL CALL [19:10] oooh you have barstools!! arent you posh!!!! [19:10] You know what FPS needs more of [19:10] Roll call! [19:10] ROOOOOLLLLL!! [19:10] your stage is that high ? [19:10] Cat puppets [19:10] Nick change: Leiko -> A [19:10] brb [19:10] Russki?!?! XD [19:10] Yes ALEXI! [19:10] Roofae (Roofae@A5B81CC6.C026E3EF.E134D3.IP) left irc: Client exited [19:10] =3 [19:10] Wurff ? [19:10] Nick change: Shamus -> Ayds_Weight_Loss [19:10] Fuji> Name them, and they get free frogs! [19:10] rollcall in Russian? [19:10] In russia, rollcall deos you [19:10] Action: Novu_Ferret sighs [19:10] Ah, Motherland. [19:10] Nick change: Abrahm -> Abrahm_Again_Its_AY_brum [19:10] Nick change: JunoWolf-n-Akhanu -> Juno-and-Akhanu [19:10] There is no 4th wall. just a curtian [19:10] my first roll call [19:10] yarly [19:10] Reese: :P [19:10] Russian Dials work Backwards [19:10] Ze Motherland! [19:10] you must think...in Russian! [19:10] In russia, tart pops you! [19:10] In Russia, RollCall does you! [19:10] I am a wimp, and I still have a wasp in my room [19:10] Yamavu (chatzilla@pawpet-B2A116E.tuwien.teleweb.at) left irc: Connection reset by peer [19:10] lol A [19:10] Nuuuuuu, no robotic roll callll!!! XP [19:10] Nick change: TonyRingtail -> TonyRingtailski [19:10] I wonder how many times he get that "in Russia" joke [19:11] whats the role call music called? [19:11] Nick change: Zalno -> Zalnoski [19:11] United States Canada Mexico Panama... [19:11] Cambot... Gypsy...Tom Sevo... CROOOOOOOOOW! [19:11] lalalalallaa [19:11] Fudgy: Mexican Hat Dance [19:11] louder! [19:11] Mexican Hat Dance [19:11] Fudgy: mexican hat dance [19:11] yep [19:11] HIGHER [19:11] Fudgy, it's a traditional song called Jarabe Tapatio [19:11] Nick change: AngelicDirt -> AngelicDirtski [19:11] aaah yeah [19:11] wtf? [19:11] Nick change: A -> B [19:11] Nick change: A_Fearsome_Hawk -> GPA_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F [19:11] Nick change: miffOtter -> I_lost_9001_pounds_with_AYDS [19:11] Action: Mat_Husky dances [19:11] MEK ROLLCALLLSKI! XD [19:11] It's not... ABRAHAM [19:11] Damn it [19:11] Just repeat to yourself: it's just a show, I should really just relax. [19:11] Nick change: Action -> Sarah_Palin [19:11] AkeaGrommet (brepas@33B68854.5C3D42E3.C540D195.IP) joined #pawpet. [19:11] hehe i like this show so much [19:11] Nick change: Mouser -> Mouserovich [19:11] Nick change: AngelicDirtski -> AngelicDirt [19:11] Nick change: Abrahm_Again_Its_AY_brum -> Abrahm [19:11] Nick change: B -> C [19:11] Nick change: michael -> Mee_cha_el [19:11] Nick change: Temba -> RascalCoyote [19:11] Roll call? [19:11] I AkeaGrommet [19:11] Nick change: Ayds_Weight_Loss -> Shamus [19:11] Nick change: Tyger -> Tyger_strypekovich [19:11] Opie (Opie@pawpet-F40BE05B.rochester.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: unfortunately, it's off to work I go. [19:11] Love the accent [19:11] hi AkeaGrommet! [19:11] Why isn't Yappy playing the Russian Cossack Dance? [19:12] accent is well done [19:12] Pittsburgh leads, 28-10 in 4th. [19:12] w00t! *heard his name* [19:12] Fight Fight Fight! [19:12] Nick change: C -> D [19:12] Action: AkeaGrommet waves to everyone! :) [19:12] Nick change: Zalnoski -> Niko_Bellic [19:12] YAY PITT [19:12] why is there a guy with war paint on sticking his head onto the screen? [19:12] yea thats not russian music [19:12] and now severus snape [19:12] Nick change: Sarah_Palin -> Sarah_Palin_rules [19:12] O-kay [19:12] LokoSeeCheck (lokosicek@pawpet-5C79B025.koleje.cuni.cz) joined #pawpet. [19:12] Nick change: Dragonhead -> Need_MORE_Puppets [19:12] thats greeke musice [19:12] Nick change: Cedar -> E [19:12] Sarah Palin?!?! [19:12] KILL! [19:12] HI LokoSeeCheck [19:12] he's not doing it right [19:12] Hmm... Just out of curiosity, did the Eagles win? [19:12] Nick change: D -> F [19:12] Nick change: Colley -> TheDoctor [19:12] wuffs :) [19:12] Nick change: E -> g [19:12] curse you ceder [19:12] OMG, CLOWN!!!! O_O [19:12] I was supposed tyo be E [19:12] ZOMBIE! [19:12] awww clown [19:12] It's the Bassman! [19:12] Nick change: g -> G [19:12] Loko! [19:12] Nick change: F -> H [19:12] Nick change: Fudgy -> SheThinksMyTractorsSexy [19:12] Nick change: BucktownTiger -> SarahCanSeeRussiaFromHerHouse [19:12] yea why he us greece music? [19:12] Nick change: Drago_Fox -> T [19:12] Ceder! Stop! [19:12] Zombie Clown! [19:12] Nick change: GPA_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F_F -> I_Have_AYDS [19:12] Mexican Hat Dance actually [19:12] clown gunna eat us!! D: [19:12] Bassman! [19:12] OMG I did not know the bassman was at the pawpet show [19:12] Nick change: H -> J [19:12] SUBSERVIENT ROOSKIE: SAY NUCLEAR WESSTLES [19:12] Augh! CLOWN! [19:12] Sarah Paininthetail is here ? [19:12] Nick change: Shamus -> Massive_FAIL [19:13] Nick change: I_Have_AYDS -> MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO [19:13] T-Chall (davidrw@pawpet-4C3F813F.rochester.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: [19:13] Nick change: I_lost_9001_pounds_with_AYDS -> miffOtter [19:13] Nick change: Mee_cha_el -> Meek_ha_el [19:13] Nick change: Abrahm -> Man_Its_AY_brum [19:13] he sounds Indian [19:13] Nick change: KittyNoy -> Zazazazazee [19:13] ... [19:13] thats meeee [19:13] o-o [19:13] damn you not letting me change my name [19:13] it's Ernie! [19:13] Ptut Ernie away! [19:13] Nick change: J -> N [19:13] Nick change: G -> Cedar [19:13] SyberfoxKune (vincen010@pawpet-C5AEC7E3.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [19:13] FPSFAN899 (18bd2a82@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [19:13] Nick change: LokoSeeCheck -> Lokosicek [19:13] goodnight song? [19:13] Show's over D: [19:13] show over? [19:13] wrong song [19:13] Show's over! [19:13] BURT IS EVIL [19:13] oh no its over! [19:13] Nick change: Massive_FAIL -> Shamus [19:13] Nick change: Pepper -> RojoLobo [19:13] Nick change: Man_Its_AY_brum -> Abrahm [19:13] is it time for the show to be over?! D: [19:13] The rollcall is going on too long! [19:13] Action: Woulfe stalks Serah Pailin [19:13] IT'S NOT OVER! [19:13] Nick change: Mat_Husky -> Those_Meddling_Kids [19:13] Show needs MORE PUPPETS! [19:13] Nick change: Meek_ha_el -> michael [19:13] i knew the show wouldnt last 4 hours!!!! [19:13] Nick change: N -> O [19:13] Nick change: miffOtter -> Smeargle [19:13] Hello Syberfoxkune! [19:14] Nick change: MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO -> Pee_On_Ayds [19:14] Nick change: Need_MORE_Puppets -> Dragonhead [19:14] Nick change: Niko_Bellic -> Zalnoski [19:14] Nick change: O -> P [19:14] HAHA NIKO BELLIC [19:14] I lol'd. [19:14] Nick change: Pyrofox -> Pyrofox_TomorrowIsBirthday [19:14] Nick change: Leon -> Phil_Asio [19:14] ahh puppet ass lol [19:14] Too slow! [19:14] Read faster, Moscow-Man!!! [19:14] sorry. Had to do it. [19:14] HE SAID IT RIGHT! FINALLY SOMEONE DID IT! [19:14] omg TLR o.o [19:14] lol "you buggers." [19:14] Niko_Bellic sounds like a second life name [19:14] Nick change: Pee_On_Ayds -> Sawblade5 [19:14] Nick change: Phil_Asio -> Leon [19:14] ELE FAIL (Extinction Level Event)\ [19:14]

DAMN NOT LETTING ME CHANGE [19:14] lol, puppets... [19:14] Niko Bellic is the main character in GTA4 [19:14] There's a dragon in here... [19:14] ._. [19:14] he said my name wrong [19:14]

...ok who is T [19:14]

T_T [19:14] Nick change: Pyrofox_TomorrowIsBirthday -> Y_Dont_You_Do_Birthdays [19:14] dragon! :) [19:14] DAH! [19:14] I actually did see a niko Bellic ArkFettet ^^ [19:14] Nick change: P -> U [19:14] ArkFerret: Really? I never would've guessed... [19:14] figures sound cuts justa s he says my name :P [19:14] yay Roxicat! [19:14] Nick change: RascalCoyote -> Temba [19:14] Nick change: SarahCanSeeRussiaFromHerHouse -> YouJustLostTheGame [19:14] Nick change: Sawblade5 -> You_Forgot_Sawblade5 [19:14] dont woryu im not stupid to change my namejust to hear my anme 2 times >> [19:14] hello P im T [19:14] he said mine right :p [19:14] you said my name wrong! [19:14] Nick change: Mouserovich -> Yevklydyan_Surface [19:14] Shane GARRYTAIL ? [19:14] Nick change: U -> Yumei_Turned_17_Yesterday [19:15] Nick change: SheThinksMyTractorsSexy -> YouThinksMyTractorsSexy [19:15] eep, dragon! [19:15] hey my friend spike papp knows Roxikat [19:15] Nick change: T -> Z [19:15] Nick change: Yumei_Turned_17_Yesterday -> Yumei_Leiko_Turned_17_Yesterda [19:15] what's that seen wolf? [19:15] Hi Tiger! [19:15] White tiger [19:15] Nick change: Smeargle -> zMooseAndSquriell [19:15] sounded like he said 'tori' instead of 'tora' though [19:15] It's a Siberian Tige! [19:15] Roxikat: µ [19:15] Action: Kurra hisses. [19:15] White Tiger est... stiff-looking... o-o [19:15] Howler_wolf (4121e1fc@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [19:15] Nick change: TheDoctor -> Colley [19:15] Nick change: Snarfie -> zzzz_zwoot [19:15] Nick change: zMooseAndSquriell -> z_Moose_and_Squriell [19:15] aw man [19:15] Hello Howler_Wolf [19:15] wait wait [19:15] lol thosemeddling kids [19:15] Rhiamel_Foxie (Rhiamel@pawpet-DA8A298E.hsd1.or.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [19:15] Nick change: SeanWolf -> you_said_seanwolf_wrong [19:15] moo [19:15] Dragon [19:15] Nick change: Sarah_Palin_rules -> Yzumitelno [19:15] Nick change: Zalnoski -> Zalnokov [19:15] I had to refresh and I missed mah name XD [19:15] The sonic god is working those meddling kids? [19:15] He said TEXAS [19:15] Nick change: Temba -> RascalCoyote [19:15] Tejas! [19:15] Nick change: Shamus -> Zipperneck_The_Disgusting [19:15] Nick change: Those_Meddling_Kids -> Mat_Husky [19:15] Bawk [19:15] BAWK [19:15] Okay BradHound...what did the hand just say? [19:15] Nick change: Yzumitelno -> Vsye [19:15] Nick change: Tyger_strypekovich -> Tyger_strype [19:15] :-D [19:15] lol 'why dont' you do birthdays' [19:15] he's choking the chicken! [19:16] Nick change: You_Forgot_Sawblade5 -> Zoom [19:16] Strangle that bawk! [19:16] Nick change: TonyRingtailski -> TonyRingtail [19:16] Nick change: Y_Dont_You_Do_Birthdays -> Pyrofox [19:16] Nick change: Yevklydyan_Surface -> Mouser [19:16] BUCKTOWN I HATE YOU! [19:16] Nick change: YouJustLostTheGame -> BucktownTiger [19:16] Again? [19:16] FUck Quicktime [19:16] Action: Yumei_Leiko_Turned_17_Yesterda lost the game! [19:16] have there already been subservients? [19:16] dammit Bucktown. [19:16] Nick change: Zazazazazee -> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzy [19:16] Nick change: Zalnokov -> Zalno [19:16] just give up [19:16] Nick change: Yumei_Leiko_Turned_17_Yesterda -> Leiko [19:16] Nick change: z_Moose_and_Squriell -> miffOtter [19:16] Nick change: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzy -> KittyNoy [19:16] Nick change: Z -> Drago_fox [19:16] he made it lol [19:16] lol [19:16] Nick change: Zoom -> Sawblade5 [19:16] Nick change: Zipperneck_The_Disgusting -> Shamus [19:16] yay! [19:16] LAAAAAAAAAAAAa [19:16] YAY! XD [19:16] o.o [19:16] lol, nice one [19:16] bravo [19:16] Action: Hokucho applauds! [19:16] Yay!! [19:16] who was that [19:16] Clown [19:16] Crapski! [19:16] can I has my name done again? [19:16] Action: Zalno was thinking about making him say 'Raikov', but that'd be kinda easy... [19:16] whos the clown? [19:16] The-Blue-Cavalier (chatzilla@pawpet-F09603DF.stny.res.rr.com) left irc: Ping timeout [19:16] Nick change: Vsye -> Acton [19:16] Nick change: YouThinksMyTractorsSexy -> Fudgy [19:16] Nick change: you_said_seanwolf_wrong -> SeanWolf [19:16] TonyRingTailski? [19:16] XD I had to refresh dammit [19:16] That's bassman [19:16] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayds [19:16] In Soviet Russia, Rollcall rolls YOU. [19:16] Bassman is a clown. [19:16] I know nobody will answer but hehe [19:16] stupid streaming video XD [19:16] thats tony? [19:16] I want to do Roll Call so bad Yappy [19:16] Nick change: Sibir_Lupus -> Sibir_Lupus_AFK [19:16] oh ok [19:16] Everyone has it [19:16] Too bad they didn't add "off" to the ends of all the names. [19:16] Action: Gaomon back and wrapes his paws around a hot bowl of ramen. [19:17] Rhiamel_Foxie (Rhiamel@pawpet-DA8A298E.hsd1.or.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [19:17] Phone o.o [19:17] ow [19:17] We have a call/ [19:17] Action: Kipper is scared of Bassman now [19:17] ok iam back [19:17] ? [19:17] Hello Rhiamel_Foxie! [19:17] Is PHONE SIGN! XD [19:17] and whos doing rollcall> [19:17] bassman is russian? [19:17] why, Kipper? [19:17] dial tone [19:17] I guess the phone patch works now? [19:17] dam [19:17] runnd over? [19:17] I have clownphobia [19:17] oadkill the puppet? [19:17] I killed a clown [19:17] renned over :) [19:17] TigerShadowclaw (Shadow@809DE3C3.3EF0C786.8749A49F.IP) left irc: Quit: Leaving [19:17] Action: BradHound isn't scared of clowns. [19:17] Hi smexy voice [19:17] runned* [19:17] Looooooooooviiiiiiing yooooooooooouuuuuuu [19:17] so, remind me again. Who's the Russian fur? [19:17] russian guy u want a boyfrien [19:17] last clown i saw was in the game Twisted Metal [19:17] woah... too close... :P [19:17] But clowns are scared of Bradhound [19:17] mew [19:17] Too close to the camera! BACK UP [19:17] lol Lalalalalallalalalalalalallala [19:17] That's a cute doggie though [19:17] Tonyringtail (thumbs up my russian comraid) [19:17] Nard: :P [19:18] Narf! [19:18] whats the chances anyone is reading this? [19:18] Russian is so sexy... XP [19:18] ah, okay [19:18] THe chances are good. [19:18] You lost The Game [19:18] Alexi? [19:18] The channel ? [19:18] Aqua: Fairly good [19:18] say Nuclear Vessels :) [19:18] Retarded in the Pizza! [19:18] Liesl (n@pawpet-59427B2.cfl.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [19:18] wb, Liesl [19:18] Yeah, they put Borscht in the pizza. :P [19:18] hi Lisel [19:18] HI Liesl! [19:18] HIya Liesl [19:18] wb Liesl [19:18] lol "Did you put something in the pizza? Did you put retarded in the pizza?" [19:18] HI, Liesl. [19:18] Sprinkled with retarded, with dumbass sauce [19:18] HEY LIESL 8D 8D 8D [19:18] Ello Liesl [19:18] hai, Liesl [19:18] Action: Dragonhead gives Liesl a cookie [19:18] 'Ey, Lieeeeeeesl! XD [19:18] Leezl [19:18] oops. I'm sorry. I meant Liselkovich. :P [19:18] Liesl! [19:18] Liesl! [19:18] Wuffs Liesl!!! We miss you and Lilli on the show :) [19:18] Yay Alexi! [19:18] Liesl (n@pawpet-59427B2.cfl.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: [19:18] you have great time, No? [19:18] SAY NUCLEAR VESSELS :)\ [19:18] Hehe [19:19] lol [19:19] lol [19:19] Hurray Epcot music! [19:19] Weeee Oooooo Weeee Ooooooo Weeeee Oooooooo [19:19] fun fun fun being on SL and watching FPS at the same time, nice to have a decent laptop ^^ [19:19] We scared her away. [19:19] Yurex: LOLOLOLOL [19:19] Action: Dragonhead loves this music! [19:19] Wanna know how to make the swear jar richer Yappy? Sing the Team America theme [19:19] and Liesl is scared off [19:19] that's a cute tiger [19:19] hmm... [19:19] Welcome back, Liesl. [19:19] hmm, wheres poink? [19:19] This is Epic-cot music [19:19] KwisA (wolfpup@pawpet-642FDE4D.demon.nl) joined #pawpet. [19:19] wb Liesl [19:19] wow. Epcot's gone? LAME. [19:19] IT'S!...IT'S!...old Epcot music o.o [19:19] Epcot DX [19:19] Hi KwisA [19:19] poink is sick :-( [19:19] Ecpot. [19:19] Action: Dragonhead wants to know where he can get this old Disney park music [19:19] Action: BradHound flops on KwisA. [19:19] Action: Zorro Gives Liesl Interferon [19:19] Yo KwisA [19:19] Hi KwisA [19:19] Horizons [19:19] wuffs KwisA [19:19] CANADA! [19:19] XD [19:19] lol [19:19] Canada! [19:19] oh CANADA!! [19:19] Missed it. [19:19] Howwwwwlllllllllllll [19:19] CANADA! [19:19] Canablahhhhh... :P [19:19] Poink should watch tho. Just to have complaints. [19:19] O CANADAAAAAAA [19:19] im canadian ^_^ [19:19] lol [19:19] CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!! [19:19] CANADA! [19:19] KANADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA [19:19] [19:19] the canada pavillion [19:19] Somethin' wrong with that dawg. [19:19] so am I :p [19:19] hey it's still at epcot [19:19] Action: Lokosicek hugs and snugs KwisA [19:20] my hovercraft is full of eels [19:20] TETSUROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO [19:20] Wanna know how to make the swear jar richer Yappy? Sing the Team America theme...that would be one rich swear jar [19:20] i SAW IT [19:20] Action: Darky IS CANADIAN ^_^ [19:20] oh [19:20] see [19:20] hehe one of my exes is canadian [19:20] is thei formteh CDN pavlion at Epcot? [19:20] Action: RascalCoyote is canadian [19:20] ^^ [19:20] AKIRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA [19:20] I <3 Camada [19:20] I went to Expo '86 in Vancouver [19:20] It's a very old 360 film, shown in Expo 1967 [19:20] I saw london, I saw france, I see yappy's underpants? [19:20] Canada is all right with me. They got hockey, so they're cool. [19:20] Seanwolf: "Surprise C**kF*gs! [19:20] Action: JFD62780 has some Canadian change. :D [19:20] Now do that for an hour [19:20] France show surrendered. [19:20] if it's the same I've heard of [19:20] Action: Gaomon is canadian! [19:20] more prople from Canada in here then I thought O.O [19:20] Action: Zalno wonders who's puppeting the border collie/Bandit lookalike. [19:20] I never been to DisneyWorld [19:20] OH CANADA!!!!!! [19:20] CANADAAAAAAAAA [19:20] Does Italy have *a* show? Just one? Poor Italy... [19:20] Zalno: That's Brace Bear. [19:20] lol [19:21] why who all have an xbox 360 [19:21] Action: BradHound is proud to be an American. [19:21] Oh, so Mutt really is there [19:21] well, it's full of French whores, so they have to hide it from the kiddies [19:21] Can of DUHHHHHHHHHH [19:21] Ryx: I'm from Quebec to be mnore precise. :-) [19:21] Sean you have to go at least once [19:21] Action: Dragonhead gives mutt a box of cookie [19:21] Action: Aeturnus has one [19:21] yes, Mutt's there [19:21] The French THeater is at the top of the hill there [19:21] Kaneda... Akira... [19:21] *cookies [19:21] Cannon Dumb [19:21] I am from Ontario :p [19:21] Mutt's dere [19:21] ColinFoxTail: oh. I thought that was Herbie. They kinda sound similar... [19:21] that france show, that sounds like a sitcom. [19:21] well, i'm off. [19:21] Action: Darky WAVES THE CANADIAN FLAG* [19:21] later dudes [19:21] Mutt: c'mon on screen! [19:21] Action: BungeeSkunk is in Toronto [19:21] LYOSHA [19:21] XD [19:21] Here's a question: When there's conflict with countries overseas that are in Epcot, how does Disney handle it? [19:21] I never got out of tge state because i never have the money for it [19:21] JReq> We're all a bit off, here. [19:21] can-uh-duh! [19:21] Action: RascalCoyote joins Darky in flag waving [19:21] Shamus: They ignore it [19:21] indeed, Sakana. xD [19:21] http://ontariofurries.ca/ [19:21] ^-^ [19:21] http://canaaadaaaa.ytmnd.com/ [19:21] Action: RascalCoyote is in Vancouver [19:22] http://canaaadaaaa.ytmnd.com/ [19:22] Last message repeated 2 time(s). [19:22] i have a gamer tag and if you want to play a game im me for my tag [19:22] JReq (JReq_havin@pawpet-875F57E3.ga.at.cox.net) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120121] [19:22] Howler_wolf (4121e1fc@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [19:22] Hehehe [19:22] Pyrofox: That works to a point, but if visitors cause trouble... [19:22] The Magic she's Ruined [19:22] FIRE! [19:22] Disney either counter-sues or has their hitmen handle it. [19:22] fire? [19:22] Action: KwisA squeaks [19:22] Muahahaha! Fire [19:22] Good night everyone. :) [19:22] Hai all [19:22] ^_^ [19:22] Shamus: They get kicked out probably... [19:22] Whiskeyfoxtrot (Whiskeyfox@pawpet-AED4654F.dhcp.hspr.ca.charter.com) joined #pawpet. [19:22] You might already have my tag. Is VWLupus in your list? [19:22] better be good lol; [19:22] They have Employee movie nights at EPCOT every now and then and they use the France Theater [19:22] Good bye Shurun [19:22] hey, Whiskeyfoxtrot [19:22] Bryan Adams! [19:22] Action: Woulfe waves a mega huge hand paw, he has no fld [19:22] Real_Miff_Otter (chatzilla@pawpet-AA41D99.sip.hsv.bellsouth.net) joined #pawpet. [19:22] Play BTO [19:22] Play some shatner! [19:22] lol my room mate does a good beavis impression [19:22] hi zalno. [19:22] Hi Whiskeyfoxtrot! [19:22] Needs more Celine Dion! [19:22] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D26ZIEjNRgc play this song [19:22] oh no lol [19:22] lol [19:22] hi atkelar. [19:22] Ewwww... [19:22] God not this fucking song. [19:22] Men Without Hats! [19:22] http://capitalfurs.myfreeforum.org/index.php [19:22] super bark [19:22] noo!! [19:22] Sooper Dooper [19:22] YES! [19:22] ^_^ [19:22] No Celine! [19:22] No Celine! Kill Celine with fire! [19:22] NOOOOO! [19:23] When you love a woman? [19:23] Action: Woulfe waves a mega huge hand paw, he has no flag even, dang typos [19:23] oo i love this song [19:23] kill [19:23] Titanic [19:23] Moxie Fruvous! [19:23] too celine? there is such a thing? [19:23] Rush is Canadian, go that way. [19:23] o-O [19:23] DAMN YOU TITANIC [19:23] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [19:23] ? [19:23] Play Moxie Fruvous! [19:23] lol [19:23] Console: Do you have any Loverboy? That's a Canadian group! [19:23] boo yeah! [19:23] now rush is good stuff [19:23] Titanic.. I never saw the ending coming. [19:23] Titanic was built in Belfast! [19:23] Oh, noes [19:23] Disco Down! [19:23] lol! [19:23] Shurun (56892aeb@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC 0.5.9 (2006/06/06) [19:23] XD [19:23] Canadian Disco, too [19:23] play so i thought by fly leaf [19:23] Nick change: Sibir_Lupus_AFK -> Sibir_Lupus [19:23] oh go >< [19:23] Its the Bar None dog! [19:23] it's that auto insurance dog! [19:23] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKLoXG-U0zc [19:23] lol [19:23] Why do I always get booted out at rollcall [19:23] Rush is Canadian? So all that hyper American jingoism is just an act? [19:23] Yamavu (chatzilla@pawpet-B2A116E.tuwien.teleweb.at) joined #pawpet. [19:23] Pittsburgh leads, 28-17 in 4th. [19:23] Once I was the King of Spain... [19:23] Action: Salen dances [19:23] Canadia... we got any songs with Shatner singing? [19:23] hey, Yamavu [19:23] yea [19:23] lol [19:23] Draco (andreas.kl@pawpet-631DD69E.nextgentel.com) left irc: Quit: [19:23] HI Yamavu! [19:23] go pittsburgh [19:23] GO STEELERS [19:23] miffOtter (chatzilla@pawpet-AA41D99.sip.hsv.bellsouth.net) left irc: Ping timeout [19:23] 1-800-BARNONE! [19:23] Pets.com puppet! [19:23] Console: do you have Highway To The DangerZone By Kenny Loggins or the Duke Nukem Theme entitled Grabbag [19:23] Nick change: Real_Miff_Otter -> miffOtter [19:23] Shamus: Oh my unspeakable wife, Queen Lisa! [19:23] Action: Zalno shrugs at DJLab. "Beats me." [19:24] Do IT! [19:24] It's in STEREOOOOOOOO [19:24] Nick change: Leiko -> GO_STEELERS [19:24] Hurray! The Barnone puppet1 [19:24] hehe, cute [19:24] Action: Mouser @discos! [19:24] WHEREVER YOU ARE [19:24] I like this song [19:24] this reminds me of C-Span [19:24] Yappy: Got any "The Box" as they are a Canadian group. [19:24] GO, PAWPETS SINGERS! GO! AND SING! [19:24] hehe, this song makes me giggle... [19:24] Kuddlepup: now, is that puppet with the mic home-made, or was it the actual puppet from the commercials that I forget the name of. [19:24] Fursuitless (46fd8e70@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [19:24] BungeeSkunk: they are from Montreal! [19:24] chris_lucero (chrisalexl@C249675D.1E7DD3D7.71ED6E6C.IP) left irc: Ping timeout [19:24] is that the double dutch bus video fox? I love that puppet! [19:24] Pre-puberty Brian Adams? [19:24] Console: Shatner is from Canada, doy ou ahve any songs that Shatner covered? [19:24] Zalno: I've wondered that too [19:24] Action: Zorro says New Wave Disco [19:25] lol [19:25] Men Without Hats: from Mpontreal too! [19:25] play some basshunter [19:25] chris_lucero (chrisalexl@C249675D.1E7DD3D7.71ED6E6C.IP) joined #pawpet. [19:25] that is an official pets.com puppet that was sold JUUUst before the company went out of business [19:25] Hello Chris_Lucero! [19:25] hey, chris_lucero [19:25] Anybody else feel like we're being "Bryan-Rolled"? [19:25] That dog is pretty funny swingin' his microphone around :) [19:25] lol [19:25] whats the name of this song [19:25] Tyger_strype: Ah! Thanks for solving that mistery [19:25] headless barbie? [19:25] lol, a barbie. [19:25] Console: now, is that puppet with the mic home-made, or was it the actual puppet from the commercials that I forget the name of. [19:25] they had two versions. one that would acutally say a few lines from the commercial and one normally. [19:26] Gulstaff: No, it's a HNB. Get it right, silly. :P [19:26] yay headless barbie [19:26] o.o [19:26] shake ur implants girl lol [19:26] Headless Naked Barbie for the win. [19:26] X [19:26] <_< [19:26] XD [19:26] It was Pets.com but Bar none boguht hte rights to use th epupept adfter pets went belly up [19:26] Rhiamel_Foxie: XD [19:26] Zalno: From 1-800 Ban None. [19:26] those boobs are so fake [19:26] lol [19:26] *Bar [19:26] modest headless naked barbie... that or masturbating on screen [19:26] YEAH [19:26] I heard that the creator of Barbie was a pervert and that the doll is based on 3 prostitutes he knew. [19:26] SHAKE THAT BOOTY [19:26] It's a little Tiger! [19:26] Tyger_strype and others: Then the owners of BarNone raped his personality for the use of loan commercials in the greater North east [19:26] He is... [19:26] baccala30: eh? What was the commercial for, again? [19:26] pets.com [19:26] It's the Pets.Com dog. [19:26] I knew that too. [19:26] oh [19:26] :P [19:26] loans inteh Midwest as well [19:27] It's the Target Dog! [19:27] pets.com lol [19:27] lol [19:27] Pets.com dog and I think I was the one who sent him in hehe [19:27] insurance [19:27] I can't remember tho [19:27] Action: Salen remembers Pets.com dog [19:27] I think it's hilarious to see the Headless Naked Barbies power walk. [19:27] LOL [19:27] lol [19:27] Awesome! [19:27] oh, wow. [19:27] That's interesting. [19:27] Action: Fuji remembers the pets.com dog too [19:27] aww [19:27] my career died [19:27] I knew that he was the Pets.com dog [19:27] DANCEIN' [19:27] lol [19:27] pawpets is the casino curcuit for puppets [19:27] hey I said that [19:27] You guys should take the sign down [19:27] The sign needs... a softer tan, is all [19:27] X03 [19:27] New HI-TECH stage! [19:27] then your in a plushiphile porno [19:27] I have both versions of the puppet :3 [19:27] Empty stage [19:27] arf [19:27] You have Blue Peckers [19:27] white characters XD [19:27] You guys are redneck you're white *gets shoot for racist comments* [19:27] They said they would re-do the stage last year about this time :) [19:27] blue screen for the logo [19:27] arf arf [19:27] arf [19:28] arf arf arf [19:28] marf [19:28] teddy bear picnic [19:28] lol [19:28] arf arf arf [19:28] Teddy bear's Picnic! [19:28] Blue screen! Then more blue screen acts! [19:28] Cause every bear that ever there was [19:28] hehehe [19:28] lol [19:28] arf arf [19:28] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO [19:28] mew [19:28] Looks nice [19:28] Carrot! [19:28] Carrot! [19:28] CARROT [19:28] carrot!!!!!! [19:28] Awsome! A Shades-weilding dog! [19:28] carrot!!!!!! [19:28] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [19:28] Nice Shades YinYang [19:28] carrot!!!!!! [19:28] I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can... [19:28] Action: SleepyFoxcoon tries to tune in now that he's done working. [19:28] Pure... Awesome. :D [19:28] chris_lucero (chrisalexl@C249675D.1E7DD3D7.71ED6E6C.IP) left irc: Ping timeout [19:28] Nick change: SleepyFoxcoon -> Tansunn [19:28] :D [19:28] yay! [19:28] Carrot!!! [19:28] Hi Carrot! [19:28] YUP! [19:28] lol [19:28] Actually, that DOES work for this crew... [19:28] XD [19:28] lol [19:28] Action: Dragonhead like this one! [19:28] AWESOME! [19:28] That one again xD [19:28] lol [19:28] ROFL sign [19:28] WIN [19:28] haha [19:28] Action: Rhiamel_Foxie sets fire to the teddy bear's pinic [19:28] Awesome! [19:28] Retarded Pawpet Show :) [19:28] It's the one they used for the Energy Crisis! [19:28] LOL Mutt [19:28] hehe [19:28] Reflections! [19:28] I mean "The Manergy Crisis." [19:28] I can see myself! [19:28] Yes, it's so amateurish that it's professional. [19:28] weird reflections [19:28] rofl, they've gone poor :P [19:28] cool [19:29] huge ying yang :P [19:29] lol. [19:29] hehe... the glasses were ruining the magic... [19:29] lol [19:29] ohhh Shag [19:29] get some green carpet [19:29] Kage call in! [19:29] :) [19:29] SHAD carpet? Something smells fishy, here. [19:29] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [19:29] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [19:29] Shag carpeting...as if Bandit didn't already have enough carpet to lick. :-P [19:29] yes Rush is Canadian [19:29] shag carpet... they ahve a puppet named carpet? [19:29] Rush is Canadian. [19:29] Rush is Canadian [19:29] Yes [19:29] Rush is Canadian. [19:29] Green shag. So you can roll in it like grass... |3 [19:29] this ai slow version of Teddy Bears picnick [19:29] shag carpet...that must be a bitch to clean anything out of..... [19:29] yes they are canadian [19:29] Backman Turner Overdrive is Canadian [19:29] Loverboy is Canadian. [19:29] woooo, play some space invaders [19:29] Mona Lisa Overdrive? [19:29] William Shatner is Canadian, and he sang [19:29] Probably... [19:29] Rush or Forigner? Sound the samew [19:29] Rush totally rocks, load some up for us please! [19:30] William Shanter sucks at singin [19:30] Hey! Wasn't Snow Canadian? [19:30] In the black market you can get it for 2 slaves [19:30] HP_Administrator (chatzilla@pawpet-17A88D37.dsl.bell.ca) joined #pawpet. [19:30] Reese_Tora: Define "singing". [19:30] zzzzzzzzzz i so wanna set that teddy bear on fire [19:30] Snow - Informer [19:30] Oh gosh! shag carpit [19:30] Yes, in California [19:30] "Small hands." [19:30] Isn't that Lilly? [19:30] Seanwolf: yeah, I know :) [19:30] N o Rush please! [19:30] lol, you can play some william shatner [19:30] yeah Snow was from T.O. [19:30] Or Borialis! [19:30] Hello HP_Administartor1 [19:30] lol [19:30] William Shatner ? Sing ? No freakin' way [19:30] walmart has neon green shag [19:30] My vacuum has an attachment called the Shag King. It's from 1977 [19:30] Gaomon: Why Space Invaders? [19:30] Voop?! [19:30] play Spirit Of Radio by Rush! [19:30] Hi fox [19:30] Im so crazy [19:30] Nick change: HP_Administrator -> Pandez [19:30] Action: Dragonhead tries to avoid carpet with his allergies [19:30] where lisel [19:30] I think that's another, different voop Angelic Dirt [19:30] VOOP! [19:30] Nickelback is Canadian [19:30] leisl finnaly got her sex change :P [19:30] Shaguar! [19:30] Loverboy! [19:30] lol [19:30] bloop? [19:30] seether [19:30] YES! Loverboy! [19:30] him* [19:30] I LOVE DAVID BOWIE [19:30] BlackMageKitty (4c470d6a@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [19:30] Zalno future-rama [19:30] :3 [19:30] Nice synth intro [19:30] HI BlackMageKitty1 [19:30] Boogay... [19:30] -Famous- bassline. [19:30] Definitely Eh [19:30] Action: Rhiamel_Foxie pats dragonheads back [19:30] Time for a disco. [19:30] Hi! [19:30] BOOGIE [19:30] *cue the guitar* [19:30] wow, double dutch bus fox got shrunk big time [19:31] :) [19:31] Action: Gulstaff does the point. [19:31] EH TEAM [19:31] Take off, to the Great White North, Take off [19:31] Cute!@ [19:31] Gaomon: oh, okay. But, what does this have to do with FPS? [19:31] cute!!! [19:31] Just randomly asking...was the Fonz candian? [19:31] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8yx4k4tzqE [19:31] Last message repeated 2 time(s). [19:31] LOL, FoxHat! :D [19:31] Canadian EH ! [19:31] whos wearing the Top-Hat? [19:31] William Fucking Shatner Is from Canada [19:31] That's not lettuce, that's a fox! [19:31] Forrest? [19:31] woah [19:31] Action: Reese_Tora needs to look in to getting a wireless headset [19:31] nice [19:31] no no for the rush song. [19:31] OH, the tree... [19:31] Zalno for the rush song. [19:31] stream crapping out again [19:31] heyyo Fowwest! [19:31] Forrest! [19:31] get the backbacon out [19:31] hehe [19:31] Forrest! [19:31] :D [19:31] XD [19:31] lol [19:31] lol [19:31] lol [19:31] Lorne Greene was Canadian [19:31] Forrest! [19:31] Forest wilted? [19:31] XD [19:31] Action: Dragonhead hugs forest! [19:31] LOL [19:31] Gaomon: oh, oh, oooooooooooh. [19:31] BlackMageKitty (4c470d6a@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [19:31] uuuuuuuuUuUuuUuugh [19:31] Zalno heh heh yeah. [19:31] Lamar (barberio@pawpet-614D52BD.bethere.co.uk) joined #pawpet. [19:31] this is so better then watching my sisters crap [19:31] Canada is awesome, I <3 Canadians, and they have LOTS of trees. Whoohah! [19:31] hi Lamar [19:31] HEllo Lamar! [19:31] Action: Darky sees a head [19:31] Roofus> WAS Canadian? You mean he got better? [19:32] Lokosicek (lokosicek@pawpet-5C79B025.koleje.cuni.cz) left irc: Quit: *hugs all* [19:32] Rar. And so on. [19:32] look a head [19:32] Saickles> Does that mean the "IantgotNBODY!!!" line's gonna make a comeback? ;) [19:32] No, we don't have maple leaves here [19:32] Ezra should have taken care of Forrest. He seems to like gardening. [19:32] Zalno drop down one and change direction! [19:32] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [19:32] I have a maple in my yard. Of course, I don't live in Florida [19:32] bedtime for me, not feeling too well [19:32] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [19:32] oh yeah. Was there a Subserviant on tonight? I was at dinner from 6:30 to 7. [19:32] lol AngelicDirt [19:32] Sakana_Katana: I think he's dead [19:32] bye [19:32] bye [19:32] Shag carpet http://www.becklerscarpet.com/carpet/shag_carpet.php [19:32] sycamores have spikey balls [19:32] Who is that fox up there? [19:32] Cutey foxie with red... hatey [19:32] arf [19:32] :D... [19:32] :3 [19:32] Fire fox? [19:32] lol arf [19:32] bring back big Saickles! [19:32] FIRE FOX. [19:32] FIRE FOX! [19:32] lol [19:32] its 78 degrees in my room..and its 30 degrees outside my house [19:32] Gaomon: I never played Space invaders so far, so I wouldn't understand... [19:32] FIRE FOX [19:32] who is big Saickles? [19:32] O.O huge ying yang [19:32] Gino Soccio is Canadian [19:32] when they doing the shout outs [19:32] brb [19:32] SUB! [19:32] I was waiting for the FireFox joke [19:32] Subservients! [19:32] Subservient? [19:32] woo hoo! Subservience! [19:33] :P [19:33] Zalno ahhh, oh well. [19:33] No Firefox jokes? [19:33] Do a tarot reading and a carnival game! [19:33] weeeee [19:33] :D [19:33] One guy in AAR is Canadian [19:33] Pez? Where?? :D [19:33] new segment on the FPS Sub or Dom [19:33] oh lord I've still not scritch-proofed my chest for FC [19:33] MEEE! [19:33] the stream is freaking failing worse than FEMA against ten Katrinas. [19:33] MEE MEE MEE [19:33] Subserviant Bassman! [19:33] so long as this is an acutal subservient, I'll upload it [19:33] The Lizard Rat should read Bassman's tarot and Bassman should teach The Lizard Rat a carnival game! [19:33] is the AARP called CARP in Canada? [19:33] Kurra: Same here, it keeps cutting out [19:33] yayz subserviants [19:33] Action: Kurra ....winces. [19:33] ^^ [19:33] Action: Redski wants Subserviant shortwave [19:33] What about the hypnotist, guys? [19:33] love the shades... [19:34] they're probably setting something up right now [19:34] yea what happend to him [19:34] Action: SeanWolf has a similar pair of shades in his room [19:34] YinYang is looking cool... [19:34] Turn her loose already [19:34] Action: Redski rolls [19:34] the lizard rat should read the same person's fortune twice in a row so we can here him scrape for an explaination of why the second one was completely different [19:34] 75f here, a little too warm [19:34] Action: Rhiamel_Foxie steasl seanwolfs shades and he dont know [19:34] back [19:34] Well, it's cold in Ohio [19:34] lol [19:34] He's having a good time [19:34] Snow's still on the ground [19:34] the powers that be just need to shut down the internet once a week so this show can stream perfectly [19:34] karpour (at@pawpet-50453BE2.vie.surfer.at) left irc: Quit: > cartoons and more: www.ohnitsch.net < [19:35] it cold in Oregon [19:35] Yappy: someone with a huge ego [19:35] HEY! In the 80s, that type of name was COOL [19:35] 25F outside here [19:35] Straycat: it won't happen, the new fortune would cover different aspects [19:35] better yet..who goes around saying that their name is McLovin? [19:35] Action: Dragonhead only has black... did video go bye-bye while I was away for that minute? [19:35] Action: Rhiamel_Foxie is wearing short shorts and a tank top in the middle of winter [19:35] Subservient! [19:35] SWEET! 2 subserviants! [19:35] lol [19:35] WHich is to say, TLR knows ebtter than to make sconsecutive contradictory fortunes [19:35] chris_lucero (chrisalexl@C249675D.1E7DD3D7.71ED6E6C.IP) joined #pawpet. [19:35] I think he said "first two" [19:35] whaaaaaa? [19:35] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [19:35] >> [19:35] awwwwww fail [19:35] wtf [19:35] What?! [19:35] lol [19:35] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [19:35] Yup, no fursuits there. [19:35] Bassman go into Yappy's room [19:35] Kill it w/ fire! [19:35] HEY! I don't see any fur there! [19:35] Awwwwws... [19:35] ahh CLOWN RUN [19:35] Haha, nosuit-fursuit [19:35] Subservient Humans? Ack! [19:35] Wait... Bandit! [19:35] Holy shit... it's Galager!!! [19:35] lol Oh, I accidently pressed the stop button [19:35] w00t hehe [19:35] Liesl (n@pawpet-59427B2.cfl.res.rr.com) joined #pawpet. [19:36] Bassman go into Yappy's room [19:36] Got the fans going! [19:36] Subservient Bandit, please! [19:36] Bassman look like a fish out of water [19:36] o.o SHOOT THE CLOWN >< [19:36] I have to upload this? *giggles* :D [19:36] Hey bassman, steal something from yappies room [19:36] Subservient carnies? [19:36] subservient people are just known as whores [19:36] AnthroDiceClay (ShelbyChar@pawpet-363B676.phlapa.east.verizon.net) joined #pawpet. [19:36] Ah clown! [19:36] Yay! 52 pickup! [19:36] Give Bandit a tarot reading! [19:36] wb Liesl! [19:36] blackmagekitty (IceChat7@pawpet-AFC06F34.dsl.bell.ca) joined #pawpet. [19:36] Pittsburgh leads, 35-17 in 4th. [19:36] Yes! Works this time! [19:36] Hello AtnhroDiceClay [19:36] wb, Liesl. [19:36] Oh man... Tarot cards of... DOOM! [19:36] Liiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssllllllllllllllllll [19:36] Pandez (chatzilla@pawpet-17A88D37.dsl.bell.ca) left #pawpet. [19:36] carnie [19:36] AHHH, what did they do to those poor furries? they skinned em alive! [19:36] HAHA! [19:36] lol [19:36] stream is dead [19:36] =3 [19:36] Look at Bandit! [19:36] :3 [19:36] stream's fine for me [19:36] Why do I feel the need to watch star wars movies whenever they are on tv? I have them on dvd [19:36] They'll skin bandit next! [19:36] bandit is cute [19:36] It's been between 28F and 22F over here the past week and a bit... [19:36] Action: Zorro Step Right Up! Guess Your Weight and Win Some Crap! [19:36] who is the european? [19:36] Bassman works so well as a carnie [19:36] Got it on icechat now, so i can juggle between Ontariofurries and Pawpets [19:37] Bandit wants attention! [19:37] Subserviant hymenz, eh ? [19:37] Liesl-Cause it's classic star wars [19:37] BanditBanditBandit! [19:37] Streams Dead I heard that even when it's alive [19:37] Matchwood (Redski@pawpet-50ED2B21.hsd1.il.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [19:37] Colley: are you watching too? [19:37] I'd like to see some Subserviants [19:37] har har [19:37] er hehehe [19:37] HI Matchwood [19:37] BanditBanditBandit... [19:37] subserviant time? [19:37] but, if theres no-one to do it [19:37] the FUNDAY BANDIT SHOW [19:37] Liesl-Nah, but I saw them on earlier [19:37] Alexi! [19:37] Yay [19:37] asian then lol [19:37] Bassman reminds me of the one guy from Blue Oyster Cult...if he's the guy with the long black hair [19:37] From Russia With Love? [19:37] theres obviously no Subserviant [19:37] 52 pickup! [19:37] Russia, Europe, Polynesia, what's the difference? [19:37] I LIKE THE RUSSIAN GUY DOES HE HAVE A BF [19:37] I did not hear that lol [19:37] better [19:37] TV is currently on Bravo, where my mom is watching Law&Order SVU [19:37] HOW DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT THE FURRY FANDOM MR. RUSSIAN? [19:37] Bassman is the one with the clown make up [19:38] Diffetent countries, Stray_Cat? :P [19:38] moooo [19:38] FEEDBACK [19:38] its a conspiracy lol [19:38] What!>? [19:38] Action: Novu_Ferret finally tunes back in [19:38] wow I can see myself on 2 irc clients [19:38] Hemms: in Russia, furry fandoms finds you! [19:38] He is saying my name! >.< [19:38] I can't help it...I am drawn to it.. even if Luke's whining annoys me [19:38] Death [19:38] darn [19:38] Action: Talyn|UK creeps up and sticks an ice cold wolfnose on the back of bradhounds neck. [19:38] PONTY SWORDS! [19:38] The wasp is gone, my neighbor 'removed' it for me [19:38] Liesl-POWER CONVERTERS [19:38] In Soviet Russia, tarot cards read you. [19:38] Needles?! [19:38] BWAHAHAHAHAH [19:38] THREAT! [19:38] HAHA! [19:38] someone should make a furry tarot deck [19:38] yeah, swords pointing up for power. Paging Dr, Freud! [19:38] hmm, how is this a subservience if there are no requests... :P [19:38] In soviet Russia, Cards play you [19:38] Camera goin mad [19:38] lol [19:38] In Soviet union, Cards belong to everyone! [19:38] FEEDBACK [19:38] xeltifon: I think there are two out there [19:39] lol [19:39] lol [19:39] Marxist [19:39] did you guys lose your signal? [19:39] can you guys see it? [19:39] KP's shirt is something [19:39] Maxxarcade (Maxxarcade@pawpet-94A80310.dhcp.bycy.mi.charter.com) joined #pawpet. [19:39] i should look for them [19:39] they are not long enough? another quote [19:39] HI maxxarcade! [19:39] In Soviet Russia, soviets no longer exist [19:39] :P [19:39] Maxxarcade: hi! [19:39] Cups xD [19:39] Action: Reese_Tora can't hear him, his shirt is too loud [19:39] Hmm... not bad [19:39] Colley: its as colorful has KP is hehe :) [19:39] lol [19:39] GALLAGER! [19:39] the two girls of cups? [19:39] blackmagekitty> Get used to Marxists, at least for the next 4 years. [19:39] Action: Salen can't do tarot cards. The cards get very confused when he uses them. He can make two totally different things show and the reader is like "How did that happen?" [19:39] Smash Some Mellons! [19:39] OBJECTION! [19:39] 2 girls 1 cup [19:39] woof [19:39] that would be funny if he got all goods and one bad lol [19:39] Tyger_strype (tygerstryp@pawpet-4C7A0D2F.blng.qwest.net) left irc: Quit: [19:39] HI maxxarcade! [19:39] WOOF ! [19:40] Action: Redski throws a iPod at Bassman [19:40] Action: Darky caugfs non stop* [19:40] DO a triple-barel roll [19:40] lol [19:40] it came up this show yappys burping power [19:40] Page of Cups: new opportunities, new experiences [19:40] One time I played poker with a deck of tarot cards. I got a full house and everybody died :( [19:40] what if he got 3 kings of swords [19:40] Action: Talyn|UK draws the 7 of upside-downs and it's upside-down [19:40] lol, powerball [19:40] Let's keep Bandit in frame, please! [19:40] BassMan that 120 Million is mine [19:40] ((Alexi says)): Leon, Lyosha, RavenWolf <3 [19:40] king of nerds [19:40] Man am I late... I just got up a bit ago :-P [19:40] Pennies! [19:40] Tabber too!!! [19:40] SHINIES! [19:40] baccala30 (Stephen_De@7D81EBAD.91FCF1DD.662EB2EE.IP) left irc: Quit: I will be getting my first fursuit before FC this year, yay me!!!!!!!! [19:40] lol Talyn|UK [19:40] nine of coins: You're about to be mugged by rummage for your nine coins [19:40] Action: Reese_Tora waitrs for rubbertex to steal the card [19:40] Nine of Shinies? [19:40] I thing you were doing it wrong, FunkyGnoll [19:40] Thanks KP [19:40] Action: Sakana_Katana wins the Powerball and buys fursuits for everyone! [19:40] your power ball ant coming [19:40] the 9 of tentacles. ah a japanese card. :) [19:40] Nine of Fishie Stick [19:40] SHINNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [19:40] Action: Redski snores [19:41] lol [19:41] SHINIES [19:41] I hear Ace Of Spades! [19:41] :o [19:41] The Great Satan! [19:41] The 9 of Tails - Kitsune. [19:41] The DEVIL! [19:41] zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz [19:41] the sibe card [19:41] someone drew on guy on the couch while he was asleep [19:41] lol [19:41] dead meat [19:41] Dude, Weird Al Yankovic on the show. [19:41] Action: Darky starts falling asleep* [19:41] So the money will lock you in hell... [19:41] he cant' get away from FPS [19:41] It's Teletubies [19:41] that will be when Liesl returns [19:41] he's a furry :P [19:41] I'M RIGHT HERE ? [19:41] Kurra: HAHA [19:41] Hehehe... Devil = FPS [19:41] The 9 of Lives - Everready batteries. [19:41] Haha, bondage [19:41] well he is working on the paw pet show lmao [19:41] Who ? [19:41] the clown is scaring me [19:41] LoL! [19:41] LOL! [19:41] What ? [19:41] LOL [19:41] i see bondage [19:41] O-o [19:42] lol [19:42] Where ? [19:42] How did you guys get Weird Al Yankovic on FPS?? [19:42] Rhiamel_Foxie: It scares me too. [19:42] I see london i see france, i see your future in my trance! [19:42] HA! [19:42] four of coins? Where did the other five go? [19:42] Okay, it's Subserviemnt Tarot! XD [19:42] When ? [19:42] BONDAGE BONDAGE BONDAGE i love bondage lol [19:42] lol, that's The Lizard Rat Kurra [19:42] BOARING [19:42] Six of Nipples [19:42] Rhiamel: Clown? What clown, no one else sees a clown. Are you seeing things? [19:42] 4 of Tentacles = half an octopus. [19:42] It is? :) I haven't been paying attention. [19:42] Why ? [19:42] Action: Zorro says add a head ridge and he could pass for a really skinny Klingon! [19:42] How ? [19:42] Poink, Poink, Poink! [19:42] Roxikat: I'd like to see the art on that card [19:42] Action: blackmagekitty chugs chocolate milk [19:42] 2 of Testi *gets tackled and gagged* [19:42] Poink is sick thats wat sucks [19:42] lol [19:43] Matchwood (Redski@pawpet-50ED2B21.hsd1.il.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Bai [19:43] Roxikat: Hehehe [19:43] o.o [19:43] Bandit [19:43] he jumping [19:43] Yeah the guy whos talking does kinda look like a skinny Klingon [19:43] lol [19:43] whose fault is that? :P [19:43] One can never have enough puppets! [19:43] I'll but one! :3 [19:43] Poink has con crud basicly [19:43] Man, Bandit just owns. [19:43] 1 to grow on! [19:43] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [19:43] wow really boreing >< [19:43] XD [19:43] o.O [19:43] lol [19:43] Nick change: Dragonhead -> You_Need_More_Puppets [19:43] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [19:43] WHAT?! [19:43] lol [19:43] You need more puppets! [19:43] Wth? [19:43] you pulled Yappy's card :P [19:43] lol [19:43] Nick change: You_Need_More_Puppets -> Dragonhead [19:43] I'm thinking more like a teenage Rasputin, Sean... [19:43] ROFL, page of farts! XD [19:43] :) [19:43] Nick change: zzzz_zwoot -> snarfie [19:43] Well, you need moar boxes, Yappy [19:43] Hold it up to the camera [19:43] lol [19:43] lol [19:43] lol [19:43] XD Yet. [19:43] lol [19:43] Better than pulling his finger. [19:43] Hahaha [19:43] Sibir_Lupus> Safer than pulling Yappy's finger. [19:43] YET! [19:43] DO a barral roll! [19:43] that means Yappy is building up his canister [19:44] zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz [19:44] XD [19:44] Bassman go into Yappy's room [19:44] Action: Darky is asleep [19:44] DO A TIME WARP! [19:44] Clowns... O_O [19:44] Sakana: very true!! [19:44] yappy's not farted yet? don't jinx it! [19:44] I'd like to see some Subserviants. [19:44] ._. [19:44] Make the Russian talking more. [19:44] LEVITATE! [19:44] Action: Rhiamel_Foxie wakes up [19:44] Feedback! [19:44] Bandit! [19:44] GO BACK THROUGH TIME! [19:44] This is BassMan's 2nd show [19:44] Bandit [19:44] subservient clown, get beaten by the entire cast [19:44] MAKE MATTER OUT OF NOTHING! [19:44] Subserviant Clown, do a jig! [19:44] D: [19:44] BassMan: Do a barrel roll! [19:44] Action: Darky smacks the clow with whaile bluber* [19:44] One can never have too many puppets ;) [19:44] Lets get Penn and Teller on their butts! [19:44] wait... russian, hypnotizing... Rasputin?! [19:44] You need more puppets! [19:44] MAKE ANTI MATTER OUT OF NOTHING! [19:44] Action: Tansunn feels like he totally missed something [19:44] make sure he's all there? What are you saying? [19:44] .... funny stuff is good [19:44] Russia's greatest love machine? [19:45] Do a dance [19:45] What are we doing now? [19:45] Reese_Tora: I don't think Raz was Russian... [19:45] Lamar (barberio@pawpet-614D52BD.bethere.co.uk) left irc: Quit: Lamar [19:45] Bassman go into Yappy's room [19:45] act like a fish out of water [19:45] Hop on one leg! [19:45] Subserviants would be nice [19:45] subserviant stuff, eh? [19:45] TIME WARP! [19:45] Truffle Shuffle! [19:45] I want $10000000! [19:45] GIVE BASSMAN A HAIRCUT! [19:45] vaporize [19:45] o.o [19:45] Action: Darky wants him off the stage [19:45] jump out the window [19:45] Bassman, please restart the Hadron Collider [19:45] Dance to Thriller [19:45] it's bassman second time on the show it's double challenge time! [19:45] Makeout! [19:45] NO TIME WARP [19:45] BASSMAN MUS FAP! [19:45] lol [19:45] AUTISTIC BUTTFLAP DANCE!!!!!!!!! [19:45] Truffle Shuffle! [19:45] Hahaha [19:45] We can't do Time Warp [19:45] dont kill bandit! [19:45] BASSMAN MUST FAP! [19:45] Subserviant Gallager, smash a watermelon! [19:45] Subservient Clown: Do a Russian Cossack dance! [19:45] ----Take off your hat in a suggestive fashion---- [19:45] ROFL! XD [19:45] Bassman go into Yappy's room [19:45] Subserviant clown: Foxspin [19:45] play with Bandit [19:45] subservient clown, defeat severus snape in a wizard's duel! [19:45] wuff wuff! [19:45] Subserviant clown, do a jig. :D [19:45] Switch hats [19:45] oo drawn together is on [19:45] Truffle Shuffle fo the win! [19:45] Warner Brothers will sue [19:45] Clown: Switch Hats wiht teh guiy next to you [19:45] BASSMAN: GO INTO YAPPY'S ROOM AND BRING BACK SOMTHING DIRTY [19:45] ACT LIKE A MIME! [19:45] KISS YAPPY!!! [19:45] Subservient RUSSIAN!!! HOW DID YOU FIND THE FURRY FANDOM? [19:45] XD [19:45] Subservient Clown: So teh autistic butt-flap [19:45] Subservient clown: Remove larynx [19:45] Bassman go into Yappy's room [19:45] WUFF WUFF [19:45] lol [19:46] Hypnotize someone [19:46] I'm with Redski [19:46] Drake (drakew1986@pawpet-1A3A279E.hsd1.va.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [19:46] Go up to the Camera and ask "WHY SO SERIOUS" [19:46] Subservient Clown: Get someone to play a game for the fox prize [19:46] better! Re-act in your way a scene from Dragon Ball Z! [19:46] Subservient Clown: Do the autistic butt-flap [19:46] subservient clown, play a trick on Yappy [19:46] Do a half-assed jig! [19:46] the guy next to the clown reminds me of Weird Al Yankovic a little [19:46] yeah. It's just not as fun if TLR doesn't look like Weird al [19:46] Dragon Ball Z scene, Improved! [19:46] i want that hat [19:46] now he looks like Carl [19:46] Guy Next to the clown dude: sing a Werid Al song [19:46] Subserviant tarot guy: do a Ghallager impression... [19:46] Sean: That's our LizardRat! :D [19:46] nice [19:46] Ask why so Serious [19:46] ... [19:46] I sentence Clown to suffer the fleas of a thousand camals [19:46] XD [19:46] WHY [19:46] ... [19:46] SO [19:46] SERIOUS? [19:46] He has the best most terrible jokes ever [19:46] Action: Darky wants the clown to kiss yappy [19:46] Subservient Clown: Do the autistic butt-flap [19:46] BASSMAN: GO INTO YAPPY'S ROOM AND BRING BACK SOMTHING DIRTY [19:47] Then it became money for smexyness [19:47] Yeah! Dragon ball Z scene Improved! [19:47] Whyfor so seriouski! :P [19:47] Subserviant Lizard Rat: Pun-ish the clown [19:47] subservient clown, guess Herbie's weight [19:47] 5 pounds! [19:47] Action: BucktownTiger remembers dunking a guy with a baseball at the Arkansas State Fair in 2005... [19:47] come on, more requests to make this a real subservient [19:47] i like that guy i like throwing basked balls and fire crackers at those guys [19:47] Whiffle Balls... [19:47] 20lbs [19:47] Lizard Rat: sing a Werid Al song [19:47] Action: BucktownTiger ...wonders if that was BassMan [19:47] Ooo, guess his weight! [19:47] THAT WAS ME! [19:47] >< [19:47] LOL [19:47] lol! [19:47] LOL [19:47] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [19:47] Oh wow! [19:47] Pity Hugh wasn't here... :/ [19:47] BassMan: What is the strangest thing you've used in place of toilet paper? [19:47] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [19:48] lol i guessing 210 [19:48] And Hugh is angered... [19:48] Oh oh [19:48] Yes! Play with Bandit! [19:48] Carnies have supervisors? [19:48] Bassman: cover TLR's entire head with your hat [19:48] Action: Juno-and-Akhanu wants the clown to swallow bees [19:48] jk jk [19:48] ouch! [19:48] fourtytwo [19:48] Yea [19:48] make your hat eat your head! [19:48] Favorite Impression! [19:48] wow... THAT is how you loose a job [19:48] Impressions! [19:48] Damn [19:48] Subservient Clown: Get someone to play a game for the fox prize [19:48] do you have a freak show at your carnival Bassman? [19:48] put the hat on Bandit! =3 [19:48] Subservient clown: play dead, forever [19:48] yea [19:48] Lizard Rat: sing a Werid Al song [19:48] That doesn't seem that bad. [19:48] Subservient Clown: Do the autistic butt-flap [19:48] attack of the puppet [19:48] Speak in Russian [19:48] BASSMAN: GO INTO YAPPY'S ROOM AND BRING BACK SOMTHING DIRTY [19:48] Go up to the Camera and ask "WHY SO SERIOUS" [19:48] D E A T H ? [19:48] subservient clown, juggle sheep dogs [19:48] Shwallow Bs [19:48] Hypnotize Herbie [19:48] chris_lucero (chrisalexl@C249675D.1E7DD3D7.71ED6E6C.IP) left irc: Ping timeout [19:49] HAAAAAAAAAAAA [19:49] make your hat eat your head! [19:49] chris_lucero (chrisalexl@C249675D.1E7DD3D7.71ED6E6C.IP) joined #pawpet. [19:49] i want the clown to do a strip dance lol [19:49] nice! [19:49] Eh... [19:49] lol [19:49] lOL! [19:49] Bassman: cover TLR's entire head with your hat [19:49] You don't? [19:49] Hahaha [19:49] Subserveant Clown: kiss yappy [19:49] DO THE WORM [19:49] XD [19:49] CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG! [19:49] Hahaha [19:49] Action: BucktownTiger bumps "White and Nerdy" [19:49] Yes! [19:49] O_O... gasp... [19:49] YES [19:49] lol [19:49] Lizardrat: Do a Galager routine :D [19:49] he should i wanna see him do a strip dance [19:49] Subserviant TLR: Act like gallager! [19:49] Subservient: JUGGLE FOXES! [19:49] Russian Autistic Buttflap! [19:49] show them the autistic buttflap!!!! [19:49] What is autistic butflap you say?! [19:49] BOOGIE [19:49] lol [19:49] cue the music!!! [19:49] Boogie [19:49] subservient Clown, read the future in TLR's shiny pate [19:49] Wow, 15 degrees here and Yappy's got fans in the windows... [19:49] UR DOIN IT WRNG [19:49] MUSIC PLZ [19:49] BEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS [19:49] wha? [19:49] DO autistic butflap [19:49] Oh good lord, no [19:49] play paddycake [19:49] Chaccaron! [19:49] Subservient clown: insert fallas, into fan [19:49] Kiss Yappy [19:49] Subservient Bassman: Show us your best impression of what would happen if you stuck your finger in a light socket! [19:49] TETRIS MOTHERFUCKER! [19:50] *Go to the camera and ask...WHY SO SERIOUS?* [19:50] haha [19:50] com kiss yappy or do a strip ance [19:50] Action: Salen dances! [19:50] Nice [19:50] dance [19:50] SWEET RAVE PARTY!!!! [19:50] Tetris, beyotch! [19:50] Throw some plushies at Yappy [19:50] Action: Gaomon dances [19:50] YES! Get 'em, Bandit! [19:50] DANCE the chickendance [19:50] Throw some plushies at Yappy [19:50] And there goes the sream from the action [19:50] Man... [19:50] LOL [19:50] whoa TMI [19:50] XD [19:50] Action: AngelicDirt whips out lightsticks. [19:50] crapping out for the 100th time [19:50] I loves me some tetris [19:50] LOL [19:50] Action: ColinFoxTail busts out some Melbourne Shuffle to the music! :-D [19:50] eww [19:50] o-o [19:50] In soviet Russia, dances... oh wait, intransitive verb :D [19:50] Talk like a Russian [19:50] LOL [19:50] Speak into the fan and sould like Darth Vader! [19:50] Subservient clown, introduce the new member of the freak show, Yappy the fox man! [19:50] How bout some handstands then? [19:50] Carrot voice [19:50] Bawk BAwk Bakw [19:50] Speak into the fan and sould like Darth Vader! [19:50] Bassman: Go into yappy's room and bring back something dirty [19:50] TLR: Head Bang [19:50] lol [19:51] Alexi! [19:51] Speak into the fan and sould like Darth Vader! [19:51] + _ |_ -| [19:51] LOL [19:51] You don't want chickens to get mad and have this taken off of youtube... [19:51] subservient clown: play in traffic [19:51] Subserviant Clown needs to stop screaming: it messes up the channel. :P [19:51] If you put some Klingon makeup on The Lizard Rat...he'll look like a skinny Klingon [19:51] poor bandits gonna get stepped on [19:51] Subservient Clown: Get someone to play a game for the fox prize [19:51] Action: Woulfe plays TETRIS [19:51] Yeees!!! [19:51] That Ruth Buzzy sound? [19:51] Yay [19:51] *Go to the camera and ask...WHY SO SERIOUS?* [19:51] HEHEHE <3 [19:51] LOL [19:51] other side of the fan [19:51] Needs to put the mic behind the fan, actually [19:51] sad, it doesn't work well [19:51] wow [19:51] lol [19:51] Are they getting a blow Job? [19:51] Action: blackmagekitty is amused <3 [19:51] the mic need to be on the other side of the fan. [19:51] Subserviant Clown should put a broom above his head and spin around 20 times [19:51] pittyful >.> [19:51] :P [19:51] Put the Mic on the back of the Fan [19:51] o.o [19:51] wtf [19:52] I can hear the fan, though! [19:52] people outside are like: WTF? o.O [19:52] It's on the medium setting! [19:52] Bandit! [19:52] lol [19:52] TheSonicGod (chatzilla@pawpet-36B63975.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [19:52] YEEEEE <3 [19:52] Yes! [19:52] Bandit wants to PLAY [19:52] lol [19:52] HI TheSonicGod! [19:52] wb, TheSonicGod [19:52] ya, there you go... [19:52] Works better [19:52] XD [19:52] lollollol [19:52] lol [19:52] :P [19:52] :D [19:52] Hello. [19:52] XD!! [19:52] Bassman: cover TLR's entire head with your hat [19:52] stick your head behind the fan and the mic in front of it [19:52] lol [19:52] thats disturbing [19:52] They're having too much fun with this :P [19:52] LOL!!! [19:52] the lizard rat, read Bandit's fortune [19:52] AWww... Bandit wants to play [19:52] LOL [19:52] XD [19:52] subservient clown: fall out of window! [19:52] Lizard Rat: act like a Klingon [19:52] That's a song [19:52] Juno-and-Akhanu: I have the people outside are like "WTF" every sunday... [19:52] Hahahza [19:52] XD [19:52] sing my country tis of thee [19:52] FD [19:52] lol' [19:52] XD [19:52] SD [19:52] sounds like carrot got caught in the fan!!! [19:52] yappy's neighbors must think he's nutz [19:52] lol [19:52] wow, the buzz sounds like teh movie airplane [19:52] LOL [19:52] XD Thats awesome! [19:52] XD [19:52] What do the neighbours think if they saw that? [19:52] xD [19:52] Action: Darky its my mothers 50th birthday ^_^ [19:52] Bandit's like, man, screw this [19:52] lol [19:52] XD [19:52] and what do yappy's negbours think of this? ;) [19:52] Bandit this this is weird [19:52] rofl! [19:53] your neighbors outside are saying gad damn furs [19:53] ROFLMAO [19:53] best thing ever [19:53] Action: blackmagekitty Is very amused [19:53] Fans... such cheap entertainment.. :D [19:53] Bassman: Go into yappy's room and bring back something dirty [19:53] call the neighbourhs [19:53] <3 [19:53] Amire: So true [19:53] Lizard Rat: act like a Klingon [19:53] LAL [19:53] It's amazing.... [19:53] Gremlins [19:53] Happy Birthday, Darky's mom [19:53] TLR needs to Head Bang [19:53] know that they have scared the neighbors...... [19:53] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [19:53] Bandit doesn't know what to think [19:53] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [19:53] there are no people outside, they would have been killed by the gas long ago. The cast is just the huddled collection of warped survivors that resisted the Yappy poots [19:53] Who's being interviewed? [19:53] Its all a part of the plan [19:53] Pepperfox (zachhart12@pawpet-DA729B78.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [19:53] lol [19:53] Yeah, but it's AWESOME! [19:53] HI Pepperfox! [19:53] the fns look like spinng boob tassles [19:53] Neighbors? Yappy has neighbors? [19:53] XD [19:53] lol [19:53] XD [19:53] Yappy What do your Neighbors think of you XD [19:53] hehe [19:53] Bassman: Go into yappy's room and bring back something dirty [19:53] Opposite of furries [19:53] Drink Redline [19:53] *waves hi to Lizard Rat* [19:53] Subserviant clown: act like you're in a Stephen King movie [19:53] both subservients, juggle foxes between you [19:53] Funky [19:53] Go up to the Camera and ask "WHY SO SERIOUS" [19:54] hehe [19:54] TheLizardRat: Do an impression of Gallagher! [19:54] The_Lizard_Rat: Get Mad at your Wii controller! [19:54] *Go to the camera and ask...WHY SO SERIOUS?* [19:54] Funky~~ [19:54] No hypnotizing? [19:54] o-o... [19:54] okay... [19:54] o.o; [19:54] so profound... [19:54] Techno [19:54] Subservient Clown: swin in lava [19:54] swim* [19:54] Okay, I'll take that one. [19:54] Never play leapfrog with a unicorn [19:54] Your damned if you arn't, your messed if you are. [19:54] floaties are fun. [19:54] Yay DONT WORRY BE FURRY [19:54] Yesh. LizzardRat is one of my Heros now [19:54] Action: Dragonhead claps [19:54] Yappy Don't fart on the Electric fence [19:54] Action: Pyrofox claps [19:54] yaaay! [19:54] Action: Zorro Whizzes on the Electric Fence [19:54] Subservient clowns, show your paws [19:54] That's kinda like playing catch with your kid for the first time, then being surprised when the ball smacks him in the face because you forgot to tell him to catch the ball. [19:54] hypnotize the entire channel! [19:55] Do it on camera plz [19:55] the border collie looks like a russian mobster [19:55] lol... THAT'll look [19:55] just don't mic it [19:55] MULTITIZE! [19:55] TETRIS techno [19:55] That would classify us as a cult. [19:55] Pittsburgh leads, 35-24 in 4th. [19:55] XD [19:55] its impossible to hypnotize me [19:55] COUGHObamaCOUGH! [19:55] :D Zombies! [19:55] lol [19:55] Oooga Booga! [19:55] Go Pittsburgh1 [19:55] video failed [19:55] national furry day [19:55] Spasm [19:55] Fursuiters vs Clowns [19:55] What? [19:55] that's what he told us all to say Sean Wolf [19:55] "When you hear the bell, you will fart!" [19:55] I'd like to be hypnotized. [19:55] Roofus (4651851d@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [19:55] streams crapped again [19:55] someone said my name... [19:55] hypnotize without a mic [19:55] Get'r DOOOONNNNE! [19:55] Git er dun [19:55] well hipnotizing bush whould be a improvement [19:55] http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/spiral.gif [19:55] Obama probably will end the USA [19:55] A professional hypnotist came to school, and I was up on stage. Didn't work though. [19:55] GET ER DONE [19:56] Everytime a bell rings, someone farts within their sling [19:56] Yooouuuu are geeeetiiiinng sleeeeeeepyyyyyyy.....veeeeeerryyyyyy sleeeeepyyyyyyy... [19:56] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmXxrMC5Pv4 [19:56] Beep [19:56] Roofus (4651851d@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [19:56] shout outs plz [19:56] HI Roofus! [19:56] rfid :P [19:56] Parattchi (Parattchi@pawpet-A23C85DC.dyn.iinet.net.au) joined #pawpet. [19:56] Zorro: republicans have already done that [19:56] Syberfox: One must first have a brain [19:56] art jams [19:56] Obama will probably end your moms pussy [19:56] was it Tom Daluca (not sure how to spell his name) Moka? [19:56] Action: Novu_Ferret chills [19:56] Ding [19:56] Everyone hold your breath! [19:56] They came close though. It was strange. [19:56] Dragonhead: hi again :) [19:56] ELEVATOR MUSIC! KILL IIIIT! [19:56] Easy jazz [19:56] WHOO! [19:56] ...or not. [19:56] Miff, you clever otter... :P [19:56] wat the hell [19:56] O.o [19:56] ;) [19:56] Lounge music is pleasantly mind numming [19:56] I didn't expect to catch the show at all [19:56] i hate elevator music [19:56] Did tumblers come into the room? [19:56] WTF music [19:56] Hi Parattchi! [19:56] chris_lucero (chrisalexl@C249675D.1E7DD3D7.71ED6E6C.IP) left irc: Ping timeout [19:56] wtf [19:56] lovely music [19:56] Stray_Cat: I'm not sure. May have been. [19:56] Hi Dragonhead! [19:56] I love elevator music aka muzak [19:56] This is musical fodder. [19:56] :) [19:56] half an hour to art jams [19:56] Action: Rhiamel_Foxie pulls a gun to my head and shoots myself [19:57] Action: Parattchi waves at everyone in the chatroom [19:57] Muzak [19:57] Lounge [19:57] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [19:57] yesh it does... [19:57] This will be my elevator music in my palace [19:57] Well.... it's something. [19:57] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [19:57] This is goofy. [19:57] Shtuff? [19:57] Muzak is total crap [19:57] Nick change: Juno-and-Akhanu -> JunoWolf [19:57] Meat Loaf! [19:57] Classify it as goofy. [19:57] Hehehe [19:57] Parattchi (Parattchi@pawpet-A23C85DC.dyn.iinet.net.au) left irc: Quit: [19:57] Parattchi (Parattchi@pawpet-A23C85DC.dyn.iinet.net.au) joined #pawpet. [19:57] MEATLOAF! YAY! [19:57] shtuff. [19:57] :'( [19:57] But you have to put that interesting stuff on the ipod in the first place [19:57] Meatloaf in French is "pain de viande" [19:57] Boybands... o-o [19:57] Hot patootie, bless my soul... [19:57] Yea [19:57] Uh... [19:57] That 90s [19:57] mine would be very interesting, as I have very little music to begin with :P [19:57] whats meat loaf [19:57] Rush 80's? [19:57] No ballads! [19:57] PLAY BOY GEORGE! [19:57] This sounds like early 00s crap [19:57] Play 90's [19:57] The Brady Bunch. [19:57] Play Led Zepplin! [19:57] Play Disco Duck! [19:57] eww!!! [19:57] I wat my brother's wedding last night hitting the piss [19:57] My MP3 player seems to know my mood dispite the random stuff I place on there... [19:57] Boy Gerorge! Karma Kamelion! [19:58] Play Disco Duck! [19:58] KILL IT [19:58] O_O [19:58] Hot Butter [19:58] throw out some eifel 64 [19:58] Oh wow [19:58] meat loaf is some fat singer. Don't know his songs [19:58] TSG are you online yet? [19:58] Kill it [19:58] Karma Kamelion! [19:58] I didn't expect to wake up early enough to catch the show [19:58] kill it [19:58] How about a little Tom Petty? [19:58] Play Led Zepplin Stairway To Heaven! [19:58] KILL IT WITH FIRE! [19:58] kill it [19:58] Last message repeated 2 time(s). [19:58] kill it [19:58] This is straight from my nightmares [19:58] Sawblade5: The server I think has been relocated. [19:58] lol [19:58] All I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED [19:58] @_@ [19:58] Or perhaps Ready For The World - Oh Sheila? [19:58] Play Boy George now! [19:58] Sawblade5: Our administrator is checking on the situation. [19:58] Alllll Iiiiiiii NEEEEEEEEEEDDD... [19:58] yuck [19:58] AFC Final: Pittsburgh vs Baltimore. [19:58] This is some cheesy cartoon movie sad moment [19:58] I actually like this song. Got memories attached. [19:58] Play I Tumble 4 Ya by Culture Club! [19:58] Amire (weretiger9@pawpet-872F2950.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [19:58] Also, Play Disco Duck!! [19:58] Play Heaven Is A Place On Earth by Belinda Carlise! [19:58] kiiiiiilllllll iiiiiiiittttt NNNNNAAAAOOOO, PLZ! [19:58] After Disco Duck [19:58] I wanted Chargers to win [19:58] Are you gonna be on Ustream TSG? [19:58] Something by Culture Club! [19:59] Ravens won!???? [19:59] sounds like the macgyver theme. [19:59] wolfcat-FTL (wolfcatsde@7ACE44C0.2D231E35.2D0F8DEF.IP) left irc: Ping timeout [19:59] No Sean... just no [19:59] Action: BucktownTiger is glad the Chargers lost. [19:59] they have hotter spandex [19:59] Seanwolf I agree [19:59] The War Song [19:59] NOOOOOOOOOooo [19:59] you can't tell if you're making love? [19:59] Action: BucktownTiger doesn't think the Chargers deserved a home game against Indy. [19:59] My randomly choosen team this season didn't win! [19:59] @_@... ... ... [19:59] comon rave music [19:59] ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL IIIIIIIIIII NNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDD [19:59] Karma Cameleon! [19:59] How about U2 - Mysterious Ways? [19:59] Cedar (dj_cedar@pawpet-822CAA31.asm.bellsouth.net) left irc: Quit: [19:59] Action: Parattchi is tired, having walked 6-7 kilometers at midnight for a hamburger [19:59] wolfcat-FTL (wolfcatsde@7ACE44C0.2D231E35.2D0F8DEF.IP) joined #pawpet. [19:59] Play Pump Up The Volume by Maars [19:59] No... [19:59] pawpets: play this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmXxrMC5Pv4 [19:59] HI Wolfcat-FTL! [19:59] Nooo... [19:59] Yes it's all in your mind [19:59] NoooooooooO!! [19:59] Bond movie! [19:59] Action: Rhiamel_Foxie lays against his bunny boy looking lovingly in his eyes [19:59] >-< Jazz? [19:59] NFC Final: Philadelphia vs Arizona. [19:59] Action: Sibir_Lupus hates this song, as it reminds him of working long nights at his job [19:59] how about Journey's Don't Stop Believing [19:59] How about Real Genius Soundtrack? [19:59] This is the opposite of Disco Duck... [20:00] KENNY G-SPOT! [20:00] Oh god D: [20:00] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [20:00] hehe [20:00] Guys the more you say Kill It the longer they play it. [20:00] Oh gosh no! [20:00] Kill it! [20:00] For your eye's only [20:00] Get out. Eagles won? O_O [20:00] A loop? [20:00] kenny g-spot... [20:00] The opposite of Disco Duck is Polka Swan [20:00] YAY Porno Music [20:00] Bond! [20:00] Is it repeating? [20:00] porn music is the best kind of music [20:00] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [20:00] Endless loop [20:00] lol [20:00] OK, we get it! [20:00] It's stuck ina loop! [20:00] What from Real Genius ? [20:00] That's "All Time High", the theme from the James Bond movie "Octopussy", I believe. [20:00] amicher porn [20:00] Lilly?! [20:00] Man... [20:00] I LOVE THIS SONG! [20:00] Yes....Eagles won. [20:00] Change [20:00] What is this from? [20:00] voop! [20:00] yes octopussy [20:00] Play Live And Let Die [20:00] The Spy who Loved me? [20:00] Wait... Majesty's secret service? [20:00] Bond.. James Bond [20:00] awwwww Liesl is a great singer [20:00] Why dont you break into something from the 90's next? [20:00] it's like early radiohead, but really, really bad [20:00] Woulfe: I always liked I'm Falling and Number One. [20:00] Yup, james bond [20:00] Spy who loved me? [20:00] aww time hai [20:00] MSS was an instrumental [20:00] The singer of this song is Rita Coolidge. [20:00] It's a voop everybody! [20:01] What? What are they saying about me? [20:01] Fudgy: you have no idea :) [20:01] so the new Bond girl is a voop? [20:01] Wow, I'm wet in the panties now. [20:01] Play Livin' On A Prayer or some Nirvanma [20:01] Like S-Club7, NSync, or Beastie Boys? [20:01] Fudgy: That's not Liesl [20:01] Hi Liesl! [20:01] She's not there [20:01] Liesl: Voop on camera. [20:01] ... [20:01] Nick change: GO_STEELERS -> Leiko [20:01] play something from Black Sabbath or Dio [20:01] yes i know its not silly! [20:01] Liesl, i think you should tune in... nao... :P [20:01] It's not Liesl guys its just the Lilyl puppet [20:01] For the love of god don't play any Nirvana. [20:01] WHO WAS THE BEST BOND??? [20:01] Hi Liesl [20:01] All your base, which parodies Smells like Teen Spirit! [20:01] Liesl's voop has earrings. [20:01] daniel craig [20:01] sarek (sarek_ca@pawpet-21D17B37.regn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca) joined #pawpet. [20:01] Hokucho: I know :P [20:01] Action: Zorro  Requests The. Goldeneye Theme. [20:01] Hokucho: thats what i meant! [20:01] :) [20:01] HI sarek! [20:01] DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER! [20:01] Action: Hokucho nods sagely [20:01] Tony: Oh that's easy, Daniel Craig is [20:01] I liked Sean Connery the most [20:01] Hello [20:01] so weird... It's Lilly, but not Liesl... XP [20:01] Action: SeanWolf requests the DUKE NUKEM THEME GRABBAG [20:02] Bah, the only good voops are Lilly and Bitch Voop, but we never see the latter, so Lilly's the only good one D: [20:02] Action: BunnyEarz would love to hear Disco Duck [20:02] Come to think of it, how did Voop get started anyways? [20:02] Play Billy In Despair from Death Note [20:02] well, if it osn't lilly, at least it is a voop ^^ [20:02] Diamonds.. That'll shut her up.. [20:02] MOTAL KOMBAT! [20:02] eep [20:02] Action: JunoWolf requests the sonic the hedgehog theme [20:02] Ohh..INo, thats not me. Lilly is here with me [20:02] o-o [20:02] Action: SeanWolf requests the DUKE NUKEM THEME GRABBAG [20:02] better! [20:02] Wait [20:02] chris_lucero (chrisalexl@C249675D.1E7DD3D7.71ED6E6C.IP) joined #pawpet. [20:02] Moka (tj@pawpet-C4DC4CF0.dsl.snfc21.sbcglobal.net) left #pawpet. [20:02] ..Why not Crash Bandicoot theme? [20:02] Zorro: Do you have the Goldeneye Theme? [20:02] Mortal Kombat Techno Remix [20:02] when they doing shout outs [20:02] tacos: http://apnews.myway.com/article/20090111/D95KP1QO0.html [20:02] Moka (tj@pawpet-C4DC4CF0.dsl.snfc21.sbcglobal.net) joined #pawpet. [20:02] How ya doing, Liesl? [20:02] :-( [20:02] Hello Moka! [20:02] Yep! [20:02] B/c crash teaches kids to take speed. [20:02] They have to have the MP3 before they can play song X Y Z P D Q [20:02] no chest scritches for me at FC X3, Bradhound scritched me there last year and I nearly doubled over laughing as that spot is ticklish and susceptable to scritches X3. [20:02] Rhiamel: About 28 minutes [20:02] near the end of the show Hello again. (I accidently closed the window.) [20:03] Sonic just taught them about Weed [20:03] Id like to request "Conjuction Junction". [20:03] YESH! [20:03] PAINT IT BLACK! [20:03] wb Moka [20:03] GoldFinger! [20:03] gold finger! [20:03] He's the man... [20:03] classic [20:03] What the...? [20:03] Goldferret! [20:03] Goldfinger! [20:03] Talyn: Hehe....just cuddles? ;) [20:03] Yes! Goldfinger! [20:03] Shirley Bassey. [20:03] The Man with the Midas TOUGH! [20:03] Goold finger [20:03] Gooool...Fingaaaaahhhh... XD [20:03] Shir [20:03] Best James Bond song ev4r [20:03] Dame Shirley Bassey [20:03] i like this [20:03] Just pulling out the obscure today. [20:03] Goldfingaaaaaa!!! [20:03] Sakana: Yep... [20:03] +d [20:03] argh, shut her up! [20:03] hehe I'm fine with hugs and cuddles [20:03] Touch [20:03] XD [20:03] ((STERO)) [20:03] GOLDFINGER! SMELLS LIKE FISH!~ [20:03] Good one [20:03] lol [20:03] That spider's touch! [20:03] such inventive lyrics..... [20:03] Action: Dragonhead isn't really a spy fan either [20:03] One of the best Bond movies [20:03] Talyn: Okay. :D [20:03] Shirley Bassey FTW! [20:03] A SPIDERS TOUCH! [20:03] Action: Talyn|UK huggles Bradhound. [20:03] Spy movies confuse me [20:03] i request The Man With The GOlden Gun [20:03] Paint it black! [20:03] He's the MAN... the man with a MIDAS TOUCH [20:03] Goooooold Member! [20:03] I'd agree, tis the one of the greatest bond songs. [20:03] Pull my Goldfinger [20:03] Action: BradHound murrs deeply. [20:03] I LOVE FINGERS... wait [20:04] the puppets know all about cold fingers [20:04] Bassey also sang the theme for "Diamands are Forever." TWO Bond films! [20:04] Action: AngelicDirt knows all the words... but was a verse ahead... LOOSE! [20:04] ewwwww [20:04] Kyubi: But it is the best bond video game of all time [20:04] I hated gold finger, and this song fits it I must say [20:04] but the scritch was insanely ticklish and I did nearly buckle and laugh XD [20:04] GOLDMEMBER (FARSHER...EAT SKIN) [20:04] lose [20:04] His name sounds good in your ear [20:04] Trust in the Midas Touch! [20:04] three films [20:04] this won a public vote in the uk for the best bond theme song [20:04] Sakana: yep yep. she shang the best ones too! [20:04] But when you say it you mustn't fear [20:04] When is Hells' Kitchen coming back on the air? [20:04] dadadaDAAA! [20:04] Action: sarek wonders if anyone remembers Rowan Atkinson's turn as a super-spy. [20:04] The kiss of DEATH [20:04] 'Cause his name can be said, in many waaaaaaays [20:04] Talyn: Hee.... XD [20:04] Action: SeanWolf requests the DUKE NUKEM THEME GRABBAG [20:04] Action: Sibir_Lupus was disapointed with the latest James Bond movie :/ [20:04] Pyrofox: It was a game o_0? [20:04] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [20:04] My favorite Bond themes: Live and Let Die, Nobody Does it Better, Goldeneye, and View to A Kill [20:04] i request The Man With The GOlden Gun [20:04] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [20:04] This heart is cold! [20:04] and normally I'm not a ticklish person [20:04] sarek: Johnny British? [20:04] IMO: Best Bond themes were Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, and to me, at least, Live and Let Die. [20:04] Kyubi: For the N64. Yes. [20:04] jpt|wingedsquirrel (jpt@pawpet-99E123C.dynamic.rpi.edu) left irc: Quit: Leaving [20:04] Lisel: HEHE rock :) [20:04] ;p; [20:04] that's it, your country has to go Canis Rufus [20:04] *lol [20:05] I thought the lastet james bond movie was okay, despite the fact ti like the original more [20:05] Action: Salen liked the Moby remix version of the James bond theme [20:05] Sakana: He's a Man FOr All Seasons. [20:05] PAINT IT BLACK! [20:05] Johnny English [20:05] "alight little Kimberly... SHow us on this doll where Mr. Gold finger touched you. [20:05] DIAMONDS <3 [20:05] Action: BradHound is easily ticklish. >.> [20:05] Goldeneye Had the MOST Kick Ass Bond Theme [20:05] Diamonds are Forever [20:05] shout out time? [20:05] diamonds are forever. [20:05] Diamonds are forever! [20:05] Shaun Connery will always be James Bond for me. [20:05] Action: BucktownTiger bumps the Kanye West version. ^^ [20:05] JLab> I was close. [20:05] This is the James Bond hour on Pawpet Radio [20:05] There's another classic [20:05] They are all I need to please me... [20:05] Action: blackmagekitty does a erotic dance [20:05] Cause humans suck...wait?! [20:05] Sean, they don't have Duke Nukem whatever it is MP3 [20:05] thank gawd [20:05] i request The Man With The Golden Gun [20:05] And, sarek, welcome back! [20:05] Kyubi: No wait, that was Goldeneye. Nevermind xD [20:05] This SHOULD HAVE been the new Bond theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oh3B8E1DNsc [20:05] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oh3B8E1DNsc [20:05] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [20:05] Action: Parattchi watches blackmagekitty happily [20:05] Unless you turn the human's ashes into a diamond [20:05] Wild: That's Sean Connery. [20:05] Sakana: No, you were right. I was referencing the title song. [20:05] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Do3iJ6DWvpQ [20:05] oops [20:05] nothing's forever, except Yappy's farts [20:06] Man with the golden gun was too much cheese [20:06] Action: Rhiamel_Foxie is comforting his pup [20:06] With your mind. [20:06] duh [20:06] Stroke it and undress it! [20:06] Pyrofox: OK [20:06] SEXILY [20:06] lol [20:06] The World is not enough is a good theme, to bad the movie it went to was one of the bad bond movies [20:06] fawks [20:06] mmmm [20:06] Guitar [20:06] Classic [20:06] scritches on my back though, now that's a different story, I love back scritchings ^^ [20:06] Action: BucktownTiger can play this song on piano :) [20:06] Remove the stone from the ring? [20:06] Dr. No theme's [20:06] Life is a diamond turning to dust, Looking for rescue, ah but you just don't need it. Yeah, you just don't need it... [20:06] Action: Parattchi undresses a diamond [20:06] Action: Tansunn can play this song on guitar. :3 [20:06] By polishing it! [20:06] you just have to be a SEXY BEAST to do it [20:06] James Bond is dead ;_; [20:06] It's Mr. Clean! [20:06] Talyn|UK: What about forward scritches? [20:06] MEOW MEOW MEOW! [20:06] i think the stream has went loopy [20:06] Boogie! [20:06] Every Bond song has samplings of this song in it. [20:06] MR.CLEAN JINGLE! [20:06] Thunderball? [20:06] World is not enough [20:06] Spy-surf music! [20:06] I like playing the N64 Goldeneye rendition of this song. [20:06] the only good James Bond was both Pierce Bronson and Sean COnnery [20:06] Action: michael remembers a quote from last Halloween: "Mr. Clean's grabbin' mah nipples!" [20:06] Live an let die [20:06] live and Let die [20:06] Live and Let Die [20:06] casino royale! [20:06] I like the Peter Gunn song. [20:06] GOLDENEYE! [20:07] Action: Talyn|UK playfully throws a beanie baby at Sarek [20:07] For your eyes only [20:07] The World Is Not Enough [20:07] YAPPY: Play this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oh3B8E1DNsc [20:07] That song rocked to play Spy Hunger to. [20:07] Live and let die [20:07] the world is not enoigh? [20:07] chris_lucero (chrisalexl@C249675D.1E7DD3D7.71ED6E6C.IP) left irc: Ping timeout [20:07] THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN [20:07] the spy who loved me [20:07] Die Another Day [20:07] Live and fricking let DIE [20:07] Moonraker was the last song she did [20:07] Er, Spy Hunter. [20:07] they were the same guy Sean Wolf? [20:07] Moonraker was Moonraker [20:07] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hfqLDUW_Fk 007 in marching band form! [20:07] Damnit, i can't think of the old ones... [20:07] Shamus: Spy Hu nter was Peter Gunn... [20:07] B is for Boogie, that's good enough for me [20:07] which is the one tina turnder did???? [20:07] "The World is Not Enough", Garbage [20:07] All time High (from Octopussy) [20:07] Goldeneye please [20:07] Die another day [20:07] boogie [20:07] THERE you go. [20:07] Action: BradHound likes "Dr No" (1962). [20:07] "Golden Eye", Tina Turner [20:07] Stray_Cat: i meant they were both the best bonds [20:07] :3 [20:07] view to a kill [20:07] Macca! [20:07] ColinFoxTail, the video for that song was excellent [20:07] JFD: I know. I just prefer it. It's a good tune. [20:07] Action: blackmagekitty sways back and forth [20:07] YAY, WINGS! XD [20:07] oh pleas where is the good music >< [20:07] Moonraker was the name of the version of the Space Shuttles thatwere used in the movie. [20:07] Nice, one of my favorite Bond songs [20:07] Action: Dragonhead doesn't know anything about the Bond films [20:07] I always think FOOTBALL when I hear this song [20:08] License to Kill, from russia with love, on her majesty's sercret service, the man with the golden gun, goldeneye, tomoroww never dies [20:08] World is not enough - Garbage [20:08] paul mccartny [20:08] Yeah, Goldeneye, like Colin said... :P [20:08] Great film [20:08] Great song. [20:08] the world is not evenough. [20:08] uh oh, its Crapolina [20:08] bad spelling [20:08] He sang this song in Quebec city last summer, and fireworks went off. It rocked! [20:08] Paul McCartny and Wings. [20:08] eh I like the GnR version of this [20:08] OCTOPUSSY! [20:08] wolfcatsden (wolfcatsde@7ACE44C0.2D231E35.2D0F8DEF.IP) joined #pawpet. [20:08] No! Get Crapalina out of there! [20:08] Crapolina... oh noes... X( [20:08] Bradhound: really? its from your time period hehe :) [20:08] The version Moby did for Tomorrow never dies is cool. [20:08] *gasps* I KNOW THIS! [20:08] Hi Wolfcatsden! [20:08] the only Bond film to have scenes shot in NYC [20:08] I like this song and all, but I think that part should be more speed-metallic... ;) [20:08] she's fun though :( [20:08] A View to a kill too [20:08] ok, she's gone [20:08] This is an awesome song. [20:08] eep, not Bradhound :P [20:08] Sibir: Hehe :P [20:08] Action: Dragonhead is rocking to this song [20:08] lol [20:08] wolfcat-FTL (wolfcatsde@7ACE44C0.2D231E35.2D0F8DEF.IP) left irc: Ping timeout [20:08] Action: Sakana_Katana sings: "Tree blind mice, in a row. Tree blind mice, dere they go. They're walkin' down de street, to a Calypso beat. They're gonna find de cat, de cat dat swallowed de rat. Dere gonna' show dat cat de attitude of tree blind mice." [20:08] Tina Turner singing. Goldeneye [20:08] chris_lucero (chrisalexl@C249675D.1E7DD3D7.71ED6E6C.IP) joined #pawpet. [20:08] Unfortunately there's the horrid thing called school so I must depart [20:08] Nobody Does it better (from The spy Who Loved me) [20:08] here comes the raggae part [20:08] lol there was no caption photo [20:09] The producers didnt know if the audience would accept moore as Bond so they got Mccartney to do the title track as an extra draw [20:09] yurex... not true.. the one where he went to new orleans was also shot in NYC [20:09] Bye DJLab [20:09] $$ [20:09] Now View to a Kill was awesome. two words: Christopher Walken. :3 [20:09] who sung the theme to The Man WIth The Golden Gun film? [20:09] For Yoru eyes only and You Only Live twice (with Nancy Sinatra) [20:09] sounds like three blind mice with toxoplasmosis to me [20:09] Action: Reese_Tora needs to netflix the older bond movies [20:09] That was Live and Let Die :) [20:09] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [20:09] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [20:09] he was in Harlem and on the FDR [20:09] DJLab (be3a4dfe@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: DJLab [20:09] Action: Salen has the Best of Bond on his iPod [20:09] ]WOO! CELLO SOLO [20:09] Any chance we can get the song Lets do it ( lets fall in love) by Joan Jett? [20:09] Action: Parattchi han't seen a Bond movie in AGESSSS [20:09] Goldfinger and Diamonds were Shirley Bassey... [20:09] Christopher Walken makes everything better. [20:09] wow, this song is so bipolar [20:09] covered* [20:09] who sung the theme to The Man WIth The Golden Gun film? [20:09] tripolar even [20:09] yeah and downtown too [20:09] Reese: That's why it's so popular [20:10] Yesh he does, Shamus. :P [20:10] And Moonraker: she also sung that (I have the collected themes) [20:10] Yinyang: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYbLR67_F9E [20:10] I dunno SeanWolf... [20:10] She may have also sung Golden Gun [20:10] Yeeeessss... [20:10] Action: Yurex_SL checks his CD [20:10] SeanWolf: Lulu. [20:10] Too bad Yappy doesn't have the Video Toaster anymore - he could be doing Maurice Binder-like silhouettes to these. [20:10] woo, quoted :) [20:10] Action: ArkFerret beats on his connection with a brick! [20:10] I like this one. [20:10] Raccoon! [20:10] oooh play golden eye.. tina turner is the bomb! [20:10] It's got hipness. Duran Duran. [20:10] Duran, Duran! [20:11] raccoon is a super spy [20:11] Yes! Another of my favorites [20:11] Needs moar cat [20:11] Why am I not surprised that yappy has Duran Duran? [20:11] "Ok, GET READY TO RUUUUUUUMBLEEEEE!" [20:11] Action: Zorro Dances [20:11] May Day from A View to a Kill= HAWT [20:11] dam it the tream the stream!!!!!!! [20:11] Grace Jones cracks me up. [20:11] Oooh, here's another one..."The Living Daylights", by A-ha. [20:11] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Connection reset by peer [20:11] Action: Reese_Tora agrees with blackmagekitty [20:11] I don't recognize this one, but it's good [20:11] Duran Duran [20:11] Their music video for this is better than the movie version, because it has an accordion in it! [20:11] OMG MAYDAY!!!>>> VERY FAPPABLE! [20:11] DuranDuran... didn't realize it was them until now... [20:11] ...ah. The only New-Wavey Bond theme I know of. ;) [20:11] Colin: ooh, that's a very good one too [20:11] Its a total sausage party. No pussy. [20:11] One of my favorite DD songs [20:11] lol [20:11] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [20:11] Is anyone watching the Golden Globe Awards? [20:11] CUTE!!! [20:11] the golden whats? [20:11] Action: Novu_Ferret kisses Leiko [20:12] Dance! Into the fire! [20:12] Durand Durand? Wait... HE was in "Barbarella." [20:12] People actually watch those? [20:12] This sucks, my scanner broke, so I had to take a picture of my artjam with my laptop's camera, flip it, and then send it in. Crappy quality [20:12] That raccoon is a puddle of cute... o-o [20:12] Action: blackmagekitty dances into the fire " WHY DID I THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA!?!?" [20:12] Pretty, pretty... [20:12] Golden Gun was Lulu [20:12] Go raccoon go! [20:12] buggy [20:12] Action: Reese_Tora wonders what would you get if FPS remade music groups? Durian-Durian? [20:12] It one of the many award shows that air this time of year. [20:12] HIYA! [20:12] How are they controlling that raccoon puppet? [20:12] Hello [20:12] Love this song [20:12] HAI [20:12] Action: TechTygr looks back in from defacing the wiki [20:12] Action: BucktownTiger waves a paw at the FPS staff =^_^= [20:12] who in channels going to be at FC? [20:12] Who thought the new Bond theme sucked? [20:12] I don't know what shit is going on in the channel but you have to pay the swear bucket [20:12] Action: BucktownTiger will be at FC [20:13] Action: Gulstaff wonders, "Where have I seen that racoon before?" [20:13] Seanwolf: Magic, of course [20:13] mmeko! [20:13] seanwolf: electrostim [20:13] Sean: a very good puppetier [20:13] What new bond theme ? [20:13] Duran Duran does good stuff. Ordinary World, Rio, Electric Barbarella... [20:13] blahblahblah...blah..blahblah...blahblahblah [20:13] They didn't do birthdays ;_; [20:13] Action: Aeturnus will be going to FC in his dream. [20:13] You know I'll be there Talyn|UK! [20:13] Woulfe, the one from Quantum of Solace [20:13] The new James Bond film actually sucked yappy butt [20:13] FireHopper (firehopper@pawpet-9C6E18C5.phlapa.east.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [20:13] It was the same BOND theme as always [20:13] FPS with musical guest: Rocoons! [20:13] i getting sleepy [20:13] So, no hypnosis? [20:13] SeanWolf; it's like a standard one-person muppet. One hand mouth, the other hand has arm stalks... [20:13] I miss the original bond theme [20:13] Bucktown: Awesome! Looking forward to meeting you! [20:13] Stupid Spam FIlters [20:13] I agree Seanwolf [20:13] OK [20:13] yup, I know Gamer, X3 I'm gonna get mauled by you and Bradhound [20:13] PLEASE [20:13] w00t @ gamer_wolf :) [20:13] ENOUGH 80's!!! [20:13] DOOO ART JAM [20:14] yeah, it's weird [20:14] Talyn: :D [20:14] Lets do some 90's! [20:14] Talyn|UK: Hehehe [20:14] I take it Yappy is handling the raccoon? They need more of him and Randy Fox [20:14] YES PLEASE KILL IT WITH FIRE [20:14] Hemms: art jams are at 8:30 [20:14] Action: BucktownTiger is finishing up verse one of his rap video. Only three verses to go... [20:14] once more for good measure, what SHOULD have been the new Bond theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oh3B8E1DNsc [20:14] wow, people are actually "listening" to what I type, when did that happen? [20:14] 90's tiem? [20:14] Yeah Yappy! [20:14] Gulstaff: pocahontas [20:14] birchdays [20:14] Time flies when you're being retarded, :D [20:14] Who's hosting the show? [20:14] Very quick show [20:14] lol AngelicDirt [20:14] AngelicDirt: lol [20:14] some actor from a view to a kill does those horrible "tihiti village" ads [20:14] TSG Do you have your Video Stream this week? [20:14] It's now 8:15...make sure to get your shout-outs and ArtJams in! [20:15] I soooo need to watch the replay [20:15] SawBlade5: Getting it online. [20:15] Action: JFD62780 EPIC FAIL'D at his keyboard just now. Accidentally activated Standby mode. x.x [20:15] I'm 40 I'm, thin [20:15] Kipper: Roger Moore? [20:15] TSG: Some Guy(tm) [20:15] Action: Darky is 21 *giggles* [20:15] lol Poor JR [20:15] At 40, I won't be fat and old. :| [20:15] everything is just bouncing off of me [20:15] lol [20:15] You make young pups like me look forward to getting old, BassMan... -_-; [20:15] HEY I RESEMBLE THAT REMARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [20:15] BUUURRRP [20:15] ... [20:15] POLL: Whos gonna see the new WatchMen or the Ice Age 3 or Night At The Museum 2? [20:15] Action: Parattchi is 17 [20:15] Roger Moore was the darkest Bond until Daniel Craig [20:15] Wow, that was some burp! [20:15] Oh yeah, there is a new Ice Age [20:15] when you start getting really old, you start having milestones again... [20:15] Abrahm: You'll just be old. Or fat. [20:15] Night at the Museum 2? [20:15] Im gonna be busy watching Repo! The Genetic Opera for the 100th time [20:15] Lets do the TIME WARP AGAIN!!! [20:15] firefox i use that my dad says firefox sucks [20:15] Genetic Opera? [20:15] where is he going to find Bdays? [20:15] it's Jaxson_otters birfday today! [20:15] Yeah! [20:15] Reese_Tora: Or kidney stones. [20:15] Reese_Tora> ...and kidney stones. [20:15] lol [20:15] LOL Repo the Opera [20:15] I hate that show [20:16] is there like somme kind of furry Bday liat? [20:16] Yo, dawg... lol [20:16] Yeah there is a Night At The Museum 2 coming this memorial day [20:16] One of the best horror musical ever [20:16] http://www.rockstargames.com/grandtheftauto3/petsOvernight/ [20:16] sarek> GMTA [20:16] Hahaha [20:16] LOL [20:16] What? [20:16] uhm Yo? [20:16] ??? [20:16] and OH MY GOD that was from Facebook [20:16] Yo. [20:16] who sent that in [20:16] um [20:16] All right.. [20:16] LOL! [20:16] huh? [20:16] Sakana: >:) [20:16] lol wat? [20:16] okay... [20:16] one sec [20:16] Wii [20:16] O.o [20:16] um.... [20:16] the Yo Dawd thing was epic on my MOPO group [20:16] ...The hell was that first shoutout? XD [20:16] Pets Overnight... ? [20:16] you're stoned [20:16] sarek> Great Minds Think Alike. [20:16] English, do you speak it! [20:16] wtf [20:16] agh [20:16] Ya know [20:16] please screen these next time! :P [20:16] lol [20:16] it's about time to start screening the shout outs :D [20:16] Action: Reese_Tora recalls that once you're over 20 you don't report your age "and a half" anymore... not until you're over 80, anyway [20:16] lol [20:16] Sakana: Of course! [20:16] heehee [20:16] SALVIA! [20:16] Yappy's Gas [20:17] lol [20:17] lol... get better glasses... [20:17] ummmm...catnip? [20:17] wow [20:17] ummm [20:17] Heh! [20:17] lol "what......... what?" [20:17] Yappy: whatever it is, it must be good lol [20:17] is that what we're smonking? [20:17] This is so effed up... [20:17] Yappy will never live last episode down lol [20:17] oh my gawds>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-Yt7VHhQks [20:17] YAY, GOOD AS GOLD! XD [20:17] smonking? [20:17] sorry? screw them!!! [20:17] Nope, no way in hell. [20:17] Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam... [20:17] BunnyEarz: No, this is FPS. [20:17] eep! [20:17] You can't. [20:17] dam [20:17] RAPE THEM [20:17] Don't even try. [20:17] wait [20:17] I'm pretty sure it can't be done. Sorry. [20:17] Good point! [20:17] damn [20:17] lol [20:17] Run away from home [20:17] SeanWolf: was that you who sent in that shout-out? [20:17] they're old people. They hate the video games, furries, and Jap-an-ese animations [20:17] Join the circus! [20:17] what ? there are good furs? :) [20:17] I've noticed noone lies about their age until they hit thirty and then after that the lies start XD [20:17] Action: Abrahm 's parents know... [20:17] giggel [20:17] Drugs are bad, mkay? [20:17] BJ: yes :) [20:17] Yes K.I.S.S. [20:17] why> [20:17] anti furs BAH! HUMBUG!! [20:17] Zalno: i didnt do a shout-out today [20:18] oh, okay [20:18] My parents are cool with me being furry. I guess I got lucky... [20:18] If they can't except him, he doesn't really need them... emotionally, anyway. [20:18] sarek - I haven't seen it in a year, I forgot how great it is [20:18] chris_lucero (chrisalexl@C249675D.1E7DD3D7.71ED6E6C.IP) left irc: Ping timeout [20:18] show them clean, pg rated furry webcomics like suburban jungle, worked with my parents [20:18] My mom thinks furries and the like are adorable [20:18] AWWWWWW... T_T [20:18] BJButons: Sure there are. Placed in an oven for about 20 minutes at 350. [20:18] awwwe [20:18] Awww. [20:18] http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v113/DrumheadSlayer/67fba301_yoyodawg.jpg [20:18] wait thats my line Rascal ! BAH HUMBUG !! [20:18] sweet [20:18] Awwwww [20:18] D'awww... :D [20:18] Barney (18849964@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [20:18] SOrry mouser. [20:18] HI Barney! [20:18] my mom isn't too concerned with the furry fandom [20:18] =( [20:18] explanation of the first shoutout [20:18] Awww, sorry to hear that Mouser [20:18] 19 is very good. [20:18] mines going on 18 [20:18] he didn't tell me about that... [20:18] aww [20:18] That was quick\ [20:18] Furball had a long, fine life. I can't complain. [20:18] my mom finds furry confusing, but doesn't care [20:18] she is a siemise cat [20:18] Oreo_wolf: LOL! [20:18] lol... 420, baybee! [20:18] 420 came early [20:18] lol Oreo! [20:18] 420 [20:18] Oreo: ...yyyyeah. :D [20:18] 100 words or LESS [20:18] My mom's pretty cool with the fandom...only my brother hates it because he HATES dogs [20:18] That's not to say it's not worth trying to convince them. Webcomics might be a good thing to show them. [20:19] They're a couple months early [20:19] my dad, on the other hand, I don't wanna say anything about it to him. [20:19] evening! [20:19] my family is ok that i'm a fur [20:19] NExt weeks show can't be found [20:19] 403 [20:19] Uh... [20:19] I remember one toke over the line [20:19] my family are fine with me being a furry as are my freinds, they just know I'm weird so they accept it. [20:19] "Error 404" show is next week. :-D [20:19] my cat's like 13 [20:19] lol [20:19] wow.... :P [20:19] and she has gotten frisky lately too [20:19] Barney: um.....you're not the purple dinosaur Barney, are you? [20:19] WOOF [20:19] ooooo, smoochy-smoochy [20:19] awwwwww :) [20:19] nope, Barney Dog [20:19] my family doesn't know [20:19] ah, okay [20:19] This is 403? Damn. I remember 300... [20:19] my mum would probably be fine [20:19] I need to make my mate sit through this [20:19] It's a winter carnival now? [20:19] hehe [20:19] lol... [20:19] In honour of "404 Errors" ther will be no show next week. [20:19] Action: Novu_Ferret sneezes [20:19] my family won't speak about Furry or be in the same room with me if I even go to a website with furries [20:19] My Naga might like this [20:19] XD [20:19] for a second, I would've napalmed you, Barney. :P [20:19] next week's show won't be recoreded fro palyback and downloading? (and thus will be not foind :P ) [20:19] my dad's an ex-air force arsehole, so i dont know about him [20:19] lol [20:19] heheh, not surprised [20:20] aww Stray [20:20] Ahhh, Lizard Rat and BassMan in: The Forbidden Show: Episode 403! XD [20:20] lol [20:20] hugs [20:20] I'll see everyone who goes to Elliotts! =3 [20:20] Suserviant Coaster Entusist next week XD [20:20] but no, it's not the frickin' dinosaur [20:20] Bless you, Nova [20:20] in fact hugs to all those with anti fur parents [20:20] JFD62780: lol [20:20] Voop is a term from the 20s, right? [20:20] Thanks [20:20] Vulpine. [20:20] Voop = Vulpine [20:20] foxes EAT voles [20:20] Vulpines [20:20] Vuls, not Voles [20:20] Dragon: Thank you, no autographs! XD [20:20] voles = small rodents [20:20] Sweet [20:20] Voop... ok, learned something new. :3 [20:20] :_) [20:20] I see...thanks for clearing that up. [20:20] lol [20:20] Action: TheSonicGod - Radio Unifurse Test Video Broadcast is online: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ - [20:20] It's an old British poacher/farmer's term. [20:20] Voop [20:20] Action: BucktownTiger smiles =^_^= [20:20] [20:20] A Slang term that refers to a Fox or Fox-like creature. Derived from the word "Vulpine". [20:20] not really! I sent one but it was at the last minute [20:20] AnthroDiceClay (ShelbyChar@pawpet-363B676.phlapa.east.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: [20:20] Damn, I didn't get my shoutout in on time [20:20] Vulpines > Vulps > Voops [20:20] micheal: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=voop [20:20] yay, BucktownTiger. :D [20:20] Action: Shane_Graytail wonders, perhaps if said with a thick German accent? Voolpine? [20:21] lol [20:21] Furry History [20:21] happy birthday bucktown [20:21] Action: Pyrofox has a birthday tomorrow :D [20:21] they read mine [20:21] I always thought it was a mix of "vixen" and "boop" (as in "Betty Boop"). [20:21] thanks sarek [20:21] Action: Dragonhead has one on the 18th [20:21] I said it last time, but I'll say it again ^^ [20:21] Happy birthday everbody ^^ [20:21] Mouser: Ditto... [20:21] I thought voop just sounded funny [20:21] has the irc chat rolecall been done yet? [20:21] I has mine on April 23rd [20:21] Vixy Voop? [20:21] yes Barney [20:21] Action: BradHound turned 44 last month. :P [20:21] HTML Its as annoying as all hell! [20:21] voop is also: voop [20:21] [20:21] the smell of sex. After sex [20:21] Action: Tansunn has his 25th coming up on the 23rd [20:21] Tods = Male Foxes [20:21] awwwwwwww [20:21] Action: Parattchi goives everyone with a birthday huggles and scritches [20:21] missed it again [20:21] Action: sarek won't be 42 until March. [20:21] hehe. That would be sweet. [20:21] Action: AngelicDirt has a very loose understanding of HTML. [20:22] Voops = Female Foxes [20:22] That would be hard to do [20:22] Yeah, that might be good. [20:22] lol "How to do the Time Warp:=" [20:22] I don't know that... [20:22] Then there would be no excuse [20:22] So what would you call a Tranny Fox? [20:22] ummm [20:22] scary? [20:22] Bawk [20:22] okay, why does everyone think Youtube is done for? :P [20:22] isnt a butt flap something you put on boongage pants? [20:22] BOK [20:22] is there a furry B-day list? [20:22] Happy Birthday to all January birthdays :) [20:22] hahahahaaaa [20:22] And then someone could ACTUALLY PUT UP SOME CARAMELDANSEN!!! [20:22] YES!!! [20:22] especially Capricorns [20:23] YAY! [20:23] :) [20:23] links? [20:23] url? [20:23] YAY, NO WHAMMIES! XD [20:23] AngelicDirt: put up, or shut up? [20:23] Huh? YouTube isn't going anywhere, but... the Paramount lawsuit hasn't hit the courts yet, I don't think [20:23] b-day furry list? [20:23] so we don't get to see the hypnotism session? [20:23] chris_lucero (chrisalexl@C249675D.1E7DD3D7.71ED6E6C.IP) joined #pawpet. [20:23] youtube probably isn't done for, but it grew up because people could put anything they wanted up, and it wouldn't be the first site to die when they started reversing that [20:23] Blah, can't find the birthday list on the wiki [20:23] Abrahm: What makes people think YouTube's going down? [20:23] wooof [20:23] its the monkeys! [20:23] nooooooooooooooooooo! [20:23] Whoa, good audio quality! :) [20:23] Ooh, I like this one [20:23] i like that song [20:23] OH NO! [20:23] arf [20:23] daydream believer. yay. [20:23] yay!!! [20:23] Zalno: No idea, I was responding to Sibir_Lupus [20:23] sarek: I'm just tired of age seperatting the anime fans and non anime fans on FPS... XP [20:23] My freaking school played this every morning! [20:23] whoaaa [20:23] You Tube is becoming Copyright Central [20:23] woman tries to assassinate her husband with eyedrops: http://apnews.myway.com/article/20090110/D95JVCN00.html [20:23] this blew [20:23] I love this song! :> [20:23] Zalno: Probably the same thing that people thought would happen to LJ a few days ago. [20:23] they killed mah stream [20:24] Action: Parattchi cries for dead stream [20:24] Sleepy Jean? XP [20:24] yay its back! [20:24] sarek: what would happen to LJ? [20:24] Oh what can it mean [20:24] Awesome song. [20:24] DAYDREAM BELIEVER, AND A... HOMECOMMING QUEEN [20:24] Pawpets: How about a Trout Fishing song? :) [20:24] To a... daydream believer! [20:24] Nuuuuu ;-; [20:24] ok sort of furry , it is eht monkey's :) [20:24] Under... homecoming queen! [20:24] I'm scared [20:24] Good idea Hobbesdawg! [20:24] wow, the usstream is better than the french [20:24] Who was that puppet in the upper center [20:24] The Monkees! [20:24] Zalno: layoffs supposedly would cause the end of LJ for all. Didn't happen, of course. [20:24] This IS a trout fishing song... >P [20:24] Sawblade5: they already explained that one. Just watch the replay when it comes up. [20:24] Michael: yup, Yappy upgraded the audio quality 6+ shows ago [20:24] moooooooooooooooo [20:24] Ah, finally got to birthdays by typing it in http://pawpet.tv/wiki/birthday [20:25] Zalno: The end of LJ, that is. Layoffs DID happen. [20:25] DAYDREAM BELIEVER, AND A... HOMECOMMING QUEEN [20:25] Whiskeyfoxtrot (Whiskeyfox@pawpet-AED4654F.dhcp.hspr.ca.charter.com) left irc: Ping timeout [20:25] Howwwlllllllllll [20:25] yay singing... [20:25] yeah Sibir_Lupus, I was just surprised at the quality of this particular number [20:25] what i wouldnt give to hear Jukebox Hero again [20:25] sarek: Oh, okay. That would make somem sense, given the current state of the economy. [20:25] Sibir: are your subserviant video's still up on youtube? [20:25] Ok, updated my birthday in the wiki [20:25] Cheer up peter ried! oh what can it mean! to a sad mackem b*****d with a s**t football team!!!!!!... *looks around* er... sorry... local thing >_> [20:25] So. How many people here were the homecoming queen for their school? [20:25] When the theme song changed, so did the audio quality. :D [20:25] I always preferred Last Train to Clarksville. [20:25] Action: Woulfe howls along, it's a wolf thing [20:25] Action: Parattchi yowls along with the song 'Meooowwwwww' [20:25] Sibir_Lupus: but at the expense of a reliable stream... don't know if it was worth it. [20:25] i was homecoming photographer [20:25] Action: Redski woofs along with the song [20:25] lol, anyway, Canis_Rufis... :P [20:26] Action: Barney barks along as well [20:26] Action: michael whistles [20:26] hehehehe [20:26] Action: BunnyEarz sings along in Lapine [20:26] Ron-W (wildcomics@pawpet-943DFB49.dab.bellsouth.net) joined #pawpet. [20:26] Hi Ron-W! [20:26] Action: Talyn|UK whines and forcibly cracks his left foot at the ankle as it's locking up from the cold [20:26] we got a veritable furry choir going =P [20:26] hi Ron-W [20:26] Action: Onai-WolfWind howls along [20:26] Hi [20:26] its m [20:26] So, how does one enter his birthday in that list? [20:26] sorry [20:26] Narddog: maybe, depends on everyone's connection [20:26] Hey [20:26] Awesome song [20:26] I have never seen so many compression artifacts. Not even in a Realmedia three kilobit stream. [20:26] YOUR MOM1 [20:26] lol... [20:26] KP is unhypnotizable [20:26] do you fellows have any Crush 40 >:3 [20:26] or not... [20:26] PAINT IT BLACK! In case it doesnt work [20:26] I need to find a way to get some Courage the Cowardly Dog music on the ol' iPod. [20:26] Yah [20:26] Ezra is immune to hypnotism! [20:26] o.o [20:26] how can you smell them? [20:26] Oooo, smelling things that arent there... :3 [20:26] XD [20:26] Bandit! Good boy! [20:26] badint was just trying to save you Ezra [20:26] Aww... Bandit! [20:26] micheal: It's the glasses that save him, [20:27] hehe... Bandit dropped the ball on that one [20:27] olfactory hallucinations [20:27] yup sarek [20:27] I really, really, HATE QuickTime!!!!! [20:27] It's synesthesia, AngelicDirt1 [20:27] poor kps balls [20:27] good bandit! [20:27] well at least it worked for a little bit [20:27] save KP! [20:27] TheSonicGod_is_working (42c2bb64@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [20:27] Bandit owns, no mistaking it. [20:27] Bandit, destroyer of hypnotism! [20:27] Kurra: So. What does plaid taste like? [20:27] PLAY?!? [20:27] Bandit was trying to keep you from being hypnotized, hehe! [20:27] Man, I haven't seen this show in about 7 years. [20:27] bandit saved KP ;) [20:27] So how's that humble pie tasting? [20:27] Drops it in his lap, then Ezra has three balls [20:27] Action: Liesl can't believe that she just turned up her tv while watching a foreign language film...with subtitles.. [20:27] Man, the audio is losing synch a lot more lately it seems [20:27] Ron: damn, welcome back!!!!! [20:27] Yay, "Crotchball"! [20:27] Thanks. [20:28] every time the hypnotist tried to steal Ezra's wallet, Bandit woke him up [20:28] fat ninja tries to steal ATMs in Florida http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2009/jan/09/ninja-thief-tries-steal-atms-suburban-bank-walgree/ [20:28] Action: JunoWolf wonders if ezras' head movements are in sync with KP's [20:28] lol, Liesl [20:28] Wow, wrong bread [20:28] LOL [20:28] mmm, bread [20:28] Maybe you wanted to hear the background music, Liesl? [20:28] I like bread [20:28] Liesl: You watch sub-titled films with the sound down? [20:28] Carbohydrates! [20:28] Bandit want's ta' play [20:28] Siddy (monstersid@9A63B64B.9F8FA064.11E8E0C9.IP) left irc: Quit: [20:28] Electolyta [20:28] LOL [20:28] take kp to yappy room and do it [20:28] lock bandit in another room [20:28] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Ping timeout [20:28] 20% of the ppl in any audeince are automatically not able to be hypnotized [20:28] Yay, art! [20:28] yay art jams! [20:29] Why doesn't Herbie puppet today? [20:29] huzzah! [20:29] yayyyy [20:29] Art Jammities! [20:29] JAM IN tEH ARTZ! yay! [20:29] maybe he forgot Mutt [20:29] ^.^ [20:29] I dunno, Sakana [20:29] He's sorting pawpets [20:29] lol [20:29] Sakana: I think he's letting the guests get a chance tonight [20:29] What? What is it now? [20:29] i need a nap [20:29] It's a German language film, with English subtitles, and I turned the volume up because I couldn't hear them. [20:29] It beith the time of the painings of yon comedian puppeteers [20:29] Show's gonna run over... [20:29] No Arts? O_O [20:29] out of the 80% the ones most willing to go up(usually 10%) are theeasiest [20:29] Action: Parattchi rubs his eyes [20:29] Okay, 5 minutes to the Jams... ;D [20:29] a furry! [20:29] BAWK! [20:29] Bawk [20:29] lol [20:29] Ha ha ha! [20:29] LOL! [20:29] hypnotise Bandit, make him think he's a cat [20:29] Oh gosh! [20:29] BAWK! [20:29] Barackobama! [20:29] BAWK! XD [20:29] I love that 40 foot Gaint Chicken [20:29] BAWK! [20:29] BAWK OBAMA! [20:29] Bawk HermanÉ [20:29] UUUUGH! [20:29] Wrogn! [20:29] BAWK! [20:29] POINK [20:29] What? [20:29] Action: Hobbesdawg gets annoyed at novelty hypnotism [20:29] Bawk Obam [20:30] DO PEE WEE! [20:30] Caroline (638cc99a@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [20:30] JarJar Herman? [20:30] BAWAK Obama? [20:30] HI Caroline! [20:30] Do Pee Wee Herman. [20:30] Hi Caroline [20:30] hypnotism isn't so spectacular as people expect, you can't make someone do something they wouldn't otherwise do, most stage hypnotism is staged [20:30] change him into Michael jackson...wait forget it [20:30] Pee Wee Herman for good [20:30] PEE WEE HERMAN! [20:30] O.o [20:30] eeep! [20:30] Nice! [20:30] Barney (18849964@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [20:30] That might be caused by old age. [20:30] Action: Redski forgot his name once [20:30] Yappy: but thats your own fault :P [20:30] THanks, MythBusters! [20:30] Yappy has the same name as my Uncle. [20:30] Bandit! [20:30] The million dollar thing sounds really funny. [20:30] nice socks [20:30] lol... [20:30] I never forget my name. [20:30] Hobbesdawg: What are your feelings on every day hy, regular hypnotism? [20:30] you're wearing 2 different socks o.o [20:30] black and white socks???????? [20:30] This should be good [20:30] TheSonicGod, Yappy's your uncle? [20:30] LoL [20:30] I don't forget my name. It's.... um.... [20:30] While you're at it, look at the man in the mirror and tell him to beat it [20:31] I always for get my name... and my age... and where I live... [20:31] michael: I wish. :p [20:31] different socks!!!??!! [20:31] Onai-Wolfwind: You never know what's gonna happen next that's crazy and far out! [20:31] I bet he has another pair of the same colour socks at home. [20:31] Why don't you make him believe that he's in a traffic jam and really angry at the driver in front of him? [20:31] Life is very difficult for me... [20:31] whats with the socks? [20:31] Does he know his socks don't match? [20:31] Action: Redski sits on TonyRingtail [20:31] Nice & easy, Head & Shoulders, etc [20:31] yus! =3 [20:31] who is this? [20:31] yin/yang socks [20:31] Okay, I never bothered asking this, but who's here besides LizRat and Bass? [20:31] Peewee [20:31] yeah sorry, this is bodus [20:31] eek [20:31] Distraction! [20:31] His socks don't match! [20:31] bogus [20:31] he's a clown, socks that don't match are the least of his horrid trappings [20:31] I think my computer is about to commit suicide [20:31] JFD6: That's AlexiHusky [20:31] jack off while watching a [porn movie [20:31] Oh gosh.. oh gosh... what could come of this [20:31] oh my god XD [20:31] it's ALWAYS bogus [20:31] Akhanu (akhanuhusk@pawpet-4B9A507C.dsl.cavtel.net) joined #pawpet. [20:32] Hi Akhanu! [20:32] regular hypntizum has nothign like that [20:32] :) [20:32] Cow... YYYYAAAAAAYYYYY!!! [20:32] Today's secret word... is MOO! [20:32] Ah, Bogus... Never hoid'a'him. ;) [20:32] Action: JunoWolf Glomps Akhanu [20:32] My favorite character on the show is... Cow! [20:32] Computer Death ? [20:32] find your bike, peewee! [20:32] this is gonna be interesting... [20:32] Hobbes: we'll see hehe [20:32] Hello Dragonhead [20:32] wow... O_O [20:32] Hypnotizing causes a lot of heat, apparently. [20:32] :) [20:32] Is there a black dot on the camera where his arm is? [20:32] Dubble click moo! [20:32] LOL! [20:32] Action: Akhanu snugs and muzzlelicks JunoWolf [20:32] LOL! [20:32] nice [20:32] DO A BARRAL ROLL! [20:32] micheal: if you say the secret word, do you win $100? [20:32] Darky (jameswilki@pawpet-A8D71AB2.dsl.bell.ca) left irc: Quit: "caus the show is boreing" [20:32] OH Alexi! What up, dayg! XD [20:32] sit on the chair? [20:32] Sing Connect the dots [20:32] ride your bike! [20:32] y=w [20:32] x [20:32] XD [20:32] lol... [20:32] xD [20:32] Pee Wee! Find the basement in the Alamo!!!! [20:32] xD [20:32] LOL! [20:32] MarcusNoble (MarcusNobl@pawpet-958C6225.washdc.fios.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: Disappears in a puff of green stink smoke [20:32] oh goody, the clown can act like peewee hermon [20:32] yays! [20:32] OMG [20:32] big shoe dance! =3 [20:32] LOL! [20:32] Tell him to go into a pron movie theaer [20:32] The Secret Werd Is BLOOP [20:32] theater [20:32] Oh wow... [20:32] foxkickers [20:32] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [20:33] Foxknicker? :D [20:33] Yappy...the fans and windows being open are making me envious [20:33] peewee herman, do nasty things in a dark theatre! [20:33] Action: Salen dances! [20:33] ...tequila... ;D [20:33] Hello Leiko! [20:33] Action: Zorro Dances [20:33] Not bad [20:33] lol straycat [20:33] I beat you Stray :) [20:33] erf. [20:33] THIS... is going on YouTube... :D [20:33] lol [20:33] yus [20:33] He's good. [20:33] ok, who knows this? like for real. who knows this dance [20:33] XD [20:33] Oh man..Peewee's big adventures FTW [20:33] Not quite the same without the high-heeled white shoes. [20:33] hopefully not in the way Peewee would Yurex [20:33] Juno, I think I do. [20:33] I do... sorta... [20:33] XD [20:33] Caroline (638cc99a@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [20:33] Juno: I just assume you spin yourself arround until you puke xD [20:33] (The Lizard Rat): Hot damn this is funny. LaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA [20:33] :P [20:33] Tequila! [20:34] Wow... amazing... [20:34] LOL! [20:34] notice he's using a gig he knows remebers from the past [20:34] Action: sarek is suddenly wanting a paralyzer. [20:34] LOL!!!! [20:34] PeeWee - you are in an adult movie theatre... [20:34] LizRat: May Tequila be the next Autistic Butt Flap. :D [20:34] zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz [20:34] pawpet.tv isnt loading X_X [20:34] TEQUILA! [20:34] OMG he's doing it right [20:34] Taze him, bro! [20:34] (TLR) Or combine the two. [20:34] Action: Reese_Tora can't beleive ANYONE can send this many text messages http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2009/01/11/Girl_13_sends_14528_texts_in_a_month/UPI-83341231704427/ [20:34] now puke on Yappy's rug [20:34] Tequila! [20:34] who doesn't know how to act like pee wee [20:34] ah jeez X_X [20:34] Drunk Pee Wee! [20:34] 2 different socks.... o.o [20:34] Action: TonyRingtail pounces kipper n tickles him [20:34] SO. Art Jams...? [20:34] Reese_Tora: ! [20:34] Anyone under 30 Rascal [20:34] hehe [20:34] *don't puke!* [20:34] Different SOCKS [20:35] lol Stray_Cat [20:35] i'm not totaly convinced this typ of hypnotism works as claimed [20:35] Take his keys away. [20:35] yar...jam time :D [20:35] basrf on the lady [20:35] wow [20:35] Sexy fox! [20:35] and then it gets weird [20:35] lol [20:35] lol [20:35] Yey! Dancing with the fox pillow! [20:35] Action: Reese_Tora is not surprised the girl is frmo California [20:35] Yiff the pillow [20:35] i'm 36 i know how pe wee acts [20:35] floorfox [20:35] lol [20:35] foxy lady XD [20:35] chris_lucero (chrisalexl@C249675D.1E7DD3D7.71ED6E6C.IP) left irc: Ping timeout [20:35] Action: BucktownTiger laughs out loud :) [20:35] LOL! [20:35] AWeSOME! [20:35] Ok...your PeeWee and you're going into an adult movie.... [20:35] Your over 30 that's the point [20:35] Action: Redski starts crying, laughing so hard [20:35] dropping the lady... classy ;-) [20:35] video died for me [20:35] i could have done this in fursuit with out hypniotism [20:35] oh gawd! what have yo done??!!! [20:35] me too [20:35] LizRat: I also think your "laaaAAAAAAA!" should be nominated at the Arthurs for Best New Catchphrase. ;) [20:36] CHAGE THE GRAVITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [20:36] sooooo how many of you know hypnotism isnt real? [20:36] Amazing? The PeeWee thing was good enough for me. [20:36] Is it that hot down there? [20:36] make him think he's GlaDOS from portal! [20:36] It's only 70°F. [20:36] CHANGE HOW HE FEELS GRAVITY! [20:36] well stage hypnotism isn't [20:36] Make him think he's Michael Phelps. [20:36] it was 80 today.. almost turned on the AC [20:36] (TLR): JFD: Thanks. [20:36] LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :P [20:36] XD [20:36] Some cast member -- shout out "COW!" now. [20:36] come on use something more convincing [20:36] Did you KNow: that when the Google Earth map photos were being taken, every cloud in the world was sucked inside a giant vacuum cleaner for a day? [20:36] you have to be willing for hypnotism to work [20:37] don't make bassman feel real good, he'll start fapping! [20:37] Is it art jam time yet? :V [20:37] No prob! It's cute, it's origina;, it threw me off, what can I say! :D [20:37] orgasim [20:37] Dude... if he creams his pants... :P [20:37] XD [20:37] all scientific studies have shown it to not be real [20:37] ;=l [20:37] LOL [20:37] How can BassMan be typing while hypnotized? [20:37] Goole Earth Used Mega Maid ? [20:37] bad mic cable [20:37] lol [20:37] XXXXXXXXXXXXDDDDDDDDDDD [20:37] :o [20:37] >.< [20:37] oh god ._. [20:37] how do we know the guy hasn't watched a few you tube pee wee videos before doing this act? [20:37] Angelic: That would break the rating xD [20:37] Eww, I think.... [20:37] He looks like he's gonna bne sick xD [20:37] It stayed..., lol [20:37] Action: JFD62780 NEEDS to see thr replay! XD [20:37] NardDog: Obviously, he's spent time on Second Life. [20:37] Rascal: I think it would probably be more convincing if he was put in a real life situation where he would need to be natural. [20:37] remember this guys good at impressions if i recall [20:37] Oh no! [20:37] Cow. [20:37] r=e [20:37] don't put your hand there! [20:38] DO A BARRAL ROLL! [20:38] Time warp! [20:38] Pick his nose [20:38] have a voop making out with a ferret [20:38] Pick his nose [20:38] Time Warp! [20:38] CHANGE HOW HE FEELS GRAVITY! [20:38] fly [20:38] BARREL ROLL [20:38] Time Warp! [20:38] DO THE WORM [20:38] hit him [20:38] Oh mai [20:38] Time Warp! [20:38] GO INTO YAPPY'S ROOM! [20:38] Nard: LizRat's at the keys. ;) [20:38] Pick his nose [20:38] Take his temperature. [20:38] Channel Suggestion:Go to roll call! [20:38] Caramelldansen!! [20:38] walk like an egyption! [20:38] Barrel roll! [20:38] Type like you're in SL. [20:38] er... Art Jams! [20:38] Time warp [20:38] hit him [20:38] pounce Lizard RAT! [20:38] Sell the foxes to someone [20:38] Barrel ROL [20:38] TIME WARP! [20:38] Make him sing "Connect The Dots, la la la la" [20:38] Hmm... simple: How about a little dance? [20:38] spin [20:38] Caramelldansen!! XD [20:38] hahahahaaaaaaa [20:38] stop breathing [20:38] Take off your hat! [20:38] GO INTO YAPPY'S ROOM! [20:38] TIME WARP! [20:38] :3 [20:38] FlashTimberwolf (8d96d11f@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [20:38] it be more convincing to do this on a person who can't t do impressins worth a dam [20:38] egyption pose! [20:38] change your heartrate [20:38] Fap [20:38] Action: Shane_Graytail says "CaramelDansen" [20:38] see if hes been abducted by aliens [20:38] DOO EET! [20:38] Kurra: Carmelldansen! Yes! [20:38] chris_lucero (chrisalexl@C249675D.1E7DD3D7.71ED6E6C.IP) joined #pawpet. [20:38] lol [20:38] sarek (sarek_ca@pawpet-21D17B37.regn.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca) left irc: Quit: [20:38] Lift his leg [20:38] hit him [20:38] pretend he's mutt [20:38] Pose him like The Thinker [20:38] sneez and hold your eyes open [20:38] Lalala, connect the dots! [20:38] Act like a ribd tiger! >:3 [20:38] Do richard Nixon Impression [20:39] rabid* [20:39] Pretend you are Emilly Dickonson [20:39] left-handed mypnotist [20:39] AMAZING!!! [20:39] Hee hee! [20:39] Action: Sakana_Katana readies the cold, soapy frogs for Sakana_Katana. [20:39] Juno, you want him to blow his eyes out? o-o [20:39] LOL! [20:39] Uh oh.... [20:39] He's drawing boobies! [20:39] EPIC WIN! LAA-LAA-LA-LAH! XD [20:39] Did you know:that, contrary to popular belief, no recipes in The Joy of Cooking start with "Put two penguins in a blender?" [20:39] Penis! [20:39] woof! [20:39] someone is going to have to edit this to show what he has drawn [20:39] Yay, just "frogged" myself by accident. [20:39] Darky (jameswilki@pawpet-A8D71AB2.dsl.bell.ca) joined #pawpet. [20:39] HI Darky [20:39] wow... [20:39] Action: Atkelar is going to draw that on the replay and send it in for next week ;) [20:39] I thought it was a snowman [20:39] I saw him draw ears. [20:39] frogged? [20:39] that would be the liesl eddition Sawblade [20:39] He's drawin'..... [20:39] hi ^_^ im back [20:39] he's drawing sex! [20:39] Mystifur (Mystifur@pawpet-559896F3.adsl.alicedsl.de) joined #pawpet. [20:39] Action: Shane_Graytail @Rolfs "can y'tell what it is yet?" [20:39] lol [20:39] it's an act sorry guys but it's not convincing enough [20:39] Hello Mystifur! [20:40] The 2 is a lie? [20:40] what, boobies Atkelar? Or a fox? [20:40] It's just another subservient session.... wheee [20:40] NO TWO?! [20:40] There are no ranting griffins? [20:40] no 2? [20:40] so it would just be griffion? [20:40] Action: TheSonicGod Radio Unifurse audio broadcast may be delayed. Our video broadcast will start, followed by the audio broadcast when available. Video: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ Audio: http://radio.unifurse.net:8000/unifurse.m3u [20:40] damn! [20:40] there is no 2? [20:40] Action: michael stumbles back [20:40] does 2 know he dosen't exist???? [20:40] No 2 the ranting gryphon! [20:40] I know a gryphon that will be upset of that. [20:40] No 2? No more ranting gryphon? [20:40] what did I miss? [20:40] no gryphons? =( [20:40] NO 2??!???!!??!?!?!!?!?!?!? [20:40] hello Mr Dragonhead [20:40] there never has been a two [20:40] It's not real like the PawPets [20:40] now it's _ The Ranting Gryphon! [20:40] Dude why doesn't he hypnotize the channel? :D [20:40] :) [20:40] Stray_Cat: Whatever HE just drew - I'm gonna trace it [20:40] lol [20:40] LOL! [20:40] lol [20:40] This is great! [20:40] hehe [20:40] He no longer calles himself 2 ? [20:40] XD [20:40] You...are number 2! [20:40] oh come on [20:40] 1...3...4...5... wha? :P [20:40] TonyRingtail> Frogs are in the welcome basket for the show virgins. [20:40] Did you know: that once you've seen it, you can't unsee it? [20:40] Action: RascalCoyote roles eyes [20:40] LOL [20:40] O-o [20:40] Bre? [20:40] lol [20:40] LOL [20:40] wtf [20:41] Kurra: I'd imagine it's dangerous to hypnotize people without supervision. [20:41] xD [20:41] Lol [20:41] It's 7, of course :P [20:41] XD [20:41] i could do this act very easly [20:41] its like hes really really drunk [20:41] ok, blagh [20:41] 3 xD [20:41] LOL! [20:41] 7 the Snobbish Gryphon [20:41] yup [20:41] Number nine? [20:41] The Gryphon formerly known as 2? [20:41] Well, so long as he didnt say 7 [20:41] 1.9 [20:41] lol... 6 the Ranting Gryphon... XD [20:41] AAAAAAAAAART JAAAAAAAAAAMS [20:41] He 4Got 2! [20:41] But it'd be fun! [20:41] XD [20:41] ArtJams! [20:41] What is 1+1! [20:41] #6 :) [20:41] 1+1! [20:41] i can act drunk too [20:41] GORTJAMS!!! [20:41] 1+1 [20:41] 1+1 [20:41] Ask him what two digits make up 12 [20:41] We want Art Jams! *Clapclap clapclapclap!* We want Art Jams! *Clapclap clapclapclap!* [20:41] 1+1 [20:41] [19:41] -irc.pawpet.org- *** Can not join #6: Only PawPet [20:41] - [20:41] [19:41] -irc.pawpet.org- *** Redirecting you to #PawPet [20:41] ART JAMS! ART JAMS! [20:41] ARTJAMS! [20:41] AAAAARTjam [20:41] ARTJAMS! [20:41] Last message repeated 2 time(s). [20:41] it's why i'm a professional mascot becuase i can act [20:41] ARTJAMS! [20:41] This is great! [20:41] ART JAMS! ART JAMS! SISSBOOMBAH! Go To'em! Go To'em! RAHRAHRAH! [20:41] ARTJAMS [20:41] art james [20:41] remove the ugly clown and show the art jams [20:41] Geh, less than 20 minutes! [20:41] Espilonarge (Not@pawpet-7289A3B3.dyn.iinet.net.au) joined #pawpet. [20:42] We gonna run out of time for Art Jams [20:42] o.o >< [20:42] ARTJAMS! [20:42] ART JAMS!!!!!!!! [20:42] art jams [20:42] :P [20:42] Hello Espilonarge! [20:42] I can wait [20:42] Hello! n.n [20:42] egg and art jam; egg bacon and art jam; egg bacon sausage and art jam; art jam bacon sausage and art jam; art jam egg art jam art jam bacon and art jam; art jam sausage art jam art jam bacon art jam tomato and art jam [20:42] jams nao! [20:42] Ooy vey [20:42] JunoWolf, well, he's not necesarily ugly, he's beautiful in his own way [20:42] art jams =( [20:42] Egg Jam? [20:42] "uhhh, whadodowithis? ;) [20:42] Action: Kurra gathers an English football stadium full of hooligans. They all chant along with him: 'Aaaaaaartjams, aaaartjams...' [20:42] Space Jam? [20:42] lol [20:42] ROFL [20:42] Wheres my dook? :P [20:42] FLYING FOX@ [20:42] ArtJams are like Jello -- there's always room for them. [20:42] "uhhh, whadidowithis? ;) [20:42] LOL! [20:42] Action: Moka is laughing out loud [20:42] WoW!!!!!!!!!!! [20:42] xD [20:42] Action: ArkFerret snrks [20:42] Nick change: Darky -> Darky_wants_Art_Jams [20:42] Dook [20:42] professional mascot would be nice but I have to work my way up to get there. I can't go stright to that [20:42] lol "honey, you came back!" [20:42] HE CAN FLY! XD [20:42] Action: Dragonhead flails his arms [20:42] zzz [20:42] i'm sorry, but to me, "hypnotism" is just a joke [20:42] Aaaa-AAAAART JAMS! HEY! Art Ja-ams! Aaaaa-ARRRRT JAMS! HEY! [20:42] ok... [20:42] They're dancing to the music in his head! [20:42] raspberry art jam [20:43] Action: Darky_wants_Art_Jams lol [20:43] ARTJAMS! [20:43] oh paaahhleeeeeees [20:43] Art jam is like 5 minutes :l [20:43] Action: Kurra also cheers for Bayern Munich, and promptly gets assaulted with broken malt bottles. =/ [20:43] apricot artjam [20:43] lol [20:43] Last message repeated 2 time(s). [20:43] LOL [20:43] Nick change: Darky_wants_Art_Jams -> Darky [20:43] LOL [20:43] lol [20:43] Yes [20:43] lol [20:43] Hypnotism is like a Oujia Board [20:43] haha [20:43] XD [20:43] xD [20:43] ouch! [20:43] lol! [20:43] lol [20:43] Action: Dragonhead claps! [20:43] That's the word of the day [20:43] lmao [20:43] He doesn't look quite back to normal yet :) [20:43] lol [20:43] awesome [20:43] LOL [20:43] lol [20:43] LOL! [20:43] :D [20:43] LOL [20:43] HAHAHAHA [20:43] LOL, orchiectomy! XD [20:43] giggle [20:43] OPEN WIIIIIDDEEEE!!!!! [20:43] Action: Reese_Tora regrerts no one instructed him to "dance, monkey, dance!" [20:43] LOL!!!!! [20:43] LOL WUT? [20:43] Errr, hello o.o [20:43] O-o [20:43] what's that mean? [20:43] *Haaaahahhaahah [20:43] it says [20:43] YOU GOT PWN'D BY MR. ED!!!!!! [20:43] Holy MOLARS. [20:43] stuff [20:43] Oh my, quotes :o [20:43] PenisPenisPenisPenisPenisPenisPenisPenisPenis [20:43] :O [20:43] lol Sakana [20:43] PenisPenisPenis [20:43] wow, mine was said before the show even started [20:44] LMAO [20:44] Hahaha, poink was in the quotes [20:44] Oh EWW I saw an orchiectomy on Dirty Jobs once, it huuuuurt @_____@;; [20:44] Action: Espilonarge grins and wonders what would happen if he was able to call the Funday Pawpet Show... :P [20:44] yes [20:44] O.O [20:44] Man... [20:44] He doesn't get it [20:44] Oy [20:44] I used a soapy frog to make that horse do that [20:44] lol... balls [20:44] lol 54 [20:44] Lilly HAS all the good parts [20:44] lol [20:44] lol balls [20:44] lol [20:44] lol [20:44] Jake_T_Wolf (KrawlerWol@905A9489.4A5C99F0.3B239AAB.IP) joined #pawpet. [20:44] Nick change: Akhanu -> Akhanu|Cleaning [20:45] HI Jake_T_Wolf! [20:45] Retarded in the Pizza! [20:45] hello :) [20:45] lol at 44 [20:45] Foodhead? [20:45] lol [20:45] wikiwikiwikiWAK! [20:45] hi Jake_T_Wolf! [20:45] lol [20:45] lol [20:45] lol [20:45] Save the tatats? [20:46] Hahaha [20:46] LOL [20:46] lawl [20:46] :D [20:46] anything makes him fart [20:46] that was the second time I have made the list :D [20:46] Mmm, furpile... :P [20:46] shroompicker (shroompick@pawpet-A31B8175.tc.ph.cox.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [20:46] lol 18 [20:46] lol O-o [20:46] AndalusianStallion (EspanaNet@pawpet-A0D3E250.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) joined #pawpet. [20:46] lol 15 [20:46] MEOW! [20:46] HI AndalusianStallion! [20:46] o-o [20:46] haha... [20:46] lol [20:46] HAHAHAHAHA GOOGLIES!!! [20:47] hey^^ [20:47] its Goolies [20:47] LOL [20:47] lol 4 [20:47] Nipples [20:47] :D [20:47] lol [20:47] Nipples [20:47] LOL @ "i see bondage in your future" [20:47] YAY! XD [20:47] wow [20:47] the fook? [20:47] Good job again Garrison [20:47] Nick change: Sawblade5 -> Baseball-Bandit [20:47] XD [20:47] lol [20:47] XD [20:47] ROFL [20:47] O_o [20:47] Hawk Food [20:47] 9000 hours in MS paint [20:47] heh [20:47] lol [20:47] lol [20:47] Bunny Rug? [20:47] interesting... [20:47] thanks Garrison ^^ [20:47] That was QUICK! [20:47] Bandit looks... viscious, there [20:47] God damn it, nipples should not be included in fortune cookies! :P [20:47] BUNNEH! [20:47] Action: BucktownTiger pads off to get nomnoms [20:47] Bunneh [20:47] wabbit [20:47] BUNBUN! [20:47] Nick change: Baseball-Bandit -> Sawblade5 [20:47] bunny cake [20:47] lol [20:47] xD [20:47] XD [20:47] eww. [20:47] ROFL [20:47] swept up pubes [20:47] lol [20:47] lol [20:47] Ewwwwww [20:47] XD [20:47] Nick change: BucktownTiger -> Bucktown|away [20:47] Hahaha [20:47] lol [20:47] @_X [20:47] lol [20:47] My pleasure, Bucktown [20:47] lmao [20:47] AHH! [20:47] Happycat [20:47] hehehehe! [20:47] lmao [20:47] wow [20:47] Was that a Garrison drawing? [20:47] nightynight everyone [20:47] Hahaha [20:47] cute [20:47] Waka Waka Waka Waka [20:48] My dorm [20:48] .... [20:48] It's the gator! [20:48] lol [20:48] Wow Wow Wow [20:48] LOL [20:48] nom! [20:48] lol [20:48] SWEET! [20:48] lol [20:48] hahaha [20:48] nice [20:48] *My dorm's lobby is decorated with Pac-Man stuff [20:48] XD [20:48] Nerikull (chatzilla@pawpet-F9C11808.dsl.chcgil.sbcglobal.net) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122] [20:48] Before Infomercials Existed! :D [20:48] LMAO [20:48] XD [20:48] Hehehe... crap Ranbows...! [20:48] XD [20:48] THE CHANNEL IS FEELING VERY SLEPPY [20:48] lol [20:48] wow [20:48] Wha..? [20:48] Um.... [20:48] ... [20:48] Okay... [20:48] Oooooh kay [20:48] ?? [20:48] Why! [20:48] He crapped rainbows! 0_o [20:48] W.T.F. [20:48] rainbow unicorn fart [20:48] O_o......................... [20:48] HAHA [20:48] ... [20:48] ew [20:48] He farts rainbows and unicorns [20:48] mmm, shag [20:48] xD [20:48] Shag carpet [20:48] The hell? [20:48] Whiskey Tango Foxtrot [20:48] *THE* dan river [20:48] Awwwww [20:48] awwwww [20:48] awee! [20:48] Action: TheSonicGod Radio Unifurse audio broadcast may be delayed. Our video broadcast will start, followed by the audio broadcast when available. Video: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ Audio: http://radio.unifurse.net:8000/unifurse.m3u [20:48] Awww [20:48] BOOBS! [20:48] Shagalicious, baby! [20:48] Doggeh :D [20:48] D'awwww [20:48] awwwwwww :) [20:48] Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww [20:48] haha [20:48] Furry Eggs [20:48] it's alive! [20:48] XD [20:48] lol! [20:48] eggs. [20:48] ROFl [20:48] Eggs [20:48] O.o [20:48] NICE! [20:48] lol [20:48] Shmoopy! [20:49] win [20:49] yum [20:49] hehehehehe [20:49] lol [20:49] Nice :) [20:49] these have nothing to do with the Artjam [20:49] XD [20:49] I like it [20:49] Eggs :D [20:49] XD [20:49] hahahaha [20:49] Hehehe [20:49] two golden orbs [20:49] LOL! [20:49] hahaha [20:49] fowlers are smelly [20:49] XD [20:49] hehe, cute [20:49] Action: BradHound eats eggs.\ [20:49] ew? [20:49] Last week [20:49] Oh man... [20:49] Is that a voting booth? [20:49] lol [20:49] Action: Novu_Ferret is eating hatched, raised, and slaughtered eggs [20:49] aaaaaaaaw [20:49] lol? [20:49] yaay! [20:49] It's Crapalina [20:49] oh my.. [20:49] lol [20:49] Nick change: Sawblade5 -> I-Gave-You-AYDS [20:49] So many good quotes [20:49] AyDS [20:49] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Ping timeout [20:49] Awwrat! 2 quotes this week! [20:50] Yea [20:50] Yes... [20:50] nice! [20:50] COOL [20:50] :D [20:50] Nice. [20:50] lol, nice! [20:50] Cool glasses [20:50] Nick change: I-Gave-You-AYDS -> Sawblade5 [20:50] cuite [20:50] Sweet! [20:50] XD [20:50] In Soviet Russia, call rolls you [20:50] :D [20:50] Neat [20:50] Good one Kipper [20:50] Nice, Kip. :3 [20:50] nice [20:50] XD [20:50] lol [20:50] Neat! [20:50] lol [20:50] YAY, KIPPER! XD [20:50] hehe [20:50] nice, Kipper [20:50] nice! [20:50] LOL [20:50] Action: michael quotes Strongbad: "Cool cool glasses!" [20:50] XD [20:50] Kippppppppppppper. [20:50] hehe cute [20:50] is that evidence in Yappy's murder trial? [20:50] good one Kipper [20:50] go Kipper :) [20:50] Yappy farting is always the theme! [20:50] XD [20:50] ?? [20:50] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [20:50] Yay, tie-in! [20:50] But that's a GODDESS! [20:50] Lol Kipper [20:50] *thee [20:50] Not thy, thee [20:50] thee, not thy [20:50] Ezrina [20:50] . [20:50] PFFT is yappy's catch phraze [20:50] XD [20:50] Yea [20:50] In Russia, lawns mow you ! http://kangaroo-boots.com/Album/displayimage.php?album=1&pos=0 [20:50] EZRITA! [20:50] lol [20:50] yay [20:50] yay that was mine ^^ [20:50] Snazy [20:51] I included the better quality one after that [20:51] Floating cards [20:51] lol [20:51] CUTE [20:51] CUTE! [20:51] Bolt! [20:51] that's what knives are for [20:51] heh [20:51] awwwwwwww :) [20:51] Thee, thy, tho, thum. I thmell something fabulous! [20:51] d'awww... [20:51] One could manipulate that... [20:51] :D [20:51] AWESOME [20:51] WHOA [20:51] Wow Brian! [20:51] like that'll stop anyone :P [20:51] lol [20:51] YAY! [20:51] lol! [20:51] hahaha [20:51] Yea Brian [20:51] lawl [20:51] lol [20:51] Yapcade! XD [20:51] Kaboom! [20:51] Whoaaaaaaaaa [20:51] Nice [20:51] lol [20:51] That is soooo cute [20:51] LOL! It has a toaster! [20:51] Yappy's so happy! [20:51] Yay! [20:51] And then he poots, and it all explodes [20:51] the toilet X03 [20:51] Hey -- IT has a toaster! [20:51] LOL!!! [20:51] Isn't part of that a toilet? [20:51] A toaster! [20:51] and a toaster [20:51] Brian wins! :D [20:51] lol... nice [20:51] Super Mame machine [20:51] there's a toilet over on the left [20:51] lol [20:51] lolo [20:51] XD [20:51] lol [20:51] XD [20:51] prolly best not to render the toilet uselsess around yappy [20:51] HAHAHAHAHAHA! [20:51] lol [20:51] lol [20:51] XD [20:51] XD LOL [20:51] LOL [20:51] xD [20:51] hahahahahahahaha [20:51] lol [20:51] lol [20:51] LOL [20:51] *Decide [20:51] Decied!? [20:51] lol... so simple but good [20:51] aaaawwww [20:51] He spelled decide wrong lol [20:51] cute! [20:51] MARS! [20:51] awwww [20:51] D'awww, Yamavu. :D [20:52] Action: Espilonarge throws Mars Bars! [20:52] WHEN MARS ATTACKS! [20:52] crapalina [20:52] jup [20:52] Spaceferret! [20:52] Nice pic, Yamavu! :-) [20:52]  [20:52] Yamavu is drawing Karpours "Space Ferrets"!? [20:52] blackmagekitty (IceChat7@pawpet-AFC06F34.dsl.bell.ca) left irc: Quit: Don't push the red button! [20:52] oop and there went the stream [20:52] Crapolina invaded Mars... [20:52] Nice Yamavu! [20:52] Lawl [20:52] FlashTimberwolf (8d96d11f@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [20:52] B MARS NEEDS FURS! [20:52] Who shat on the server? [20:52] HI FlashTimberWolf [20:52] YES [20:52] Yeah, we hated that [20:52] Yay! [20:52] you should be happy TLR, if we did anything it would be lynch you [20:52] Bathe EZRA! [20:52] COME ON DOWN!!!! [20:52] Sarkana_Katana: Yamavu is drawing Spaceferrets [20:52] Price is Right music [20:52] Hey Ezra! [20:52] The Price is Right =D [20:52] Action: Espilonarge wonders if he can call Funday Pawpet Show hehehe... [20:52] "The Price is Wrong, b**ch!" [20:52] Alaster (428d5b35@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF) [20:52] Ezrais visible against the sign [20:53] COME ON DOWN [20:53] good night folks and furries [20:53] Michael: Be lucky the mic wasn't that hop. ;) [20:53] Family guy was on on saturday?E [20:53] e take a bath >< [20:53] Please spay and neuter your PawPets [20:53] Ooh, anyone have the techno version of the Price is Right theme? [20:53] ?!* [20:53] p=t [20:53] lol [20:53] Sarkana_Katana: Karpour drew more Spaceferrets, but we startet it together [20:53] lol nard [20:53] price isn't as funny with drew carry [20:53] T_T I has no sound [20:53] JFD62780: hop? [20:53] Kurra: You mean "Come On Down" by Crystal Waters? [20:53] Action: AngelicDirt does a little dance [20:53] Yamavu: Oh. Nevermind. [20:53] I meant hot. x.x [20:53] Yamavu: Do you have a DA or a FA account? [20:53] fursuitning at the berghoff [20:53] x.x [20:53] LVCK (LVCK@680A89B1.22C29F0C.4F3786D5.IP) left irc: Quit: When two people dream the same dream, it ceases to be an illusion. KVIrc 3.4.2 Shiny http://www.kvirc.net [20:53] LOL [20:53] Action: Espilonarge wonders what would happen if the Funday Pawpet Show was done on a boat... [20:53] Did You KNow: that every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings? Scientists have calculated that, given the immense number of bells rung worldwide, on a daily basis, there are probably vast, jumbo numbers of angels, and if we ever go to war with the angels, we will be massively outnumbered. Also, most of them can fly, because we kept ringing those goddamn bells all the time. [20:53] miffOtter: Same name everywhere [20:53] there's a ringtone right there. [20:53] Pawpat yodeling show... [20:53] Alaster (428d5b35@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [20:53] Nice harmony... [20:53] howwwllllllll [20:53] Yodeling contest! [20:53] Action: Novu_Ferret yodels along [20:53] my eeeeeaaaaars! [20:53] Hemms (IceChat7@pawpet-4B7D1CBE.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) left irc: Quit: Man who run behind car get exhausted [20:54] MEIN EARS! [20:54] is this the cliffhanger game? [20:54] STOP AHH < [20:54] Action: RojoLobo blugs her ears! [20:54] wow, this song is old [20:54] my transducers!!!!! [20:54] Kyubi (Kyubi@pawpet-D38DEE15.tcsn.qwest.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [20:54] O.O [20:54] Action: Salen wants to climb a mountain... in florida. [20:54] Yamavu: alright, thanks [20:54] Gah! I restart the stream because of lost audio for THIS?!? [20:54] ****! My ears! [20:54] Dog Yodeling or Dog Howling. You Be The Judge... [20:54] yowllll meowmeow yowwwwwwllllllll! [20:54] Action: Darky will eat them if that yodle agine* [20:54] I love the Cliffhanger song! [20:54] Leeloo Dalas Multi-Pass. [20:54] LOL Ezra [20:54] screw your transducers, my vacuum tubes are overheating [20:54] what are we counting? [20:54] Awwwwwwwwwwww. [20:54] *fail song plays* [20:54] JunoWolf: Transducers? Those weren't invented until after the war! [20:54] hehe [20:54] AndalusianStallion (EspanaNet@pawpet-A0D3E250.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) left irc: Quit: [20:54] lol [20:54] it's nice german music Atkelar! [20:54] Och, ye lose laddie! [20:54] which one is taller [20:54] I get to ride it before it closes [20:54] Mount Dora? [20:54] Action: Sibir_Lupus first heard this song used when he watched his very first subservient on YouTube as he discovered FPS [20:54] April 19th? [20:54] Sarkana_Katana: Just setting things straight :) [20:54] Action: JFD62780 has the Losing Horns if y'all are interested. ;) [20:54] Mount Nipple? *grin* [20:54] Ride the left side [20:54] space mountain [20:54] That's my birthday [20:54] O-o [20:54] space mountain gone =( [20:54] Space Mountain is Closing??? [20:54] lol [20:55] Florida is America's wang. [20:55] Space Mountain Left Side is Awesome [20:55] Hausen [20:55] OH, glad to hear not closing forever... I Love Space mountain [20:55] And the anniversary of a number of really horrible things... D: [20:55] LOL NardDog [20:55] I wish I could stay but I must be going. See ya! [20:55] disney has their own money? [20:55] climb Space Mountian ? how diccuflt is that? [20:55] Canada is America's ha [20:55] Yeah he would!~ [20:55] Salen: For maintenence [20:55] As long as Disney leaves the Left Side Alone I am not against it [20:55] t [20:55] Action: Dragonhead wants the original space mountian music [20:55] Ayumu (IceChat7@127D8A99.B4D34B28.64BB9B93.IP) left irc: Quit: Pull the pin and count to what? [20:55] Only for awhile [20:55] lol [20:55] they're worth every penny [20:55] if they're refurbishing it, will it be fuzzy afterwards ? [20:55] Pyro: Still, that's sad. ;_; [20:55] Action: Espilonarge wants Poink! [20:55] Action: Yurex_SL has never been on Space Mt. [20:55] FlashTimberwolf (8d96d11f@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [20:55] Lederhosn for Puppets shouldn't be thaaat expensive [20:55] Action: BunnyEarz likes his puppets dirty... [20:55] pics or it didnt happen [20:55] Pics or it didn't happen [20:55] I want to hug Poink! Sooooooo much! [20:55] I own one pair of suspenders. A red pair I use with my 7th Doctor costume [20:55] Put Leisl in Leislhosen [20:55] snarfie: Yep. They're too rich to be affected by regular money, so they make their own. :P [20:55] O-o [20:55] Xavious (chatzilla@A31318B3.50F63BF8.EEFBBEAE.IP) left #pawpet. [20:55] Espilonarge, Poink isn't here [20:55] Lieslhosen? o_o [20:55] Salen: It only sucks for people going to Disney anytime before the summer [20:55] Yes he is. *grins evily* [20:56] it's mostly the embroidery and the leather, actually [20:56] Colley: yer obsessed :) [20:56] Whaaaaaaaa?! [20:56] Men's Warehouse! [20:56] No wait, thats his brother. ;) [20:56] Action: Kurra needs braided steelhosen for his brake lines =o [20:56] I guarantee it [20:56] Err [20:56] Men's whorehouse! [20:56] not to mention the horn buttons [20:56] Sorry for misspelling your name, Liesl [20:56] Hobbes-No, I'm a costumer :D [20:56] Or wait for the Brooks Brothers' sale. [20:56] Espilonarge, Poink is a weasel [20:56] Can you say "München?" [20:56] Liesl (n@pawpet-59427B2.cfl.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: [20:56] Tourists? [20:56] Leiderhosen... [20:56] It IS just folklore. so just like take it too far [20:56] schmoo [20:56] Extreme close-up! [20:56] Lederhosen - not liederhosen ;) [20:56] ok enough of da laaa... o.o [20:56] mooo [20:56] Isn't Poink a Ferret? [20:56] And the suspenders actually serve a purpose, cause the pants I got are a biiiit big [20:56] dang it...my dog threw up on me [20:56] it's like.. people running around in animal costumes [20:56] "Red-back, funnel-web, blue-ring-octopus! Taipan, tiger-snake, and a box-jellyfish..." [20:56] blaaaaaahhhh... XD [20:57] Please stand clear of the doors [20:57] No, the show must Not end! [20:57] YEA [20:57] 2?! What's 2?! [20:57] Hurray Ezra! [20:57] funder credits! [20:57] Action: ColinFoxTail waves goodbye to all who are about to leave the channel. Hope to see you next week! [20:57] "Stone-fish, and the shell that spikes you when you pick it up!" [20:57] 3 Minutes! [20:57] >.<... <--- fails at spelling [20:57] A box of foxes? [20:57] "Come to Australia!" [20:57] next week: painting! [20:57] "You might just accidently get killed!" [20:57] hahaha [20:57] 2:30 out [20:57] Roofus (4651851d@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: BAWK [20:57] Two izza rantin' gryth [20:57] Head Crabs! [20:57] FOX IN SOCKS? [20:57] eBay... [20:57] me! =3 [20:57] "Australia: EVERYTHING wants to kill you!" [20:57] Like you can clean HIM!? [20:57] Toys for Tots [20:57] Espilonarge> Don't lick the Cane Toads either. [20:57] I saw some guy selling his kidney stones once on eBay [20:57] HIS YELLOW! X_D [20:57] Cat-a-log! [20:57] lol [20:58] cast-a-log [20:58] 2:00 out [20:58] my home is always open to needy puppets and plushies [20:58] o.o Did they read shout outs and I missed it? [20:58] whens the next fund raiser show? [20:58] CAN you give them away? The new rules for toy testing are going to screw with charity donations. [20:58] Action: TheSonicGod Radio Unifurse is on NEXT. Video broadcast! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ [20:58] BradHound (kennethvet@pawpet-F046191A.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: *Poof!* [20:58] I'm naming this episode, "Funday Freak Show" [20:58] sell them on furbid... [20:58] That to, Snarfie [20:58] always looking for more [20:58] Good Night [20:58] Adious [20:58] awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww [20:58] Great Show! [20:58] OVerahg [20:58] Action: Novu_Ferret sings~ [20:58] Too late now if they didn't I guess lol [20:58] GOOD NIGHT [20:58] yeah [20:58] great show [20:58] Action: AngelicDirt sings goodnight song [20:58] 1:30 out [20:58] Wow, another great show! Thanks everyone! [20:58] wow, this show flew by [20:58] awwz its over [20:58] Figgures I return jsuta s the shows ending ^^; [20:58] dead ferrets [20:58] Ferrets [20:58] nini!! [20:58] Goodnight all! [20:58] Action: miffOtter sings along! [20:58] Bye all who will be leaving soon [20:58] thats what i was thinking [20:58] Yay [20:58] ferret pelts... =( [20:58] Action: Atkelar waves [20:58] YOU KILLED POINK!!!! NUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! [20:58] good night all [20:58] 4 ferrets... [20:58] fewwetz [20:58] That's a lot of ferrets [20:58] dead fewets [20:58] Action: michael sings along [20:58] XyLII (chatzilla@pawpet-43F6F7F5.dhcp.kgpt.tn.charter.com) left #pawpet. [20:58] nice show, everyone. See ya. [20:58] rascalcoyote@yahoo.ca [20:58] Their eyes are not glowing [20:58] Good night all [20:58] 5 ferrets [20:58] Goodnight!! [20:58] I want a ferret! =3 [20:58] Zalno (unknown@pawpet-634DBAA4.hsd1.md.comcast.net) left #pawpet (Leaving). [20:58] suggestion raise momey by autioning off the unwanted puppets and plushies [20:58] lol, dead ferrets [20:58] Colley (mlepew@pawpet-73BD390F.client.mchsi.com) left irc: Quit: Time has little to do with infinity and jelly donuts [20:58] Wait, which ones poink? o.o [20:58] "HEY MAH! FERRET STEW FOR DINNER!" [20:58] It's aferret pile [20:58] goodnight everyone [20:58] 5 Poinks!!! [20:58] 6 FERRETS! [20:58] Action: Yamavu will have nightmares from dead ferrets [20:58] 6? [20:58] good night, good show [20:58] XyLII (chatzilla@pawpet-43F6F7F5.dhcp.kgpt.tn.charter.com) joined #pawpet. [20:58] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: If you see this message, there is a possibility that I pinged on other servers and thought I pinged here too. [20:58] POINKS A WEASEL NOT A FERRET [20:58] Make a coat out of ferret puppets! [20:58] thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats alotta furrts [20:58] ii loved my first channel [20:58] YIM rascalcoyote [20:59] Nick change: KwisA -> Dreamingpup [20:59] 1:00 standby [20:59] Cool show, evenif I didn't make it for the first half hour or something. ;) [20:59] Good night everybody! [20:59] Ferrets on xanax [20:59] six! six ferrets! Ah ah ah! [20:59] XyLII (chatzilla@pawpet-43F6F7F5.dhcp.kgpt.tn.charter.com) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122] [20:59] XD [20:59] i always only make it to the end of the show [20:59] 7 FERRETS!! [20:59] Someone put a hand up those ferrets, they look dead! [20:59] OMG Ferrets! [20:59] my ferret just bit me [20:59] great show, thanks guys [20:59] Goodnight! [20:59] Action: Atkelar wants a ferret puppet :( [20:59] the great Ferret masacar [20:59] Dead Ferrets... wow [20:59] Great show! Kudos to Bassman and Lizard Rat! [20:59] Ferret-fisting anyone? [20:59] nini all [20:59] seven! Seven ferrets! [20:59] Major Poinkage!!! [20:59] 7! 7 ferrets! ah ah ah [20:59] STill not enough ferrets! [20:59] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [20:59] hes huming a fairet lmao [20:59] Seven ferrets! [20:59] they're taking over!!! =( [20:59] Action: TheSonicGod Radio Unifurse is on NEXT. Video broadcast! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ [20:59] Rhiamel_Foxie (Rhiamel@pawpet-DA8A298E.hsd1.or.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [20:59] but <3 ferrerz [20:59] Is Poink on that pile? [20:59] lol Reese_Tora [20:59] Hurray! [20:59] I STILL WANT OONNNEEEE [20:59] No credits? [20:59] Ferretpile! [20:59] Action: Espilonarge wants his Poink damn it! >_< [20:59] :30 out [20:59] Good night all [20:59] Alexi Bass and LizRat deserve some props! :D [20:59] Nope, Poink is darker [20:59] There we go :D [20:59] Ferret-on-ferret ackshun! [20:59] And the credits kill the stream [20:59] Thanks for the show, what I saw of it was great [20:59] Heck, if your gonna sell any of those ferrets i'd like a prive. [20:59] Action: Redski yawns [20:59] Good show [20:59] Yea [20:59] Time to rock! [20:59] :15 out [20:59] oh, hi Brace! =3 [20:59] to Be Continued [20:59] lol [20:59] TO BE CONTINUED! [20:59] hehe [20:59] YES! [20:59] didn;t realize that was you! =X [20:59] FOREVER [20:59] Awesome! [20:59] Plumpdragon (chatzilla@pawpet-6E573FE9.upc-i.chello.nl) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122] [20:59] good night [20:59] heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh [20:59] BAI! [20:59] Action: TheSonicGod Radio Unifurse is on NOW! Video broadcast! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ [21:00] Haha TBC XD [21:00] THANKS FOR THE GREAT SHOW! [21:00] rubbertexraccoon (rubbertexr@pawpet-66317D89.dhcp.hspr.ca.charter.com) joined #pawpet. [21:00] Goodnight, everyfur. Until next time! [21:00] see you next week guys!!! [21:00] To Be Continued... Does that mean they'll STILL be there? XD [21:00] good show [21:00] Good night to all who are leaving! [21:00] AYDS http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AYDS [21:00] Great show you guys! [21:00] Thank goodness there will be a show. FC is going to make most of the place dead. [21:00] I have to pee [21:00] good fap, fap tight, and pleasent faps to you [21:00] Action: Novu_Ferret pounces Leiko and kisses <3 [21:00] 9:00 out >< [21:00] Oreo_wolf (oreothewol@pawpet-966E5003.hsd1.md.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [21:00] Action: Espilonarge tries to steal Poink! [21:00] Love ya! [21:00] Good night! [21:00] awesome show all! [21:00] Another good show, guys! Thanks! [21:00] See ya and take care all who are leaving! [21:00] GOOD NIGHT! [21:00] Good night!!! [21:00] And the Mass Exodous begins! [21:00] night! [21:00] Stray_Cat (bbf4f@pawpet-E1B48925.hsd1.va.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [21:00] night all! [21:00] maverique (maverique@pawpet-171A822D.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Quit: Verlassend [21:00] Nick change: rubbertexraccoon -> Rubbertex-Fursuitbuilding [21:00] KittyNoy (kittynoy@FA788903.14D2D0FD.9679801F.IP) left irc: Connection reset by peer [21:00] miffOtter (chatzilla@pawpet-AA41D99.sip.hsv.bellsouth.net) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122] [21:00] LoboSabio (LoboSabio@pawpet-A153BDAF.student.iastate.edu) left irc: Quit: Leaving [21:00] Night, folks! [21:00] Good night everyone! [21:00] Yurex_SL (zlord109@pawpet-3AC70765.nycmny.fios.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: The Lemur has left the Building! [21:00] Now, Unifurs time! [21:00] FunkyGnoll (Bad@820E4274.1F4367B4.D985BA64.IP) left irc: Quit: Now watch this drive. [21:00] Good night, everybody! [21:00] Azure_Ocelot (imcclure@pawpet-CF557A94.hsd1.nh.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Azure_Ocelot [21:00] DyneDarkfang (akkikitsun@pawpet-1A203EB6.calix-lb19.fbcom.net) left irc: Quit: Blue's Clues has nothing on my big, blue pawprints! [21:00] Doodles (doodles8@pawpet-5DCABFA9.cable.mindspring.com) left irc: Quit: [21:00] Darky (jameswilki@pawpet-A8D71AB2.dsl.bell.ca) left irc: Quit: [21:00] Twilight-Sun (chatzilla@pawpet-F61A02C6.socal.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: NIGHT! [21:00] 0_o [21:00] Talyn|UK (talynwolf@pawpet-E1F9D17D.range86-139.btcentralplus.com) left irc: Quit: [21:00] Abrahm (abc@pawpet-B7AF8CC4.buckeyecom.net) left irc: Quit: OHIO! [21:00] Jack (burton_boy@pawpet-B91DB0D1.ok.shawcable.net) left irc: Quit: [21:00] cya guys [21:00] Maxxarcade (Maxxarcade@pawpet-94A80310.dhcp.bycy.mi.charter.com) left irc: Quit: [21:00] night, see you next week [21:00] Woyro (DARGENTO@pawpet-324B7D52.rochester.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: Listen to Woyro's Warren Podcast at woyroswarren.podshow.com!!!! [21:00] Kathera_Lockharte (Gryphongir@pawpet-74D36BFE.home1.cgocable.net) left irc: Quit: [21:00] take it easy folks! [21:00] Gaomon (LoL@pawpet-4E114DB2.bchsia.telus.net) left irc: Quit: night everyone. [21:00] AL (blingoling@pawpet-8DAD7C96.lv.lv.cox.net) left #pawpet. [21:00] Salen (salenstorm@pawpet-3E80F20B.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Dook? [21:00] Im here [21:00] Espilonarge: http://www.pawpet.tv/wiki/poink [21:00] Good night all [21:00] xeltifon (xeltifon@pawpet-565F8693.hsd1.nm.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [21:00] ScrubzyFox (www.wing0_@pawpet-82AA4DF0.dynamic.dejazzd.com) joined #pawpet. [21:00] How many people stay after for a while? [21:00] Mat_Husky (Husky@pawpet-3F12918.lei3.cable.ntl.com) left irc: Quit: Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast! [21:00] This is Poink: http://www.pawpet.tv/wiki/poink [21:00] Hey, some of us are sticking around! [21:00] I'M STILL HERE!!! [21:00] Hello Scurbzyfox! [21:00] Everyone's leaving me :( [21:00] SyberfoxKune (vincen010@pawpet-C5AEC7E3.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) left #pawpet. [21:00] TSG: you have cookies? [21:01] im here for Radio Unifurse [21:01] We're still here! :-D [21:01] Action: Fudgy hugs everyone [21:01] Electro_Fox (Electro_Fo@pawpet-7FFC5332.eastlink.ca) left irc: Quit: [21:01] Scooter_Squirrel (scooter_sq@pawpet-3B378B0F.hsd1.md.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: ^..^___# Scooter scoots off #___^..^ [21:01] Denton: since it's now 2am in England... not me [21:01] Video Unifurse - Episode 2! XD [21:01] Action: TheSonicGod Radio Unifurse is on NOW! Video broadcast! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ [21:01] Radio Unifurse ? [21:01] bye everyone! [21:01] NardDog (narddogz@pawpet-1AA2A2B5.ipns.com) left irc: Quit: See you all next week! [21:01] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ [21:01] Haha TBC XD [21:01] Fudgy (Fudgster@pawpet-E80E62BA.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) left irc: Quit: [21:01] I'm here for the conversation...wait a minute :) [21:01] no cookies :( [21:01] TheSonicGod: Is the MP3 Stream up? [21:01] Ryx (Ryx_1@pawpet-714A25FE.dsl.bell.ca) left irc: Quit: [21:01] Makes mouths happy! [21:01] Twizzlers are ok too... [21:01] Video Unifurse [21:01] wolfdog2007 (wolf_dog20@pawpet-DD37FB5C.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [21:01] Rennie (tkcom@pawpet-D24D5056.gv.shawcable.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [21:01] What No Red Vines [21:01] BungeeSkunk (bungeeskun@pawpet-1C4E99C.tor.primus.ca) left #pawpet. [21:01] Fuji (svxkitty@pawpet-3DB17CB2.hsd1.fl.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [21:01] Stupid ads on ustream [21:01] Action: Atkelar has to get up early tomorrow... err... today. Goodnight everybody! [21:01] HI ALL, NIGHT ALL [21:01] Did You KNow: that every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings? Scientists have calculated that, given the immense number of bells rung worldwide, on a daily basis, there are probably vast, jumbo numbers of angels, and if we ever go to war with the angels, we will be massively outnumbered. Also, most of them can fly, because we kept ringing those goddamn bells all the time. [21:01] Canis_Rufus_UK (chatzilla@pawpet-E68CB0BF.cable.ubr14.newc.blueyonder.co.uk) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008121621] [21:01] good night all [21:01] Mr. Pibb and Red Vines equals crazy delicious [21:01] Goodnight, Atkelar! :-) [21:01] Alaster (428d5b35@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [21:01] Thanks for the show, guys! [21:01] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy_TB6onHVE <- Come to Australia! :) [21:01] Mouser (mouser@pawpet-9399589A.dc.dc.cox.net) left irc: Quit: [21:01] You know, they already started selling Cadbury Creme Eggs at the store. I bought two of em when I went around earlier. [21:01] Action: RascalCoyote starts ringing a bell skepticaly [21:02] Action: TheSonicGod Radio Unifurse is on NOW! Video broadcast! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ [21:02] I'm getting a 'file not found', TSG. Do you guys know what's up with that? [21:02] Ziggy (death_zigg@pawpet-A92E4208.hsd1.md.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [21:02] On snapz! [21:02] well here more abgels [21:02] madflux (twelve@pawpet-F049F89.bois.qwest.net) left irc: Quit: Leaving [21:02] ring ring ring ring ring riiiiiiiing [21:02] Woulfe (Woulfe@pawpet-7A562085.hsd1.co.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Back to reality [21:02] http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse Live Microphonbe assemlbly [21:02] BunnyEarz (chatzilla@13D36602.3BFB761E.1F298A06.IP) left irc: Ping timeout [21:02] on the radio feed, I mean [21:02] BassMan (BassMan@pawpet-73C619C7.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: Nettalk6 - www.ntalk.de [21:02] and what about when a fire bell rings? [21:02] Banana Phone! [21:02] thats a lot of agles [21:02] alter circuit "a", sensor, we've got a heartbeat! [21:02] brrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiinnnnnggggg! [21:02] Sawblade: no problem; the majority of people will ahve gone to hell or believing the wrong thing, so the forces of hell will still vastly outnumber the forgces of heaven [21:02] lol, Surge doing random numa numa [21:02] HAI SURGE [21:02] Sodders (sodaxe2@pawpet-A7EDED6B.knology.net) left #pawpet. [21:02] Hi Surge! [21:02] Good nert [21:03] Leiko (yumeigirl@pawpet-36571E5F.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Ping timeout [21:03] o.o [21:03] KirronAndRoko (dragonride@pawpet-69979E0B.dyn.centurytel.net) left irc: Quit: [21:03] get out the pen and paper i think [21:03] thats why my ass is sore stop loving use (lol) [21:03] err us [21:03] Surge: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start. [21:03] michael (michaelsko@pawpet-EC2DBC56.hampshire.edu) left irc: Quit: "Endings are just another kind of beginning...I guess. And the harder an end is to face, the more hope we bring with us to the next beginning." [21:03] i couldnt watch the show some reason [21:03] Nick change: Sawblade5 -> Oscar_Wilde [21:03] hi [21:03] my net was going up and down [21:03] Nick change: Oscar_Wilde -> Sawblade5 [21:04] no sound [21:04] Can't hear you TSG [21:04] Pepperfox (zachhart12@pawpet-DA729B78.hsd1.mn.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Pepperfox [21:04] Can't hear you! [21:04] Unifurse's air is dead... No sound... [21:04] That's Surge [21:04] Boogie Woogie! [21:04] Hey, Ustream just tried to turn on my cam... whats up with that... XD [21:04] That looks like Johnny Depp in the background [21:04] Zorro (zorro456@pawpet-2C90D7FD.snloca.btas.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: Adios [21:04] Console (Console@pawpet-73C619C7.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving [21:04] JFD: unless you consider static to be sound? [21:04] boaring [21:04] Hobbesdawg (hobbesdcat@pawpet-72018E81.hsd1.ut.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [21:04] Kipper (A_RAPE_SPI@68432014.64DBDC2F.61450FE2.IP) left irc: Quit: Kipper [21:04] There we go! [21:04] Yes [21:04] Yes! [21:04] We have audio! [21:04] Action: snarfie keeps his cam unplugged... to creepy with the computer watching me all the time [21:05] BACK! :D [21:05] Action: TonyRingtail tickles TSG LOTS! [21:05] Y [21:05] Yes [21:05] Si [21:05] Question: Can you plug a Xbox LIVE Camera into a COmputer or Laptop? [21:05] Yes, we here [21:05] ZOMGSTATIC!!! x.x [21:05] hmm... dinner coming soon [21:05] oi, two chats... :P [21:05] ECHO [21:05] Kuddlepup (John_Cole@pawpet-73C619C7.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: Leaving. [21:05] Action: Reese_Tora stays in THIS chat, but watches the ustream video [21:05] Gulstaff (48d08d16@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout) [21:05] GOD ECHO [21:05] Atkelar (Atkelar@pawpet-11466E84.static.adsl-line.inode.at) left #pawpet. [21:06] Question: Can you plug a Xbox LIVE Camera into a Computer or Laptop? Because Im thinking about getting one [21:06] OWWWW [21:06] SeanWolf> Classix B-Box or 360 camera? [21:06] Action: AngelicDirt bounces like an ADHD kid [21:06] No can find [21:06] OWWWWWWWW!!! [21:06] X-Box [21:06] MAH EARZ [21:06] Kipper (A_RAPE_SPI@68432014.64DBDC2F.61450FE2.IP) joined #pawpet. [21:06] 1 [21:06] er [21:06] ! [21:06] Sakana: 360 camera [21:06] ColinFoxTail (heath@pawpet-38530F6F.dsl.wotnoh.sbcglobal.net) left irc: Quit: Okay, that's it...I QUIT...for now, anyway. :-P [21:06] Action: Aeturnus laughs [21:06] Good job Surge! [21:06] Action: TheSonicGod Radio Unifurse is on NOW! Video broadcast! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ [21:06] Roll call! [21:06] How can you lose the game by leaving the channel? [21:06] xD [21:06] I texted you! [21:06] There was a game? [21:06] need to get cleaned up fro dinner (and then eat dinner) back in an hour [21:06] Wildfox (mljalpena@pawpet-7CAD6D29.sbndin.dsl-w.verizon.net) left irc: Quit: No matter how good I get at what I do, there's always somebody that is better than me. | http://wildfox.furrynet.com <-- Old look, new URL! [21:06] I texted you! [21:07] YAY, GLOWY RECTANGLE OF DOOM! :D [21:07] Nick change: Reese_Tora -> Reese_Shower`n`food [21:07] You all lost the game. [21:07] FOCUS [21:07] I'll ask again: There was a game? [21:07] SeanWolf> Can't help you with that. Classic X-Box conts were USB 1.1 but can't be used on the 360 so, that must be at least a different cnnector and maybe a different standard. [21:07] SpiritWolf (SpiritWolf@pawpet-EFD1C142.dsl.ksc2mo.swbell.net) left irc: Quit: MegaIRC v4.05 http://ironfist.at.tut.by [21:07] I'm still playing the game. My DS is proof, it's still on. [21:07] ouch... [21:07] Request: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtu8blKPDPw [21:07] TSG: I texted you that eariler [21:08] Pepsi_the_Zecoon (IceChat7@pawpet-5784B205.catv.broadband.hu) left irc: Quit: If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you [21:08] Request: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D26ZIEjNRgc <---PLAY THIS [21:08] o.o [21:08] good night everyone, see you next week! [21:08] I divide by zero! [21:08] Techno is the heart of my Furry Generation... :P [21:08] Good night [21:08] Night Sibir_Lupus [21:08] See ye next week! [21:08] Night, Dragon head [21:08] night everyone! [21:08] Night, Sibir [21:08] SeanWolf (tails@pawpet-C8A08917.dhcp.embarqhsd.net) left irc: Quit: YOU ALL FAIL [21:08] Action: TheSonicGod Radio Unifurse is on NOW! Video broadcast! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ [21:08] bye [21:08] NIGHT [21:08] :\ [21:08] Sibir_Lupus (ckw10683@pawpet-BD9FE56B.mia.bellsouth.net) left irc: Quit: [21:09] THANKS :) [21:09] Brian (BReynolds6@pawpet-30AA65BE.hsd1.va.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: [21:09] Okies... :( [21:09] :D [21:09] eject eject eject [21:09] good night people :) [21:09] Happy Birhtday Pyrofox! [21:09] lol [21:09] Acton (IceChat7@pawpet-81816101.hsd1.or.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: Remember, you're unique, like everyone else [21:09] Happy Birthday Pyrobox! [21:09] wolfsangel (wolfsangel@pawpet-C9C72BAA.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net) left irc: Quit: HydraIRC -> http://www.hydrairc.com <- Like it? Visit #hydrairc on EFNet [21:09] "This is your birthday song, it isn't very long" [21:09] Yamavu (chatzilla@pawpet-B2A116E.tuwien.teleweb.at) left irc: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122] [21:09] LOL! [21:09] Action: Aeturnus laughs [21:09] "you have a phone call [21:09] hahaha [21:09] you'll get banned from youtube for the birthday song [21:09] Thanks, Aeturnus [21:09] RICKROLL'D! [21:09] BunnyEarz (chatzilla@13D36602.3BFB761E.1F298A06.IP) joined #pawpet. [21:09] NOOOOOO!!! [21:09] AWEsome! [21:09] TSG: That's hillarious! [21:09] :\ [21:09] Hello BunnyEarz! [21:09] lol [21:10] xD [21:10] This is your birthdaysong, it isn't very long... [21:10] EAT IT [21:10] xD [21:10] Is the Unifurse MP3 stream working for anybody? [21:10] LOL [21:10] Thanks :D [21:10] THat was a YouTube moment [21:10] Kipper (A_RAPE_SPI@68432014.64DBDC2F.61450FE2.IP) left irc: Quit: Kipper [21:10] Shane_Graytail (Graytail@FAA1C0D5.B29E1C64.F9B0EA83.IP) left irc: Quit: Gotta go, Timmy is stuck down the well...again. [21:10] Woulfe (Woulfe@pawpet-7A562085.hsd1.co.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [21:10] Video's way funnier than audio! XD [21:10] I can't get the audio stream. Got the video stream, not the audio. [21:10] Action: Dragonhead is just paying attentionto the vido [21:10] *video [21:10] hehehe... [21:10] BJButtons (noway@pawpet-6C6C7855.chi1.dsl.speakeasy.net) left #pawpet. [21:10] the audio overlays when they all talk. [21:11] arf [21:11] Okay back on FPS channel [21:11] Bucktown|away (Bucktown_T@pawpet-1F199A4F.hsd1.ar.comcast.net) left #pawpet. [21:11] Stupid ustream in video ads! [21:11] Voop! [21:11] Voop [21:11] D'aww, foxy! [21:11] O.o [21:11] Yay, vulpine [21:12] AkeaGrommet (brepas@33B68854.5C3D42E3.C540D195.IP) left irc: Quit: [21:12] Hey Voop [21:12] TSG: Lol, in explaining the rules, you are breaking them. [21:12] o.O [21:12] Delphanaeous (delphai@pawpet-12EFD5A8.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) joined #pawpet. [21:12] I see a fox! [21:12] HI Delphanaeous! [21:12] woof Delph [21:12] By the way, rules 1 and 2 only apply during raids [21:12] 'evenin [21:13] Does Surge volunteer to get texted? [21:13] Hai, Delphie [21:13] YES! 50 Twizzlers!! [21:13] lol, Surge [21:13] XD [21:13] GENTLEMENT [21:13] twizzler fail [21:13] FAIL! [21:13] HAET! :P [21:13] yup [21:14] SURGE IS NEVER TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!! [21:14] Delphie? th elist of short names keeps gettin' longer :) [21:14] Double echo [21:14] Last message repeated 1 time(s). [21:14] ECHO chamber [21:14] ECHOechoecho... :) [21:14] CrashTiger (crashtiger@pawpet-814082D5.static.ip.windstream.net) joined #pawpet. [21:14] CrashTiger (crashtiger@pawpet-814082D5.static.ip.windstream.net) left irc: Quit: CrashTiger [21:14] Did You KNow: that every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings? Scientists have calculated that, given the immense number of bells rung worldwide, on a daily basis, there are probably vast, jumbo numbers of angels, and if we ever go to war with the angels, we will be massively outnumbered. Also, most of them can fly, because we kept ringing those goddamn bells all the time. [21:14] Action: Aeturnus chuckles [21:14] O.o [21:14] whats your gender sonic god ? [21:15] I'm not FBI [21:15] Of course not. That [21:15] So Liesl is a MAN?!? [21:15] is absurd [21:15] I WISH I was FBI [21:15] thats a lie... :P [21:15] are you fbi Sonic god [21:15] Really ? [21:15] EPIC ECHO! XD [21:15] I know, I'm just messing. ;) [21:15] Espilonarge (Not@pawpet-7289A3B3.dyn.iinet.net.au) left irc: Quit: [21:15] Theres just very few ladies on the internet [21:15] Every picture is subject to photoshop. [21:16] WHOW [21:16] ALMOST 5!! [21:16] WOOOOOOW [21:16] lawl [21:16] Rule 34 [21:16] Is there porn of trafficlight sex? [21:16] Oh I'm sure there's porn of her.. [21:16] Thutty FORE! XD [21:16] there IS rosey odonell porn [21:16] We need a picture of rosie o donnel not having sex. [21:16] The rule after that I beleive is if there is NOT porn of it, then you must draw it yourself [21:16] Pics or it didn't happen! [21:16] Oy vey [21:16] Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. [21:17] lol [21:17] YOU CAN'T UNSEE WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN [21:17] If you do something incredibly and ridiculously stupid and it is caught on camera, you will become an internet hero. [21:17] IM COOL SEE SEE [21:17] CAPS ZOMG LOL [21:17] Yay, steer! [21:17] desu desu desu desu [21:17] Chuck Norris will kick your ass if you don't laugh at his jokes. [21:17] Kurra (Kurra@pawpet-CF6E2742.dc.dc.cox.net) left irc: Quit: I'm out [21:17] I'M SO FRIGGIN COOL! EVERYONE ADD ME ON LJ AND FA!!!! [21:17] ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww [21:17] YAY, DISTURBING! [21:18] lol... minions... [21:18] FPSFAN333 (62f50cd0@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) joined #pawpet. [21:18] Have a good night, guys. I'm outty. [21:18] weeaboo = otaku [21:18] HI FPSFAN333 [21:18] Night Roxi. [21:18] Roxikat (roxikat@6E18859B.2D6A78C4.8778A696.IP) left irc: Quit: [21:18] It's a lion, get in da' car ! [21:18] GET IN THE CHOPPA' [21:18] LOL! [21:18] whats the vid link? [21:18] I have that lion statchoo [21:18] 46!!! [21:18] Parattchi (Parattchi@pawpet-A23C85DC.dyn.iinet.net.au) left irc: Quit: gnight all! [21:18] Action: Redski shoves Woulfe in the trunk of a Tom's Chaser [21:18] Was that furry rule actually there? That's funny. [21:18] goodnight all! [21:19] POOL CLOSED [21:19] It's funny, cause he won xD [21:19] Epic Fail Surge [21:19] Everybody outta tha pool. :) [21:19] Or was it a furry rule addendum [21:19] POOLS CLOSED! POOL HAS AIDS [21:19] Onai-WolfWind (onai_wolf_@pawpet-B88154A7.cable.mindspring.com) left irc: Quit: [21:19] Awww... i has an Aids, nao... :( [21:19] GOOD IEDA [21:19] What sort of good ideas are you looking for? [21:19] HenryK9 (henry.r.k9@pawpet-CDCF3550.sc.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: [21:20] I mean, I have a good idea for eliminating the blind spot in cars, but I hardly think that applies here. [21:20] Tanooki (tanooki@pawpet-BD00ECD5.hsd1.mi.comcast.net) left #pawpet. [21:20] mmmm, lunchbox... :D [21:20] These aren't the droids yer lookin' fer [21:20] Action: Redski called a kid lunchbox in kindergarden once :D [21:20] Action: Woulfe waves his paws [21:20] We have no audio? [21:20] Yo dawg I heard you like cars so we put a car in your car so you can drive while you drive. [21:20] did you pay the bill? [21:20] Action: ScrubzyFox looks to see if anyone plays skyrates in here [21:20] O_O... no stream... NOOOOOOOOOO! [21:20] :O [21:21] Ah, I see. [21:21] Drago: "Hmm...? Ohhh, you...are...funny! [21:21] THERE IS NO STREAM, ONLY ZOUL ! [21:21] LATE NIGHT MADNESS!!! [21:21] I don't work tomorrow either! [21:21] Mystifur (Mystifur@pawpet-559896F3.adsl.alicedsl.de) left irc: Quit: Paws of velvet, claws of steel. Up to you which you will feel. ,,, =^o.o^= ,,, [21:21] Only because I've been laid off until further notice. Fucking Comcast. [21:21] I HAS SCHOOL D: [21:21] whats the vid link for rado unifurse?? [21:21] The ant only wants a hug! [21:21] Fail video? [21:21] wiht the light bulb [21:21] That sounds like fun. [21:21] Action: TheSonicGod Radio Unifurse is on NOW! Video broadcast! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/radio-unifurse/ [21:21] Action: JFD62780 wonders of Drago_fox got his reference... [21:21] o=i [21:22] I think they should check their firewalls; Helps me... [21:22] ebay is love [21:22] Ah, the sniper? [21:22] hanx [21:22] FPSFAN333 (62f50cd0@pawpet-C7FCC596.thefoxden.com) left irc: Quit: CGI:IRC [21:22] SnipeSnipeSnipe! [21:22] E-baaaaaaaaaaaaaaay [21:22] TF2 REFREANCE!!! yay [21:22] Thank you Surge [21:22] ...ah. That sniper. :P [21:22] lol [21:22] I BOUGHT IT ON EBAY! TELL ME WHY~ [21:23] Action: Aeturnus laughs [21:23] That's the nicest cuss-out I have ever seen. [21:23] A-hole card = EPIC WIN~! XD [21:23] I do... not. [21:23] The only thing that could make it better is if the card was embossed with gold leaf. [21:23] If I had a PS3.. [21:23] TonyRingtail (tonyringta@pawpet-A463052A.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) left irc: Quit: ooooh shiiiiiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [21:23] Radio UniMurfs. ;3 [21:23] Cessna (Cessnafox@pawpet-B88154A7.cable.mindspring.com) left irc: Quit: [21:23] lol... It's the real Mac/PC commercial [21:23] ArkFerret (web@pawpet-1973CDA1.cable.srcy.cablelynx.com) left irc: Quit: off again, gotta load software, lots of software, dreadfull reboots and updates AHHHHHH! [21:23] More power, captain! Yep, we can see it. [21:24] EPIC FAIL ? [21:24] OH! This! [21:24] night all [21:24] yesh [21:24] ScrubzyFox (www.wing0_@pawpet-82AA4DF0.dynamic.dejazzd.com) left irc: Quit: [21:24] using the internet to play a video off of the internet streaming to the internet... [21:24] LOL [21:24] recursiveness [21:24] what if you Stream teh Stream? [21:24] What u doubletalkin' bout? ;P [21:24] Wow. [21:24] it blows up [21:25] like now, rite? [21:25] Delphanaeous (delphai@pawpet-12EFD5A8.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) left irc: Ping timeout [21:25] Wild`Bill`TX (wildbilltx@pawpet-FA27E575.cable.lngv.cablelynx.com) left irc: Quit: [21:25] A wave hitting a ship is unusual? [21:25] They think so. XD [21:25] WolfCry (WolfCry@pawpet-1CE0C027.gavlegardarna.gavle.to) left irc: Quit: [21:25] Ha ha ha! [21:25] He... [21:25] This guy is a moron! [21:25] okay this this epic fail [21:25] This is obviously a comedy sketch. [21:26] PezBear (phaze2@pawpet-F5BE8D2A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) left irc: Quit: Leaving. [21:26] Blegh, I'm running on sughar! [21:26] nice [21:26] WTF? [21:26] lawlz [21:26] nice [21:26] Was that real? It can't be. [21:26] lol [21:26] EPIC FAIL! I'll have to see the video when the show's over :D [21:26] I'm still trying to figure out how a wave hitting a ship is unusual. [21:26] LOL [21:26] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLxCxw5GnPM [21:26] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLxCxw5GnPM <-- [21:26] Ron-W (wildcomics@pawpet-943DFB49.dab.bellsouth.net) left irc: Quit: OMG WTF.... you should try deacaf.. [21:26] lol, Shamus [21:27] Action: JFD62780 looked up Explanation Fail, based on the title... [21:27] brain dead [21:27] smack i [21:27] it [21:27] Morons, Idiots, AssHoles, AssHats... [21:27] mix tylenol with ibuprofen [21:27] Ares [21:27] And they all voted. [21:28] overblood (a@pawpet-77678FDF.ne.res.rr.com) left irc: Quit: User pushed the X - because it's Xtra, baby [21:28] arse* [21:28] so stupid they make morons look smart ? [21:28] JunoWolf (usbiker133@pawpet-5148AE71.hr.hr.cox.net) left irc: Quit: [21:28] We should thank god for the stupid people. They provide us with laughs. [21:28] Action: Redski snores [21:28] boring [21:28] Hadoken? [21:28] http://www.diet-blog.com/archives/2007/06/05/diet_water.php Diet water. [21:28] Nope. Shin-kuu-hadoken. [21:28] hehe... lawl... [21:29] The Oxygen is fattening... :P [21:29] Ha ha ha! [21:29] diet water... There's an oxymoron for ya. ;P [21:29] now why is there nutritonal info on water? [21:29] Drago: Because some people are idiots